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     	all living descendants of Thomas Francis; especially for
	Kerrie Ann Dufault, Jason Patrick Dufault, Matthew Ryan 
   	Turley, Zackary Sean Turley, Amanda Nicole Turley, Alexius 
     and Jesse Davis Turley IV.    

It was with pleasure that I was able to collaborate with Robert Charles Young to begin a study of the Thomas Francis Family. What we have presented is nothing more than a sketch. With more research, this skeleton can be fleshed out; it is a beginning. Any person, so desiring, can use this incomplete study to build upon. We hope our effort will be helpful to those in such a pursuit. Over the years, Robert has been an untiring collector of information on the Young, Pigman, Hayes, Francis and other related families. He was kind enough to allow me to use his files. However, any incorrect material which appears in this family sketch is entirely my responsibility. Also, I am indebted to Lois Francis Fuller for information which she sent me about her family. Ophelia Francis Stewart made some contacts for me and sent information which she had collected. Corrections to the William "Willie" Francis family came to me from Mrs. Ruth Fish, a great granddaughter of Elder Willie Francis. The chronological history of Thomas Francis arrived in my mail, dated May 15, 1997 from Ann H. Stewart. Also, she sent a copy of Thomas Francis handwritten will and a typed copy. The will was sent to her by John Skiles Ritchie another descendant of Thomas Francis. He had received our first draft of this family compilation and made corrections pertaining to his family. Information sent us by Ann H. Stewart has been added. On August 29, 1997, Jennings B. Francis gave me additional information which I have included. His comments are included as he wrote them. I thought them interesting and perhaps of value as years pass. Included in Jennings' material was a listing of information compiled by Dorothy A. Griffith. This information will be included with appropriate credit given to Dorothy. The Francis family is a parallel family to my Young family. I am not by blood a descendant of Thomas Francis. Over the years Audrey Francis Turley, her late husband, Jesse Davis Turley Jr., their sons Davis and Marion "Tommy"; and their families have been devoted friends. It was for them that I began collecting material about the Francis family. For me, It was a blessing that Thomas Francis lived and from that life came the friendship of this kind and caring family of Turleys.
William Henry Young Germantown, Ohio Jan. 11, 1996
Page 1 Chronology Of The Life Of Thomas Francis Born: May 8 or 18, 1774 or 1778 on Lick of Licks Creek, Wilkes Co., N.C.. According to family history, his full name was William Thomas Francis, and he was possibly a junior. Tradition suggests that the family had moved south from Pennsylvania and that there was, at some point in the old or new worlds, a French ancestor mixed in with the Scotch-Irish and English. 1790 William France appeared in the first U. S. census for Wilkes Co. N.C.. 1780 William Francis appeared in the U. S. census for Wilkes Co. N.C. 1795 William Francis appeared on list of taxables for Wilkes Co. N.C. 1797 William Francis appeared on list of taxables for Wilkes Co. N.C. 1801 First child born to Thomas Francis and his wife Jane Hammonds (Hammens). They had been married in the home of Jane's father, John Hammonds. 1805 William Francis appeared on list of tabables for Wilkes Co. N.C.. 1811 William Francis sold 100 acres of land in Wilkes Co. N.C. 1816 By this year William Thomas Francis had moved from North Carolina to Russell Co., Virginia. 1820 Thomas Francis was listed in the U. S. census for Russell Co., Va. 1827 The Thomas Francis family moved from Virginia to Carrs Fork area of then Perry Co., KY.. Some of the families on Carrs Fork at the time of this move were the Amburgey, Pigman, Madden and Young. 1830 Thomas Francis was listed in U. S. census for Perry Co. KY. 1830-1834 Thomas Francis served as justice of the peace for Perry Co. KY. 1833 Jane Hammonds Francis died and was buried on Carrs Fork. 1835 Thomas Francis married Lourania Polly Hagan (Higgens), widow of John P. Hagan. There is some confusion over this date. Two dates are listed for this marriage: November 11, 1834 and August 11, 1835. 1850 Thomas Francis is listed in the U. S. census for Letcher Co. KY. He is listed as a slave owner with personal property valued at $1200-$2000. In 1850 this section of Carrs Fork had become part of newly formed Letcher Co., In 1884 it would become part of a new Co., Knott Co., KY.. 1856 Thomas Francis death was not officially recorded in Letcher Co., KY., vital statistics. His will was dated July 18, 1855, witnessed before the Co. Court Clerk on February 23, 1856, and produced in court on August 11, 1856. According to oral family history, he died July 31, 1855 and was buried on Carrs Fork of the North Fork of the Kentucy River in then Letcher Co. KY. now Knott Co., KY. ************************************************************************************************************
