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This revision is dedicated to Madge and Martha Cornett
who attended Berea College, Berea, Kentucky, the school
year 1955-56, Jean Cornett Combs,and all other descendants
of William Cornett now living or dead.

I was given J. D. Cornett's book by a cousin of mine, Mary Ann Cornett, a descendant of James Madison Crawford's daughter, Elizabeth Crawford and William Cornett. I attempted to use the information in the book and found it confusing. As I worked with the book, I came to understand J. D. Cornett's method of recording information, and to appreciate the wealth of material in his little book. However, I thought a more simple method of formatting it would be helpful to the family history researcher.

I have kept the spelling, sentence structure, and paragraphing as close as I could to the original book. I only changed names where I knew for certain that my spelling was the correct official spelling of the person's name. I did place the short essays where I thought they worked in the most logical way to explain William Cornett's life and his offspring in southeastern Kentucky.

I have added family information from my files when I found it related to the William Cornett family. Most of this information came from the U. S. Census of Perry, Letcher and Knott counties. I recognize the debt which so many family researchers owe to my late kinsmen, Josiah H. Combs. I feel fortunate that he had the time to establish as many connections as he did to so many of the families of eastern Kentucky.

I hope this revision will be helpful to many of you who are now doing research on your families. I didn't intend to make this an extension of J. D. Cornett's book; however, that is what has happened. I hope you will find information which I included to be useful. Please feel free to take any or all the information in this booklet and add your to own family information. J. D. Cornett didn't have the book copyrighted. None of my information is either. I invite anyone who has information on any of these families to send the information to me at the address below. I will add your input into my Cornett file for possible future publication.

A word about the format, I have seperated generations 1, 2, 3, and 4, with double spaces. Under generation 4, all generations are in a straight line down the page. I have not numbered the pages. I felt that any information could be added via the computer by any person with addditional information on this family. The word processing software is MicroSoft Word 7. Also, I have inserted notes here and there when I felt information might be pertinent to other researchers.
William Henry Young
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Page 1
About the year A.D. 1796, William Cornett and Gideon Ison came from Virginia to Kentucky on a
hunting expedition, as game had become scarce in that part of Virginia in which they lived.
They had been informed that there were lots of deer and other game in Kentucky, so they decided to
come and see; though they were fearful as they often heard that there were still roving bands of
Indians in that part of Kentucky where they heard that bear and deer were; but the temptation was so
great that they could not resist, so they began to prepare to make the trip. After gathering their equipment which consisted of corn meal, ax, long handled skillet, hunting knife,
powder, bullets, pouch, flints, blanket and flintlock rifles; they put their packs on their horses and
started for the "Happy Hunting Ground."

When the two hunters crossed over the Big Black Mountains into "Kaintuck," they became more fearful of
the Indians as the name "Kaintuck" made the think more about what they had heard of the "Dark and
Bloody Ground" but they were too much determined to make the trip to back out so they kept on their way.
After two or three days travel they came to the mouth of Beech Fork on Big Leatherwood, Perry Co. KY.
At this point there are some twenty or thirty acres of level land which was covered with the finest
timber they had ever seen and they saw signs of plenty of game, so they decided to set up their first
camp in Kentucky.

While preparing their supper, the hunters talked of the beautiful level land and of the feasibility of
bringing their families and living in Kentucky.

Their only question was whether or not corn, potatoes, beans and other vegetables would mature in
this country. They felt pretty sure that all their native crops would mature but to be sure, they decided to cut
down a beech tree and come back the next month of June and if the bark on the tree had busted from the effect of the sun that would be a sure sign that all their native crops would mature. Early next morning the hunters arose very much enthused with the prospects of the new country. One
of them decided to cut down the beech tree while the other prepared their breakfast.
After breakfast they decided to make an extended hunt for bear and deer as this kind of game was
the cause of their coming to Kentucky.
After hitching their horses securely to Leatherwood bushes which were growing thick in the Beech
Fork bottoms, they started out for the day's hunt; one going up the creek and the other down the
creek in order to explore all the country possible on that day.
Gid Ison had not traveled more than two hours when he came upon a smoldering fire. After
investigating the surroundings it became obvious that Indians had encamped there the previous night. The first thought that entered Ison's mind was the danger of being scalped and killed by the Indians,
so he didn't hesitate but retraced his steps as fast as he could back to his horse as he put great
confidence in his horse carrying him out of danger.
After returning to his horse, he began to think about his friend and companion; he knew that he
was fleet footed and alert; in every respect able to compete with most any redskin single-handed, but
this thought didn't relieve him of the great fear he was under; he was fearful of the Indians
capturing him or murdering him in any way they could; he finally decided to wait for him (Cornett)
at the camp until dark and if he did not come by the time the first star appeared in the sky he would
mount his horse and start for his home in Virginia. So he tramped about his horse the remainder of
the day; such a day of worry he had never known; waiting, watching and hoping that he might see
his companion coming into camp.
At last the dark shadows of night began to gather around him, he slowly unhitched his horse and leaped
upon his back; he thought that his companion could be lost in the thick wooded country so he decided
to leave his horse and all the camp equipment and go home.
So the time had come that he had set to start back to his Virginia home; he could now see the first
star. He turned in his saddle to scan the direction that he was expecting his companion to come and
to his great pleasure he saw him coming toward him some distance away so he dismounted and hitched
his horse the way he had left him that morning and acted as if he had suffered no uneasiness; he
did not want his companion to know he had acted so silly; he never would have acknowledged it had he
not been caught up in it.
William Cornett or "Billie," as he was called by his family and friends, came into camp with a small
deer on his back which he had killed that evening.
Usually when a hunter killed a deer, he would skin one front leg and one hind leg from the ankle to
the knee and take the bones out and tie the legs together and carry them shot-pouch fashion so this
was the way Billie was carrying the little deer.
Soon after Billie came into camp, he began to prepare the venison for supper. Ison stood by not
having much to say, the great strain that he had labored under for the last six or seven hours had
left him almost speechless. At last Billie broke the silence by asking this question: "Gid what was
you on that horse for awhile ago?" Gid Ison then knew that Billie had seen him on his horse and he
then began to talk freely, telling about the Indian sign and that he had imagined that they had
killed Billie and he was aiming to start for home soon as he saw the first star; then Billie Cornett
broke into the conversation saying, "Dams to hell if I didn't see one's head stuck over a log today."
He said that the Indian was in front of him as he was coming toward the camp and

Page 2

that he walked straight ahead pretending that he did not see the Indian until he passed him, then he
started to run; after running a short distance, he looked back to see if the Indian was after him
and saw him running at high speed in the opposite direction.
So they prepared and ate supper very quietly and then began to pack their camping outfit preparatory
for an early start for home next morning.
The thought of the Indians might attack them during the night was so impressed on their minds that
they did not try to sleep but sat quietly by their packs all night and when the light of day began
to show on the eastern sky, they mounted their horses with their scanty belongings and were
immediately on their way back to their Virginia homes.
We have no history of their returning to the Beech Fork bottoms to see if the bark on the beech
tree which they had cut down had busted, but we do know that they soon came back to Kentucky and that
Gid Ison settled on Line Fork in Letcher County and William Cornett settled at the mouth of Bull
Creek in Perry County. Page 3 Genealogy of William Cornett's Family by J. D. Cornett Note: Information on genration 1 and 2 was given to me by William E. Cornett of Huntsville, Alabama. 01 Erin Cornett b. circa 1700 in Northumberland County, England; d. 1761 in England 02 Earl Cornett b. circa 1742 in England; d. 1788 in Virginia or Pensylvania 1 John Cornett b. 1726 in Buckingham County, Virgina; d. 1776 at Elk Creek, Virginia 2 David Cornett b. 1750 2 James Cornett b. 1755 3 William Cornett b. 1777 in Virginia; md. Jennie Sutherland b. 1787; d. 1809; their children: 4 Levi Cornett md. Olive Hale 4 Francis Cornett md. Catherine Fulton 4 Charlotte Cornett b. William Rudy 4 Lucy Cornett b. Andrew Porter 4 Margaret Cornett b. Abraham Eliot 3 Reuben Cornett b. 1778 3 Archcelius Cornett 3 John Ivan Cornett b. 1783 3 Millie Cornett b. 1788 3 Jesse Cornett b. 1797 3 David Cornett b. 1812 3 Nathaniel Cornett b. 1760; d. 1823; md. Mildred Hensley; their children: 3 Robert Cornett b. 1780 in Virginia; d. 1862 in Breathitt County, Kentucky; md. Charlotte Callahan
