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1900 to 1915
Donated by Pat Horne
Transcribed by Margaret M. Hayes

Prepared for this website by
John "Freddie" Wilson and Lynda Combs Gipson


DATE	          GROOM			      BRIDE	        WHERE MARRIED 	                WITNESSES
Page 3				
24 Mar 1904	Jackson C. Gambill	Mahala Hensley		Harve Hensley's, Perry Co.	Bud Combs & Polly Ann Combs
03 Apr 1904	Jesse Messer		Mary Maggard		W. R. Hoskins, Perry Co.	Rebecca Hoskins & W. W. Couch
17 Mar 1904	Jackson Spencer (?)	Vina Witt		H. B. Hensley's, Perry Co.	W. W. Combs & B. Spencer
05 Apr 1904	Elihue Campbell		Sarah Jane Lewis	Sarah J. Lewis', Big Cr. 	Lewis Couch& Sarah Jane Whittaker
08 Apr 1904	H. C. Engle		Susannah Fugate		Sam Stacy's, Perry Co.		Hiram Fugate & Albert Engle
08 Apr 1904	Vrbin Caudill		Hettie Engle		Perry Co.			Arthur Hall & John M. Hall
14 Apr 1904	Joseph Fields		Eliza Jane Fields	B. J. Fields', Perry Co.	Granville Fields & Lee Crawford
Page 5				
14 Apr 1904	Shadrack Neace		Belle Miller		Perry Co.			Walter Gambill & Sarah Edwards
1  Apr 1904	Lewis Begley		Lillie B. Deaton	Thomas Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	Thomas Davidson & Abe Giffith
17 Mar 1904	Wm. Moore		Margaret Deaton		Henry Moore's, Breathitt Co.	Geo. Moore & Jerry Aikman
31 Mar 1904	Sim Campbell 		Elizabeth Watts		D. T. Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Wm. Watts & Geo. Watts
27 Jan 1904	R. Lee Brashears	Docia Combs		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		J. S. Combs & C. C. Hall
12 May 1904	Orville Johnson		Mahala Baker		Isaac Baker's, Breathitt Co.	Robt. Duff & Jason Deaton
18 Mat 1904	Lewis C. Johnson	Martha Huff		J. N. Oliver's, Leslie Co.	Alice Oliver & Daniel Oliver
26 May 1904	Wm. Cornett		Sally Fields		Wm. Fields, Perry Co.		Wm. Pratt & P. R. Brashears
Page 7				
18 Jun 1904	Harrison Bailey		Miss Sally Ann Farler	Hiram Field's, Perry Co.	Jacob Fields & Polly Fields
02 Jun 1904	Austin Combs		Samantha Cornett	Dwarf, Perry Co.		Wm. Engle & Wm. Cornett
26 May 1904	Clark Campbell		Hannah Campbell		Wm. Stout's, Perry Co.		Chester Oliver & Rebecca Stout
30 May 1904	Wm. M. Cornett 		Lina Cornett		Wm. M. Cornett's, Perry Co.	Marion Cornett & W. R. Adams
21 Apr 1904	U. E. Campbell		Mary Ann Ison		Henry Campbell's, Perry Co.	Samson Campbell & Pete Hill
19 Jul 1904	Jacob Hurt		Syvira Feltner		Lewis Feltner's, Perry Co.	Martin Gayheart & E. H. Holliday
Page 9				
13 Jul 1904	Granville Combs		Eliza Jane Eversole	Eversole's House, Perry Co.	Hiram Fugate & Rebecca Couch
14 Jul 1904	Hose Fuller 		Adline Combs		H. C. Hensley's, Perry Co.	H. C. Hensley & Margrett Hensley
21 Jul 1904	Lincoln Eversole	Juda Eversole		Rollon Eversole's, Perry Co.	Harry Eversole & Lucy Eversole
04 Jun 1904	Harvey Combs		Sally A. Hensley	H. C. Hensley's, Perry Co.	H. C. Hensley & Margrett Hensly
02 Aug 1904	R. C. Newberry		Lula Cornett		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mr. J. L. Johnson & Mrs. J. L. Johnson
12 May 1904	Jesse Combs		Rachel Wells		Jesse Combs', Perry Co.		John Riddel & Elihue Wells
29 Aug 1904	Robert Engle		Minerva Stacy		Wiley Couch's, Perry		Sam Stacy & Bud Engle
Page 11				
17 Aug 1904	Alex Spencer		America Cole		John Smith's (?), Perry Co.	John Smith (?) & Alex Herrald
06 Sep 1904	Sewell Combs		Mary Noble		Alexander Noble's, Perry Co.	Felix Combs & Amy Sizemore
08 Sep 1904	Boycan Noble		Martha Napier		Sam Napier's house, Perry Co.	Tolbert Holliday & Malcolm Holliday
09 Sep 1904	Thornton Campbell	Nancy Johnson		John Jones', Perry Co.		Elhanan Combs & John Jones
27 Oct 1904	D. F. Sizemore 		Mary Jane Shepherd	D. F. Holcomb's, Perry Co.	W. T. Smith & Ell Holcomb
01 Oct 1904	Samuel M. Richie	Nannie M. Cornett	Dwarf, Perry Co.		Mr. E. B. Owens & Mrs. E. B. Owens
Page 13				
15 Oct 1904	Tilden Combs		Miss Ellen Holliday	E. H. Holliday's, Perry Co.	E. C. Holliday & Anna Holliday
19 Oct 1904	Harrison Eversole	Elizabeth Hutchison	John Hutchinson's, Perry Co.	Irvine Eversole & Moses Feltner
03 Jun 1904	John Dobson		Belle Stacey		Shade Stacey's, Perry Co.	W. M. Feltner & Isabelle Feltner
20 Oct 1904	Colson Sizemore		Flora Richie		Geo. Noble's, Perry Co.		John T. Williams & John Davis
08 Nov 1904	Austin Noble		Miss Cora Deaton	Gabe Noble's, Perry Co.		James Colwell & Gabe Noble
16 Nov 1904	Joseph Morris		Malinda White		Billy Baker's, Perry Co.	Clifton Combs & Hiram Campbell
19 Nov 1904	Van Burn Combs		Louvina Evans		Robt. Fields', Perry Co.	Jim Brewer & Jane Combs
08 Dec 1904	Harlan Combs		Mary Jane Smith		John Ritchey's, Perry Co.	Shepherd Smith & Dora Combs
Page 15				
12 Dec 1904	Sampson Engle		Lurissa Pack		Biram Combs', Perry Co.		Biram Combs & Lewis Holliday
16 Dec 1904	A. H. Campbell		Miss Martha Baker	A. D. Campbell's. Perry Co.	E. M. Hoskins & Logan Campbell
18 Dec 1904	John H. Huff		Polly Colwell		John Colwell's, Perry Co.	Garriett Colwell & Jack Huff
18 Dec 1904	James Stacy		Miss Nancy Ann Noble	E. H. Holliday's, Perry Co.	E. H. Holliday & Wife
17 Dec 1904	Samuel Couch		America Bowling		W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Harrison Couch & Rebecca Hoskins
29 Dec 1904	Hiram Fugate		Eliza Jane Stacy	E. L. Stacy's, Perry Co.	E. L. Stacy & Martin Fugate
Page 17				
03 Jan 1905	Wallace Garrett		Ulela Combs		Chavies, Perry Co.		Ira Duff & Eliza Combs
07 Jan 1905	Judge Hammons		Matilda Engle		Frank Engle's, Perry Co.	W. M. Engle & John Engle
01 Feb 1905	Hiram Campbell		Frankie Sizemore	The Perry Co. Line, Perry Co.	S. B. Roberts & Irvine Allen
04 Feb 1905	Jesse Morgan		Miss Sally Ison		W. C. Eversole's, Hazard	E. Kelley & R. Lee Daniel
04 Aug 1904	Mat Stidham		Ellen Smith		A. W. Morris', Perry Co.	J. N. Morris & Henry Smith
04 May 1904	Josh Farlor		Maggie Hamilton		Perry Co.			Mat Stidham, Lottie Davidson & Wm. Bush
15 Aug 1904	Dan Farler		Silvana Neace		Perry Co.			Elijah Smith, Joe Smith & Wm. Bush
18 Aug 1904	Haron Thomas		Alice Minnard		Elihu Minnard's, Perry Co.	W. H. Evans & A. B. Fields
Page 19				
07 Oct 1903	George Napier		Maud Campbell		W. B. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Miss Clara Napier & S. B. Fields
20 Nov 1903	Joel Campbell 		Rachel Campbell		Adam Campbell's, Perry Co.	Brownlo Campbell & Spice Baker
23 Jan 1904	George Oliver		Poppy Baker		W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Robt. Fields & Chloe Couch
02 Dec 1904	John H. Wooten		Rebecca Williams	A. S. Campbell's, Perry Co.	M. C. Morgan & Melda Baker
02 Oct 1903	Joseph Asher		Bam Asher		W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Rebecca Hoskins & S. B. Fields
24 Dec 1904	John R. Hamilton	Mollie Farler		Wm. Farler's, Perry Co.		Lincoln Farler & Jordan Fields
08 Sep 1904	Thornton Campbell	Nancy Jones		John Jones', Perry Co.		Elhanan Combs & John Jones
Page 21				
12 Oct 1904	William Deaton		Callie Lovens		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Joe Deaton & Susan Napier
04 Feb 1903	Monroe Sumner		Louisa Sumner		Al Sumner's, Perry Co.		Bill Ghent & Cinda Sumner
05 Sep 1904	John E. Sandlin		Dora Johnson		James Sandlin's, Perry Co.	L. W. Evans & S. E. Duff
02 Jul 1904	Garrett Colwell		Amanda Combs		James Combs', Perry Co.		James Baker & E. C. Hoskins
20 Nov 1904	Kinny Crawford		Maggie Hughes		Gran William's, Perry Co.	Nick Combs & Pearl Combs
26 Oct 1904	Z. M. Abshear		Amanda Gross		Buckhorn, Perry Co.		Louisa S. Murdock & Emma H. Gordon
03 Jun 1904	John Dobson		Belle Stacy		Shad Stacy's, Perry Co.		Wm. Feltner & Isabelle Feltner
09 Nov 1903	Samuel Burns		Mary Gross		John Gross', Perry Co.		Z. M. Abshear, MD & L. A. Johnson
Page 23				
24 Feb 1905	Jack Combs		Nancy Hughes		Olish Hughes, Perry Co.		Andrew Fugate & Thos. Hughes
02 Mar 1905	Breck Stacy		Polly Ann Combs		James Stacy's, Perry Co.	James Stacy & Boma Combs
15 Mar 1905	John D. Campbell	Sally Ann Hoskins	Thomas Hoskins, Perry Co.	E. M. Hoskins & Nesby Colwell
24 Mar 1905	Clayton Stacy		Alice Smith		H. W. Smith's, Perry Co.	H. W. Smith & Margret Smith
28 Mar 1905	Nathan Combs		Eva J. Landrum		Mouth of Ten Mile, Perry Co.	Geo. Combs & Taylor Watts
Page 25				
01 Apr 1905	William Combs (Red)	Abbie Combs		Elaborn Combs, Perry Co.	C. M. Horn & Jim Brewer
15 Apr 1905	Elijah Jones		Miss Ellen Fugate	Farris Jones', Perry Co.	Silas Ritchie & Florry Sizemore
15 Apr 1905	Benjamin Fugate		Miss Rebecca Couch	Andrew Fields', Perry Co.	Hiram Fugate & Ben Couch
16 Apr 1905	William Wooton		Louisa Morris		Elhanon Fugate's. Perry Co.	Michel Wooton & Horn Morris
01 May 1905	John Miller 		Elvina Russell		Bill Combs', Perry Co.		Daniel Jones & Belle Combs
19 May 1905	Henry Hughes		Sally Fugate		Thos. Hughes', Perry Co.	Mack Hughes & Green Neace
Page 27				
06 Jan 1905	Robert Abner		Alifair Barger		Justus Barger's, Perry Co.	Wm. Gay & Garrat Burns
04 Feb 1905	Mat Grigsby		Mahala Duff		Edward Duff's, Perry Co.	Joseph Duff & A, C, Sanlin
17 Mar 1905	E. C. Sandlin		Eva Duff		Mat Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Wm. Duff & Mat Grigsby
19 Feb 1905	John Fugate		Mary Hughes		William H. Fugate's, Perry Co.	Braddock Neace & Losson Noble
19 May 1905	W. P. Standafer		Eliza Campbell		W. P. Standafer's, Perry Co.	Mandy Standafer & Flory Standafer
08 Dec 1904	Russell Couch		Polly White		Lindy White's, Breathitt Co.	Jacob Neace & A. D. Noble
17 Dec 1904	Alfred D. Noble		Cora Deaton		James Napier's, Breathitt Co.	Jacob Neace & C. J. Noble
09 Feb 1905	C. B. Johnson		Martha Deaton		Green B. Johnson's, Perry Co.	John D. Adams & Dora McDaniel
Page 29				
01 Jul 1905	J. T. Bowling		Orlena Hart		G. B. Bowling's, Perry Co.	Logan Bowling & Bud Dixon
17 Jul 1905	Samuel Terry		Orlena Stacy		Robin Williams', Perry Co.	Bob William & Nicholas Williams
13 Jul 1905	Mart Fugate		Sally Neace		Perry Co.			Z. H. Duff & Alexander Duff
26 Jul 1905	Talton Spencer		Louisa Williams		James Williams', Perry Co.	Daniel Spencer & James Williams
17 Jul 1905	Thomas Stidham		Kate Miller		J. W. Combs, Perry Co.		Milton Miller & Door(?) Martin
01 Aug 1905	Henry Combs		Mary Neace		Ten Mile, Perry Co.		Taylor Watts & William Noble
Page 31				
02 Aug 1905	Cleveland Walker	Minta Sumner		Elizabeth Baker's, Perry Co.	Martha Fields & Elizabeth Baker
28 Apr 1903	Adam Feltner		Rosila Combs		Perry Co.			Sally Combs & Jacob Hurst
25 Sep 1892	Joshua Richie		Lizabeth Grigsby	Samuel Combs', Perry Co.	Sally Combs & T. B. Richie
15 Apr 1903	C. C. Combs		Miss Mary Engle		Not Listed			Sally Combs & Henry Richie
Page 33				
11 Aug 190?	Madison Brashears	Hester Brashears	James Brashears', Perry Co.	Fawbush Brashears & Cora Hall
09 Aug 1905	Lewis Tyree		Dolly Fields		Jerry Wells', Perry Co.		Samuel Cornett & Tilda Baker
08 Aug 1905	Allen Combs		Josephine Noble		Floyd Noble's, Perry Co.	Wm. Engle & Mandy Engle
14 Aug 1905	John Jones		Rebecca Stacy		Scott Combs', Perry Co.		Scott Combs & Eliza Sizemore
12 Aug 1905	John H. Lewis		Elizabeth Campbell	Perry Co.			Sherman Campbell & Crit Eldridge
26 Aug 1905	George Prater		Rosanna Stacy		Ell Stacy's, Perry Co.		Ell Stacy & Joe Stacy
06 Sep 1905	Marion Hall		Bell Edwards		Perry Co.			Buddy Combs & Dotia Edwards
05 Sep 1905	John C. Stacy		Luna Fugate		Ell Stacy's, Perry Co.		Ell Stacy & Cordelia Hudson
Page 35				
16 Sep 1905	Ephriam Couch		Rebecca Jane Colwell	James Colwell's, Perry Co.	Susan Couch & Lige Hoskins
28 Sep 1905	E. M. Hurt		Ella Jane Hensley	John Hensley's, Perry Co.	David D. Combs & B. M. Combs
03 Oct 1905	Green Neace 		Lettie Miller		Bill Miller's, Perry Co.	Gran Noble & Bill Duff
17 Oct 1905	Elijah Couch		Elizabeth Stacy		Calvin Stacy's, Perry Co.	Thomas Couch & Woodson Feltner
15 Oct 1905	Ezekiel Hoskins		Mollie Combs		James Eversole's, Perry Co.	Manuel Hoskins & Eliza Combs
07 Nov 1905	Jordan Smith		Eliza Stacy		George Stacy, Perry Co.		Bill Grigsby & Flem Bruer
20 Nov 1905	David Tyree		Eliza Jane Williams	Jerry Wells', Perry Co.		Wm. Wells & Rufus Fields
14 Dec 1905	George Witt		Nancy Eversole		Nancy Eversole, Perry Co.	Joseph Hamlin & Joel Morris
Page 37				
02 Dec 1905	Joseph Dug Vermillion	Nannie Vermillion	Hazard, Perry Co.		R. O. Davis & Lillie Davis
02 Dec 1905	Hiram Fugate 		Jane Engle		Ervine Eversole's, Perry Co.	Wm. Engle & Dink Engle
05 Mar 1900	Asbury Stidham		Elizabeth Allen		Squire Allen's, Breathitt Co.	Squire Allen & Wm. Stidham
30 Dec 1905	Elijah McIntosh		Docia Campbell		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Boyd Campbell & R. E. Engle
31 Dec 1905	Joseph Duff		Elizabeth Wootten	Hazard, Perry Co.		A. J. Witt & Charles Wootten
01 Jan 1906	Floyd Swango		Maletha Brashear	Hazard, Perry Co.		D. Y. Combs & James Whitaker
04 Jan 1906	Joe Campbell		Louisa Cornett		Joe Cornett's, Perry Co.	Shilo Sally & Frank Horn
Page 39				
09 Jan 1906	W. R. Brown		Lucinda Couch		W. R. Hoskins, Perry Co.	Charley Dehart & Rebecca Hoskins
10 Jan 1906	McCager Miller		Nannie White		Pad White's, Perry Co.		Geo. White & Bill Miller
10 Jan 1906	Shelby White		Armina Miller		Pad White's, Perry Co.		George White & Bill Miller
17 Jan 1906	James Williams		Rosanna Miller		James William's, Perry Co.	Ervin Williams & Gabe McIntosh
18 Jan 1906	Colson Duff		Ellen Francis		Jack Francis', Perry Co.	John Holcomb & Ella Campbell
26 Jan 1906	Samuel Everidge		Docia Combs		Ben Combs', Perry Co.		Jordan Fields & Bill Combs
29 Jan 1906	John Gayheart		Rosalie Grigsby		Ben Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Charles Grigsby & Margaret Combs
04 Oct 1905	Isaac Johnson		Pollie Johnson		Buckhorn, Perry Co.		Louisa Murdock & Amelda Ingram
Page 41				
21 Dec 1905	Stephen York		Martha McIntosh		Buckhorn, Perry Co.		Garrett Ingram & Lizzie Eversole
13 Apr 1905	Joseph Deaton		Polly Colwell		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Wm. Deaton & Callie Deaton
21 Dec 190?	Alex Spencer		Lucy Pennington		Saul Begley's, Perry Co.	Allen Eversole & Ely Begley
10 Oct 1905	Alfred Feltner		Nancy Ann Moore		Elijah Duff's, Perry Co.	Siller Duff & Floyd Duff
11 Oct 1905	Fletcher Price		Maud May Davidson	Elijah Davidson's, Perry Co.	John Grigsby & Katy Grigsby
13 Apr 1905	John McIntosh		Cora Eversole		Buckhorn, Perry Co.		Armelda Ingram, Garrett Ingram, Lizzie Eversole
05 Jan 1906	Pat Logan		Lodesha Shepherd	Riley Shepherd's, Perry Co.	Riley Shepherd & Susan Shepherd
22 Dec 1905	Robert Gay		Ellen Combs		Granville Spicer's, Perry Co.	Edward Turner & Joseph Little
Page 43				
16 May 1905	Samuel Colwell		Martha Colwell		Isaac Hamlin's, Perry Co.	Wiley Oliver & Thomas Pennington
18 Jan 1906	Hiram Combs		Lourana Grigsby		J. E. Johnson's, Perry Co.	J. E. Johnson & Ben Fugate
26 Jan 1906	Shilo Sally		Sue Combs		J. D. Combs, Perry Co.		Matt Horn & J. E. Combs
03 Feb 1906	Harrison Collins	Martha Hall		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		John Hall & Matilda Combs
06 Feb 1906	Gabriel G. Brashears	Elizabeth McDaniels	Bob Brashears' Store, Perry Co.	Samuel Hall & Wiley Strong
06 Feb 1906	Cashius Farler		Mary A. Hall		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		Jordan Fields & Green Brashears
14 Feb 190?	Pearl Combs 		Martha Fugate		Joe Campbell's, Perry Co.	Mat Combs & Elhannon Jones
Page 45				
19 Feb 1906	Thomas Couch		Manverva Stacy		Wiley Couch's, Perry Co.	Wiley Couch & Elihu Couch
28 Feb 1906	William Everidge	Mary Belle Combs	Ben Combs, Perry Co.		Ira Fields & Bill Combs
15 Mar 1906	Jeff Williams		Susie Wilson		Sam Bush's, Perry Co.		Billy Smith & Sam Bush
03 Mar 1906	John Anderson		A. L. Stamper		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Frank Bush & Irvin Cornett
03 Mar 1906	John Anderson 		Alice Riddle		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Frank Bush & Irvin Cornett
13 Mar 1906	Joseph Wells		Mary Belle Walker	Albert Young's, Perry Co.	Robt. Combs (Red) & Albert Young
08 Feb 1906	John Elliott		Rhoda Williams		Harvey Williams', Perry Co.	Arch Cornett & Adam Williams
17 Feb 1906	Sherman Milum		Mat Morris		Sealy Melium's, Perry Co.	Hiram Campbell & A.(?) G. Campbell
Page 47				
__ ___ 1906	Price Witt		Sally Eversole		George Witt's, Perry Co.	E. Campbell & Benj. Couch
03 Feb 1906	Asbury Akeman		Susan Hensley		Harve Hensley's, Perry Co.	John Hensley & Mahala Gambill
10 Feb 1906	William Charles Franklin Nella Jane Sweet	Jerry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	J. L. Johnson & Elic Cornett
01 Feb 1906	George Caudill		Julia Ann Griffith	A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Mattie Riddle & Sarah Coats
05 Apr 1906	Floyd Whidaker		Martha Eversole		Apperson Eversole's, Perry Co.	Apperson Eversole & Eliza Eversole
23 Mar 1906	Robert Lee Hurt		Nannie Belle Hensley	James Drake's, Perry Co.	John H. Combs & Ed S. Hensley
26 Mar 1906	Jason Richie		Rhoda Hall		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		May Cornett & Ira Combs, Jr.