The Will Of William Thomas Francis I know all men by these presents that being of advanced age but of sound mind and disposition and knowing that all living has to die I therefore make the following instrument my last will and testament of all my worldly estate and property to wit: Article 1st: I want all my just debts and personal expenses paid. 2nd: I then desire that all my estate remaining both real and personal remain in the hands of my beloved wife Luraney Francis during her natural life. 3rd: I then desire that all my land and property that I possessed at the time me and my present wife Luraney was married I want it equally divided between my first wifes children except Feldin Combs and my daughter Susan Francis. To them I only will that they should have one dollar. 4th: After the death of my present wife I will and desire that all the property both real and personal be equally divided between our four children to wit: Luraney, Anna, Elizabeth, and Margarite Francis and their heirs. That is say all the property real and personal that me and my present wife has accumulated since our marriage. I want equally divided between our children last above mentioned. I desire that together with my wife Luraney Francis that Ambrose Burgey, Samuel Francis, Simeon Francis and Squire Whitaker act as my executor of this my present will which appointment I hope my all accepted done this the 13th day of July, 1855. THOMAS FRANCIS (Seal) acknowledged to me by THOMAS FRANCIS Stephen F. Hogg CLCC Attest: Thomas Watts, Benjamin Martin, S. T. Hogg State of Ky. I Stephen Hogg clerk of the Letcher Co. Court do certify this last will and testament of Thomas Francis deceased was this day produced to me in the Letcher Co. court and proven by the oath Page 3 of Thomas Watts and Benjamine Martin the inscribing witnesses to be the act and will of said Thomas Francis deceased and ordered to be recorded which will is hereby dully committed and recorded in my office given under my hand this the 11th day of August 1856. Stephen S. Hogg, Clerk We the jury find the written papers purporting to be the last will and testament of Thomas Francis deceased to be his last will and testament. S.G. Logan, foreman I do certify that the above is a true copy of the will of Thomas Francis. Clerks certificate verdict of jury in my office Sept. 12th 1866 Isaac Fields, clerk I Ezekiel Brashears, clerk of the Letcher Co. Court in the State of KY. certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the will of Thomas Francis, deceased, produced to me in my office also the certificate of S. S. Hogg, Co. Court Clerk of Letcher Co. and the certificate of Isaac Fields, clerk of the same court which is duly recorded this 9th day of June 1879. E. Brashears, clerk by R. O. Brashears, d. c. Note: Thomas Francis' will was dated July 18, 1855 and witnessed before the Co. Court Clerk of Letcher Co., KY. on February 23, 1856, and produced before the Circuit Court on August 11, 1856. Therefore, his will seems to have been a death bed will. This was often the case with early pioneers of eastern KY. It has been surmised that he died in 1856; however, family tradition is so strong as to the exact date of his death that of July 30, 1855. It is entirely possible that this will was written shortly before Thomas Francis died. Note: The final disposition of this will did not occur until June 9, 1879. This indicates that all requirements of the will were satisfied on or about this date and fully validated by the Letcher Co. court. Note: I tried to render this will in the exact wording of the hand written copy. In at least two places, the writing was difficult for me to read. Any errors made by me were no intentional. At least, it appears for us to read and understand what his intent was toward his children by both his wives. Page 4 Information on the family of Thomas Francis Jr., Record #65, taken from Family Group #1111 prepared by Dorothy A. Griffith. 1. Amburgey Ancestry in America, copyright 1976 and 1982 2. Letcher Co., KY. will written July 13, 1855, recorded August 11, 1856, jury reported June and September 12, 1879, closed 1879. (Will in its entirety above. William Henry Young) 3. 1800 Russell Co., Virginia tax list, gives Thomas as 3 free white males, 6 free females and 1 slave 4. 1810 Russell Co., Virginia census Tate Francis 103 William Francis 101 Jesse Francis 102 Thomas Francis 103 Thomas Francis Jr. 003 5. 1820 (No information included in this record. William Henry Young) 6. 1830 Perry Co., KY., census: Thomas Francis 40-50, female 50-60; 1 female 15-20; 1 male 15-20; 1 female 10-15; 1 male 10-15 7. 1840 Perry Co., KY., census: Thomas Francis 40-50, 1 female 50-60 8. 1850 Letcher Co., KY., census, page 151, house 104 9. 1860 Letcher Co., KY., census 10. 1870 Russell Co., Virginia, census: New Garden Township, house 113 11. 1880 census 12. Birthdates of Thomas Francis family taken by Ruth N. Smith, Mallie, KY. from an old Francis family Bible. Russell Co. marriage records destroyed for this period. Perry Co., KY. records reconstructed (brides names not given).Early Letcher Co., KY. marriage records missing. 13. Thomas Francis was an organizer of Carrs Fork Church, Old Regular Baptists in 1827; information from History of Regular Baptists by Rufus Perrigan, copyright 1961. 14. Anna Stamper had no husband listed in 1860 Letcher Co. KY. census house 450 nor one in the 1880 census. 15. Russell Co., Virginia, Deed Book 5:468-70 (LDS Record #0033832) April 1816, Thomas and Jane Francis to John Hamon, 76 acres, 10.5 acres, on DumpCreek. Deed Book 4:496, 145 acres Thomas Francis to John Warder by an attorney, land located on the Clinch River, dated May 6, 1812. Deed Book 6:183 Thomas Francis to John Amburgey 200 acres located on the Clinch River, dated March 2, 1819. Deed Book 6:314 Thomas Francis to John Grizzle 20 acres, located in Harrels Valley. Deed Book 6:48 Thomas Francis to Walter Preston, 200 acres, located on the Clinch River, dated Jan. 16, 1818 16. Thomas Francis, soldier in War of 1812 Page 5 Note: Thomas Francis: A pioneer and owner of a large tract of land and one of the first settlers on Carrs Fork, (Now Carr Creek, Knott Co., KY.. William Henry Young). Sometime after 1816, he and his wife Jane Hamons and their children moved to Virgina, near St Paul, Russell Co.. After that he moved to Carrs Fork and built his cabin (Now the craft shop at Pioneer Village, Red Fox, KY.). For Thomas Francis' first wife Ruth Smith on Jan. 1, 1991 records death date for Thomas as July 7, 1856. On November 27, 1991, Ruth records his death as August 7, 1856. Her information was taken from grave stones, Bible records and other sources. Also, Ruth Smith's data lists a second birthdate for Luraina Polly Hagins Francis as October 12, 1799.