b. 1778; d. in Breathitt County, Kentucky 4 Mary Polly Cornett b. 1800; md. Fred Lincks b. 1796 in Germany; their children: 5 Margaret Lincks b. 1822; md. Green Parker 5 Charlotte Lincks b. 1827; md. Phillip Wilson 5 Zilpa Lincks b. 1833 5 Robert Lincks b. 1834; md. Eliza Chesnut 5 James Lincks b. 1846; md. Martha?? 4 Henry Cornett b. 1803; md. Rosanna McWhorter; their daughter: 5 Jane Cornett b. 1849 4 Margaret Cornett b. 1805; md. Lewis Frank Benje b.1805; their children: 5 Isaac Benje b. 1832 5 James Benje b. 1833 5 Jerry Benje b. 1834 5 Henry Benje b. 1837 5 Susan Benje b. 1838 5 Sally Benje b. 1840 5 Robert Benje b. 1841 5 Baxter Benje b. 1842 5 Daniel Benje b. 1847 4 Elizabeth Cornett b. 1809; md. William Chestnut b.1812; their children: 5 Edmond Chesnut b. 1834 5 Robert Chestnut b. 1835 5 Susan Chestnut b. 1839 5 Laura Chestnut b. 1840 5 Charlotte Chestnut b. 1842 5 Leander Chestnut b. 1844 5 Sarah Chestnut b. 1845 5 James Chestnut b. 1847 5 Isaac Chestnut b. 1849 4 Zilpa Cornett b. 1811; md. Alford Parker b. 1794; their children: 5 Mary Parker b. 1829 5 William Parker b. 1831 5 Madison Parker b. 1833 5 Edward Parker b. 1835 5 Elizabeth Parker b. 1837 5 Susan Parker b. 1839 5 Robert Parker b. 1841 5 Hugh Parker b. 1843 5 Margaret Parker b. 1845 5 Daniel Parker b. 1847 4 James Braxter Cornett b. 1812 4 Susan Cornett b. 1816 4 Jane Cornett b. 1819; md. Alex Houston b. 1819; their children: 5 Susan Houston b. 1849 5 Robert Houston b. 1850 4 Isaac Cornett b. 1820; md. Fanny Price b. 1846; their children: 5 Susan Cornett b. 1864 5 Robert Cornett b. 1867 5 Nannie Cornett b. 1869 5 William Cornett b. 1867 5 Lucy Cornett b. 1873 5 Alice Cornett b. 1878 4 Charlotte Cornett b. 1825; md. Robert Strong b. 1824; d. 1859 5 William Henry Harrison Strong; md. Catherine Little and Emily Haddix; his children: 6 Henry Strong b. 1851; md. Elizabeth Allen and Mary Little Allen 6 America Strong b. 1853; md. John H. Baker 6 Leander C. Strong b. 1855; md. Julia Haddix b1863 4 William Cornett b. 1827 3 Jesse H. Cornett b. 1795; md. Nancy Kelley 3 Sarah Cornett b. 1795; 3 Juda Cornett b. 1798; md. John McDaniel b. 1790 in Virginia 3 Polly Cornett b. 1797; md. William Wooten b. in 1791 in South Carolina 3 Isaac Cornett b. 1799; d. 1875 in Missouri; md. Margaret Rogers 3 Celia Cornett md. a McGee Then Natahiel married Elizabeth Boggs; no children by this marriage recorded 2 Roger Cornett b. 1768; d. 1849; md. Zelphia Callahan b. 1776; d. 1870 in Virginia 2 John Samuel Cornett b. May 7, 1759 in Virginia; d. March 12, 1849 in Letcher Co. KY; md. Mary Brennan
b. circa 1765 in Virginia; d. 1795; their children: 3 Jesse H. Cornett b. 1795; md. Nancy Branham-Smith; b.1795 in Virginia; d. 1850 in Letcher Co. KY;
their children: 4 Eliza Cornett b. 1820; md. James Franklin; their children: 5 Nancy Franklin b. 1841; md. Ambrose Amburgey 5 Elizabeth Franklin b. 1846; md. Rueben Amburgey 5 Kelly Franklin b. 1845; md. Elizabeth France 5 Sarah Franklin b. 1848; md. Huram Pigmon 5 Mary Franklin b. 1851 5 James Franklin b. 1853 5 Davis Franklin 4 William B. Cornett b. 1823; md. Mary Amburgey; their children: 5 Nancy Cornett b. 1844 5 Susan Cornett b. 1846 5 Polly Cornett 4 Polly Cornett b. 1823; md. Wesley Pigmon b. 1822; their children: 5 John Pigmon b. 1846 5 Jesse Pigmon b. 1847 5 Dudley Pigmon b. 1849 5 Garred Pigmon b. 1852 5 Wilburn Pigmon b. 1856 5 Campbell Pigmon b. 1856 5 Nancy Pigmon b. 1858 5 Rosannah Pigmon b. 1860 4 Davis Cornett b. 1826; md. Bexey Christian b. 1831; their son: 5 John Cornett 4 Wesley Cornett b. 1828 4 Rhoda Cornett b. 1830; md. James Madison Pigmon; their children: 5 Campbell Pigmon b. 1849; md. Emily Pridemore 5 Robert Pigmon b. 1851 5 Milton Pigmon b. 1853 5 Mary Pigmon b. 1855 5 Wilburn Pigmon b. 1860 4 Rachael Cornett b. 1830; md. Jesse Amburgey b. 1823; their children: 5 Martha Amburgey b. 1848 5 Nanerva Amburgey b. 1851; md. Henry Hall 5 Eliza Amburgey b. 1853 5 Nancy Amburgey b. 1857 4 Nancy Cornett b. 1831; md. John A. Pigmon b. 1824 in Virginia; their children: 5 Jesse Pigmon b. 1844 5 John Pigmon b. 1845; md. Dicy Thomas 5 Robin Pigmon b. 1848 5 Braxton Pigmon b. 1850 5 William Pigmon b. 1853 5 Margaret Pigmon b. 1854 5 Sarah Pigmon b. 1855 5 Matilda Pigmon b. 1857 5 Mary Pigmon b. 1860 4 Elizabeth Cornett b. 1831; md. Umphry Pigmon 5 Miriah Pigmon b. 1848 5 John Wesley Pigmon b. 1850 5 Mannoa Pigmon b. 1854 5 Rosa Pigmon b. 1856 5 Hiram Pigmon b. 1858 5 Marion Pigmon b. 1860 4 Mary Cornett b. 1833; md. Campbell Pigmon b. 1830 5 James Madison Pigmon b. 1849; md. Mary Branham-Smith 5 Mary Pigmon b. 1852 5 Teny Pigmon b. 1853 5 Rosannan Pigmon b. 1856 5 Joseph Pigmon b. 1858 4 Franky Cornett b. 1835; md. William Owens Then John Samuel Cornett md. in 1796 to Polly Davidson b.circa 1786; d. 1854; their children: 3 Katie Cornett b. 1797 3 William Cornett md. Nancy Lewis on January 6, 1830; their children: 4 John L. Cornett b. April 2, 1821; md. April 28, 1851 to Precious A. Eli b. May 4, 1827; their chilldren: 5 William W. Cornett b. January 28, 1852 5 Arthur E. Cornett b. November 11, 1853 5 Jonathan L. Cornett b. April 7, 1855 5 George R. Cornett b. February 24, 1857 5 Nancy J. Cornett b. August 1, 1859 5 Robert N. Cornett b. August 21, 1863 5 Bethel Cornett b. January 23, 1867 3 James md. Morning McKnight 3 Hiram Cornett b. 1798; md. Charity Ann Rice b. in Tennessee in 1804; their children: 4 Matilda Cornett b. 1822; md. Goodman Davidson 4 Mary Cornett b. 1825; md. Pallas Bowling b. 1828; their children: 5 Charity Bowling b. 1845 5 Malinda Bowling b. 1846 5 William "High Head Bill" Bowling b. 1847 5 Mary Bowling b. 1849 5 Levi Bowling b. 1852 5 Eli Bowling b. 1854 5 Betsy Bowling b. 1857 4 Rebecca Cornett b. 1827; md. Robert McCreary b. 1824 in Tennessee; their children: 5 Ira McCreary b. 1845 5 Mahala McCreary b. 1847 5 Nancy Ann McCreary b. 1850 5 Hiram McCreary b. 1854 4 Samuel Cornett b. 1828; md. Margaret Wilson; their children: 5 Christina Cornett b. 1845 5 Mary Ann Cornett b. 1847 5 Martha Cornett b. 1849 5 Hiram Cornett b. 1854 5 Rebecca Cornett b. 1854 5 Sarah Cornett b. 1856 4 Malinda Cornett b. 1828; md. William Valentine 4 Lucinda Cornett b. 1829; md. William Callahan; their children: 5 Samuel Callahan b. 1843 5 Martha Callahan b. 1845 5 Mary Callahan b. 1847 5 Elizabeth Callahan b. 1849 5 William Callahan Jr. b. 1853 5 Jihn Callahan b. 1856 5 Hiram Callahan b. 1858 5 Malinda Callahan b. 1859 4 Hiram Cornett b. 1840; md. Emily Amanda Reese 4 Nancy Cornett b. 1844 4 James Cornett b. 1846 3 Joe Corentt b. 1805 3 Linda Cornett 3 Samuel Cornett b. 1803; md. Lucy McDaniel; their children: 4 Hiram Cornett md. Genny McDaniel; their children: 5 William Cornett md. Sally Caudill 5 Dock Cornett md. Susan Ison 5 Joe Cornett md. Louisa Breeding 5 Jonah Cornett md. Arlena Fouts 5 Peggy Cornett md. Clabe Polly 5 Mary Cornett md. Hen Day 5 Silas Cornett 5 Martha Cornett md. Dick Whisman 3 Clark Cornett b. 1820; md. Malvina Smith 2 William James Cornett; b. in Henrico County, VA. in 1761; d. in Perry Co. KY. Nov. 26, 1836. While
a resident of Buckingham Co. VA., in 1779 he enlisted in the Revolutionary War and served six months in
Capt. Anthony Winston's Company, Col. Scripp's Va. Regiment. In 1780 he re-enlisted as a private, and
served six months in Capt. Saunder's Co., Col. Pattersons Va. Regiment.
He was allowed a pension on his application executed Aug. 12, 1833, # W6723. He first married Rhoda
Gilliam and to them were born four children: Note According to Soldier William’s grandson, William Cornett, Archibold’s son, Soldier William Cornett
was also known as James Cornett. In an interview with the Rev John J. Dickey, William states plainly that
his great grandfather was James Cornett. Also, that he had, “married twice, once to
a Gillam, and once to a Everage.” I puzzled over this name James and searched every record I could find
and I am convinced by Soldier William Cornett’s grandson, William Cornett, that Soldier William was also
known as James Cornett. 3 John Cornett b.1794 in Virginia; md. Rachel Smith b. 1800; they settled on Carrs Fork; their children: 4 Robert S. Cornett b. 1826; md. Adaline Brashear b. 1834; their children: 5 Manton Cornett b. 1851; md. Julia Godsey b. March 28, 1856, d/o John and Margaret Duff Godsey 5 Thiophillis Cornett died as an infant. 5 Newton Cornett b. 1855; md. Nancyan Davidson 5 Jasper Cornett b. 1855; md. Rebecca Hale 5 Elisabeth "Betty" Cornett b. 1853; md. Lee Kelly 5 Rachel Cornett md. Samp Combs 5 Rhoda Cornett md. Spencer Combs, s/o William Lorenzo Combs and Margaret "Peggy" Kelly. Note: Polly Ann Young was the d/o Reece Young, s/o Drury and Nancy Madden Young 5 Nancy Cornett md. Alexander Young, s/o William Young, s/o Drury Young and Nancy Madden. Nancy Cornett had
one daughter: 6 Adeline Young md. Thomas Dobson; their children: 7 Ewell Dobson md. Abbie Grigsby d/o Bailus “Hornet" Grigsby; their children: 8 Robert Dobson 8 Eugene Dobson 8 Roy B. Dobson 8 Phyllis Dobson 7 Dorothy Dobson md. J. R. Kelly s/o John Riley and Nancy Ann Kelly; their children: 8 Ronald Kelly 8 Nancy Carol Kelly 7 Zola Dobson md. Olen Kelly s/o Samuel Kelly and Cuba Kelly d/o John Riley and Nancy Ann Kelly. (William Henry Young) Note: Adeline Young was the d/o Alexander Young, s/o William Young, s/o Drury and Nancy Madden Young. Note: In 1943, when my sister and I returned from the Junior Order of United American Mechanics' Home
in Tiffin, Ohio, Aunt Nancy was still living at her home at the forks of Kelly and Young Forks of Lotts
Creek. My step-father, Robert Combs' mother, Martha Young Combs, was a sister of her husband Elexander
Young. My mother and Robert were taking care of his mother, Nancy walked on across the mountain which
separates the head of Lotts Creek from the head of Clear Creek to see her sister-in-law. She stayed with
us a night or two. When she was ready to go home, my mother sent me to walk with her to the Reece Young
place near the Young cemetery on the head of Lotts Creek. She walked down and talked with Carew Young's
wife, Bertha, and went on home. She was found dead that evening by her son-in-law, Tom Dobson.
To my knowledge, Bertha Young and I were the last persons to see Nancy Cornett Young alive. 5 William Riley Cornett md. Elisabeth Campbell 5 J. Dixon Cornett md. Surrilda Ritchie, d/o Joshuah and Nancy Hall Ritchie 5 Mary Cornett md. Simon Stacey 5 Robert S. Cornett md.Cornelia Amburgey 4 John Cornett b. 1828; md. Nancy Combs 4 Arch Cornett b. 1819; md. Omah Polly Ritchie b. 1824; their children: 5 Martha Ann Cornett b. 1841 5 Minerva Cornett b. 1843 5 Hardin Cornett b. 1845 5 Louisa Cornett b. 1846 5 Marion Cornett b. 1848 5 Mariah Cornett b. 1850 4 Russell Cornett b. 1840; md. Millie Combs; their children: 5 Jason Cornett md. Malissa Combs 5 William Cornett md. Milly Allen 5 Rebecca Cornett md. Thee Combs; their children: 6 William Combs 6 Cullen Combs 6 Others 5 Martha Ellen Cornett md. Marion Combs Note: These children of John Cornett are not included in J. D."s records 4 Rhoda Cornett md. Madison Pigman 4 Mary Cornett b. 1832; md. John Stacey 4 Elisabeth Cornett md. Bill Ashley 4 Frankie Cornett md. Bill Owens 4 Nancy Cornett b. 1835; md. Wilburn Amburgy 4 Harden Cornett died when he was about 18 years old. 3 Arch Cornett born January 12, 1789; md. Judy McDaniel and settled at the mouth of Clover Fork on
Big Leatherwood Creek, Perry County, Kentucky; their children: 4 William Cornett b. 1825; md. Nancy Miniard b. 1817; their children: 5 Judy Cornett b. 1839; md. James Singleton; their children: 6 William Singleton md. Vesta Hall and lived near Viper, Kentucky; he was a dulcimer maker.
