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Pendleton County Common School Directory

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Common School Directory of Pendleton County, Kentucky



Educational Division 4.
Educational Division Four, or Sandsuck, has seven schools.  The Chairman is Mr. C. F. Beagle, formerly one of our teachers, now a merchant.  __  secretary is Mr. Wm. Holock, a prosperous farmer.
Mount Auburn, Ed. 4. Sub. 1.
Located near the Cross Roads, by the Walnut Grove church.  The teacher is Mr. J. E. Drake.  The trustee is Mr. C. F. Beagle, who is also Chairman of Division Four.  The following is the boundary as given by Supt. H. S. Orr, 1901.  It does not include those added from Hickory Grove district when that district was abolished.
Beginning at Joe Fossett's excluding him; thence to the line of the Fisher district to H. B. Norris' south line; thence to Kincade Creek to Jno. R. Fryer's, excluding him; thence with the Pleasant Hill and Mt. Auburn to Marion Barnhill's; thence to L. H. Drake's; Robt. Nolan's  ___
W. P. Yelton's to the line of the McMa____ district to Isaac Taylor's, ____ing his residence and that of Jas. A. Taylor; thence in a line to the _______ Long Branch; thence up said branch to the Trace Road including _____derson's (the old Thos. Cook house), Thos. Greenough, Jno. B. ______, Wm. C. Curry, Thos Biddle, but excluding Toliver Downard.
The census of 1914 gave the following families numbering 37 pupils:
S. Barrett
Benj. Barnhill
C. F. Beagle
Clarence Bray
F. W. Bray
Mrs. Myrtle Crain
H. C. Fossett
W. T. Gosney
J. E. Hall

Frank Houston
C. A. Moore
Charles Morris
F. E. Norris
C. E. Pribble
A. C. Record
C. F. Shoemaker
Geo. Sharon



"The laborer serves his employer only as he performs well his work."




New Hope, Ed. 4 Sub. 2.
The New Hope school house is located on the pike leading from Foster to the Cross Roads.  The view from this site is one to be remembered.  The teacher is Miss Jessie Rush.  The trustee is Mr. W. Holock.  The boundary as given by the trustee follows:
Beginning at the Bracken County line and following the Carntown and Foster Road to the left prong of Stepstone Creek; thence up said Creek to the headwaters on the Washington Trace pike, including Mrs. Stubel's farm, the farm belonging to the John Jett heirs, known as the old Roth place, and the Frank Tucker farm on the north side of said Creek; thence following said pike to Cross Roads, excluding C. F. Beagle; thence following what is known as the old Solse Creek road to the Bracken County line; thence with said line to beginning.
Census of 1914 gave the following heads of families numbering 32 pupils:
Prince Bonar
Geo. W. Clark
Charles Dietz
Mollie Tinkler
Willie Hatfield
Wm. Holock
Earl Hall

W. W. Jones
J. N. Massey
R. J. Massey
Melvin Parker
Mary A. Strebel
S. L. Tucker
Hattie Vanlandingham




 "The worker finds happiness in his work."




Carntown, Ed. 4. Sub. 3
The Carntown school house is situated on the Ohio River on the C. & O. R. R.  The teacher is Mr. C. A. Wile.  The trustee is D. W. Riley.
The boundary which follows is that made by Supt. H. S. Orr, 1901.
Beginning at Joseph Bold's near the Bracken line; thence to Reuben ________ and Valetine Fordheim's; thence up Stepstone Creek, west to ______, including Joseph Steimer; thence to John Vetter's and Lawrence Bergardine's; thence to David Ivors, excluding him; thence to the Ohio River and up the same to the beginning.
The census of 1914 gave the following families with 37 pupils:

Howard Bonar
Benry Brenenstiele
C. W. Colegrove
Edward Craig
O. P. Hobbs
L. J. Ihrig
Dan Judd
Edward Lake
Archie McAllister
Mrs. Iona Merrill



Chas. Merrill
Mrs. John McElfresh
Amos O'Brien
D. W. Riley
Mrs. Katherine Rath
Mr. Shoemaker
Mrs. Kate Schaffenberger
Ethel Whitford
J. A. York
Ellis York




    "The man with a great burden is the man of worth."




Fossett School, Ed. 4. Sub. 4.
The Fossett school district borders on the Campbell County line and is one of the farthest from the County seat.  The boundary given below is that of 1901.
Beginning at the Campbell and Pendleton line on the Ohio River; thence up said river to David Ivor's, including him and Geo. Lough's and Ed Kober; thence with the line of the Carntown District and that of Askin Grove to Campbell and Pendleton line and with said line to Jas. Daniels, tenant on Lewis Parker farm, including William Baynum, Gustave Gaiser, and Blythe Benum from Campbell County; thence to the beginning.
The teacher is Miss Myrtle Lough.  The trustee is Mr. W. Wosley.  The census of 1914 mentions the following families, numbering 31 pupils:

Thomas Craig
Edward Kaber
George Lough
Charles Ihrig
Maria Layman
Rosa Dittleberger
Samuel Guynn
William Orcutt
Charlie Poe
Milton Guynn
E. Ihrig
Fred Tinker
Charlie Barber
Wm. Mosley
Wm. Craig
Jesse Lough
Edward Hiles
Arthur Layman
Frank Phillips




        "Tis the teacher's business to sow.  God will prepare the harvest.




