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Generously transcribed and submitted by Mary Ball Hammill, thank you so much Mary! 
A big thanks to Millie Belew for copying the files for Mary!



Gillespie (Galaspie, Gillasby, Gallaspie, Gillaspie, Glasby, etc.)


VA Heads of Families                                                   Census (year not noted)


59        Gallespie, Francis

59        Gallespie, William

39        Gellaspy, David

80        Gillasby, Alexr.

80        Gillasby, George

80        Gillasby, Nathan

101      Gillaspie, David

101      Gillaspie, George

101      Gillaspie, Wm

109      Gillaspy, Thomas

34        Glaspy, Martin

19        Glasby, John

109      Gillaspy, Thomas

39        Gillaspy, David

77        Galaspey, Jacob

77        Galaspey, Thos

47        Galaspie, George

40        Galaspie, George Jr.

48        Galaspie, Sherod Moare

85        Galaspie, Sherod Mare

98        Glasby, David



Gillespie Grooms

Gallespa, James


Katie Robinson

Gillispy, Tyre


Lucy Sharp

Gillaspie, Lewis


Eliza Bell Cummins

Gillaspie, Thornton


M.A. Holland

Gillaspie, David


Sarah E. Willis

Gillaspie, Shelton


Maggie Jacobs

Gillaspie, George E


Lettie Cahall

Gillispie, Valentine


Alice Sharp

Gillaspie, Reuben


Margaret Mattingley

Gillespie, Minza


Jessie B. Cahill

Gillaspie, Jack


Maggie J. Simpson

Gillespie, B.G.


Sallie Byrd

Gillaspie, Charles


Elizabeth Murphy

Gillespie, Daisy


Lizzie Stanfield

Gillispie, James N.


Nora Smith

Gillispie, James


Rety I. Collier

Gillispie, Charles


Zulietta Gilespie

Gillispie, George W.


Bertha Graddock

Gillespie, Charles F.


Rosa V. Risen

Gillispie, Wm H


Mariah McGraw

Gillespie, John


Eva Florence Cummins

Gillispie, Hobie


Carrie Vickroy

Gillispie, Oral


Gertrude Carr

Gillespie, Taylor B.


Bobbie Gordon Leach

Gillespie, Earl C.


Clara Sharp

Gillespie, Albert M.


Della Laafarce

Gillespie, Theodore


Grace May Bishop

Gillespie, Raymond


Louisa McGuire

Gillespie, Herman K.


Louise Lyons

Gillispie, Clifford


Ada L. Ballinger

Gillespie, Earl A.


Mabel G. Sydnor

Gillespie, John Clark


Lucy Lois Slater





Gillespie Brides

Gillaspy, Jartha J.


John R. Sharpe

Gillaspy, Mildred H.


John E. Candy

Gillaspy, Susan M.


John P. Fields

Gillaspy, Marietta


George H. Marshall

Galaspie Eliza


Miles Hubbard

Gillespie, Jennetta


Augustus Sharp

Gillespie, Ida


Wm Neal

Gillespie, Mollie


Jasper Sharp

Gillaspie, Elmira


Robert L. Allender

Gillaspei, Marty


James Vicroy

Gillespie, Mary


Lewis M. McCarty

Gillespie, Zulietta


Charles Gillispie

Gillespie, Betsy


James R. Datson

Gillespie, Eva C.


John King

Gillespie, Myrtle


Frank Browing

Gillispie, Pearl


Huston Gadd

Gillispie, Annie


Dempsie Adams

Gillispie, Mary


Edward Perkins

Gillispie, Eva


Edward McClanahan

Gillespie, Catherine


Bernard H. Fields

Gillispie, Lula


Burgess Vickroy

Gillispie, Mary E.


Robert E. Hetterman

Gillispie, Gertrude


Wm Yelton

Gillespie, Aurea M.


Herbert M. O’Neill

Gillispie , Virginia


Moody Mask

Gillespie, Alvira Mae


Lowell Jett Platt


Name:  David Gillespie          Info by Gillespie & Gillespie, 2 Bibb (KY 5) 89, 1810

Wife:  Patsey

Died:  About 1800


David lived in Fayette Co.  Patsey m2. Parish.


Children (partial list):


1.         William

2.         David Jr.


GILLASPIE, David                                                      Wilson v. Fleming

                                                                                    Hardin’s Reports, 589, 1808


Excerpts: David Gillaspie and Thomas Brooks, assignees, enter 7000 acres of land on treasury warrant No. 11,462, beginning on Stoner’s fork of Licking, where the lower salt spring trace crosses said fork, and running from thence along the said trace to Harrod’s lick; from thence a NE course to Hinkston’s fork; from thence up Hinkston’s fork to the upper salt spring trace; from thence along the upper salt spring trace to Stoner’s fork, and down Stoner’s fork to the beginning; to include 7000 acres of the best vacant land within that boundary, if there be that quantity for cultivation.


Two traces are represented on the plat, as intended by the upper salt spring trace.  According to the one, the boundary given did not include quite 7000 acres; according to the other, it included upward of 15000 or 20000 acres.


…….They took the upper or middle trace, in preference to the uppermost trace…….


Upon this view of the entry, this court is of the opinion, the entry of Gillaspie and Brooks, was rightly supported by the circuit court; and that it gave the appellees in conjunction with the settlement and pre-emption of Ralston, assigned to Henderson , the superior equitable claim to the land, as decreed by the circuit court.  Decree affirmed.


Name: James I. Gillespie                   Info by: L.J. Bradford, James Biddle, P. Cir.

Died:  Sept 2, 1873                                                       Pkg 409, 1875

Wife: Susan Downard

Wife Born: about 1830


Susan was sister of old man Newton Downard.  Susan m1 McDonald who left her a widow.




1.         Marshall T.                   going on 21 yrs old

2.         George                         19 yrs

3.         Harvey                          17 yrs

4.         Ida                               15 yrs

5.         Millie                            12 yrs

6.         Samantha                     11 yrs

7.         Calla                            8 yrs.

8.         Charles             4 yrs

9.         Mary Isabella               m. Nicholas Gillespie  24 yrs

10.       John                             23 yrs

11.       Lewis Thomas              27 yrs



Name:  Calvin Gillespie                                  Info by: BSH & N Cos

Born: Dec 25, 1809

Where born: Madison Co

Occupation: Farmer

Wife:  Cynthia Hedges

Wife Born: Bourbon Co

Wife Died: Apr 1840


Children:  9 children

Wm. F. (2nd child) b. in Montgomery Co, Nov 2, 1833, m. Oct 26, 1854 to Lucretia Boardman, b. in Nicholas Co Sept 29, 1833; d. July 22, 1861, dau Abner Boardman & Mary Cross


(a)  James

(b)  Nancy


Wm F. m2 in Nicholas Co, Jan 15, 1863 Harriet Sparks, b. June 17, 1831 , dau Wm Sparks & Catherine Knox, both of Nicholas Co.