Page 49				
19 Apr 1906	Robert Messer		Martha Combs		Bride's Home, Perry Co.		Chester Combs & Alta Walker
06 Apr 1906	Nicholas Hurt		Sally Davidson		John Davidson's, Perry Co.	H. J. Williams & S. S. Davidson
13 Apr 1906	Hiram Stacy		Rachel Jones		John Jones, Perry Co.		James Combs & Varison Wm. Jones
23 Mar 1906	Granville Spencer	Lillie Allen		Nellie Allen's			Z. T. Allen & Nellie Allen
01 Mar 1906	Berry Riley		Lucy Johnson		James Johnson's, Perry Co.	Ed Combs & Wm. Deaton
20 Mar 1906	Wayne Smith		Nancy Stacy		Bill Stacy's, Perry Co.		James Stacy & Hannah Brewer
22 Apr 1906	George W. Eversole	Geneva Craft		A. H. Campbell's, Perry Co.	J. A. Ward 
18 Apr 1906	Edward Landrum		Franky Campbell		Bob McLemore's, Perry Co.	Bob McLemore& Breck Campbell

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17 May 1906	Nelson Smith		Ellen Spicer		Samuel Spicer's, Breathitt Co.	John Smith, Henry Smith & Shade Spicer
16 Mar 1906	John Eversole		Maggie Stacey		Isaac Farler's, Perry Co.	Fred Combs & George Combs
17 Mar 1906	William Combs 		Josephine Combs		Britt Combs', Perry Co.		Mada M. Combs & Moley Combs
31 May 1906	Samuel C. Colwell	Vins Morgan		J. W. Morgan's, Perry Co.	D. Y. Combs & G. C. Cornett
24 May 1906	Garrett Ingram		Lizzie Eversole		Wolery Eversole's, Perry Co.	Milf(?) McIntosh & John C. McIntosh
06 Jan 1906	William R. Brown 	Lucinda Couch		W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Charley Dehart & Rebecca Hoskins
11 Feb 1906	J. K. P. Turner		Miss Ada Baker		W. J. Baker's, Perry Co.	Dock Fields & Babe Turner
12 Apr 1906	Henry Milum		Sally Baker		W. R. Hoskin's, Perry Co.	Henry Fields & Rebecca Hoskins
Page 57				
21 Apr 1906	Walter Fields		Polly Campbell		Elhanon Campbell's, Perry Co.	Stepheson Standfor & Elhanon Campbell
21 Apr 1906	James Salyers		Lillie Fields		Sholer Fields, Perry Co.	Poke Turner & Polly Standaford
11 Jun 1906	Ira Fields		Hester Jent		A. C. Sumner's, Perry Co.	Jim Sumner & Sally Jent
09 Apr 1906	Jackson Hurt		Abby Feltner		Thomas Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Tobert Ashley & Benjamin
21 Apr 1906	Jackson Spencer		Polly Hudson(?)		Perry Co.			John Spencer & Jeff Colwell
10 Jul 1906	Jeff Fugate		Lucy Feltner		E. F. Fugate's, Perry Co.	William Colwell & Hence Colwell
Page 59				
11 Jul 1906	Floyd Williams		Mary Whitaker		John T. Williams', Perry Co.	Jo David & Jasper Stacy
10 Jul 1906	Elijah Hoskins		Alta Walker		Sam Combs', Perry Co.		Z. M. Hoskins & Eliza Combs
12 Jul 1906	Elihue Colwell		Dora Baker		Henderson Baker's, Perry Co.	Sam Cornett & James Combs
12 Jul 1906	John H. Combs		Clarinda Hurt		John Hurt's, Perry Co.		Liyl(?) Combs 
28 Jul 190?	C. M. Horn		Margaret Couch 		Eli Couch's in Hazard, Ky	Sally Ann Fields & G. W. Howard
02 Aug 1906	Alfred Eversole		Lucy Eversole		Rolan Eversole's, Perry Co. 	Lincoln Eversole & Rolan Eversole
Page 61				
03 Aug 1906	Peter Hill		Abbey Woods		Adam Campbell's, Perry Co.	Jackson Walker & Rolly Walker
28 Jul 1906	Ben Feltner		Hettie Jane Richie	Bill Ritchie's, Perry Co.	James Hurt & Jerry Godsey
04 Aug 1906	James B. Combs		Nancy Martin		Van Combs', Perry Co.		Bill Singleton & Louanna Combs
02 Mar 1906	Elihue Campbell		Ailey Campbell		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Hen Colwell & Birley(?) Campbell
12 Jul 1906	Andrew Browning		Louisa Campbell		Alford Eversole's, Perry Co.	Dock Fields & Andrew Vanover
No Date		Ira Baker		Polly White		Perry Co.			Oliver & Robbert "X" Baker
No Date		Harrison Hamblin	Bertha Morris		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	John Wooton & Wm. Stidham
Page 63				
14 Apr 1906	Floyd Sterlling		Elizabeth Colwell	H. C. Colwell's, Perry Co.	H. C. Colwell & Lize Colwell
02 Aug 190?	Braxton Combs		Mary Belle Dobson	Milly Cornett's, Perry Co.	J. B. Cornett & Jo Brewer
20 Aug 1906	James Baker 		Betty Pennington	Robin Combs', Hazard, Perry Co.	Naish(?) Ingle & Audey Miller
23 Aug 1906	Cleveland Whitaker	Lena Branson		William Branson's, Perry Co.	Henry Hall & Martha Brashear
17 Aug 1906	John Elli(ott) Stidham	Eliza Campbell		Preston Campbell's, Perry Co.	S. C. Begley & H. E. Pennington
13 Jul 1906	Harvey Hall		Elizabeth Cress		L. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Mat Riddle & Harve Holcomb
?? Jul 1906	John Logan		Esther Holcomb		S. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Ira Hogg & J. D. Pratt
22 May 1906	Preston Parson		Fanny Couch		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Thomas Couch & Cinda Caudill
Page 65				
05 Jun 1906	John Cress		Dory Huff		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Malvy Cress & Hettie Stamper
29 Aug 1906	Willie Wiliston		Elizabeth Hoskins	John Hoskins, Perry Co.		Siller Feltner & Adam Feltner
06 Aug 1906	John Howard 		Laura Colwell		Sam Colwell's, Perry Co.	Preston Howard & D. B. Morris
01 Sep 1906	John Fitzpatrick	Maggie Smith		Emma Smith's, Perry Co.		Richmond Combs & John Campbell
01 Jun 1905	John Fields		Della Campbell		Blank				Willie Fields & Garret Lewis
01 Jul 1905	Blank			Blank			My house			Harry Fields & Serena Fields
26 May 1906	Henry Feltner		Jane Hoskins		In the road, Perry Co.		W. M. Hoskins & Brack Hoskins
17 Sep 1906	Jackson Sumner		Mary Greer		Hazard, R. W. Fields, Perry Co.	Sally Fields & Louie Couch
Page 67				
04 Oct 1906	William W. Stacy	Miss Cora Grigsby	Benjamin Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Louise Young & Nancy Stacy
27 Sep 1906	Basil Cornett		Sally Holbrooks		J. R. Browning's, Perry Co.	I. R. Cornett & Hiram Hollbrooks
16 Nov 1906	Edward Miller		Nanie Richie		J. E. Richie's, Perry Co.	J. E. Richie & Tom Richie
10 Nov 1906	James Colwell		Winnie Wooton		Elijah McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Sam Stacy & Green Fugate
13 Nov 1906	Charley Daniel		Molley Fugate		Green Fugate's, Perry Co.	Green Fugate & Catey Fugate
15 Nov 1906	Lewis Gayheart		Arminda Stacy		Levi Stacy's, Perry Co.		Levi Stacy & Samuel Bush
21 Nov 1906	C. D. Combs		Miss Leona Shepherd	Andrew Shepherd's, Perr Co.	John M. Brashears & Arthur R. Cornett
Page 69				
01 Sep 1906	M. C. Napier		Mahala Campbell		E. D. Campbell's, Perry Co.	R. G. Baker & J. G. Campbell
01 Feb 1906	Henry Rice 		Ibe Neace		Her own home, Breathitt Co.	George Bush & Bob Deaton
22 Sep 1906	Frank Bush 		Jane Shepherd		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	John Anderson & Artha R. Cornett
07 Oct 1906	Avery Fields		Mary Caudill		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		R. W. Combs & Martha Combs
05 Oct 190?	Hiram Noble		Betty Miller		Taylor Watts', Perry Co.	Broddie Neace & G. B. Combs
18 Oct 1906	John Sandlin		Liddy Bowling		My house, Perry Co.		Elijah Baker & Houston Riley
07 Nov 1906	James Cornett		Peggy Fitzpatrick	"Peat" Walker's , Perry Co.	George Lyttle, Harry C. Eversole & Della Combs
Page 71				
07 Nov 1906	Harry C. Eversole	Della Combs		"Peat" Walker's, Perry Co.	George Lyttle, James Cornett & Peggy Fitzpatrick
29 Nov 1906	Chester A. Combs	Martha Combs		Elijah Combs', Perry Co.	French Combs & Sis Combs
30 Nov 1906	Ira Allen(?)		Miss Sylvina Harvey	Taylor Watts' store, Perry Co.	G. W. Noble, Jr. & Billy Noble (Little Bill)
29 Nov 1906	Cleveland Combs		Sarah Richie		Dwarf, Perry Co.		Wm. Owens, Rusna Feltner, Wm. Engle
05 Dec 1906	Byod(?) Stamper		Miss Silvia Engle	Wm. Engle's, Perry Co.		Benjamin Engle & Harve Owens
13 Dec 1906	J. A. Gray		Lenora Davis		Floyd Stalling's, Perry Co.	E. C. Fugate & Floyd Stalling
22 Dec 1906	Wilson Fugate		Mary Hall		Nichlas Crawford's, Perry Co.	Joe Walker & Sam Cornett
Page 73				
25 Dec 1906	Silas Feltner		Anny Eversole		Moses Feltner's, Perry Co.	James Eversole & Harrison Couch
01 Jan 1907	Jacob Feltner		Rhoda Jane Fugate	James Stacy's, Perry Co.	James Stacy & E. H. Holiday
16 Dec 1906	V. N. Wooley		Miss Maggie Greer	Dr. J. C. Sumner's, Perry Co.	J. D. Davis & Mrs. Lula Sumner
20 Jan 1907	Wm. Davis		Amanda Fugate		Elijah Campbell's, Perry Co.	Gevade(?) Fields & Polly Campbell
17 Jan 1907	Buddie Stacy 		Bell Feltner		Garret Feltner's, Perry Co.	Jim Brewer & Jim Combs
22 Jan 190?	Harrison Couch		Elizabeth Fugate	Ephraign Couch's, Perry Co.	Wm. Couch & Sally Williams
26 Jan 1907	James Napier		Mary Combs		Ben Grigsby's, Perry Co.	J. P. Brashears & Sally Brashears
Page 75				
26 Jan 1907	J. P. Brashears		Sally Grigsby		Ben Grigsby's, Perry Co.	James Napier & Mary Combs
26 Jan 1907	Marcellious Fugate	Melvina Hall		Wils Fugate's, Perry Co.	Wils Fugate & Mary Fugate
04 Jan 1907	James Cole		Sarah Herald		My Res. Lick Branch, Breathitt	John Turner & Jason Cole
07 Feb 1907	James Campbell		Hester Campbell		Robt. McLamore's, Perry Co.	Robt. McLamore & Manual Campbell
31 Jan 1907	Elisha Baker		Merica Daniel		G. W. Daniel's, Owsley Co.	G. W. Daniel & Irvine Daniel
10 Jan 1907	Elijah White		Mary Sizemore		J. N. Abner's, Perry Co.	Henry Couch & James Baker
03 Jan 1907	Edie Dixon		Melvina Holcomb		Perry Co.			Wm. Ison & D. Ison
Page 77				
29 Jan 1907	William Neace		Catie Neace		Thomas Neace's, Perry Co.	Thos. Neace & Zachariah Neace
27 Feb 1907	Jason C. Combs		Fanny Combs		Jeremiah Combs, Perry Co.	Harrison Creech & Drew Combs
01 Mar 1907	James Stacy		Sally Jent		Wm. Stacy's, Perry Co.		Wm. Stacy & Bell Stacy
28 Feb 1907	James Agustus Ward	Cora A. Johnson		Hazard, Perry Co.		James Eversole, Thomas Bowles, Carrie Combs
31 Jan 1907	Pierce Johnson		Eva Johnson		J. G. Deaton's, Perry Co.	Luther Amis & John Amis
Page 79				
21 Mar 1907	Garfield Burnes		Laura McIntosh		O. B. Gay's, Perry Co.		O. B. Gay & Harrison McIntosh
26 Mar 1907	Ben Fugate		Polly Jane Colwell	Rebeca Fugate's, Perry Co.	Elhannon Colwell & Andrew Combs
04 Apr 1907	Floyd Sizemore		Mary Miller		Wiley Miller's, Perry Co.	Shelby White & Patrick White
03 Apr 1907	John Owens		Rinda Combs		Diall Thacker's, Perry Co.	Polly Combs & Eliza Combs
Page 81				
10 Apr 1907	Granville Williams	Mary Brewer		Perry Co.			Steve Engle & George Engle
15 Apr 1907	Henry Engle		Lyda Engle		S. S. Engle's, Perry Co.	L. F. Engle & H. F. Engle
18 Apr 1907	Robert Hoskins		Hattie Hall		W. R. Hoskin's, Perry Co.	E. H. Hoskins & Harvey Fields
20 Apr 1907	Nicholas Combs		Peggy Strong (Stacy)	Levi Stacy's, Perry Co.		Granville Williams & Mary Williams
10 Apr 1907	Samuel J. Campbell	Susan Hill		E. C. Combs', Perry Co.		Campbell & Cora Evans
12 Mar 1907	James G. Brock		Julia Dixon		Jerry Dixon's, Perry Co.	Jerry Dixon & Wm. Cornett
Page 83				
06 Apr 1907	Walter Cole		Charlott Caudill	Perry Co.			Calaway Holcomb & Others
16 May 1907	J. T. Gambell		Martha Napier		Jane Deaton's , Perry Co.	Jane Deaton & A. J. Hensley
30 May 1907	Charles Dozier		Philis Strong Craford	Mat Richond's, Perry Co.	Mary Combs
13 Jun 1907	Wayne S. Sizemore	Martha Wooton		Buckhorn, Perry Co.		Louise S. Murdock & James Wooton
29 Jun 1907	John A. Duff		Alwildy Begley		Green Begley's, Perry Co.	S. C. Begley & G. C. Begley
08 Jun 1907	Harvey Collins		Mary E. Huff		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Sarieh Hamblin & Joseph Hamblin
Page 85				
30 Jan 1907	Farmer Stacy		Martha Couch		J. N. Oliver's, Perry Co.	E. F. Fugate & A. B. Hoskins
30 Mar 1907	Marshel D. Hoskins	Susan Bowling		Polly Field's, Perry Co.	A. M. Hoskins & Nancy Hoskins
06 Mar 1907	E. W. Wiliston		Laura Hoskins		Thomas Hoskins, Perry Co.	S. H. Fields & John Fields
04 Apr 1907	Jim P. Simpkins		Sarah Combs		M. C. Eversole's, Perry Co.	Wm. Begley & James Colwell
10 Mar 1907	Asberry Huff		Nancy Howard		Jacob Howard's, Perry Co.	Preston Wooton & D. B. Morris
04 Jan 1907	John W. Fields		Dicy Hoskins		Thomas Hoskins', Perry Co.	J. A. Gray & M. C. Hoskins
12 Jul 1907	Thomas Collins		Adelia Campbell		E. D. Campbell's, Perry Co.	John Campbell & Rebecca Couch
Page 87				
24 Jul 1907	Jeremiah P. Dixon	Mary Fields		Wm. Fields', Perry Co.		E. C. Brashears & G. W. Fields
16 Mar 1907	Hence Colwell		Allice Fugate		Henderson Colwell's, Perry Co.	Green Colwell & Henderson Colwell
11 Apr 1902	Joseph Miller		Polly Whitaker		Not Given			Not Given
11 Mar 1907	Alfred Rice		Elizabeth Sandlin	Edward Gay's, Perry Co.		Edward Gay & John Riley
18 Feb 1904	A. P. Campbell 		Martha Fields		John Fields', Perry Co.		James Fields & Belle Standafer
Page 89				
13 Jul 1902	Levi Couch		Rebecca Fugate		Irvin Eversole's, Perry Co.	Lucinda Fugate & Rebecca Couch
04 Jan 1907	Chester Eldridge	Louisa Morris		Press Morris', Perry Co.	Grant Campbell & Press Morris
06 Oct 1906	Henry Campbell		Rebecca Campbell	Perry Co.			Perlina Duff & Mollie Duff
22 Sep 1902	Henry Fields 		Sally Hamblin		Irvin Eversole's, Perry Co.	Polly Campbell & Poppy Stamper
19 Nov 1906	George Baker		Siller Johnson		E. C. Davidson's, Perry Co.	Bettie Davidson & Lois Barker
17 Feb 1904	Lee White		Martha Combs		James Fields', Perry Co.	James Fields & Eliza J. Fields
04 Feb 1904	Logan Allen		Mollie Gambill		Irvin Eversole's, Perry Co.	Pollie Eversole & Elizabeth Feltner
Page 91				
06 May 1902	Samuel Stacy		Popy Couch		Elihue Couch's, Perry Co.	Harrison Couch & Elizabeth Eversole
14 Sep 1906	Joseph Davidson 	Nettie New		Wiley Strong's, Perry Co.	Shelt Strong & D. C. Davidson
29 Jun 1903	Lourenzo Grigsby	Polly Napier		Jeff Duff's, Perry Co.		Jeff Duff & Preston Eversole
07 Oct 1906	E. M. Bolin		Dosha Smith		O. B. Gay's, Perry Co.		O. B. Gay & Louis McIntosh
17 Apr 1906	Charlie Yearry		Elizabeth Begley	Elisha H. Begley's, Breathitt Co.Greenberry Morris & Wm. Bush
07 Dec 1906	Saml. Stidham		Lidda Campbell		Hence Campbell's, Perry Co.	Henry Campbell & Van Campbell
03 Jun 1907	A. B. Fields 		Sally Standafer		Squire Fields', Perry Co.	Elihue Miniard & Dora Fields
25 May 1907	Abner Spencer		Rinda White		Julie Spencer's, Perry Co.	Isabel Bryant & Bets Spencer
Page 93				
27 Apr 1907	Cole Combs		Delia Collins		Perry Co.			Wm. Combs & Hilliard Combs
07 Apr 1907	John S. Campbell	Leathian Morris		D. B. Morris', Perry Co.	Harrison Hamblin & Wm. Stidham
17 Jul 1905	Thomas Stidham		Kate Miller		J. M. Combs', Perry Co.		Mason Miller & Dood Martin
17 Jul 1905	Samuel Terry		Orlena Stacy		Robin Williams', Perry Co.	Bob Williams & Hard Williams
14 Jul 1904	Hose Fuller 		Adeline Combs		H. C. Hensley's, Perry Co.	H. C. Hensley, Margaret Hensley, S. F. Wright
01 Aug 1907	E. S. W. Fields		Dellie Miniard		Wm. Miniard's, Perry Co.	Geo. Fields & Dellie Hoskins
Page 95				
03 Aug 1907	Mason Miller 		Lucy Ann Grigsby	Dwarf, Perry Co.		Jona(?) Miller & others
09 Aug 1907	Davis Fields		Mary Bailey		Rev. H. Fields, Perry Co.	Nelson Fields & Jacob Fields
12 Aug 1907	Thomas Smith		Sarah Jane Jones	Faris Jone's, Perry Co.		Jasper Childers & Nat Combs
20 Jul 1907	Lewis Morris		Polly Deaton		Lewis Morris'			Rebecca Morris & Cora Spicer
10 Jul 1907	Elihu Pratt		Martha Jane Cornett	Ran Cornett's, Perry Co.	R. B. Farler & J. M. Fields
22 Aug 1907	Sherdin Feltner		Martha Messer		Rubin Messer's, Perry Co.	Rubin Messer & Joe Feltner
Page 97				
21 Aug 1907	Carlow Combs		Mary Ann Brashear	Ira Combs, Perry Co.		Geo. Spicer & Alexander Spicer
01 Jul 1907	Alex Spicer		Cora Morris		J. D. Burton's, Perry Co.	L. A. Morris
07 Aug 1907	Samuel Stidham		Elizabeth Hutchison	Morris Stidham's, Perry Co.	Morris Stidham & Huston Campbell
30 Jul 1907	C. E. Campbell		Sarah Jane Fields	John Campbell's, Perry Co.	Green C. Begley & Joseph Hamlin