Note: He and Vesta never had children live long enough to be recorded in Perry County records.
I have asked relatives who knew them and have been informed that they never had children at all.
(William Henry Young) 6 Polly Jane Singleton md. Budie Day 5 Arch (Bud) Cornett b. 1841 5 Louisa Cornett b. 1843 5 Polly Cornett b. 1844 5 Elizabeth Cornett b. 1846 5 John Cornett b. 1848 5 William S. Cornett b. 1849 5 James H. Cornett Then William Cornett md. Becky Morgan; their children: 5 Nancy Jane Cornett 5 Wilson Cornett 5 Fred Cornett Then William md. Lindy Garrison; their children: 5 Granville G. Cornett 5 Rachel Cornett 5 John Cornett 4 John Cornett b. 1816; md. Elizabeth "Bettie" Holebrook b. 1825; they settled on Masons Creek;
their children: 5 Randolf Cornett b. 1850; md. Sally Brashear 5 Ben(Jamin) Cornett md. Lucy Pratt 5 Theopolas Cornett md. Nan Sturgeon 5 Mary Cornett md. Newton Fields 5 Nancy Cornett md. Theopolis G. Campbell 5 Catherine Cornett never married Note: The 1850 Perry County, Kentucky cesus lists these children: 5 William Cornett b. 18425 Judah Cornett b. 1844 5 Robert Cornett b. 1846 4 Robert Cornett b. 1818; md. Peggy McNight b. 1828;they settled at Beech Fork of Big Leatherwood; their children: 5 Basil Cornett md. Jane Wilson 5 John M. Cornett md. Judy Griffith 5 Joe(seph) Cornett md. Polyan Brock 5 Elasabeth Cornett never married 5 Susan Cornett md. Frank Cornett 5 I. M. Cornett Huldah Fields 5 Judy Cornett Hiram Holebrooks 5 Jerusalem (f) Cornett md. I. S. Horn 4 Arch Cornett md. Elisabeth Creech January 6, 1851, and settled in Leslie County, Kentucky;
their children: 5 William G. Cornett md. Martha Maggard; their children: 6 Adam Cornett never married 6 Belle Cornett md. D. N. Asher 6 Carter Cornett md. Dora Cornett 6 Laura Cornett md. Grant Asher Then William G. Cornett md. Polly Griffy; their child: 6 Howard Cornett 5 Robert Cornett 5 Arch Cornett 5 Katie Cornett 5 Judy Cornett 5 Rhoda Cornett 5 Betty Jane Cornett 5 Polly Cornett 5 Sally Cornett 5 Clerinda Cornett 5 Rebeca Cornet 4 Anderson Cornett b. January 20, 1820; d. September 2, 1883; md. Susan Harris b. Feb. 5, 1820,
d. Jan. 29, 1886; their children: 5 Judy Cornett b. 1844; md. Mose Ison their children: 6 Grant Ison 6 Susan Ison 6 Anderson Ison 6 Jonah Ison 6 Granville Ison 6 Gideon Ison 6 Arch Ison 6 Rachel Ison 5 Manon Cornett md. Lucinda Cornett: their children: 6 Minnie Cornett 6 Dora Cornett 6 Bertha Cornett 6 Carrie Cornett 6 Marion Cornett 6 Tina Cornett 5 William Cornett b. 1848 (Note: This person could be any of the sons of Anderson Cornett with the
exception of Archibald. This information is taken from the1850 census. J. D. Cornett's book doesn't
mention a son by Anderson named William.(William Henry Young) 5 Maryan Cornett b. 1846; md. Henry Singleton; no children 5 Arch Cornett b. 1849; md. Martha Combs and settled on Big Leatherwood Creek; their children: 6 Isabell Cornett md. George Mahew 6 Marion Cornett md. Atha Shepherd 6 Jane Cornett md. R. B. Caudill 6 Lizzie Cornett md. Frank Horn 6 Bauge (Abijah) Cornett died young 6 Samuel Cornett died young 6 Sophia Cornett Richmond Combs 6 French Cornett never married 6 Susan Cornett md. Charlie Beams 6 Lucretia Cornett md. Dr. S. P. Combs 6 May Cornett died young 6 Kirby Cornett md. Mallie Baker 6 Hettie Cornett md. Willie J. Caudill 5 (Ma)Tilda Cornett b. November 19, 1846, d. Nov. 18, 1917; md. Jonah Ison b. Apr. 20, 1840,
d. May 13, 1911; Their children: 6 Judy Ison b. May 13, 1856, md. George Hogg; their children: 7 Ira Hogg 7 Nora Hogg 6 Usley Ison b. January 21, 1868, md. Jack Callahan; their children: 7 Jack Callahan 7 Cooly Callahan 7 Ora Callahan 7 Daw Callahan 7 Dishman Callahan 7 Jonah Callahan 7 Mannon Callahan 7 Cultie Callahan 6 Maryan Ison b. July 27, 1869, md. John B Cornett (See Charles L. Cornett's generation) 6 Milly Ison b. February 28, 1871, md. Dr. E. Kelly; their child: 7 Bertha Kelly 6 Susan Ison b. October 22, 1872, md. Lee Daniel; their children: 7 Allie Daniel 7 Dewey Daniel 7 Grace Daniel 7 Jonah Daniel 7 Bess Daniel 6 Rachel Ison b. August 24, 1874, md. J. Dick Cornett (See Charles L. Cornett's generation) 6 John Ison b. October 10, 1876, first md. Ann Hogg; their child: 7 George Ison Then John Isom md. Ladoska Wilson; their children: 7 Karl Ison 7 Ethel Ison 7 Tilda Ison 7 Ted Ison 7 Howard Ison 7 Lonnie Ison 7 Morine Ison 7 Odet Ison 7 Others 6 Sally Ison b. May 29, 1878, md. Jesse Morgan; their child: 7 Maude Morgan Then Sally Isom married Gilmore Bobbit; no children listed. 6 Harvey Ison b. February 26, 1880, never married. 6 Bessie Ison b. September 29, 1881, md. Wm. Cashus Eversole; their children: 7 Karl Eversole 7 Joe Eversole 7 Cashus Eversole 7 Ollie Eversole 7 Webster Eversole 7 Edwin Eversole 6 Marion Ison b. September 18, 1883, md. Lucy Rollins; their children: 7 Irene Ison md. Denver Miniard 7 Ruth Ison 6 Cora Ison b. October 30, 1885, never married. 6 Cinda Ison b. June 14, 1888, md. Dave Wooton; their children: 7 Elmer Ray Wooton 7 James Wooton 7 Earl Wooton 6 Charley Ison b. June 16, 1891, md. Bertha Shepherd; their children: 7 Pauline Ison 7 Mabel Ison 7 Denver Ison 7 Quinten Ison 5 Elisabeth Cornett md. Monroe Young and moved to Clay Co. Ky where they raised a family of
four or five children. 5 Granville R. Cornett md. Hettie Hogg and lived most of his life near Hazard, Kentucky; their children: 6 Urban Cornett 6 Eli Cornett 6 Cyntha Cornett 6 Ira Cornett 6 Folger Cornett 6 Arch Cornett 6 Floyd Cornett 6 Anderson Cornett 6 James Cornett 6 Luther Cornett Then Granville md. Ellen "Ella" Combs; their children: 6 Miller Cornett 6 Robert Cornett 6 Arthur Cornett 6 Edith Cornett 6 Lucy Cornett 6 Susan Cornett 5 Susan Cornett md. Anse Cornett settled near, but above, the mouth of Rockhouse Creek in
Letcher Co. Ky; their children: 6 Anna Cornett 6 Grant Cornett 6 Arch Cornett 6 Gid(eon) Cornett 6 Lilly Cornett 6 Blaine Cornet 6 (Mc)Kinley Cornett 6 Fernando "Nando" Cornett 6 Granville Cornett 5 Eli H. Cornett md. Jane Combs; first settled on Big Leatherwood; their children: 6 Manon Cornett 6 Carrie Cornett 6 Joe Cornett 6 Roy Cornett 6 J. B. Cornett 6 Vincent Cornett 6 Herman Cornett 6 Corbet Cornett 6 Callie Cornett 6 Worthy Cornett 6 Dovie Cornett 6 Eddie Cornett 4 Hiram Cornett b. 1825; md. Jerusia Boothe, b. 1826; their children: 5 Larkin Cornett b. 1845 5 Preston b. 1847 5 John B. Cornett b. 1849 5 Kernel Cornett 5 Green A. Cornett 5 Sis (?) Cornett Then Hiram md. Polly Griffy; their children: 5 Lincoln Cornett 5 Lucinda Cornett 5 Judy Cornett 5 Sally Cornett 5 Bunion Cornett 5 Boone Cornett 5 Kenton Cornett 5 Clerinda Cornett 5 Sylvania Cornett 5 Betsyan Cornett 5 Columbus Cornett 4 Polly Cornett md. Manon Jenkins 4 Elisabeth Cornett md. James Colyer 3 Lucy Cornett 3 Lucy Cornett married Woleary Eversole, son of Jacob Eversole.
Jacob migrated to Ky from North Carolina. Lucy and Woleary had three sons and a daughter: 4 William Eversole b. 1814 4 John Eversole b. 1816 4 Joe Eversole b. 1818, md. Sarah Bolin, lived at Chavies, Ky. at the mouth of Grapevine Creek
where it joins with the North Fork of the Ky. River; their children: 5 Captain William Eversole, 14 Ky. Cav., Civil War; lived in Owsley County, Ky.; was married twice
and had a large family. 5 Lt. Abner Eversole, in same regiment; he had five sons and one daughter: 6 William Eversole md. Mary Johnson 6 Anse Eversole md. Sarah Daniels Aloway 6 Abijah "Bige" Eversole md. Littie Hall 6 Charlet (Charlote) Eversole 6 Rosol(Russell) Eversole md. Minnie Robinson 5 Major John Eversole md. Nancy Duff and lived near the mouth of Grapevine creek; their children: 6 Joe Eversole md. Susan Combs d/o Josiah H. Combs; their children: 7 William Cashus Eversole 7 John B. Eversole 7 Dr. Chester Eversole 7 Harry Eversole 7 Pet Eversole 7 George Eversole 7 Clark Eversole 7 Harry Eversole 7 Mollie Eversole 6 George Eversole 6 Clark Eversole 6 Harry Eversole 6 John C. Eversole 6 Jane Eversole 6 Polly Eversole 5 Sgt. Anderson Eversole 5 Elisabeth Eversole b. 1820 3 Elizabeth Cornett md. William Campbell; their children: 4 William B. Campbell md. Katie Creech; their children: 5 Sally Campbell md. Esquire Watts 5 Elisabeth Campbell md. John Watts 5 William G. Campbell md. Mariah Brashear 5 Catherine Campbell md. Alexander Whittaker 5 John H. Campbell md. Elisabeth Maggard 5 Lewis Campbell md. Arminda McIntire and Rebbeca Fields 5 Woleary T. md. Polly Begley 5 Pollyan Campbell md. William Maggard and Wes Sparkman 5 Peggy Campbell died young 4 Woleary Campbell md. Celia Creech; their children: 5 Enoch Campbell 5 Henry Campbell 5 Susan Campbell 5 Joe Campbell 5 John Campbell 5 Sally Campbell 4 Lewis Campbell md. Polly Caudill; their children: 5 Elisabeth Campbell 5 Martha Campbell 5 James Campbell 5 Hiram Campbell 4 Lucy Campbell md. Roland Eversole 4 John Campbell md. Harrett Watts; their children: 5 Thomas Campbell 5 Ann Campbell 5 George Campbell 5 Elisabeth Campbell 5 Hart Campbell 5 Stephen Campbell 5 Jep(tha) Campbell 5 Vina Campbell 5 Esquire Campbell 5 Judy Campbell 5 Polly Campbell 4 Rhoda Campbell md. Hiram G. Pratt; their children: 5 William Pratt 5 Sally Pratt 5 Elisabeth Pratt 5 John Pratt 5 Joel Pratt 5 Steve Pratt 5 Patsy Pratt 5 Hiram Pratt 4 Nancy Campbell md. App Blair 4 Judy Campbell md. Joe Blair 4 Sally Campbell md. Eli Brashear; their children: 5 Eliza Brashear 5 Elhanon Brashear 5 Elizabeth Brashear 5 James N. Brashear 5 Martha Brashear 5 Mary Brashear 5 William C. Brashear 5 Cinda Brashear 5 Sallyan Brashear 4 Elisabeth Campbell md. John "Knock" Pratt; their children:5 John Pratt 5 Eli Pratt 5 Lucy Pratt 5 Judy Pratt 5 Ann Pratt 5 Celia Pratt 5 James Pratt 5 Sally Pratt 5 Nancy Pratt 5 Rhoda Pratt 4 Patsy Campbell md. Henry Caudill; their children: 5 William Caudill 5 Robert Caudill 5 Elisabeth Caudill 5 Lucy Caudill 5 Rhoda Caudill 5 Harret Caudill 5 Pollyan Caudill 5 Judy Caudill 4 Polly Campbell md. Joe Creech WILLIAM CORNETT'S FAMILY BY MARY EVERAGE QUESTION: Who was Mary Everage? ANSWER: By Sally Cornett Simpson, granddaughter of Mary Everage There was a man by the name of Abner Everage that lived in North Carolina; he enlisted in the
Army (during the Revolution) and went away and was never heard of anymore. He left a wife and
four children: Joe, Solomon. Nellie and Mary Everage. The widowed mother lived with her four children for a few years enduring much hardship; one day
the two boys, Joe and Solomon were out strolling about the place and when they returned to the
house they found their two small sisters tied to the bed post and their mother gone; she was
never heard of anymore.
