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1880 thru 1904
Donated by Pat Horne

Transcribed by Margaret M. Hays

Prepared for this website by
John "Freddie" Wilson and Lynda Combs Gipson

Note: The marriage years really jump around in this book. Best we can figure the marriages run from about 1880 thru 1904. There are a few earlier than that, but most are in those years. All these books overlap each other in marriage years for some reason.


DATE	          GROOM			      BRIDE	        WHERE MARRIED 	                WITNESSES
Pages 2 & 3				
29 Jun 1899	Thos. Gayheart		Lula Combs		Washington Combs', Perry Co.	James Grigsby & Emily Combs
27 May 1899	Levi Strong		Mary E. Deaton		Mary E. Deaton's, Perry Co.	Buck Combs & Elias Deaton
06 Jul 1899	Nelson Gay		America Scott		A. W. Morris', Perry Co.	J. N. Anderson & Nancy Gay
21 Jul 1899	Samuel Hollin		Annie Williams		Harrison Williams', Perry Co.	Larkin Smith & Biram Combs
03 Aug 1899	D. J. Noble 		Sara Jane Feltner	Grant Feltner's, Perry Co.	Bud Combs & Nance Combs
?? ??? ????	Alexander Combs		Nancy Grigsby		Marriage License - No Return	
?? ??? ????	Benjamin Fugate		Mahala Hughes		No Return	
Pages 4 & 5				
17 Aug 1899	Samuel Bush		Leanner Stacy		Jas. Stacy's, Perry Co.		Levi Stacy & James Stacy
26 May 1899	Wm. Duff		Elizabeth Johnson	? Johnson's, Breathitt Co.	James Deaton & Armilda White
23 Mar 1899	Wm. Bush		Polly Neace		Wm. Bush's, Perry Co.		George Bush & T. F. Johnson
15 ??? 1899	John Baker		Rachel Jane Baker	Wm. Baker's, Perry Co.		Wilson Deaton & Brantley Deaton
21 Aug 1899	Robert S. Deaton	Jane Turner		David Herald's, Breathitt Co.	David Herald & James Herald
05 Jul 1899	Jess T. Davis		Cora Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Martha Fields & Patrick Elam
08 Apr 1899	James Gayheart		Serilda Grigsby		Harnett Grigsby's, Perry Co.	S. B. Holliday & Sam Hurt
12 Apr 1899	E. W. Richie		Sallie Combs		Samuel Combs', Perry Co.	Richard Gayheart & Benjamin Engle
Pages 6 & 7				
06 Sep 1899	Chas. S. McCollum	Susie Campbell		Hazard, Perry Co.		S. M. Johnson & Mrs. W. O. Davis
02 Sep 1899	Granville Noble		Nancy Combs		James Stacy's, Perry Co.	James Stacy & James Combs
03 Aug 1899	Asberry Turner		Margaret Johnson	Frank Johnson's, Breathitt Co.	Joe Johnson & Jesse Spicer
19 Sep 1899	Robert Caudill		Jane Kilborne		James Caudill's, Perry Co.	James Caudill & Ezekiel Brashears
22 Aug 1899	Levi Stone		Judy Caudill		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		James Stone & Wm. Singleton
27 Sep 1899	Briant Holcomb		Hanah Smith		Head of Leatherwood, Perry Co.	Linden Cornett & John Smith
28 Sep 1899	Thomas Bedwell		Martha Pratt		Wm. Pratt's, Perry Co.		H. G. Pratt & J. B. Pratt
Pages 8 & 9				
09 Mar 1899	Jesse Groce		Elizabeth Sumner	John M. Godsey's, Perry Co.	James Ghent & Sally Mullins
11 Apr 1899	Lourenzia Francis	Berta Fugate		Henry Fugate's, Perry Co.	Henry Fugate, Samuel Francis, Martin Patrick
05 Apr 1899	Jess T. Davis		Cora Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Patrick Elam & Martha Fields
19 Apr 1899	Wm, Napier		Elizabeth Feltner	James Feltner's, Perry Co.	James Feltner & A. B. Sizemore
24 Apr 1899	Jerry Deaton		Gemima Baker		Robert Spencer's, Perry Co.	Robert Spencer & George W. Eversole
23 Jan 1899	Jerry Deaton		Mary Mays		Sally Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	Daniel Thompson & F. M. Thompson
Pages 10 & 11				
16 Aug 1899	John B. Eversole	Ella Jane Walker	Hazard, Perry Co.		John L. Johnson, W. C. Combs, Randolph Boggs
07 Sep 1899	Will Gross		Della Burnett		D. Y. Combs, Perry Co.		R. B. Fieldsand & W. H. Miller
16 Aug 1899	Benjamon Fugate		Mahala Hughes		Thos. Fugate's, Perry Co.	S. Williams & Jesse Smith
19 Jul 1899	Wm. Cress		Polly Couch		Thomas Couch's, Perry Co.	J. B. C. Cornett & Wm. Shepherd
05 Aug 1899	Elinza Cress		Elizabeth Couch		Joel M. Pratt's, Perry Co.	W. G. Campbell & George Cress
10 Sep 1899	Richard Farler		Elizabeth Collins	House of same, Breathitt Co.	Hiram Back & Lucy Collins
Pages 12 & 13				
22 Nov 1899	Cahrley Morgan		Mollie Standafer	County Clerks Office, Perry Co.	F. J. Eversole & E. H. Cornett Jr.
27 Sep 1899	Henry Combs		Maggie Walker		James Walker's, Perry Co.	K. C. Combs & Margaret Combs
30 Sep 1899	Harry C. Minich		Emma Greer		Hazard, Perry Co.		J. S. Johnson & Kate Johnson
10 Oct 1899	George Fields		Polly Boling		Isaac Hamblins', Perry Co.	J. H. Oliver & Sherman Oliver
26 Oct 1899	John Fields 		Sarah Jent		John Jent's, Perry Co.		Enoch Polly
26 Oct 1899	Theopolis Combs		Laura Gambill		A. G. Duff's, Perry Co.		James Davidson & Narcissus Duff
20 Oct 1899	James York		Mary Johnson		Granville Johnson's, Perry Co.	L. A. Johnson & G. M. Gross
Pages 14 & 15				
22 Nov 1899	Chas. Morgan		Mollie Standafer	C. C. Office, Perry Co.		F. J. Eversole & E. H. Cornett, Jr.
25 Nov 1899	Manford Clemins		Mary Morris		Mary Morris', Perry Co.		R. R. Baker & Eliza Baker
27 Nov 1899	Abraham Eldridge	Martah Gilbert		Irvin Eversole's, Perry Co.	Elizabeth Eversole & Polly Williams
07 Dec 1899	Elbert B. Owens		Fannie Angeline Cornett	Wm. Cornett's, Perry Co.	Cornelus Combs & Ruthean Combs
03 Dec 1899	Frank F. McCollum	Emma E. Brewer		Newton Bachs', Owsley Co.	W. D. Wilson & Harvy Gipson
23 Nov 1899	Finley Sumner		Polly Adams		James Hall's, Perry Co.		W. D. Sumner & Mary Hall
26 Oct 1899	John Fields(see p.12-13)Sarah Jent		John Jent's, Perry Co.		Enoch Polly & Lusinda Smith(?)
27 Dec 1899	Edward W. Napier	Nannie Napier		Mack Napier's, Perry Co.	Gabe Fugate & Mat Combs
Pages 16 & 17				
23 Dec 1899	Joseph Holcomb		Esther Williams		F. A. Griffiths', Perry Co.	F. A. Griffith & Elizy Holcomb
01 Jan 1900	Eli Combs		Mollie Napier		Sam Napier's, Perry Co.		Fish Napier & Wm. H. Combs
12 Jan 1899	Chester Combs		Molly Dooley		Perry Co.			Dove Combs & Wm. Combs
01 Feb 1900	Joseph Feltner		Rosanna Engle		Wm. B. Engle's, Perry Co.	H. Owens & Alexander Gayheart
30 Jan 1900	Stephen Riley		Lindy Mosley		James Mosley's, Owsley Co.	Jerry Baker & John Hurt
26 Jan 1900	Wm. Gabbard		Laura B. Rice		Geo. Miller's, Owsley Co.	Minnie Seal & Jam. B. Williams
26 Jan 1900	Wm. Rice 		Ora Belle Miller	G. W. Miller's, Owsley Co.	Minnie Seal & Mary Rice
Pages 18 & 19				
20 Jan 1900	Harlan Hollinsworth	Sarah Adams		Head o Ltl. Leatherwood PerryCo.John Cole & Boon Cornett
24 Jan 1900	Boon Cornett		Mary Ann Griffitts	J. M. Pratt's, Perry Co.	John Spencer
17 Feb 1900	J. H. Eldridge		Martha Turner		A. C. Napier's, Perry Co.	A. C. Napier & Boon Cornett
15 Mar 1900	Balis Gayheart		Rachel Combs		Sam Combs', Perry Co.		Ben Engle & W. B. Engle
07 Mar 1900	Ira Baker		Polly Couch		Perry Co.			Sam Baker & John M. Colwell
04 Jan 1900	Brownlow Johnson	Lillie Belle Eversole	Ace Muncy's, Perry Co.		H. C. Polly & Sherman Oliver
13 Mar 1900	Henderson Baker		Rachel Stacy		No Return	
22 Mar 1900	Irvin Napier		Mary Allen		Stephen Napier's, Perry Co.	Fish Napier & A. J. Engle
Pages 20 & 21				
22 Feb 1900	Jacob Neace		Emma Bush		Nick Bush's, Breathitt Co.	Hiram Bush & Mary Jane Griffits
07 Apr 1900	Jasper Ritchie		Winnie Combs		Dwarf, Perry Co.		H. D. Ritchie & Arkil Grigsby
07 Apr 1900	William Campbell	Allie Campbell		John Campbell's, Perry Co.	John D. Campbell & Green Campbell
13 Sep 1900	Riley Combs		Amy Wells		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		C. C. Hall & Dulcena Hall
27 Mar 1900	Thomas Johnson		Margaret Riley		Sebastian, Owsley Co.		Allen Moses & Sinda Gilbert
15 Mar 1900	Jerry McDaniel		Sarah E. Sandlin	Sebastian, Owsley Co.		Jefferson McIntosh & George Dean
25 Mar 1900	Willis Sandlin		Jane Abner		Sebastian, Owsley Co.		Jesse Burnitt & John Hurt
26 Mar 1900	John Stacy		July Sizemore		Dill Sizemore's, Breathitt Co.	John Stidham & Lewis Deaton
Pages 22 & 23				
06 Mar 1899	John Baker		Margaret Johnson	Able Johnson's, Perry Co.	Isaac Baker & Wm. Baker
29 Apr 1900	D. Caudill		Sally Pratt		Wm. Pratt's, Perry Co.		Enoch Polly & Wm. Fields
03 Mar 1900	Joseph Smith		Callie Chandler		Squire Riley's, Owsley Co.	James Baker & John Akemon
10 May 1900	Felix Craft		Geneva Hall		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		Ben Asher & Jane Evans
26 May 1900	David Grigsby		Dulcena Noble		Church hse, Lotts Crk. Perry Co.Elijah Holliday & M. Hall
03 Jan 1900	Alexander Turner	Alice Baker		Wm. Baker's, Perry Co.		Henery May & Joseph Johnson
22 May 1900	Robert Ser. McIntosh	Mary Reynolds		not given			John Noble & Marita McIntosh
Pages 24 & 25				
26 Apr 1900	James Brewer		Sinda Couch		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		Ransom Combs & N. B. Combs
06 Jun ????	Ser(?) White		Elizabeth Collie	John H. Combs', Breathitt Co.	G. B. Combs & Joshua Fugate
19 May 1900	W. H. Roark		Sarah Watts		Eli Brashears', Perry Co.	Floy Hall & John Campbell
15 Jun 1900	Thomas Jent		Rebecca Messer		John Fugate's, Perry Co.	John Fugate & Elijah Jent
07 Jun 1900	John Dixon		Sarah J. Bowling	Jesse B. Bowling's, Perry Co.	Finley Bowling & Fred Bowling
05 Apr 1900	Justus Begley		Malissa Lovins		Preston Campbell's, Perry Co.	Elhanon Campbell & Woolery Napier
Pages 26 & 27				
26 Apr 1900	Barlow Couch		Pollie Hoskins		Nancy Ann Campbell's, Perry Co.	Jeff Hoskins & N. W. Hoskins
22 Jun 1900	Ben J. Asher		Nervesta Brashears	Mary Ann Brashear's, Perry Co.	N. A. Campbell & Minerva Riddle
05 Jul 1900	R. B. Caudill		Jane Cornett		Arch Cornett's, Perry Co.	Leslie Hogg & Kelly Stamper
03 Aug 1900	Samuel Grigsby		Nancy Godsey		Chas. Godsey's, Perry Co.	James Grigsby & Wesley Godsey
08 Aug 1900	Fish Napier		Mattie Combs		Losy Combs', Perry Co.		Austin Godsey & James Combs
16 Aug 1900	Thomas Combs		Elizabeth Napier	Geneva Napier's, Perry Co.	Belle Combs & Malcomb Holliday
05 Jul 1900	Sam Napier		Sarah Jane Davidson	Daniel Napier's, Perry Co.	Thomas Watts & James Duff
26 Jul 1900	Frank Campbell		Sally Stidham		Hezakiah Stidham's, Perry Co.	James Campbell & Hezekiah Stidham
Pages 28 & 29				
10 Aug 1900	Stephen Crawford	Melda White		Siller White's, Perry Co.	Joshua Akemon & Bob Deaton
01 Oct 1900	Thomas Strong		Dixie Fugate		Patrick Fugate's, Perry Co.	Lize Hughes
22 Sep 1900	John J. Baker		Kate Jones		Hazard, Perry Co.		Manon Cornett & J. D. Davis
11 Oct 1900	Chester A. Eversole	Anna Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mrs. J. B. Shockley, Bertha Lyttle