(c)  Robert L

(e)  Joseph

(f)  Elizabeth


Name:  William Gillespie                    Info by Chris Gillespie, May 16, 1916

Wm was full-blooded Irish, but was born in VA.  Wife came from Germany (a Jones?).  He came to KY with his wife and settled on Kincaid Creek, Pendleton Co.  He was buried at New Zion Church yard with his wife.




1.         Tyra S. Gillespie                       m. Lucy, daughter of John Sharp

            .  Shelton                                   m. Margaret Jacob, daughter of Adam Jacob

            .  Ryan                                     m. Cummins

            .  Menzie

            .  Jennie                                    m. Augustus Sharp

2.         John Baldwin Gillespie  m. Sarah

            .  Bud                                       m. Shafer

            .  George                                  m. Galbreath

            .  Augustus                               m. Gillespie, daughter Skiddy Gillespsie

            .  Thornton

            .  ________                             m. Wm Clark, son of John Clark

3.         William                         died when about 17 years of age

4.         Ira                                            m. Sue McDonald.  Was soldier in Union army

            .  Harvey                                   m. Maggie Ross; both died in Ind

            .  Little John Ira                        died in Scott Co.

            .  Dude                                     m. Cahill

            .  Dod                                     

            .  Charles                                  m. Courtney

5.         Susan                                       m. John Payne Fields, father of John Fields

            .  John                                      m1.  Darlton  m2.  ______

            .  Frank

            .  Willie

            .  EE (Buck)

            .  Callie                         m. Jack Poole

6.         Andrew Jackson                       m. Serepta Elliott

            .  Reuben                                  m. Lula Mattingly, daughter of John Mattingly

            .  Sherman                                 m.  Nancy Smith of Bracken Co

            .  Isadora Bell                           m. Wm Mattox of Bracken Co

            .  Jackson                                  m.  Maggie Simpson

            .  Christopher                           m. Clara Haley, daughter Willard Filmore Haley

               -  Oral Thornton                     m. Gertrude Carr

                        -- Virginia May

                        -- Christopher Leo

                        -- Oral Jr.

                        -- Juanita Catherine

               -  Earle                                  m. Clara Sharp

                        -- Earle Jr.

                        -- Harold Wayne

                        -- Kenneth Delmore

               -  Theodore                           m. Grace Bishop, daughter of Oscar Bishop

                        -- Theo Jr.

                        -- Dolores May

               -  Gertrude                            m. Wm. Yelton, son of Arthur Yelton

                        -- Genevieve France

                        -- Wm. Jr.

                        -- Robert Gerald

               -  Frances                               m.  Everett Bishop

                        -- Richard Dale

            .  Orville                                   died single at 24 yrs old

            .  Rose Forest                            m.  Andy Miller, son of Andrew Miller

7.         William (2nd) Union soldier

            m1.  Eliza (Lizzie) Wilson, daughter of John Wilson

            .  “Bud” Wm ( Berry , KY)         m. Kennedy

            .  Tom                                      died age 20

            .  Grant                         m. Callie Simpson of Berry

            .  William

            .  Martha                                  m. Wm Cummins

            m2.  Ellen Grisson (no children_

            m3.  Mariah McGraw, widow of Joshua McGraw

8.  Leweylin                                          settled near McKennysburg

            .  John

            .  Nick

            .  Tine

9.  Millie Ann                                        m. John Kennedy of Bracken Co.

10. Lewis Cass                         m1. daughter of Jack Courtney, sister of Nick

                                                            m2.  Browning, widow of Browning

            . Effie                                       m. Willis Darlington

11.  __________                                 boy, went back to VA



Name:  William Abner Gillespie                    Info by Albert M. (Bud) Gillespie,

Falmouth , 3/27/1943 ,


Wife: Caroline (Fanny) Hunley  (2nd)

Born:  VA or Germany

Wife born: Culpepper County , VA

Buried:  New Zion (both)



1st wife:

1.         Henry                                       Lived in Lewis Co.  Was old time doctor

2.         William                         Went away and not heard of for 30 years; then

returned to Bracken Co

3.         Abner   (“Ab”)                          m. Rice of Bracken Co; lived at Belmon

2nd wife:

4.         Tyra S                                      m. Sharp

5.         Lluellen                         m. Rice of Bracken Co

6.         John B                                      m. Sarah Henderson

7.         Ira                                            m. Susan Downard

8.         Andy J                                     m. Elliott

9.         Wm Hallis                                m1. Roberts; m2.

10.       Lewis Cass

11.       Thomas                                    died young; buried New Zion

12.       Milly Ann                                 m. John Canady, of Canada

13.       Susan                                       m. John Payne Fields

14.       Sally                                         m. Oliver, son of Reuben McClanahan




Lewis Cass was called Cass or “Turtle Neck” Gillespie.

            m1.  Bettie Courtney (sister of Nick)  Had 3 children by first wife.

            m2.  Tucker  (no children)

            m3.  Browning  (no children)


2.  William (by 1st wife) went away and staid a long time without being heard from.  His father named another son (by 2nd wife) William.  In this way, there were two sons named William, one by first and one by 2nd wife.


Wm Gillespie Sr. came from Germany to VA  (this conflicts with earlier statement by Chris Gillespie that Wm came from Ireland )



Name:  Tyra S. Gillespie             Info by Frank F. Allender, Nicholasville, 8/26/1936

Wife:  Lucy Sharp

Father: Wm (Billie) Gillespie, Sr.

Wife’s Father:  John Sharp

Wife’s Mother:  Jeannette McClanahan (Jeannette m2. John Cummins – father &

      mother of F.M. (“Joe”) Cummins




1.         Thornton                                   m. Martha, daughter of Billie Holland

2.         Jennie                                       m.  Gus Sharp

3.         “Dove”                         m.  “War” Johnson

4.         Shelton                          m. Maggie, daughter of Adam Jacob

5.         (Tine) Valentine                        m.  daughter of Bergan Sharp

6.         Dorcas                                     m. Simon Jacobs, brother of Adam

7.         Marcus                                     m. Eliza, daughter of John B. Gillespie and Sarah


8.         Rhine

9.         Ella                                           m. Robert, son of Wm (Cooper Bill) Allender

10.       Mannie                         m. in Ind

11.       ______                                    died as infant



Name:  Shelton Gillespie                    Info by Tom Jacob, Falmouth , 6/7/1936