Thomas Francis
Thomas Francis, came to Perry Co., (now Knott Co.), KY. in 1827, from near St. Paul, in Russell Co., Virginia, settled on Carrs Fork of the North Fork of the KY. River, and raised his family there. From 1832 to 1834, he was a justice of the peace on Carr Creek. He married twice: to Jane Hammons, who bore him eight children; next to Luranny Higgins, the widow of John P. Higgins, who bore him four children; he died July 31, 1855, and is buried on Carr Creek, Knott Co., KY.. According to records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, he was the son of Thomas Francis Sr., who was born circa 1740 and Margaret or Elizabeth??. Thomas Sr. died in Russell Co., Virginia, sometime between 1816 and 1819. Before coming to KY., Thomas Jr. had spent most of his life in Wilkes Co., N.C.. This is evidenced by all of his known children by Jane Hammons being born in that Co. and state. He was part of the migration from that section of N.C. which, along with the Virginia migration, populated most of eastern KY.. His path of migration to KY. was from N.C. to Virginia and then on to KY. The following chart details the descendants of Thomas Francis Jr. who came to what is now Knott Co., KY. in 1827. His father is listed with his known children and will be listed without number at the top of the following family chart. His children will begin with the number one (1). Page 6
Thomas Francis Sr. born circa 1740; married Margaret or Elizabeth??; died in Russell Co., Virginia between 1816 and 1819. His known children: 1 William Francis b. 1760 1 Jesse Francis b. 1772; d. 1819 in Russell Co., Virginia; md. Chloe?? b. 1772; d. in Scott Co., Virginia, after the 1850 U.S. Census. 1 Tate Francis b. 1777 1 James Francis b. 1780; d. in Perry Co., KY. after the 1850 U. S. Census. 1 Thomas Francis b. May 18, 1774, d. in 1856; md. Jane Hammons b. N.C. in 1778, d. in 1833; their children: 2 Rebecca Francis b. Dec. 1801 in Wilkes Co., N.C.; d. May 5, 1875 in Perry Co. KY.; md. Ambrose Amburgey; their child: 3 William "Tanner Bill" Amburgey b. April 4, 1829; d. Jan. 26, 1914; md. July 28, 1831 to Elizabeth Stamper b. Dec. 9, 1930; d. November 27, 1895; their children: 4 Matilda Amburgey b. June 23, 1868; d. June 11, 1949; md. William "Bowlegs" Smith b. Oct. 11, 1861; d. Nov. 8, 1943; their child: 5 Elizabeth "Betty" Smith b. September 26, 1886; d. Aug. 30, 1966; md. Sept. 1, 1904 to John D. Smith b. April 29, 1883, s/o Shadrack "Shade Smith, so Jake Smith, s/o William Smith, s/o Richard Smith and Alicia Combs d/o Nicholas “Danger Nick” and Nancy Grigsby Combs; their children: 6 Ruth Nellene Smith b. February 20, 1929 at Smithboro, KY. 6 Joyce Smith 6 Others 5 Matilda and William Smith had other offspring 4 Other offspring 3 John Amburgey 3 Jane Amburgey 3 Wiley Amburgey md. 1. Dianah Adams, 2. Sirilda Madden 3 Frances Amburgey 3 Elizabeth Amburgey md. Benjamin Everage 3 Susanah md. Major B. Smith 2 Jane Francis b. in Wilkes Co., N.C., md. Vermillion Thompson Combs and stayed in Virginia 2 Mary "Polly" Francis b. May 9, 1804, in Wilkes Co., North Carolina; md. John Smith Page 7 2 Susannah "Susan" Francis b. Dec. 1806 in Wilkes Co., N.C.; md. Fieldon Combs; stayed in Virginia; Thomas Francis left her $1.00 in his will. 2 Elizabeth Francis b. Dec. 30, 1808, in Wilkes Co. N.C.; md. Wilburn Amburgey. 2 Virginia "Jenny" Francis b. Jan. 12, 1811 in Wilkes Co., N.C.; d. July 1833; md. Thompson Vermillion Combs, b/o Feildon, s/o William Combs. 2 Samuel Francis b. Jan. 28, 1813 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina; md. April 8, 1833 in Perry Co., KY., (Marriage Book A) to Leodicy "Dicey" Hogg d/o James Hogg; their children: 3 Elizabeth "Betsy" Francis b. March 17, 1834; d. October 10, 1908; md. Stephen Adams and James Stamper 3 Dicey Francis b. 1838; md. Hillard Smith and Thomas Hagin/Higgins 3 John Wesley Francis b. 1840; md. Elizabeth Mullins; their children: 4 Nancy Francis 4 Alexander "Alec" Francis 4 Samuel Francis md. first Henny Fugate; their children: 5 Georgetta Francis 5 Zack Francis 5 Arminda Francis 5 Lyla Francis 5 Hannah Francis 5 Bitha Francis 5 Two other children Then Samuel married Viney Ritchie; their children: 5 Grover Francis md. Trina Fugate; their children: 6 Grace Francis 6 Wesley Francis 6 Astar Francis 6 Martha Francis 6 Ezzie Francis 6 Betsey Francis 6 Winnie Francis 6 Essie Francis 6 Bessie Francis 6 Viney Francis 6 Crousie Francis 6 Bethel Francis 6 Pearl Francis (son) 6 Boy born dead Source for this information was Wesley Francis (Robert Young) 5 Sally Francis md. George Fugate 5 Martha Francis md. Sam Fugate Page 8 5 Malinda Francis md. Dan Noble 5 Crouson Francis (son) 5 Edgar Francis 5 Edgar Francis 5 Irene Francis 5 Edna Francis 3 Hiram Francis md. Sarah "Sally" Day; their children: 4 Hubbard C. "Huck" Francis b. April 24, 1877 on Carr Creek in Knott Co., KY.; d. Dec. 2, 1940; his body was moved from Carr Creek to Richmond Cemetery, Prestonsburg, KY.; md. Millsa Pigman b. March 22, 1877 on Smith Branch, d. October 1957; she is also buried in Richmond Cemetery; their children: 5 Gordon Francis b. October 21, 1898; d. June 13, 1973; md. Tressie May 5 Lyda Francis 5 Vertner Francis md. John Basam Clarke 5 Paul Francis md. Ruth May 5 Robert Day Francis 5 Fred Francis md. Margorie "Maggie" Hopkins 5 Ruth Francis md. twice; her second husband was Samuel Isabell 5 Floe Francis md. Curt Homes 4 Orka Francis md. a Wallen 4 Dicie Francis md. a Smith 4 Rebecca md. a Cornett 4 Kelly Francis 4 James Francis 3 Kelly Francis md. Nancy Ann Pigman 3 Mary A. "Polly" Francis md. John Stamper 3 Elsie Francis md. William "Bill" Kelly. Mary "Polly" was laying in state; Elsie looked into the casket and fell dead. They were