30 Jul 1907	H. E. Pennington	Mary Elen Campbell	John Campbell's, Perry Co.	Green C. Begley & Joseph Hamlin
04 Jul 1907	Henderson Williams	Elizabeth Spencer	Irvin William's, Perry Co.	Irvin Williams & Vard Duff
Page 99				
15 Aug 1907	Jahue Combs		Elizabeth Morris	Samuel Herald's, Breathitt Co.	Robt. Herald & Wm. Combs
17 Jul 1907	John A. Johnson		Lillie Baker		Isaac Baker's, Breathitt Co.	Martin Sizemore & Lucy Johnson
28 Jun 1907	H. C. Davidson		Nannie Stacy		Wm. Stacy's, Perry Co.		Wm. Stacy & Silas Stacy
18 Jul 1907	Felix Herald		Anna Maze		Jessee Maze's, Breathitt Co.	Daniel Turner & T. T. Herald
01 Aug 1907	John C. Stamper		Adline Engle		Ben Engle's, Perry Co.		Silas Gayhart & Mary Ann Engle
07 Aug 1907	Henry C. Fields		Sally Ann Grigsby	Losson Noble's, Perry Co.	Samuel Napier & Rufus Fields
14 Apr 1907	Robert Spicer		Salie Turner		W. L. Clair's, Breathitt Co.	Martha Clair & Jennia(?) Turner
06 Aug 1907	Nesby Colwell		Sally Fugate		Perry Co.			Polly Fugate & Prudy Fugate
Page 101				
21 Mar 1907	Joseph Hamblin		Polly Hoskins		Joseph Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Dutch Napier & John Campbell
22 Dec 1906	Samuel Raleigh		Elizabeth Combs		Wm. Combs', Breathitt Co.	Wm. Combs & Hugh Combs
14 Jul 1907	Crit Byrd		Ellen Begley		E. Spencer's, Oswley Co.	James Stidham & A. J. Spencer
15 Aug 1907	Robert Baker		Lucy Oliver		W. M. Baker's, Perry Co.	Henry Couch & Billy Baker
03 Sep 1907	William Campbell	Rebecca Fugate		Wm. Fugate's, Perry Co.		Wm. Fugate & Betty Fugate
05 Sep 1907	John G. Combs		Vina Campbell		Vina Campbell's, Perry Co.	Granville Fields & Vina Campbell
11 Sep 1907	John S. Combs		Nancy Fugate		Wilson Fugate's, Perry Co.	Elhannan Crawford & Kindrick Combs
17 Sep 1907	Stephen Webb		Hattie Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Ida Combs, Dora Howard, Maud Petrey
Page 103				
27 Sep 1907	John M. Brashear	Emma Jones		J. P. Combs', Perry Co.		James Hurt & Peggy Godsey
09 Sep 1907	Robt. Lovins		Cora Whitaker		On Campbell's Creek, Perry Co.	Brown Johnson
04 Aug 1907	Jesse Couch		Tilda Barger		Perry Co.			Jesse Spurlock & Anderson D. Gay
22 Oct 1907	B. H. Garrett		Susan Allen		George Allen's, Perry Co.	Dan Miller & Marion Campbell
20 Sep 1907	Charley Baker		Mary Stidham		Joseph Stidham's, Breathitt Co.	Jason Deaton, Joseph Stidham & Akeman
26 Oct 1907	T. P. Grigsby		Eliza Combs		The Bride's home, Perry Co.	Arch Cornett & Beecher Combs
09 Nov 1907	Henry Shepherd		Iney Bell Fields	Hiram Field's, Perry Co.	John H. Fields & Jacob Fields
Page 105				
13 Nov 1907	Henry Baker		Florence Combs		Bob Comb's, Perry Co.		Shilo Sally & James Cornett
28 Nov 1907	Matt Combs		Mayo Childers		Jasper Childer's, Perry Co.	Saml. Jones & Jim Combs
07 Dec 1907	Hiram Sizemore		Maggie Morris		Asberry Sizemore's, Perry Co.	Nancy Noble & Nancy Jane Stacy
20 Nov 1907	John Walker 		Sally Cornett		R. Field's, Perry Co.		J. P. Combs & Martha Fields
07 Oct 1907	Harrison Eversole	Carry Alice Grigsby	H. G. Grigsby's, Perry Co.	H. G. Grigsby & Eliza Grigsby
17 Jul 1907	James Caudill		Nan Hammons		Stephen Pratt's, Perry Co.	Drucilla & Rebecca Pratt
20 Jun 1907	Harrison Brown		Malinda Pratt		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Wesley & Calaway Brown
Page 107				
12 Oct 1907	Willie Sandlin		Anna Jones		Abram Boling's, Perry Co.	W. M. Eversole & Hiram Boling
22 Sep 1907	Joseph Couch		Nancy E. Sloan		In Gap of Mtn near J. M. Hall's	P. W. C. Hall 
08 Nov 1907	Samuel Hall		Polly Ann Fields	H. B. Field's, Perry Co.	John Asher & Monroe Fields
05 Jun 1907	Hiram Pratt		Martha Watts		Ison Eldridge's, Perry Co.	Henry Pratt & John Spencer
11 Nov 1907	Stewart Hammons		Sallie Pratt		John Pratt's, Perry Co.		Hiram & Willie Pratt
19 Oct 1907	Quinton Caudill		Mary Hammons		Judge Hammon's Hse, Perry Co.	Henry Hall & Sallie Pratt
13 Dec 1907	Polean(Napolean)Napier	Sally Ann Crawford	Bride's home, Perry Co.		A. B. Combs & R. H. Napier
24 Dec 1907	K. K. Davis		Sally Campbell		J. W. Walker's, Perry Co.	Sam Boggs & Polly Walker
Page 109				
21 Oct 1907	James Combs		Abby Hall		Richard Hall's, Perry Co.	Moses Adams & Felix Brashears
17 Aug 1907	Preston Howard		Cora Colwell		Hence Colwell's, Perry Co.	Henry Colwell & Preston Wooton
23 Dec 1907	Jordan Fields		Rhoda Jent		James Jones', Perry Co.		Tompson Combs & Ella Sumner
15 Dec 1907	Robert Bush		Dora Farler		Wm. Bush's, Breathitt Co.	Sallie Howard & Wm. Bush
28 Dec 1907	Nathaniel Neace		Amy Allen		George Allen's, Perry Co.	Mary(?) Noble & Gran Noble
07 Dec 1907	Andrew Combs		Rodah Hamblin		James Hamblin's, Perry Co.	G. C. Colwell & E. C. Hoskins
24 Dec 1907	Samuel Johnson		Lily Bell Combs		Crage Combs', Breathitt Co.	John B. Combs, Dutch Burton & George Johnson
19 Dec 1907	Robbin Morris		Dora Bell Anderson	Orville Anderson's, Perry Co.	John Smith & Henry Smith
Page 111				
11 Jan 1908	James Noble		Arena Neace		Alexander Noble's, Perry Co.	Jacob Neace & Billie Noble
?? ??? 190?	George White		Mary White		Thomas White's, Perry Co.	Lee White & Thos. White
12 Mar 1907	Charley Hickman		Roa Spencer		Lewis Spencer's, Perry Co.	Daniel Duff & I. J. Duff
15 Feb 1907	Walker Greer		Evolee Johnson		T. F. Johnson's, Perry Co.	T. F. Johnson & J. D. Colwell
09 Dec 1907	Neddy McIntosh		Nancy Miller		Miller's			Geo. White
08 Dec 1907	Wm. Elderidge		Sally White		E. Hamblin's, Perry Co.		J. G. Fields & I. J. Duff
17 Aug 1907	Preston Howard		Cora Colwell		Hence Colwell's, Perry Co.	Henry Colwell & Preston Wooton
Page 113				
24 Jan 1908	Samp Combs		Ella Sumner		James Sumner's, Perry Co.	W. B. Combs & James Jones
23 Jan 1908	James Monroe Blair	Matilda Mullins		J. J. Mullin's, Perry Co.	J. J. Brashear & Jesse Blair
27 Jan 1908	Pat Logan		Mary Cornett		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Irvin Brown & Bill Cornett
28 Jan 1908	W. R. Dixon		Sally McIntire		Richmond McIntire's, Perry Co.	Watson Dixon & Jerry Dixon
20 Jan 1908	Joseph Lee Combs	Betty Jane Hall		Betty Jane Hall's, Perry Co.	Charley & Irvin Brown
13 Feb 1908	William Green 		Tilda Campbell		P. C. Napier's, Perry Co.	P. C. Napier & Pollie Napier
07 Feb 1908	Taylor Whitaker		Mary Oliver		D.B. Sally's Barber Shp, Perry  H. T. Crawford & Cal Miller
03 Mar 1908	W. B. Farler		Mary Fields		Henry B. Fields', Perry Co.	Samuel Hall & Wm. Caudill
Page 115				
21 Feb 1908	Richard Combs		Sinda Jones		Heromy Combs', Perry Co.	Heromy Combs & Polly Combs
21 Feb 1908	James Fields		Maggie Collins		Perry Co.			Harvey Collins & Mary Collins
22 Feb 1908	John Colwell		Mary Bell Fugate	Lige Fields', Perry Co.		Bell Colwell & Bill Hoskins
25 Feb 1908	Elihue Williams		Sytha Fugate		McCagger Fugate's, Perry Co.	McCager Fugate & John Williams
07 Mar 1908	Finley Boling		Nannie Abner		Wm. Abner's, Perry Co.		James Hacker & Joseph Eversole
27 Feb 1908	Floyd Fugate		Polly Ann Noble		R. C. Baker's, Perry Co.	Shilo Sally & Cal Miller
27 Feb 1908	Johnie Watts		Sally Noble		Delie Noble's, Perry Co.	John Noble
06 Mar 1908	Robin Couch		Mary Greer		Nancy Ann Stacy's, Perry Co.	Jim Collins & Mary Collins
Page 117				
10 Mar 1908	Andy Holcomb		Margaret Fields		Monroe Banks', Perry Co.	Sy Combs & Enoch Polly
12 Mar 1908	Jeff Hoskins		Susan Stidham		H. C. Stidham's, Perry Co.	H. W. Couch & Thomas Campbell
11 Mar 1908	Bud Fields		Betty Couch		Polly Couch's, Perry Co.	Stephen Stidham & Bob Sizemore
11 Mar 1908	Jefferson Colwell	Maud Combs		James Davidson's, Perry Co.	D. Y. Combs & M(?) C(?) Eversole
26 Mar 1908	Ray Campbell		Martha Holcomb		Vina Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Henry Pratt & John D. Pratt
25 Sep 1907	Caly Napier		Matilda Baker		Perry Co.			Cloa Napier & Minne Baker
16 Dec 1907	James Grigsby		Eliza Belcher		Perry Co.			No Witnesses
Page 119				
25 Dec 1907	E. L. Campbell		Susan Campbell		James Campbell's, Perry Co.	Ira Duff & Bal Campbell
25 Mar 1908	James Evans		Mary Belle Godsey	John Godsey's, Perry Co.	John D. Combs & Margaret Cornett
24 Mar 1908	Frank Campbell		Susan Couch		Wm. Couch's, Perry Co.		Bill Colwell & Berry Fugate
22 Apr 1908	Linville Miller		Delila Noble		Andrew Noble's, Perry Co.	Samuel Noble & Marian Miller
30 Mar 1908	Samuel Neace		Susan Hughs		Mouth of Ten Mile, Perry Co.	Taylor Watts & Rachel Watts
03 Apr 1908	Luther Campbell		Jane Logan		Judith Logan's, Perry Co.	Joseph Holcomb & Newton Cornett
10 Apr 1908	Elias Sheppard		Tilda J. Shepherd	Cranse Shepherd's, Perry Co.	Corda & Bertha Shepherd
02 May 1907	Martin Morris		Martha Spicer		John Smith's, Perry Co.		Henry Smith & Mary Smith
Page 121				
02 Mar 1907	Taulby Fields		Mahala Colwell		Morris Colwell's, Perry Co.	I. B. Campbell & Henry Fields
23 Feb 1907	G. W. Johnson		Malinda Amis		Ans Amis', Perry Co.		Lee Gay & John S. Gay
?? ??? 1906	Andy Burton		Betty Thompson		A. J. Eversole's, Breathitt Co.	? Eversole & Albert Spicer
20 Feb 1907	Wm. Hoskins		Sarah E. Stidham	Hiram Stidham's, Perry Co.	Woodson Fields & Hiram Stidham
07 Apr 1906	Mahlon Holliday		Nancy Jones		Robert Combs', Perry Co.	K. C. Combs & Elic Couch
05 Feb 1906	John Woods		Mandy McIntosh		Sary Cornett's, Owsley Co.	Elac Caudill & Elac Richardson
23 Apr 1906	Emery Napier		Eliza J. Campbell	C. C. Duff's, Perry Co.		C. C. Duff & Lacy Campbell
30 Jun 1906	Mack Campbell		Susan Campbell		John Campbell's, Perry Co.	John Campbell & Ed Campbell
Page 123				
13 Jul 1906	Henry Hall		Elizabeth Cress		L. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Mat Riddle & Harvie Holcomb
28 Mar 1907	Joseph Gum 		Martha Cornett		Green A. Cornett's, Perry Co.	Green A. Cornett & James Bailey
08 Feb 1907	Rufus Fields		Eliza Napier		Wm. Napier's, Perry Co.		S. H. Davidson & McCager Grigsby
02 Apr 1907	Alfred Burnes		Martha Gilbert		Perry Co.			E. M. Bolin & Noah Gay
07 May 1907	Wm. Thomas 		Winie Allen		George Allen's, Perry Co.	George Allen & Mrs. George Allen
13 Apr 1907	Noah Burnes		Arkey Gilbert		Perry Co.			Miliard Burnes & Felix Gilbert
11 Apr 1908	John Williams		Polly Couch		M. C. Feltner's, Perry Co	M. C. Feltner & Green Baker
Page 125				
21 Apr 1908	Henry Combs		Peggy Godsey		John Godsey's, Perry Co.	A. B. Combs, Jr. & Polly Ann Brashear
18 Apr 1908	Edward Turner		Ginnie Turner		Edward Turner's, Breathitt Co.	H.C. May & Robin Turner
17 Apr 1908	Henry Wells		Mary Belle Couch	M. Couch's, Perry Co.		Malvry Couch & Alcy Couch
14 May 1908	Phillip W. Hall		Sally Jent		Thos Jent's, Perry Co.		Jeff Walker & Susan Jent
09 May 1908	Riley Stacy		Nannie Messer		R. M. Jent's, Perry Co.		R.M. Messer & Wayne Walker
26 Jun 1907	Edward Griffith		Dellah Huff		Wm. Huff's, Perry Co.		Boone Corrnett & Bertha Logan
20 May 1908	Monroe Grigsby		Susan Noble		Thos Grigsby's			Wheeler Feltner & Geo. Smith
Page 127				
25 May 1908	Pearl Campbell		Spicie Baker		Hazard				Allen Deaton & Flora Owens
05 Jun 1908	Chester Williams	Bessie Deaton		John Deaton's, Perry Co.	Van Campbell & Ben Deaton
07 Jun 1908	Samuel Allen		Jennie Guinn		Fletch Guinn's, Perry Co.	John W. Combs & John Noble
15 Jun 1908	Elhannon Shepherd	Sarah Couch		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Caleb & Rebecca Bailey
18 Jun 1908	Noah Miller		Mary Smith		Jerry Smith's, Perry Co.	Wm. Napier & Samuel Napier
09 Jun 1908	Willie Pruitt		Millie Cole		Samuel Herald's. Breathitt Co.	Jack Cole & Wm. Herald
24 Apr 1908	Robert F. Gambill	Callie Maud Rose	Joseph Duff's, Perry Co.	J. C. Duff & Wm. G. Duff
10 Apr 1908	Jacob Napier		Mary Belle Campbell	Wollery Campbell's, Perry Co.	Wollery Campbell & Jarrat Campbell
Page 129				
04 Apr 1908	James Tayler		Mattie Smith		Lewis Smith's, Perry Co.	Doc Smith & Joe Smith
11 Jul 1908	Granvill Watts		Elva Strong		John Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	Wm. New & Granville White
11 Jul 1908	Milo Campbell		Malinda Baker		Dan Baker's, Perry Co.		James Baker & Mina Baker
04 Jul 1908	J. W. Childers		Rusha Feltner		Ike Feltner's, Perry Co.	James Combs & Andy Napier
19 Jul 1908	Jesse Williams		Orlenia Holliday	Lewis Holliday's, Perry Co.	T. G. Napier & Sam Fugate
Page 131				
21 Jul 1908	Morton Haddix		Mary Spencer		Ed Whitaker's, Perry Co.	Ray Hensley & Colson Williams
23 May 1908	Harrison Boling		Betty Begley		Granville Begley's, Perry Co	Ambros Boling & Joe Begley
25 Jun 1908	Wm. Deaton		Nancy Akemon		John Akemon's, Breathitt Co.	John Davidson & Bitha Hacker
_ ___ 190_	Chester Oliver		Rebecca Colwell		Wm. Stout's, Perry Co.		Wm. Stout & Wm. Oliver
22 Jul 1908	John Henry Wells	Mary Grace		Elihu Wells's, Perry Co.	Elly Ann Brashear & Henry Cornett
22 Jul 1908	Floyd Noble		Elizabeth Campbell	Irvin Eversole's, Perry Co.	M. C. Feltner & Elizabeth Feltner
23 Jul 1908	J. T. Young		Julian Campbell		Perry Co.			Roof Hammond & Sally Campbell
23 Jul 1908	R. B. Smith		Nancy Combs		Jerry Combs's, Perry Co.	Ben Engle & Richard Gayheart
Page 133				
16 Apr 1908	Z. H. Campbell		Sally Campbell		John L. Combs', Perry Co.	John Neace & John Campbell
29 Jul 1908	Robert Gum		Minnie Cornett		Wm. Cornett's, Perry Co.	J. E. Harrison & Dora Cornett
29 Jul 1908	Dougue Browning		Martha Bedwell		Wm. Pratt's, Perry Co.		Wm. Pratt & Jane Pratt
08 Aug 1908	George Hurt		Alice Combs		Leslie Standafer's, Perry Co.	George Oliver & Stephen Standafer
13 Aug 1908	Willie Napier		Bethany Campbell	Wilson Campbell's, Perry Co.	Zack Neace & Austin Godsey
13 Apr 1907	Monore Banks		Mary Ann Halcomb	Andy Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Silas Banks & Matt Ritchie
08 Aug 1908	William Miller		Susan Alice Combs	Leslie Standafer's, Perry Co.	George Oliver & Stephen Standafer
Page 135				
11 Sep 1908	Hezekiah Brashear	Ora Holcomb		Vina Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Vina & Dora Holcomb
11 Jul 1908	Robert Frost		Jane Fields		James Colwell's, Perry Co.	C. E. Campbell & S. P. Campbell
16 Apr 1908	Stephen P. Napier	Cella Holmes		John Holmes's, Perry Co.	Daniel Duff & George Napier
28 Feb 1908	George Baker		Rachel White		Isaac Baker's, Perry Co.	H. C. Duff & Isaac Baker
28 Mar 1908	George Witt		Armina Hensley		C. S. Spencer's, Perry Co.	R. L. Spencer & Will Stout
04 Jul 1907	Robert Spencer		Molly Gambill		Wm. Duff's, Perry Co.		Wm. Duff & Joe Spencer
17 Aug 1908	Daniel Cole		Vina Neace		Jack Neace's, Perry Co.		None listed
08 Aug 1908	Goodson Ingrum		Alice Deaton		Robert Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	None listed
Page 137				
14 Mar 1908	Elisha Sandlin		Martha Morris		Jerry Morris's, Perry Co.	Ambrose Bowling & Joe Sandlin
27 Sep 1908	Sylvester Stacy		Eliza Jane Gayheart	Zachey Fugate's, Perry Co.	Patrick Fugate & Zachey Fugate
01 Oct 1908	Dan Spencer		Elizabeth Stamper	Dwarf, Perry Co.		Press Miller & Polly Stacy
03 Oct 1908	James H. Elam		Rebecca Jane Colwell	Jim Colwell's, Perry Co.	S. D. Banks & Polie An Campbell
06 Oct 1908	Hargis Yearry		Bertha Morris		Jasper Morris's, Perry Co.	L. J. Morris & Dora Bell Morris
03 Oct 1908	John L. Stacy		Orleana Milum		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	John M. Colwell & Lige White
28 Jul 1908	Wm. Preston Eldridge	Sophia Farmer		Hiram Fields', Perry Co.	John H. Fields & Jordon Fields
28 Jul 1908	John Farmer		Dora Eldridge		Hiram Fields', Perry Co.	John H. Fields & Jordon Fields
Page 139				
02 Oct 1908	Fulton Crawford		Hattie Godsey		John Godsey's, Perry Co.	John Caudill & Minty Combs