Church: Baptist New Zion

Buried: Catholic Cemetery Falmouth

Father: Tyra Gillespie

Wife: Maggie Jacobs

Married: 2/3/1881 in Pendleton County






1.         Arthur                                      Single; Cincinnati

2.         Lawrence                                  m. Nell Stephens of Harrison Co or Morgan Station

3.         Edward                                    m. Lucy Dance, daughter of George Dance

4.         Lizzie                                        died at age 3

5.         Bernard                                    Single; Cleves , Ohio

6.         Mary Elizabeth

7.         Mollie                                       m. Robert Hetterman, son of Henry Hetterman;

lives on father’s home farm

8.         Katie                                        m. Bernard H. Fields, son of Jim Fields

9.         Catherine Agnes                       born 3/2/1899 ; m. Fields; d. 2/15/1950


Name:  Ryan Gillespie           by Roxie Gillespie, Brookville , Ind , 8/5/1942

Father: Tyra S. Gillespie

Wife:  Cara Cummins

Wife’s Father: Lewis Cummins




1.         Son                                          Died as infant

2.         Julia                                          m. Lloyd Courtney, Falmouth RFD

3.         Hobe                                        d. age 26; m. Carrie, daughter of Eugene Vickroy;

                                                            buried Lenoxburg; Carrie m2 Charley Bishop

4.         Dicie                                        m. Willard Miller of Pendleton Co; buried


5.         Lula                                          m. Virgie, son of Eugene Vickroy

6.         Roxie (son)                               Born Feb 13, 1908 in Pendleton Co at Double

Beech; m. Lillie Forest Thomas, b. 1912 Dec 27,

daughter of Clarence Elmer Thomas of Brookville,


7.         Mabel May                              m. Sheril Miller, born March 23, 1912

8.         Leonard                                   Born June 24, 1915 ; in army

9.         Clifford                         m. Lucille, daughter of Ballinger; her father lives

                                                            at 4 Oaks

10.       Dulie Marie                              Died age 1 month; between Leonard and Clifford


Cara Cummins brothers and sisters:  Franky, Dick, Harmon and Dora who lives in Ohio .  Was in US Army all his life until 4 or 5 years ago.


Roxie Gillespie’s children:


1.         Lola Marie, age 12, born 1929 April 3, in Pendleton Co

2.         Rosie May, born Dec 3, 1933 in Pendleton Co

3.         Orville Ray, born Sept 21, 1936 in Pendleton Co


Name:  Clifford Gillespie                    Info by Clifford Gillespie, Butler , 3/14/1950

Born: May 29, 1919

Where born: near Concord ?

Father: Ryan Gillespie

Wife: Lucille Ballinger

Wife born: June 23, 1923

Wife’s father: Talmage Ballinger




1.         Robert, b 3-22-1938

2.         Clifford, Jr., b. 11-29-1940

3.         Ernie, b. 6-9-1942

4.         Ralph, b 2-13-1944

5.         Betty Fay, b. 12-15-1945

6.         Linda Carol, b. 10-23-1948


Name:  (Dr.) Henry Gillespie             Info by Rev. J.H. Sharp, 10/14/1936

Occupation: root doctor

Father: Wm (Billie) Gillespie

Wife: Millie Hunley

Dr. Henry was ½ brother to Tyra, Ira and other Gillespie boys.




1.         Wm Henry                               m.; lived in Mason Co

2.         Hamilton                                    m.; lived in Mason Co

3.         Stope                                       m.; died in Ohio

4.         Martha Jane                             Oldest daughter; m. Riley, son of John (Jack) Sharp

                                                            and Jennette McClanahan

5.         Mary Etta                                 m. George Marshall, son of old George Marshall;

died in asylum

6.         Sallie                                        m. Dick Kirk, a widower; lived back of Minerva,

                                                            Mason Co

7.         Becky                                      m.; lived in Ohio ; died at Bradyville

8.         Fannie                                      died; not married

9.         Georgia Ann                             died; not married


-4.        Martha Jane told her son, JH Sharp, about her trip to Ky from VA; how they crossed the Blue Ridge Mtns; that they walked over the mtns and that Martha Jane bathed her feet in the Gauley River .  She also told of the sunsets in the mtns.


-5.        Mary Etta was engaged to _____ Teegarden, when she had fever, which settled on her brain and impaired her mind.  Teegarden told her father that she was not in a condition to be a mother of children; but, if she got well, he would still marry her.  She finally died in an asylum. 

Dr. Henry Gillespie lived near Falmouth at one time, thinks in the Doll house where Wm T. Murphy and Julia Doll lived.  There was where Martha Jane got acquainted with Riley Sharp, whom she married. Dr. Henry died at Bradyville, back of Aberdeen , Ohio .


Henry Gillespie sp??’d as a witness in 1849 in Pendleton Co in a road care – opening of a road from the ford on M. Licking River near house of Thomas Best Sr. to Falmouth and Newport State Road near house of the widow Catherine Coakendorfer.  See – Thos J. Oldham v Thos Best, Sr. Pendleton Circuit Court Pkg 100 indicating that Henry Gillespie lived in neighborhood of the Doll place in 1849.  (Index “roads”)


Name: Henry Gillespie                       Info by John B. Marshall, Augusta , 7/12/1937

Father: Wm Gillespie Sr.

Wife: Millie Hurley

Married:  Think they married in VA




1.         Mary Etta                     m. George H. Marshall, son of Wm P. Marshall

2.         Hamilton                        m. Gribble at Dover .  Ran livery barn in Dover

3.         “Stope”                        m.

4.         Martha Jane                 m. Riley Sharp


Henry Gillespie settled in Dover , Mason County .  Went to Bradyville , Ohio – across from Maysville, back 18 miles from Aberdeen .


Preacher J. H. Sharp is a cousin to John B. Marshall.  J.H. Sharp’s mother was a sister to Mary Etta, wife of George H. Marshall.


Name: Dr. Henry Gillespie                Info by J. H. Sharp, 10/14/1936


Dr. Henry Gillespie was a roat (?) doctor.  He died at Bradyville, back of Aberdeen , Ohio .  He used to live east of Falmouth , about in the Doll neighborhood.  There is where Riley Sharp got acquainted with the woman whom he married.  Think it was the Doll house where Dr. Henry Gillespie lived.  Dr. Henry Gillespie was ½ brother of Tyra Gillespie.  Dr. Henry was a son of old Billie Gillespie.  He and his father – that is Billie and Henry, married sisters.  Dr. Henry married Millie Hunley of VA.  He stole her away from VA; think they married in VA.


Name: Wm Hollis Gillespie                Info by J. Bradley Gillespie, Berry, 12/29/1942

Born: Bracken Co near Berlin

Buried: Antioch

Church: ME

Military: Union Army

Occupation: farmer

Wife: Elizabeth (2nd?)

Wife buried: Antioch


Wm H. lived in Falmouth a long time.  He lost 1 eye.  Elizabeth probably 2nd wife.




