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1940 to 1947

Transcribed by Helen Pat Horne

typed by Jessie Coe Combs.

These records are from 1940 to 1947 and are not in any type of order.
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Jim Morres		Allais		31	Mar.27,1942	not listed	Coal Miner	Leslie Co.	Hazard Hosp 	Jackson		Irvin Hensley-Leslie	Rebecca Morres-Leslie	Confluence	Slate Fall, noon	Elizabeth,age 25
Sam Treet (colored)     Combs			Mar.27,1942	not listed	not listed	Alabama 	Combs		E.M. Ray	John Treet-Ala		not listed		Forrest Hill	Stroke,10:30 pm	
Bobby Ray Sparks	Harveyton		Apr.02,1942	Feb.04,1942	not listed	Harveyton	Harveyton	Martin Palmer	not listed		Ochre Williams-Perry	Riverside	Infant,1mo 28 days	
Phyillis Ann Chaney	not listed	1mo	Apr.04,1942	Feb.13,1942	not listed	Knott Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Johnny Chaney-Perry	Goldie Smith-Perry	Ary		Pneumonia,8:40pm	
Willie Lovely		Clay Hole	22	Apr.05,1942	Mar.08,1920	WW2 Soldier	Breathitt Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Ruby Lovely-Breathitt	Charety Combs		Clay Hole	none listed	
Lula Gayheart		Cordion			Apr.05,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry Co.	Cordon		Richie		Wash Combs-Perry	Rendy Ingram		Cordion		Cancer,3pm		Tom Gayheart,age64
J Brinton Hale		Hindman		48	Apr.10,1942	Dec.24,1893	not listed	Letcher Co.	Hazard Hosp	J.E. Hagan	William Hale-Letcher	Nannie Jones-Scott,VA	not listed	Shot,7am	
Jesse Campbell		Krypton		43	Apr.l9,1942	Sept.		Farmer		Yerkes		Krypton		Morgan		GreenC.Campbell-Krypton	Nancy Feltner-Krypton	Krypton		T.B.Throat,11am		Stiller Colwell
Nancy Sue Holiday	Dwarf			Apr.11,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry Co.	Hurst Snyder	Dana Snyder	Augustus Holiday-Perry	Pearl Gayheart-Perry	Engle		Stillborn	
Benton Dixon		Diablock		Apr.14,1942	Aug.28,1885	Farmer		Diablock	Knott Co.	Ray		Columbus Dixon-Letcher	Lizzie Cornett-Diablock	Cornett		Asthma, 6am		Sarah Owens,age47
Rev. Robert Combs	Carrie,KY	72	Apr.14,1942	Sep.08,1869	Minister	Perry Co.	Knott Co.	R.L. Collins	Nich Combs-Perry	Sally Cornett-Perry	Carrie,KY	none listed,9:12 am	Mary,age62
Mary Bryan Cope		Bulan		49	Apr.15,1942	Apr.02,1893	not listed	Ind.		Bulan		S.M.Richie	Rev.R R Bryan-Ind.	not listed		Sewellat Jackson Cancer,3:45pm		Fred Cope,age55
No Name			Blue Diamond		Apr.19,1942	Apr.19,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		T.E. Thoronton		Vergie White-KY		Blue Diamond	Still born,9:30 pm	
Patsy Thorp		not listed	1mo	Apr.21,1942	Feb.07,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Garlan Thorp-Breathitt	Ella Smith-KY		Englewood	none listed	
James Robert Day	Hazard		73	Apr.23,1942	Apr.29,1868	Farmer		Morgan Co.	Hazard		J.P. Boggs	Robert Day-Morgan	Ellen McGuire-Morgan	West Liberty	Heart,9:30 am	
Bruce Caudill		Blackey		31	Apr.24,1942	Feb.		not listed	Blackey		Blackey		Isom		I D Caudill-Blackey	Manerva Dixon-Blackey	Blackey		Fall from Cliff,10:15am	
Elizabeth Green		Mill Br,Dwarf	87	Apr.24,1942	Dec.11,1855	not listed	Perry Co.	Mill Branch	Richie		Joe Green-Perry		Nancy Engle-Perry	not listed	Old Age	
Albert Lee Willston	Blue Diamond	34	Apr.25,1942	Nov.21,1908	Coal miner	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Payne		W.B. Willston-W VA	Elizabeth Hoskins-Perry	Little Willard	Slate Fall,12pm 	
Alex Wright		Blue Diamond	34	Apr.25,1942	May 01,1908	Miner		Letcher Co.	Blue Diamond	B.M.Payne	Sam P. Wright-Letcher	Clar E Johnson		Riverside	Rock Fall,10pm 		Myrtle,age 28
John M. Baliey		Hindman		85	Apr.25,1942	Aug.13,1856	Attorney	Harlan Co.	Hindman		M.F.Kelly	Andrew J. Bailey- TN?	not listed		Hindman		Heart Failure	
Rachel West		Avawam		67	Apr.25,1942	not listed	not listed	Scott Co. TN	Avawam		not listed	not listed		not listed		Avawam		Burned 	
Bernard Couch		Hazard		 7	Apr.26,1942	Mar.21		not listed	Hazard Perry Co	not listed	Cunningham	Marion Couch-Perry	Nola Pace-Leslie	Brownsfork	Pneumonia,3 pm	
Mabel Frazier		Allock		7da	Apr.27,1942	Apr.20,1942	not listed	not listed	not listed	Pigman		Gastle Frazier-Letcher	Ruth Elam-Breathitt	Smoot Creek	not listed,6 am	
Tiny Perkins		Hindman		82	Apr.29,1942	Jan.06		not listed	NC		Hindman		not listed	Pugh-NC			not listed		Perkins Branch	Asthma,10 pm		Henry Perkins
Boge Cornett(colored)	Hazard		65	Apr,29,1942	not listed	Coal Miner	Leslie Co.	Hazard		J.C.Coldiron	Will Cornett-Leslie	Margaret Cornett-Leslie	Brownfork	not listed,4 am	
Otto Earle Stout	Glomaur		23da	May 01,1942	Apr.04,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Glomaur		J.C. Coldiron	A.J. Stout-Perry	Ollie Johnson-Perry	Englewood	not listed    1:30 pm	
MC Guinn		Wolfcoal	68	May 06,1942	Mar.8		Farmer		Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Jim Guinn-Perry		Polly Neace-Perry	Wolfcoal	Pneumonia,6:30am	Jonah
Julia Combs		Happy		49	May 05,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Jess Grace-VA		Elizabeth Sumners-Perry	Scuddy		9 pm			Richmond Combs
Lynda Whitaker		Happy			May 07,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry Co.	Happy		J.C. Coldiron	Robert Whitaker-Perry	Clara Pyburn-TN		Englewood	7:15	
No Name, stillbirth	Daisy			May 09,1942	May 09,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Andy Williams-Leslie	Effie West-Leslie	Daisy		Stillborn,10:00pm	
Sam Colwell		Busy		37	May 10,1942	not listed	Miner		Perry Co.	Busy		J.P. Boggs	Marcus Colwell-Perry	Sarah Fugate-Perry	Nathan Gap	T. B.,7am		Shirley
Billy McArthur Hall	Viper		3 da	May 10,1942	May 07,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Viper		V.O. Kash	Bill Hall-Perry		Marie Griffith-Perry	Viper		not listed	
No Name Still Born	Wescoal			May 10,1942	May 10,1942	not listed	Knott Co.	Wescoal		Akers		Ray Herald-Breathitt	Easter Herald-Breathitt	Combs		still born	
Elizabeth Noble		Napfor		68	May 12,1942	Feb.17		not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Wright		Joe Gamhill-KY		Emma Lyttle-KY		Chavies		not listed	
Willard Fitzpatrick	Ary		45	May 13,1942	Apr.09,1897	Coalminer	Knott Co.	Hardburly	Jingles		Alex Fitzpatrick-Knott	Seandy? Griffith-KY	not listed	Crushed Chest,9 am	
Freddie Don York	Bonnyman		May 14,1942	Mar.30		not listed	Perry Co.	Lothair	Payne	Roy York-Perry	Palina? Kelly-Perry	Buckhorn		not listed	
Myra Jean Brigman	Blue Diamond	13 da	May 16,1942	May 03,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Eugene Brigman-NC	Pauline Parker-Letcher	Riverside	Not listed 5:30	
Ruth Begley		Omersville,KY	18	May 16,1942	Dec.		not listed	Leslie Co.	Omersville	not listed	Henry Begley-Leslie	Ella Jones-Leslie	Omersville	T B,11am	
Bertha Augusta Leham	Hazard		27	May 15,1942	Feb.22,1915	not listed	Bleadstown VA	not listed	not listed	Willam F. Leham-NY	Anna Stahl-Germany	not listed	not listed 27 2mo.23das	
Jerry Payton		Hazard			May 18,1942	not listed	not listed	Rowan Co.	Hazard		Ed Imcan	not listed		not listed		Brownsfork	Heart,1 pm		Goldie Feltner
Patsy Marshall		Glomawr		 1	May 19,1942	not listed	not listed	Louisville	Glomawr		Dr. Messer	Araine? Chivelly	Nell Marshall-Perry	not listed	6:30 1 yr 7 mo	
Mac Harvey		not listed		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Ary		not listed funeral date May 21,1942	
Pvt Willie Stacy	Ary		21	May 20,1942	Mar.04,1942	Soldier		Perry Co.	Ary		C.B. Combs	Brach Stacy-Perry	Polly Ann Combs-Perry	Ary		not listed, 9 am	
Dewey Caudill Jr.	Farler		14	May 23,1942	Mar.16,1928	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Dewey CaudillSr-Leslie	Ada Young-Perry		Farler		not listed, 6:40	
Lucy Armstrong		Wescoal		42	May 24,1942	Mar.20,1900	not listed	Breathitt Co.	Wescoal		Akers		Hayes- Breathitt	Fugate-Breathitt	Sassafrass	Cancer 12 noon		Sol Armstrong,age42
Brack Combs		Kodak		74	May 26,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry Co.	Kodak		Duff		Wash Combs-Perry	Sally Sumner-Perry 	Kodak		not listed		Vida, age59
Peggie Haynes		Bulan			May 28,1942	May 28,1942	not listed	Bulan		Bulan		Lula Roberts	Earl Haynes-Laurel	Polly Baker-Perry	Lotts Creek	premature	
Callie Deaton		Combs		35	May 27,1942	Mar.06		not listed	Breathitt Co.	Combs		not listed	Irvin Morris-Brethit 	Peggie Sizemore-Brethit	Combs		Cancer,9am		James Deaton,age37
Jessie Sumner		Vicco			May 29,1942	May 29,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Jasper Sumner-Perry	Sarah Combs-Perry	Vicco		Premature twin to Tessa,3:30pm	
Tessa Sumner		Vicco			May 29,1942	May 29,1942	Not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Jasper Sumner-Perry	Sarah Combs-Perry	Vicco		Premature twin to Jessie,2:40pm	
William Richmond	Kodak		38	May 30,1942	not listed	miner 		Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	J.E. Hagan	Matt Richmond-Perry	not listed		Forrest Hill	slate fall,MimsHaskinsCoal,9am	Maggie,age34
Clarence Vernon Duff	Chavies		29	May 31,1942	not listed	groc store	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	J. E. Hagan	Joe Duff-Perry		Irene Duff-Breathitt	Chavies		Fractured Skull,9pm	Edith, age24