25 Oct 1900	Joseph Combs		Emily Drake		Pat Drake's, Perry Co.		Henry Combs & Mary Combs
17 Oct 1900	Alford Campbell		Rachel Noble		John Noble's, Perry Co.		William Campbell & Alexander Fugate
23 Nov 1900	James Stidham		Rebecca Campbell	No Return	
06 Dec 1900	Ransom Combs		Mary Bell Martin	No Return	
Pages 30 & 31				
28 Aug 1898	Jerry Combs		Nancy Napier		Gobr Napier's, Perry Co.	John Noble & Gobr Napier
22 Dec 1899	James Napier		Nancy Watts		A. Watts', Perry Co.		Samuel Napier & Amber Watts
23 Dec 1898	Austin Godsey		Sallie Fugate		Price Fugate's, Perry Co.	Golf? Campbell & Perl Campbell
13 Dec 1900	Wm. Stacy 		Mary Belle Stacy	Simon Stacy's, Perry Co.	Colonel Stacy & Jasper Mullins
13 Dec 1900	Jerry Wells		Polly Mullins		Henry Brashears', Perry Co.	James Combs & Henry Brashears
20 Dec 1900	Columbus Combs		Delia Young		Dwarf, Perry Co.		Jason Combs & Darcie Richie
24 Dec 1900	John M. Miniard		Sarah Turner		Wilson Turner's, Perry Co.	John Turner & Hiram Woolum
?? ??? ????	Benjamin Couch		Sally Standafer		No Return	
Pages 32 & 33				
07 Jan 1901	Mont' Gayheart		Martha Grigsby (Godsey)	Louise Godsey's, Perry Co.	James Godsey & Cytha Godsey
07 Jan 1901	James M. Napier		Nancy Hamilton		Perry Co.			Samuel Grigsby & Floyd Watts
10 Jan 1901	Doctor Whitaker		Martha Gross		Bula School House, Perry Co.	Joe Fields & Alex Whitaker
14 Jan 1901	Daniel Jones		Mary Combs		house of JHC, Perry Co.		Fieldon Combs & W. W. Campbell
31 Jan 1901	Robert Messer, Vest, Ky	Malinda Combs, Hazard	Hazard, Perry Co.		Jane Combs, John Walker, Nannie Cornett
05 Feb 1901	Alex Combs		Sarilda Cornitt		Marriage License - No Return	
10 Feb 1901	John Hensley		Mollie Walker		James Combs', Perry Co.		Wm. Combs, James Drake, Eliza Deaton
10 Feb 1901	Lewis Feltner		Nancy Grigsby		McCager Napier's, Perry Co.	Jerry Godsey & Susan Grigsby
Pages 34 & 35				
19 Feb 1901	Silva (Silas) Stacy	Dicy Godsey		Marriage License - No Return	
21 Feb 1901	Nick Combs		Nancy Ann Noble		Marriage License - No Return	No Return
27 Feb 1901	Killus Combs		Fannie Holiday		Arrey Holiday's, Perry Co.	Jesse Smith & Ambrose Stewart
18 Feb 1901	Felix Milum		Manda Stacy		Perry Co.			Cynthia Stacey & Wm. Engle
28 Feb 1900	Joseph Cottongame	Nannie Fields		W. C. Fields', Perry Co.	Bob Fields & Billy Baker
22 Mar 1901	Wade Mills		Almeda Baker		John Smith's, Perry Co.		Lafayette Engle & Wm. Smith
27 Apr 1901	John Ritchie		Eliza Jane Fugate	Shade Fugate's, Perry Co.	A. J. Dobson & Robert McDaniel
15 May 1901	Alford Williams		Lucy Fields		Hazard, Perry Co.		Bill Combs & Eli Couch
Pages 36 & 37				
15 May 1901	Jerry Godsey		Susan Grigsby		Coon Grigsby's, Perry Co.	James Combs & Austin Godsey
18 May 1901	Emmett Stout		Sally Campbell		Hazard, Perry Co.		Shilo Sally & Bob ?????
30 May 1901	Benjamin Newberry	Martha Ann Couch	Anse Couch's, Perry Co.		E. Roberts & Elihue Couch
23 Jun 1901	John Oliver		Lizane Williams		Perry Co.			Wiley Brock & Albert Williams
27 Jun 1901	John Eversole		Judah Young		Wm. Young's, Perry Co.		Henry Engle & H. C. Caudill
20 Jun 1901	Rudolphus Boggs		Perry Lee Cornett	Hazard, Perry Co.		B. P. Wooton, Eli Cornett, J. E. Johnson & others
?? ??? ????	Jacob Slone		Anna Caudill		Marriage License - No Return	
Pages 38 & 39				
01 Aug 1901	Alonzo Evans		Cora Combs		N. B. Combs', Perry Co.		James Brewer & Hiram Combs
02 Aug 1901	Preston Plowman		Sally Stacy		Shade Stacy's, Perry Co.	Garrett Feltner & Polly Campbell
14 Dec 1901	Jefferson Colwell	Nannie Hensley		Mat Davidson's, Perry Co.	Bud Combs & Mat Davidson
25 Aug 1901	J. C. Sumner		Lula Sexton		Hazard, Perry Co.		H. C. Minich & Emma Minich
19 Sep 1901	Jesse Smith		Alley Holliday		S. C. Holliday's, Perry Co.	W. W. Campbell & Shade Smith
01 Oct 1901	William Smith		Malvary Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Chas. Wooton & Thomas Milum
01 Oct 1901	W. W. Baker		Nancy Ann Cornett	bride's house, Perry Co.	John Baker & Prof(?) P. Wooton
25 Sep 1901	Jesse Spicer		Lucy Nannie Sizemore	John Abner's, Perry Co.		John Abner & Lucy Abner
Pages 40 & 41				
03 Oct 1901	Jackson Wooton		Winnie Conway		Sampson Conway's, Perry Co.	W. W. Campbell & Wilson Wootton
03 Oct 1901	John Couch		Millie Combs		Jack Combs', Perry Co.		Lonza Combs & Bill Stacy
30 Oct 1901	Samuel Boggs		Nora M. Combs		Bud Combs', Perry Co.		Jesse Boggs, Polly H. Boggs, Bud Combs
21 Nov 1901	Alford Combs		Mary Richmond		Names crossed out - No Return	
29 Nov 1901	John H. Campbell	Melda Marshall		Zack Campbell's, Perry Co.	Samuel Holliday & G. B. Holliday
20 Dec 1901	Nicholas Combs		Manerva Vermillion	First Creek, Perry Co.		Sarah Combs, Debbie Combs, Malvary Deaton
25 Dec 1901	Logan Walker		Sarah Duff		R. M. Messer's, Perry Co.	R. M. Messer & Mat Walker
28 Dec 1901	Henry Polly		Sarah Watts		John D. Caudill's, Perry Co.	William Jent & Enoch Polly
Pages 42 & 43				
07 Jan 1902	Enoch Polly		Ida Hammonds		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		W. Hall & Martha Morgan
18 Mar 1893	Henry Engle		Alice Smith		Larkin Smith's, Perry Co.	Kendrick Combs & Biram Combs
18 Jan 1902	Arch Cornett		Vestie Hammonds		James NewBerry's, Perry Co.	Bud Davis & W. R. Feltner
23 Jan 1902	William Begley		Lucinda Grigsby		Hazard, Perry Co.		James Feltner & Boyd Engle
24 Jan 1902	Ed Combs		Nannie Morgan		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Clerinda Combs & Dulcena Hall
06 Feb 1902	Hiram Neace		Euphima Noble		Susan Noble's, Breathitt Co.	Susan Noble & Granville Noble
12 Feb 1902	Bob F. Napier		Nancy Hughes		Dick Hughes', Perry Co.		Andy Campbell & Polly Combs
11 Feb 1902	James J. Brashear	Sally Mullins		Joseph Mullin's, Perry Co.	Green Brashears & John Godsey
Pages 44 & 45				
