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Leatherwood Community Cemetery
Researched and Transcribed by
Jackson Spurlock
26 Sept 2007

This cemetery has previously been called the Spruce Pine Government Cemetery
and the CouchTown Cemetery

When the Corps of Engineers relocated graves here for the Buckhorn Dam grave relocation
project, in 1962. The cemetery was named the Leatherwood Community Cemetery. This
cemetery is located approx 2/10 mile north on Route 2022 from Route 484
The cemetery is on the right. There were four graves moved here from the BowlingTown
Cemetery. That cemetery was located where the Marina at the Buckhorn Lodge is today.
Six graves were moved from the Will Gay Cemetery, located at the mouth of the Turkey
Fifty graves were moved from the Asher Barger Cemetery, which was located where the
picnic area is at the Leatherwood Boat Ramp.
Graves with numbers are the graves that were moved.

Adams, Floyd Jack, Jr. 10/11/1949-7/9/1994 USA Vietnam 682.Barger, Elizabeth 10/4/1816-1898 D/O Samuel and Sarah Pennington Johnson 683.Barger, Jesse A. 11/6/1911-1899 S/O Abraham and Mary Bowling Barger 704.Barger, Bertha 4/16/1929 Infant Barger, Carolyn 6/13/1963 Infant Barger, Leslie 3/18/1921-7/25/1998 705.Barger, Floyd 2/22/1928 Infant Barger, George 12/11/1876-1/27/1963 S/O Henry and Tennessee Roberts Barger 703.Barger, Howel 1/19/1904-12/24/1932 S/O Franklin D.R. and Matilda Spurlock Barger Barger, Mary Lou 1972 Barger, Kenneth H. 2/5/1977-12/11/2004 S/O Crafton and Levena Woods Barger 674.Barger, Arnold 2/15/1919-3/27/1919 S/O Bradley and Hulda Couch Barger 673.Barger, Bradley 1891-2/26/1933 675.Barger, Chester 4/10/1917-1930 S/O Bradley and Hulda Couch Barger 671.Barger, Ann 1920 670.Barger, Andy 1925 717.Barger, Joe 1899 693.Barger, Sam 1890 718.Barger, Virgil 694.Barger, William 1900 672.Barger, Hence Begley, Anna Jewell 11/15/1932-8/26/2000 D/O Henry and Cassie Barger Couch Burns, Hargis 5/2/1905-12/20/1972 S/O Garrett and Melinda Gay Burns 865.Burns, Child of Melinda Burns 862.Burns, Child of Melinda Burns 863.Collins, Child of Grace Collins 692.Couch, Armilda R. 1914 684.Couch, Callie Infant 691.Couch, Charles 3/15/1917 695.Couch, Child of Maxine Couch 687.Couch, Child of Sam Couch 685.Couch, Child of W.D. and Elizabeth 686.Couch, Child of W.D. and Elizabeth Couch, Annie 9/29/1930-12/11/1988 709.Couch, Frank 698.Couch, Hallie 1913 706.Couch, Irvin V. 1924 Infant 714.Couch, Leonard 708.Couch, Maxine 688.Couch, Mertha 2/25/1925 Infant 707.Couch, Nancy 1920 Infant 681.Couch, Mary Polly 2/7/1853-4/10/1923 D/O Jesse and Elizabeth Johnson Barger 680.Couch, William M. 5/16/1860-1/21/1923 S/O Elijah and Elizabeth Estep Couch 689.Couch, Robert B. 3/19/1915 Child 690.Couch, Vernis 11/1/1918 699.Couch, Cecil 676.Couch, William D. 5/15/1894-8/19/1940 S/O William and Mary Polly Barger Couch Couch, L.C. 