21 Oct 1908	Harrison Collins	Elvira Jackson		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	John A. Jackson & Geo. Oliver
08 Oct 1908	Hiram Morris		Arlena Oliver		James Oliver's, Perry Co.	Henry Stidham & Roy Campbell
11 Nov 1908	Joe Napier		Martha Smith		Jeremiah Smith's		Olive Napier & Sam Napier
14 Nov 1908	Alphan? Elder		Ollie Goldsmith		Lee Goldsmith's, Perry Co.	Lee Scott & Bettie Campbell
26 Apr 1908	R. Lee Daniel		Susan Ison		Jonah Ison's, Perry Co.		Grant Ison & Frank Cornett
20 Nov 1908	Goodloe Davidson	Geo. Ann Davidson	Daniel Davidson's, Perry Co.	Alfred D. Noble & Brinton Davidson
25 Nov 1908	Ambrose Bowling		Amanda Morris		Jerry Morris', Perry Co.	Samuel Morris & Bradley Bailey
Page 141				
22 Nov 1908	Daniel Crawford		Martha Grigsby		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Talt Combs & Sam Cornett
20 Nov 1908	Joe Smith		Jane Combs		Billy Baker's, Hazard		Bee Combs & Adam Campbell
21 Nov 1908	Curtis Campbell		Flora Evans		Church House, Perry Co.		Eli Pratt & J. P. Caudill
27 Nov 1908	Alexander Ashley	Lucy Brewer		Wm. Brewer's, Perry Co.		James Stacy & Wm. Ritchie
24 Nov 1908	Henry Brewer		Jennie Grigsby		Hazard				Sarah Fields & Martha Fields
01 Dec 1908	Harrison Eversole	Rebecca Couch		Elihue Couch's, Perry Co.	Wils Fields & Wiley Couch
10 Sep 1908	John H. Campbell	Mary E. Smith		Sch. Hou, Lil Leatherwood,Perry John Smith & Grant Stamper
28 Nov 1908	James O. Combs		Jennie Bowling		Hazard				Elizabeth E. Combs & Ira J. Combs
Page 143				
27 Jul 1907	Farmer Campbell		Lillie Bell Baker	Dan Baker's, Perry Co.		James Baker & Will Napier
11 Dec 1908	Hiram Campbell		Manda Milam		Bird Combs's, Perry Co.		Clayborn Combs & John M. Colwell
18 Dec 1908	P. H. Hall		Mary Shepherd		Riley Shepherd's, Perry Co.	Press & Clarinda Whitaker
20 Dec 1908	Robert Combs		Arminda Combs		Ira Combs's store, Perry Co.	C. C. Hall & Caroline Evans
30 Jul 1908	John Herald		Phroney Sebastian	Blank	None listed
24 Dec 1908	William Feltner		Fannie Combs		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Matt Walker & Jas. Feltner
25 Dec 1908	J. R. Stacy		Isabel Hurt		Isaac Hurt's, Perry Co.		Isaac Hurt & wife
26 Dec 1908	James Duff		Sally Combs		Nancy Ann Stacy's, Perry Co.	Garrett Homb? & Laura Stacy
Page 145				
24 Dec 1908	Silas Gayhart		Nancy Engle		Benjamin Engle's, Perry Co.	Jason Combs & Nathaniel Smith
19 Nov 1908	John Baker		Margaret Bush		Wm Bush's, Breathitt Co.	John M. Davidson & Thos. Farler
06 Jan 1909	Kelly Back		Polly Ann Cornett	Woolery Campbell's, Perry Co.	W. Campbell & G. W. Johnson
07 Jan 1909	J. S. Davidson		Ella Davidson		Henry Davidson's, Perry Co.	A. J. Williams & Wm. G. Duff
12 Jan 1909	S. H. Campbell		Mollie Williams		Boyd Campbell's, Perry Co.	Boyd Campbell & John C. Campbell
12 Jan 1909	Pearl Cornett		Iva Cornett		Alvin Evans's, Perry Co.	Alvin Evans & Lonie Evans
31 Dec 1908	Ira J. Duff		Laura Napier		Robt. Napier's, Perry Co.	E. S. Duff & H. P. Duff
18 Jan 1909	Shadrach Stacy		Elfia Day		Wm. Stacy's, Perry Co.		Wm. Stacy & James Stacy
Page 147				
12 Jan 1909	John Fields		Debby Campbell		Ed Campbell's, Perry Co.	Walter Fields & Susan Campbell
22 Jan 1909	Elijah Campbell		Martha Couch		Wm. Couch's, Perry Co.		John McIntosh & Troy Couch
16 Jan 1909	James Dixon		Rebecca Young		At the county line, Perry Co.	Isaac Young & James Young
04 Feb 1909	Nelson Caudill		Amanda Farler		Wm. Farler's, Perry Co.		Bob Farler & John Farler
03 Feb 1909	Austin Russell		Alace Hoskins		W. R. Hoskins's, Perry Co.	Serena Fields & Elliott Wilison
08 Feb 1909	Charles Campbell	Susie Colwell		Rebecca Colwell's, Perry Co.	E. C. Jones & Harry Fields
13 Feb 1909	T. L. Carder		Stella Stacy		F. S. Stacy's, Perry Co.	Charles Gray & M. C. Hoskins
Page 149				
06 Mar 1909	Talton Combs		Gracie Baker		Hazard				Clyda Baker & Preston Brashear
06 Mar 1909	Warner Roark		Cora Combs		Polly Ann Roark's, Perry Co.	Brack Combs & A. J. Sumner
13 Mar 1909	Jeremiah Neace		Emeline Noble		Alex Noble's, Perry Co.		A. S. Noble & G. W. Noble
26 Mar 1909	Berry Neace		Ibby Neace		"My house", Perry Co.		Thos Mullins & Joseph Mullins
12 Mar 1909	J. R. Combs		Sophia Cornett		Arch Cornett's, Perry Co.	Talton Combs & Gracie Combs
18 Mar 1909	John Vermillion		Mallie Couch		Wm Couch's, Perry Co.		Ira McIntosh & Cora Horn
30 Mar 1909	Irvin Campbell		Jane Williams		Joe Campbell's, Perry Co.	Joe Campbell & Charles Campbell
01 Apr 1909	Daw Fugate		Rebecca Messer		A. J. Dobson's, Perry Co.	James Fugate & Wesley Fugate
Page 151				
15 Mar 1909	Harlan Burton		Rhoda Riley		Granvill Riley's, Breathitt Co.	Alfred Strong & Curt New
14 Mar 1909	Henry Colley		Gemima Cole		Samuel Herald's, Breathitt Co.	______ Cole & Jason Cole
22 Apr 1909	Russell Sizemore	Anna Combs		Richard Combs's, Perry Co.	Andrew Hurt & James Dobson
21 Apr 1909	Eli H. Brashear		Mrs. Rachel Owen	ChapelHill, Bapt.Inst., Hazard	______ Jones & Anna Johnson
09 May 1909	Wilson Eversole		Cassie Browning		Wm Couch's, Perry Co.		Elijah Campbell & Charley Morgan
16 May 1909	Samuel Holliday		Evaline Campbell	Lewis Feltner's, Perry Co.	Crusoe Holliday & Wayne Feltner
Page 153				
03 Apr 1909	John Hensley		Elvira Crawford		John Hurt's, Perry Co.		Henry Crawford & Appie Hurt
03 Apr 1909	Robert Feltner		Jane Standafer		M. H. Standafer's, Perry Co.	Ben Creech & Elijah Campbell
06 May 1909	Henry Cornett		Polly Ann Brashear	W. Combs's, Perry Co.		J. P. Combs & Annie
__ May 1909	Gabe Fugate		Jane Richie		A. J. Dobson's, Perry Co.	Franklin Combs & Hiram Fugate
22 May 1909	Charley Gray		Laura Stacy		F. S. Stacy's, Perry Co.	Susan Stacy & Emma Campbell
07 Apr 1909	Luther Amis		Martha Johnson		Granville Johnson's, Perry Co.	A. C. Johnson & R. D. Johnson
04 Apr 1909	John B. Smith		Tymandary Spicer	Ans Amis's, Perry Co.		Anderson Amis & Sally Amis
09 Apr 1909	Jno C. Amis		Dorcas Sandlin		Wm. Sandlin's, Perry Co.	J. B. Smith & Steve Sandlin
Page 155				
26 May 1909	Filmore McIntosh	Mary Sandlin		Bob Baker's, Perry Co.		Bob Baker & Spicie Campbell
27 May 1909	Irvin Smith		Ennzalia? Grigsby	Irvin Smith's, Perry Co.	Frankie Smith & Sallie Williams
31 May 1909	Joseph Hamblin		Polly Hoskins		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Isaac Hamblin & Sarah Hamblin
01 Jun 1909	Jeffie Fugate		Sallie Collins		Lee Collins', Perry Co.		Lee Collins & Bud Engle
14 Jun 1909	Benjamin Ashley		Rosia Combs		Stark Godsey's, Perry Co.	Stark Godsey & Mary Ann Godsey
03 Jun 1909	Jasper B. Morris	Cora Deaton		Lewis Morris', Perry Co.	Jerry Morris & Delia Deaton
21 Jun 1909	Green W. Strong		Eliza B. Little		Elhanen Combs', Perry Co.	John D. Spencer & Elhanen Combs
26 Jun 1909	Bud Engle		Rushie Williams		Elmer? Williams', Perry Co.	Mandy Williams & Charley Couch
Page 157				
24 Jul 1909	Henry Caudill		Jane Caudill		Steve Caudill's, Perry Co.	John S. Combs & John Pratt
22 Jul 1909	Martin Clemons		Debby Williams		Irvin Williams', Perry Co.	Irvin Williams & Elihew Williams
29 Jul 1909	John G. Noble		Susan Guinn		Fletcher Guinn's, Perry Co.	Joe Campbell & Wm. Wilson
27 Jul 1909	Cleveland Collins	George Ann Stamper	Thee Combs', Perry Co.		John Dobson & James Walker
12 Aug 1909	Goodloe Smith		Leaner Brewer		Dwarf, Perry Co.		S. B. Richie & Rile Grigsby
11 Aug 1909	William Lusk		Lizzie Whitaker		Vina Holcomb's, Perry Co.	James & Roy Campbell
08 Aug 1909	Green Combs		Vina Jones		A. J. Dobson's, Perry Co.	Banner? Short & Biram Smith
Page 159				
20 Aug 1909	John S. Feltner		Nancy M. Stacy		Clerk's Office, Perry Co.	Joe Feltner & Alber Engle
19 Aug 1909	Noah Noble		Lucy Stacy		Nancy Noble's, Perry Co.	Green B. Stacy & Billie Smith
26 Aug 1909	Joe Walker		Rhoda Jent		Joe Duff's, Perry Co.		Jerry Walker, Joe Duff & Mrs. Ira Cornett
04 Jun 1909	Nathaniel Engle		Cendesta? Green		Irvin Caudill's, Perry Co.	Irvin Caudill & Byrd Hall
22 Jun 1909	Wm. Engle		Laura Campbell		Mose Caudill's, Perry Co.	Irvin Caudill & Lourania? J. Hall
21 Apr 1909	Audley A. Cornett	Elizabeth Caudill	A. A. Cornett's, Perry Co.	J. B. Back & Julia Back
17 Mar 1909	Johnie Holcomb		Mollie Young		Anderson Ison's, Perry Co.	Anderson Ison & Henry Frazier
Page 161				
26 Aug 1909	John Singleton		Sally Campbell		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		Alex McIntire & Artma? Hall
36 Aug 1909	Irvine Caudill		Eliza Holcomb		Irvin Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Lee & Finley Holcomb
26 Jun 1909	Audley Bush		Azine Shepherd		A. L. Stamper's, Perry Co.	Marion & Caroline Caudill
__ Jul 1909	Hiram Whitaker		Carrie Campbell		Bill Campbell's, Perry Co.	James & Bill Campbell
06 Mar 1909	William Wooton		Mary Stidham		Tailer? Stidham's, Perry Co.	Isaac Stidham & Millard Stidham
18 Mar 1909	John A. Clair		Cora Stidham		Ellen Stidham's, Breathitt Co.	C. B. Stidham & William Wooton
10 May 1909	Andrew Colwell		Dora Colwell		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Neshy Colwell & Polly Colwell
22 Sep 1909	Robert Combs		Lucy Pennington		Alex Cornett's, Perry Co.	Ora Cornett & Sally Cornett
Page 163
18 Sep 1909	Drew Hensley		Mahala Napier		Delilah Napier's, Perry Co.	Thos. Neace & Granvill Fugate
23 Sep 1909	Willie Napier		Martha Francis		Daniel Francis', Perry Co.	Fannie? Francis? & Pollie Napier
01 Oct 1909	Luther Cornett		Lydia Fugate		Dwarf, Perry Co.		Angeline Owens & Hester Conley
16 Oct 1909	Steve Standafer		Sarah Baker		Dan Baker's, Perry Co.		Buck Fields & Green Fugate
29 Sep 1909	Alfred Eversole		Nancy Alace Combs	Mahlon Standafer's, Perry Co.	Mahlon Standafer & Irvin Eversole
07 Oct 1909	W. J. Childers		Malicia Richie		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mat Dixon & Sam Ward
Page 165				
22 Oct 1909	William Grigsby		Rachel Smith		Hazard, Perry Co.		Wm. Engle (only name listed)
03 Nov 1909	John Stidham		Polly White		John Stidham's, Perry Co.	Jim Stidham & Bill Miller
02 Nov 1909	Shebey White		Susan Miller		John Stidham's, Perry Co.	Jim Stidham & Bill Miller
09 Nov 1909	James Begley		Mary Begley		John Colwell's, Perry Co.	Viney Colwell & Pearly Colwell
24 Nov 1905	Farmer J. Eversole	Cassie Morgan		Hazard, Perry Co.		A. M. Gross & M. C. Eversole
25 Nov 1909	John Campbell		Melda Eversole		 _____ Eversole's, Perry Co.	Charley Williams & Joseph Hamblin
23 Nov 1909	Allen Fugate		Malva Campbell		Preston Campbell's, Perry Co.	C. E. Campbell & John E. Stidham
Page 167				
23 Nov 1909	Arch Cornett, Jr.	Cappie Combs		At the bride's home, Perry Co.	Drue Combs & S. B. Holliday
25 Nov 1909	John Edward		Juda Campbell		A. L. Campbell's, Perry Co.	A. L. Campbell & Thos. Campbell
27 Nov 1909	Roscoe Goldsmith	Annie Newberry		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mrs. C. G. Bowman & Elhanan Cornett
02 Dec 1909	Lewis McIntosh		Eva Ingram		Ellen Riley's, Perry Co.	Isaac McIntosh & Polly A. McIntosh
29 Nov 1909	Garret Horne		Cynda Couch		James Duff's, Perry Co.		James Duff & Sally Duff
30 Dec 1909	Charley Morgan		Mollie Standfer		Garrett Horn's, Perry Co.	Cinda Horn & Garrett Horn
07 Dec 1909	Robert Bowling		Lizzie Abner		Wm. Abner's, Perry Co.		Bradley Begley & John L. Bowling
11 Dec 1909	Huston Campbell		Rebecca Campbell	W. W. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Sam Stidham & Frank Campbell
Page 169				
14 Dec 1904	Alex Lunce		Sally Gooden		John Colwell's, Perry Co.	Green Hamblin & John Colwell
20 Dec 1909	Drew Guinn		Mary Jones		Elhanon Combs', Perry Co.	Z. H. Combs & Alford Fugate
16 Dec 1909	Ira McIntosh		Peggie Cornett		Jerry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Shelt Drake & Wm. M. Horn
20 Dec 1909	Frank Campbell		Sally Campbell		Hense Campbell's, Perry Co.	Evarena Campbell & Beck Campbell
22 Dec 1909	S. A. D. Jones		Anna Mae Johnson	H. B. I. Chappell, Hazard	None listed
24 Dec 1909	Henry Halcomb		Susan Napier		Jarit Campbell's, Perry Co.	Jarit Campbell & Wolery Campbell
26 Dec 1909	A. C. Rheinhart		Nannie Newberry		Bride's house, Perry Co.	None listed
29 Dec 1909	Woodson Combs		Hariett Stacy		Samuel Stacy's, Perry Co.	Samuel Stacy & Bob Stacy
Page 171				
30 Dec 1909	Andy Olinger		Ellen Combs		Crease Combs', Perry Co.	Filix Strong & Crease Combs
03 Jan 1910	Jasper Morris		Laura Deaton		Granville Deaton's, Perry Co.	Martin Morris & Elhanon Deaton
Page 173				
05 Jan 1910	Jacob Henson		Eva Napier		John Napier's, Perry Co.	H. A. Miller & Mason Napier
08 Jan 1910	William Cornett		Millie Allen		Mahlen Jones', Perry Co.	Owen Combs (Dick's boy) & Rachel Jones
08 Jan 1910	Dock Daniel Miller	Pattie Brewer		Albert Brewer's, Perry Co.	J. C. Ritchie & Rils Grigsby
12 Jan 1910	Hige Smith		Vina Fugate		Near Dwarf, Perry Co.		Jerdan Combs & Sam Combs
16 Jan 1910	Millard? Duff?		Celesta Bumgardner	J. W. Bumgardner's, Perry Co.	J. W. & Carline Bumgardner
14 Jan 1910	Rod McIntosh		Sallie Eversole	 	______ Eversole's, Perry Co.	Isaac Eversole & Allen Eversole
13 Jan 1910	Brack Noble		Polly Ann Miller	W. S. Miller's, Perry Co.	Marion Miller & Rachel Messer
13 Jan 1910	Bob Walker		Martha Feltner		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Nancy Messer, Riley Stacy & Jane Messer
Page 175				
20 Jan 1910	Geoge Barger		Elizabeth Bowling	Garrett Bowling's, Perry Co.	Elijah Bowling & Justice Spurlock
20 Jan 1910	Evin White		Mahley Wite		Patrick White's, Perry Co.	James Stidham & E. C. Davidson
24 Jan 1910	James B. Engle		Frankie Guinn		Fletcher Guinn's, Perry Co.	Benjamin Fugate & Joe Noble
25 Jan 1910	E. G. Bailey		Sallie Fields		Sallie Fields', Perry Co.	None listed
29 Jan 1910	Chester Combs		Susan Stacy		F. S. Stacy's, Perry Co.	Will Napiet & Chloa Napier
18 Jan 1910	John Adams		Angeleline McIntosh	John Adam's, Perry Co.		Andy Burns & Isaac Gilbert
20 Jan 1910	John D. Adams		Liddy Riley		Robert Riley's, Perry Co.	Joseph Johnson & Greebberry Johnson
03 Feb 1910	Hiram Cornett		Jane Cornett		Near P. H. Whitaker's, Perry Co.Enoch Whitaker & B. C. Cornett
Page 177				
17 Feb 1910	Clark Gay		Mary I. McIntosh	Isaac McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Sam Gross & John B. Lewis
07 Feb 1910	Mose Caudill		Sallie Adams		John Hall's, Perry Co.		Green Branson & Ary Young
03 Feb 1910	Lee Deaton		Ella Fox		Wm. Fox's, Breathitt Co.	Wm. Morris & Wm. Fox
11 Feb 1910	Allen Eversole		Belle Campbell		E. D. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Lee Collins & Robert Eversole
13 Feb 1910	E. M. Huff		Hanner Howard		Jacob Howard's, Perry Co.	J. M. Huff & Asberry Huff
18 Feb 1910	Larkin Adams		Sallie Messer		Ablijah Messer's, Perry Co.	Marlon Combs & Abijah Messer
19 Feb 1910	Eli Arnett		Elizy Milium		W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Harry Fields & May Bowling
24 Feb 1910	John Sumner		Sallie Sumner		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Jackson Cornett & Bernit Combs
Page 179				
01 Feb 1910	Ezekiel Riley		Martha Collins		A. J. Eversole's, Breathitt Co.	Howard Collins & Charley Collins
02 Mar 1910	French Combs		Mary Cornett		Bent Cornett's, Perry Co.	Bent Cornett & John Begley
27 Dec 1909	Ben Deaton		Etty Mae Campbell	Jarit Campbell's, Perry Co.	Jarit Campbell & Jack Deaton
12 Mar 1910	Isaac Stidham		Sally Campbell		In the road, Perry Co.		Robert Eversole & A. D. Campbell
18 Feb 1910	Robert Sandlin		Luly Riley		Cortland, Breathitt Co.		Maziline  Morris & John Sandlin