The neighbors learned about the children being left without anyone to care for them and took them
into their homes and cared for them until they were able to care for themselves.
Soon after the girls were grown up, Mary Everage married William Cornett (1761-1836) in Sullivan Co.
Tennessee. They soon moved to Kentucky. Joe and Solomon came to Kentucky with them. Nellie married
Ben Johnson of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Joe Everage married Silver Grigsby and settled on Betty Troublesome of Carrs Fork. Solomon married
Katie Ison and moved to Rowan Co. Ky. He had a son named Samp Everage that came back to Perry Co.
and married Mary Kelley, daughter of Nathan Kelley and then went to Arkansas. ANSWER: Related by J. D. Cornett and titled, "WILLIAM CORNETT'S AND MARY EVERAGE'S COURTSHIP" During the last few years of William Cornett's first wife's life Mary Everage lived near their home
with her two little girls. She was a very industrious and was always ready and willing to help Mrs.
Cornett with her work, so hey became good friends. When Mrs. Cornett became sick (which was unto death) Mary Everage stayed with her and cared for her
all the time that she could. After Mrs. Cornett had been sick for some time she decided that she could never recover so one day
she called her husband to her bedside and said to him: "Billie, it looks like I am going to die. When I am gone, you will have a hard time raising the
children by yourself. I think that it would be well for you to get you another wife to help you
raise them. Mary Everage is a good woman and would make you a good wife; you and her could raise
your children up together and get along all right. I think it would be the best for you." Billie
Cornett could not speak for some time. Finally, he said, "Rhoda, I don't think that I will ever
want another wife. I cannot consider that now." She said, "Well I think that it would be well for you to consider it."
It was not long after her death that Billie Cornett began to see the need of a mother's hand; there
was no one to cook his meals, no one to take care of the children while he was working in the field
or out hunting, no one to wash their clothes or clean the house; he felt that life was not worth
living under such circumstances though he was determined not to marry anymore. One Saturday morning Mary Everage learned that Billie Cornett was compelled to be away from home that
day on particular business and would be gone all day, leaving the children to take care of the same;
so she decided to take her two little girls and go up to his home and stay with his children that day. When she arrived at the house, she readily saw that Billie Cornett was a bad housekeeper, so she began
to work, the larger children helping her; by late evening she had cleaned the house, washed the
children's clothes and had everything looking like it did in Rhoda Cornett's days when she was
able to work. She ironed the children's clothes and had them to wash themselves and put on the clean clothing.
After this she cooked their supper and departed for home. She felt very tired as she walked toward home, but at the same time felt enthused over the thought
of having done one more days work for her good friend and neighbor, Rhoda Cornett.
Billie Cornett arrived at his front gate just as the shadows of night began to fall on the threshold
of his home, one of his little girls came running to meet him, crying, "Look here I am all cleaned up.
Mary Everage has been here with us all day. She left just a few minutes ago." Billie Cornett walked on into the house. When he beheld his children in their clean clothes,
the house cleaned and everything looking so much like he had so often seen it during his wife's life,
he almost felt that a mother's hand had been there. The children had many things to tell him about Mary Everage having them to help her about the work
and their many experiences during the day; but their father did not have but little to say to them. His thoughts were running on the council that his wife had given him, "Mary Everage would
make you a good wife."
He did not sleep but little that night; his mind seemed to be taking a new lease on life. He could
see in his visions Mary Everage going about the duties of a mother in his home, directing and
counseling his children and the thought of his dead wife's advise had turned him upside down. He arose early next morning and cooked a hurried breakfast. After eating breakfast he instructed his
children as to their work for that day, told them that he would be back home that evening and then
started with quickened step down the road toward Mary Everage's home. When he arrived, she met him at the door and asked him to come into the house. He answered, "No,
I just came to see you about a little matter." "All right," she said, "what is it?" His heart seemed
to choke him; finally he said, "Mary, I never courted but one woman in my life and I never expect
to court another, but if you will marry me and help me raise my children, I will help you raise yours
and I will go and get the license today," She agreed to the proposition and they got married. QUESTION: What were the names of the children by Mary Everage's first marriage? ANSWER: 1 Mary Everage 2 Sally Everage married Thomas McDaniel 2 Polly married Robert S. Brashear and settled at the mouth of Little Leatherwood Creek;
Robert owned the farm known as the Salt Works; their children: 3 Joe Brashear md. Caroline Baker 3 Ray Brashear md. Marthan (or Maryan) Hogg 3 Thomas Brashear was never married; he and his mother are buried in the Cornett Graveyard near William Cornett's (Rev. War Vet.) grave on Bull Creek. 3 William Brashear md. Malinda Edwards 3 Marinda Brashear md. Granville Combs s/o Nicholas "Birdeye" Combs 3 Eliza(beth) Brashear md. Bill Dykes 3 Martha Brashear md. Wes May 3 Mariah Brashear Joe Newland 3 Mary Brashear md. Alex Combs 3 Peggy Brashear md. Wash Landrum 2 Solomon Everage, veteran of the War of 1812 CHILDREN OF WILLIAM CORNETT AND MARY EVERAGE Soon after their marriage, they came to Kentucky and settled near the mouth of Bull Creek in what
was later Perry County. They lived the remainder of their lives there and are buried side by side
in the Cornett graveyard near the site of their home. His reason for wanting to be buried in this
particular place was that he dreamed that he drove his wagon and team upon the hill to a large
sassafras tree and could never drive them out from under it. He requested his family to bury him under this tree. Children of William and Mary Everage Cornett: 3 Robert Bustard Cornett b. January 17, 1798; md. Louisa Combs d/o General Elijah Combs, b. January 1822
(See Combs Genealogy by Josiah H. Combs); they settled at the mouth of Buffalo Creek four
miles above Hazard; their children: 4 Elijah "Lige" Combs Cornett md. Cinthia Grigsby; their children: 5 Virginia Jane Cornett b.1847; md. William Newberry 5 Daniel Cornett b. 1849; md. Polly Standafer and Martha Dehart 5 Celia Cornett b. 1851; md. W. O. Davidson 5 Benjamin Cornett b. 1852; md. Mesa Cornett and Anna Combs 5 William G. Cornett b.1855; md. Martha Combs 5 Nancy Cornett b. 1856; md. Bud Morgan 5 Elhanon Cornett b. 1858; md. Rufena Feltner 5 Isabell Cornett b. 1862; md. Felix Feltner 5 Elvira Cornett b. 1864; md. Joe Adkins and C. G. Bowman 5 Madison Cornett b. 1868; md. Bettie Combs 5 Martha Cornett b. 1871; md. Andrew Singleton 4 John Cornett b. 1839; md. Catherine Combs b. 1837; they and settled on Buffalo Creek;
their children: 5 Morgan Cornett md. Crick Singleton 5 Arch Cornett 5 Ira Cornett 5 Lizza Cornett md. Columbus Dixon 5 Louisa Cornett b. 1849; md. Wilburn Dixon 5 Nancy Ann md. Billie Baker 5 Bud Cornett 4 Polly Cornett b. 1837 4 Henry Cornett b. 1841; md. twice; he and his second wife, Susan Begley settled near the mouth of
Buffalo Creek; their children: 5 Robert Cornett md. Sally Combs 5 Benton Cornett md. Sally Hall 5 Whitt Cornett md. Liza Combs 5 Russell Cornett 5 Lena Cornett 5 Nancy Ann Cornett 4 Sally Cornett b. 1845; md. Nicholas Combs Jr. s/o Nicholas "Birdeye" and Elizabeth Combs;
their children: 5 Kendrick md. Candesta Combs, Margaret Napier, and Virginia Crawford; children of Kendrick and Virginia: 6 Dennis b. September 22, 1885; d. January 4, 1970; md. Nettie Combs; their children: 7 Anna Lee Combs b. December 7, 1921 7 Erie Combs b. May 10, 1923 7 Homer Combs b. April 21, 1925 7 George Edward Combs b. March 18, 1927 7 Glen Combs b. July 11, 1929 7 Mary Jean Combs b. August 9, 1931 7 Verne Combs b. September 21, 1933 7 Joyce Combs b. October 18, 1939 7 Jack Combs b. October 18, 1939 6 Sam b. September 19, 1887; d. December 16, 1977; md. Erie Begley; their children: 7 Sam Combs Jr. b. February 4, 1922 7 Ann C. Combs b. May 12, 1926 7 Alberta Combs b. June 16, 1928 7 Geraldine Combs b. July 27, 1931 7 Billie Lee Combs b. July 7, 1935 7 Jeanette b. December 28, 1938 7 Mary Louise b. February 29, 1944 6 Lee b. May 3, 1902; d. August 12, 1922 6 Ollie b. March 4, 1904; md. Mack Morgan: adopted Jack, the son of her brother Dennis,
see Dennis Combs family above. 6 Fulton b. July 4, 1906; d. September 29, 1979; md. Helena Bently; no issue. 6 Myrtle b. February 4, 1911; d. February 3, 1968; md. Grayson Vanover; no issue 6 Maude b. February 4, 1911; md. Ervin Polly; their child: 7 Jenny Lee 5 Rev. Robert Combs md. Mary Cornett 5 Nancy Combs md. Joe Brewer 5 Mary Combs never married 4 Lucinda "Cindy" Cornett md. Eli Combs and settled on the river near Buffalo Creek; their children: 5 Augustus Combs 5 Leslie Combs 5 Betty Jane Combs 5 Elijah "Lige" Combs 5 Green Combs 5 Martha Combs md. Arch Cornett 3 Margaret Cornett b. 1799, d. in infancy 3 Roger Cornett b. January 6, 1805, d. Sept 27, 1885; md. Polly Lewis b. Oct 23, 18??, d. March 20, 1873;
they were married Jan 23, 1827; their children: 4 Charles Lewis Cornett b. October 20, 1828, d. April 15, 1900; md. July 1850 to Polly Creech b. June 1,
1833; d. May 24, 1866; settled on Bull Creek; their children: 5 Martha Ann Cornett b. 1851 or 52; d. October 16, 1857 5 William H. Cornett b. January 18, 1854; d. March 25, 1895; md. February 8, 1883 to Elizabeth Lee Crawford
b. April 20, 1860, d. January 23, 1885, d/o James Madison Crawford and Elvira Combs (d/o of Nicholas
"Birdeye" Combs) Crawford; their child: 6 Sampson Carlisle Cornett b. Jan 30, 1884; d. Nov 29, 1975 in Owsley Co., Ky.; md. July 5, 1910 to Mary
Belle Gabbard b. Jan 30, 1891 in Owsley Co. Ky. d/o Michael and Mary Ann Gabbard; their children: 7 Elizabeth Lee Cornett b. May 23, 1911; d. Dec 22, 1987; md. Dec 6, 1929 to Marcus Charles Thomas
b. April 7, 1908; d. Feb 25, 1987; their children: 8 Jacklyn Virginia Thomas b. Nov 6, 1932; grad. Xavier University B. A. psychology, M. A. counseling,
ret. police captain, Hamilton, Ohio; md. Oscar Flannery; their children: 9 Glenna Yvonne Flannery; grad. Eastern Ky. University 9 Elizabeth Lee Flannery named for her grandmother and great grandmother; grad. Kentucky Mortuary College 9 Patrick Oscar Flannery md. Cheri Davis; their children: 10 Jessica Flannery b. 1989 10 Benjamin Flannery b. 1991 8 Peggy Renee Thomas b. October 3, 1946; d. June 1948 7 Sampson Carlisle Cornett Jr. b. April 14, 1912; died at birth. 7 Mary Ann Cornett b. April 11, 1913; grad. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, B. A. and M. A..; md.