Willie Young		Farler		58	Jun 02,1942	Apr.22,1884	not listed	Perry Co. 	Lexington	Cultherson Jr.	Wm Young-Perry		Sallie Caudill-Perry	Farler		Cancer,10am		Juda, age62
Spencer Combs		Cornettsville	62	Jun.03,1942	not listed	MD		Vicco		Cornettsville	Isom		Green Combs-Vicco	not listed		Cornett		Heart Failure,5pm	Lucrecea,age59
Clara Combs		Combs		 1	Jun.04,1942	Apr.09,1941	not listed	Perry Co.	Combs		C.B. Combs	William Combs-Perry	Martha Crawford-Perry	Owsley Co.	not listed,1yr1mo26das,7:10pm	
Henry C. Davidson	Hazard		75	Jun.05,1942	Oct.07,1867	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard		K.N. Salyers	Ben Davidson-Perry	Sallie Combs-Perry	Lost Creek	Stroke 10:00 pm	
No Name,Stillborn	Fourseam		May 05,1942	May 05,1942	not listed	Diablock	Diablock	Jefferson	Daniel Hogston-Brethit	Nannie Pugh-Breathitt	not listed	Still born	
Still born,Hall		not listed		Jun.07,1942	Jun.07,1942	not listed	Knott Co.	Knott		Jingles		Irvin Hall-Ritchie, KY	Clauda Ritchie-Knott	Fisty		Stillborn	
Lucinda Bowling		Lothair		84	Jun.09,1942	Apr.12,1857	not listed	Leslie Co.	Lothair		Snyder		Eli Couch-OH		Ollie Sizemore-Leslie	Riverside	not listed,2pm	
Earl Strong Jr.		not listed	 8	Jun.09,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry Co.	not listed	Hurst Synder	Earl Strong-Jackson	Gladis Caudill-Perry	Cornettsville	not listed,7pm	
Armenia Sizemore	Combs		64	Jun.06,1942	not listed	not listed	Breathitt Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Herman Sizemore-Brethit not listed		not listed	not listed,8:30am	Sam, age66
McCoy Thos M Angle 	not listed		Jun.15,1942	Jun.15,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	cant read	Jackson		Jess Angle-Lee 		Evalee Haynes-Breathitt	Engle Branch	age says 3days,1am	
Silas Willson		Diablock	1da	Jun.16,1942	Jun.15,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Diablock	Messer		Kermie Willson-KY	Mintie Hogsdon-Perry	Blue Grass	Premature 6:30 am	
Mandy Hughes		Lotts Creek	82	Jun.16,1942	Aug.20,1860	not listed	Perry Co.	Lotts Creek	Britt		Andy Williams-Perry	Peggy Jones-Perry	Pioneer, KY	Heart trouble and lenilaty,12pm	
Bam Robinson		Blue Diamond	53	Jun.19,1942	Jan		not listed	Breathitt Co.	Blue Diamond	K.N.Salyers	Jerry South-Breathitt	Bettie Taulbee-Brethit	Quicksand	Heart Trouble,2:10pm	Beecher
James Napier Jr.	Darfork		36	Jun.26,1942	Sep.21		Coalminer	Perry Co.	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		James Napier-KY		Sally Stacy-KY		Darkfork	Not listed,1:40pm	Allie 38
Alex Harvey		Hardburly	48	Jun.26,1942	not listed	Coalminer	Breathitt Co.	Hardburly	Jingles		Nimie Harvey-Breathitt 	Savava Russell-Brethit	Buckhorn	Gun shot 4 pm  		Cordelia, age36
Maude Lou Arwood	Mems Hoskins	 1	Jun.27,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Ernest Arwood-Floyd	Diana Amburgy-Letcher	Mems Haskins	not listed 10:30 1 yr 7 mo	
Henry Noble		Hazard		75	Jun.27,1942	Aug.28,1869	Hotel Opr	Breathitt Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		GranvilleNoble-Brethit	Mable Neace-Breathitt	Wolf Cole,KY	Stroke,8:40pm	
Wesley Jent		Cody		60	Jun.28,1942	Dec.20,1882	not listed	Knott Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Noah Jent-Knott		Reve Amburgey-Knott	not listed	Ulcers?,10:00pm		Hallie,age59
Warner Roark		Vicco		50	Jul.01,1942	May 17,1892	not listed	Perry Co.	Vicco		not listed	F.C. Roark-Breathitt	Polly Ann Madden-Knott	Barridge	Gun Shot,5pm	
Sussie Little		Diablock	48	Jul.02,1942	Aug.14,1893	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Alex Estepp-KY		Charlotte Shepherd-Perry2nd Creek-AllaisHeart,1:30pm		Richard,age58
James Whitaker		Diablock	 1	Jul.03,1942	Aug.22		not listed	Perry Co.	Diablock	Coldrion	Ed Whitaker-KY		Ella Catron-KY		Cemetery	Asthma,10:30pm	
Shelby Young		Hindman		32	Jul.07,1942	Sep.22,1909	Merchant	Knott Co.	Hindman		Kelly		Alonzo Young-Knott	Amanda Pigman		Hindman		Cancer,7:30am		Clara,age30
Clarence Dudley Salley	Hazard		 1	Jul.08,1942	Jun.06,1941	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Paul Salley-KY		Alma Blair-Letcher	Ice,KY		Dysenteary,3:20am	
E.J. Brewer		Bulan			Jul.08,1942	Jul.08,1942	not listed	not listed	L H C Co.	J.C. Coldiron	Darth Brewer-Hazard	Ana Williams		Engle, Dwarf	Stillborn	
Murleene Napier		Combs		5mo	Jul.09,1942	Jan.18,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard Hosp	J.E. Hagan	Cleon Napier-Leslie	Jesse Jones-Leslie	Dry Hill	Bowels,8:30am	
John Radovich		Hardburly	40	Jul.09,1942	Dec.15		Miner		PA		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Milan Radovich-PA	Mildred-PA		Englewood	not listed,2pm		Lola,age33
Carlos Williams		Kodak		34	Jul.11,1942	Jan.31,1907	Coal miner	Knott Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Wert Williams-Knott	Maggie Williams-Knott	Breeding Creek	not listed,3am		Oma,age22
Adam Taylor(colored)	Wesco		16	Jul.09,1942	July 04		not listed	Letcher Co.	Vicco		Akers		Douglas Taylor-Letcher 	Unknown			not listed	not listed,11am	
Peggie Lou Noble	Hardburly	6mo	Jul.12,1942	Jan.07,1942	not listed	Knott Co.	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Tom Noble-Breathitt	Belle Sumner-Perry	Trace Branch	Dysenteary,1am	
Goldie Fae Oliver	Confluence	5mo	Jul.12,1942	Feb.16,1942	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	Wiley Oliver-Leslie	Mallie Wooton-Leslie	Leslie		Dysenteary	
Tom Campbell		Glomaur		81	Jul.14,1942	Dec.26,1861	not listed	Perry Co.	Glomaur		S.B. Snyder	Joe Campbell-Perry	Emma Eversole-Perry	Englewood	Cancer 9:10 am	
Sally Ann Turner	Hazard		67	Jul.16,1942	Oct.24,1875	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard		S.M. Richie	Jacob DeHeart-France	Mary Day-VA		Family		Stroke,1:40am		Bob,age73
Louvella Combs		Happy		18da	Jul.16,1942	Jun.28,1942	not listed	Perry Co.	Hazard		J.E. Hagan	Luttrell Combs-Perry	Rosa Gamble-Knott	Happy		Heart,1pm	
Weltha Collins		Chavies			Jul.17,1942	Oct.15,1924	not listed	Floyd Co.	Hazard Hosp	not listed	Bill Collins-Breathitt	Eva Mullins-Breathitt	Noble		not listed,8pm	
June Turner		Yerkes		 2	Jul.17,1942	1940		not listed	Perry Co.	Yerkes		Geo.Morgan	Walter Turner-Laurel	Ollie Fields-Perry	Busy		Meningitis	
Elmer Brewer		Bulan		21	Jul.19,1942	Mar.20		Coalminer	Breathitt	Perry		D. Snyder	Willie Brewer-Breathitt	Manaira?Chadwick-Bretht	Elkatawah	Drowned,12:30pm		Emma,age18
Richard Baker(colored)	Hazard		34	Jul.09,1942	July 10		Coalminer	Leslie		Hazard		R.L.Collins	Shade Baker-Perry	Marior? Howard-Leslie	Lick Branch	T.B.,8:10pm		Bamma,age34
Joyce M. Johnson	Hazard		1mo	Jul.29,1942	Jun.16,1942	not listed	Leslie		High St.Hazard	Coldiron	Casper Johnson-Laurel	Jettie Maggard-Leslie	London		Pneumonia,11:30pm,age1mo6da	
Connie Smith		Lothair			Jul.21,1942	Jun 20,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	J.E. Hagan	Marcus Smith-Knott	Lucinda Roark-Knott	Dwarf		Dysenteary,7pm	
Phoebe J. Hayes		Ary		74	Jul.24,1942	Mar.04,1867	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	J.E. Hagan	William Maggard-Knott	Amanda Coburn-Floyd	Ary		not listed,4 am		Anderson,age79
Robert McIntosh		Portsmouth		Jul.23,1942	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Harvey		M. Palmer	Tom McIntosh-Breathitt	Martha Frazier-Brethit	Portsmouth	not listed		Grace,age29
Richard Herald		Allais		39	Jul.25,1942	not listed	Coal miner	Breathitt	Allais		not listed	James C. Herald-Brethit	Amanda Angle-Lee	Taulbert	Slate Fall		Maude,age36
Estill Begley		Emmalena		Jul.26,1942	May 15,1910	Coal Cornett	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Wright		G.L. Begley-Knott	Arlena Begley-Knott	Fisty		Car wreck,2:30am	Mae,age24
Earl Hall		Viper		14	Jul.26,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Sam Hall-Perry		Polly Ann Fields-Perry	Viper		not listed,5am	
Hargis Feltner		Busy		35	Jul.28,1942	not listed	Coal loader	Perry		Hardburly	Jingles		Henry Feltner-Perry	Jane Hoskins-Perry	Busy		Slate Fall,10 am	Victoria Couch,age26
Margaret Hall		Tribby		50	Jul.29,1942	not listed	not listed	Knott		Tribby		Jingles		Leanderea Richie-Knott	Dulcenia Richie-Knott	Clear Creek	Stroke,5:30am		Eli Hall,age56
Nancy Fulkner		Richie		75	Jul.29,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Richie		S.M.Richie	Sam Richie-Knott	Cloey Hall-Knott	Richie		Dropsey	
Helen Marie Everidge	Happy		 1	Aug.01,1942	Apr.01,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Taylor Everidge-Perry	Pauline Combs		Happy		Dysenteary, 2 am,age1yr5mo	
Hargis Richie Jr.	not listed	2mo	Aug.01,1942	May 19,1942	not listed	Perry		Bulan		Ray		Hargis Richie-Ary	Elizabeth Combs-Perry	Sams Creek	Liver enlarged,age2mo11da	
John Duff(colored)	Hazard		105	Aug.01,1942	not listed	Farmer		Ala		Hazard		C.B. Combs	not listed		not listed		Chavies		8pm	
Helen Kelly		Anco			Aug.02,1942	Aug.02,1942	not listed	Perry		Sassafrass	not listed	Ernest Kelly-Perry	Helen Combs-Perry	Sassafrass	stillborn,9pm	
Fletcher Gwinn		Ned		85	Aug.02,1942	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Ary		not listed	Drew Gwinn-Perry	unknown			Ary		Old age,4:15pm		Rachel,age79