13 Mar 1910	Mason Miller		Rachel Messer		Dwarf, Perry Co.		J. E. Ritchie & Riley Grigsbey
16 Mar 1910	Samuel L. Cornett	Mary Combs		E. C. Combs', Perry Co.		Mary Combs & Sis Combs
Page 181				
16 Mar 1910	Benjamin Herald		Lucy Riley		James Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	James Deaton & John Smith
25 Mar 1910	Little Caudill		Cenia Cornett		Ben Cornett's, Perry Co.	John W. Pratt & L. F. Cornett
23 Mar 1910	Bob Engle		Marsha Napier		Mc. Naper's, Perry Co.		Mc. Napier & Wm Engle
21 Mar 1910	Wesley Morris		Betty Sizemore		Jerry Morris', Perry Co.	Jerry Morris & Lee Deaton
26 Mar 1910	William Napier		Cora Watts		William Watt's, Perry Co.	Anderson Francis & Thomas Mullins
26 Mar 1910	Elihew Fields		Marget Kilburn		Farler, Perry Co.		Cal Shepherd & Green Fields
26 Mar 1910	Joe Standafer		Silvane Campbell	W. P. Standafer's, Perry Co.	Jeff Hoskins & W. P. Standafer
Page 183				
31 Mar 1910	Thomas North		Judy Fields		E. W. Fields', Perry Co.	Squire Fields & John Fields
31 Mar 1910	Roy Hensley		Millie Russell		Wm Russel's, Perry Co.		Ed Gambrill & Bill Russell
07 Apr 1910	Jesse C. Whitaker	Lizzie Evans		E. B. Bowling's, Perry Co.	John L. Bowling & S. L. Bowling
07 Apr 1910	Frank Combs		Parthena Combs		Bride's home. Perry Co.		Andrew Hurt, Armelda Combs & Eliza Sizemore
15 Apr 1910	James F. Humphry	Martha Green		Mouth of Mill Seat Branch,Perry	Ada Green & Sissie Wilson
04 Apr 1910	Joseph H. Begley	Martha Wooton		R. M. Begley's, Perry Co.	Brown Begley & Criton J. Begley
24 Mar 1910	Noah Burns		Lizzie Ingram		George Ingram's, Perry Co.	P. B. McIntosh & George Ingram
14 Apr 1910	Jack Deaton		Mary Bell Campbell	Ben Deaton's, Perry Co.		W. D. Campbell & Ben Deaton
Page 185				
15 Apr 1910	Cleaveland Combs	Millie Combs		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	V. B. Combs, Jr. & Arminta Combs
27 Apr 1910	Ace Muncy		Cassie Pennington	Andrew Pennington's, Perry Co.	Charley Hickman & H. E. Pennington
30 Apr 1910	Alexander Spencer	Cora Deaton		A. C. Adams', Breathitt Co.	A. C. Adams & James Herald
09 May 1910	Greenberry Johnson	Mary Couch		J. H. Johnson's, Perry Co.	Oscar Amis & J. H. Johnson
25 Apr 1910	Squire Riley		Liza Deaton		Keen Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	Letcher Strong & John Deaton
27 Apr 1910	James Sawyers		Nancy Ann Riley		G. C. Riley's, Breathitt Co.	Wm Stamper & John Helton
29 Apr 1910	John Johnson		Mattie Sandlin		John O. O. Sandlin's,Breathitt	John Helton & Irvine Morris
Page 187				
11 May 1910	Harison Watts		Katie Combs		Bud Strong's, Perry Co.		Nellie Miller (only witness)
14 May 1910	Shade Feltner		Martha Huff		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Lucy Stacy, Wm. Hurt & Sussie Hall
28 Apr 1910	Justice Barger		Mary Sandlin		Deb Sandlin's, Perry Co.	John B. Gay & Clark Gay
18 May 1910	Coneral T. Stacy	Annie Combs		R. W. Combs', Perry Co.		D. Y. Hall & Isabell Combs
18 May 1910	Mitchel Hoskins		Sally Margret Colwell	James Colwell's, Perry Co.	E. W. Hoskins & Hence Colwell
18 May 1910	Elbert Newberry		Flossie Gipson		Hazard, Perry Co.		Bell Lyttle & Shirley Lyttle
25 May 1910	Talton Spencer		Lizzie Campbell		John Y. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Ballard Campbell & Hanson Williams
__________	Harve Collins		Polley Colwell		Andrew Colwell's, Perry Co.	Andrew Colwell & Farmer Hamblin
Page 189				
25 May 1910	Jarn? Eversole		Eliza Couch		Elihu Couch's, Perry Co.	Rebecca Eversole & Harrison Eversole
26 Apr 19__	George Riley		Catherine Fugate	Samuel Fugate's, Breathitt Co.	Wm. Baker & Daniel Turner
07 Jun 1910	Samuel Napier		Mary Jane Davidson	John Napier's, Perry Co.	Mason Napier & Gran Spencer
07 Jun 1910	Albert Williams		Jennie Bowling		Bride's home, Hazard, Perry Co.	Lee Daniel, Sally Combs & John D. Ward
11 Jun 1910	Irvin Campbell		Mary Spencer		W. W. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Joe Campbell & Polly Campbell
16 Jun 1910	John M. Mullins		Hattie Gidsey		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Pearley Combs & Birtha Hall
23 Jun 1910	Zack Allen		Mattie Henley		G. W. Witt's, Perry Co.		Joe Moore & John Holmes
Page 191				
30 Jun 1910	Elmer Gabbard		Myrtle Ward		Hazard, Perry Co.		J. D. Ward, Molla E. Ward, & W. S. Ward
04 Jul 1910	Levi Brock		Laura Baker		Aaron Brock's, Perry Co.	Wiley Brock & James Hoskins
02 Jul 1910	Sam C. Cornett		Bell Gabbard		Hazard, Perry Co.		D. Y. Combs & Mary Combs
16 Jun 1910	Johney Fox		Myrtle Imgram		Jno B. Lewis', Perry Co.	Geo. Ingram & Cora McIntosh
12 May 1910	Samuel J. Tilden Riley	Nancy Margaret Baker	Harry Baker's, Breathitt Co.	Walein Baker & Geo. Deaton
14 Jul 1910	Milt Hammonds		Lina Huff		Wm. Huff's, Perry Co.		Columbus Cornett & Preston Riddle
14 Jul 1910	Van B. Combs		Rebecca Godsey		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		Dishman Combs & Hettie Combs
08 Jul 1910	Maccoy Anderson		Nancy Ann Griffith	Abraham Griffith's, BreathittCo.Robert Griffith & Greenberry Morris
Page 193				
25 Jul 1910	Henry P. Duff		Maud Duff		W. O. Davis' Hotel, Hazard	Mrs. W. O. Davis & J. D. Davis
21 Jul 1910	Lewis Strong		Cora Ingram		Price Ingram's, Breathitt Co.	Goodson Ingram & Letch Strong
14 Jul 1910	Anderson Johnson	Dora Gross		Terry Gross', Perry Co.		Isaac McIntosh & Sarah Gross
14 Jul 1910	James Cornett		Liley Deaton		Lewis Deaton's, Breathitt Co.	Wm. Stamper & Joel Stamper
23 Jun 1910	Jesse S. Barger		Marinda West		Perry Co.			Jesse M. Begley & Farmer Begley
26 Jul 1910	Asberry Burton		Isabelle Bowling	J. B. Lewis', Perry Co.		Nancy Lewis & Martha Riley
08 Aug 1910	Woolery Hamblin		Nancy Colwell		Martha Colwell's, Perry Co.	John M. Colwell & Joseph Hamblin
Page 195				
______ 1910	Samuel Fugate		Rushia Feltner		Sidasta? Stacy's, Perry Co.	John Horn & Larkin Adams
28 Jun 1910	Thomas Herald		Aggie Raleigh		W. L. Clair's, Breathitt Co.	Cherd? Adams & Joseph Raleigh
19 Aug 1910	T. W. Brashears		Lucy Cornett		Farler, Ky, Perry Co.		Jerry Combs & Daniel Combs
25 Aug 1910	John S. Combs		Pearlie Combs		Bride's home, Perry Co.		John Dobison & Nancy Ann Combs
29 Aug 1910	Cornelious Stacy	Mandy Williams		Nickolas Williams', Perry Co.	Nicklas Williams & John Boling
06 Sep 1910	Buck Fields		Alice Baker		James Fields', Perry Co.	James Fields & Melda Fields
03 Sep 1910	William Farler		Lear D. Johnson		Bride's home, Perry Co.	
03 Sep 1910	W. W. Oliver		Opsie Davidson		Wesley Combs', Perry Co.	John Napier & Eliza Combs
Page 197				
16 Sep 1910	C. A. Myers		Armilda Combs		J. G. Campbell's, Hazard	J. D. Davis & J. R. Combs
19 Sep 1910	Ben Feltner		Salley Napier		Joe Feltner's, Perry Co.	Elizabeth Feltner & Gabe Napier
23 Sep 1910	Willie Cornett		Lucinda Brashears	Viper, Perry Co.		Ezekial Brashears & Gabriel Brashears
28 Sep 1910	Wiley Feltner		Mahala Gay		W. C. Feltner's, Perry Co.	James Fields & Poppy Standafer
30 Sep 1910	Shelt Strong		Debora Adams		Viper, Perry Co.		Walter Hurt & Magie Hall
29 Oct 1910	Alvis H. Combs		Dulce Cornett		Hazard, Perrry Co.		Georgia Cornett, Fulton Newberry & Lee Davis
29 Apr 1910	Elijah Bowling		Martha Gilbert		Isaac Gilbert's, Clay Co.	S. J. Gilbert & D. Gilbert
Page 199				
06 Oct 1910	Chester Smith		Retta Evans		Robert Morris', Perry Co.	Joseph Smith & John Calaham
02 Oct 1910	Jesse C. Eversole	Mary Bell Combs		M. H. Standafer's		Elhew Minard & Andy Vanove (r)?
04 Oct 1910	Ira Combs, Jr.		Flora Owens		Hazard, Perry Co.		Garrett Combs & Nella Cornett
06 Oct 1910	Zackey White		Adel Baker		Eliga Baker's, Perry Co,	Elijah Baker & Ben Baker
06 Oct 1910	J. D. Hoskins		Nancy A. Begley		Green Begley's, Perry Co.	Preston Napier & A. C. Hoskins
15 Oct 1910	Joseph Sandlin		Emma Hacker		Ed Bowling's, Perry Co.		Daniel Barger & Dutch Bowling
07 Oct 1910	Alex Combs		Effie Newberry		Hazard, Perry Co.		Fult Newberry & Dulcey Combs
13 Oct 1910	Elijah Sumner		Hager Brashear		Henry Brashear's, Perry Co.	J. P. Combs & W. W. Combs
25 Oct 1910	Irvin Stidham		Annie Brown		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	C. C. Hall & Manerva Brown
Page 201				
28 Oct 1910	Ira Sloan		Eliza Watts		Viper, Perry Co.		Carrie Hall & Jasper Young
05 Nov 1910	Elhanon Crawford	Fanne Crawford		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Henry Crawford & Mrs James Crawford
07 Nov 1910	Sherman Begley		Salvina Combs		John D. Spencer's, Perry Co.	Beecher Combs & Jack Grigsby
10 Nov 1910	R. W. Combs		Ellijane Sumner		Jasper Mullins', Perry Co.	Graceon Combs & Mrs. Tilda Blair
17 Nov 1910	James Penington		Nancy Maggard		Henry Maggard's Head Masons Crk	No witnesses
17 Nov 1910	Hiram Hughes		Vicey Fugate		Thomas Hughes', Perry Co.	O. J. Dobson & Preston Willams
15 Nov 1910	Robert Gayheart		Elvira Hughes		H. H. Combs', Perry Co.		Margaret Combs & Nancy Stacy
17 Nov 1910	George Combs		Eliza Campbell		A. C. Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Jesse Watts & Thomas Milum
Page 203				
16 Nov 1910	W. Henry Combs		Sally Ann Crawford	Bride's home, Perry Co.		Dulceny Crawford & Joe Grigsby
16 Jun 1910	Levi D. Johnson		Lillie Smith		E. B. Smith's, Perry Co.	Bob Amis & Joe Smith
19 Nov 1910	Lincoln Campbell	Abby Fields		Thomas Campbell's, Perry Co.	Brack Hoskins & Woodson Feltner
26 Nov 1910	D. Y, Grigsby		Urcy Combs		John L. Combs', Perry Co.	Serildy Holliday, Hatty Holliday & Cassa Combs
23 Nov 1910	Harrison Hamblin	Haner West		Wm. West's, Perry Co.		Wm. West & Isabel Hamblin
23 Nov 1910	Johnson Woodson Feltner	Morphey Campbell	James Campbell's, Perry Co.	Id? Hoskins & Wm. Hoskins
24 Nov 1910	Boyd Cornett		Mary McLemore		Alonzo Evans', Perry Co.	Alonzo Evans & Garrett Combs
26 Nov 1910	Matt Feltner		Mary Jane Campbell	Green Campbell's, Perry Co.	Elihue Campbell & Milow Campbell
Page 205				
03 Dec 1910	John A, Davidson	Ellen Whitaker		J. W. Whitaker's, Perry Co.	Ashford Napier & Jacob Neace
17 Dec 1910	Goodloe Combs		Nelley Cornett		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		James Brewer & Ira Combs, Jr.
11 Dec 1910	John Hurt		Maggie Minard		Elihue Minard's, Perry Co.	Charlie Hurt & Monore Combs
17 Dec 1910	Elijah Morgan		Mary Hamblin		James Hamblin's, Perry Co.	H. B. Morgan & B. T. Couch
15 Dec 1910	Ablijah Hurt		Catherine Dobson	Henry Dobson	Henry Hurt
15 Dec 1911	Johney Martin		Sally Jones		Farris Jones', Perry Co.	James Combs & John Jones
18 Dec 1910	Steve Samblin (Sandlin?)Ella McIntosh		Isaac Whitaker's, Perry Co.	John McIntosh & Ella McIntosh
14 Dec 1910	Joe Fields		Delphia Young		Bride's home, Perry Co.		R. M. Fitzpatrick & Martha Fields
Page 207				
19 Dec 1910	Joseph Hamblin		Martha Colwell		Martha Colwell's, Perry Co.	Hiram Hamblin & Jacob Howard
24 Dec 1910	Cecil Campbell		Lidy Campbell		Billie Campbell's, Perry Co.	Floyd Campbell & Willie Campbell
01 Jan 1911	Jack Tucker		Jane Hughes		Thomas Hughes', Perry Co.	Jason, Preston, & Robt. Williams
07 Jan 1911	Frank Horner		Lizzie Cornett		Hazard, Perry Co.		J. R. Cornett & Lucretia Cornett
10 Jan 1911	Farmer Hamblin		Sarah Gay		Hiram Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Hiram Hamblin & Henderson Colwell
14 Jan 1911	William Wells		Scytha Drake		Hazard, Perry Co.		Joe Wells & Wes Combs
Page 209				
20 Jan 1911	Benton Dixon		Sarah Martin		Lawrence Combs', Perry Co.	John Dixon & Moley Cornett
19 Jan 1911	Elijah Fields		Jane McLamore		Wilson Fields', Perry Co.	W. R. Allen & Sam Fields
21 Jan 1911	Riley Sturgill		Alice Young		Wentz, Perry Co.		Stephen Pratt & Ell Griffith
20 Jan 1911	Robert B. Feltner	Lina Pratt		John Pratt's, Perry Co.		John Pratt & Henry Pratt
26 Jan 1911	John Browning		Laura Hall		Viper, Perry Co.		Kelley E. Watts & Ewen Brown
29 Jan 1911	James M. Richmond	Fanie Combs		Groom's house, Perry Co.	Warren Razor, Salley Cornett & Usley Turner
06 Feb 1911	Martin Grigsby		Malissa Williams	Preston Williams', Perry Co.	Wm. Stacy, Robert Williams & Jason Williams
06 Feb 1911	Preston Campbell	Bell Stacy		Russ Cornett's, Perry Co.	Tom Combs & Sissie Cornett
Page 211				
11 Feb 1911	Garfield Baker		Nancy Fields		John Fields', Perry Co.		Samuel Campbell & Charley Fields
16 Feb 1911	George Grigsbey		Martha Fields		R. F. Fields', Perry Co.	George Humphrey & E. Kelley
17 Feb 1911	Talton Spencer		Rebecca Campbell	Irvin Campbell's, Perry Co.	Tom Penington & James Campbell
25 Feb 1911	Logan Combs		Eliza Fugate		Elihue Minards, Perry Co.	Sally Minard & Maggie Hurt
23 Feb 1911	Wm. Stacy		Polinea Combs		John F. Jent's, Perry Co.	John F. Jent & Martha Jent
25 Feb 1911	Gabe Fugate		Minervia Noble		Gabe Noble's house, Perry Co.	Andy Fugate & Jerry Fugate
01 Mar 1911	Emory Campbell		Rushia Napier		Frankie Napier's, Perry Co.	Frankie Napier, Brack & Sam Campbell
Page 213				
01 Mar 1911	Orphy Napier		Martha Campbell		My Residence, Perry Co.		Adam Campbell & Emaline Morris
04 Mar 1911	Fulton Newberry		Lucinda Smith		Begley, Perry Co.		James & Elizabeth Newberry
06 Mar 1911	U. S. Drake		Emily Day		Perry Co.			Pad Drake & Geo. Hagans
09 Mar 1911	Maxwell Casswell	Bertha Lucille Jameson	Hazard, Perry Co.		R. C. & Lule Newberry and Eliza Fields
10 Mar 1911	Dan Spencer		Polly Jane Combs	Grapevine, Perry Co.		T. M. Pennington & James Campbell
11 Mar 1911	John Noble		Nancy Noble		John Campbell's, Perry Co.	Bob Noble & Bud Gracy? Strong
13 Mar 1911	Samuel Jones		Laura Sizemore		James Stacy's, Perry Co.	Charley Couch & Asberry Sizemore
14 Mar 1911	Abe Eldridge		Prudie Wooton		Yerkes, Perry Co.		S. H. Campbell & Mollie Campbell
Page 215				
11 Mar 1911	Logan Johnson		Manervia Cornett	Jerry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Jerry McIntosh & Willie Wells
18 Mar 1911	John Collins		Mary McIntosh		Jerry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Jerry McIntosh & Belle Pennington
26 Mar 1911	S. B. Holliday		Susan Hall		Rich Hall's, Perry Co.		Joe Grigsbey & Lorinda Hall
26 Mar 1911	W. J. Richie		Melda Fields		Yerkes, Perry Co,		James & Liza Jane Fields
10 Mar 1911	George Spencer		Isabel Homes		Lisey Homes', Perry Co.		Reider Homes & Loula Napier
09 Apr 1911	Lewis Sandlin		Armelda Couch		Lewis Sandlin's, Perry Co.	Preston McKnight, Levi Strong & Luther Strong
03 Apr 1911	Watson Dixon		Nettie Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Marion Brashear & Nora Combs
11 Feb 1911	Boyd Riddle		Minnie Adkins		Melvin Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Melvin Holcomb & Corbet Caudill
Page 217				
13 Mar 1911	John Asher		Rachel Johnson		Slemp, Perry Co.		John Asher & Dill Asher
07 Apr 1911	Joseph Mullins		Polly Ann Watts		Perry Co.			Wilburn Day & G. W. Watts
07 Apr 1911	C. W. Price		Laura Bell Combs	Jno. D. Spencer's, Perry Co.	Bob Holliday & John Allen
08 Apr 2922	W. J. Wilson		Harriett Feltner	J. W. Walker's, Perry Co.	G. P. Campbell & Polley Walker
23 Mar 1911	Arthur Singleton	Polly Ann Campbell	Woolery Campbell's, Perry Co.	Willard Burton & Margaret Burton
16 Apr 1911	Pete Romelle?		Mahala Gay		Ed Gay's, Perry Co.		Edward Gay & Martha Gay
Pag 219				
20 Apr 1911	Henry Hall		Ora Caudill		J. M. Hall's store, Perry Co.	G. G. Branson & Boyd Hall
27 Apr 1911	Elliott Davidson	Sudie Bell Hundley	Daniel Duff's, Perry Co.	H. C. Spencer & Daniel Duff
22 Apr 1911	Matt Horn		Laura Stacy		Hazard, Perry Co.		James Duff & John Horn
25 Apr 1911	Eli Couch		Rosana Morgan		Rob Patton's, Perry Co.		H. C. Minick & Joe Campbell