Aspin Grove, Ed. 4. Sub. 5.
The Aspin Grove school has very beautiful surroundings.  It has ample grounds, pleasant shade and good water.  It is surrounded by well kept farms.  The boundary is that made by H. S. Orr, 1901, as follows:
Beginning at Walter Shaw's; thence to Coleman G. Shaw's; thence to G. A. Hawkins'; thence to Mrs. Harvey Lancaster's; thence to Free Nicholas, Anthony Faulhaber, excluding Joseph Steimer, Jas. Mains and J. W. Hobbs.  __________ the E. P. Carnes house; thence in a straight line to Martha _________ Daniels, Frank Bradford, excluding him; thence to Mrs. Het__________W. W. Rouse, Fred Neihoff; thence to the beginning.  In 1903 ________
_______Jno. Foster, J. D. Wilson, Frank Poe, Benj. Pribble, Mrs. ______________ _. H. Foster, Arthur Layman, Thos. Daniels, Liese? Daniels, _________  num were transferred from Sugar Grove District in Campbell ________ Aspin Grove in Pendleton by consent of J. W. Riley and R. F. _________ Superintendents.  The teacher is Miss Lillie Mae Rardin.  The 
__________Mr. John Barnard.
The census of 1914 enumerates 29 pupils from the following families:

_  F. Barnard
John? Barnard
_ T. Brooking
E. P. Carnes
G. C. Daniels
W. Q. Daniels
_ E. Drake
Anton Faulhaber
N. H. Houston
E. J. Monohon
Albert McClanahan
C. E. Rouse
W. H. Rouse
T. A. Savage




 "Teachers are like pebbles, the more they mingle the brighter they shine."




Mt. Olivet School, Ed. 4. Sub. 6.
The Mt. Olivet school is near the Campbell County line.  It has ample grounds, beautiful shade and rolling playground.  The teacher is W. O. Tucker, the trustee is Mr. H. R. Rouse.  The boundary is that given by Supt. H. S. Orr in 1901.
Beginning at the forks of the road near Henry McCarty's; thence with the road to the Campbell County line, including tenant house of Enoch Bray's farm; thence with the County line to Fardo's gate; thence to Wheat Montgomery including the house on the Fardo farm, thence to Jo Chalk's; thence to the County Road, including the tenant house on the Nagel farm; thence to Mike Gabriels, excluding him; thence to Spark's farm, thence up the hollow to the beginning.
Wm. Nagel transferred from McMahone to Mt. Olivet by Supt. Orr, 1903/8 ?.
The census of 1914 reported 38 pupils from the following families:
V. E. Button
Samuel Fardo
Wm. Fardo Jr.
Chas. Garvey
Wm. Garvey
D. H.? Leslie
Robt. F. Moore
Alex Montgomery


Hiram Newkirk
Wm. Nagel, Sr.
Fred Oneil
H. R. Rouse
Chas. H. Tucker
Wm. Turner
Asbury Turner





  "The public School is the thermometer of the community."




Sansuck, Ed. 4. Sub. 7
The Sansuck school has a sanitary location, situated on a good pike.  The surrounding farms suggest good husbandry.  The boundary is that of Supt Orr, 1901:
Beginning at Henry Green's at the mouth of Long Branch; thence with ___ line of Mt. Auburn district; thence down the branch to Stepstone Creek _____ Jas. Record including all on west side of the creek and the mouth of a branch near Thos. Hobbs, including him; thence to _____ Rath, including him; thence to L. L. Hobbs, Jas Hobbs and John ___rr, excluding him; thence to a line to Carsman's, excluding Darius Jones' and J. E. Poor's old farms; thence to S. J. Hall's on Flour Creek' thence with said Creek to Charles Clinkingbeard's, excluding him,
thence to the beginning including Anderson (the Thos. Cook farm).
The teacher is Anna McCarty.  The trustee is Weller Shover.
The census of 1914 gives 27 pupils from the following families:

Wm. Barnhill
David Biddle
Robt. R. Benjamin
Loyd Chatham
Joseph Emminger
Wm. Emminger
Mrs. Kate Fossett


Edward Hall
Fred Heisel
James N. King
Wheeler H. Shaver
Pete M. Scharfenberger
John Veirs
Ernest Young




 "The School is the true social center of the Community."

This concludes Division 4


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