Critt Couch		Vicco		63	Aug.01,1942	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Vicco		not listed	Joe Couch-Perry		Anna Combs-Perry	Georges Branch	Crushed Skull,6pm	Luraina,age64
Albert Amburgey		Irishmans Creek	75	Aug.1940	Apr.05,1866	Farmer		Letcher		Irishmans Creek	R.L. Collins	Bill Amburgey-Letcher	Polly Ann Scalf-TN	not listed	Dropsey,10pm age75yr3mo29da	
Floyd Gross		Buckhorn		Aug.05,1942	Sept.15		L&R Polic?	Perry		Buckhorn	R.L. Collins	John Gross-Perry	Elly Riley-Perry	Buckhorn	Heart 10:20am	
William Baker		Combs		 1	Aug.07,1942	May 14,1941	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	J.E. Hagan	John Baker-Breathitt	Lola Hamblin-Perry	Sun Fire Hill	Bowels,10:20,age1y2mo22 da	
Jack Mullins		Hardburly	4da	Aug.10,1942	Aug.06,1942	not listed	Hardburly	Hardburly	H.W.Jingles	Earl Mullins-Hardburly	Marie Combs-Perry	Hindman		commlsion?,2 am	
No Name Stillborn	not listed		not listed	not listed	not listed	Knott		Knott		not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	no information on child	
James E. Browning	Happy		13da	Aug.11,1942	Jul.29,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Kermit Browning-Perry	Connie Smith-Harlan	Viper		Dysenteary,3:30am	
Roy Barnett		Allock		33	Aug.10,1942	Sep.13,1908	Coalminer	Marion Co. TN	Allock		B.B. Baker	Alex Barnett-TN		Della Defeer-TN		Cornett Hill	Cancer,1:30pm		Myrtle,age27
Leonard Angle		Bonnyman	49	Aug.11,1942	not listed	not listed	Lee		Bonneyman	Knoch		Jeff Angle-Lee		Elvira Angle-Lee	Chavies		Typhiod,2:30 pm		Georgia,age50
Larkin Lewis		Smilax		85	Aug.13,1942	not listed	Farmer		Leslie		Smilax		B.B. Baker	Timothy Lewis-Leslie	Nancy Campbell-Leslie	Smilax		old age,10pm	
John Newman		Hazard		62	Aug.13,1942	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard		Ivey		not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed,7am	
James Vires		Diablock	64	Aug.15,1942	Apr.14,1878	not listed	Breathitt	Diablock	Salyers		Ronald Vires		Jane Haddix		Chenometh	not listed,8pm	
Herbert Campbell	Dunraven	27	Aug.16,1942	not listed	miner		Perry		Yerkes		not listed	Ed Campbell-Perry	Susie Campbell-Perry	Dunraven	not listed		Marie,age27
W.M. Engle		Hazard		57	Aug.16,1942	not listed	not listed	Knott		Hazard		Richie		Henry Engle-Knott	Polly Ann Combs-Knott	Englewood	Heart Trouble 4:45	Berta,age59
John Napier		Noble		57	Aug.19,1942	not listed	not listed	Knott		Noble		Richie		James Napier-Knott	Nancy Napier-Knott	Noble		Heart Failure	
Paul Canada		Combs			Aug.20,1942	Aug.20,1942	not listed	Perry		Combs		Coldiron	John Canada-KY		Polly Herald-KY	Combs	not listed 	born and died same day	
Delzie Gayheart		Hindman			Aug.21,1942	not listed	not listed	Knott		Hindman		Kelly		Green Gayheart-Knott	Flora Williams-Knott	Hindman		Gun Shot,11pmma	
Helen Delois Williams	Blue Diamond	2mo	Aug.21,1942	Jun.19,1942	not listed	Blue Diamond	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Colson Williams-Perry	Martha Campbell-Perry	Riverside	Dysenteary	
Bufford Thacker		Garner		 3	Aug.26,1942	Jul.04,1939	not listed	Perry		Lackey		not listed	Herbert Thacker-Knott	Nannie Watts-Knott	Garner		not listed,7:30pm	
Roy Feltner		Happy		25	Aug.29,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Scuddy		Jackson		Robert Feltner-Perry	Malenaia? Combs		Scuddy		T.B. 	
Rebecca Mosley		Asher		74	Sep.01,1942	June 13		not listed	Leslie		Asher		Kooser		John Howard-Leslie	Bertha-Leslie		Asher		Heart,3:30am		Walt,age81
Clem Joseph Jr.		Haddix		 7	Sep.03,1942	Jul.08,1935	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Clem Joseph-Leslie	Odessie Noble-Breathitt	Haddix		Hit by a car, fractured skull	
Jackson Grigsby		Cordia		78	Sep.02,1942	Sep.26		not listed	Perry		Cordia		not listed	John Grigsby-Perry	unknown			Cordia		old age,6am	
James B. Banks		Diablock	27	Sep.02,1942	May 10,1914	Coalminer	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		S.D. Banks-Breathitt	Pauline Elam-Breathitt	Napfor		Crushed Skull,10:30	Oma,age29
David William Corbin	Lothair		58	Sep.02,1942	not listed	not listed	PA		Perry		Hagan		Geo Corbin-PA		not listed		Englewood	not listed		Fannie,age57
Boyd Pennington		Frew		29	Sep.02,1942	Jan.18,1903	Coal miner	Leslie		Happy		not listed	WilliePennington-Harlan	Nancy Kilburn-Perry	Frew		Crushed Chest,11:30am	Alma,age28
Billy Ray Muncy		Combs		1mo	Sep.18,1942	Aug.18,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Elisha Muncy-Leslie	Edna Fugate-Combs	Combs		Dysenteary	
Elizabeth Couch		Busy		76	Sep.04,1942	Aug.14		not listed	Perry		Busy		J.P. Boggs	Irvin Feltner-Perry	Rebecca Howard-Perry	Busy		Stroke,2pm		Clifton 73
Elsie Pence		Viper		22	Sep.06,1942	Aug.01,1920	not listed	Perry		Viper		Evans		W. M. Lewis-Leslie	Della Coots-Leslie	Viper		T.B.			John,age27
Hiram Holland		Dwarf		23	Sep.08,1942	Mar.26		Miner		Perry		Bulan		not listed	John Holland-Perry	Mahallia Miller-Perry	Mill Branch	Crushed,1pm,I H C co.	
Samuel J. Witt Jr.	Anco		1da	Sep.09,1942	Sep.08,1942	not listed	Knott		Anco		Akers		Ollie Whitt-Letcher	Hazel McIntosh-Perry	Rockhouse	not listed	
Joe C. Colwell		Yerkes			Sep.12,1942	Dec.29,1876	not listed	Perry		Yerkes		Palmer		John Colwell-Perry	Sally Campbell-Yerkes	Yerkes		T.B.			Margaret,age66
Ernestine Sizemore	Combs			Sep.13,1942	June 1941	not listed	Combs		Combs		J.M.Ray		Sam Sizemore-Leslie	Margaret Caudill-BrethitCombs Family	Dysenteary	
Marcus Verell Yancy	Allais			Sep.13,1942	Jul.28,1941	not listed	Allais		Allais		Ray		LeRoy Yancy-TN		Alice Serance-VA	not listed	not listed	
Maud Caywood (colored)	Hazard		43	Sep.13,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard		C.B. Combs	Dr.C.B. Combs-Perry	Mollie Turner-Perry	not listed	T.B.			Lee,age31
Douglas S. Burrows	Hazard		43	Sep.16,1942	Nov.		not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		TelfordNewton Burrows-KyFannie Puffer-Ky	Englewood	not listed,2:45		Laurie,age38
Selvisa Lykins		Harold		25	Sep.16,1942	Aug.10,1916	Coalminer	Morgan 		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Dave Lykins-Morgan	Ada Cockram-Jackson	Harold		Crushed in coalmine,11:15pm Arcolls,age24
Mary Campbell		Typo		45	Sep.17,1942	May		not listed	Breathitt	Typo		Knox		James Herald-Breathitt	Bettie Turner-KY	Crockettville	Stroke suddendeath,10am Irvin,age52
G. B. Bailey		Wooten		68	Sep.18,1942	not listed	Merchant	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		John Bailey-Leslie	Nancy Baker-Leslie	Wooten		Truck Wreck		Martha,age60
Higgins Miller		Ary		59	Sep.19,1942	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Steve Miller-Breathitt	Vina Gwinn		Lost Creek	Gun Shot		Delila,age56
Isabell Herald		Combs		 2	Sep.20,1942	Mar.18,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		John Herald-Breathitt	Fannie Herald-Breathitt	Combs		not listed,11pm	
Cushie Duke		Dwarf		54	Sep.21,1942	Jun.31,1888	not listed	Owsley		Dwarf		J.W.Duke	Patrick Edwards		Unknown			Lee Co.		Dysenteary,9am		Chas,age63
Martha Cornett		Daisy		90	Sep.22,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Daisy		not listed	Eli Combs-Perry		Lucendia Cornett-Perry	Daisy		not listed,7 am	
Betty Lou Blythe	Clemons		11mo	Sep.23,1942	Oct.31,1941	not listed	Perry		Clemons		Knoch		Arlis Blythe-Engle	Ida Whitaker-Manuel	Riverside	Pneumonia,2 am	
J.V. Hines		Hazard		63	Sep.23,1942	Feb.11,1879	Yard master	Logan		Hazard		Jackson		Morton Hines-Logan	Eliza Herreld-Logan	Englewood	not listed 		Ethel,age52
Arthur Thomas Rogers	Bonnyman	49	Sep.23,1942	Nov.11,1894	Coalminer	TN		Blue Diamond	Knoch		James Rogers-TN		Mattie Boston-TN	not listed	Crushed          	
Elmer Hurt		Tiffany OH	19	Sep.26,1942	July 16,	Defence Plant	Perry		Tiffany OH	not listed	Bryant Hurt-Perry	Maggie Grigsby-Perry	Gayheart	Accidental Gun shot,1pm	
John Terry		Bulan			Sep.29,1942	Sep.29,1942	not listed	not listed	Bulan		S.M. Richie	Hershell Terry-Vest	Mable Godsey-Perry	Hilton		Stillborn	
Donald Shepherd		Anco		1mo	Sep.29,1942	Aug.03,1942	not listed	Anco		Anco		J.R. Akers	Kilce Shepherd-Knott	Nancy Richie-Knott	ClearCreek,Richie Dysentery,1mo26da	
Wilburn Collins		Jackson		51	Sep.29,1942	Feb.22		WPA		Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	not listed	Jordon Collins-Powell	May Sherrell-Breathitt	Brewer		Crushed Falling rock	
Richard Golson(colored) Blue Diamond	52	Sep.28,1942	not listed	Coalminer	AL		Blue Diamond	not listed	John Rolson-AL		Eza Rolson- AL		Forrest Hill	not listed  		Note:name written as Golson	
Newton Crokett Arnold	Leatherwood	53	Sep.30,1942	1889		Lumber inspectr Withville W VA	Leatherwood	Coldiron	Joe Arnold-Withville	Francis Eversole-WithvilleWillinton WVA	Heart,age53yrs8mo10da	
Andrew Smith		Ary		33	Oct.02,1942	Oct.04,1908	Coal miner	Perry		Hazard Hosp	C.B. Jackson	Wayne Smith-Perry	Nancy Stacy-Perry	not listed	Car Wreck 33yrs 11mo 28 da	
Richard H. Elam		Tribby		6mo	Oct.04,1942	Mar.13,1942	not listed	Allais		Hazard Hosp	C.B. Jackson	Robert Elam-Morgan	Edna Phipps-Wolfe	Burg,Morgan Co.	Pneumonia,age6mo9 da	
Almira V. Forrester	Hazard		82	Oct.06,1942	not listed	not listed	Christan	Hazard		R.L. Collins	J.B. Fentress-KY	Phebie J. Harrington-KY	Nashville,TN	Pneumonia,remains sent to TN	M.L.