29 Apr 1911	James Godsey		Mahala Combs		Lost Creek, Perry Co.		Wes Godsey & James Holliday
20 May 1911	Tom Eversole		Minnia Hut (Hurt?)	J. P. Caudill's, Perry Co.	J. P. Caudill & Jordan Fields
05 May 1911	John Campbell		Louisa Campbell		Jim Campbell's, Perry Co.	Elhanon Jones & Jerusha Campbell
11 May 1911	Marion Fugate		Elizabeth Spencer	Ira Combs', Perry Co.		George Combs & Dally Combs
Page 221				
17 May 1911	John Lampkin		Nannie Messer		Reuben Messer's, Perry Co.	Ollie Mae Messer & Mary Messer
25 May 1911	R. D. Baker		Nora Morris		D. B. Morris', Perry Co.	C. A. Baker & R. E. Begley
25 May 1911	George Creech		Cannie McIntire		Elic McIntire's, Perry Co.	Nancy Singleton & Willie McIntire
10 Jun 1911	Jesse Patrick		Nancy Fugate		Hazard, Perry Co.		C. M. Horn & G?. T. Wheeler
18 Jun 1911	Ed Gambill		Nellie Miller		Nancy Ann Russell's, Perry Co.	Shade Neace, Miller Hensley, Rosie Russell
22 Jun 1911	Henry Combs		Mollie Hurt		Lee Hurt's, Perry Co.		Lee Hurt & Matilda Hurt
21 Jun 1911	William Farler		Mattie Morris		John S. Campbell's, Perry Co.	John S. Campbell & D. B. Morris
22 Jun 1911	T?. B. Thorne		Nancy Bell Combs	Hazard, Perry Co.		Ella Eversole & Alonzo Combs
Page 223				
25 Jun 1911	Robert Smith		Ida McNight		Jasper McNight's, Perry Co.	Press McNight & Jas. York
26 Jun 1911	Mike Angelo		Lissie Combs-Cottons	Leatherwood Church, Perry Co.	Matilda Combs & Betty Brashear
29 Jun 1911	Wille Fields		Abbie Caudill		Joney Caudill's, Perry Co.	Johney Caudill & Hiram Fields
27 Jun 1911	Willie Feltner		Sarah Smith		D. B. Sally's, Perry Co.	Sinda Couch & Russ Cornett
30 Jun 1911	George Deaton		Rebecca Duff		Colson Duff's, Perry Co.	Wm Wooton & W. C. Campbell
06 Jul 1911	Talton Hudson		Tisha Campbell		Man Campbell's, Perry Co.	Wm. Campbell & Franklin Napier
11 Jul 1911	Isaac Hamblin		Alice Stidham		Joseph Stidham's, Perry Co.	R. H. Grimes & Joseph Hamblin
Page 125				
12 Jul 1911	William Owens		Merva Messer		Hazard, Perry Co.		Billie Baker & S. C. Combs
14 Jul 1911	Tug Campbell		Bertha Couch		Levy Couch's, Perry Co.		Anderson Standafer & Mary Morgan
27 Jul 1911	Arch Williams		Virgie Cornett		Slemp, Perry Co.		Adam Williams & Martha Ann Holcomb
29 Jul 1911	George Campbell		Stella Morris		Fork of road High Br, Perry Co.	A. J. Witt & Anderson Fields
13 Aug 1911	Robert H. Napier	Malvery Combs		Lacy Combs', Perry Co.		John Walker & Bob Messer
15 Aug 1911	Kelley E. Watts		Eva Lee Adkins		C. G. Bowman's, Perry Co.	W.R. Feltner, Docia D. Begley & Vina Fitzpatrick
16 Aug 1911	Eligah White		Dora White		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Rus Couch & Robert Boher
18 Aug 1911	Mose Feltner		Opsey Napier		R. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Robert Brock & Polly Campbell
Page 227				
18 Aug 1911	George Lyttle		Mahala Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mrs. Nancy Cornett & Mrs. Susan Eversole
21 Aug 1911	Johny Napier		Grace Shepherd		Levi Couch's, Perry Co.		Hiram Napier & Andsera Standafer
23 Aug 1911	Bradley Begley		Myrtle Wooton		Grant Campbell's, Perry Co.	Joel Campbell & Grant Campbell
25 Aug 1911	Vester Shepherd		Rebecca Jane Eastep	Slemp, Perry Co.		A. C. Melton & Mack Lewis
24 Aug 1911	Cleveland Campbell	Dicy Engle		Albert Engle's, Perry Co.	Wm. G. Cornett & Jon Engle
25 Aug 1911	Marion Miller		Cordelia Miller		Marion Miller's, Perry Co.	A. L. Miller & Nancy Ann Miller
26 Aug 1911	Hence Williams		Cora Gambrill		Ed Gambell's, Perry Co.		U. C. Duff & Harve Hensley
12 Sep 1911	Harvey Pain		Martha Cook		Eve Cook's, Perry Co.		J. R. Wilson, Boy Hall & Jesse Pain
Page 229				
04 Sep 1911	Andrew White		Jenney B. Woods		Hazard, Perry Co.		Hugh Clyde & Nancy Cornett
11 Sep 1911	Robert Sandlin		Jane Langdon		John B. Lewis', Perry Co.	Nettie Riley & Margaret Riley
07 Sep 1911	Jerry Neace		Cordelia Noble		Dilie Noble's, Perry Co.	Lige Neace & Leaner Noble
07 Sep 1911	Pearl Combs		Lucinda Sumner		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Matilda Combs & Dulcenia Hall
17 Sep 1911	James M. Hall		Sytha Godsey		Louisa Godsey's, Perry Co.	S. B. Holliday, Bob Godsey, Jerry Godsey & more
23 Oct 1911	Green Branson		Mary Whitaker		Sara Whitaker's, Perry Co.	A.C. Brashear, Dow Callahan, Stephen Whitaker
25 Sep 1911	Dan Hutchison		Molly Dobbs		Sam Stidham's, Perry Co.	Sam Stidham & Will Green
Page 231				
28 Sep 1911	James Abner		Lucy Oliver		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Forister Hamblin & Sarah Hamblin
30 Sep 1911	Alford Montgomery	Martha Cornett		C. G. Bowman's, Perry Co.	James Davidson & C. G. Bowman
12 Oct 1911	Ira Stacy		Sarrah A. Combs		James Stacy's, Perry Co.	Morgan Combs
11 Oct 1911	George McDaniel		Elsie Deaton		R. C. Baker's, Perry Co.	Alonzo Combs & Etta Baker
23 Nov 1911	S. L. Bowling		Elvira Gayheart		Ben Gayheart's, Perry Co.	Bill Gayheart, Wes Godsey, G.P. Combs & more
17 Oct 1911	May Cornett		Orlena Adams		W. R. Adams', Perry Co.		Whit Cornett & Elijah Cornett
16 Oct 1911	Sherman Baker		Leannah Eversole	Irvin Eversole's, Perry Co.	Bill Engle, Alex Baker & Green Baker
22 Oct 1911	Farmer Begley		Mollie Bowling		Lewis Morris', Perry Co.	Lewis Morris & Polly Morris
Page 233				
22 Oct 1911	Sam Logan		Patsey Fields		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		J. M. Fields, Sam Hall & Green Campbell
24 Oct 1911	James Holliday		Sada Combs		Lacy Combs', Perry Co.		Lacy Combs & wife, Mary Messer, Nancy Messer
28 Oct 1911	William Fugate		Katie Neace		Polly Fugate's, Perry Co.	Vard Noble & Cecil Noble
__ Oct 1911	Preston Williams	Serilda Hughes		Byron Combs', Perry Co.		George Allen & Wesley Campbell
02 Nov 1911	Chester Allen		Susan A. Campbell	Garet Campbell's, Perry Co.	Emery Napier & Hiram Napier
04 Nov 1911	Nick Susnick		Maud Hamblin		Pete Hamblin's, Perry Co.	James Baker, Jesse Begley, Callie Williams & mr
14 Nov 1911	C. L. Shepherd		Deallie Combs		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Susan Combs & Wes Combs
Page 235				
18 Nov 1911	Nelson Bailey		Rebecca Farler		Elihu Farler's, Perry Co.	Green Fields & Willis Fields
16 Nov 1911	John M. Fugate		Angeline Collins	John Fugate's, Perry Co.	Bill Russell, John Fugate, Wade & Farris Combs
16 Nov 1911	Shito Combs		Larceny Smith		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Monroe Grigsby & Jerry Godsey
18 Nov 1911	Sam Williams		Rebecca Campbell	Joe Campbell's, Perry Co.	Joe Campbell & Doc Campbell
25 Nov 1911	Talton Spencer		Katy Fugate		Dan Spencer's, Perry Co.	John J. Campbell & Dan Spencer
02 Dec 1911	Isom Wilson		Maggie Engle		Maggie Engle's, Perry Co.	Susan Wilson & Boyd Hall
01 Dec 1911	Moss Combs		Polly A. Caudill	Jerry Caudill's, Perry Co.	Jordan Fields & Ethel Combs
01 Dec 1911	William H. Evans	Nancy Ashley		Hazard, Perry Co.		L. C. Evans & L. Johnson
Page 237				
07 Dec 1911	Harrison McIntosh	Evalee Back		B. L. Combs', Perry Co.		Simon Gross & Sally McIntosh
07 Dec 1911	Fulton Fields		Georgia Baker		Wilson Baker's, Perry Co.	Green Baly & Eliza Baley
23 Dec 1911	Ashford Fugate		Rachel Jones		Will Esans', Perry Co.		Will Edwards, Dora Edwards, Ednie Edwards & mr
14 Dec 1911	David Couch		Memphis Godsey		Louisa Godsey's, Perry Co.	Hop Godsey & Louisa Godsey
16 Dec 1911	R. S. Combs		Ethal Combs		Jerry Combs', Perry Co.		Link Eversole & J. P. Caudill
16 Dec 1911	Jno. S. Couch		Alcie Napier		R. S. Sally's, Perry Co.	Cinda Horn & John Horn
21 Dec 1911	John Wells		Ada Green		Maggie Hall's, Perry Co.	Della Campbell & Katie Campbell
21 Dec 1912(11)	James Fields		Gertie Hill		Sarah Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Isaac Hamblin & Girty Hill
Page 239				
20 Dec 1911	Enoch Allen		Bettie Godsey		Silas Stacy's, Perry Co.	Sam Stacy & Cora Bowling
21 Dec 1911	Cara Horne		Sally McIntosh		Jerry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Logan Johnson & Peggie McIntosh
25 Dec 1911	Robert Engle		Mary Fugate		Dink Engle's, Perry Co.		Elija Grigsby & Thomas Collins
23 Dec 1911	Preston Campbell	Mintie Combs		Alvin Evans's mill, Perry Co.	Wm Evans & John Dixon
23 Dec 1911	Preston Walker		Alafair Napier		Auston Fields', Perry Co.	Auston Fields & G. M. Walker
26 Dec 1911	C. P. Turner		Luverna McIntosh	Hazard, Perry Co.		J. D. Davis & C. C. Durham
29 Dec 1911	Frank Campbell		Clyda Duff		Samuel Stacy's, Perry Co.	Poppy Stacy & Elizabeth Eversole
28 Dec 1911	Everritt Combs		Cora Stacy		Hazard, Perry Co.		George Grigsby & Martha Grigsby
Page 241				
28 Dec 1911	Robert Walker		Lana North		Hazard, Perry Co.		George Grigsby & Martha Grigsby
30 Dec 1911	Mitchell Wooton		Rebecca Colwell		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Green Colwell
05 Jan 1912	Samuel Stacy		Cora Bowling		Dwarf, Perry Co.		C. C. Stacy & Martha Stacy
05 Jan 1912	John Baker		Juda Standafer		Felix Stacy's, Perry Co.	Dora Colwell & Cora Baker
06 Jan 1912	John Horn		Manda Thacker		Elhanon Combs', Hazard		Joe Fields & C. A. Eversole
06 Jan 1912	John Bowling		Lucy Johnson		Public School house, Perry Co.	Allen Deaton & G. M. Horn
09 Jan 1912	Ray B. Hensley		Millie Russell		Harve Hensley's, Perry Co.	Mahala Gambill & Bill Russell
Page 243				
16 Jan 1912	Richmond Combs		Chaney Belle Stacy	Viper, Perry Co.		Thomas Grace & Robert Jent
20 Jan 1912	Levi Wilson		Rose Ann Jones		Andrew Jones', Perry Co.	James Williams, Andrew Jones, Polly & Sam C 
22 Jan 1912	Tug Godsey		Leaner Napier		Hazard, Perry Co.		Hop Godsey & Floyd Williams
26 Jan 1912	John Deaton		Lucy Spicer		Jesse Spicer's, Perry Co.	Wilson Deaton & Asberry Turner
26 Jan 1912	C. W. Napier		Addie Combs		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Irvin Braker & Wm. Hill
29 Jan 1912	James Fields		Milley Bell Gracy	W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Vessa Fields & Willie Fields
Page 245				
03 Jan 1912	Alfred Allen		Ibby Noble		Sam Noble's, Perry Co.		Andrew Campbell & Belle Noble
03 Feb 1912	Andrew Campbell		Maud Napier		Steve Napier's, Perry Co.	James Combs & Billie Napier
03 Feb 1912	Dan Brewer		Eliza Combs		Boat, Perry Co.			Charlie Hickman & Rose Hickman
09 Feb 1912	Ance McIntosh		Susie Bowling		Elijah Bowling's, Perry Co.	J. T. Abner & Floyd Gross
21 Feb 1912	Boyd Hall		Susie Wilson		Henry Wilson's, Perry Co.	Isaac Wilson & Henry Wilson
Page 247				
07 Feb 1912	Andy Noble		Delilah Allen		Nathaniel Neace's, Perry Co.	Troy Allen & Belle Noble
10 Feb 1912	Joe Grigsby		Armina Crawford		L. D. Crawford's, near Hazard	L. P. Grigsby & Dulceny Crawford
17 Feb 1912	Matt Crawford		Bertha Baker		Jim Drake's, Perry Co.		Shelt Drake & Nannie Belle Hurt
19 Feb 1912	Joe Fields		Callie Walker		George Grigsby's, Perry Co.	George Grigsby & J. G. Combs
20 Feb 1912	Green Berry Davidson	Mary Napier		Wm. Duff's, Perry Co.		Mrs. H. P. Duff & Mrs. Wm. Duff
21 Feb 1912	Elihaz Henson		Nancy Baker		My Residence, Perry Co.		E. C. Baker & Polly Baker
21 Feb 1912	Robert H. Holliday	Lizzie Campbell		Bride's home, Perry Co.		D. Y. Wooton, C. C. Durham & G. B. Grigsby
Page 249				
23 Feb 1912	Sam Campbell		Dicy Couch		W. R. Hoskin's, Perry Co.	Wilson Baker, Fred Couch & W. R. Hoskins
25 Feb 1912	Willie Sally		Fanny Couch		Hazard, Perry Co.		John Couch & Tilden Combs
02 Mar 1912	Elhanan Campbell	Polly Colwell		Morris Colwell's, Perry Co.	A. P. Campbell, R. J. Baker & Tolby Fields
17 Mar 1912	Willie Williams		Littie Fieds		Slemp, Perry Co.		Columbus Holcomb & Salany Fields
25 Mar 1912	William Duff		Rebecca Howard		Joel Hammons', Perry Co.	H. Colwell  & Esau Howard
27 Mar 1912	Grover Day		Elizabeth Napier	Dan Napier's, Perry Co.		Thomas Mullins & William Day
30 Mar 1912	A. A. Milam		Nancy Ellen Whitehead	Sally Milam's, Perry Co.	Green Hamblin & Malcum Morris
Page 251				
10 Apr 1912	A. R. Holmes		Dora Combs		Elizabeth Holmes', Perry Co.	G. W. Spencer & Lou Ella Napier
16 Apr 1912	Hop Godsey		Jesemine Holliday	Home of the bride, Perry Co.	Sherd Feltner & Sid Godsey
21 Apr 1912	John A. Davidson	Malvery Deaton		Jim Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Jim Grigsby & Mat Davidson
21 Apr 1912	Wilson Baker		Doonie Fields		Harry Fields', Perry Co.	Martha Hoskins & Serena Fields
20 Apr 1912	Cleveland Feltner	Liza Jane Fugate	Jack Feltner's, Perry Co.	Richard Combs & Thee Combs
22 Apr 1902(12)	Frank Clauser		Allie Singleton		Hazard, Perry Co.		K. E. Watts & Eva Lee Watts
02 May 1912	Robert West		Allie Morris		Joseph Morris', Perry Co.	Jordan Neace & Joespph Morris
04 May 1912	William Sturgill	Sally Wooton		The gap of the mountain, Perry	Joe Williams & Bradley Wells
Page 253				
04 May 1912	Rome Campbell		Sally Campbell		Heneson Campbell's, Perry Co.	Huston Campbell & Henry Campbell
08 May 1912	W. M. Harvey Brashear	Alpha Stacy		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mrs. L.C. Campbell, Grace Combs & G.Humphrey
02 May 1912	Len Combs		Delphia Young		Hazard, Perry Co.		Bertha Lyttle & Mrs. Manan Cornett
03 May 1912	Green B. Gay		Josey Begley		John Gay's, Perry Co.		John H. Gay & Jerry Rice
03 May 1912	Elisha Clemens		Allie Messer		R. M. Messer's, Perry Co.	J. R. P. Turner & Adolphus Sizemore
04 May 1912	John Eufusse(?)		Georgia Hall		John Hall's, Perry Co.		John Hall, Judge Hall & Ellie Adkins
16 May 1912	William Campbell	Eliza Brashear		Wm. Brashear's, Perry Co.	John Campbell, Eli Sumner, James Sumner
Page 255				
14 May 1912	Robert Collins		Jane Campbell		Ed Campbell's, Perry Co.	Robert Eng(l)e, Irvin Collins & Delly Collins
15 May 1912	Green Colwell		Alpha Colwell		Martha Hamblin's, Perry Co.	Harrison Hamblin & Duetch Hamblin
17 May 1912	Monroe Combs		Malinda Napier		James Napier's, Perry Co.	James Napier & Bob Combs
22 May 1912	Ruffula(?) Carnsa(?)	Sallie Campbell		Preston Napier's, Perry Co.	R. S. Wooten & W. M. Whitaker
26 May 1912	Sylvesta Fields		Felda Williams		The road, Perry Co.		Henry Morgan & Bill Fields
13 Jun 1912	David Noe		Lulia Back		Bull Creek, near Perry Co. line	M. B. Hounshell & Mary Cornett
30 May 1912	Elijah Neace		Kattie Fugate		'Bad' Strong's place, Perry Co.	Wiley Strong & Alexander Noble
Page 257
29 May 1912	Robert Baker		Nancy Couch		J. C. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Margaret Colwell & Dewey Colwell
08 Jun 1912	Malcum Campbell		May Morris		D. B. Morris', Perry Co.	Edward Campbell & Shilo Baker
13 Jun 1912	Josar [Joshua] Caudill	Betty Sumner		Bull Creek, near Perry Co. line	M. B. Honshell & Mary Cornett
06 Jun 1912	Bob Combs		Martha Feltner		Joe Feltner's, Perry Co.	Joe & Bess Feltner
08 Jun 1912	Jason William(s) 	Polly Campbell		Petter Campbell's, Perry Co.	J. H. Williams & Frank Campbell
21 Jun 1912	Hartley Combs		Geneva Caudell		Steve Snadlin's, Perry Co.	Ha(r)lim Caudill
12 Jun 1912	Lee Adkins		Della Roa(r)k		Ira Combs, Perry Co.		George Combs & "Sally" Combs
21 Jun 1912	Shade Brewer		Eliza Jane Stacy	W. H. Combs' house, Perry Co.	Elhannon Jones & Wade Combs
Page 259				
19 Jun 1912	Sam Neace		Cora Cants(?)		Morn Campbell's, Perry Co.	Morn Campbell & George Mullins
21 Jun 1912	Alexander Turner	Nancy Ann Adams		Joseph Rolley's, Breathitt Co.	Joseph Rolly & Sala Rolly
22 Jun 1912	Jasper Morris 		Delilah Deaton		James May, Breathitt Co.	Wilson Deaton & James May
20 Jun 1912	Henderson Combs		Martha Collins		Emry Collins', Perry Co.	Hiram Napier & Arcanus Combs