1.         Albert Maywood (Bud)            m.

2.         William                         m. Eva Grisson of Pendleton Co; PO Cinti

3.         Grant (or U.G)                         m. Ida, daughter of Z. Simpson & Mary Owens

4.         (dau) 3rd child                           m. Bill Cummins

            (1) Jesse (only child)                 m. Etta Banfield of Has. Co; buried Berry


Name: Ulyses Grant Gillespie           by T. Bradley Gillespie, Berry , 12/29/1942

Father: Wm Hollis Gillespie

Wife: Ida Simpson

Wife’s father: Z. T. Simpson

Wife’s mother: Mary Owens




1.         Wm                              m. Fannie, daughter John King of Boyd (divorced); Locust


2.         Charles Floyd               m. Rosa , dau. Geo Risen & ___ Readenour; Falmouth 3

3.         Eva                              m. Ted King, son of Joshua King; Hoover , Ohio

4.         Dara                             m. Homer, son of J. Frank Thompson; Covington

5.         Anna May                    m. Charles Pickett Wilson; Locust Grove

6.         Taylor Bradley  b. May 21, 1899 at Antioch , Har. Co. m. Bobby, dau. Bob

Gordon; Berry

7.         Addie                           d. age about 2; buried Antioch

8.         Benjamin Gerrin            Named after Dr. Gen G. Gillespie of Berry . m. Catherine,

                                                dau. Ambrose Browning; d. Cinti


Dr. Ben G. Gillespie and Grant Gillespie were 3rd or 4th cousins.  Wm H. Gillespie, brother of Andy Gillespie, Tyree Gillespie and others.


Name: Grant (U.G.) Gillespie            Info by Taylor Bradley Gillespie, Berry , 9/3/1948

Father: Wm. Hollis Gillespie

Mother:   ____ Lucas?

Wife: Ida Simpson

Wife’s father: Taylor Simpson

Mother: Mary Owens




1.         Taylor Bradley              b. May 21, 1899 Har. Co. at Antioch Mills; m.

                                                            Bobbie, dau Robert Gordon & Naomi Dunaway

            (1) Gordon Thomis                   m. Lois Ashcraft (her 2nd husband), dau. of Everett

                                                            Ashcraft of Grant Co,

            (2) Georgiana                           m. Kenneth Brown

            (3) David                                  Single; at home

            (4) Grant Jr (U.G.)                   Single; at home

            (5) James Ray                          single; at home

            (6) Mary Eva                            Single; at home

            (7) Donald Dean                       Single; at home; age 7


Name: Wm. Gillespie Jr.        Info by Chris Gillespie, 5/16/1936

Father: Billie Gillesppie Sr.

1st Wife: Liza Wilson

Wife’s Father: John Wilson


m. 2, Ellen Grissom; m3. Mariah, widow of Joshua McGraw; m4. _____




1.         Wm                              m. Kinney

2.         Tom                             d. age 20; not married

3.         Grant                            m. Callie Simpson

4.         William (?)                    m. Grissom

5.         Martha                         m. Wm Cummins


Name: Valley Malzger (?) Gillespie              by Valley M. Gillespie, Brookville, R3,

  March 18, 1940


George Gillespie, Octavia Galbraith.  George, son of John Baldwin Gillespie.




1.         George

2.         Gus

3.         ?horut                                       m. Conners

4.         Emma                                       m. Bill Parker

5.         Minnie                                      m.        Bill Clark

6.         “Bud”                                       d. at Frankfort


U.G.     m. ________ Schweir of Antioch


Taylor Bradley Gillespie, PO Berry , Rt 2, Aug 16, 1940

b. May 21, 1889 in Harrison Co. At Antioch Mills

      Son of

          Grant Gillispie & Ida, dau. Taylor Sampson

            Grant Gillespie now living at Berry , KY, was 72 on Aug 1 or 2, 1940.

          T. Bradley Gillispie m. Bobbie, dau. Robert Gordon


Name: Albert Maywood Gillespie (“Bud”)       by Alfred M. Gillespie, Falmouth Rt 2



Born:  Jan 16, 1862 on Kincaid on ????? and Bracken County – on farm up Kincaid that

Sal Goldberg owned.

m1.  Louisa, dau Jerry Lawson of Har. Co.   Jerry killed in No Army

m2.  Nannie Griffith , dau. Robert Griffith

        Lizzie Beckett, dau. Joe Beckett

         Robert Griffith, b. 1812 in Har. about Richland , on Headwaters.

m3.  Della Moore, dau. Isaac Moore of Whitley Co.


By 1st wife:


1.  Myrtle Lee              m. Wm Campbell of Indiana

2.  Nancy Elizabeth       m. Emmet Corbin raised at Akron , Ohio


2nd and 3rd wife: no children


Albert M. son of Wm Hallis (?) Gillespie, b. Feb 5, 1839 in Pend Co.; d. Mar 13, 1928 , age 89; buried Antioch Mills.


m1.      Roberts    1 child

m2.      Elizabeth , dau Jacob Wilson and Becky Moreland


Name: James Ira Gillespie                 Info by LJ Bradford, James Biddle, 1875.

                                                            Information on this <sheet> taken from deposition

of Susan, widow, on Nov 11, 1875

Died: Sept 2, 1873


1.         Lewis Thomas              is about 27 years old; is married

2          Mary Isabell                 24 years old, m. Nicholas Gillespie

3.         John                             going on 23 years old

4.         Marshall T                    going on 21 years old

5.         George                         19 years old

6.         Harvey                          17 years old

7.         Ida                               15 years old

8.         Mollie                           12 years old

9.         Samantha                     11 years old

10.       Calla                            8 years old

11.       Charles             4 years old


Two of the children are married; all the other children were living at house with their mother, except John, in Nov 1875.




Name: James Ira Gillespie                 Info by Chris Gillespie, 5/16/1936

Wife:  Susan Downard? [ m1. McDonald]

Buried: both at New Zion

Father of James Ira: Billie Gillespie

Father of Susan:  Jacob Downard




1.         Harvey                          m. Maggie Ross of Brack Co., dau of John Ross

2.         “Little John Ira”            m. Samantha, dau Joe (?) Brown

3.         Dude                            m. Lettie Cahall

4.         (“Dod”) Marsh m. Mattie Bayless, think he was in Scott Co.

5.         Charles             m. Courtney

6.         Callie                            m. in city

7.         Mollie                           m1. Jasper Sharp, son Eli Sharp

                                                m2. Bob Fed (?) McClanahan

8.         Samantha                     m. Eugene Vicroy

            (called Maggie)


June 9, 1939 by Mrs. Druimil (?) Hamilton


Charley Gillespie           m1. Lizzie, dau. Tom (Brack) Murphy & Talitha Workman

                                    m2. Carrie May, dau. of Henry David Courtney


John I. (Little John) had a brother Marsh, and a son Marsh (Morris?).  Children, 6 – 8, added by Mrs. Druimil Hamilton.  Susan, wife of Ira, had a sister, Ann McDonald; lived with Susan and was a widow.  Ann had a son “Jim ?at” McDonald and he was one.  He left here; he had to leave here.  When he died, they wrote back here if anyone wanted his body and no one wanted it.  Ann McDonald was a Downard, sister to Old Man Newton Downard.


Name: Lewis Thomas Gillespie                     by Mr & Mrs Alvin Rees, 5/20/1946

Wife: Eliza Belle Cummins

Buried: both at Sadieville

Father of Lewis: J. Ira Gillespie

Father of Eliza: John Cummins

Mother of Eliza: Jennetta McClanahan




1.         Ollie                             m. Gus Gillespie (his 1st wife), son of John B. Gillespie;

age 73 – 74 in 1946.  She at Manchester , O.