Hargis Davidson		Hyden			Oct.07,1942	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Hyden		Cruse		Mark Davidson-Owsley	Molly Duff-Perry	Hyden		Heart	
John B. Turner		Harvey		49	Oct.18,1942	Apr.04,1893	Coal miner	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	C.B. Jackson	Jess Turner-Breathitt	Nancy Mays-Breathitt	Wolf Coal	Mine Accident    	Fannie Lyttle
Fal? Walker (colored)	not listed	 5	Oct.08,1942	Dec.05,1938	not listed	Perry		Manchester,Clay	Turner		Keen Walker-Leslie	Sephaine Gibson-Clay	Hazard Town Mt.	Tonsiluler? Tonsillitis	
Louisa Couch		Vicco			Oct.09,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Georges Branch	Dropsey			Jack
Ada Smith		Bulan		50	Oct.12,1942	April 26	not listed	GA		Bulan		S.M. Ritchie	Geo.H. Dean-GA		Josephine Brock-GA	Bulan		T.B.			Henry Smith
John D. Kelly		Anco		52	Oct.11,1942	Jul.14,1890	Merchant	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		John Kelly-Knott	Sara Hammond-Wolfe	Anco		Typhoid	Martha 40
Betty Jo Combs		Busy		10	Oct.12,1942	Oct.01,1932	not listed	Perry		home Busy	Ray		Clarence Combs-Perry	Ethel McIntosh-Busy	Busy		Flu	
Stanley Davidson Combs	Boat, KY		Oct.12,1942	Oct.12,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Arthur Combs-Boat	Mable Davidson-Boat	Boat		Stillborn	
D. Elihu Kelly		Hazard		75	Oct.17,1942	Aug.07		Dr		Perry		Hazard Hosp	C.S.Jackson	Washington Kelly-Perry	Tilda Smith-Knott	Englewood	not listed		Mattie 65
Sam Hall		Viper		76	Oct.18,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		not listed		not listed		Viper		Crushed head		Polly 50
Bradley Short		Bulan		25	Oct.18,1942	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Lotts Creek	not listed	Ance Short-Breathitt	Anglene Combs-Breathitt	Lotts Creek	Gun Shot 6 pm		May 28
B C Knox Jr.		not listed	56	Oct.20,1942	Aug.24,1886	Coal miner	Powell 		Allais,2nd Crk  not listed	B. Knox-KY		Hatton-KY		2nd Creek	Gun Shot 4:30pm		Bertha 51
B C Knox Jr.		not listed	56	Oct.20,1942	Aug.24,1886	Coal Miner	Powell		Allais,2nd Crk  not listed	B. Knox-KY		Hatton-KY		Englewood	intern12-8-1970 to Englewood,lukes lot	Bertha 51
Stillborn no name	Lockewood		Oct.21,1942	Oct.21,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		R.E.Lockewood-TN	Estella Boyd-Letcher	not listed	Premature	
Sam Colwell		Kodak		29	Oct.26,1942	Aug.4,1913	Coal miner	Perry		Kodak		H.P. Duff	Johnny Colwell-Perry	Elzie Campbell-Perry	Krypton		Crushed Chest and Head 9:30am	Ruth 30
John Hurt		Clemons		83	Oct.30,1942	Dec.04		not listed	Clemons		Clemons		Knox		Isaac Hurt-Perry	Pop Lyttle-Perry	Hurt,Clemons	Bladder 11am		Sally Hensley 86
Sam Nix			Bulan		72	Oct.31,1942	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Bulan		not listed	Levi Nix-Breathitt	Rosanea? Holland-Breathitt  Ary		Asthma,9am	
Nathan Combs (colored)	Hazard			Nov.01,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard		not listed	Bertus Combs-Perry	Jeneva Drake-Perry	Hazard		not listed	
Leanner Hughs Williams	Ary		68	Nov.02,1942	Apr.18,1873	not listed	Ary		Ary		Palmer		Tom Hughs-Perry		Lizzie Combs-Perry	Campbell,Ary	Hemorage of the brain, Paralysis L.D. Williams 69
Virginia Ruth Caudill	Hazard		18da	Nov.04,1942	Oct.17,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard		C.B. Combs	Robert Caudill-Perry	Lonnie Watts-Knott	not listed	premature,4:25am	
Ben W. Carter (colored)	Kodak		60	Nov.02,1942	not listed	Coal miner	NC		Vicco		Ed Ivey		Benjamin Carter-NC	not listed		not listed	not listed    6pm	
Schyler Vermillion	Tribby		65	Nov.04,1942	not listed	Merchant	Perry		Tribby		J.W.Jingles	John D. Vermillion-KY	Minerva Davidson-KY	Riverside	Stroke 12:30 pm	
Jeanette Haydon		Hardburly	38	Nov.04,1942	May 29,1904	not listed	KY		Hardburly	not listed	J.M. Ellison-KY		Maud Ingram-KY		Williamsburg	Stroke,10am	
Jesse Neace Jr.		Diablock		Nov.07,1942	Nov.07,1942	not listed	Perry		Diablock	K.N. Salyers	Jesse Neace-Perry	Lula Allen-Perry	Napfor		premature,6 hrs old	
Mary Gross Ames		Buckhorn		Nov.08,1942	June 30		not listed	Perry		Buckhorn	A.B. Morgan	John Gross-Perry	Ella Riley-Perry	Buckhorn	not listed 7:30am	John 64
Alexander Gayheart	Dwarf		83	Nov.08,1942	Apr.02,1859	not listed	Perry		Dwarf		K.N. Salyers	Joseph Gayheart-Perry	Martha Combs-Perry	Trace Branch	Stroke	
Elijah Grigsby		Vest		77	Nov.09,1942	Nov.25,1865	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Collins		John L. Grigsby-Perry	Elizabeth Gayheart-KnottVest		not listed,3am	
Sam Collins Jr.		Hiltonice	10mo	Nov.09,1942	Sep.09,1941	not listed	Perry		Hiltonice	Coleman		Sam Collins-Clay	Marie Gayheart-Perry	Bulan-Lotts Crk	not listed    9am	
Hurl Trent		Daisy		 5	Nov.11,1942	Jul.10,1937	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Calvin Trent-Breathitt	Bertha Moore-Wolfe	Daisy		Crushed Skull 4pm 5yr4mo1da	
Engle Johnson		Combs		16	Nov.13,1942	May 30,1927	not listed	Breathitt	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Ollie Johnson-Breathitt	Eveline Napier-BreathittCombs		not listed       6:50am	
H.C. Engle		Butterfly	63	Nov.13,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Butterfly	Jackson		Sampson Engle		not listed		Butterfly	not listed  5 am	
Judie L. Singleton	Kodak		21da	Nov.13,1942	Oct.21,1942	not listed	Perry		Kodak		Duff		LLoyd Singleton-Perry	Nora Colwell-Perry	Kodak		Premature 	
Chester Back		Vicco		39	Nov.16,1942	July		not listed	Letcher		Vicco		A.A.Weddler	Irvin Back-Letcher	Bettie Dixon-Letcher	Cody		Asthma,6am	
Raney Hayes		Hindman		51	Nov.18,1942	Sept.30		not listed	Knott		Hindman		Kelly		Tom Amburgey-Knott	Silva Everidge-Knott	Hayes-Hindman	Heart Trouble 10am 	D.W. 59
Lucy Julia Taylor	Blue Diamond	48	Nov.11,1942	Dec.13,1894	not listed	Lomar, IN	Blue Diamond	Knoch		Dixon Pennington-IN	Minnie Stringer-IN	Hawesville, IN	Cancer 1pm		S.E. 56
Robert Barnes		Hardburly	25	Nov.21,1942	Aug.09,1917	Coal miner	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Geo Barnes-KY		Lula Stokes-KY		Englewood	Broken Back 2:30am	Nancy 29
E.R.Fugate		Dwarf		 7	Nov.26,1942	not listed	not listed	Dwarf		Hurst Synder	not listed	Henry Fugate-Perry	Gertrude Bryant-Brethit Richie-Fugate	Pneumonia	
Stillborn York		Lothair			Nov.25,1942	Nov.25,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	A.W.Adkins	Coy York-W VA		Bertha Peters-Breathitt	Lothair		Stillborn  5 pm	
Alfred Taylor Lee	Anco		47	Nov.28,1942	not listed	Coal miner	Powell		Anco		not listed	Jim Lee	Amburgey	Goff			not listed 	6:10 pm	Lizzie 47
Willie Fields		Scuddy		36	Nov.28,1942	Oct.28		not listed	Corbin		Scuddy		Ivey		Jerry Fields-Corbin	Bettie Lawson-Corbin	Thornton	Drowned 9:30 am		Beatrice 38