Theodore Marsh of Hamilton, Ohio; their child: 8 Samuel Terry Marsh b. May 20, 1943; grad.George Washington University; md. Phyllis Pray; their children: 9 Terry Marsh 9 Millicent Pray Marsh 7 Michael Hurst Cornett b. August 1, 1915; d. April 18, 1991; grad. University of Kentucky; md. Laddie
Goins of Clay Co., Ky. their children: 8 Sally Raye Cornett b. March 15, 1938; md. Roger Chambers; their daughter: 9 Robin Chambers 8 Don Cornett md. Micky?; two daughters 8 Bonnie Bell Cornett; md. Gene Ernst; their children 9 Greg Ernst 9 Tracey Ernst 8 Samuel Cornett md. Danne? one daughter 8 Robert Cornett md. Kathy? two children: 8 Michael Hurst Cornett grad. University of Kentucky 7 Elvira Cornett b. December 24, 1917; named for her great grandmother Elvira Combs Crawford; grad.
Eastern Kentucky University, B. S., Miami University of Ohio, M. A. education; md.
Thomas E. Kitchen from Kansas; their children: 8 Thomas Kitchen Jr. 8 Kathy Kitchen md. Kenneth Jacobs; their children: 9 Rachel Jacobs 9 Jerimiah Jacobs 7 Lela Francis Cornett b. January 21, 1920; grad. Eastern Kentucky University; md. Chalmers
Souders of Pennsylvania 7 William Custer Cornett b. December 21, 1921; d. October 4, 1923 7 Matt Dixon Cornett b. July 2, 1924; md. Retha Martin; retired from U. S. Air Force;
their children: 8 Mary Ann Cornett 8 Matt Dixon Cornett Jr.; eight children 8 Judy Cornett 7 Edward Lester Cornett b. Aug 31, 1927; d. Sept 13, 1979; retired from Kentucky State
Police 1948-1977; md. Peggy Adkins; their children: 8 Kimberly Cornett; grad. Eastern Kentucky University 8 Kelly Cornett; grad. Eastern Kentucky University 7 Robert Eugene Cornett b. August 27, 1929; grad. Berea College, B.A. degree, University of
Louisville, M. D. degree; md. Betty Sewell; their children: 8 Susan Cornett md. Leen Nobel; one son 8 Robert Cornett md. Teresa? Then William H.Cornett md. Ida Knottingham; their children: 6 Bontie Cornett 6 Custer Cornett 6 Hurst Cornett 5 Susan Cornett b. May 7, 1856; d. November 11, 1908 5 Rankin R. Cornett b. May 27, 1858; d. July 5, 1888; never married 5 John B. Cornett b. October 16, 1860; md. Maryan Ison; their children: 6 Margaret Cornett md. Charley Tabor 6 Georgia Cornett md. Eli Combs 6 Maud Cornett md. J.O. Cannon 6 Rankin Cornett md. Esteva Webb 6 Eva Cornett md. D. C. Long 6 Madeline Cornett md. Homer Perkins Then John B. md. Carrie Sewell; their children: 6 Breck Cornett 6 Mildred Cornett 6 Ralph Cornett 6 Ruth Cornett 5 Sampson S. Cornett b. February 23, 1863; d. November 8, 1884; never married 5 Caroline Cornett b. January 20, 1865; md. David Caudill; their children: 6 Susan Caudill 6 Millard Caudill 6 Watson Caudill 6 Willie Caudill 6 George Caudill 6 Sam Ray Caudill 6 Lina Caudill 6 Jesse Caudill 6 Dixon Caudill 6 Vernia Caudill 5 Margaret Cornett b. January 20, 1867; md. G. P. Stacey; their children: 6 Windom Stacey 6 Blanford Stacey 6 Burl Stacey 6 Cornie Stacey 6 Chandler Stacey 6 William Glanton Stacey 5 Arminta Cornett b. September 1, 1868; md. Hart Campbell; their children: 6 Dora Campbell 6 Thomas Campbell 6 Esquire Campbell 6 Cannie Campbell 6 Cassie Campbell 6 Lizzie Campbell 6 Little Campbell 6 Troy Campbell 6 Julia Campbell 5 J. D. Cornett b. December 10, 1871; md. April 21, 1894 to Rachel Ison b. Aug 24, 1874;
d. Oct 7, 1936; their children: 6 Mae Cornett b. February 28, 1895; md. William Perkins; their child: 7 James Perkins 6 William Harry Cornett b. September 1, 1896; md. Alicia Brashear; their child: 7 William "Billie" Harry Cornett 6 Fred Cornett b. November 30, 1897; md. Mae Maggard; their children: 7 Harold Lee Cornett 7 Martha Rachel Cornett 7 Edna Mae Cornett 6 Gracie Cornett b. September 29, 1899; md. Stanton Hume Thorpe 6 Helen Cornett b. August 18, 1901; md. John McIntyre; their children: 7 Virginia Lee McIntire 7 Ella Rea McIntire 7 Dick McIntire 7 Anna Sue McIntire 6 Breck Cornett b. May 8, 1904; md. Nora Asher; their children: 7 Bobie Jene Cornett 7 Lavaughn Cornett 6 Maxie Cornett b. July 1, 1906 6 Kirby Cornett b. December 5, 1907; d. December 15, 1908 6 Rankin Cornett b. December 6, 1909; md.Beatrice?? 6 Eunice Cornett b. January 1, 1912; md. Walter McKeeham; their child: 7 Gail McKeeham 6 Woodrow Cornett b. December 28, 1913 6 Hubert Cornett b. May 27, 1916 5 Charley M. Cornett b. March 17, 1874; d. January 10, 1935; md. Ann Singleton; their children: 6 Burnett Cornett 6 Winslow Cornett 6 Arnold Cornett 6 Girtie Cornett 6 Alton "Buck" Cornett 6 Otie Cornett 6 Custer Cornett 6 Leon Cornett 6 Malta Cornett 6 Alma Cornett 6 Vaughn Cornett 6 Lorena Cornett 6 Malinda Cornett b. June 12, 1878; md. Solomon Caudill; their children: 6 Mary Caudill 6 Charley Caudill 6 Teressie Caudill 6 Bennie (Benjamin) Caudill 6 Mallie Caudill 6 Watson Caudill 6 Clarence Caudill 6 Curtis Caudill 6 Allie Caudill 6 Viola Caudill 4 Nancy Cornett b. August 16, 1830, d. September 30, 1857; md. Ezekiel Brashear;
a soldier in the Confederate army he was killed in action at Cynthiana, Ky; their children: 5 Lafayatt M. Brashear b. October 20, 1852; md. Joanna Baker 5 Mariah Brashear b. August 10, 1855; md. William G. Campbell 5 Sally Brashear b. May 4, 1857; md. Ran Cornett 4 William E. Cornett b. January 3, 1833, d. July 12, 1909; md. Matilda Stamper b. Jan 9, 1836;
d. Feb 6, 1890; their children: 5 Lucinda Cornett md. Manon Cornett; their children: 6 Minnie Cornett md. Robert Gum 6 Dora Cornett md. Carter Cornett 6 Bertha Cornett md. J. Miricle 6 Marion Cornett 6 Carrie Cornett 6 Tina Cornett 5 Malinda Cornett 5 Elisabeth Cornett md. Granville Holcomb 5 Hiram Hansford Cornett b. December 18, 1862 in Kentucky; d. July 4, 1920 in Roaring Fork, Virginia;
md. Lucretia Hackworth b. May 22, 1871; d. Jan 4, 1942 in Roaring Fork, Virginia; their children: 6 Monroe Cornett b. January 15, 1889; d. July 3, 1979 in Eccles, West Virginia; his son: 7 Clyde Cornett 6 Ellen Cornett b. March 17, 1890; d. Sept 15, 1945 in Millry, Alabama; md. a Miller: her children: 7 Earl Lemuel Miller 7 Golvia Miller 7 Opal Miller 7 Flora Miller 7 Kyle Miller 6 William E. Cornett Sr. b. Oct 13, 1891 in Letcher Co. Ky; d. Sept 18, 1932 in VA Hospital in Atwood, VA;
md. Allie Mae Craiger b. Jan 15, 1904 in Kentucky; d. April 28, 1939 in Norton, Va; their children: 7 Hazel Cornett b. September 14, 1922 in Roaring Fork, Virginia md. Ralph Benjamin Green b. June 15, 1915;
d. May 1973 in Wise, VA; their children: 8 Paulinge Alta Mae Green b. May 20, 1938 in Wise, VA; md. William R. "Bucky" Jones b. June 11, 1937;
their children: 9 Melanie Jones b. August 6,1965; md. Joey Vance 9 Carmen Jones b. September 10, 1969; md. Keith?? in June 1996 8 Charles Ralph Green b. March 27, 1940 in Wise, Virginia; md. Rmary Roberts b. April 8, 1942;