1/28/1938-11/29/2005 S/O Joe and Mary Arnett Couch Couch, Henry 2/29/1912-2/29/1988 USA WW2 Couch, Jesse 6/8/1885-3/5/1963 S/O William and Mary Polly Barger Couch Couch, Matilda Elizabeth 4/4/1883-6/26/1970 D/O Jesse and Sarah Ann Davidson Spurlock Couch, Joseph 1/22/1890-2/19/1972 S/O William and Mary Polly Barger Couch Couch, Mary Arnett 1/29/1914-2/28/1993 D/O Andrew and Rachel Clark Arnett Couch, Larry 10/3/1949-6/9/1991 Couch, Lovil 9/25/1954-5/18/1991 Couch, Maude 8/3/1915-11/21/1983 Couch, Pete 12/11/1910-2/2/1980 Couch, Robert Wayne 5/3/1959-5/12/1990 Crank, Timothy Jason 10/25/1990-12/2/2000 Davidson, Jim Thomas 7/18/1931-8/10/2000 Estep, James, Jr. 5/20/1941-3/28/1996 Gay, Ashley Danielle 7/9/1985-7/10/1985 Gay, Hargis, Jr. 6/3/1945-1/25/1999 Gay, Eva Rice 5/15/1905-3/6/1991 Gay, John D. 4/8/1931-8/11/1990 S/O William and Sally Fields Gay Gay, Rufus 5/3/1943-7/25/1993 Gay, Weed 3/22/1891-1/12/1978 S/O William and Sally Fields Gay 861.Gay, William 8/16/1859-4/2/1909 860.Gay, Adelaide 1932 Infant 716.Gibson, James 1935 679.Helton, Charles 1936 Infant 677.Herald, Child of Dorothy Herald 442.Herald, Child of W. Herald Herald, Angeline Woods 3/10/1910-8/14/1996 D/O Carr and Elizabeth Ann Couch Woods 715.Rice, Elige 1935 710.Rice, Roberta 864.Smith, Child of Joe Smith 205.Spurlock, Jesse 9/12/1848-12/6/1917 S/O Andy and Catherine Barger Spurlock 204.Spurlock, Sarah Ann 6/19/1850-11/5/1920 D/O Perry and Elizabeth Burns Davidson 206.Spurlock, Justus 12/18/1889-8/4/1917 S/O Jesse and Sarah Ann Davidson Spurlock 239.Spurlock. Charles Ray 9/27/1912-1918 S/O Justus and Susan Cornett Spurlock West, Earl 10/5/1911-3/12/1964 Williams, Felton S. 11/1/1920-8/26/1977 USA WW2 701.Woods, Becky Infant 711.Woods, Charles 702.Woods, Charles Infant 712.Woods, Child of Carr Woods 713.Woods, Child of Harlan Woods 700.Woods, Leslie 3/15/1916 Infant Woods, Clay C. 1/16/1912-12/15/2003 S/O Carr and Elizabeth Ann Couch Woods Woods, Josie Bowling 3/18/1914-12/15/1980 D/O Harrison and Betty Begley Bowling Woods, Henry 3/17/1953-11/8/2001 Woods, America Carmack 12/11/1910-12/20/1988 Woods, John, Rev. 7/10/1904-6/19/1994 S/O Carr and Elizabeth Ann Couch Woods Woods, Carlow Carr 3/10/1877-3/17/1965 S/O Wade and Nancy Couch Woods Woods, Elizabeth Ann Couch 4/6/1888-6/7/1975 D/O William and Mary Polly Barger Couch Woods, Ronald Dean 2/7/1950-8/1/1987 S/O Jessie Jones Woods Woods, Jessie Jones 2/16/1920-12/23/1997 Woods, Harlan 4/23/1914-5/29/1996 S/O Carr and Elizabeth Ann Couch Woods Woods, Hattie Couch 7/16/1916-11/27/2001 D/O Henry and Cassie Barger Couch Woods, Felix 3/19/1927-2/18/1981 USA WW2 S/O John and America Carmack Woods Woods, Doye 7/18/1920-7/15/2001 S/O Carr and Elizabeth Ann Couch Woods Woods, Chester Darrell 11/24/1960-6/4/1978 Young, Rachel A. 2/5/1948-2/4/2007 Young, Joseph Arthur 9/3/1931-7/6/1998

Copyright by
Lynda Combs Gipson
October 2007