Alex McIntyre		Viper		72	Nov.30,1942	June		Merchant	Perry		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Willie McIntyre-KY	Dina Combs-KY		Riverside	Heart 6 am		Jane Sumner
Elbert Jewell		Diablock	53	Nov.30,1942	Sep.21,1889	not listed	Lee		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		William Jewell-Owsley	not listed		Lothair		Cancer  12:45pm		Ida 40
Tabitha Fields		Busy		80	Dec.02,1942	not listed	not listed	Letcher		Busy		G.W. Morgan	Sam Whitaker-Letcher	Juda Willson-Letcher	Busy		Stroke 3pm	
George Engle		Bulan		56	Dec.03,1942	Dec.12,1885	not listed	Perry		Busy		Ivey		John H. Engle-Perry	Dedicy?-Perry		Bulan		Frozen Froze to death	Peggie,age50
Raymond Caudill		Red Fox		 7	Dec.05,1942	Jan.06,1935	not listed 	Letcher		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Riley Caudill-Letcher	Lillian Holliman-KY	Red Fox		not listed   2:30pm	
Wilkerson Branson	Viper			Dec.06,1942	Dec.02,1850	not listed	Letcher		Viper		K.N.Salyers	Jas Branson-KY		Sallie Howard		Hall 		Kidney,1am		Jane Stanfer
Cleo Jones		Fisty		22	Dec.06,1942	May 14,1920	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	C.S. Jackson	Alex Francis-Knott	Surilda Smith-Knott	Clear Creek	Burn 4:35		Tom Jones
Gen McArthur Smith	Hardburly		Dec.07,1942	Dec.07,1942	not listed	Hardburly	Hardburly	not listed	Jim Smith-Dwarf		Freda Fugate-Hardburly	Talton		Stillborn 7:40	
Raymond Ray Mullins	Amburgey	5da	Dec.07,1942	Dec.02,1942	not listed	Amburgey	Amburgey	Whitaker	Ray Mullins-Amburgey	Gertrude McIntosh	Franklin- AmburgeyCant read 11am	
A.M. Valentine		Dry Hill		Mar.26,1942	not listed	Farmer		not listed	Dry Hill	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	Cancer 	
Corman Fields		Happy		3mo	Dec.09,1942	Aug.21,1942	not listed	Happy		Happy		not listed	Burchell Fields-Fusonia	Chapple Pratt-Fusonia	Fusonia		Croup	
Hige Smith		Darfork		51	Dec.12,1942	not listed	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		James Smith-Knott	Elizabeth Johnson-Knott	Talum		Gun shot	
Emma Nunn 		Walkertown	82	Dec.12,1942	Nov.08,1860	not listed	London, England	Walkertown	Adkins		not listed England	Not listed England	Englewood	Old age 7:35pm		Walter
Stillborn Wells		Walkertown		Dec.14,1942	Dec.14,1942	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Combs		Beecher Wells-Perry	Ruth Ward-Perry		Englewood	Premature 4:30	
Albert Newman		Combs		63	Dec.12,1942	not listed	not listed	Lee		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		J.W. Newman-Lee		Ella P. Ardington-Lee	Combs		Crushed Chest 7:25	
William Hall		Lothair		32	Dec.15,1942	not listed	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Jay Hall-Knott		Dora Neace-Letcher	Englewood	Heart Trouble 5:30pm 	Catherine 30
Trishia Scott		Glomawr			Dec.16,1942	Nov.15,1942	not listed	Perry		Glomawr		not listed	Sephe Scott-TN		Iva Strong-Breathitt	not listed	Premature 4:30	
Mary Gilmore		Glomawr		32	Dec.20,1942	Jul.26,1910	not listed	W VA		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		W.K.Sheets-Morgan	Ella Epperson-TN	Englewood	T.B. Bowels		Walter 36
Jim Willson		Stearns		55	Dec.21,1942	May 18,1888	Carpenter	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Elyhusa Willison-KY	Eliza Willson-KY	VIA Comargo	Crushed Chest 11:30am	
John Gordon Beale	Lothair		97	Dec.23,1942	Feb.23,1845	Civil War Vet	VA		Lothair		Snyder		John Gillison Beale-VA	Elizabeth Diggs-VA	Casonova, VA	Pneumonia 11:55  97yrs 10 mo	
William C. Watt		Vicco		2mo	Dec.25,1942	Oct.04,1942	not listed	Perry		Vicco		Akers		Ishmael Watt-Breathitt	Margie Hall-Perry	Litt Carr	Pneumonia 3:25	
Preston S Campbell	Krypton		85	Dec.25,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Krypton		not listed	Hiram Campbell-Perry	Louisa ?- Perry		Krypton		Stroke 4am	
Willie R. Combs		Hazard			Dec.26,1942	Jan.17		retired Soldier	Perry		Hazard		Jackson		W.W. Combs-Perry	Elizabeth Johnson-Perry	Englewood	Heart Trouble 9:40am	Mae 42
Nicodemis Perry		Blue Diamond	26	Dec.26,1942	Feb.06		not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Robert Perry-Knott	not listed		Kite,KY		Gun shot   12 noon	Mary 24
Daniel Jones		Engle		36	Dec.26,1942	Apr.10		not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	not listed	Borcan Jones-Breathitt	Irene Noble-Breathitt	Engle		Gun shot		Sallie 35
Steve Collins		Hyden		41	Dec.26,1942	Nov.15,1901	Trucker		Leslie		Avawam		not listed	Sollie Collins-Clay	Mary Gilbert-Clay	Jason		
Deania Thornton		Blue Diamond		Dec.28,1942	Dec.28,1942	not listed	Perry		Blue Diamond	Knoch		E.L. Thornton-TN	Vergie White-Perry	Blue Diamond	Premature     8pm	
Wm G Cornett		Dwarf		87	Dec.29,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Dwarf		S.M.Richie	Elijah Cornett-Perry	Lucinda Grigsby-Perry	Dwarf		not listed    2pm	
Chas E Williams(colored)Hazard		15	Dec.29,1942	Jan.11		Trucker		Perry		Hazard Hosp	C.B. Combs	Julus Williams-GA	Bethel Cornett-Perry	Brownsfork	T.B.    10:15am	
Anna Baker		Hazard		64	Jan.01,1943	Aug.10,1878	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	not listed	Harrison Combs-Perry	Cynthia Baker-Perry	Allais		not listed 4am 	
Truman Lumpkins		Happy			Jan.02,1943	May 28,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Roy Lumpkins-Owsley	Eliza Profett-KY	Defiance	Pneumonia,9:30pm	
French Combs		Allais		21	Jan.04,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		2nd Creek	Hensley		Richard Combs-Perry	Ellen Combs-Perry	2nd Creek	not listed     5am 	
Mary Lee Combs		Scuddy		2mo	Jan.05,1943	Nov.04,1942	not listed	Perry		Scuddy		Jackson		Luther Combs-Perry	Helen Gibson-Hamilton,OHScuddy		not listed 2mo 1da    10pm	
Lawrence H. Shipley	Clemons		71	Jan.06,1943	not listed	not listed	TN		Clemons		Knoch		Wesley Shipley-TN	Ann ?   - TN		Combs		Pneumonia      6:30pm	Nancy 66
Eva Milton		Hardburley	 2	Jan.10.1943	Nov.15.1939	not listed	Letcher		St.Joe Hosp,Lex	not listed	Grant Milton-Perry	Nancy Hollbrook-Perry	Big Leatherwood	Pneumonia  1pm	
Geo L.Finley		Hazard		63	Jan.12,1943	July 08		not listed	Breathitt	Hazard		not listed	Mannon Finley-Breathitt	Lidie ?  -Breathitt	Jackson		Cancer 4 am	Bessie 39
Edna M. Caudill		Scuddy		33	Jan.13,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Lexington	not listed	Joe E. Green-VA		Eliza Taylor-Breathitt	Bar Ridge	Cancer	
Steve Perkins		Lothair		46	Jan.15,1943	not listed	Coal miner	NC		Lothair		not listed	Luther Perkins-NC	Sallie? -NC		Combs		Slate Fall Crushed Chest 7pm	Martha 21
Bobbie Mills		Glomawr		3mo	Jan.15,1943	Oct.1942	not listed	Perry		Glomawr		not listed	Paul Mills-Perry	Dora Sheets-W VA	Englewood	Pneumonia 8pm	
Anna Clifton		Combs		34	Jan.19,1943	Dec.20,1908	not listed	Athel		Combs		Boggs		Bill Wadkins-Breathitt	Ellan Vancline-BreathittRiverside	T.B.	