08 Feb 1902	Asa Combs		George Ann Combs	Benton Combs', Perry Co.	Benton Combs, Sam Cornett, Sally Combs
21 Apr 1902	Ranks? C. Combs		Laura Henson		Hazard, Perry Co.		Nannie Combs & Cleane Combs
08 Mar 1902	Potter Napier 		Ellie Miller		James Napier's, Perry Co.	John Combs & James Napier
08 Mar 1902	John Bowling 		Hulda Engle		J. H. Engle's, Perry Co.	George Stacy & Polly Noble
08 Mar 1902	Walter Gambell		Hanner Miller		Milton Miller's, Perry Co.	John Hill & Andrew Miller
12 Mar 1902	Hanbill Combs		Alice Combs		John G. Combs', Perry Co.	Arminey Combs & Cassie Combs
?? ??? ????	J. R. Hagin		Zoulda Cornett		See Colored Register - No Return	
17 Mar 1902	Asberry Sizemore	Polly Noble (Nancy)	Perry Co.			Not given
Pages 46 & 47				
03 Apr 1902	Granville Napier	Polly Ann Allen		J. M. Grigsby's, Perry Co.	V. C. Duff & Julia Spencer
13 Apr 1902	James Feltner		Charlotta Huff		Hazard, Perry Co.		J. E. Johnson & Mont G. Horn
10 May 1902	John Jameson		Matilda Baker		H. K. Baker's, Perry Co.	Dora McIntosh & Jane Baker
30 Apr 1902	M. D. Standafer		Mary Combs		John M. Combs', Perry Co.	A. B. Couch & Mary Couch
02 May 1902	Green B. Brashear	Allie Jane Craft	R. W. Hall's, Perry Co.		Sampson Brashear & Jenra craft
03 May 1902	Samuel Stacy		Popy Couch		Marriage License - No Return	
Pages 48 & 49				
13 May 1902	James G. Campbell	Louisa Colwell		Marriage License - No Return	
26 May 1902	Greenberry Combs	Lidy Noble		Mouth of Ten Mile, Perry Co.	G. W. Noble & Ben Combs
12 Jul 1902	Jacob Feltner		Nancy Francis Fugate	Emery Hughes', Perry Co.	Emry Fugate & L. G. Francis
17 Jun 1902	John M. Combs		Susan Stout		Scott Combs', Perry Co.		Scott Combs & Josephine Combs
15 Jun 1902	Wilkerson Branson	Marilda Brashears	Marriage License - No Return	
15 Jun 1902	James S. Campbell	Louisa Colwell		Samuel Colwell's, Perry Co.	I. R. Combs & Wm. Colwell
21 Jun 1902	Woodson Burns		Martha Fields		Hazard, Perry Co.		Manon Cornett & James Duff
04 Jul 1902	Samuel Campbell		Laura Napier		Hiram Napier's, Perry Co.	James Noble & Samuel Noble
Pages 50 & 51				
12 Jul 1902	Lewis Andrew 		Polly Susan Caudill	Ben Caudill's, Perry Co.	Solomon & J. D. Caudill
12 Jul 1902	Braxton Combs		Mary Belle Dobson	Perry Co.			Not given
29 Jul 1902	William Hicks		Eliza Napier		James Napier's, Perry Co.	Fish Napier & Eliza Hughes
27 Aug 1902	Jacob Guinn		Susanna Mullins		Perry Co.			J. B. Deaton & John Francis
02 Sep 1902	G. F. (Franklin) Hart	Betsie (Betty) Combs	John M. Combs', Perry Co.	Henry Fields & Dic?? Combs
19 Sep 1902	Eli H. Cornett		Ella Eversole		Hazard, Perry Co.		J. E. Johnson & Manon Cornett
26 Sep 1902	Robert Combs		Emily Combs		John Godsey's, Perry Co.	James Combs & Stark Godsey
24 Sep 1902	Joshua Ritchie		Lizabeth Grigsby	Marriage License	
Pages 52 & 53				
20 Sep 1902	Jerry Reynolds		Loulia Deaton		Jerry Reynolds', Perry Co.	Bill Reynolds & Bill Sandlin
01 Oct 1902	Robert Williams		Drusilla Huff		E. C. Couches', Perry Co.	E. C. Couch, Martha Ellen Couch, Eliz. Couch
08 Oct 1902	Elijah Sumner		Malinda Caudill		Henry Caudill's, Perry Co.	Susan Caudill & W. W. Hall
31 Oct 1902	John Riddle		Martha Sumner		Lige Sumner's, Perry Co.	Walter Hall & Clarinda Combs
09 Nov 1902	Jack Walker		Polly Hill		Polly Hill's, Perry Co.		E. H. Hall & H. W. Miller
12 Nov 1902	Wilson Stacy		Hannah Francis		Henry Francis', Perry Co.	Green l. Francis & Crockett Richie
12 Nov 1902	Samuel Combs		Martha Walker		No Return	
21 Nov 1902	Laurnsa(Combs)Campbell	Fairlena Davidson	John Davidson's, Perry Co.	Rob E. Davidson & Andrew Campbell
Pages 54 & 55				
20 Nov 1902	A. C. Whitaker		Jane Baker		Henderson Baker's, Perry Co.	Joseph Fields & Matilda Stacy
14 Nov 1902	Jacob Neace		Elizabeth Cole		James Cole's, Perry Co.		James Spicer & Alex Deaton
11 Dec 1902	Frank Clemons		Jane McLemore		Hiram McLemore's, Perry Co.	Thomas McLemore & Hiram McLemore
06 Dec 1902	Elijah Wooton		Miss Kate Morgan	Hazard, Perry Co.		Manon Cornett & Roscoe Lyttle
06 Dec 1902	James Harvey		Rachel Combs		Perry Co.	not given
13 Dec 1902	William Russell		Malinda Miller		Mason Miller's, Perry Co.	Elsha Hughes & Mason Miller
14 Dec 1902	George Oliver		Tiney Young		Irvine Eversole's, Perry Co.	I. E. & Matilda Eversole
18 Nov 1902	Henry Campbell		Martha Colwell		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	John Campbell & Henderson Campbell
Pages 56 & 57				
30 Nov 1902	John H. Fields		Ella Gay		W. R. Hoskins' Perry Co.	Harry Fields & ? Dehart
01 Dec 1902	Wm. Stout		Rebecca Campbell	Emit Stout's, Perry Co.		Mary Colwell & Emit Stout
26 Dec 1902	Hiram (Harrison) Guinn	Susan Allen		Sam G. Allen's, Perry Co.	Fletcher Guinn & Wash Guinn
28 May 1902	Alfred Amis		Florence Sebastian	Brantle Deaton's, Perry Co.	Brantle Deaton & Elldin(?) Amis
28 Dec 1902	Richard Riley		Mary Stamper		Joel Stamper's, Breathitt Co.	John Helton & Joel Smith
12 Nov 1902	Edward Amis		Julie Sebastian		James Sebastian's, Breathitt Co.Robert Amis & Filmore Stamper
22 Nov 1902	Asbury Sandlin		America Miller		William Miller's, Breathitt Co.	William Miller & Nancy Miller
27 Dec 1902	Marion Campbell		Mary Bell Morgan	J. W. Morgan's, Perry Co.	James Campbell
Pages 58 & 59				
24 Dec 1902	Leslie Combs		Serena Napier		Steve Napier's, Perry Co.	Ethan Allen & Sam Allen
24 Dec 1902	Wesley Godsey		Bell Napier		Delilah Napier's, Perry Co.	Austin Godsey & Edward Napier
25 Dec 1902	Rufus Vermillion	Susan Cornett		Hazard, Perry Co.		Joe Vermillion, Mason Combs, Belle Adkins
04 Jan 1903	John Combs		Malicia Grigsby		Benjamin Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Bryant Grigsby & Alen Combs
06 Nov 1902	W. W. Hall		Clarinda Combs		R. W. Combs, Perry Co.		J. J. Mullins & R. W. Couch
?? Jan 1903	William Dozier		Docia Cornett		Marriage License - see colored reg.	