both buried on the same day. This story is from Olin Everage. (Robert Young) 3 Silas Francis md. 1. Jenny Day, 2. Susan Amburgey, 3. Betsy Stamper, 4. Amanda Day 3 Miranda Francis md. William Day 3 Simeon Francis?? It is possible that a previous researcher erred in lisiting Samuel Francis Sr. with a son named Simeon. Census records do not list a Simeon Francis in this family. (William Henry Young) 3 Samuel Francis Jr. b. October 27, circa 1850; d. 1918; md. Jane Kelly b. March 12, 1852, d/o George Washington and Sarah Smith Kelly; their son: 4 George Washington Francis b. Dec. 27, 1879; d. June 9, 1914; md. Melvine Smith; their son: Page 9 5 John A. Francis b. November 1, 1891 at Smithboro, Knott Co. KY.; d. April 17, 1973 at the home of a friend of Gid Frazier of Red Fox, KY, buried Carr Creek (Government Cemetery) first md. Allie Fair Smith; their children: 6 Leon Burl Francis b. September 2, 1913 at Smithboro, KY.; d. September 27, 1983 at Shiloh, Richland Co., Ohio; md. Gertrude Collins; their son: 7 Jennings B. Francis Then John A. Francis md. Ida Pratt; their children: 6 Cullen Francis 6 Imogene Francis 6 Grace Francis b. 1918; d. 1971; md. Dave Caudill 6 George Francis b. March 20, 1920 at Smithboro,Knott Co., KY.; d. October 19, 1972 at Smithboro; md. Ronnie Lee Back 6 Boyd Francis b. October 3, 1929 at Smithboro, Knott Co. KY.; d. Sept. 11, 1968 Comments by Jennings B. Francis: John first married Allie Fair Smith, second marriage was to Ida Pratt and his last marriage, his last was to Mary Smith. John died in the home of a friend, Gid Frazier at Red Fox, KY.. He was know by many people as Fox Hunting John. Mary Smith had a brother named Alec Smith who lived at Carbon Glow, KY. 5 Kelly Francis md. Ethel Breeding 5 George Francis Sr. md. Emma Dixon 5 Samuel Harrison Francis Sr. b. March 7, 1891 at Smithboro, Knott Co., KY.; d. August 6, 1972; md. Rainey Blair 5 Grandville C. Francis b. 1894; d. 1938 5 Martha Jane Francis b. Dec. 11, 1898 at Smithsboro, KY.; d. February 16, 1972; md. Simeon Blair 5 Lucinda Francis b. February 3, 1903 at Smithsboro, KY.; d. November 9, 1949 at Smithsboro; md. Soloman Caudill 5 Noah Francis b. March 11, 1905 at Smithsboro, Knott Co., KY.; d. August 12, 1945 5 Curtis Francis Comment by J. B. Francis: Curtis was the son of George Washington Francis but he was not the son of Melvine Smith. His mother was Sally Jent. Page 10 Curt married Volina Combs. To this marriage was born Ella who still lives on Bull Creek in Letcher Co. KY. Comments by Jennings B. Francis: I stayed many days and nights with Grandma Melvine. She smoked an old clay pipe and used Red Ox twist tobacco. My mother made many of her dresses and aprons. Her dresses and aprons required two front pockets; I suppose to carry the pipe and tobacco. I recall the dresses to be made from cotton gingham, ankle length, and long sleeves with a bottom similiar to a man's long sleeve shirt. She made strong coffee; put too much soda in her cornbread; and loved Grandpa John's old Walker fox hounds, especially Old Crow and June. I remember both of these hounds well. I remember walking to the old log house where she lived on Big Smith's Branch with Grandpa John. He had a favorite large rock he would rest on near the creek and near the log house. Without fail, he would take one last drink of moon-shine and blow through his lips to stop the burning. He would cough a couple times, very low, and blow again. Melvine had a small "bench legged fiest dog named "Half Crack" who would bite anyone who came across the footbridge toward her house. She also had colthes lines paralleling the lane to the house. I thought the clothes line was put there as a guide for Grandpa John when he came home high on moonshine. Melvine had a Pepsi bottle full of hop pepper sauce; she seemed to always have pinto beans or fried pinto bean cakes. She wore high top black shoes with wool socks year around. She wore her hair braided up with a blue men's handkerchief tied over her hair with a bow in front. In winters she would sit in front of the large fireplace in a rocking chair smoking the clay pipe. Her rocking chair was completely covered with red fox pelts. Grandpa John in this narrative is Melvine's son. My great grandpa George died long before I was born. Grandpa John lived with Melvine between marriages. I believe the log house she lived in belonged to her nephew John D. Smith or his brother Hillard Smith. I have one of her clay pipes and an oil lamp she gave my grandmother Allie when John and Allie were married. I also have an ox yoke, that was given me by Varda Smith, which belonged to George W. Francis and handed down to his son Noah Francis. Noah gave the yoke to Varda and Shell Smith for their wedding to hang on their cabin porch wall. 4 Dulcenia Francis md. a Pratt 4 Sarah Francis md. Jesse Martin 4 John Francis md. Winnie Blair 4 Minta Francis md. John Blair 4 Marinda Francis md. Shep Smith 4 Dicie Francis md. Grandville C. Smith 4 Martha Francis b. Link Feltner 4 William Cullen Francis b. October 12, 1877; d. Jan. 24, 1937; md. Lucinda Breeding Page 11 2 Sarah "Sally" Francis b. November 24, 1815; md. George Washington Johnson; their children: 3 Samuel Johnson 3 Thomas Johnson 3 Deophis Johnson 3 Leslie Johnson b. April 1842; md. Frances?? 3 Feldon Johnson 3 Susan Johnson 3 Simeon Johnson md. Sarah Alice Francis; see below under Samuel Francis and Lettie Mullins for their children. 3 Cindesta Johnson b. Dec. 17, 1853; d. 1945; md. Colbert Cecil Hylton b. November 1, 1851; d. Jan. 18, 1929; their children: 4 Belle Hylton md. a Robinette 4 Charley Hylton md. Ollie Young; see Nancy Francis d/o Samuel Francis and Lettie Mullins for their children. 4 Clarke Hylton md. Julie Blair 4 Jesse Hylton md. Matilda Young; see Nancy Francis d/o Samuel Francis and Lettie Mullins 4 Cora Hylton md. Dr. Lttle Whitaker 4 Mary Hylton md. Enock Cody 4 Frank Hylton md. Hester Combs 4 Docia Hylton md. Corbett Hall 3 Sarah Johnson 3 William Johnson died young. 