Dorothy Ellen Siler	Krypton		 1	Jan.22,1943	Aug.12,1941	not listed	Napfor		Hazard Hosp	Combs		Marion Siler-Whitley	Fannie Napier-Krypton	Napfor		Fever 1 yr 6 mo 10:30am	
Still born Campbell	Bulan			Jan.22,1943	Jan.22,1943	not listed	Perry		Bulan		not listed	Grant Campbell-Perry	not listed		Dunraven	stillborn 2 pm	
Flora Piddecord		Walkertown Sta.	49	Jan.24,1943	Mar.03		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Leander Kelly-Knott	Elizabeth Cornett-Knott	Troublesome/Chaney  Shock	
Chas Baker		Chavies			Jan.25,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Chavies		Whitting	Bill Baker-Breathitt	Eva Barrett-Chavies	Chavies		not listed   7:15am	
George Gay		Bulan		59	Jan.24,1943	Dec.27		not listed	Breathitt	Bulan		not listed	John Gay-Clay		Margaret Strong-KY	Riverside	T.B.    10am	Naomi Neace Gay
Dora Barger		Bowling Town		Jan.25,1943	Jan.20,1899	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Milton Bowling-Perry	Lillie Begley-Perry	Bowling Town	not listed 4:30pm	
Robert Barger		Blue Diamond	60	Jan.27,1943	Aug.24		not listed	Perry		Blue Diamond	Jackson		Henry Barger-Perry	Becky Bowling-Perry	Riverside	Ulcer of Stomach   10am	Carrie 50
Stillborn Stacy		Dwarf			Jan.27,1943	Jan.27,1943	not listed	Knott		Dwarf		Richie		Marcus Stacy-Knott	Irene Owens-Knott	Trace Branch	Stillborn 1am	
Dee J. Yancy		Allais		50	Jan.28,1943	not listed	not listed	Scott Co. TN	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Calvin Yancy-TN		Julia A. Sexton-TN	Riverside	Pneumonia  8:30pm	Neva 45
Sam Combs		Ritchie		48	Jan.31,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Ritchie		not listed	Felix Combs-Knott	Ida Combs-Knott		Ritchie		
Dora Smith		Smithboro	70	Feb.03,1945	not listed	not listed	Knox		Smithboro	H.P. Duff	Will Willison-Knox	Darkis Jordon-Knox	Knox		Gall Bladder 12:30	
Betty Ann Shephard	Diablock	 5	Feb.03,1943	Nov.04,1937	not listed	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Bazle Shephard-Leslie	Hattie M. Tifton	Happy		Burned 11am	
James Gayheart		Bulan		29	Feb.04,1943	Jul.14,1913	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Lewis Gayheart		Minda Stacy		Riverside	Burns 10pm	Sarah Jones
James Carroll		Diablock	43	Feb.06,1943	Apr.26,1899	Coal miner	TN		Diablock	not listed	Bert Carroll-TN		Elizabeth Burge-TN	Lotts Creek	Crushed 1 am	Mae 39
Sytha Ann Collins	Blue Diamond	78	Feb.06,1943	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		William Combs-Breathitt	Susie Campbell-BreathittJoe Napier	Pneumonia 5am	
Geo Madison(colored)	Kodak			Feb.06,1943	not listed	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		not listed		not listed		Kodak		Heart Trouble    12:30pm	
Walker Strong		Hardburly	54	Feb.06,1943	May 30,1888	Miner		Breathitt	Hardburly	Jingles		Wm Strong-Breathitt	Jane Strong-Breathitt	Riverside	not listed     10:15 am	Martha 50
Sallie Browning		Diablock	42	Feb.07,1943	Oct.20,1901	not listed	Lelsie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Granville Cody-Leslie	Ruth Williams-Leslie	Happy		Locked Bowles  2:30 am	Goble 43
Katherene Casey(colored)Combs			Feb.07,1943	not listed	not listed	Al		Combs		not listed	Payton Threet-AL	Ora Coffee- AL	Forrest Hill		Acute Indgestion 7:30 pm	Robert
Chas Honshell		Red Fox		39	Feb.11,1943	Jan.22,1904	not listed	Wolfe		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Henry Honshell-KY	Rosa Nickles-KY		Rogers		Pneumonia 2:45am	Frankie 32
Sallie Campbell		Butterfly	76	Feb.15,1943	Mar.04,1856	not listed	Perry		Butterfly	Morgan		John Campbell-Perry	not listed		Yerkes		Old Age          8am	
Billie Chris Lawson	Lothair		2da	Feb.15,1943	Feb.13,1943	not listed	Perry		Lothair		C.B. Combs	Tennyson Lawson-VA	Gertrude Wallace-TN	Lothair		Premature      3:30pm	
Stillborn Campbell	Bulan			Feb.16,1943	Feb.16,1943	not listed	Perry		Bulan		not listed	Garfield Campbell-Perry	not listed		Dwarf		Premature         3 am	
Ab Kilburn		Big Creek Avawam	Feb.18,1943	Feb.13,1914	not listed	Leslie		Home Big Creek	Cunningham	Isaac Kilburn-Leslie	Mary Standiford-Perry	Feltner		T.B.   3am	Cassie Hoskins
Alta Fugate		Fisty		18	Feb.18,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Fisty		S.M. Richie	Joseph Owens-Knott	Della Napier-Perry	Fisty		Childbirth 12:30am	Lee 23
William K  Feltner	Glomawr			Feb.18,1943	Feb.28,1942	not listed	Perry		Glomawr		Hurst&Snyder	Garrett Feltner-Perry	Hazel New-Breathitt	Englewood	Pneumonia        6:25am	
Merdia Begley		Chavies		54	Feb.18,1943	Jul.22,1888	not listed	Leslie		Chavies		Duff		William Begley-Leslie	Elizabeth Johnson-LeslieDoorway		Heart Trouble 1am	Mynta 48
Chas Evert Combs	Butterfly	1mo	Feb.20,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Hershell Combs-Lennut	Ollie Campbell-Perry	Ary		Mennengites    10:15 am	
Boyd Asher		Hazard		24	Feb.20,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard		not listed	Joe Asher-Leslie	Esabelle Bowling-Leslie	Engle Branch	Gun Shot  3:30 pm	
Bradley Couch		Yerkes		 9	Feb.23,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Yerkes		not listed	Brack Couch-Perry	Jessie Feltner-Perry	Busy		not listed  3:00 am	
Bessie Scott Baker	Butterfly	23	Feb.24,1943	Oct.29		not listed	Perry		Butterfly	Coleman		Clark Baker-Perry	Mae Fugate- Perry	Butterfly	T.B.  6:30 am	Everett 30
Wm Stacy		Dwarf		90	Feb.26,1943	1852		not listed	Perry		Dwarf		S.M.Richie	Jim Stacy-Perry		Nancy Campbell-Perry	Mill Branch	old age 1:15 am	
Joseph L. Miniard	Vicco		83	Feb.25,1943	Feb.3		not listed	Perry		Vicco		Chandler	Jim Miniard-KY		Serena Lewis-Leslie	Brewer		Heart trouble  4:25	
Kennie C Smith		Dwarf		38	Feb.26,1943	May 05,1904	Merchant	Perry		Dwarf		S.M. Richie	Larkin Smith-Perry	Eliza Combs-Perry	Holliday	heart  	
Jerrel Combs		Confluence	 9	Feb.27,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Confluence	not listed	Logan Combs-Perry	Eliza Fugate - Perry	Yerkes		not listed 9am	
Wynalee Perkins		Sassafras	 9	Feb.28,1943	Mar.07,1933	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		D.W. Perkins-Knott	Ada Manning-Knott	Cornett Hill	not listed 2:25 pm	
Erna Mae Mullins	Barwick			Mar.03,1943	Sep.18,1939	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Monroe Mullins- KY	Hazel Neace-KY		Barwick		Burns  8:30am	
Henry Standafer		Avawam		55	Mar.04,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Anderson Standafer-PerryOrleana Fields-Perry	Avawam		not listed 12 noon	
Mitchel W. Daniel	Happy		19	Mar.07,1943	Feb.16		Coal Miner	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Buddy Daniel- Johnson	Mary L. Deboard-Johnson	Samp Combs	Broken Back,2:15pm	Jewelene 18
Lucinda Cornett		Viper		82	Mar.07,1943	Apr.16,1859	not listed	Letcher		Viper		not listed	John Pratt-Letcher	Elizabeth Campbell-PerryViper		Old Age  3 am	
Robert Walker		Barridge		Mar.07,1943	Oct.10,1942	not listed	Perry		Barridge	Duff		Henry Walker-Perry	Edith Kirby-Bell	Viper		Burned   8am	
Stilborn Keith		Anco			Mar.08,1943	Mar.08,1943	not listed	Anco		Anco,Knott	J.R. Akers	A.L. Keith-Greenwood	Gladys Mullins-Perry	Lothair		Stillborn	
Jessie Julius Combs(colored)Hazard	1mo	Mar.08,1943	Feb.06,1943	not listed	Perry		Hazard		not listed	Dock Combs-Perry	Myrtle Walker-Perry	not listed	Pneumonia  6 am	
William C. Eversole	Hazard		70	Mar.10,1943	Jan.25,1873	Attorney	Perry		Hazard		C.B. Combs	Joseph C. Eversole-PerrySusan Combs-Perry	Englewood	Pneumonia 3:45 am	Bessie 62
Ellen Coldiron		Hazel Green		Mar.13,1943	not listed	not listed	Wolfe		not listed	J.C. Coldiron	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed	
Amanda Elam		Smithboro	65	Mar.13,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Smithboro	Akers		not listed		not listed		Smithboro	Pneumonia   7 am	Jackson 69
Stillborn Caudill	Combs			Mar.13,1943	Mar.13,1943	not listed	Perry		Combs		Adkins		Henry Caudill-Breathitt	Edith Smith-Perry	Combs		Premature  4 pm	
Martha Draughn		Bulan		83	Mar.17,1943	Mar.06,1861	not listed	Letcher		Bulan		S.M.Richie	Walter Caudill-Letcher	Unknown Brannon		Bulan		Stroke,12:15pm	
Luther Breeding		Redfox		39	Mar.18,1943	Feb.23,1902	Coal Miner	Knott		Wisco		Akers		William Breeding-Knott	Jane Adams-Letcher	Redfox		Crushed    3pm	Susan    40
Johnny Blankenship	Darfork		35	Mar.25,1943	Aug.31		Coal Miner	Morgan		Hurst Snyder	D.Snyder	Steve Blankenship-MorganLessie Stacy-Morgan	Allais		Crushed Chest   4:30	Mae 25
Sallie Robinson		Turtletown,TN	62	Mar.20,1943	not listed	not listed	Texas		Krypton		Jackson		Lee Robinson-TN		Boaeing?- TN		Farmer,TN	not listed    8:30pm	
Marnya Richie		Fisty		18da	Mar.21,1943	Mar.03,1943	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Kelly Richie-Knott	Melisa Richie-Knott	Fisty		not listed 3pm  18 da	
Stillborn Farris	Glomawr			Mar.23,1943	Mar.23,1943	not listed	Glomawr		Glomawr		not listed	Fred Farris-TN		Flossie Smith-VA	2nd Creek	premature   7:30am	
Dave Combs		Avawam			Mar.24,1943	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Avawam		Gutsche		Drew Combs-Perry	Betty Combs-Perry	Avawam		Pneumonia  4:30 pm	
Reuben Vires		Walkertown	75	Mar.24,1943	Oct.1876	not listed	Jackson		Walkertown	Baker		Richard Vires		Mary Fletcher		Turner-Breathitt Flu    9:15 pm	Armine Clemons   65