their daughter: 9 Debra Renee Green b. November 29, 1965 8 Juanita Ellen Greene b. January 1, 1943 in Wise Co. VA; md. Holiday" Fred" Colley; their children: 9 Andrea Rae Colley b. December 23, 1963; md. Russ Gawler; their children: 10 Vince Gawler b. August 12, 1991 10 Andrew Gawler b. August 1995 9 Collin Eric Colley b. January 1, 1970; his children: 10 Eric Colley b. April 12, 1991 10 Allison Paige Colley b. January 10, 1994 9 Brent Colley b. October 16, 1979 8 Sharon Kay Green b. Mar 5, 1945 in Wise, VA; d. in Richmond, VA,in 1980; md. Gary Gordon Gibson 8 Rita Faye Greene b. Jan 27, 1947 in Wise, VA; md. David R. Call b. Mar 5, 1947; their children; 9 Johnny Call b. July 7, 1973 9 Kristina Call b. December 1975 8 Gary William Greene b. April 18, 1949 in Wise, Virginia; md. Debbie??; his children: 9 Beth Agee 9 Belinda Agee 9 Beverly Alexander 10 William Shane Alexander 9 Amber Greene b. December 1978 9 Ashley Greene b. February 19, 1983 8 Don Ronnie Greene b. February 19, 1951 in Wise, Virginia; md. Glenda Greene; their children: 9 Kris Greene 9 Jason Greene 8 Velma Greene b. April 12, 1953; md. Marvin Barker b. April 181945; their children: 9 Brooke Barker b. May 8, 1980 9 Wesley Barker b. April 1, 1983 9 Jessi Barker b. August 25, 1985 8 Yvonne Greene b. November 20, 1955 in Wise, Virginia; me. Randy Wampler; their children: 9 Brandon Wampler b. August 15, 1978 9 Laura Wampler b. June 12, 1988 Then Yvonne md. Robert "Bobby" Skeens; their child: 9 Christina Skeens b. November 11, 1973 Then Yvonne Greene md. Keith Blackburn 8 Panela Sue Greene b. April 7, 1958 in Wise, Virginia; md. Jeff Woolwing; their children: 9 Tiffany Woolwine b. February 23, 1976 9 Stephanie Woolwine b. November 3, 1981 8 Theresa VsVerne Green b. February 7, 1961; md. David Holbrook; b. March 18, 1957;
their children: 9 Kara Holbrook b. March 18, 1984 9 Jeremy Holbrook b. March 8, 1986 8 Dennis Carroll Green b. Janyary 13, 1964 in Wise, Virginia 8 Jennifer Denise Greene b. November 28, 1965; md. Mike O'Bryan b. April 29, 1961; thier child: 9 Tabitha O'Bryan b. July 30, 1986 7 George Cornett b. April 19, 1926 in Roaring Fork, Virginia; md. Frances Cook b. June 24, 1926 in
West Virginia; their children: 8 Gloria Jean Cornett b. March 21, 1945 8 Garbara Ann Cornett b. March 31, 1947 in Big Stone Gap, Virginia; md. Loren Tolbert; their children: 9 Lara Tolbert 9 Sara Beth Tolbert 9 Jason Tolbert 9 Katie Tolbert 8 George Michael Cornett b. June 30, 1950; d. 1950 7 William E. Cornett Jr. b. June 30, 1926 in Roaring Fork, VA; md. Irene Hubbard b. May 1, 1931 in
Blackwood, VA; their children: 8 William Ronnie Cornett b. Oct 2, 1949 at Fort McPherson, Georgia; md. Barbara Jean Adams
b. Jun 22, 1949; their children: 9 Vedra Michelle Cornett b. Jul 26, 1970 in Huntsville, Alabama 9 Michael Anthony Cornett b. Jul 26, 1974 in Huntsville, Alabama; md. Sep 24, 1995 to Amber Hayes
b. Oct 6, 1972 8 Terry Lee Cornett b. May 24, 1954 in Norton, Virginia 7 Edward M. Rice Cornett b. May 10, 1928 in Roaring Fork, VA; md. Thelma McFarland b. in Virginia 6 Irvine S. Cornett b. May 25, 1898; d. February 27, 1978 in Chillicothie, Ohio 6 Mary Kathrine Cornett b. Aug 8, 1900; d. Feby 15, 1987 in Beckley, WV; md. Rufus Hand;
their child: 7 Connie Hand Then Mary Catherine Cornett md. Frank Wolfe 6 Charley B. Cornett b. December 1, 1902; d. November 14, 1932 in Roaring Fork, Virginia 6 Walter Cornett b. November 20, 1905; d. August 18, 1877 in Richmond, Virginia; his children: 7 Harry Cornett b. April 14, 1930; d. February 21, 1990 7 Carolyn Cornett 6 Bethel Cornet b. August 17, 1907 in RoarinFork, Virginia 6 Elzabeth Cornett b. Mar 27, 1909 in Wise Co. VA; d. Oct 13, 1934 in Pineville, WV; md. Rufus Cook;
their children: 7 Betty Ruth Cook 7 Rufus Cook Jr. 6 Ethel Cornett b. March 27, 1909; md. Humphrey D.Shoemaker Sr.; their children: 7 Humphrey Shoemaker Jr. 7 Jackie Shoemaker b. 1944 Then Ethel Cornett married Jerry Cigola 5 William R. Cornett md. Gertie Johnson 5 Martha Cornett never married 5 Mary Cornett md. Irvin Stacey 5 Roger Cornett never married 5 John Harlan Cornett md. Rebecca Francis 4 Maryan Cornett b. January 31, 1836, d. August 10, 136 4 Sally Cornett b. Jul 6, 1837; d. Jan 30, 1908; md. George W. Morgan, a Captain in the Union Army;
their children: 5 Lucinda Morgan b. September 26, 1861; md. William B.Lusk 5 Logan Morgan b. January 2, 1864; md. Dora Bell Polly 5 Pollyan Morgan b. March 27, 1866; md. John M. Caudill 5 Eliza Jane Morgan b. March 18, 1868; md. Tandy Martin 4 Arch Cornett b. January 5, 1840; d. December 16, 1845 4 Samuel Cornett b. August 4, 1843; d. October 12, 1857 4 Nathaniel Cornett b. December 14, 1845; d. October 16, 1857 4 Audley A. Cornett b. November 18, 1848; d. June 8, 1932; md. Elizabeth Caudill; their children: 5 Henry C. Cornett b. September 29 1868; d. September 30, 1937; md. Mary Barnett and Lucy Call 5 Sarah Cornett died young 5 Patsy Cornett died young 5 Judy Cornett died young 5 Robert Cornett died young 5 Walter Cornett died young 5 William Cornett died young 5 Pollyan Cornett md. Kelly Back 5 Lucy Cornett md. Thurman Brashear and Bill Nickels 5 Mary Cornett md. Charley M. Nelms 4 Pollyan Cornett b. Jun 24, 1852; d. Jun 31, 1932; md. Harvey G. Brashear and settled in Arkansas;
their children: 5 Joe R. Brashear 5 Robert L. Brashear 5 George H. Brashear 5 Lona M. Brashear 5 Grover C. Brashear 5 Conner K. Brashear 5 Fannie J. Brashear 3 Nancy Cornett md. Samuel Combs and settled on the north fork of the Kentucky River below Hazard;
their children: 4 Robert Combs md. Eliza (Ella) Combs; their children: 5 Henry Combs md. Juda Martin 5 Jason Combs md. Nancy Combs and a Maggard woman 5 Lacey Combs md. Bettie Combs 5 Austin Combs md. Belle Godsey 5 Nancy Combs md. William J. Combs, s/o Josiah H. Combs 5 Ellen Combs md. John Campbell and G. R. Cornett 5 Martha Combs md. a man whose last name was Taylor 4 William Combs md. Mary Begley; their children: 5 Henry B. Combs md. Calista Daniel; their children: 5 Daniel M. Combs md. a Cundiff 5 Jasper Combs 5 Garrett Combs Then William md. married Mrs. Mary Herndon Burke; their children: 5 James Jesse Combs md. Nannie Brandenburg; their children: 6 Matthew Combs 6 Elsie Combs md. a Seale 6 Addie Combs md. a Pendleton 6 Allie Combs md. a Thomas 6 Conley Carlos Combs 6 Earle Bryan Combs md. Ruth Collum; Earle was a major league baseball player; their children: 7 Earle Combs Jr. 7 Charles Combs 7 Donald Combs 5 Nancy Combs md. Arch Hamilton 5 Samuel P. Combs 5 One other child 4 Wiley Combs md. Eliza Jane Combs d/o Bonaparte "Boney Combs; their children: 5 Louisa Combs md. James Clark 5 America Combs md. Buck Combs 5 Mollie Combs md. Rev. Hubert 5 Emily Combs md. Thomas Hogg and M. S. Crain 5 Mattie Combs md. Sewell S. Taulbee 5 Addie Combs md. Dr. John S. Redwine 5 Bonaparte Combs md. K. Cardwell and Lillie Strong 4 Daniel Garrett Combs md. Rachel Turner; their children: 5 Frances Combs md. Quint Daniel 5 Martha Combs md. Dr. F. M. Thomas 5 Belle Combs md. T. E. Johnson 5 Lucy Combs md. Rennie Pratt and Fletcher McGuire 5 Linnie Combs md. Walter Seale 5 Cora Combs never married 5 John E. Combs never married 4 Andrew J. Combs md. Elizabeth, step-daughter of William Burke; their children: 5 George B. Combs md. Sadie Martin; their children: 6 Ruth Combs 6 Elizabeth Combs 6 Thelma Combs 6 G. P. Combs 6 Bert Combs 6 Andrew Combs 5 Samuel L. Combs md. Maude Davidison; their children: 6 Geneva Combs 6 Lola Combs 6 Samuel L. Combs 6 Bonetta Combs 6 Virginia Combs 5 Mary Combs md. Felix Sternberg; their children: 6 Elwood Sternberg 6 Randolph Sternberg 6 Samuel Martin Sternberg 6 Dorothy Sternberg 5 Martha Combs md. W. S. Brandenburg; their children: 6 Herbert Brandenburg 6 Dorsey Brandenburg 6 Estill Brandenburg 6 Anne Brandenburg 5 Eva Combs never married 5 Arch Combs md. Nannie Smith; their children: 6 Ruby Combs 6 Orville Combs 6 Arch Combs 6 Thomas Combs 5 Ed Combs md. Minta Farley 5 Bertha Combs md.Jesse McMillion 5 Dale Combs md. Susie Jackson 5 Robert Combs md. Lillian Fields 5 Carl Combs md. Effie Fields 4 Nicholas Combs md. a Bolen 4 Rachel Combs md. Levi Pennington 4 Nancy Combs Note: This is not the Nancy Combs who married Robert "Bob" Davidson.