3 Virginia Johnson died young. 2 Simeon Francis b. in Virginia March 25, 1818; d. 1879 in Knott Co., KY.; md. in 1840 to Cassie B. Smith, b. 1825, d. July 31, 1878; their children: 3 Samuel Francis b. June 25, 1848; d. September 16, 1922; md. Lettie Mullins b. September 11, 1846, d. August 2, 1931; their children: 4 Cassy Francis b. April 1865; d. November 15, 1941; md. Shade Stacy; d. February 2, 1947; no issue. Raised Alonzo, Ollie and Ettie Young, the children of Nancy Francis and Drury Young (Robert Young). 4 Nancy Jane Francis b. Jan. 27, 1867; d. November 5,1914; md. March 20, 1883 to Drury Young b. March 4,1861 on Lotts Creek d, Feb. 3, 1894; s/o William Young, s/o Drury and Nancy Madden Young; their children: 5 Alonzo Young b. March 9, 1884 on Lotts Creek; d. May 14, 1967 at the Home Place Hospital, Ary, KY.; on Dec. 13, 1906 md. to Amanda Pigman b. July 10, 1885 on Smith Branch, Knott Co., KY. d. May 2, 1951 at Hindman, KY.; their children: Page 12 6 Charlie Pigman Young b. October 3, 1907; d. 1991; md. Glenna Fugate March 17, 1931; no issue 6 Shelby B. Young b. Sept. 22, 1909; d. July 7, 1942; md. Clara Slone; no issue. 6 Otis Mae Young b. Dec. 17, 1911; d. April 19, 1982; md. Charlie Combs s/o Rev. Robert Combs; their children: 7 Evalee Combs b. Sept. 22, 1930; md. Archie Everage; their children: 8 Sheila Roe Everage b. June 10, 1949; md. Glenn Noe; their children: 9 Tracey Noe 9 Melisa Noe 8 Debra Kaye Everage b. Dec. 1, 1952; md. Gregory Reynolds; their children: 9 Kevin Elliot Reynolds 9 One other child 8 Judy Gail Everage b. September 2, 1954; md. Kenneth Combs; their child: 9 Josh Combs 8 Archie Wayne Combs b. April 19, 1957; md. Babetta Thacker 7 Charles Edward "Sonny" Combs b. Sept. 7, 1932; md. Phyllis Rose Bailey b. Nov. 17, 1934; their children: 8 William Gregory Combs b. April 16, 1953 8 Kathy Ann Combs b. July 1, 1958 8 Charles Michael Combs b. July 1, 1958 8 Chris Edward Combs b. August 11, 1961 7 Mary Alice Combs b. July 24, 1934; md. Curtis Gibson; their children: 8 Richard Curtis Gibson 8 Carolyn Sue Gibson 8 Gary Steven Gibson 8 Cathy Gibson 6 Amnie Young b. March 11, 1916 at Hindman, KY.; md. September 17, 1938 to Francis Walters; their children: 7 James Walters infant at death 7 Michael Young Walters b. Dec. 17, 1945; md. Betty Smith; their child: 8 Andrea Walters Then Michael md. a wife who now lives in Nebraska: their children: 8 Kelly Walters 8 Colen Walters Page 13 Then Michael md. Mary Lynn Conley, d/o Irland Conley of Hindman, KY.; their child: 8 Christian Drury Walters 6 Robert Wilson Young b. Dec. 10, 1918; md. Nov. 23, 1941 to Violey Alma Hays b. March 29, 1912 at Ivis, KY.; d. Jan. 25, 1979 at ARH, Hazard, KY.; their children: 7 Ronald Cecil Young (stepson) b. May 11, 1934; d. August 18, 1974 at ARH, Hazard, KY.; md. Betty Spurlock b. November 20, 1938; their child: 8 Victoria Faye Young b. Dec. 10, 1955 at Homeplace Hospital, Perry Co. KY.; md. Edward Thomas; their child: 9 Edward Bradley Josten Thomas b. October 7, 1977 Then Victoria md. Roger Dale Stacy; their child: 9 Bria Viocta Lurhae Stacy b. June 22, 1989 8 Ronald Vernon Young b. October 31, 1958; md. Louise Slone Smith February 2, 1979; and Tanya Everage in 1990. 7 Robert Charles Young b. Dec. 4, 1942; md. Dec. 19, 1964 to Judy Rose Main b. May 3, 1945; their children: 8 Florence Elizabeth Young b. July 23, 1966 at Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY.; her child: 9 Elizabeth Danielle Cox 8 Robert Sean Young b. Dec. 5, 1967 at Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY. 8 John Phillip Young b. November 12, 1971 at Middlesboro, Bell Co., KY. 5 Ollie Young b. April 18, 1889; d. October 30, 1972; md. Charley Hylton b. Dec. 17, 1878, d. Jan. 10, 1933 s/o C. Colbert Hylton and Candesta Johnson; their children: 6 Kelly Hylton b. in Knott Co., KY. 6 Cora Hylton b. July 25, 1908 in Oklahoma, md. Enoch Watts 6 Forester Hylton b. August 24, 1910 in Arkansas; md. Vivian Holcomb 6 Oscar Hylton 6 Giland Hylton 6 Mabel Hylton 6 Charles Hylton b. April 5, 1926; md. Mildred Wells Page 14 5 Matilda Young b. March 3, 1891 on Lotts Creek, d. August 10, 1944; md. Jesse Hylton, b. August 14, 1883; d. June 16, 1959, s/o Colbert Hylton; their children: 6 Lawton Hylton b. July 1, 1909; d. Feb. 2, 1926 6 Clyde Hylton b. April 3, 1909 at Cody, KY.; md. Dec. 24, 1936 to Vesta Caudill b. Jan. 22, 1918 at Farler, Perry Co. KY.; their children: 7 Donald Hylton b. August 23, 1938 7 Glenna Hylton b. March 15, 1940 at Cody, Knott Co., KY.; md. Vance Hayden 6 Claude Hylton b. February 18, 1911; d. April 30, 1928 6 Frank Hylton md. Marie Woods 6 Blanche Hylton md. Lloyd Maggard 6 Morris "Doc" Hylton first md. Elva Iris Smith b. Feb. 28, 1918; d. Jan. 1, 1940, d/o Elizabeth and John D. Smith; then Morris md. Cuba Breeding. 6 Oliver Hylton md. Earl Woods 6 Mae Hylton md. Lawrence Bolen 6 Ruth Hylton md. Glenn Pigman 6 Hassell Hylton md. Jean Slone 6 Dorothy Hylton md. Elmer Pigman 6 Josephine Hylton md. Jim Caudill 6 Rodney Hylton went out West 6 Jacqueline Hylton b.June 11, 1935; d. June 13,1935 5 Etta Young b. February 12, 1892; d. Dec. 26,1960; md. Henry Blair b. April 7, 1882; d. Dec. 5, 1955; their children: 6 Ethel Blair md. Shiloh Fields 6 Mary Blair md. Dixon Adams 6 Martha Blair md. H. Seals 6 Jack Blair md. Cindy Hemphill 6 William Blair md. Mildred Card 6 Marion Blair 6 Shade Blair Then Nancy Francis md. Thomas Kelly; their children: 5 William Kelly b. July 19, 1897; d. April 3, 1972; md. Nancy Watts d/o Jasper Watts and Martha Jent; their children: 6 Oscar Kelly b. September 8, 1918, md. Hazel Taylor; their children: 7 Everett Randall Kelly 7 Timothy Kelly Page 15 7 Joyce Kelly 7 Violet Kelly 6 Thomas Reed Kelly b. February 5, 1921; md. Bonnie Gayheart 6 Charity