2.         T???pie                        m. Dan Eperson

            Lived near Sadievillle on Corinth

3.         Bessie                          m. Lou Courtney of about Scott Co.

4.         Blaine (dau)                  m.

(a son and dau. died when Ollie was a girl)


Name:  John T. Gillespie (Little John)             by Fred West, Falmouth , 5/13/1939

Father: Ira Gillespie

Mother:  Susan Downard

Wife: Samantha Brown

Father of Wife: Joe Brown


[Samantha m. 2.  She left here and went to Sadieville, Scott Co.  Suppose she died there.  Samantha was at Sadieville , KY , in Feb. 1916.




1.         James W.                     m. Minnie

            Green Co OH in 1915

2.         Phillip                           m. Sarah

            Scott Co. KY in 1915

3.         Albert                           m. Maggie

            Scott Co KY in 1915

4.         Harlie                           m. Katie

            Scott Co KY in 1915

5.         Myrtie                          m.        Ruthledge

            Clinton Co OH in 1914

6.         Gladys                          m. Oscar Young

            Scott Co KY in 1915 and called a widow

7.         Belle                             m. Scott Fields

            Harrison Co KY in 1915

8.         Ida                               m. Clyde Appiarius

            Hamilton Co OH in 1914

9.         Eddie                           widower in 1915 in Scott Co

10.       Morris (or Marsh)        was in Grant Co in 1924


John T. Gillespie was called “Little John” – he was a small man; was brother of Harvey , Dude, et al.  Samantha (widow) and children conveyed a tract of land in Pendleton and Bracken Counties to Jack West.  Deed recorded twice Bk 66-605 and 74-256; date Dec 22, 1914 .  John T. Gillespie received deed for the land from Caroline F. Miller and S. A. Miller, her husband, dated March 1, 1886 , recorded in deed book 37, page 134.  The land consisted of 25 acres on Kincaid Creek, Fields Brauch and Grover’s Run; adjoining Barry and Pendergest.


June 9, 1939 .  John T. was called “Little John.”  He killed himself when I was small; think he lived in Scott Co then.  His body was not brought back, as I remember.  He killed himself with a pistol.  John T. moved away from here before his children were grown.  Some of his children born after he left here and I don’t recognize the names of all the younger children.


Name: Marshall (Marsh) Gillespie                           by Mrs. Eva Gillespie, 6/1943

Buried: Old Richland

Father: James Ira Gillespie

Wife: Martha Catherine Bayless

Wife Buried: Berry , KY

Father of Wife: Perry Bayless

Mother of Wife: Rosanna Pugh


[Marsh had a bro.  Skitty Gillespie, d. up beyond Cynthiana – south]




1.         Everett                          m.                Clayton

2.         James                           m. Reddie Rettie), dau Jasper Collier

??         Kelat-both

3.         Marshall Jr.                  m. Mable, dau. James Cummins


4.         Robert                          d. age               not married

5.         John                             b. May 1, 1896 in Harrison Co; d. 1929

                                                m. Eva, dau. Henry Clay Cummins

                                                Eva b. Oct 31, 1896 , Pendleton Co

6.         Eva                              d.         m. Ed, son Chjarles McClanahan

                                                Ed        m2.      Bell , dau of Thos Ball of Fal.


John Gillespie and Eva


1.         Arthur                          m. Fay, dau John Cushman

            Owen Co now                          ?   Galloway

2.         Harold                          killed by train in 1929 with his father

3.         John Jr.                        b. Dec 15, 1924 in Har. Co.

4.         Paul                              age 16

5.         Geneva              age 14


John Gillespie killed by train at the crossing at Morgan , KY , in 1929 and also his son, Harold and a Mr. Polly.  The son Arthur also sustained permanent injuries.


Name:  Everett Gillespie                    by Falmouth Outlook, 5.25.1945

Father:  Marshall Gillespie

Wife:  Mattie Clayton




1.         Raymond Robert                      b. June 12, 1903 near Kelat, Harr. Co

                                                            d. May 17, 1945 at Falmouth

                                                            m. May 21, 1930 , Louisa McGuire


            (1)  infant died

            (2)  Arthur

            (3)  Betty Lou               b. June 18, 1933 in Falmouth ; d. May 19, 1945

            (4)  Josephine

            (5)  Barbara


2.         Lawrence                      Lexington


Raymond Robert Gillespie parents died when he was only 18 months old and he was raised by his grandmother, Mrs. Mattie Gillespie.  He spent his early life around Kelat.  Resided at Falmouth the last 10 years.


Name:  James Orville Gillespie                     by Kenneth Gillespie, Owenton, 11/8/1943

            about 66, Cynthiana, Rt 5

Wife:  Retti Collier

Wife Born:  Harrison Co, KY

Occupation: farmer

Father: Marsh Gillespie

Wife’s Father: Jasper Collier

Wife’s Mother_____Glynn




1.         Lorena                                     m. James Shawhan, son Charles


2.         Kenneth                                   b. Aug 8, 1911 , Harrison Co

                                                            m. Jewel Wyatt, dau John Wyatt

3.         Herman Kerizy             b. Sept 7, 1913 Har. Co.

            Fal. 3                                       m. Katherine Louise Lyons of Harrison Co

4.         Oma                                         d. age 12; she buried Berry

5.         Wilford Manning                       Single; in army


Name:  Christopher Columbus Gillespie                   by Chris Gillespie, 5/16/1936

Father:  Andrew Jackson Gillespie

Mother: Serepta Elliott

Wife: Clara Haley

Wife’s Father: Willard Filmore Haley

Wife’s Mother: Martha Thompson




1.         Oral Thornton                            m. Gertrude Carr

            (1) Virginia May

(2) Christopher Leo

(3) Oral Jr.

(4) Juanita Catherine

2.         Earle                                        m. Clara Sharp, dau. Amos Sharp Y Hattie Florence

            (1) Earle Jr.

(2) Harold Wayne

(3) Kenneth Delmare

3.         Theodore                                 m. Grace, dau. of Oscar Bishop and Lucy Sharp

            (1) Theo Jr.

(2) Delores May

4.         Gertrude                                   m. Wm, son of Arthur Yellon (?)

            (1) Genevieve Frances

            (2) Wm Jr

            (3) Robert Gerald or Jerald

5.         Frances                                     d. m. Everett , son of Oscar Bishop

            (1) Richard Dale


July 14, 1938 .  Clara Haley went to Forest Hill School in Bracken Co. and later, in Blue Grass.


At Forest Hill:  teachers:

                        Amos Keel, of ab. Berlin

                        Bob Morris, of ab. Berlin

Bob Morris m. Sally Ann, dau. of William Ballenger of Bracken Co.