08 Jan 1903	Boycan Richie		Arminda Noble		Arminda Noble's, Perry Co.	John Jones & Richmond Noble
21 Aug 1902	Garfield Barger		Hannah Bowling		Barnett Bowling's, Perry Co.	Thomas Gay & Wm. Gay
Pages 60 & 61				
09 Jan 1903	J. F. Hall		Chloe Hall		J. H. Hall's, Perry Co.		J. S. Combs & Eli Combs
01 Feb 1903	Ruck Cottongame		Martha Young		W. R. Hoskin's, Perry Co.	Mary Couch & S. B. Fields
18 Feb 1903	Manual Hall		Sarrah Cornett		Blank				Blank
21 Feb 1903	Van Hamblin		Melda Baker		William Baker's, Perry Co.	Joseph Hamblin, Henry Campbell, Israel Hamblin
03 Mar 1903	William Strong		Clarrissa Singleton	W. C. Singleton's, Perry Co.	Taylor Watts & Thos. Strong
11 Mar 1903	Elijah W. Baker		Nannie Breeding		Hindman, Knott Co.		J. B. Fugate & Maggie Sturdevant
18 Mar 1903	Henry Engle 		Alice Smith		Larkin Smith's, Perry Co.	Kindrick Combs & Byram Combs
22 May 1903	A. B. Shell		Cordille Hart		Melvin Hart's, Perry Co.	Belle Cornett & John Cornett
Pages 62 & 63				
08 Apr 1903	Elhanan Combs		Elizabeth Womple	Elhanan Combs', Perry Co.	Buddie Combs & Leanna Saylor
08 Apr 1903	Buddy Combs		Fannie Belle Saylor	Elhanan Combs', Perry Co.	Elhanan Combs & Elizabeth Womple
19 Feb 1903	Ison Williams		Jane Cornett		Harden Halcomb's, Perry Co.	Harden Halcomb & R. C. Williams
27 Feb 1903	Marion Caudill		Silvaney Bush		D. L. Halcomb's, Perry Co.	Stephen Pratt & Ned Adams
11 Apr 1903	William Napier		Chloa Campbell		F. S. Stacey's, Perry Co.	Susan Daniel & Hannah Begley
25 May 1903	Garnett Feltner		Mary Jane Stacy		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	C. C. Hall & Buddy Stacy
26 May 1903	Milton Combs 		Nancy Miller Combs	Marriage License - No Return	
29 May 1903	Harrvey Gillem		Dona Combs		Ransom Burton's, Perry Co.	E. C. Banks & Henry Burton
Pages 64 & 65				
?? ??? ????	Kelly Combs		Delia Owens		Marriage License - No Return	
04 Jun 1903	Woodward Combs		Annie Messer		Annie Messer's, Perry Co.	Jackson Brewer, Hattie Walker, Lulie Fields
08 Jun 1903	Brison Combs		Ora Smith		M. S. Napier's, Perry Co.	M. S. Napier & Annie Napier
14 Jun 1903	W. M. Munsy		Rosanna Morgan		Dock Fields', Perry Co.		Dock Fields & Bob Fields
20 Jun 1903	M. C. Couch		Louie Fields		Hazard, Perry Co.		James Duff & Luanna Walker
22 Jun 1903	Jack Neace		Orlena McLemore		Perry Co.			George McLemore
10 Jul 1903	Silas Napier		Elize Jones		Levi Jones', Perry Co.		Patrick & John Napier
20 Jul 1903	Abijah Richie		Miss Flora Combs	Wade Combs', Dwarf, Perry Co.	Wm. Engle & Elijah B. Richie
Pages 66 & 67				
14 Jul 1903	G. H. Childers		Miss Susan Caudill	W. P. Caudill's, Perry Co.	W. P. Caudill & Ella Griffiths
29 Jul 1903	Franklin Allen		Bell Miller		Mason Miller's, Perry Co.	Zachariah Fugate & Sallie Miller
21 Aug 1903	Fulton Caudill		Alpha Jane Hall		Stephen Caudill's, Perry Co.	Levi Sloane & Elizabeth Caudill
12 Sep 1903	G. C. Couch		Sallie Fugate		James Colwell's, Perry Co.	G. B. Morris & Jeff Fugate
21 Aug 1903	James Noble		Queen Victoria Noble	Tabitha Noble's, Perry Co.	Boycan & Richmond Noble
10 Sep 1903	William Stidham		Elizabeth Morris	Joseph Stidham's, Perry Co.	Joseph Stidham & Eliza Colwell
10 Sep 1903	Benjamin Baker		Betsy Wootton		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Robert Sizemore & William Baker
Pages 68 & 69				
22 Sep 1903	Wash Sizemore 		Amey Allen		Marriage License - No Return	
26 Sep 1903	Jason Blevins		Rhoda Huff		Wm. Huff's, Perry Co.		Wm. Huff, Arch Cornett, Susan Cornett
05 Oct 1903	Marion Campbell		Sally Ann Russell	Nancy Combs', Perry Co.		James Combs & William Russell
05 Oct 1903	Morris Colwell		Amanda Campbell		John S. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Hiram Hamlin & hiram Campbell
06 Oct 1903	Henry Barker		Lou Davidson		E. C. Davidson's, Perry Co.	E. C. Davidson & Lurane Grigsby
06 Oct 1903	George Napier		Maud Campbell		Marriage License - No Return	
14 Oct 1903	W. H. Miller		Mahala Oliver		Perry Co.			Maud Petrey & Mollie Standafer
10 Oct 1903	Joseph Asher		Bam Asher		Marriage License - No Return	
Pages 70 & 71				
13 Oct 1903	Elijah Colwell		Miss Mary Stidham	John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Elhannan Colwell & Henderson Colwell
13 Oct 1903	Manon Cornett		Clara B. Eversole	Hazard, Perry Co.		Mason Combs, Bertha Lyttle, John Eversole
26 Oct 1903	Samuel Combs		Judah Bell Noble	Sam Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Buck Noble & Mont Miller
17 Nov 1903	Joseph Whitaker		Mary Tucky(?)		Marriage License - No Return	
19 Nov 1903	Joel Campbell		Rachel Campbell		No Return	
28 Nov 1903	C. G. Bowman		Elvira Cornett		Hazard, Perry Co.		Belle Adkins & Docia Davis
03 Dec 1903	Biram Jones		Millie Ann Campbell	Wilson Campbell's, Perry Co.	R. W. Edwards & Rad Engle
03 Dec 1903	Green Fugate		Polly Ann Colwell	James Colwell's, Perry Co.	James Colwell & Andrew Colwell
Pages 72 & 73				
18 Dec 1903	Thomas Milum		Marinda Stacy		Hazard, Perry Co.		Chas. Wootton & R. M. Begley
21 Dec 1903	Virgil Couch		Eliza Jane Jones	No Return	
10 Jan 1904	James P. Simpkins	Nannie (Nancy) Fields	J. W. Walker's, Perry Co.	Lee Daniel & Sally Crawford
12 Jul 1903	John Combs 		Martha Walker		Mouth Hominy Mill Br. Perry Co.	Henry Combs & Ace Combs
15 Jul 1903	Green Campbell		Corsia Hays		Ance Hays', Perry Co.		Ance Hays & Peter Neace
26 Oct 1903	W. C. Eversole		Bessie Ison		Jonah Ison's, Perry Co.		F. J. Eversole & R. Lee Daniel
25 May 1903	Jack Fugate		Mary Neace		Z. H. Fugate's, Perry Co.	Shade Neace
26 Jul 1903	John Henry Hall		Miss Hattie Walker	Perry Co.			E. C. Holliday & K. C. Combs
Pages 74 & 75				
10 Nov 1903	Benjamin Holliday	Nancy Feltner		John Feltner's, Perry Co.	S. B. Hilliday & W. W. Godsey
02 Aug 1898	Wm. Ison		Sarah Dixon		J. M. Pratt's, Perry Co.	Andrew Shepherd & Elinza Halcomb
12 Aug 1903	Leander Gay		Laura Johnson		Anthony Morris', Perry Co.	R. M. Begley & Isabell Johnson
01 Feb 1900	Joseph H. Johnson	Nancy Ann Baker		George Baker's, Owsley Co.	George Baker & Rod Hall
10 Feb 1899	Isaac Johnson		Martha Baker		Isaac Baker's, Breathitt Co.	Alexander Baker & Margaret Johnson
11 Apr 1901	John Jones		Katy Noble		Loston Noble's, Perry Co.	Nicholas Combs & Hannah Miller
01 Jan 1903	Joseph Johnson		Bertha Deaton		Levi Johnson's, Perry Co.	George Johnson & Martha Deaton
Pages 76 & 77				
08 Oct 1898	Joseph Johnson		Lucinda Deaton		T. J. Johnson's, Perry Co.	T. J. Johnson & Green Johnson
06 Jun 1901	Thomas Jent		Susan Sumner		James Sumner's, Perry Co.	W. M. Combs & Elijah Jent
15 Sep 1900	Austin B. Logan		Mattie Hall		Horne Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Hardin Holcomb, Stephen Pratt, Gid Riddle
24 Feb 1902	John Wesley Lewis	Jeanette Vermin(?)	E. F. Fugate's, Perry Co.	Green Fugate & Elijah Colwell
31 Oct 1901	Zachariah McIntosh	Mahala White		Mat Davidson's, Perry Co.	Elijah White & Thomas White
22 Jan 1901	John M. Mullins		Susan Guinn		James Guinn's, Breathitt Co.	Cager Guinn & Elias Mullins
21 Nov 1898	Gilbert Maggard		Eliza Campbell		Wm. Campbell's, Perry Co.	E. C. Campbell & Polly Campbell
08 Jul 1899	John Mayhew		Rutha Jane Cornett	J. B. C. Cornett's, Perry Co.	Hiram Pratt & Wm. Shepherd
Pages 78 & 79				
25 Jan 1903	John McDaniel		Rhoda Morris		Joseph Baker's, Owsley Co.	William Turner & Malinda Chandler
29 Mar 1901	Samuel Morris		Mary Morris		Jerry Morris', Perry Co.	John S. Gay & A. B. Gay
14 Mar 1899	Ace Miller		Polly Neace		Cracker Neace's, Perry Co.	Simpson Noble & James Grigsby
05 Mar 1901	Greenberry Mosley	Millie Stamper		Sebastian, Owsley Co.		John Smith & Mary Rice
05 Mar 1901	Stephen Morris		Martha Sandlin		Sebastian, Owsley Co.		Mary Rice & John Williams
08 Feb 1898	R. E. Morgan		Elvira Spicer		John Wyatt's, Breathitt Co.	John & Elizabeth Wyatt & Anderson Spicer
02 ??? 1903	Zachariah Neace		Nancy Ann Neace		Thomas Neace's, Perry Co.	Alice Fugate & T. G. Neace
01 Aug 1903	Shade Nix		Matilda Hollin		Stephen Noble's, Perry Co.	not given
Pages 80 & 81				
17 May 1902	James Riddle		Danah McIntyre		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		John Riddle & Sally McIntyre
10 Apr 1901	Jerry Reynolds		Eliza Jane Campbell	Perry Co.			Elihu & Michael Reynolds
13 May 1898	Levi Richie		Elizabeth Fugate	Samuel Combs', Perry Co.	Rachel & Jason Combs
28 Jul 1895	Thomas Rice		Emily McKnight		Hiram Bailey's, Leslie Co.	Wade Valentine & John Bailey