19 Jun 1912	John N. Hurst		Mollie Kelley		James Stacy's, Perry Co. 	Jim Stacy & Robt. Morrison
12 Jul 1913	Green Berry Combs	Berth(a) McIntosh	D. B. Sally's shop, Perry Co.	Thomas McIntosh & Brack Combs
21 Jun 1912	Shelt Drake		Mattie Walker		Hazard, Perry Co.		C. Duff & Bill Wooton
25 Jun 19??	Anderson Couch		Nancy Campbell		John Campbell's, Perry Co.	John T. Campbell & John M. Couch
Page 261				
06 Jul 1912	Harlan Hacker		Lizzie Begley		E. B. Bowling's, Perry Co.	John L. Bowling & Finley Bowling
01 Jul 1912	ConstantinasB. FrangatisSallie Baker		Jim Simpkin's, Perry Co.	Jim Baker & Sarah Simpkins
04 Jul 1912	John M. Davidson 	Gracie Davidson		Shade Davidson's, Perry Co.	Sam Combs & Grover Day
03 Jul 1912	Jasper Smith		Tilda Richie		Silas Gayheart's, Perry Co.	Drew Combs
05 Jul 1912	Boyd Couch		Elizabeth Milium	John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	John M. Colwell & Sarah "X" Colwell
11 Jul 1912	Joe Fields 		Allie Crawford		W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Eva Jamason & Joe Williams
13 Jul 1912	Frank Hayette		Alcy Eldridge		J. C. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Abe E(l)dridge & Pr(u)da E(l)dridge
Page 263				
15 Jul 1912	Hiram Napier		Ida Duff		Hazard, Perry Co. 		H. C. Wooten & J. C. Napier
18 Jul 1912	George Ivy		Martha Huceson		W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	M. C. Morgan & B. S. Couch
17 Jul 1912	W. E. Nap(i)er		Ella Campbell		Grapevine, Perry Co.		E. L. Campbell & Susie Campbell
25 Jul 1912	Dr. E. Kelley		Mattie Bryant		Hazard, Perry Co.		Lee Daniels & Della Petrey
02 Aug 1912	James Stidham		Sally Ann Williams	Wm. Couch's, Perry Co.		Felix Miliams & Frank Campbell
31 Aug 1912	Andy Campbell		Rachel Gwinn		H. H. Combs' store, Perry Co.	Alex Combs, Faris Combs, Wade Combs
Page 265				
21 Aug 1912	H. B. Sumner		Mattie Dixon		M. Ball(?) Couch's, Perry Co.	Floyd Back & Josh Caudill
18 Aug 1912	Ira Sparkman		Ada Baker		W. J. Baker's, Perry Co.	Fulton Fields & Elijah Bailey
No Date		Willie McIntire		Ursley Hall		W. C. Hall's, Perry Co.		J. B. Wilson & Lura Hall
12 Sep 1912	John M. Smith		Laura Miniard		George Miniard's, Perry Co.	P. H. Minlake(?) & E. Shepherd
29 Aug 1912	Shade Holcomb		Susan Riddle		G. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	L. C. Riddle & Jordan Fields
06 Sep 1912	A. J. Grigsby		Nancy Jane Brewer	Dwarf, Perry Co.		R. D. Boggs & Tina Owens
Page 267				
03 Sep 1912	Green Cornett		Cassie Couch		Green Cornett's, Perry Co.	Betty Jane Cornett & Allen Cornett
06 Sep 1912	Riley Caudill		Allie Singleton		J. M. Hall's, Perry Co.		Virgie Combs, Scytha Hall, & Sitha Caudill
04 Sep 1912	James Sum(n)er		Crola Martin		Henry Combs', Perry Co.		James Evans & Pegley Combs
09 Sep 1912	I. N. Profit		Stella Davidson		Hazard, Perry Co.		Celia Davis & Issabell Feltner
14 Sep 1912	Jasper Owens		Deana Owens		S. B. Richie's, Perry Co.	Francis Owens & Issobel Richie
12 Sep 1912	Garret Fields		Sinda Mullins		Jake Mullins', Perry Co.	May Cornett & Daly Combs
12 Sep 1912	Henry Patton Caudill	Rebecca Caudill		Viper, Perry Co.		John S. Combs & Abby Combs
14 Sep 1912	Nicholas Hensly		Alice Stacy		Hazard, Perry Co.		Martha Feltner & V. S. Drake
Page 269				
18 Sep 1912	Henry Coots		Ullie Jane Cornett	Joe Cornett's, Perry Co.	Jordan Fields & J. D. Coots
26 Sep 1912	William Napier		Laura Campbell		Wilson Campbell's, Perry Co.	Elijah Holliday, Peggy Gayheart, & Bill Gayheart
24 Sep 1912	Theopolis Williams	Lucy Engle		Hazard, Perry Co.		R. C. Baker & Rolly Campbell
26 Sep 1912	Jordan Fields		Cora Holcomb		Harve Holcomb's, Perry Co.	George Smith & Granville Holcomb
26 Sep 1912	John King		Jane Mullins		Buckhorn, Perry Co.		Winfield Noodam(?) & Jerry Mullins
28 Sep 1912	Pad Combs		Plinie Couch		T. G. Napier's, Perry Co.	Jinney Combs & John M. Combs
28 Sep 1912	Tolbert Holliday	Miss Ethel Campbell	Hazard, Perry Co.		J. K. P. Turner & Jas. Holliday
30 Sep 1912	William Couch		Cordelia Campbell	Frank Campbell's, Perry Co.	Rinda Milom & Harrison Couch
Page 271				
02 Oct 1912	Bill Hall		Juda Wilson		Isaac Wilson's, Perry Co.	Boy Hall, Maggie Wilson, Isaac Wilson
04 Oct 1912	Harvey Hurt		May Bell Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Doug Hays & Poppy Hurt
22 Oct 1912	Junior Morris		Bertha Bowling		M. R. Bowling's, Perry Co.	Daniel Morris & Wm. Sandlin
01 Apr 1909	Jestice Riley		Lillie Morris		Don Morris', Breathitt Co.	John Sandlin & Robert Morris
18 Oct 1902	Dan McDaniel		Ida Asher		Slemp, Perry Co.		Nancy Hebbard & Ance Couch
Page 273				
27 Oct 1912	Floyd Baily		Armanda Jent		Riley Combs', Knott Co.		Joseph Brown, Christopher Brown, M. Knuckles
29 Oct 1912	Booker Mullins		Bettie Caudill		James Caudill's, Perry Co.	Ervin Stidham & May Barnes
30 Oct 1912	W. C. Wooton 		Rosa B. Lewis		J. W. Lewis', Perry Co.		Jas. Wooton, Abe Eldridge, & J. M. Lewis
03 May 1912	John L. McLemore	Sallie Guinn		Fletchey Guinn's, Perry Co.	Robt. Watts & Caty Gwinn
02 Nov 1912	Ralph Sizemore		Annie Cornett		Jason Cornett's, Perry Co.	John Combs & James Stacy (Bill Stacy's son)
06 Nov 1912	Reuben Caudill		Charlottia Leonard	Frank Leonard's, Perry Co.	Frank Leonard & Willie Leonard
07 Nov 1912	James Young		Ella Standafer		Isaac Kilborn's, Perry Co.	Herbert Young & Isaac Young
13 Nov 1912	Thomas Rice		Minnie Gay		R. M. Begley's, Perry Co.	Jesse M. Gay & Robt. N. Begley
Page 275				
31 Oct 1912	George Morgan		Prudy Fugate		Elhannah Fugate's, Perry Co.	E. F. Fugate & Elijah Fugate
04 Oct 1912	Floyd Campbell		Dora Combs		Bill Collin's, Perry Co.	Joe Ritchie & Bill Campbell
13 Nov 1912	David Bell		Rebecca Young		Hazard, Perry Co.		S. D. Stacy & Mrs. Bessie Stacy
22 Nov 1912	B. T. Fields		Vina Fitzpatrick	Hazard, Perry Co.		J. D. Davis & R. R. Edwards
27 Nov 1912	Roscoe Frazier		Lillie Nunemaker	Mont Newnemaker's, Perry Co.	Sally Williams, Charley Begley, Porter Farnson?
06 Dec 1912	Arch Jones		Anna Hampton		Cornettsville, Perry Co.	Bary Caudill & Dave Noe
30 Nov 1912	Mc Eversole 		Ema Walker		Jerry Walker's, Perry Co.	Nancy Messer & Ella Messer
Page 277				
03 Dec 1912	Sam Campbell		Haly Collins		Hardin Collins', Perry Co.	Tom Collins & Hardin Collins
13 Dec 1912	Boney Caudill		Betty Jane Pratt	L. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	James Back & Jame(s) Spencer
08 Dec 1912	Walter J. Hickman	Dicie L. Mullins	Wm. Mullins', Perry Co.		Frank Smith & Wm. Mullins
15 Dec 1912	Robert Holcomb		Polly Shepherd		W. G. Cornett's, Perry Co.	W. G. Cornett & Billy Jane Cornett
14 Dec 1912	Walter Asher		Beretha Jent		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Milium Jent & Bell Combs
18 Dec 1912	Ambrose Deaton		Alma Combs		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	R. C. Combs & Rebecca Combs
17 Dec 1912	Wm. Witt		Sally An Godsey		Price Witt's, Perry Co.		Price Witt & Lizzie Witt
Page 279				
18 Dec 1912	David Y. Wooton		Cinda Isom		Hazard, Perry Co.		Prof. J. C. Hackitt, Jr., C. T. Williams, Eld Cropper
23 Dec 1912	John A. Conway		Susie Vanover		Mat Vanover's, Perry Co.	W. A. Thomas & James Minnard
02 Jan 1913	G. Lee Brashear		Maggie Hall		John H. Hall's, Perry Co.	Elhanan Brashear & R. Hall
02 Jan 1913	L. C. Riddle		Nannie Stu(r)gill	L. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Granville Holcomb & Bettie Riddle
03 Jan 1913	Green Berry Hughes	Angeline Napier		Mary Hughes', Perry Co.		Logan Campbell & Ellum Campbell
09 Jan 1913	Breck Strong		Pollie Napier		Ned, Perry Co.			Buck Napier & Mrs. Kraty Watts
06 Jan 1913	John Williams		Pollie Campbell		Hazard, Perry Co.		Serena Feltner & Eliza Maggard
Page 281				
18 Jan 1913	Charley Begley		Pearlie Colwell		S.C. Colwell, Willard Crk,	Remus Brock & Eva Brock
23 Jan 1913	Andy Miller 		Cinthey Neace		Bud Strong's, Perry Co.		Dilery Williams 
22 Jan 1913	Jesse L. Hamens		Martha Stacy		Dwarf, Perry Co.		Jas. Stacy , A. L. Engle & Isabel Combs
23 Jan 1913	John Browning		Martha Combs		House of ? Combs, Perry Co.	Miss Delie Norton(?) & Miss Dalie Combs
25 Jan 1913	A. D. Mays		Hattie Robinson		Elhanan Crawford's, Perry	L. P. Blevins & Arch Cornett
29 Jan 1913	Jim Jones		Mattie Combs		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Nancy Cornett & Susan Combs
02 Feb 1913	Bob Neace		Lena Miller		Elven Miller's, Perry Co.	Thomas Neace, Jr. 
04 Jan 1913	Floyd Couch		Sarah Jane Melton	Charlotte Melton's, Perry Co.	Andy(?) Shepherd & W. P. Standafer
Page 283				
20 Feb 1913	Scott Hall		Juda Slone		Daisy, Perry Co.		W. P. Young, Martha Garison, W. P. Stamper
10 Jan 1913	Willie Sizemore		Mary Noble		Goble Noble's, Perry Co.	Asbery Sizemore
11 Feb 1913	Willard Roark		Dora McIntosh		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	John Jones & Bueltia Hall
17 Feb 1913	Jesse Watts		Pop Combs		S. S. Moore's, Perry Co.	S. S. Moore & A. B. Spencer
16 Feb 1913	Alex Stacy		Angeline Stacy		Viper, Perry Co.		R. W. Combs & James Caudill
17 Feb 1913	Wm. Engle 		Fannie Bert(?)Beavens	Hazard, Perry Co.		B. F. Cornett, Prof. J.C. Hackett, Dr. H.B.Maggard
22 Feb 1913	Shiloah Baker		Sarah Baker		Yerkes, Perry Co.		S. H. Campbell & J. D. Davis
Page 285				
01 Mar 1913	John D. Oliver		Ida Whitaker		Dora Whitaker's, Perry Co.	Katie Whitaker & Willie Whitaker
08 Mar 1913	Thomas Ratliff		Nannie Dobson		Henry Dobson's, Perry Co.	John Dobson & Eliza Sizemore
11 Mar 1913	James M. Cornett	Lucy Quillian		Randolph Cornett's, Perry Co.	Alice Cornett, May Cornett & John Cornett
20 Mar 1913	George Engle		Peggie Gayheart		Bell Gayheart's, Perry Co.	Mary Gayhart, Nick Combs & Bob Gayheart
17 Mar 1913	Lacy Deaton 		Susan Cornett		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mary B. Wells & Sam Standafer
Page 287				
?? Mar 1913	Lee Caudill		Ida M. Fields		Amanda Fields', Perry Co.	Willie Farler & Manda Fields
28 Mar 1913	James Deaton		Marinda Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Laura Collins & Will Toney
29 Mar 1913	John Cody 		Maud Campbell		Alfred Campbell's, Perry Co.	Wm. Gross & Bob Feltner
03 Oct 1912	John Morris		Mrs. Allie Johnson	W. R. Hoskins', Perry Co.	Lijah Morris & Lillie Bell Morris
05 Apr 1913	Henry Napier		Hanah Napier		Wm. Abner's, Perry Co.		Henry Couch & Elmarvia Barger
03 Apr 1913	Nick Combs		Laurena Combs		"oposit" Jack Walker's,PerryCo.	Jack Walker & Polly Walker
06 Apr 1913	A. J. Eversole		Susan Sandlin		John B. Deaton's, Perry Co.	A. C. Turner & John B. Turner
Page 289				
10 Apr 1913	Cal Miller		Carolina Walker		Near Hazard, Perry Co.		Joe Walker & Ann Walker
11 Apr 1913	Charley Gayheart	Polly A. Francis	Near Hazard, Perry Co.		Kelley Turner & A. B. Combs
11 Apr 1913	Henry Crawford		Ellie Brewer		Joe Brewer's, Perry Co.		Shade Napier & Adeliala Napier
16 Apr 1913	John Allum		Rachel Combs		Nick Combs', Perry Co.		Sewell Campbell & Andrew Campbell
18 Apr 1913	Wm. Sourborn(?)		Kittie Miller		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mrs. Martha Grigsby & Mrs. Susan Fields
27 Apr 1913	Adam K. Campbell	Emaline Morris		N. C. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Charley Baker & Sally Campbell
29 Apr 1913	Shade Napier		Hattie Collins		Hazard, Perry Co.		Wit Kemplin & Henry Maggard
Page 291				
01 May 1913	Monroe Francis		Malinda Stidham		Joseph Stidham's, Breathitt Co.	Geo. Malonia, John Davidson & Robt. Bush
07 May 1913	Jim Hutchinson		Anna Stacy		Hazard, Perry Co.		R. G. Duff & Manual Stacy
24 May 1913	Harland McIntire	Lizzie Campbell		The County Line, Perry Co.	W. M. Hones, Jan Campbell & Lewis Campbell
13 May 1913	Monroe Combs		Lydia Campbell		Stacy, Perry Co.		James Campbell & John L. Combs
11 May 1913	Chester Miniard		Manda Fugate		Avawam, Perry Co.		Link Eversole & James Baker
13 May 1913	John D. Combs		Bertha Combs		Judge Combs', Perry Co.		Sisco Somner, & Ida Somner
14 May 1913	James Slome (Slone)	Sarah Lewis		Cornettsville, Perry Co.	W. P. Pratt, Sary Logan & Lucy Slone
13 May 1913	Allen Wilson		Chloe Couch		Hazard, Perry Co.		Grant Campbell, B. F. Cornett & May Davidson
Page 293				
16 May 1913	Laurence Couch		Bell Baker		A. D. Campbell's store, Perry Co.E. C. Hoskins, Nancy Baker & Harrison Couch
25 May 1913	Geo. Begley		Priscilla Strong	Gay's Creek, Perry Co.		Robert M. Begley & Malissa Begley
25 May 1913	Bill Couch		Katie Campbell		John Campbell's, Perry Co.	Green Campbell & Judge Logan
23 May 1913	James Baker		Laura Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Grace Combs & C. C. Combs
26 May 1913	Hugh Asher		Minta Combs		Ira Combs', Perry Co.		George Knuckles & Tirger(?) Cornett
31 May 1913	Nelson Barger		Deb Couch		Nelson Barger's, Leslie Co.	Lewis Smith & Wm. Gay
31 May 1913	Thos. L. Southsworth	Mamie Lee Heath		Hazard, Perry Co.		Wm. Heath
Page 295				
31 May 1913	Archie Hampton		Susan Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Lizie Holiday & Leah Farler
05 Jun 1913	Stephen Sandlin		Emma McNight		John Sandlin's, Perry Co.	Press McNight & John McNight
28 Jun 1913	Pearl Smith		Eliza J. Fields		School house, Perry Co.		R. B. Baker & Polly Baker
07 Jun 1913	Mack Sumner		Lauraney Cornett	Hazard, Perry Co.		Chas. Deheart & Peggy Cornitt
10 Jun 1913	Hence Jewell		Arie Roberts		Pierce Roberts', Perry Co.	J. T. Campbell & Bob Lovins
14 jun 1913	Elijah Sandlin		Eva J. Campbell		W. C. Standafer's, Perry Co.	Henry Davidson & Martha Melton
19 Jun 1913	John D. Fitzpatrick	Eunice Baker		Hazard, Perry Co.		H. M. Baker & Talton Combs
Page 297				
07 Jun 1913	Solomon Bailey		Rachel Pratt		Eli Pratt's, Perry Co.		Orlando Pratt & Nelson Bailey
18 Jun 1913	William Couch 		Sarah Couch		Hiram Couch's, Perry Co.	Minter Hoskins & Lilie Bell Morgan
24 Jun 1913	Harrison Lewis		Lydia Colwell		Thoams Colwell's, Perry Co.	Clay Napier, Jack Spencer
25 jun 1913	G. K. Harmon		Rebecca Baker		Perry Co. 			T. W. Smith, Mrs. T. W. Smith, Mary Eversole
25 Jun 1913	Ned Tharp		Tiney Owens		Hazard, Perry Co.		Wm. Owens & Flora Owens
04 Jul 1913	Robert Lovins		Calia May		Glenn, Perry Co.		Lewis Deaton & Bige Couch
02 Jul 1913	Bev. Reynolds		Sallie Roark		Polly Roark's, Perry Co.	John Madden & Warner Roark
Page 299				
12 Jul 1913	Bill Caudill		Martha Garrison		Daisy, Perry Co.		Mattie Riddle & Ruben Riddle
11 Jul 1913	Garrett Combs		Lizzie Feltner		The Morgan farm, Perry Co.	Henry Razor
15 jul 1913	James Napier		Cinda Holbrooks		Hiram Field's, Perry Co.	Irvin Cornett & Jacob Fields
15 Jul 1913	John Smith 		Jess Jones		House of E. R. Smith, Perry Co.	Frank Smith & E. R. Smith
23 Jul 1913	Soloney Fields		Stella Caudell		Alvery Fields', Perry Co.	Harrison Shepherd & Alvery Fields
19 Jul 1913	Geo. Hogg		Mattie Shepherd		Hazard, Perry Co.		Grover Hill & Rebel Martin
19 Jul 1913	Mack Combs		Margaret Begley		Dwarf, Perry Co. 		David Richie, Rusia Feltner
Page 301				
26 Jul 1913	James Baker (Tody Jim)	Bell Wooton		Perry Co.			Bam Couch & Bird Combs
29 Jul 1913	Sam Campbell		Emma Campbell		Hazard, Perry Co.		D. Y. Combs & "Estil" Combs
13 Jul 1913	George Gay		Naomi Neace		Perry Co.			Mary Neace & Zack Neace
31 Jul 1913	French Sumner		Nancy A. Wells		Ira Combs' store, Perry Co.	Thomas Groce & George Combs
09 Aug 1913	E. W. Combs		Polly Combs		Joe Brewer's, Perry Co.		Joe Brewer & Nancy Brewer
07 Aug 1913	Pete Browning 		Laura Caudill		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Mat Caudill & Juda Caudill