Bob was my mother's great uncle; he married Nancy Combs, the daughter of Jeremiah "Chunky Jerry"
Combs. (William Henry Young) 4 Mary Combs md. Elijah R. Begley; their children: 5 Abner C. Begley 5 Orlena Begley md. a Smith 5 Pharis Begley 5 Samuel C. Begley 5 Malvery Begley 5 Elmer Begley 5 Nanie Begley md. a Schwartz 5 Lizzie Begley md. a Newton 5 Judge W. E. Begley lived in Laurel County, Kentucky 6 Mayme B. Begley md. Roscoe C. Robinson 6 Byron B. Begley md. Hazel J. Johnson and Nell Oats 6 Robert Bruce Begley md. Vera Jennings 6 Nannie Lena Begley md. Charles Reynolds 6 Shirley E. Begley md. Martha Benge 6 Ernest Ray Begley md. Opal Hopper 4 Lucy "Linda" Combs md. Jack Edwards 4 Malinda Combs md. James Cole 3 Rachel Cornett b. Feb 10, 1807; md. John A. Caudill b. Jan 1, 1798, d. May 10, 1873; they lived at
the mouth of Sandlick Creek one mile below Whitesburg; their children: 4 William A. Caudill b. February 1825; d. January 11, 1899; md. Margret Asberry 4 Steven A. Caudill b. November 13, 1826; md. to Elizabeth Adams July 26, 1906 4 Mary Caudill b. August 4, 1828; d. December 21, 1839 4 Benjamin E. Caudill b. Feb 11, 1830; d. Feb 11, 1889; md. Martha Asberry of Tazwell,Virginia;
he was a Colonel in the Confederate Army. 4 Sarah Caudill b. October 23, 1834; d. May 17, 1914; md. Joe S. Fairchilds 4 John Dixon Caudill b. October 6, 1836; d. June 27, 1917; md. Mary Green 4 David Jessie Caudill b. March 3, 1839; d. April 9, 1907; md. Margret Frizell; he was a Lt. Colonel in
the Confederate army and was wounded in the battle on Big Leatherwood Creek a short distance
below Clover Fork. 4 Nancy Jane Caudill b. Nov 5, 1840; d. Nov 12, 1822; md. John H. Craft and lived in Laurel Co. Kentucky 4 Elizabeth Caudill b. Aug 22, 1842; md. Thomas Dobson who died in prison at Camp Douglas and William Green. 4 Pollyan Caudill b. April 15, 1847; md. Enoch "Chunk" Craft. He was with General Morgan's men when
Morgan was killed; he helped put Morgan's body on the train; he said it (Morgan's body) was
not mutilated or his clothes soiled. 4 Watson Caudill b. June 17, 1849; md. Sabina Caudill 4 Joseph Caudill died in infancy 4 Nathaniel Caudill died in infancy 3 Samuel Cornett b. Mar 4, 1809, d. Nov 24, 1860; md. May 1, 1832 to Polly Adams b. Jul 8, 1813;
they settled on Troublesome Creek in what was later Knott Co.; Hindman is situated on land where
they settled; their children: 4 Maryan Cornett md. Campbell Pigmam 4 Joe Cornett died in Rock Island prison during the Civil War. 4 Walter Cornett died in infancy 4 William G. Cornett md. Liza Howard; he was discharged from the Confederate army at the close of
the Civil War and was never heard from again. 4 Mose Cornett md. Jane Maggard. 4 Liza Cornett died in infancy 4 Margaret Cornett md. Samuel Honaker 4 Jane Cornett md. George Childers. 4 Rachel Cornett md. Paten Duke 4 Sallyan Cornett was never married 3 Nathaniel Woleary Cornett b. Apr 2, 1811, d. Jan 12, 1889; md. Lydia Caudill, b. Jul 19, 1816; they
settled on Troublesome Creek at the mouth of Big Branch; their children: 4 Joe E. Cornett b. Jun 6, 1836, d. Jan 8, 1917; md. Susanna Caudill b. Mar 7, 1841, d. Dec 4, 1899;
their children: 5 Nathaniel Green Cornett; his children: 6 William Cornett md. a Nichols from Big Branch of Troublesome Creek, Knott Co. their children: 7 Maston Cornett 7 Nesby Cornett 7 Carvin Cornett 6 Sidney Cornett md. Elizabeth Madden; their children: 7 Stella Cornett md. Stve Pratt from Hindman, Kentucky 7 Hazel Cornett md. Robert Baker from Hazard, Kentucky 6 Joe Cornett md. Rhoda Everage; their children: 7 Raymond Cornett 7 Gendria Cornett 7 Gladys Cornett 7 Luther Cornett 6 James Cornett md. Nora Stacey; their children: 7 Audrey Cornett 7 Dorthy Nell Cornett 7 Gwen Cornett 7 Beatrice Cornett 6 Johnnie Cornett md. Velva Tignor; their children: 7 Phillip Cornett 7 Margurette Cornett 6 Isom Cornett md. Emmaline Ritchie 6 Malisie Cornett md. Carl Madden; their children: 7 Fred Madden 7 Edith Madden 7 Eva Madden 6 Orka Cornett 6 Woodrow Wilson Cornett b. 1919; his children: 7 Woodrow D. Cornett; his children: 8 Woodrow Cornett 8 D. Cornett 8 James Cornett 8 Robert Cornett 7 Wilma L. Cornett 7 Peggy S. Cornett 7 Wamla G. Cornett 6 Ray Cornett 6 Roy Cornett 5 Watson Cornett 5 John Cornett 5 Samuel Cornett 5 Jeptha Cornett 4 Sarah Cornett b. Nov 21, 1864; d. Mar 16, 1947; md. Walter Calhoun, b.Jun 26, 1865,
d. Feb 14; 1939; their children: Jeptha Calhoun b. Sept 7, 1885; md. Alta Kelly b. Mar 18, 1905;
their children: 6 Vernon Calhoun b. February 14, 1924; d. September 14, 1961 6 Walter Calhoun b. March 24, 1926; d. April 1, 1980 6 Virginia Calhoun b. September 28, 1928; md. Herman b. March 10, 1923; their children: 7 Brenda Lavonne Combs b. August 19, 1947 7 Nancy Ann Combs b. January 18, 1956 7 William Douglas b. July 31, 1963 4 Rachel Cornett b. 1838; md. Jeptha Calhoun; Jeptha was a Civil War veteran and
served in the Confederate Army 4 Watson Cornett b. 1840 4 Sally Cornett b. 1842; md. George Simpson. Note: Aunt Sally was a granny woman--midwife; she claimed to have delivered over a hundred babies.
She delivered my father William "Willie" Young and my oldest brother Edmund Young. She also was the
source for the account of Mary Everage's family. 4 Mary Cornett b. 1844; md. Silas Boggs 4 Nancy Cornett b. 1848; md. Green Holliday s/o John Holliday 4 Pollyan Cornett md. Shade Combs and Shade Smith 4 Esther Cornett b. 1858; md. George Martin 4 Roger Cornett b. 1856; md. Nancy Maggard and Margaret Combs 4 Benton Cornett md. Mary Polly "Pop" Davidson d/o Edward “Ned" Davidson, s/o Robert Davidson Jr., s/o
Robert Davidson Sr.; Benton and Polly's children: 5 Marion Cornett 5 Andrew Cornett md. twice; children by his first wife: 6 Susan "Susie" Cornett md. Thorton Smith 6 Hattie Cornett 6 Lawrence Cornett 6 Arthur Cornett 6 Raymond Cornett md. Dixie Owens d/o Jeff Owens Then Andrew md. Nevada Combs d/o Willam Combs and Martha Young d/o of William Young;
Andrew and Nevada's children: 6 Hershell Cornett d. August 1997; md. Alice Gayheart; their children: 7 Linda Cornett; md. Ollie Combs; their children: 8 Gayle Combs 8 Gregory Combs 8 Neil Combs 7 Eddie Cornette d. 1989 7 Draxie Cornett 7 Kent Cornett 7 Willis Cornett 7 Allie Cornett 7 Michael Cornett? 6 Andrew Jr. Cornett md. Esma Chaffins 6 Faye Cornett 6 Peggy Cornett md. Vertis Johnson 6 Everett Cornett 6 Glen Cornett 6 Buck Cornett 4 Robin Cornett md. Caroline Justice and Susan Smith 3 Joseph E. Cornett b. Apr 28, 1814, d. May 30, 1891; md. Sally Brown, b. Apr 23, 1815, d. Apr19, 1892.
He was the youngest son of William Cornett; he settled on Dry Fork of the north fork of
the Kentucky River. He helped lay out the town of Whitesburg, Ky and was elected judge of Letcher Co.,
His children: 4 Esther Cornett 4 Nathaniel Cornett died young 4 Roger Cornett died young 4 John B. Cornett md. Elisabeth Hays 4 Bettyan Cornett md. Ira Stamper 4 Samuel A. Cornett b. 1814; d. 1891; md. Rany Whittaker; their children: 5 Joe E. Cornett md. Pollyan Wells; their children: 6 Liza Cornett 6 William Cornett 6 Minerva Cornett 6 Peggy Cornett 6 Samuel Cornett 6 Jerry Cornett 6 Watson Cornett 6 Loraine Cornett 6 Alamander Cornett 6 Charley Cornett 6 John Henty Cornett 6 Pearl Cornett 6 Elvira Cornett 5 Harriet Cornett 5 Sally Cornett 5 Betty Jane Cornett 5 Lucy Cornett b. 1833 5 Samuel Cornett b. 1833 5 Hiram Cornett b. 1831 5 Peggy Cornett b. 1835 5 William Cornett b. 1837 5 Joseph Cornett b. 1841; listed above as Jeseph E. 5 Syra Cornett (Sarah) b. 1844 5 Doctor Cornett b. 1846 Note: Samuel A. Cornett married two more times to Alice Ann Couch and Nancy Engle.
Nether of these marriages produced children. 4 Rachel Cornett md. James Back 4 Benjamin Cornett md. Dicy Roberts and Abbie Jane Mullins 4 Nancyan Cornett md. Elihu Maggard 4 Steven J. Cornett md. Elisabeth Mullins 4 William M. Cornett md. Arminda Indman 4 Mary Cornett md. Hiram Whitaker 1 Roger Cornett b. 1730 1 George Cornett b. 1732 1 Francis Cornett b. 1734 1 Frank Cornett b. 1735 1 Jesse Cornett b. 1737 1 James Cornett b. 1740 RELATED FAMILY LINES The Polly Harris Family Polly Harris had three daughters: Susan, Elisabeth, and Tilda.Elzabeth and Susan's father was a man
whose last name was Stamper. Tilda's father was a man named Everage. 1 Polly Harris and ?? Stamper 2 Susan Stamper md. Anderson Cornett 2 Elizabeth Stamper md. James B. Brashear; they settled on Mases (Mason) Creek; their children: 3 Robert H. Brashear md. Judy Pratt 3 Emanuel Brashear md. Mary Brewer 3 Polly Ann Brashear md. Elhanon Crawford, s/o of James Madison Crawford; no issue 3 Elzira md. Robert Combs; their daughter: 4 Polly Combs--she married a Smith. Child of Polly Harris and ?? Everage Note: The Elizabeth Stamper and James Brashear family is one I have heard my mother talk about.
Elhanon Crawford was her uncle. As one can see above he married Polly Ann Brashear. My grandfather as
a young man courted one of James and Elizabeth’s daughters, Elzira. A story my mother told about my
grandfather follows: It was a Saturday afternoon and my great grandfather James Madison “Mat” Crawford asked
his wife, “I wonder what is the matter that Lou didn’t come home at noon from the fielld where he was
plowing.?” My great grandmother replied, “Lou left his horse’s harness in the field and left for Masses
(Mason) Creek at noon. My grandfather was a 16 year old boy at the time. His older brother was already
married to one of the James Brashear daughters. 2 Matilda Everage md. Henderson Holcomb; their children: 3 Solomon Holcomb md. a Frasier and settled in the vicinity of Whitesburg, Kentucky; his child: 3 Martha Holcomb md. Will Lewis and settled on Line Fork 3 Martha Holcomb 3 Elizabeth "Liz" Holcomb 3 William Holcomb md. Jane Wilson 3 John Holcomb md. Elisabeth Turner 3 Harden Holcomb md. Rebekah Shepherd 3 Hannah Holcomb md. Silas Callahan 3 Polly Holcomb md. Ed Griffits 3 Sally Holcomb md. Andrew Shepherd Grigsby Family Note: Question: Who was Silver Grigsby who married Joe Everage. Educated guess: She was the daughter of
Thomas Grigsby who appeared in the first Perry County, Kentucky Census. This would be the same
Thomas Grigsby who appeared in the 1810 Clay County, Kentucky census. There is evidence that after Thomas
left Lotts Creek he moved to Carr Creek and died there. Old Thomas was also known as William Grigsby. I am a
direct descendand to this Thomas Grigsby through his son Benjamin Grigsby. The John Creech Family 1 John Creech is the first Creech of record in eastern Kentucky; he married first Peggy Wells; their
children: 2 Stephen Creech md. Sally Gilliam b. December 8, 1808; d. July 7, 1894; they settled on Clover Lick Creek
in Harlan County, Ky, near a large spring on the left hand side of the creek about two miles above the
mouth of the creek; their children: 3 Katherine "Katie" Creech 3 Elizabeth Creech md. Arch Cornett 3 Polly Creech md. Charles L. Cornett 2 Enoch Creech 2 Celia Creech 2 Thomas Creech 2 Samuel Creech 2 App Creech 2 Elijah "Lige" Creech 2 Lish Creech 2 William Creech 2 Simeon Creech 2 Bettie Creech 2 Pattie Creech Then John Creech md. an Armstrong; their children: 2 Emma Creech 2 Charlotte Creech 2 As Creech 2 Gib Creech md. Betsy Maggard; their children: 3 John Creech md. Cintha Creech 3 Zay Creech md. ?? Combs 3 Sally Creech md. Will Vanover 3 Mary Creech md. Andrew Patrick 3 Charlotte Creech md. James Maggard 3 Cloe Creech Jonathan Hart 3 Nancy Creech md. Jack Creech 3 Rebecca Creech md. Jason Fields Note: Question: What happened to Stephen Creech? Stephen Creech, son of John Creech, husband of Sally Gilliam, left eastern Kentucky when his
children were young and went to New Orleans. When he returned he brought with him a negro slave,
named Jack In a short time he began to arrange to go back to New Orleans and Gake (hereafter Jake)
Gilliam, his brother-in-law decided to go with him. Creech said to some folks, "If Jake goes with me,
he will not know anymore about my business down there when he comes back than before he goes." When they arrived in New Orleans, they registered at a hotel. Creech was pretty busy most of the
time, going from place to place arranging to start back home on a certain day. He was careful that Jake
Gilliam did not go with him but little. In a few days they were ready to start back home. Creech had another Negro slave in possession and he asked Gilliam to keep the slave at a
particular place until he went a short distance to see a man on some business. Jake Gilliam waited for
such a long time that he decided that he (Creech) was not coming back. He and the Negro started
hunting for him, but they could not fine him. Jake Gilliam told the Negro to go back to his master, and
Gilliam returned to Kentucky. Steven Creech was never heard from again. Sally Creech stayed home and raised
her three girls to womanhood. The slave, Jack, whom Creech brought home with him on his first trip to New Orleans would never tell
about how Creech got possession of him. One time he said, "A nice man from this country can go down there
and marry well off sometimes. (Did Creech do this? Was this what the slave Jack was saying? Some of Jack's
descendants lived for many years in Harlan County, Kentucky. Question: What happened to Gib Creech? Answer: Stephen Creech's brother Gib was a soldier in the Union army. He was accused of ambushing some of
Major Chinewoth's men and was captured and brought into the Confederate camp on Big Leatherwood Creek.