05 Dec 1901	Samuel Rice		Lourena Colwell		Clay Co.			Brice Bishop & Lewis Baker
01 Feb 1900	David Richie		Ruthena Combs		Samuel Combs', Perry Co.	C. C. Combs & S. B. Richie
20 Dec 1899	John A. Richie		Sally Combs		Samuel Combs', Perry Co.	G. W. Hurt, Hiram Combs, Jason Combs
12 Nov 1903	Hiram Slone		Judah Engle		Frank Engle's, Perry Co.	H. G. Pratt & Stewart Hammonds
Pages 82 & 83				
08 Nov 1895	William D. Spencer	Silvania Neace		Austin Neace's, Perry Co.	John Holmes & Samuel Napier
30 Apr 1903	Thomas Smith		Nancy Jane Cornett	Grant Combs', Perry Co.		James Duff & Kell Combs
22 Sep 1900	James Spicer		Tamy Spicer		Henry Sizemore's, Breathitt Co.	Jack Spicer & Arminia Riley
04 Oct 1900	James Smith		Celia Campbell		Rebecca Smith's, Perry Co.	Eli Hall & J. S. Combs
08 Jan 1898	Joseph Stidham		Bell Williams		James B. Noble's, Perry Co.	Andy & Letty Noble
15 May 1898	John Stidham		Adaline Combs		Wiley Miller's, Perry Co.	Andy Williams & Allen Miller
23 Feb 1898	John C. B. Stidham	Polly Sizemore		Peggy Sixemore's, Breathitt Co.	Wayne & Eva Sizemore
08 Apr 1902	William Richie		Cordelia Smith		Dwarf, Perry Co.		Sam Francis & T. S. Messer
Pages 84 & 85				
?? ??? 1899	William Spencer		Elizabeth Stidham	Carr Stidham's, Perry Co.	James & Carr Stidham
02 Feb 1898	Shade Stevens		Susan Couch		Henry Stephens', Lee Co.	Henry Shepherd & Eli Couch
18 Aug 1898	A. M. Stamper		Elizabeth Pratt		Henry Pratt's, Perry Co.	Thomas Logan & John Holcomb
09 Apr 1898	Sylvester Stacy		Marinda Gayheart	Rile Gayheart's, Perry Co.	William Grigsby & Benjamin Gayheart
22 Dec 1899	James Sloane		Lucinda Sprinkles	Frank Sprinkles', Perry Co.	Mason Combs & Jane Evans
18 Oct 1900	James Spencer		Abbie Crawford		Nicholas Crawford's, Perry Co.	Louis Spencer & Samuel Fugate
01 Sep 1900	Wm. D. Sumner		Martha Roark		Dr. Roark's, Perry Co.		Wm. Jent & James Jent
24 Aug 1900	Silas Shepherd		Nancy Napier		Marion Holcomb's, Perry Co.	R. C. Napier & Powel Pratt
Pages 86 & 87				
13 Feb 1902	James B. Smith		Laura Johnson		Crockettsville, Breathitt Co.	S. J. Salyer & Huston Riley
21 Feb 1902	John L. Shepherd	Martha Napier		D. T. Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Bunyan Cornett
19 Oct 1891	Eli Sumner		Manerva Riddle		Eli Brashears', Perry Co.	Enoch Polly & W. R. Roark
06 Jun 1901	William Sandlin 	Nancy Jane Couch	Sebastian, Owsley Co.		Mary Rice & Louisa Baker
14 Jan 1897	Irvine Stacy		Mary Cornett		Wm. Cornett's, Perry Co.	Wm. & Martha Cornett
06 Aug 1896	John Spencer 		Rhoda Pratt		Joel Pratt's, Perry Co.		John & Sarah Pratt
03 Feb 1897	Wm. Smith		Lurana Halcomb		John Halcomb's, Perry Co.	David & Malva Halcomb
13 Sep 1901	Edward Strong		Nancy Hoskins		John Hoskins', Perry Co.	John Feltner & Pleasnat Fields
Pages 88 & 89				
?? ??? ????	William Jent		Mary Bell Sloane	Marriage License - No Return	
14 Jan 1904	Mr. Robert Barger	Miss Cora Eversole	Wm. Bowling's, Perry Co.	Thomas Gay & Justus Bowling
16 Jan 1904	John Woods		Luanna Walker		John Hall's, Perry Co.		Cora Hall & W. E. Campbell
18 Jan 1904	William Caudill		Manerva Williams	Harrison William's, Perry Co.	M. D. & Jasper Stacy
?? ??? ????	George Oliver		Poppy Baker		Marriage License - No Return	
02 Mar 1901	Lewis Tyree		Polly Couch		Alfred Couch's, Perry Co.	Shiloh Sally & Farmer Osborne
07 Aug 1901	Greenberry Turner	Pop Johnson		Frank Johnson's, Perry Co.	Alfred Amis & Jess Spicer
21 Oct 1900	W. P. Young		Sarah Baker		H. Fields', Perry Co.		John & Jordan Fields
Pages 90 & 91				
17 Oct 1903	Greenville Deaton	Dulcena Johnson		Turner's Creek, Perry Co.	Thomas J. Turner 
14 Jan 1904	Jerry Roberts		Rebecca Sandlin		Robert Riley's, Breathitt Co.	Jmaes May & Lewis Sizemore
22 Jan 1904	Andrew Jones		Rosanna Fugate		Hens Fugate's, Perry Co.	None
25 Jan 1904	R. Lee Brashears	Docia Combs		Marriage License - No Return	
03 Feb 1904	Logan Allen		Mallie Gambill		No Return	
03 Apr 1902	Granville Napier	Polly Ann Allen		J. M. Grigsby's, Perry Co.	V. E. Duff & Julia Spencer
03 Aug 1899	D. J. Noble		Sarah Jane Feltner	Garrett Feltner's, Perry Co.	Bud & Nancy Combs
24 Jan 1899	Levi Joseph		Nancy Ann Hall		Marriage License - No Return	
Pages 92 & 93				
27 Dec 1902	Marion Campbell		Mary Bell Logan		J. W. Morgan's, Perry Co.	Green Campbell
01 Apr 1902	P. H. Hall		Mary Cornett		Marriage License - No Return	
19 Feb 1903	Ison Williams		Jane Cornett		Hardin Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Hardin Holcomb & R. C. Williams
10 Mar 1899	Farmer Osborne		Martha Couch		Wm. Couch's, Perry Co.		Wm. Napier & Alfred Couch
06 Nov 1902	W. W. Hall		Clarinda Combs		R. W. Combs', Perry Co.		G. G. Mullins & R. W. Combs
31 Dec 1898	Ira Combs		Susan Davidson		Jeff Combs', Perry Co.		Jesse Combs & Buck & Jeff Combs
25 Dec 1902	Rufus Vermillion	Susan Cornett		Hazard, Perry Co.		Joe Vermillion, Mason Combs & Bell Adkins
29 Jul 1902	William Hicks		Eliza J. Napier		James Napier's, Perry Co.	Fish Napier & Elisha Hughes
Pages 94 & 95				
12 Jul 1902	Andrew Lewis		Polly Susan Caudill	Ben Caudill's, Perry Co.	Solomon & J. D. Caudill
11 Feb 1904	Irvin Feltner		Isabelle Smith		Richmond Smith's, Perry Co.	Andrew Hurt, Susan Combs, James Dobson
17 Feb 1904	A. R.(?) Campbell	Martha Fields		Marriage License - No Return	
26 Feb 1904	Floyd Noble		Ella Fields		Moses Feltner's, Perry Co.	Moses & Elizabeth Feltner
02 Mar 1904	Alexander McIntire	Cordelia Singleton	J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		Mary & P. W. C. Hall
23 Jun 1901	Irvin Campbell		Melda Stidham		Harve Hensley's, Perry Co.	Mat Davidson & Harve Hensley
29 Aug 1902	Green Campbell		Susie Baker		Dan Baker's, Perry Co.		James & Dan Baker
17 Nov 1903	Joseph Whitaker		Mary Tucker		A. J. Dobson's, Perry Co.	Joseph Stacy & A. J. Dobson
Pages 96 & 97				
27 Jul 1901	Nicholas Combs		Nancy Jones		Malen Jones', Perry Co.		James Stacy & Mat Combs
25 Jun 1902	E. C. Colwell		Susan Campbell		John Campbell's, Perry Co.	W. Edward Duff & Garett Feltner
28 Dec 1902	S. B. Campbell		Susie Fugate		B. F. Fugate's, Perry Co.	Mich Napier & B. Fugate
12 Oct 1899	Felix Combs		Lilly Belle Gipson	J. Fugate's, Perry Co.		John Fugate & ? Combs
10 Jun 1902	Dan Campbell		Serena Fields		John Fields', Perry Co.		John & George Fields
23 Jun 1903	Marion Combs		Martha Ellen Cornett	Fielden Combs', Perry Co.	K. K. Davis & Jason Cornett
12 Mar 1903	James Campbell		Alice Whittaker		Saul Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Henry Campbell & Nannie Hamblin
05 May 1903	Willie Caudill		Hettie Cornett		Arch Cornett's, Perry Co.	J. D. Caudill & Kelly Stamper
Pages 98 & 99				
09 May 1899	William Couch		Nancy Ann Boggs		Little Leatherwood, Perry Co.	Eli Couch & Joseph Halcomb
29 Oct 1897	G. C. Napier		Susan Duff		John Williams', Perry Co.	John Williams & Rev. Williams
05 Jun 1900	Mart Combs		Louisa Wells		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		Jerry Wells & Polly Ann Combs
12 Apr 1901	Douglas Napier		Mary Grigsby		B. W. Grigsby's, Perry Co.	B. W. Grigsby & Luanna Wootton
01 Oct 1898	Preston Napier		Lucy Duff		J. C. Duff's, Perry Co.		Vard Duff & Grant Napier
02 Sep 1900	Simpson Noble		Mahala Davidson		James Stidham's, Perry Co.	James Stidham & Colson Duff
15 Jul 1902	Daniel Neace		Phoebe White		Perry Co.			White & David Hanson
04 Apr 1901	Wilson Napier		Casey Griffith		Eli Griffith's, Perry Co.	Marion Holcomb & Floyd Hall
Pages 100 & 101				
17 Dec 1901	Samuel Neace		Louisa Arrowood		N. L. Arrowood's, Breathitt Co.	Eli Sebastian & Nathan Turner
27 Oct 1901	W. J. Arrowood		Fanny Allen		John W. P. Allen's, Perry Co.	Squire Allen & James Strong
25 Dec 1901	J. N. Anderson		Mary C. Sandlin		James Sandlin's, Perry Co.	Alford & Asberry McIntosh
04 May 1898	Curt New		Elizabeth Burton	W. M. Watts', Perry Co.		William & Nancy Watts
31 Dec 1898	Robert Napier		Minta Blanton		John Walker's, Perry Co.	John Serrilds, Wayne & Hettie Walker
18 May 1899	Samuel Neace		Armina Neace		James B. Noble's, Perry Co.	James Neace & Mack Duff
13 Auf 1902	Ezekiel Brashear	Julia Caudill		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		W. W. Hall & Malcolm Holliday
23 Nov 1901	James Baker		Louisa Couch		Ira Baker's, Perry Co.		E. C. & Ira Baker
Pages 102 & 103				
07 Feb 1901	Willie Baker		Margaret Deaton		J. B. Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	J. Baker & Wilson Deaton