Chris Gillespie says that Sally Ann Ballenger was a cousin of his mother, Serepta Elliott, who married Andrew J. Gillespie, father of Chris Gillespie.  Ben Pollit kept a restaurant at Bradford KY when Chris Gillespie was in his teens.  Ben Pollit married Peggy Ballenger, sister to Sally Ann.  Chris got dinner at Pollit’s restaurant, and when Ben’s wife Peggy learned who Chris was, she would not take pay for his dinner.


Name:  Oral Thornton Gillespie                     by Oral T Gillespie, Falmouth , 2/18/1951

                                                                        So. Mountjoy St .

Born: Jan 17, 1901

Where born: Bracken Co, Forest Hill

Church: Falmouth Baptist, now New Zion Baptist

Education: Falmouth public and high 3 years

Military: none

Occupation: Welder helper L&B RR

Father: Christopher Gillespie

Mother: Clara Haley

Wife: Gertrude Hazel Carr

Wife Born: July 16, 1905

Wife Born Where: Roberson Co

Church: New Zion Baptist

Education: Bracken & Roberson Public Sch

Marr: May 12, 1923 in Pendleton Co by

            John B. Calvin, Judge

Wife’s Father: James Carr

Wife’s Mother: Minnie J (T?)ackett


[James Carr’s wife, sister to Lon W. Tackett (“Bunk”); and dau of Hayden Tackett and his 2nd wife.  James Carr, son of Hiram Carr]




1.         Virginia Mae                 b. 2/21/1924 in Bracken Co

            Eclectic, Ala                  m. Moody Mask, of Wetumpka , Ala

2.         Christopher Leo           b. 9/16/1929 in Falmouth .  Single.

                                                In Army, since Oct 1950; now at Ft. Bennings , GA

3.         Oral Thornton Jr.          b. 8/1/1933 in Pend. Co. at Hayes Sta.  Single.

                                                Falmouth , at home; in sch; Fal High Junior class

4.         Juanita Katherine          b. 6/30/1935 at Hayes Sta Pend. Co. ’ single; Falmouth , at

                                                home; in 1st year Hi Sch.


Name:  Andrew Gillespie                    by Chris Gillespie, Falmouth , 2/28/1942

Wife:  Serepta Elliott                                         and Belle, 2nd wife


1.         James                           d.   m. Nora Smith, dau. Wild Bill Smith

                                                Lived in Covington

2.         Daisy                            d.   m Nora Elizabeth Stanfield, dau. Jeff Davis Stanfield

3.         Jesse                            d.     never married?

4.         George                         m. Bertha C(?)raddock; Covington

5.         Lillie

6.         Dude

7.         Kate

8.         Nellie

?          Thomas


Name:  Jack Gillespie                        by Lou Mclearty, Falmouth , 2/17/1938

Buried:  Think at New Zion

Father: Andrew Jackson Gillespie

Mother: Serepta Elliott

Wife: Maggie Simpson

Father of wife: Riley Simpson

Mother of wife: Mary ? Browning


(Maggie m. 2 Lou Mclearty)




1.         Bessie                                      m1.  Bob Datson (parted)

                                                            m2.  In Ohio and went to W. VA and stayed there

2.         Pearl                                        m1.  Huston Gadd

            Hamilton , O                              m2.

            In Fla now                                m3.

3.  Mary                                               m1.  Ed Perkins (separated)

                                                            m2.  Everett Smith, son of I?? Smith


            (1)  Lillie May                           m1

                   Batavia , O.                        m2.            Louaker


Name:  Wm. Sherman Gillespie                     by Falmouth Outlook, 4/29/1949

Born:  Dec. 21, 1866

Where:  Bracken Co.

Died:  April 24, 1949

Buried: Turner Ridge Cemetery

Church:  Baptist at Palentine & Turner Ridge Baptist

Father: Andrew Jackson Gillespie

Mother:  Serepta Elliott

Wife:  Miss Nannie Smith


(Wm. Sherman survived by 1 brother, Chris Gillespie, Falmouth )


7 children born; 2 survive


Name:  George W. Gillespie                          by Geo. W. Gillespie, Covington , 3/20/1943

Born:  Feb. 14, 1889

Father:  Andy Gillespie, Jr.

Wife:  Bertha Craddock

Wife died: Feb. 18, 1937

Wife buried: Highland

Wife’s father: O. C. Craddock


(Geo. 1551 Bank Lick, Covington .  m2. Lillian Esther, daughter of John Posle (?) and Mary Erma McAlister)




1.         Geo. Edward                            over 21, born June 26, 1919

2.         Robert D.                                 under 21, born June 4, 1923

3.         Dorothy                                    under 21 (13) born Aug. 9, 1928


By 2nd wife, Shirley May, Covington in 1949


Name:  John B. Gillespie                    by Mr & Mrs Alvin Reed, 5/20/1946

Buried:  Lenoxbg

Military:  Home guards (?)

Father:  Henry Gillespie (?)

Wife:  Sarah Henderson

Buried: Lenoxbg


(John B. was brother of Tyra S. (?ights) Gillespie & Cass Gillespie & Wm & bro. March Gillespie [bro of Ira, father of Marsh Gillespie])




1.         Edward (Bud)                          m. Mattie Shaper

            Lived near Shelbyville

2.         Nannie                                     m. Wm King

            Lived in Blue Grass, bet Lex & Frankfort

3.         Liza                                          m.

4.         Elna                                          m. Thornt (?) Sharp

5.         George                                     m. Iavia Galbraith Iavia

            d. at Wellsburg

6.         Gus                                          m1.  Ollie dau “Skiddie” Gillespie [Lewis Thomas]

                                                            m2. Lizzie Dixon     (no children)

7.         Thornt (? Thornton )                  m. Jossie Conners, sister to Jack Conners

8.         Ninna                                       m. Wm. Clark, son John Clark, Union soldier

9.         Emma                                       m. Wm. Parker

            Went to Ind from Pend Co.




(5) George had 6 children

            (1) Joe

            (2) Lettie

            (3) Audrey

            (4) Vallie

            (5) Brack

            (6) Curlie


(7) Thornton children

            (1) John Thomas, d in Augusta , killed by train – twin

            (2) Dennis Myers – twin

            (3) Mikie Wm (oldest)


(6) Gus children (1st wife)

            (1) Treasie, b. June 19, 1893 in Bracken Co, m. Alvin Reed

            (2) Dollie (son), m. Beatrice Bishop of Phila – He in Navy 20 yrs

            (3) Esther, m.Charley Martin, son Nick Martin (??); Chas bro. Ben Martin of Fal.


            Treasie has a large meat platter that Henry Gillespie [or William] brought with him from VA.


            Treasie Reed says “Skiddy” [Lewis Thomas Gillespie, was a son of Marsh Gillespie, but it is likely that Skiddy was a son of James Ira Gillespie.  See worksheet based on court record, Bradford & Biddle, Cir Ct. Pkg 409.