Mae-wood Kelly b. April 16, 1924; md. Woodrow Bolen 6 Edith Kelly b. September 16, 1927; md. Bazil Anderson 6 William Jasper "Sonny Boy" Kelly b. Jan. 17, 1930 6 Lois Frankie Kelly b. August 21, 1933; md. Ralph Smith and Virgil Noble; she divorced both men. 5 Samuel Kelly b. March 20, 1900; d. Jan. 25, 1927; md. Cuba Kelly; their children: 6 Marie Kelly b. 1919; died young 6 Kester Paul Kelly b. February 15, 1921; md. Adielee Whitaker b. October 28, 1931; their children: 7 Alger Michael Kelly b. June 6, 1949; md. Jackie Salyer b. May 28, 1948; their child: 8 Hollie Michelle Kelly b. September 29, 1978 7 Stephen Kelly b. March 16, 1951; md. Barbara L. Woodruff b. Dec. 17, 1951; their children: 8 Matthew Stephen Kelly b. Dec. 14, 1974 8 Jason Paul Kelly b. May 12, 1979 8 Stephanie L. Kelly B. April 24, 1987 7 Esther Diane Kelly b. June 15, 1954 6 Olin Kelly b. June 14, 1923; md. Zola Dobson b. April 11, 1929, d/o Tom and Adeline Young Dobson, d/o Alexander “Alec” and Nancy Cornett Young. Olin and Zola have four children. 6 Josephine Kelly died in infancy 5 Fred Kelly b. February 14, 1901; d. June 28, 1934; md. Larcenia Watts d/o Jasper and Martha Jent Watts; their children: 6 James Kelly md. Nancy Feltner d/o Martin Feltner; their children: 7 Gora Mae Kelly 7 Anita Kelly md. William Madden 6 Forester Kelly md. Mary Grigsby d/o Baylis "Hornet" Grigsby; their child: 7 Peyton Kelly 6 Marie Kelly md. Herman Feltner s/o Martin Feltner; their children: Page 16 7 Juanita Jean Feltner 7 Marie Feltner md. Paul Napier Jr. 7 Donald Ray Feltner 7 J. C. Feltner 7 One other daughter 6 Samuel Kelly died in California All of Fred's children are dead except Marie (1995) 4 Matilda "Babe" Francis b. Jan. 9, 1869; d. Dec.17, 1957; md. Ira Combs their children: 5 Della Combs 5 Alice "Allie" Combs 5 Samuel Combs 5 William Combs 5 Ely Combs 5 George Combs 5 Letty Combs 5 Norman Combs Note: Ira Combs was known all over eastern KY. as "Uncle Ira." In the generation preceding mine, he was a well known minister of the Old Regular Baptist faith. During the Civil War, he had the distinction of serving both sides. He first joined the Southern cause; however, he along with a fellow Confederate, Elijah Fuller, joined the Union Army. Ira was married at least twice and fathered 20 children. Also, my sister, Norma Young Combs, was the nurse who took care of "Aunt Babe" during her final illness. (William Henry Young) 4 Elizabeth Francis b. Dec. 19, 1871; md. Jeptha Amburgey; their children: 5 Anna Mae Amburgey b. May 11, 1900 5 Floyd Amburgey b. Dec. 8, 1902; d. Oct. 23, 1980 5 Ward Amburgey b. April 17, 1905 5 Ollie Elizabeth Amburgey b. July 19, 1912 5 Elizie Amburgey 5 Adelia Amburgey 5 John Amburgey 5 Lawrence Amburgey 5 William Amburgey 5 Samuel Amburgey 4 Simeon Francis b. February 25, 1873; d. Dec. 13, 1940; md. Ida Combs; their children: 5 David E. Francis b. September 2, 1896; d. 1951 5 Samuel Clinton Francis b. May 5, 1898 5 William Francis b. May 30, 1900; d. Jan. 17, 1979 5 Malcom Francis b. 1902; d. 1902 Page 17 5 Mary Francis b. March 29, 1904; d. March 27, 1984 5 Arthur Francis b. November 30, 1906; d. March 17, (1919?) 5 Wallace Francis b. November 20, 1908 5 Lucelle Francis b. February 18, 1911; md. Ruben "Ruby" Morgan; their children: 6 Peggy Morgan 6 Betty Morgan 5 Burley Francis b. February 14, 1913 5 Burnette Francis b. april 1, 1915; md. William Centers; their children: 6 Helen Cloyce Centers b. Jan. 28, 1934 6 Mary Carolyn Centers b. March 11, 1936 5 Cassie Francis b. November 25, 1917 5 Vincent Francis b. November 23, 1920 5 Lois Nell Francis b. September 28, 1923 4 John Francis b. October 5, 1874; d. Dec. 11, 1964; md. Polly Ann Caudill; their children: 5 Watson Francis 5 Sabrina Francis 5 Monroe Francis 5 Willie Francis 5 Lettie Francis 5 Rachel Francis 5 Eunice Francis 5 Mary Francis 5 Woodrow Francis 5 David Francis 4 Sarah Alice Francis b. February 18, 1877; d. July 8, 1973; md. Simeon Johnson b.1874, d.1965; their children: 5 Lloyd Johnson b. February 7, 1893; d. Jan. 15, 1910 5 Della Johnson md. David Kelley; their children: 6 Abel Kelley 6 Ellis Kelley b. 1934; died summer 1945 6 Ella Kelley b. 1934 6 Elmer Kelley 5 Edna Johnson md. Roy Akers 5 Raleigh Johnson 5 Cora Johnson b. September 25, 1905; md. Lambert Johnson 5 Herman Johnson 5 Willard Johnson b. May 1, 1910; md. Nell Hayes; their son: 6 Richard Douglas Johnson b. February 12, 1947; his children: Page 18 7 Brooke E. Johnson b. July 20, 1977 7 Todd Johnson b. April 13, 1980 5 Lilian Johnson b. February 15, 1913; md. Price Cope 5 Iota Johnson b. March 27, 1919; d. February 3, 1944; Iota was killed in WWII. 5 Eva Mae Johnson md. Charles Sterling 4 Marion M. Frances b. Jan. 23, 1880; d. Dec. 18, 1958; md. Jan. 23, 1906 to Arlena Fluridy Collins b. November 14, 1881 to Hindman, Knott Co. KY.; d. November 12, 1984 at Lexington, Fayette Co., KY.; both are buried in the Francis Cemetery on Carr Creek, Knott Co., KY.; their children: 5 Ophelia Francis b. November 24, 1906 at Davenport, Oklahoma; md. George Stewart of Prince Edward Island, Canada, September 18, 1943; no issue 5 Audrey Francis b. October 19, 1908 at Kendrick, Oklahoma; md. Sept. 9, 1935, to Jesse Davis Turley Jr. b. June 9, 1908, d. Dec. 17, 1996; their children: 6 Jesse Davis Turley III b. August 13, 1937; md. at Louisville, KY., August 16, 1958 to Anne Tritt b. May 23, 1936; their children: 7 Carren Theresa Turley b. September 16, 1959; md. August 8, 1988 to Bruce Barnett b. July 22, 1947 7 Eleanor Francis Turley b. Jan. 24, 1961; md. at Albuquerque, New Mexico April 10, 1987, to William Dufault; their children: 8 Kerrie Ann Dufault b. Jan. 4, 1990 8 Jason Patrick Dufault b. June 2, 1992 7 Jesse Davis Turley IV b. June 4, 1962; md. Tanya Maynes February 14, 1988, their children: 8 Jesse Davis Turley IV 8 Alexius Turley 7 John Ronald Turley b. November 26, 1964; md. at