Major Chinoweth asked him if he had been bushwhacking his men and Creech answered, "Yes, and I will
bushwhack again." Major Chinoweth's answer was, "It's damned uncertain." Gib Creech was court-marshalled
and shot on the lot where M. C. Cornett's dwelling now stands. He is buried in the P. H. Hall cemetery. The Gilliam Family At this time, January 22, 1991, I don't know who the parents of Rhoda Gilliam were. She had
a brother William who came to Kentucky with or after William Cornett and his second wife Mary Everage came.
Two of William's children were associated with the Creech family which was an allied and the Cornetts:
Sally Gilliam married Stephen Creech and Jake is mentioned as having gone to New Orleans with Stephen Creech
on his second trip. (William Henry Young) Gideon Ison Genealogy 1 Gideon Ison migrated from Virginia to Kentucky about the year 1800. He and William Cornett
came to Kentucky on a hunting expedition before they brought their families. He settled on the Line Fork
in Letcher County. There is no record of his wife's name; his children: 2 Gideon Ison md. Rachel Stamper and settled at the mouth of Defeated Creek of Line Fork; their children: 3 George Ison md. Hannah Hall and settled on the Kentucky River below the mouth of Kingdom Come Creek in
Letcher County; their children: 4 Harvey Ison 4 Eli Ison 4 Others 3 John Ison md. Nancy Hall and settled on Kingdom Come Creek 3 Elijah "Lige" Ison md. Peggy Hogg and settled on Rockhouse Creek 3 Bonaparte "Bony" Ison md. Leathyan Ingram and settled on Defeated Creek of Line Fork 3 Mose Ison md. Judy Cornett and settled on the Kentucky River above the mouth of Rockhouse Creek.
(See Anderson Cornett's generation) 3 Jonah Ison md. Matilda Cornett and settled on Big Leatherwood Creek in Perry Count.
(See Anderson Cornett's generation) 3 Dock Ison md. Anna Creech and settled on the Kentucky River below Whitesburg, Ky. 3 Ursley Ison md. Stephen Adams and settled on the Adams Branch above Doty Creek of Rockhouse Creek 3 Gideon "Gid" Ison md. Mary Banks and settled at the old home at the mouth of Defeated Creek;
their children: 4 Susan Ison 4 Dock Ison 4 Bird? Ison 4 Hettie Ison 4 Marcum Ison 4 Boyd Ison 4 Judy Ison 4 Matilda Ison 4 Riley Ison 4 Crissie Ison 4 Maggie Ison 2 George Ison md. Ursula Combs 2 Polly Ison md. Stephen Hogg 2 Elisabeth "Betty" Ison md. Tarleton Combs s/o Mason and Jennny Combs; their children: 3 Ira Combs md. a Burton; their children: 4 Orvan Combs 4 Elijah Combs 4 Tarleton "Talt" Combs 4 Minta Combs 4 Rebecca Combs 4 Ann Combs 4 Susan Combs 4 Eliza Jane Combs 4 Mary Combs 4 Docie Combs Then Ira md. Matilda “Babe” Francis; their children: 4 Dollie Combs 4 Allie Combs 4 Lettie Combs 4 William Combs 4 George Combs 4 Samuel Combs 4 Eli Combs 4 Norman Combs Note: Ira Combs served in both the Confederate and Union armies during the Civil War. After the war
he became a well known Old Regular Baptist minister in eastern Kentucky. He served in both armys
with Elijah Fuller, the father of my uncle Elijah Young’s wife Rainey. Uncle Elijah Young’s son Martin
was telling me, as recently as February 16, 2003, how Ira used to come to his home when he was a little
boy to talk with his grandfather. Elijah Fuller was instrumental in getting federal pensions for Civil War
soldiers. The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion list Ira Combs and Elijah Fuller in the same
units in both the Confederate and Union armies (William Henry Young). 3 Eli Combs; his children: 4 Leslie Combs 4 Gus Combs 4 Green Combs 3 Carlo Combs md. Peggy Combs d/o Wash Combs, also a woman whose last name was Hall; his children: 4 Harrison Combs 4 Sallie Combs 4 Elizabeth Combs 4 Dulcenia Combs 4 Ella Jane Combs 4 Catherine Combs 3 Harrison Combs md. Cynthia Baker; their children: 4 William Henry Combs Note: William Henry Combs marride my aunt, Sally Ann Crawford, my mother’s oldest sister. I am named for
my father and uncle, William Henry Combs (William Henry Young). 4 John B. Combs 4 C. R. Lee Combs 4 Eli Combs 4 Charles C. Combs 4 Walter Combs 4 Malcolm Combs 4 Harrison Combs 4 Maggie Combs 4 Alice Combs 4 Anna Combs 4 Laura Combs 3 Catherine Combs md. a Cornett 3 Nancy Combs md. a Farley 3 Mary Ann combs md. a Brashear 3 Ursula Combs md. George Ison The Perry County Cornett Family in the Civil War There are several Cornetts who served in the Confederate army who are very definitely
descendants of William Cornett. They are listed below with their units. This information is taken
from a two volume work titled Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky Vols. 1 and 2,
Confederate. This work lists those soldiers who fought for the Confederate States of America.
There is a one volume report on Kentuckians who fought for the Union. It too lists several Cornetts.
However, they enlisted in Irvine, Kentucky and it is doubtful that any of them are descendants
of William Cornett of Perry County, Kentucky. This is by far an incomplete account of Cornett activity
during the Civil War. (William Henry Young) Kentucky's 13th Regiment of Cavalry CSA Company A Rank Name Entered Remarks Pvt. Joseph Cornett 11/1/1861 Captured at Gladesville, Va. 7/7/1863; died at
Camp Chase, near Columbus, Ohio. Pvt. J. C. Cornett 11/1/61 Deserted 1/10/1863 Pvt. W. G. Cornett 11/1/61 Deserted 10/25/62 Note: The above three men entered at Whitesburg, Kentucky. Here a word needs to be said about desertion.
After a year or more, these men, as many did during that conflict, felt their families needed them at home,
and they tended to that need. Company B Pvt. John Cornett 9/6/1862 Discharged at Gladesville, Va. 6/5/63 Pvt. Russell Cornett 9/61862 Pvt. William E. Cornett 10/10/1862 Promoted to 2nd Lt. Kentucky's 5th Regiment of Infantry CSA Company F Pvt. Joseph Cornett 11/1/1861 Pvt. Joseph E. Cornett 11/1/1861 Pvt. Watson Cornett 11/1/1861 Pvt. William G. Cornett 11/1/1861 This man is the same as W. G. Cornett
above. He must have simply gone to this unit to be with his kin. Note: All of the men of Company F entered at Whitesburg, Kentucky. There isn't any indication of the
terminantion of their enlistments. They are not listed as being part of the Confederate forces who
fought in the battle at Gladesville, Virginia. Their company was made up of many of the men who
appear in that section of Letcher County which became part of Knott County, Kentucky in 1884. Without doubt,
they are descended from William Cornett. Perry County, Kentucky Marriage Book A Cornitt--Cornett Marriages Cornitt, Elijah 11/14/1845 P. 54 Butler Sintha Grigsby Cornett, Joseph 1837 P. 43 H. Hogg Sarah Brown Cornett, Nathaniel 8/26/1834 P. 26 J. Hammons Lydia Caudill Cornett, Robert 1/3/1828 P. 18 Benj. Webb Adeline Brashears Cornett, Robert 1821 P. 2 Jere Combs Louisa Combs Cornett, Samuel 10/12/1831 P. 27 Thos Kelly Lucy McDaniels Cornett, Samuel 3/1/1832 P. ? Jos Hammons Polly Adams Cornett, William 9/28/1840 P. 49 Burgay Mary Amburgey Obituary: Hazard times March 1991: Lillie Cornett Stanford age 85 of Hazard, Kentucky, passed away March 11, 1991 at Hazard ARMC.
Lillie leaves surviving one son David G. Stanford of Hazard; one daughter, Aarianna Stanford Moore
of Lexington. Three grandchildren: Joseph Stanford Moore, Diana Moore Gallagher and Jennifer Leigh
Stanford. Also surviving are three great grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted Thursday, March 14, 1991 at 1:00 p.m. with Ben Baird officiating.
Interment followed in the Resthaven Cemetery, Jeff, Ky. Engle Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. William Cornett, Son of James Cornett From John J. Dickey's Diary (Coon Creek, Leslie County, Kentucky, January 17, 1898) I was born in Perry County, Kentucky, February 3, 1814, on Letherwood Creek. My father's name was
Archibald Cornett. He was born in East Tennessee on either Little or Big Moccasin. His father's name was
James Cornett who came to Perry County, Kentucky, when my father was a boy 7 to 10 years old. My father was
84 years old when he died in 1873. This would make the coming of the Cornetts to Kentucky from 1796 to 1799.
My grandfather was married twice, once to a Gillam, once an Everedge. He had children as follows: Nathaniel,
Samuel, Roger, Archibald, William, John, Robert, Lucy (Wollery Eversole), Elizabeth (Campbell), and Nancy
(Samuel Combs). Archibald, my father, married Judy McDaniel; Robert a Combs; Roger, Charlotte Callahan;
I have been married three times; first Nancy Mainyary; second, Rebecca Morgan; third, Malinda Garrison. Most
of these families were large. There were eight in my father's family and they all lived to have grandchildren.
I was the oldest and the only one living. Revolutionary Soldiers My great grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier. I do not know whether he was a private or
an officer or what regiment he was in. War of 1812 My grandfather was in the War of 1812. He was in the Horse Shoe Battle and in the Battle of New
Orleans. Robert Cornett married Charlotte Callahan. Roger married Zilpah Callahan. Note: William first states that Roger Cornett married Charlotte Callahan and Robert married a Combs.
Under information about the War of 1812, he corrected himself and states the correct information about who
these two brothers married. Roger Cornett was born in 1768 and was Robert uncle. Robert was also known as
Robin Cornett. Roger was Robert’s uncle. Roger Cornett was a brother to Soldier William James Cornett. Both
Robert and Roger married Callahan sisters who are my great, great, aunts. Edward Ned Callahan was my 3d
great grandfather; I have researched this family well and know the facts. (Willliam Henry Young) END
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