Name:  Thornton Gillespie                 by Bracken Chronicle, Augusta , KY , Oct 12, 1950

Born:  June 8, 1873

Died: Thur, Oct 1950, age 79

Buried: Cath. Cem. Washington

Church: Catholic with his wife

Father: John Baldwin Gillespie

Mother: Sarah Henderson

Wife:   _______ Stanton

Wife’s church:  Catholic


(Requiem Mass at St. James Church, Minerva)




1.         Michael                        Minerva

2.         Dennis Maurice            Augusta


Name:  Thornton Thomas Gillespie               by Michael Wm. Gillespie, Minerva , KY

Born:  Berlin, Bracken Co                                 12/4/1950

Buried: Washington, Mason Co.

Wife: Johana O’Conner

Wife’s Father: Michael O’Conner




1.         Michael William                        m. Ellen Gibbons

            Minerva , KY

2.         Dennie Marse                           m. ______ Mcaine?

3.         John Thomas                            m. Sairy Lacey


Name:  Augustus Alexr. Gillespie                  by Mrs. Orin Reed, Brooksville, 1/23/1951

Born:  Bracken Co

Died: 1927, age 58

Buried: Lenoxburg, IOOF Cem.

Church: New Zion Baptist

Father: John B. Gillespie

Mother:  Sarah Henderson

Wife:  Ollie Gillespie

Wife’s father:  Skiddy Gillespie

Wife’s mother: Liza Belle Cummins


(Liza Belle, sister of F.M. “Joe” Cummins.  m2. Lizzie Dixon, daughter of John J. Crowe (no children).  Lizzie, m1. ______  Dixon




1.         Theresa May                b. 6-19-1893 , Bracken Co

            Brooksville Trs m. Orin Reed

2.         Dollie (son)                   b. 8-28-1895

            In WW2 & retired        m. Beatrice Bishop of Philadelphia

3.         Esther Jennette (named Esther Manetta) b. May 28, 1909 , Bracken Co.

            Harrison, O. RFD         m. Charles Martin, son Nick Martin of Pend. Co.



Theresa & Orin


1.         Thelma             m. Clarence Beckett of Roberson Co, Brooksville , KY

2.         Edna May                    m. Niley Smith of Grants Lick, son Lewis Smith,


3.         Mildred                        m. Chester Biddle, son Henry biddle; died 1941 1-6-41

age 75. Born Walnut Grove

4.         Alva Orin                     m. Margaret Burdieu of N.Y. State

            Manchester , O


John B. Gillespie was born Feb 22 on Washington’s birthday.  John B. died 1910 age 73; bur. Lenoxburg


Thornton Gillespie, d. 1951.  Was youngest child of John B.


Name:  William Curtis Gillespie                    Info by: Cincinnati Post, 5-9-1951

Died: May 6, 1951

Wife: Alma Kaiser


Wm. Curtis died at Logansport , Ind.




Geo. D. Gillespie


Michael Gillespie, grandson

Timothy Gillespie, grandson




Name: Dr. William Gillespie                          Info by: Cincinnati Post, 9-14-1951

Wife: Mary Reamy


Dr. Wm Gillespie and wife Mary, late of Cincinnati , O




1. Dorothy, age 46, died Sept 12, 1951 ; bur. Brooklyn , NY , her home.

                                 m. Robert J. Goff of Brooklyn , NY


Dr. Thas. R. Gillespie, Cinti

Dr. William P. Gillespie, Cinti


Name: John Gillespie                         Info by: Cincinnati Post, 8-2-1951

Died:  before wife

Wife: Clara Baier

Wife born: lifelong resident of Covington , KY

Wife died: Aug 1, 1951 , age 76

Wife buried: Highland Cemetery


Clara’s home, 318 E. 44 St.




1.         Lester, Richmond , IN


Gillespie, John T. (Little John, son of James Ira Gillespie)


Mrs. Samantha Gillispie, widow of John T. Gillispie

James W & Minnie Galispie

Philip & Sarah Gillispie

Ablert & Maggie Gillispie

Harley & Katie Gillispie

Mrs. Mirtie G. Rutlege

Mrs. Gladys and Oscar Young

Mrs. Belle and Scott Fields

Mrs Ida and Clyde Aprius

Eddie Gillispie

Morris Gillispie



To)                               Dec. 22, 1914 .  $200.  $100 Pd. & $100 due in 12 mos.


Jack West,


            Lying in the counties of Bracken and Pendleton and State aforesaid, the following real estate, bounded as follows:

Begin. in the center of Kincade Creek opp. to W 0 thence N 32 E 88 poles in Fields Branch near an elm and sugar tree; then down the branch S 80-30 W 35.50 poles to 2 elms; thence S 36-30 W 24 poles to a sugar tree on the west side of Graves (?) Creek (Grover’s Run?) corner to Berry (Barry?); thence S 20 E 25 poles 10 links cor. to Berry (Barry?) and Pendergast; thence ___76-30 E 40 poles to the west bank of said run; thence up said run S 82-30 E 47 poles to the beginning.

            Being same land conveyed to John T. Gillispie by C F Miller et all March 1, 1886 recorded in deed book (Comr’s deed book) . . . . page 106?..

by C F Miller on March 1, 1914 recorded in Commissioner’s Deed Book No. 34, page 106, Pend. Co Clerk’s office.




Mrs Ida Appiarius

Clyde Appiarius


Mrs. Mirta G. Rutledge


James W. Gillispie

Minnie X Gillispie


Bell Fieldes

Scott Fields


Harley Gillispie

Kate Gillispie


Moria Gillispie


Eddie Gillispie


Mrs Gladys Young


Albert X Gillispie

Maggie Gillispie


Philip Gillispie

Sarah Gillispie


Samanthis Gillispie


Scott Co. Kentucky : Ackd. by Mrs. Samantha Gillispie (widow); Gladys Young (widow), Albert Gillispie and Maggie Gillispie his wife, Phillip Gillispie and Sarah, his wife, Harley Gillispie and Kate Gillispie his wife, and Eddie Gillispie (widower), on Feb 18, 1915.

                                                            W S Parker, N.P. Sadieville , Ky.


Grant Co. KY. Sept 18, 1924 : ackd. by Morris Gillispi

                                                            R L Abernathy, N.P. Coringth , Ky.


Harrison Co. Ky. Ackd. Feb 13, 1915 by Mrs Belle Fields and Schott Fields her husband.

                                                            W R Curle, Clk by G W Horn, D C


Hamilton Co. Ohio   Dec 24, 1914 ackd. by Mrs Ida Appiarius and Clyde Apparius her husband.

                                                            J S Richardson , N.P.

                                                            (Note: “Appiarius is error.”)


Clinton Co. Ohio . Ackd. Dec 18, 1914 by Mrs Mirta G. Rutledge.

                                                            H G Cartwright N.P.


Greene Co. Ohio . Ackd. Jan 11th 1915 by James G. Gillispie and Minnie Gillispie his wife.

                                                            Harry D. Smith, N.P.


Note: The foregoing deed seems to have been recorded in Deed Book 66 page 605; and again in D B 74, page 256.


The foregoing memorandum taken from the original deed, in possession of Fred West, May 13, 1939 .