09 Aug 1892	John Baker 		Polly Ann Eversole	Thomas Eversile's, Perry Co.	James & Link Eversole
09 Nov 1901	Franklin Barger		Martha Jane Collins	Jesse Spurlock's, Perry Co.	D. H. & G. D. Barger
09 Nov 1894	Alfred Baker		Lizzie Bowling		James Bowling's, Owsley Co.	L. F. Cole, James Moore, Wm. Duff
01 Apr 1896	W. H. Creech		Mary A. Johnson		J. D. Johnson's, Perry Co.	J. D. Johnson & J. L. Creech
29 Sep 1900	William Cornett		Lourinda Hall		Ritchie Hall's, Perry Co.	William Singleton
12 Dec 1901	Green Burns		Cattie Deaton		Clay Co.			Brice Barret & Job Bishop
19 Sep 1901	Ed Bowling 		Rebecca Jane Hoskins	Henderson Eversole's, Perry Co.	Wm. Boling & R. W. Begley
Pages 104 & 105				
27 Sep 1900	Preston Caudill		Susan Caudill		J. M. Pratt's, Perry Co.	Andrew Shepherd & Sam Back
16 May 1902	A. L. Farler		Martha Francis		James Pratt's, Perry Co.	John & James Pratt
17 Oct 1901	Charley Caudill		Rosean Caudill		Marion Cornett's, Perry Co.	Pat Logan & Willie Pratt
23 Jan 1898	Hiram Couch		Nancy Ann Sizemore	Russell Sizemores Breathitt Co.	Russell Sizemore & Elizabeth Johnson
04 May 1901	William Combs		Elizabeth Clemmons	John Williams', Perry Co.	John Williams Jr. & John Williams Sr.
27 Feb 1902	Kendrick Feltner	Sally Ann Wootton	W. R. Hoskin's, Perry Co.	M. C. Hoskins & W. L. McIntosh
12 Sep 1901	Andrew Fugate		Rebecca Morris		Mary Jane Clemmens', Perry Co.	Jno. B. Colwell & J. W. Oliver
25 Jun 1901	James Fields		Eliza Jane Eversole	James Eversole's, Perry Co.	Robert Wootton & Hiram Eversole
Pages 106 & 107				
22 Feb 1902	James Couch		Emeline Campbell	John Holcombs', Perry Co.	Elender & Elizabeth Holcomb
08 Jan 1898	James Colwell		Manda Fugate		Jeff Fugate's, Perry Co.	Green Colwell & Heff Fugat
31 Aug 1898	Daniel Collins		Sarah Jane White	Sam Collin's, Breathitt Co.	Samuel & Higha Collins
08 Mar 1904	Crusan Holliday		Eliza Feltner		Lewis Feltner's, Perry Co.	Jacob Hurt & Delilah Smith
10 Aug 1900	Walter W. Campbell	Martha Singleton	Arch Cornett's store, Perry Co.	Hiram Pratt & Arch Cornett
15 Aug 1900	Simon K. Cornett	Catherine Campbell	W. G. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Henry Singleton & J. B. Cornett
27 Aug 1902	George Mat Caudill	Annie Holcomb		Elinza Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Hardin Holcomb & Henry Pratt
13 Jun 1902	John D. Couch		Elizabeth Holbrooks	Perry Co.			John Couch & Elinza Crase
Pages 108 & 109				
28 Apr 1903	John Francis		Dulcena Watts		Mouth of Ten Mile, Perry Co.	Kelly Noble & Zepheniah Miller
04 Aug 1901	George Fields		Debbie McIntosh		W. M. McIntosh's, Perry Co.	A. B. Hoskins & A. J. Fugate
18 Oct 1901	Moses Feltner		Elizabeth Eversole	James Eversole's, Perry Co.	Samuel Cornett & Louisa Combs
20 Feb 1902	James Campbell		Fanny Ann Feltner	Henry Feltner's, Perry Co.	Barlow Couch & A. B. Hoskins
16 Aug 1897	Pearl Combs		Evelline Feltner	? Feltner's, Perry Co.		Nicholas Combs & James Napier
07 Jul 1897	Esquire Campbell	Mary Jane Holcomb	Hardin Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Hardin Griffith & Malvia Holcomb
12 Oct 1900	Richard Combs		Rosa Deaton		John L. Combs', Breathitt Co.	John L. & Sallie Combs
23 Sep 1894	Anananias Callahan	Becky Collins		Andrew Shepherd's, Perry Co.	David Hays & Enoch Shepherd
Pages 110 & 111				
10 Mar 1904	Darvin Napier		Sylvania Feltner	John Feltner's, Perry Co.	E. L. Cornett & Leslie Combs
04 Feb 1904	Albert Johnson		Ella Morris		John Morris', Perry Co.		James Johnson & Peter B. McIntosh
01 Feb 1904	R. M. Begley		Malinda Gay		widow Gays', Perry Co.		Hiram Begley & J. S. Gay
13 Mar 1902	J. R. Hagins		Zarilda Cornett		Garrison Cornett's, Perry Co.	not given
10 May 1902	Claiborne Combs		Nancy Ann Combs		John Jacksons', Perry Co.	John Jackson & Joe Stidham
11 Jan 1899	Elijah Hicks		Letha Spencer		Lucy Jones', Perry Co.		Sam Holliday & Loss Combs
26 Oct 1902	Sigel Herald		Mary White		Elijah Herald's, Breathitt Co.	Elich Herald & Thomas Herald
06 Apr 1901	Isaac Hamblin		Sarah Oliver		Wiley Oliver's, Perry Co.	Hiram Hamblin & Sherman Oliver
Pages 112 & 113				
22 Oct 1902	Lewis Deaton		Lizzie Green Combs	Jesse B. Turner's, Breathitt Co.Talbert Turner & Edwin Combs
23 Feb 1898	Willie Hamilton		Mattie Isaacs		Joseph B. Scott's, Owsley Co.	Henry Isaacs, D. C. & Samuel Mamons
03 Apr 1898	William Harris		Luenner Cooper		Dock Pox's, Perry Co.		Lee Pox & J. N. Barnett
15 Nov 1900	James Hignite		Malvra Gross		John Gross', Perry Co.		A. M. Gross & Garfield Burns
09 Oct 1899	Green Hamblin		Mahala Milem		Andy Milem's, Perry Co.		John M. Colwell & Elhannan Colwell
17 Mar 1904	Henry Couch		Miss Navey Baker	William Baker's, Perry Co.	Robert Sizemore & William Baker
17 Mar 1904	Sam Allen 		Callie Campbell		Sam Campbell's, Perry Co.	Jnisbel(?) Campbell
16 Mar 1904	Jackson Spencer		Vianna Witt		No Return	
Pages 114 & 115				
23 Jun 1900	Bunyan Cornett		Jane Griffith		J. W. Pratt's, Perry Co.	Henry Pratt & Boon Cornett
20 Aug 1898	William Henson		Mary Baker		Isaac Baker's, Breathitt Co.	James Henson & Sarah Whittaker
12 Oct 1901	John Hall		Ellen Caudill		Levi Sloane's, Perry Co.	Judah Sloane & Hoy Smith
31 Oct 1901	Ruben Herd		Nancy Bailey		Perry Co.			George Cress & John M. Cornett
20 Apr 1897	Henry Holcomb		Sarah Smith		Andrew Shepherd's, Perry Co.	J. C. Morgan & Sarah Shepherd
11 Oct 1901	Jeff Hoskins		Elizabeth Feltner	Henry Feltner's, Perry Co.	Granville Stacy & Ezekiel Hoskins
26 Dec 1901	Henry Holcomb		Nancy Eldridge		Gap of the mountain, Perry Co.	Elinza & Martha Holcomb
25 Jun 1901	John Williams 		Mary Jane Dean		Sebastian, Owsley Co.		James H. Pitinger & Mat Stamper
Pages 116 & 117				
25 Dec 1884	John Hibbard		Laura Moore		Hazard, Perry Co.		John E. Campbell & Ellen Campbell
06 Mar 1903	Henry Davidson		Elizabeth Deaton	Henry Davidson's, Perry Co.	H. C. Hensley & Delaney Deaton
22 Oct 1902	Abner Spencer		Elizabeth Couch		John Couch's, Perry Co.		Wm. Duff & James Eversole
10 Mar 1903	W. C. Guinn		Mary Mullins		Elias Mullin's, Perry Co.	Harrison Francis & Wiley Mullins
19 Apr 1902	Willie Pratt		Annie Hammons		Joel Pratt's, Perry Co.		Joel Pratt & A. C. Napier
01 Jan 1899	Robert Phelps		Susan Asher		Perry Co.			Ira Cornett & Lula Sexton
14 Mar 1886	Hiram Begley		Mary Jane Begley	Hazard, Perry Co.		Margaret Baker
30 Jan 1902	Powell Pratt		Martha Watts		D. T. Holcpmb's, Perry Co.	Thomas Logan & Leathera Griggith
Pages 118 & 119				
15 Jul 1901	Robert Wootton		Docia Campbell		R. D. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Grant & Jane Campbell
02 Jun 1898	Jasper Humphreys	Armelda Branson		Wix Branson's, Perry Co.	Felix Craft & Geneava Hall