Matilda Turner		Hyden		77	Mar.26,1943	Mar.29		not listed	Hyden		not listed	Kooser		Jack Blanton-Harlan	Mary Hensley-Harlan	Sassafrass	Pneumonia   7:30pm	
Gloria Thomas		Anco		 3	Mar.27,1943	Apr.17,1939	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		William Thomas-Harlan	Ettie Combs-Lee		Riverside	not listed 5 pm	
Darkin Gene Williams	Smilax		 2	Mar.30,1943	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Smilax		C.B. Combs	Oley Williams-Leslie	Molly Garison-Leslie	Smilax		Drowned	
Alex Eversole		Busy		76	Mar.31,1943	Aug.31		not listed	Leslie		Busy		Brit Combs	Elijah Eversole-Leslie	Mollie Lewis-Leslie	Morgan-Big Crk  Stroke    	Sally Lewis 
Stillborn Fields	Scuddy			Apr.01,1943	Apr.01,1943	not listed	Perry		Scuddy		S.M.Richie	Lawrence Fields-Knott	not listed		Scuddy		Premature  5:30am	
Maggie Green		Hazard		62	Apr.02,1943	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard		C.B. Combs	Sam Banks-KY		not listed		Brownfork	Stroke   8 am	
Jennie Bell Johnson	Combs		64	Apr.07,1943	Oct.20,1878	not listed	TN		Hazard Hosp	C. Jackson	Robert Holliday-VA	Mary Mosier-TN		Combs		Heart Trouble  10 am	
William Bill Wilson	Typo		66	Apr.06,1943	Mar.17		not listed	Owsley		Typo		J.C. Coldiron	Ed Wilson-Owsley	Easter Rose-Owsley	Cow Creek	Stroke   10pm	Mahala    50
James Rexford Martin	Blue Diamond	12	Apr.08,1943	Sep.05,1930	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Combs		Raymond Martin-Knott	Lettie Smith-Knott	Buckhorn	Gun shot	
Agnes Watson		Glomawr		46	Apr.15,1943	May 22		not listed	Gatiff		Glomawr		Goochie		Green-KY		Mary-KY			Englewood	Liver   7:30 am	
Margaret Wooten		Combs		69	Apr.18,1943	Jun.23,1873	not listed 	Leslie		Combs		R.L. Collins	Russell Feltner-Leslie	Polly Baker-Leslie	Combs		not listed 12 midnight	John Wooten 72
Wayne H. Lewis		Combs		44	Apr.19,1943	May 28,1898	Coal Miner	Bell		Allis		no doctor	Jesse Lewis-Bell	Margaret Miller-Jackson	Bonnyman	Broken Neck     9:30pm	Bessie  38
Donald Ray Eversole	Clemons			Apr.20,1943	Mar.29,1942	not listed	Perry		Clemons		J.C. Coldiron	Matt Eversole-Leslie	Dosha Begley-Perry	Clemons		Pneumonia   10 am	
Edward Morgan Young	Allais		12da	Apr.21,1943	Apr.07,1943	not listed	Perry		Perry		Adkins		Robert Young-Perry	Vivian Morgan-Leslie	Brownfork	Premature   4 am	
Clayton Harper		Glomawr		41	Apr.20,1943	Oct.03,1901	Coal miner	Texas		Hurst-Snyder	Snyder		John F.Harper-KY	Dora B. Keeton-KY	Burg		Crushed Chest  5:30 pm	Jewel  33
Ella Gamble		Manuel		24	Apr.24,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Manuel		Knoch		Andy Parks-KY		Nancy Napier-KY		Manuel		T.B.  3 am	Ira Gamble 45
Nancy Hurt		Glomawr		78	Apr.23,1943	Feb.13		not listed	Perry		Glomawr		Coldiron	Lewis Feltner-Perry	Mahala Napier-KY	Glomawr		Heart Dropsy  	Wm Hurt 79
Ann Lee Owens		Fisty		 6	Apr.24,1943	Jan. 1937	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Arnold Owens-Knott	Hazel Campbell- Knott	Fisty		Burns   12 noon	
Agnes Yancy		Allais		19	Apr.25,1943	Mar.16,1924	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		John Bowling-Ind.	Armine Deaton-Breathitt	Altro		Child birth 3 pm	Henry Yancy 34
John Sizemore		Hazard		50	Apr.29,1943	Jun.30,1892	not listed	Leslie		Hazard		Coldiron	Henry Sizemore-Leslie	Betty A. Baker-Leslie	not listed	Pneumonia	Clara  37
Jim Frank Owens		Blue Diamond	37	May 01,1943	not listed	not listed	Clay		Blue Diamond	Ed Ivey		Sam Owens-Clay		not listed		Clay		Drowned,1am	Edna,age 33
Eunice Ribble		Hazard		30	May 05,1943	Aug.03,1912	not listed	Boyd		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Andrew Hensley-W VA	Winona Wells- W VA	Englewood	Childbirth  10:20 pm	Bill Ribble 41
Omer Pelley		Blue Diamond	43	May 04,1943	Jul.27,1897	Coal Miner	Owsley		Louisville	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed	Mae 43
Salley Ann Colwell	Toulouse	76	May 07,1943	Jul.27,1866	not listed	Perry		Leslie		Krose		Bill Begley-Perry	Betsy Campbell-Perry	Toulouse	Stroke 8 pm	
John H. Smith		Ary		89	May 10,1943	Oct.16,1853	not listed	Perry		Ary		Hobbs		Josh Smith-Perry	Annie Holliday-Perry	Ary		Stroke	
Robert E. Duff		Chavies		64	May 09,1943	Jan.19,1874	Sol- Spainish AmPerry		Chavies		not listed	Edward Duff-Perry	Molly Eversole-Perry	Chavies		not listed, 9pm	Jean    58
Sally Sams		Combs		17	May 10,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder 	D. Snyder 	Calloway Napier-Perry	Eliza Parks-Clay	Durraven	Childbirth	Willard Sams 18
George White		Hazard		72	May 11,1943	not listed	not listed	KY		Wescoal		Akers		not listed		not listed		Jeff		Old Age 11am	
Callie Godsey		Happy		16	May 13,1943	June 22		not listed	Letcher		Happy		Jackson		Homer Godsey-Jackson	Mable Plummer-Perry	Happy		T.B. 7 am	
Mary Elizabeth Rogers	Walkertown	2da	May 20,1943	May 19,1943	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Richie		James T. Rogers-KY	Elizabeth Callahan-BrethitCynthinia	Premature 10:30 pm	
Stillborn Slone		Hindman			May 22,1943	May 22,1943	not listed	Knott		Hindman		M.F. Kelly	Fred Slone-Knott	Martha Wells-Floyd	Hindman		Stillborn  6 pm	
Kelly Howard		Confluence	27	May 23,1943	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Esau Howard- Leslie	Rebecca Wooten- Leslie	Krypton		Appendix  7 pm	Zola 26
Ivan Marinich		Hardburly	54	May 25,1943	1888		Coal Miner	Hungary	 	Hardburly	Gingles		Dan Marinich		not listed		Englewood	Crushed Chest  8:30 am	Margaret    37
James Hurt		Bulan		85	May 27,1943	April 1858	not listed	Perry		Bulan		S.M.R.		Wash Hurt-Perry		not listed		Bulan		not listed 12noon	
John Everage		Sassafrass	66	May 29,1943	July 14		not listed	Knott		Sassafrass	J.R. Akers	William Everage-Knott	Mullins			Sassafrass	Old Age,5pm		Lucinda,age65
Stillborn Rice		Krypton			May 29,1943	May 29,1943	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Ira Rice-Perry		Esta M. Smith-Perry	Krypton		Premature 	
William Stacy		Diablock	73	May 30,1943	May 29		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Shade Stacy-Perry	Salley Morgan-Perry	Englewood	not listed 4:30am	Mary,age64
Marlin Deaton		Dwarf		29	May 31,1943	Aug.17,1913	Coal Miner	Breathitt	Helton		Adkins		George Deaton-Breathitt	Julia Deaton		Troublesome Crk	Crushed  8:30 am	Iland  25
Martha Stacy		Allais		72	Jun.01,1943	Aug.22		not listed	Perry		Home Allais	Baker		Johnson			Ella Isaacs-England	2nd Creek	Dropsy  10:15 am	
Joe Shephard		Smilax		84	May 02,1943	Jan.01		not listed	VA		not listed	K.N. Salyers	Sam Shephard-VA		Sally Elkins-VA		Smilax		Dropsy 7 pm	Emily  60
Jewell Campbell		Bulan		15	May 04,1943	May 26,1928	Student		Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Nick Campbell-Perry	Vina Combs-Perry	Bulan		Gun shot 3 pm	
Stillborn Engle		Redfox			Jun.07,1943	Jun.07,1943	not listed	Knott		Red Fox		not listed	Clay Engle-Knott	Donola Mullins-Knott	Red Fox		Stillborn  9pm	
Martha Asher		Fusonia		56	Jun.09,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Harve Williams		not listed		Fusonia		Heart Trouble 5 am	Billy Asher  73
Bill Sizemore		Hyden		19	Jun.08,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hyden		Kooe		Jesse Sizemore-Leslie	Malanda Lewis-Leslie	Smilax		Knife Wound  4 am	
Bamer Baker(colored)	Hazard		36	Jun.18,1943	Sep.07,1907	not listed	Knott		Hazard		C.B.Combs	Blain Haggan-Knott	Ida Spicer-Jackson	Jackson		T.B. 9:50	
R.D. Thompson		Marsfork	56	Jun.24,1943	not listed	Merchant	Breathitt	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Marsfork	not listed	
Earl Angle		Oakdale		38	Jun.25,1943	Apr.23		Railroad	Lee		not listed	not listed	Zack Angle-Lee		Jane Napier-VA		Oakdale		Crushed Head and Chest	Bessie   29
Mary E. Watkins		Emmalena	42	Jun.26,1943	Apr.16,1900	not listed	Knott		Hazard		J.C. Coldiron	Geo. Combs-Knott	Kathleen Combs-Knott	Emmalena	Unborn Child 10pm	Grover Watkins 28
Earl Combs		Bulan		30	Jun.28,1943	May 01,1913	Coal Miner	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Monroe Combs-Knott	Lindia Napier-Perry	Bulan		Dropsy  7:30am	Jauneta 26
Mary Jane France	Blue Diamond	44	Jun.27,1943	Jun.15,1899	not listed	TN		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Frank Rose-KY		Sally Cox- KY		Englewood	High Blood 12:15am	Grover France  48
Mable Moore		Scuddy		59	Jun.28,1943	not listed	not listed	Floyd		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Wedd Moore-Floyd	Susan Mosley-Floyd	Garrett		Dropsy	R.B. Moore  58
Frank Fletcher		Lothair		3mo	Jun.29,1943	Mar.15,1943	not listed	Perry		Lothair		B.B.Baker	Shella Fletcher-KY	Malinda Napier-Clay	Lothair		Pneumonia  2:30pm	
Matilda Cornett		Cornettsville	54	Jun.30,1943	Sep.06,1888	not listed	Perry		Perry		Jackson		Granville Halcomb-KY	Elsabeth Cornett-KY	Cornettsville	Cancer 5 pm	
Cloreda Lovett		Diablock	18	Jul.02,1943	Jan.02,1925	not listed	Scott Co. TN	Diablock	J.D. Salyers	Nelson West-TN		Elizabeth Sexton-TN	Oneida, TN	T.B.  9:40am	James Lovett   21
Dilbert Meeks		Sassafrass	2mo	Jul.02,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Sassafrass	not listed	Clarence Meeks-KY	Ada Maloney-Breathitt	Sassafrass	not listed 1 am   2mo 8da	
George C. Nicholson	Hazard		75	Jul.04,1943	Mar.07,1868	Undertaker&Emb	Pleasant View	Hazard		C.D.Snyder	not listed		not listed		Englewood	Cirrhosis of Liver  75yr 3mo 27da	