Gillespie, Wm Sr


                                                                                    Bracan Co Ky March 6th 1860


Know all men by these presents that I, Wm Gilaspy doth this day as my last will and testimony, being in my raisonable mind and shortly expects leave this world and having desiar to dispose my property to the sadisfaction on my mind Will and bequeath to my Dear loving wife Marthy all my personaalbe property also my Real Estate that is my land so long as she lives and at her deth to dispose of as she best thinks and now as I shortly expect to appeare in the presens of almighty God, I doth this day Saucion and declar this my last will and testament.  Be it understood in this article the if unersyn Wm Glaspy desire uter(?) any part of thieir will while living he shall have power to awlter or amend to to his Sadisfaction so long as he liveth.


                                                            William x Glaspy


John Gryson

John B. Brown


Gillespie, Lewis C.


Lewis C. Gillespie                                                         P Cir C Pkg 396

  vs Petn. filed Feb 18,1878                                           Jno H. Fryer, Atty


John M. Courtne

Plff (plaintiff?) is owner & entitled to possn of 1 safe with tin panels, worth ^.00 (various household goods); barrel molasses worth $15; sow & pigs $20; 280 lbs bacon $18.20; 7 gallons apple butter $3.50; side saddle $25 – in all worth $225.            Lewis C x Gillespie


Aus & X Petn. Mch 16, 1878                                       Lee, Atty


Denies, &c Lewis C. Gillespies wife was John M. Courtney’s daughter; when they were married, he and his wife gave their daughter the bed and bedding, to her heirs, and to her separate use and Plff never did have any ownership in them; also gave to her the sidesaddle, & sow & pigs.

In Oct 1876 Plff barought his wife (defendant’s daughter) to his house and left her; she was there very sick, and plff went off, and entirely abandoned her; and she remained there until she died which was in Feb 1877; deft brought his daughters things to his house and sold some of them to purchase medicine, and she gave all of the articles left, to him.  Burial expenses were $30; medical bill not less than $50.

After death of his daughter, Plff came to defts house and took such of her things as he desired, and deft let him have them rather than have a difficulty with him.


                                                                        John x Courntney


We agree that the above suit shall be dismissed, each party to pay his own costs, and no judgment for costs.


Sept 2, 1878                                                                 L C x Gillespie

Att C H Lee                                                                 John x Courtney




Geo Gillespie, a Scotch divine, died 1648

                                                                                                Appletons Cys Biog.   1869

Eliza Maria Gillespie (1824-87) educated at Somerst, O. and Georgetown , DC . 

                        Entered Congreation of the Holy Cross (1853); in 1855 beame Mother Superior of the Academy of Saint Mary , then at Bertrand , Mich.   At beg. of Civil War, she organized among the sisters a board of hospital nurses, with center at Caire , Ill.   She became known by her religious name, “Mother Mary of Saint Angela.”


George Gillespie (1613-48) A Scotch Presbyterian Clergyman and prominent member of the Westminster Assembly.  He was born at Kirkcaldy, near Leith .  After a brilliant career as a student at the Saint Andrews University , he became domestic chaplain to Lord Kenm??s, and in 1634 to the Earl of Casills.  In Apr 1838 he was ordained minister of Wemyss ( Fife ) by the Presbytery of Krikcaldy, and in same year, preached a sermon before the General Assembly at Glasgow .  In 1842 he was transferred to Edinburgh .  In 1843 he was appointed to the Westminster Assembly.  His works were published in Edinburgh (1843 – 48).


Geo. de Normandie Gillespie (1819-1909). A Protestant Episcopal bishop, born in Goshen , NY .  Graduated at the General Theological Seminary, New York City , in 1840; ordained priest in 1843.  Was rector of Saint Mark’s Chruch, Leroy , NY (1841); Saint Paul ’s Church, Cincinnati (1845); and of Saint Andrew’s Church, Ann Arbor , Mich (1861).  In 1875 was made Bishop of Diocese of Western Michigan, and in 1877 became member of the State Board of Charities and Correction.  Several writings.


Geo. Lewis Gillespie (1841 - ) Am. military engineer, born at Kingston , Tenn. Grad. West Point in 1862 and served thru Civil War.  President of Miss. River Commission in 1885; later, division engineer on Atlantic Coast .  During Spanish-American War he was in command of the Department of the East.  In 1901 he became brigadier-general and chief of engineers and in 1904, major-general on the General Staff, and assistant chief of staff.


Wm. Mitchell Gillespie (1816-68)  An American author born in New York City .  He graduated at Columbia in 1834, and from 1845 was professor of Civil engineering in Union College .  A forceful and profound scholar, he wrote “ Rome as Seen by a New Yorker” (1845); “The Principles and Practice of Land Surveying” (1855; 6th ed 1858); a posthumously published “Treatise on Traveling, Topography and Higher Surveying” (1871; edited by Staley); and other works.


Gilaspy                                                 Miscl Papers to 1875


Pendleton County and Circuit Set


William H. Gilaspy, an infant under the age of 21 yrs – by his next friend and father Henry S [or L] Gilaspy complains of Thomas J. Oldham being in custody and of a plea of trespass.  For that the said defdt on the   day of October 1849 at the Circuit aforesaid, with force and arms, made an assault upon the said plaintiff at the Circuit aforesaid and then and there, with great force and violence seized and laid hold of said plaintiff by his body and greatly pulled the same, and then and there with certain sticks and hoop pales and his fists, gave and struck the said plaintiff a great many violent blows and strokes on and about his head, back and shoulders and arms ….. other parts of the body, and then & there violently gave and struck said plaintiff a great many other blows & strokes so inflicted by said plaintiff upon the head of said defdt rent and tore and damaged the wearing apparel of said defdt towit one hat, one wait cost, etc.  By means of which said several premises the said defdt was then and …. greatly hurt, bruised and wounded and became and was sick and disordered and became and continued so for a long space of time towit the space of …. days then next fallowing, during all which time the said plaintiff thereby suffered and underwent great pain.


And also for that said defdt on the … day and year aforesaid, made another assault on said plaintiff towit at the Circuit aforesaid and then and there again beat, bruised, wounded and ill treated him the said plaintiff insomuch that his life was thereby, greatly endangered and other wrongs to the said plaintiff then and there did to the great damage of the said plaintiff and against the peace and dignity of the Comlth of Kentucky.


Wherefore the said plaintiff by his next friend and father aforesaid saith that he is injured and hath sustained damages to the amount of $250 and therefore he brings his suit.




Filed Oct 18, 1849   Att Matthew Mullins, DC


Gillaspie, Wm A.


Wm A. Gillaspie and Eva his wife, petition for change of name of Goldie Gamon, age 7, to Goldie Gillaspie.  Files consent of Kentucky Children’s Home Society.

(Filed Nov. 10, 1913)                          W. A. Gillaspie

                                                            Eva Gillespie


Judgt. Nov 10, 1913


Name changed to Gillaspie.  The parents of the child are unknown; place of her birth unknown.