14 Apr 1903	Hiram Wootton		Elizabeth Feltner	Lewis Feltner's, Perry Co.	Joe Feltner & Ellen Holliday
14 Jan 1902	Wm. Ward		Nannie Cornett		John M. Cornett's, Perry Co.	Irvin & Linzy Cornett & Wm. Holbrooks
14 Feb 1901	Hiram Wilson		Docia Duff		Anthony Morris', Perry Co.	Frank Leonard & John A. Morris
01 May 1903	John D. Ward		Malta E. Davidson	Bird Holliday's, Perry Co.	Clara Eversole, Manon Cornett, Cassie Morgan
10 May 1901	Nicholas Williams	Rosanna Allen		Amy Allen's, Perry Co.		Jackson Wootton & Sarilda Holliday
01 Feb 1903	Rev. J. W. Walker	Margaret Baker		Hazard, Perry Co.		Spicie Baker & Malcolm Combs
Pages 120 & 121				
08 Jul 1900	John Williams		Melda Combs		John William's, Perry Co.	Nancy & John Williams
12 Aug 1912	Joseph Wells 		Melda Eldridge		Bill Wells' Big Creek Perry Co.	William & Gideon Tyree
10 Oct 1901	Henry White		Elizabeth White		Mat Davidson's, Perry Co.	Claiborne Combs & Clara Davidson
27 Feb 1903	Thomas Watts		Nancy White		Henry Neace's, Breathitt Co.	Bob & Shelby White
04 Aug 1888	James Noble 		Lettie Neace		Josh Neace's, Perry Co.		John Fugate
04 Nov 1901	C. B. Daniel		Susan Stacy		Albert Hoskins', Perry Co.	Manual Hoskins & Samuel Belcher
04 Apr 1889	Wiley Brock		Matilda Campbell	Thomas Campbell's, Perry Co.	Thomas & Elhannan Campbell
23 Sep 1888	Kendrick Combs		Jennie Crawford		School House, Perry Co.		Shelby Combs & John Hoskins
Pages 122 & 123				
12 Sep 1888	Samuel Campbell		Mary Jane Fields	George Fields, Perry Co.	Manual Hoskins & J. W. Bowman
?? ??? 1862	George Bradley 		Octavius Stacy		Not given			Not given
26 Feb 1889	Isaac Young		Nancy Wells		William Young's, Perry Co.	William Young & James Eversole
13 Jul 1901	Gardner Deaton		Lisha McIntosh		Sebastian, Owsley Co.		W. S. Herndon & Mary Rice
13 May 1901	Wm. Davidson 		Penelope Noble		E. C. Davidson's, Perry Co.	Eliza Napier & Lourenzy Grigsby
23 May 1899	Stephen Duff		Marinda White		Irvin Eversole's, Perry Co.	Hiram Duff & M. C. Eversole
23 Nov 1901	Louis Deaton		Dora Begley		Dutch Napier's, Perry Co.	J. T. Campbell & Wm. Napier
26 Mar 1903	Robert Deaton		Katy Noble		W. W. Noble's, Breathitt Co.	M. C. Noble & Hiram Watts
Pages 124 & 125				
12 Jul 1900	James Deaton		Lula Stidham		A. J. Stidham's, Breathitt Co.	Jason & John Deaton & Potter Duff
09 Jan 1903	Benjamin Caudill	Emily Morris		A. W. Morris', Perry Co.	Cara & Laura Morris
15 Aug 1902	James Drake		Eliza Hensley		A. J. Hensley's, Perry Co.	A. J. & Jemima Hensley
24 Dec 1901	V. S. Drake		Polly White		E. C. Duff's, Perry Co.		E. S. Duff & H. C. Spencer
21 Jan 1902	Eli Griffith		Susan Napier		Eli Griffith's, Perry Co.	W. C. Napier & Vina Holcomb
05 ??? 1901	Sidney Gilbert		Lean Sandlin		Martha Sandlin's, Owsley Co.	John B. & Margaret Sandlin
16 May 1897	O. G. Holcomb		Dora Horn		Andrew Shepherd's, Perry Co.	J. C. Morgan & Sarah Shepherd
07 Feb 1901	Michael Gabbard		Amanda Angel		Elisha Gabbard's, Owsley Co.	Elisha & George Gabbard
Pages 126 & 127				
12 Apr 1899	J. P. Engle		Mary Combs		Frank Combs', Perry Co.		Lark Smith & Kellis Combs
26 May 1899	Albert Engle 		Vina Eversole		Ap Eversole's, Perry Co.	Lee & Melda Collins
08 Sep 1897	Woolery Estep		Emaline Smith		David Smith's, Perry Co.	Wm. Estpe & Cally Campbell
17 Aug 1887	Ervin Stacy		? Pendleton		Green Pendleton's, Perry Co.	July & Jasper Stacy
01 Feb 1886	Benjamin Grigsby	Mary Combs		Thomas Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Martin Gayheart & Gabriel Grigsby
07 Oct 1881	L. D. Smith		Franky Stacy		Perry Co.			James & Polly Stacy
12 Jan 1889	Robert Combs		Susan G. Cornett	Charles Cornett's, Perry Co.	Benton Cornett & Louisa Morgan
21 Aug 1884	John White 		Louisa Couch		John White's, Perry Co.		Canada & ? Stidham
Pages 128 & 129				
19 Nov 1882	Henry Begley		Mary Jane Boling	School house MiddleFork PerryCo Robert B. Begley & Henry Gay
10 Jan 1884	J. J. C. Johnson	Tennessee Johnson	Henry Johnson's, Perry Co.	J. M. Begley & Wm. Gay
09 Aug 1887	Elijah H. Begley	Cassie Lovins		R. Lovins', Perry Co.		J. A. & Rebecca Lovins
01 May 1889	Daniel Davidson		Dorcus Hensley		Daniel Davidson's, Perry Co.	Henry Davidson & J. M. Grigsby
13 May 1888	Andrew Holcomb		Elizabeth Fields	Eli Cornett's, Perry Co.	Robert & Wm. Brashears
02 May 1888	John Holmbs		Elizabeth Rolley	Don Duff's, Perry Co.		Daniel & Joseph Duff
18 Dec 1884	Reuben Messer		Nancy Walker		John Walker's, Perry Co.	Annie Walker & Margaret Napier
07 May 1885	Irvin Eversole		Tilda Young		No Return	
Pages 130 & 131				
05 Feb 1889	Peter Campbell		Nancy Napier		John William's, Perry Co.	Absalam Eversole & John Williams
16 Feb 1888	John R. Hoskins 	Rinda Burns		Wm. Burns', Clay Co.		William Johnson & Wm. Burns
26 Jul 1881	James Colwell		Elizabeth Fugate	Allen Couchs', Perry Co.	Andy Fugate & Irving Feltner
22 Oct 1880	Morgan Gayheart		Polly Mosley		D. W. Callahan's, Letcher Co.	Lorena Grigsby & Barberry Callahan
24 Dec 1888	Jeremiah McIntosh	Jane Combs		Henry Johnson's, Perry Co.	Jno. B. & Henry Johnson
01 Apr 1884	Theophilus Hacker	Nancy Couch		H. C. Gay's, Perry Co.		Nelson Barger & Elijah Gay
02 Apr 1890	Andrew Campbell		Rachel Grigsby		Samuel Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Mat Holliday & Samuel Grigsby
05 Mar 1899	William G. Combs	Sally Fields		John Hoskins', Perry Co.	John Hoskins & Kendrick Feltner
Pages 132 & 133				
05 Jul 1882	John Stacy		Elizabeth Stamper	Bill Combs', Perry Co.		James Walker & Benjamin Messer
22 Jul 1888	W. J. Madden		Louisa Combs		Shadrack Combs', Perry Co.	Watson Cornett & John Jent
24 Dec 1884	Ben F. Cornett		Mease Cornett		John Cornett's, Perry Co.	Elhannon Cornett & Leslie Combs
29 Nov 1891	Martin Whittaker	Patsy Miller		Peter Miller's, Perry Co.	P. C. Napier & Milton Miller
04 Aug 1885	William Griffith	Martha Holcomb		Hardin Halcomb's, Perry Co.	Harvey Holcomb & Edward Griffith
04 May 1888	Crit Combs		Lucinda Baker		Alvin Evan's, Perry Co.		Elhannon D. Combs & Ellen Ewing
22 Aug 1888	John E. Campbell	Mary Ellen Combs	Courthouse, Perry Co.		W. W. Baker & Austin C. Combs
26 Jun 1890	Thomas Deaton		Lucy Johnson		Able Johnson's, Breathitt Co.	William Johnson & George H. Morris
Pages 134 & 135				
09 Apr 1888	T. W. Couch		Nancy Campbell		Preston? Campbell's, Perry Co.	Preston Campbell & W. W. Eversole
02 Jan 1889	Gabriel Noble		Betsy Jane Eldridge	Dock Eldridge's, Perry Co.	Thomas Milum & Mahaley Eldridge
12 Jun 1884	Thomas Murrell		Ordeally Whittaker	No Return	
04 Oct 1888	George W. Ingram	Mary Bell McIntosh	Jerry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Samuel & Peter McIntosh