08 Aug 1913	Tom Neace		Malicia Fugate		Jordan Combs', perry Co.	Jacob Neace, John M. Combs & Pad White
09 Aug 1913	Thomas Allen		Martha White		Pad White's, Perry Co.		Henry Allen, Shelby White & Mahala Gambill
Page 303				
24 Aug 1913	Benny Turner		Martha Deaton		Hazard, Perry Co.		Cappy Calahan & Nannie Morris
28 Aug 1913	William Engle		Surilda Jones		Preston Miller's, Perry Co.	G. C. Campbell & America Miller
05 Sep 1913	Hiram Bush		Ella Jane Lewis		S. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Mattie Riddle & Lindy Hamons
04 Sep 1913	Lee Caudill		Bettie McIntire		J. M. Hase's, MG, Perry Co.	R. M. McIntire
05 Sep 1913	Tom Fletcher		Mary Davidson		Hazard, Perry Co.		J. D. Davis & Johny Y. Combs
24 Sep 1913	Everitt Morgan		Ida Tucker		Wm. Tucker's, Perry Co.		Floyd Williams & E. Whitaker
Page 305				
27 Sep 1913	Sid Bowling		Rhoda Campbell		James Campbell's, Perry Co.	Chester Allen & Irvin Morris
01 Oct 1913	Benjamin Richie		Sarah Combs		R. M. Messer's home, Perry Co.	Martha Messer & Mary Messer
03 Oct 1913	G. W. Collins		Kanzala Fugate		Bucker Fugate's, Perry Co.	Green Holliday & Sam Fugate
22 Sep 1913	Jesse T. Davis		Sallie Couch		Hazard, Perry Co.		John Walker & Mollie Horn
04 Oct 1913	E. C. Miley		Ettie Hill		Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	James Fields & Girtie Fields
Page 307				
07 Oct 1913	James R. Wilson		Leona Hall		W. C. Hall's, Perry Co.		Henry Hall, Arminda Hall & Ray Hall
13 Oct 1913	Henry Duff		Rachel New		Manuel, Perry Co.		Con Sandlin & Robert Allen
19 Oct 1913	Benton Martin		Martha Engle		Ary, Perry Co.			Preston Miller & Rew Engle
26 Oct 1913	Charlie Stout		Nanie Combs		Bob Combs', Perry Co.		Nancy Combs & Nancy Combs
25 Oct 1913	Ike Breeding		Patsey Engle		Presbyterian Manse, Perry Co.	Thomas I. Jones & Mrs. Allen Jones
25 Oct 1913	Bill Cornett		Malicia Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Albert Young & Nancy A. Young
Page 309				
27 Oct 1913	Paris Poore		Lula Heart		Yerkes, Perry Co.		Grant Campbell & A. H. Hoskins
09 Nov 1913	Nathan Combs		Manda Keene		Canoe, Breathitt Co.		Lewis Herald & Robert Herald
13 Nov 1913	Jim Logan 		Liney Talent		L. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Mat Riddle & Reuben Riddle
10 Nov 1913	J. S. Stacy		Janie Messer		Bill Stacy's			Bill Stacy & Nan Stacy
13 Nov 1913	John A. Pennington	Mahala Muncy		Russel Muncy's, Perry Co.	Sherman Sturd & Casey Muncy
15 Nov 1913	Herbert Young		Sarah Grigsby		J. C. Gambill's, Perry Co.	Thomas Colons & Mahala Gambill
15 Nov 1913	Harrison Holcomb	Ada McDaniel		H. Field's, Perry Co.		Robt. Holcomb & "Chareotty" Caudill
15 Nov 1913	J. H. Warren		Susie Couch		Hazard, Perry Co.		Jane McIntosh & "Margarett" Horn
Page 311				
15 Nov 1913	Hughes Bowling		Serena Davidson		Hazard, Perry Co.		Ruth Petrey & Keen Davidson
19 Nov 1913	Curtis Combs		Cora Brashears		Bets Brashears', Perry Co.	S. G. Allen & Cora Hall
20 Nov 1913	Cecil Campbell		Bell Fugate		Pad Fugate's, Perry Co.		Willie Campbell & Pearl Campbell
21 Nov 1913	Joe Grigsby		Cinthia Napier		J. W. Brewer's, Perry Co.	Drewry "Brewster" & Martha Brewer
27 Nov 1913	M. S. Smith		Conzellia Campbell	Near Ned, Perry Co.		G. C. Combs & John Napier
27 Nov 1913	Burchell Muncy		Alice Asher		W. M. Howard's, Perry Co.	Lucy Stursde & Nancy Howard
27 Nov 1913	Tilly Stacy		May Howard		Perry Co.			W. O. Davis & Mat Cornett
01 Dec 1913	Ge(o)rge B. Gay		Martha Gay		R. M. Begley's, Perry Co.	Robert & Susie Begley
Page 313				
09 Dec 1913	Wedd Gay		Lillie Gay		E. B. Bowling's, Perry Co.	Mitchel Gay & Logan Bowling
?? ??? 1913	William Combs		Arry Stewart		Dwarf, Perry Co.		E. Bowens & R. D. Boggs
11 Dec 1913	Buel Bake(r)		Bell Stidham		Yerkes, Perry Co.		Hiram Stidham & Dock Sizemore
13 Dec 1913	G. C. Combs		Dorothy Collwell	Thomas Collwell's, Perry Co.	Squire Collwell & Bill Toler
19 Dec 1913	William Cornett		Lizzie Nickles		Nute Cornett's, Perry Co.	Martha & Ella Messer
Page 315				
22 Dec 1913	William Cornett		Polly Griffith		Eliza Griffith's, Perry Co.	Mattie Riddle & Mary Ann Pratt
25 Dec 1913	Floyed" Morgan		Cloe Campbell		J. W. Morgan's, Perry Co.	J. W. Morgan, Mack Morgan & "Floyed" Couch
24 Dec 1913	Cooley Tucker		America Miller		Milton Miller's, Perry Co.	Wm. Grigsby & Vina Owens
25 Dec 1913	Willie Dixon		Cally Jane Griffith	L. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Boone Cornett, Mattie Riddle, Jim Griffith
26 Dec 1913	James Engle		Effie Johnson		Hazard, Perry Co.		W. F. Johnson & Joan Johnson
28 Dec 1913	D. C. Combs		Callie Williams		Sherman Campbell's, Perry Co.	John Davis, Charlie Petrey, Morton Williams
29 Dec 1913	Joe O. Morgan		Annie Helton		Hazard, Perry Co.		A. D. Noble & George Allen
Page 317				
03 Jan 1914	Wm. Baker		Ida Young		On Lott's Creek, Perry Co.	William Kelley & Manford Young
01 Dec 1914	Manford Strong		Vesta Davidson		Riverside, Perry Co.		Mrs. G. E. Drushal & E. Neal Minnick
Page 319				
01 Jan 1914	F. J. Stamper		Maggie Smith		Hale Grigsby's, Perry Co.	Hale Grigsby & Taylor Back
03 Jan 1914	Spencer Combs		Jane Mullins		Hazard, Perry Co.		Samuel Napier & Morgan Combs
05 Jan 1914	Ventari Sparsa		Bertha Warner		Hazard, Perry Co.		Taylor Back & Wm. Heath
07 Jan 1914	Sam Jones		Ida Whitaker		E. Whitaker's, Perry Co.	J. Engle & Nancy Campbell
07 Jan 1914	John Craddock		Hattie Sizemore		Krypton, Perry Co.		R. R. Edwards & Orlena Huff
08 Jan 1914	W. D. Couch		Elizabeth Barger	Wm. Couch's, Perry Co.		Elijah Bowling & Bill Couch
11 Jan 1914	Johnie Campbell		Allie Whitaker		School house, Big Creek, Perry Co.(no wits)
Page 321				
13 Jan 1914	Anderson Noble		Mary Noble		Perry Co.			Alex Noble & Cecil Noble
14 Jan 1914	Carter Fields		Lilly Bell Morgan	Yerkes, Perry Co.		E. C. Morgan, Eli Hoskins, J. H. Flanery
13 Jan 1914	Matt Messer		Agnes Roberts		Hazard, Perry Co.		Elizabeth Baker & Polly Walker
18 Jan 1914	James Williams		Launa(?) Napier		Wm. Napier's, Perry Co.		Henry Stacy & Fernando Williams
21 Jan 1914	W. H. Combs		Martha Sizemore		Hazard, Perry Co.		R. C. Baker & Sally Edward
22 Jan 1914	Charley May		Bettie Fugate		Not given			Nesby Colwell & Sally Colwell
28 Jan 1914	Frank Spencer		Nancy Campbell		W.W. Campbell's, Perry Co.	Nancy Campbell & Elizabeth Eversole
28 Jan 1914	Ford Campbell		Cordela Day		W. C. Singleton's, Perry Co.	Vesty Singleton & James Smith
Page 323				
06 Feb 1914	Hiriam Morris		Dellie Rice		Milt Rice's, Perry Co.		John Morris & Jests Barger
14 Feb 1914	J. J. Belcher		Rebecca Campbell	Yerkes, Perry Co.		John Hutch & Marion Grigsby
20 Feb 1914	Girdley Combs		Martha Couch		Yerkes, Perry Co.		E. O. Hoskins & Geo. Hampton
24 Feb 1914	Jim Jones		Sissie Stacy		W. G. Combs', Knott Co.		Dicey Combs & Pret Couch
26 Feb 1914	Bartle Melton		Maud Standafer		W. P. Standafer's, Perry Co.	Wilson Fields & W. P. Standafer
27 Feb 1914	Harrison Combs		Mollie Cornett		B. F. Cornett's, Perry Co.	Troy Hill & Sofa Cornett
Page 325				
02 Mar 1914	Rufis Hammond		Sarah Elizabeth Caudil	Bill Caudill's, Perry Co.	Willie Pratt, Bill Caudill & Ira Young
04 Mar 1914	Troy P. Brashear	Nancy Tincher		Bride's home, Perry Co.		Clifton Combs, Curba Brashear, Corbet Hall
28 Feb 1914	J. C. Powel		Maud Hearld		Hazard, Perry Co.		B. P. Combs & Ans Fields
02 Mar 1914	Breck Combs		Rosa Lee McIntosh	Jerry McIntosh's, Perry Co.	Jane McIntosh & Eliza Campbell
22 Jan 1914	Johny Barker		Ella Adkins		Isaac Wilson's, Perry Co.	Green Campbell & Isaac Wilson
06 Mar 1914	Anderson Fields		Serena Campbell		Press Campbell's, Perry Co.	Lawrence Young & Brack Fields
07 Mar 1914	Sam Martin		Nancy Grigsby		Clerk's Office, Perry Co.	C. A. Eversole & Jason Cornett
Page 327				
09 Mar 1914	Harrison Hamblin	Clarebell Oliver	Isaac Hamblin's, Perry Co.	R. B. Eversole & Joseph Hamblin
11 Mar 1914	Thomas Mullins		Leanah Noble		House of Dibe(?), Perry Co.	Richard Noble & Joseph Mullins
12 Mar 1914	Dock Campbell		Shug Engle		W. M. Engle's, Perry Co.	Sue Collins & Elizabeth Feltner
14 Mar 1914	Ben Sizemore		Nancy An Fugate		Stacey, Perry Co.		Ance Hays & Bige Napier
11 Mar 1914	Samuel Martin Drake	Nora Lee Combs		First Baptist Church, Perry Co.	W. M. Engle & L. S. Messer
13 Mar 1914	Isaac S(t)idham		Lottie Fields		John M. Colwell's, Perry Co.	Isaac Hamblin & Badley Colwell
19 Mar 1914	Watson Farler		Manda Farler		Green B. Fields', Perry Co.	S. B. Fields, Riley Baily
Page 329				
22 Mar 1914	Arkander Couch		Fine Noble		Elijah Couch's, Perry Co.	Samuel Stacy & Wily Couch
19 Mar 1914	Judge Hall		Minta Godsey		J. M. Hall's			(no Wits)
21 Mar 1914	Robert Jent		Minta Martin		Jasper Mullins', Perry Co.	Joseph Mullins & Elijah Jent
24 Mar 1914	Preston Riddle		Bettie Back		L. B. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Richiard Riddle, Mary Cornett, Charley Riddle
27 Mar 1914	James Wooton		Gracie Johnson		Will Johnson's, Perry Co.	R. P. Johnson & Jesse Baker
27 Mar 1914	Joseph Campbell		Florra Barger		Dashey Barger's, Perry Co.	Hiriam Morris & Estel Barger
26 Mar 1914	Bradley Stacy		Alma Fields		Hazard, Perry Co.		L. C. Fields & G. W. Grigsby
01 Apr 1914	Scott Miller		Cally Godsey		Samuel Grigsby's, Perry Co.	W. M. Fugate & Samuel Grigsby
Page 331				
01 Apr 1914	Johny Eveans		Cora Napier		Pren Howard's, Perry 		Mac Howard & Losail(?) Eveans
01 Apr 1914	Lee Daniel		Luly Newberry		Hazard, Perry Co.		Walter Hemphill & Mrs. Hemphill
06 Mar 1914	A. P. Eversole		Rebecca Campbell	Arlena Campbell's, Perry Co.	Irvine Eversole & Mollie Eversole
15 Apr 1914	James Sexton		Jeneava Horn		Hazard, Perry Co.		George W. Lyttle & Hattie Horn
18 Apr 1914	Jim Shively		Cinthia Jent		A. B. Messer's, Perry Co.	Dulceny Messer & Thomas Jent
21 Apr 1914	Steaphen Holcomb	Ritter Campbell		Elenza Holcomb's, Perry Co.	Harry Pratt & Mary Pratt
Page 333				
12 Apr 1914	Woolery Eversole	Almira Riley		Eeelen(?) Riley's, Perry Co.	Nora Gross & Elizabeth Ingram
22 Apr 1914	Mack Moore		Darlan Walters		Ed Salyers, Perry Co.		Basil Benley & Dosia Brashear
24 Apr 1914	John Coots		Charlotte Combs		Ben Combs', Perry Co.		Hester Combs & Marybell Evrige
22 Apr 1914	Hence Eversole		Florence Frost		Jacob Frost's, Perry Co.	Abe Napier & James Eversole
25 Apr 1914	Henry Brewer		America Miller		Dwarf, Perry Co.		James Miller & Dan Miller
28 Apr 1914	Simon Frost		Mary Mays		Canoe, Breathitt Co.		Talt Herald & Willie Frost
01 May 1914	Eli Fields		Rebecca Spencer		L. C. Riddle's, Perry Co.	Mattie Riddle & Spencer
24 Apr 1914	Harrison Combs		Nora B. Combs		W. G. Combs', Knott Co.		Harlan Combs & Breck Combs
Page 335				
02 May 1914	Joe Smith		Seattie Barger		Garfield Barger's, Perry Co.	Elijah Bowling & Hiriam Begley
02 May 1914	J. B. Fitzpatrick	Leona Sparkman		Hazard, Perry Co.		Mary Brashear & L. F. Brashear
04 May 1914	John Garrett		Margaret Motiz		Hazard, Perry Co.		Paul Petrey & Cash Couch
07 May 1914	Arthur Cox 		Anna Mae Speaks		Hazard, Perry Co.		Pauline Speaks & Elmar Wright
08 May 1914	John Begley 		Rinda Owens		John Begley's, Perry Co.	Crit Combs & Nancy Feltner
10 May 1914	Snowden W. Fields	Sally Tharp		Chavis, Perry Co.		S. C. Begley & S. B. Johnson
09 May 1914	Ballard Smith		Mary Combs		R. M. Messer's , Perry Co.	Jesse Smith & wife Martha Smith
15 May 1914	R. F. Fields 		Nora Campbell		Willard Creek, Perry Co.	J. T. Fields
Page 337				
09 May 1914	Ira Combs		Myrtle Combs		Hazard, Perry Co.		Susan Spencer & Sally An Campbell
21 May 1914	Loyd Callahan		Nora Callahan		Hazard, Perry Co.		B. P. Combs, Clerk & Adam Campbell
30 May 1914	Charley Whitaker	Laura Duff		Chavis, Perry Co.		Miss Dora Duff & Miss Mary Whitaker
06 Jun 1914	Tandy Johnson		Malvery Williams	Tandy Johnson's, Perry Co.	Floyd Hall & May Holcomb
06 Jun 1914	Nathan Combs		Sylvania Hatton		Hazard, Perry Co.		B. P. Combs & Alex Edwards
16 Jun 1914	Talton Spencer		Manerva Howard		Daniel Spencer's, Perry Co.	James Baker & Polly Jane Spencer
25 Jun 1914	Preston Combs		Maloney Shepherd	Farler, Perry Co.		Wilson Browning & A. L. Farler
Page 339				
17 Jun 1914	W. J. Todd		Millie Jent		Hazard, Perry Co.		John Jent & Sam Combs
24 Jun 1914	Irvin Eversole		Pattie Eversole		Wm. Young's, Perry Co.		(no wits)
23 Jun 1914	Isom Dillion		Luellen Verison		Perry Co.			Martha Pratt & John Farler
26 Jun 1914	Solomon Joseph		Mary Fugate		Hazard, Perry Co.		(no wits)
27 Jun 1914	William Ray Moore	Mary Eva Roberts	Hazard, Perry Co.		(no wits)
Page 341				
04 Jul 1914	Harison Stidham		Pearlie Couch		Wm. Couch's, Perry Co.		Wm. Couch & Sally An Couch
04 Jul 1914	James Engle		Virgie Mae Combs	R. M. Messer's, Perry Co.	(no wits)
04 Jul 1914	Wm. Wooton		Clara Strong		Ned, Perry Co.			(no wits)
09 Jul 1914	Elisha Begley		Orlena Boling		Linhan(?), Perry Co.		Bradly Begley & Brown Begley
08 Jul 1914	Green Morris		Maggis Baker		Yerkes, Perry Co.		Ira Baker & Melda Baker Morgan
Page 343				
13 Jan 1887	Wm. M. Johnson		Nancy Smith		James Stacy's, Perry Co.	James Stacy & Simon Stacy
10 Jan 1914	John Nelson		Curley Losey		Hazard, Perry Co.		Billie Baker & R. C. Combs
18 Jun 1914	Enoch Hall 		Myrtle Brashear		Fort Branch, Perry Co.		(no wits)
07 Apr 1914	David Roebuck		Lucy Ogg		Buckhorn, Perry Co.		Dora Ely Shannon & Mrs. Benton P. Deaton
19 Oct 1914	Harison Wooton		Berthee Wooton		Not given			Jackson Wooton & girl's father
23 Jul 1914	Andrew J. Engle		Lillie Hays		Stacy, Perry Co.		James Hays & Green Campbell
18 Jun 1915	Geoferd Balhyn		Maud Wooton		Press Eversole's, Perry Co.	Press Eversole & Bill Wooton
Page 345				
28 Aug 1915	Benjamine Stacy		Margaraett Jones	Tuck(?) Combs', Ary, Perry Co.	Lesly Combs & Nick Combs
28 Aug 1915	Elic Troxel		Rhoda Joseph		Lennit, Perry Co.		Noah Miller & Bessie Spurlock
16 Mar 1915	John Spencer		Mary Day		Wilburn Day's, Perry Co.	I. J. Duff & Ance Couch
08 Apr 1915	Jesse Begley		Maggie Begley		Jasper Begley's, Perry Co.	Justus Begley & Arnold Begley
31 May 1915	Samuel Campbell		Haly Collins		Mardee(?) Colwell's, Perry Co.	Lee Collin(?) & McKinley Couch
17 May 1915	Grover Davidson		Manervey Couch		Hazard, Perry Co.		Bill Wells & Giddev Tyree
22 Feb 1915	Richard McIntosh	Susie Campbell		Grapevine, Perry Co.		Ed Campbell & Preston Everson
22 Feb 1915	James Woods		Lilly Begly		Hazard, Perry Co.		Zack Duff & George Sizemore
Page 347				
04 May 1915	Ned Davidson		Alafare Holmes		A. D. Noble's, Perry Co.	Ira Davidson & A. D. Noble
15 May 1915	Please Hacker		Susan Begley		Farmer Begley's, Perry Co.	J. T. Begley & Farmer Begley
05 Jun 1915	Earl Gordon		Mahala Eversole		Hazard, Perry Co.		Robert Holliday & F. G. Begley
08 Apr 1915	Hugh Mullins		Gracie Jennings		Typo, Perry Co.			Bud Engle & Mose Feltner
17 May 1915	Richard Combs		Birtha McIntosh		A. B. Riley's, Perry Co.	A. B. Riley & Perle Riley
21 Apr 1915	Chester Napier		Gracie Grigsby		Hazard, perry Co.		Samuel Grigsby & H. D. Grigsby
02 Sep 1915	Charley Riley		Nancy Sandlin		Wm. Sandlin's, Perry Co.	Darcus Amis & Cora Gross
27 Apr 1915	James Florenza		Rush Miliam		H. G. Fields', Perry Co.	H. B. Fields & Logan Standafer
Page 349				
03 May 1915	Wm. Miller		Sally Engle		Dwarf, Perry Co.		Abe Holland & M. S. Miller
24 Jun 1915	Orlando Pratt		Polly Adams		Farler, Perry Co.		Elihu Kilburn & Tiny Kilburn
09 Jun 1915	Charles Riley 		Melda Riley		James Riley's, Perry Co.	Charles Riley & Nancy Riley

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