Miami, Florida, May 1, 1990 to Karen Ankerholtz; their sons: 8 Matthew Ryan Turley b. Feb. 22, 1993 8 Zachary Sean Turley b. May 16, 1994 8 Amanda Nicole Turley b. 1997 6 Marion Francis "Tommy" Turley b. July 20, 1943; md. at Louisville, KY. July 10, 1975 to Susan Logsdon b. March 7, 1949 Page 19 5 Wallace Marion Francis b. June 27, 1910; md. three times; one daughter: 6 Mary Kay Francis 5 Samuel Raymond Francis b. November 11, 1911; d. Nov. 3, 1913 5 John Forest Francis b. May 10, 1914; d. March 20, 1969; md. Hester Young d/o Manton Young, s/o William Young, s/o Reece Young Sr, s/o Drury and Nancy Madden Young; their children: 6 Wanda Jean Francis b. Dec. 30, 1951; md. Jimmy Wayne Moore June 7, 1969; their son: 7 Jason Moore 6 Annalee Francis b. August 5, 1953; md. Allie Little; their children: 7 John Little 7 Michelle Little 6 Linda Ann Francis b. August 5, 1955; md. M. Gary Raichell and David Setzer; her children: 7 Rebecca Setzer 7 Jon David Setzer 6 Glenda Francis b. Jan. 3, 1959; md. Tim Breeding; their son: 7 Jarrod Breeding Then Glenda md. M. Dennis Gardner; their child: 7 Kayla Leigh Ann Gardener b. June 7, 19889 5 Daphne Francis b. June 11, 1916; d. March 4, 1988; md. Rude O'Solnik June 7, 1938; their children: 6 Maureen O'solnik 6 Michael Jesse O'Solnik 6 Joe Lee O'Solnik 6 Saharon Ann O'Solnik 6 David O'Solnik md. Meshia??; their children: 7 Jon Michael O'Solnik 7 Josh Stewart O'Solnik 5 William Wilson Francis b. October 2, 1919; d. Jan. 23, 1979; md. Frances Margaret Profitt/Maggard June 1, 1943; their children: 6 Daphne Elizabeth "Betty" Francis b. June 11, 1944; md. Glen Christian Iaggi b. Jan. 13, 1949; no issue 6 William Wilson Francis Jr. b. Jan. 7, 1947; md. Carla Dawn Corrie b. August 8, 1957; their children: 7 William Wilson Francis III b. September 29, 1981 7 Chelsea Dawn Francis b. May 4, 1985 6 Marion Samuel "Sammy" Francis b. Jan. 6, 1954; md. June Berriman Pouska b. August 8, 1951; their children: Page 20 7 Michael Loren Francis b. April 13, 1976 7 Rianne Lee "Joni" Francis b. April 15, 1978 6 John Stephen Schuyler Francis b. March 1, 1961; md. Lisa Ann Ritchie b. August 9, 1965; their son: 7 John Tyler Francis b. February 10, 1989 5 Davis Martin Francis b. October 29, 1921; md. Barbara Hochstrasser October 18, 1947; their children: 6 Barbara Joyce "Joy" Francis b. November 9, 1948 6 Kathleen Thersa Francis b. Dec. 11, 1950 6 David Francis 5 Erma Lee Francis b. October 28, 1923; md. May 21, 1947 to James P. Bird b. Jan. 27, 1924; their children: 6 Gregory Francis Bird b. April 8, 1951 6 Phillip Bird 6 Carolyn Bird 5 Paul Jean Francis b. October 10, 1928 4 James Madison Francis, no issue 4 William T. "Willie" Francis md. Friday, Jan. 5, 1906 to Dora Collins; Dora died July 19, 1938; their children: 5 Glow Francis b. November 26, 1906; md. William B. McKay; their chileren: 6 Ruth Y. MacKay b. October 9, 1929; md. Malbert Fish; their children: 7 Linda Ruth Fish b. October 28, 1954; md. Paul Mills; their children: 8 Amy Ruth Mills b. February 20, 1974 8 Jonathan Francis Mills b. April 11, 1976 8 Paul Benjamin Mills b. November 18, 1979 7 Susan Diane Fish b. November 30, 1954 7 Joy Ann McKay b. August 2, 1957; md. Kevin Jones; their children: 8 Abbigail Christine Jones b. February 28, 1991 8 Emily Elizabeth Jones b. September 30, 1993 6 William T. McKay b. May 23, 1932; md. Marilyn Murphy; their children: 7 William Trace McKay b. Jan. 19, 1957 7 Shawn McKay b. August 27, 1966 6 John A. McKay b. Jan. 17, 1934 6 Samuel F. McKay b. September 2, 1939; md. Joanne LaFlamme b. Dec. 22, 1943; their daughter: 7 Tanya McKay b. May 19,1972 Page 21 5 Lot Francis md. Enos Francis 5 Samuel Issac "Pete" Francis b. April 29, 1911; d. July 8, 1991; md. Victoria?? b. Jan. 10, 1913, d. April 14, 1985; their children: 6 Samuel Francis Jr. b. March 24, 1936; his daughter: 7 Stephanie Francis 6 Sue Francis b. September 5, 1938; md. Art Norman; their children: 7 Patrick Norman b. November 2, 1958 7 Shari Norman b. September 26, 1960; md. Ted James 7 Susan Norman b. September 14, 1962; md. James Chissler 6 Lucy Francis b. February 29, 1948; md. David Crook; their children: 7 Charlotte Crook b. Jan. 18, 1971 7 Alicia Crook b. August 12, 1977 7 Amanda Crook b. August 26, 1979 5 Dixie Francis md. L. P. Howser; their children: 6 Nancy Howser b. March 14, 1940; md. Dr. Gerald Binns, a Presbyterian minister; their children: 7 Jonathan Binns b. April 5, 1967 7 Heather Binns b. March 19, 1971 6 Jeanne Howser McCutcheon b. Jan. 17, 1947; her children: 7 Molly McCutcheon b. June 30, 1967 7 Christopher McCutcheon b. March 12, 1970 5 John Ellis Francis b. September 12,??; md. Margaret Radar; their child: 6 John Scott b. April 24, 1938 5 Erna Francis b. May 28,??; md. Walter Ellis Kiser; their children: 6 Walter Kiser b. Jan. 31, 1937; md. Joyce; their children: 7 Bruce Kiser b. Dec. 13, 1967 7 Kelly Kiser b. April 3, 1969 6 Philip Wayne Kiser b. November 23, 1939; md. Peggy??; their children: 7 Gayle Kiser b. February 1, 1964 7 Alisa Kiser b. August 29, 1965 6 Wendel Kiser b. October 22, 1944; md. Barbara??; their children: 7 Jeffrey Kiser b. September 23, 1970 7 Mark Kiser b. August 23, 1972 7 Steven Kiser b. November 14, 1976 7 Katie Kiser b. Dec. 18, 1976 Page 22 6 Joan Kiser b. April 27, 1950; md. Kenneth Alligood; their children: 7 Gregory Alligood b. April 12, 1964 7 Derek Alligood b. March 4, 1968 7 Joan Alligood b. February 1, 1969 7 Susan Alligood b. June 11, 1975 4 Samuel Benjamin Francis b. August 28, 1886; no issue. 