11 Jul 1890	Henry Davidson		Malinda Hensley		Jackson Hensley's, Perry Co.	Jackson Hensley & Potter Duff
28 Dec 1897	Henry Stacy		Milly Ann Williams	Preston Williams', Perry Co.	Hop Godsey & Jack Combs
24 Feb 1898	Stephen D. Fields	Nancy Caudill		Benjamin Caudill's, Perry Co.	Felix Craft & Elhannon Jent
21 Jul 1887	David Combs		Mary Brashears		Eli Brashears', Perry Co.	Henry Campbell & Rachel Cornett
Pages 136 & 137				
12 Sep 1896	James Stacy		Sally Combs		Nick Combs', Perry Co.		J. W. Combs
12 Dec 1888	Jackson Done		Elizabeth Callahan	Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Armina Combs & Co.
23 Feb 1888	William Noble		Franky Noble		James Noble's, Perry Co.	John & Washington Guinn
28 Mar 1885	Zachariah Neace		Polly Ann Francis	Daniel Francis', Perry Co.	John Watts & Nathan Fugate
05 Jun 1886	Wm. Parsons		Elizabeth Duff		John C. Duff's, Perry Co.	Hiram Duff & Hardy Campbell
27 Feb 1887	Maggard Richie		Marian Young		Manford Young's, Knott Co.	Drew & Nancy Young
24 Jul 1890	Elijah Combs		Polly Sumners		Elijah Sumners', Perry Co.	James & William H. Combs
22 May 1898	Jack Combs		Lydia Pence		Jerry Williams', Perry Co.	Preston & Jerry Williams
Pages 138 & 139				
23 Nov 1886	Wm. C. Singleton	N. J. Hall		P. W. Hall's, Perry Co.		Anderson Cornett & Wiks Branson
08 Jan 1887	Beverly Jones		Haley Eldridge 		Perry Co.			Not given
18 Jun 1888	Henderson Eversole	Mary Langdon		Wm. Langdon's, Perry Co.	Wm. Abnerr & George Terry
21 Jul 1887	James Johnson		Malinda Deaton		Wm. F. Deaton's, Perry Co.	Granville Johnson & J. M. Deaton
31 Aug 1883	Hiram Ingram		Lucinda Hall		P. W. Hall's, Perry Co.		James Hall & George Frazur
25 Feb 1888	Mason Miller		Martha Ann Campbell	Bill Miller's, Perry Co.	J. M. & Andy Miller
08 Jul 1885	Ballard Smith		Anne Stacy		Mouth of Trace Branch, Perry Co.John Stacy & Shade Smith
Pages 140 & 141				
01 May 1888	E. C. Davidson		Ella Jane Grigsby	Benjamin Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Fieldin Coombs & Samuel Cash
04 Aug 1887	William Sizemore	Merica Boling		John E. Boling's, Perry Co.	John E. & Wm. H. Boling
09 Apr 1885	George Stacy		Lucy Brewer		Perry Co.			J. J. Stacy
04 Jun 1887	John Miller 		Polly Gambill		Jordan Combs', Perry Co.	Martin Whittaker & Lilly Gambill
10 Nov 1888	John Williams		Nancy Stacy		Wm. Stacy's, Perry Co.		William & Melda Stacy
18 Aug 1886	Henry Fugate		Nancy Vanover		Samuel Combs', Perry Co.	Mary Hall & Sarah Combs
02 Apr 1887	Wm. Combs		Mary Haddix		K. C. Combs', Perry Co.		Eliza Combs & Narcis Duff
05 Oct 1888	John B. Boling		Sofa Bell Sandlin	Elijah Boling's, Perry Co.	Henry Barger & Sam McIntosh
Pages 142 & 143				
12 May 1887	Samuel Campbell		Ruthanna Feltner	Lewis Feltner's, Perry Co.	B. W. Combs & Wm. Hurt
06 Sep 1887	M. C. Fugate		Evaline Campbell	School House, Perry Co.		Jordan Combs & Emes(?) Campbell
18 Jan 1888	William Roberts		Susan P. Hall		Wm. Brashears', Perry Co.	Henry & Elijah Holcom
18 Mar 1889	George Whittaker	Mary Jan Lewis		Hiram Lewis', Perry Co.		A. T. Brewer & Polly Feltner
19 Oct 1888	James Hamblin		Sally Jane Caldwell	Henderson Colwell's, Perry Co.	Joseph Hamblin & William Eversole
17 Dec 1874	Virgil Combs		Cynthianna Sizemore	Virgil Combs', Perry Co.	Elhannon & Clinton Combs
24 Nov 1888	Shade Combs		Francis Godsey		Samuel Combs', Perry Co.	Jefferson Engle & Henry Combs
03 Jan 1889	John Combs		Margaret Napier		Mac Napier's, Perry Co.		James & Rome Napier
Pages 144 & 145				
07 Oct 1882	John Bailey		Susannah Adams		Nelson Adams', Perry Co.	Nelson Adams & Nelson Hamilton
09 Sep 1888	Andrew Singleton	Martha Cornett		Mouth of Buckeye, Perry Co.	J. B. Cornett
16 Apr 1898	William Fields 		Nancy Fields		W. P. Standafer's, Perr Co.	W. P. & Matilda Standafer
04 Aug 1887	Preston McKnight	Matilda McIntosh	Levi McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Orville E. & M. C. Gay
15 Sep 1883	Macager White		Malinda Noble		James Eversole's, Perry Co.	Not given
30 Jan 1884	Wesley Whittaker	Deborah Campbell	James Whittaker's, Perry Co.	Squire Williams & Riley Lovins
13 Mar 1887	William Miniard		Dicy Hoskins		Jeff Hoskins', Perry Co.	Bud Hoskins & Sabra Miniard
17 Nov 1888	James Campbell		Narcissus Campbell	Samuel Campbell's, Perry Co.	Samuel & Sarah Campbell
Pages 146 & 147				
01 Mar 1888	William Wootton		Mary Jane Sandlin	Sandy Knob, Breathitt Co.	John H. Sandlin & Isaac Bolen
25 May 1893	Henry Johnson		Tennessee Begley	Elisha Bolings', Perry Co.	Henry Begley & Wm. Gay
22 May 1887	W. H. Dickson		Louisa Cornett		Cornett Schoolhouse, Perry Co.	Leslie Combs & Isabell Cornett
17 Feb 1887	W. S. Combs		Ella Fletcher		R. M. Baker's, Perry Co.	Ira Combs & Susan Cornett
05 Mar 1887	Jesse Combs		Jane Young		E. C. Morgan's, Perry Co.	Marshall & Anna Combs
27 May 1886	John Whittaker		Polly Fields		Granville Fields', Perry Co.	Granville & W. C. Fields
18 Jan 1898	Crit Couch		Lourana Jones		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		Shanter Jones & Mary Ann Hall
01 Oct 1890	Felix Gilbert		Alabama McIntosh	Henry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	George Ingram & Orville Gay
Pages 148 & 149				
25 Nov 1883	Harrison Combs		Elvira Combs		John S. Combs', Perry Co.	John S. Combs & Nancy Walker
30 Aug 1880	Gilbert Morris		Sally Campbell		Courthouse, Perry Co.		William Couch & John Campbell
19 Jun 1886	B. W. Grigsby		Emeline Baker		Jno. Hibbard's, Perry Co.	John Hibbard & Elhannon Combs
12 Sep 1888	Daniel Spencer		Martha Napier		Frank Napier's, Perry Co.	Frank Napier & Louis Spencer
17 Dec 1888	Abner Bush		Delila Gambill		Daniel Duff's, Perry Co.	Vard Duff & J. C. Gambill
21 Jun 1884	John Campbell		Martha Williams		John T. Campbell's, Perry Co.	John T. Campbell & J. J. Balcher
19 Jan 1888	Stephen Caudill		Elizabeth Adams		Fishing Rock, Perry Co.		Wm. Caudill & John Bailey
03 Jan 1888	Sampson Couch		Jane Collins		William Couch's, Perry Co.	Jesse & Joseph Barger
Pages 150 & 151				
08 Dec 1890	William Stout		Amanda Combs		Dr. W. J. Wilson's, Perry Co.	Sarah Morgan & B. J. Howard
08 Mar 1883	Mose Maggard		Catherine Watts		Squire Watt's, Letcher Co.	J. D. Maggard & Giddy Dare
08 Nov 1884	John Smith		Polly Couch		Polly Couch's, Perry Co.	J. T. Boling & Elizabeth McIntosh
19 Dec 1886	Granville Begley	Marinda Boling		Schoolhouse, Perry Co.		R. M. & James Begley
20 Aug 1887	A. B. Gay		Polly Sandlin		A. B. Gay's, Perry Co.		James McIntosh & Elisha Abner
20 May 1888	Colson Duff		Perlina Williams	James William's, Perry Co.	James Williams & James Campbell
12 Jul 1886	Henry H. Singleton	Marinda Combs		Andrew Combs', Perry Co.	Samuel Singleton & Jeremiah Combs
01 May 1887	Basil Cornett		Jane Wilson		Basil Cornett's, Perry Co.	Elisha Smith & Jackson Cornett
Pages 152 & 153				
25 Jan 1887	Abraham L. Eversole	Eliza Jameson		Henderson Baker's, Perry Co.	John Fields', Perry Co.
02 Feb 1887	Esquire Whittaker	Viney Stacy		William Stacy's, Perry Co.	John Williams & George Whittaker
07 Mar 1883	Robert Walen		Sarah Bryant		Winson Gipson's, Floyd Co.	John Triplett & Bryant Moore
27 Jul 1888	John H. Wootton		Sally Ann McIntosh	County Line, Perry Co.		Sally Wootton & Wm. Combs
24 Sep 1888	J. G. Campbell		Polly Campbell		Edward Campbell's, Perry Co.	Edward & Hannah Campbell
12 Aug 1888 	Hurt Campbell		Arminta Cornett		Leatherwood Church, Perry Co.	Charley Logan & Lizzy Morgan
30 May 1889	Daniel Morris		Hannah Duff		Robert Begley's, Perry Co.	E. B. Abner & Preston Campbell
01 Jan 1887	John Stacy		Martha Collins		Jordan Combs', Perry Co.	Jordan Combs & Melda Collins
Pages 154 & 155				
08 Apr 1887	McRay(?) Gay		Mary McIntosh		Schoolhouse #3, Perry Co.	John Morris & Jno. M. McIntosh
01 Apr 1887	Shadrach Stacy, Jr.	Cassie Francis		Jasper Mullins', Perry Co.	Henry Brashears & Rebecca Stacy
08 Sep 1890	James Eversole		Sarah Jane Grigsby	James Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Vard Duff & John Napier
14 Feb 1887	John Baker		Katy Dehart		Jasper Fields', Perry Co.	Harry Creech & Harry Fields
14 Aug 1890	Thomas Eversole		Sally Ann Darler(Farler?)Alexander Darlers', Perry Co. 	D. J. & T. G. Fields
25 Feb 1889	Alexander Pennington	Bell Davidson		John Davidson's, Perry Co.	G. B. Pennington & David Combs
21 Dec 1896	A. J. Grigsby		Rachel Drake		Perry Co.			Bill Grigsby & Jerry Godsey
06 Mar 1883	Logan CaseBolt		Mary Patton		Teleans(?) Burgey's, Floyd Co.	John Triplett & Bryant Moore
Pages 156 & 157				
26 Mar 1887	Hezekiah Brashears	Lucinda Brashears	Eli Brashears', Perry Co.	David Combs & Wm. Lusk
24 Dec 1887	J. Richmond Combs	Amanda Wilson		Dr. Wilson's, Perry Co.		Balis Combs & Susan Cornett
13 Jun 1904	James Combs		Mamie Combs		J. W. Combs', Perry Co.		R. W. Edwards & Sam Combs
24 Dec 1903	H. H. Brashears		Polly Hurt		? Hurt's, Perry Co.		? Hall & James Brashears
31 Dec 1903	William Stacy		Jennie Williams		Harrison Williams', Perry Co.	Jackson Dobson & John Wms.
22 Nov 1902	Samuel Combs		Martha Walker		Martha Walker's, Perry Co.	Logan & Alta Walker
04 Jun 1904	Jasper Combs		Betty Jones		D. Y. Combs' store, Perry Co.	J. J. Fitzpatrick & James Combs
02 Jan 1902	Woolery D. Campbell	Jemima Deaton		Perry Co.			Brownlow Johnson, George Campbell
Pages 158 & 159				
08 Feb 1899	Cal Noble 		Joanner Francis		Daniel Morris', Perry Co.	G. W. Francis & Samuel Grigsby
02 Mar 1901	Green Colwell		Jane Howard		Green Colwell's, Perry Co.	James & Sam Colwell

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