4 Ira J. Francis b. May 3, 1889; md. July 11, 1914 to Ennis Pigman b. Sept.1891; Ennis was the daughter of Wilburn Pigman and Mary Belle Smith; their children: 5 Hazel Mae Francis b. June 7, 1916; d. May 12, 1934 5 Ira J. Francis Jr. b. Jan. 28, 1917; d. Dec. 4, 1992 5 Mary Lois Francis b. July 13, 1919; md. H. W. Fuller; their daughter: 6 Julien Hope Fuller b. Dec. 24, 1947; md. Danny Bolling 5 Samuel Wilson Francis b. September 3, 1929; his children: 6 Betty Carol Francis b. October 23, 1952; md. Mike McKenzie; their child: 6 Samuel Wilson Francis Jr. b. August 17, 1954; md. Ruth H. Webb 5 Thomas Grayson Francis b. June 6, 1926; md. Norma Lee Davis; their children: 6 Thomas Arthur Francis b. July 27, 1951 6 Richard Lee francis b. September 15, 1954 6 Lisa Ann Francis b. Jan. 5, 1958; md.Tim Parks 6 Caroline Francis b. Dec. 29, 1964; md. Phillip Johnson 5 Virginia Hope Francis b. June 19, 1921; md. E. A. Smith; their children: 6 Linda Hope Smith b. October 3, 1953; md. ??? Franklin; Her children: 7 Troy Franklin b. June 11, 1976 7 Andrea Franklin b. July 29, 1980 7 Grant Franklin b. Jan. 30, 1983 7 Lauren Franklin b. February 22, 1985 6 Stephen Ira Smith b. June 19, 1956; md. June Kellington; their children: 7 Allison Hope Smith b. August 10, 1985 7 Emily Ann Smith b. October 15, 1990 7 Parker Smith b. Jan. 28, 1991 4 Lucinda Francis b. Dec. 24, 1892; md. Hiram H. Taylor who d. September 20, 1966; their children: 5 Francis Mae Taylor b. Dec. 6, 1918; md. Fred Newland; their son: Page 23 6 Thomas Fredrick Newland 5 Mildred Taylor b. June 28, 1920; md. James Burger; their children: 6 James Taylor Burger 6 Johnny Burger 6 Myrta Jane Burger 5 Donice Taylor b. September 5, 1922; md. Charles Turner 5 Jessie June Taylor b. September 6, 1926; md. Gurney Davidson Jr.; their children: 6 Larry Davidson 6 Francis Mae Davidson 6 Debra Davidson 6 Jackie Davidson 6 Regina Davidson 5 Samuel Richard Taylor b. September 14, 1931; d. Jan. 30, 1939 3 Jane Jenny Francis b. 1846 3 Nancy Francis b. 1848; md. Andrew "Andy" Combs; their children: 4 Samuel Combs 4 Watson Combs 4 Cullen Combs 4 Riley Combs 4 Simeon Combs 4 Andrew combs 4 Melvin Combs 4 Madison Combs 4 Alvin Combs 3 Mary Marjorie "Pug" Francis b. 1850; md. William Riley Combs; their son: 4 Rev. Watson Combs md. Dicie Pigman Note: Mary Marjorie "Pug" Francis died, and William Riley Combs married her sister Sarah "SallY" below. 3 Sarah "Sally" Francis b. November 19, 1852; d. Dec. 23, 1936; md. William Riley Combs b. February 11, 1849; d. Jan. 5, 1919; their daughter: 4 Sabrina Combs b. October 18, 1875; d. Dec. 23, 1936; md. Joseph Ritchie b. Jan. 9, 1869; d. July 9, 1962; their children: 5 Jason C. Ritchie b. May 22, 1898; d. September 6,1966; md. Sarah E. Skiles b. October 18, 1901; d. July 27, 1937: their son: 6 John Skiles Ritchie b. Jan. 24, 1925; md. Marie Herndon b. September 3, 1926 5 Melvin Ritchie 5 William Ritchie 5 Nezzie Ritchie md. Harlan Gayheart Page 24 4 William Combs md. Rusha Combs 4 Samuel Combs 4 Shade Combs 3 Lucinda Francis md. Ambrose "Burntshine" Amburgey 3 Elizabeth md. George Watts on March 21, 1867; she also md. Kelly Franklin; her children: 4 Simeon Watts 4 Watson Franklin md. Flora Pigman 4 James Franklin 4 Wilbern Franklin 4 William Franklin 4 Andrew "Andy" Franklin 4 Mary Franklin 4 Lucinda Franklin md. Ruben "Ruby" Sloane Then Thomas Francis md. Lurany Polly b. October 12,1799, widow of John P. Higgins; their children: 2 Lourania Francis b. August 11, 1835 in Perry Co., KY.; md. Thomas Smith b. at Smithboro, KY. in 1833 or 1837, s/o William Smith, s/o Richard Smith and Alicia Combs d/o Nicholas "Danger Nick" and Nancy Grigsby Combs; their children: 3 William "Bowlegs" Smith b. October 11, 1861, at Smithboro, KY.; d. November 8, 1943; md. June 23, 1883 to Matilda Amburgey b. circa 1868 at Litt Carr, KY., d. June 11, 1949 at Smithboro, KY., d/o William "Tanner Bill" Amburgey and Rebecca Francis (For offspring see above under Rebecca Francis #2) 3 Thomas Smith md. Betsey Adams 3 Isabell Smith md. John Madden 2 Anna Francis b. September 11, 1837; d. March 17, 1915; md. Hiram Stamper; their children: 3 Jim Stamper md. Julia Whitaker 3 John Harlan Stamper never married 3 Elizabeth Stamper md. Jethro Higgins 3 Larenda Stamper md. Jim Ely from Virginia 3 Latitia Stamper md. Jesse Reynolds 3 Lucinda Stamper md. Samuel Cornett 2 Elizabeth Francis b. Nov. 21, 1838; d. Oct. 5, 1862; md. James P. Stamper b. September 30, 1830; d. June 21, 1903; their children: 3 John Whit Stamper md. Polly Stamper 3 William Thomas Stamper md. Elizabeth Adams 3 Idabell Stamper md. John Madden 2 Marjorie "Margarene" Francis b. July 3, 1839; md. John W. Stamper; their children: 3 Melissa Stamper md. Benjamin "Bennie" Caudill 3 Loretta Stamper 3 Lurannia Stamper Page 25 3 Lucinda Stamper 3 Vinnie Stamper 3 William Riley Stamper md. Evaline Matters 3 John C. Stamper 3 Thomas Whit Stamper 3 Anna Stamper 3 Jesse Stamper Note: The children of John P. Higgins and Luranny Polly: Mary Higgins md. Alfred Amburgey Harriet Higgins md. Squire Whitaker Sarah Higgins md. Elijah Combs Nancy Higgins md. Thomas Watts John V. Higgins md. Jenny Amburgey Melvina Higgins md. Benjamin Martin Juanita Higgins David Higginsamper md. Jim Ely from Virginia 3 Latitia Stamper md. Jesse Reynolds 3 Lucinda Stamper md. Samuel Cornett 2 Elizabeth Francis b. November 21, 1838; d. October 5, 1862; md. James P. Stamper b. September 30, 1830; d. June 21, 1903; their children: 3 John Whit Stamper md. Polly Stamper 3 William Thomas Stamper md. Elizabeth Adams 3 Idabell Stamper md. John Madden 2 Marjorie "Margarene" Francis b. July 3, 1839; md. John W. Stamper; their children: 3 Melissa Stamper md. Benjamin "Bennie" Caudill 3 Loretta Stamper 3 Lurannia Stamper Page 25 3 Lucinda Stamper 3 Vinnie Stamper 3 William Riley Stamper md. Evaline Matters 3 John C. Stamper 3 Thomas Whit Stamper 3 Anna Stamper 3 Jesse Stamper Note: The children of John P. Higgins and Luranny Polly: Mary Higgins md. Alfred Amburgey Harriet Higgins md. Squire Whitaker Sarah Higgins md. Elijah Combs Nancy Higgins md. Thomas Watts John V. Higgins md. Jenny Amburgey Melvina Higgins md. Benjamin Martin Juanita Higgins David Higgins
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