Alfred Monroe Banks Jr.	Krypton		13	Jul.04,1943	May 19,1930	not listed	Ohio		Confluence	not listed	Alfred M. Banks-KY	Mamie Combs-KY		Yerkes		Drowned 3pm	
Leonard Hayes 		Tribby		33	Jul.05,1943	not listed	Coal Miner	Jackson		Tribby		not listed	Garrett Hayes-Jackson	Evelee Clemons		Jackson		Crushed Skull 10pm	
Woolery Eversole	Avawam		76	Jul.06,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Avawam		Cunningham	Tom Eversole-KY		not listed		Eversole-Avawam	Heart Trouble 3pm	
Stillborn Connell	Daley			Jul.08,1943	Jul.08,1943	not listed	Hyden		Hyden		not listed	Joseph Connell-PA	Zola Causey-Perry	Daley		Stillborn  2am	
Ronal Dean Watts	Vicco		2mo	Jul.09,1943	Apr.27,1943	not listed	Vicco		not listed	J. Chandler	Floyd Watts-KY		Italy Hall-KY		Litt Carr	not listed 6 am	
Douglas McArthur Dixon	Diablock	8mo	Jul.10,1943	Nov.14,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Victor Collins-KY	Tearly? Eversole-KY	Avawam		Dysenteary 1:30pm	
Uretta Ritchardson	Spider		40	Jul.13,1943	Dec.15,1902	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	C.S.Jackson	Ambrina Amburgey-Knott	Nancy Smith-Knott	Spider		not listed 1am	
Bloyn Young		Allais		4mo	Jul.13,1943	Apr.08,1943	not listed	Perry		Allais		Snyder		Robert Young-KY		Veolan? Morgan-KY	Brownsfork	Dysenteary 1:30 pm	
Gloria Jean Watts	Vicco		2mo	Jul.14,1943	Apr.27.1943	not listed	Perry		Vicco		Ackers		Floyd Watts-KY		Italy Hall-Perry	not listed	not listed 5:30  2mo 17da	
Anderson Combs		Anco		73	Jul.16,1943	Apr.28,1870	not listed	Perry		Home Anco	Akers		Jack Combs-Perry	Mary A. Young-KY 	Anco		Stroke 12:55 am	Polly Ann  68
Margaret M. Gayheart	Pioneer		9mo	Jul.16,1943	Oct.08,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Carlos Gayheart-Knott	Leona Hall-KY		Fisty		Dysenteary 11:45am	
Rosemary Hall		Pioneer			Jul.16,1943	not listed	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		G.H.Hall-KY		Ethel Smith-KY		Riverside	not listed    4pm	
Ezekiel Sandlin		Avawam		84	Jul.16,1943	1859		not listed	Clay		Avawam		Cunningham	John Sandlin-Clay	not listed   Clay	Danville, ILL	Dropsy	
Wm J. B. Fitzpatrick	Hazard		47	Jul.17,1943	Mar.06,1896	not listed	Whitesburg	Hazard		Dana Snyder	J.J. Fitzpatrick-Hazard	Vince Blain-Selghen Co. ?Englewood	Schrosis of Liver 9 am	
William Begley		Combs		44	Jul.17,1943	Jul.10,1899	Coal Miner	Leslie		Combs		no doctor	Jim Begley-KY		Martha Browning-KY	not listed	Crushed head and chest 9:30pm	Nannie  42
Bill Engle		Wooten		20	Jul.18,1943	Aug.21,1923	not listed	Leslie		Hazard		Jackson		Harrison Engle-Leslie	Flora Bailey-Leslie	Wooten		Pneumonia  8 am	
Alfred Earl Sandlin	Hardburly		Jul.18,1943	Jul.18,1943	not listed	Hardburly	Hardburly	Jingles		Alfred Sandlin-HardburlyImogene Strong-Brethit  Riverside	Premature	
Bill Oliver		Redfox		39	Jul.17,1943	1904		Coal Miner	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		George Oliver-KY	Polly Fields-KY		Englewood	not listed 7 am	Mattie 27
Charley Miller		Blue Diamond	58	Jul.19,1943	Apr.06,1886	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Isaac Miller-KY		Burnett Fugate-KY	Riverside	Dropsy 2:45	Carrie 56
Stella Moore		Buckhorn	40	Jul.20,1943	Mar. 1902	not listed	Buckhorn	Hazard Hosp	not listed	Ira Sandlin-Buckhorn	Lydiann Gilbert-BuckhornBuckhorn	not listed	
Stillborn Jent					Jul.21,1943	Jul.21,1943	not listed	Knott		Wiscoal		Akers		Arthur Jent-Knott	Lettie Richie-Knott	Red Fox		Premature 10:30am	
Jesse Caudill		Fusonia		30	Jul.21,1943	1913		Timber worker	Perry		Fusonia		not listed	Rilie Caudill-Letcher	Alice Singleton-Perry	Fusonia		not listed	
Hazel Noble Strong	Hazard		43	Jul.25,1943	Apr.16,1900	not listed	Breathitt	Home Hazard	Coldiron	Henry B. Noble-Jackson	Georgia Arnett-KY	Englewood	not listed 11:42pm 43yr 3mo10da	Elbert Strong,age51
Phoeba Napier		Darfork		64	Jul.25,1943	Feb.27		not listed	Breathitt	Darfork		not listed	Johnny Noble-KY		Lydia Miller-KY	Bulan	not listed     	6:30pm	
N.C. Crawford		Bonneyman	87	Jul.29,1943	Aug.14,1855	not listed	Perry		Avawam		Snyder		George M. Crawford-NC	Elveria Combs-Perry	Brewers,LottsCr Old age   6 am	Elizabeth 87
Glinda Edwards		Hazard		6mo	Jul.29,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home 		not listed	John Edwards-KY		Reba Baker-Breathitt	Ary		Dysentary 2am	
George W. Liles(colored)Hazard		42	Jul.28,1943	Dec.23,1901	Coal Miner	SC		Lothair		not listed	Martin Beatty-SC	Ellie Mills-NC		not listed	Crushed head&Broken neck 12noon	
William Salyers		Hazard		54	Jul.30,1943	Apr.30,1889	not listed	Breathitt	Home		Coldiron	William Salyers-KY	Margaret Williams-KY	Englewood	Stroke 4:30		Jane 32
Irvine Bowling		Blue Grass	6mo	Jul.30,1943	Jan.19,1943	not listed	Bluegrass	Home		Brit Combs	Dewey Bowling-Leslie	Delly Couch-Perry	Brownsfork	Diereary? Diarhea	
Margaret Ann Howard	Lothair		4mo	Jul.30,1943	Mar.07,1943	not listed	Perry		Lothair		Potter		Billie Howard-KY	Odra Howard-KY		Englewood	Dysenteary 5am	
Louis Sumner		Vicco		10mo	Jul.31,1943	Sep.24,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Marion Sumner-Fla 	Evalee Chaney-Perry	Vicco		Dysenteary  2:30 pm	
Stillborn Nantz		Diablock		Jul.31,1943	Jul.31,1943	not listed	KY		Diablock	Salyers		Preston Nantz-Leslie	Myra Baker-Leslie	Lothair		Premature  9am	
Douglas Richie		Fisty		47	Jul.31,1943	May 1896	not listed	Knott		Fisty		Akers		Maggard Richie-KY	Mary Ann Young-KY	Fisty		T.B. of throat  2:20	Cora 35
Alice Roberts		Wooten		22	Aug.04,1943	Sep.20,1921	not listed	Leslie		Wooten		Combs		J.C. Lewis-Leslie	Mary Turner-Leslie	Wooten		T.B.  4:30 am	Coy Roberts 24
Bettie Ashley		Sassafrass	40	Aug.03,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Sassafrass	Akers		Frank Ashley-Wolfe	Nancy Smith-Knott	Smithboro	Heart Trouble  5pm	
L.P.Grigsby		Bulan		63	Aug.06,1943	July 22		not listed	Perry		Darfork		not listed	Bayles Grigsby-KY	Begley-KY		Grigsby-LottsCr Crushed head	Eliza    54
Evans Smith		Darfork		16	Aug.08,1943	Jan.21,1927	not listed	Perry		Darfork		Jackson		Ballard Smith-Knott	Mary Ellen Combs-Perry	Combs		Bone Poison 11:25pm 16yr 9 mo	
Sherman Cook		Asher			Aug.08,1943	not listed	not listed	Jackson		Home-Asher	Coldiron	Dr. G.M. Cook-Jackson	Martha Turner-Jackson	Asher		not listed  7pm	Sallie 50
John P. Caudill		Farler		73	Aug.12,1943	Jan.12,1870	not listed	Perry		Farler		R.L.Collins	James Caudill-KY	Pratt-KY		Dakota,KY	Dropsy  1pm	
Doris Ann Farler	Bulan		3mo	Aug.13,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Robert Farmer-Letcher	Bessie Farler-KY	Bulan		Dysentary 11pm	
Brenda Joe Sizemore	Allais		5mo	Aug.15,1943	Mar.14,1943	not listed	Allais		not listed	Adkins		Crysus Sizemore-Brethit Edith Prader- Breathitt	Riverside	not listed	
David Sanders Jr.	Hazard		 1	Aug.15,1943	Sep.29,1941	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Dave Sanders-VA		Verna Lee Anderson-KY	Wytheville, VA	not listed 2:45	
Ann Gilley		Allock		1mo	Aug.16,1943	Jul.01,1943	not listed	Perry		Allock		Chandler	Ruben Gilley-KY		Dorothy Robinson-KY	Cornett Hill		
William Johnson		Hazard		52	Aug.15,1943	not listed	Barber		KY		Hazard		C.B. Combs	Bob Johnson-KY		Eliza-KY		Brownsfork	Dropsy 5am	Maggie 52
Balis Combs		Hardburly	36	Aug.16,1943	May 23		Coal Miner	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		James Combs-KY		Melissa Grigsby-KY	Cordia		Fractured  Skull 3am	Opsie 27
Rowena Ross Taulbee	Hazard		11mo	Aug.20,1943	Aug.29,1943	not listed	Perry		Home-Hazard	J.D. Salyers	Stephen Taulbee-BrethitBess Day-KY		Jackson		not listed 4pm	
Willie Riley		Combs		26	Aug.21,1943	Dec.16,1916	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		J.H.Riley-Breathitt	Pearl Osburn-KY		Black Gold Hill	not listed    8:15	
Thomas Bruce Ward	Buckhorn	 1	Aug.21,1943	Feb.24,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Combs		Tom Ward-KY		Polly Mooore-Knott	Englewood	Diptheria 12:20am 1yr 6mo	
Earl D. Vanover		Wooten		5mo	Aug.21,1943	Mar.10,1943	not listed	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Will Vanover-Owsley	Sarah Dailey-Leslie	Wooten		not listed 2pm	
Lt.Malcom S. Wardrop	not listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Kingston, RI	not listed 4pm	
2nd Lt. George W. Wallacenot listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 4pm	
1st Lt.Paul C. Johnson	not listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed 	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 4pm	
2nd Lt. Alfred D. Boyd	not listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 4pm	
1st Lt.B. G. Dormferger	not listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 4pm	
2nd Lt.Seymour J. Riddlenot listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 4pm	
Sgt.Joseph G.A. Dibenedettonot listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed 	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 4pm	
Sgt. Francis V. Valone	not listed		Aug.14,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 4pm	
Sgt.Claud A. Young	not listed		Aug.14.1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Columbia, TN	not listed 4pm	
James H. Wheeler Jr.(colored)Combs	20	Aug.22,1943	Jan.02,1923	Coal Miner	Ala		Combs		Jackson		James Wheeler-Ga	Gertrude Hiley-Ga	Brownsfork	T.B. 3:30pm	
Palmer Olinger(colored)	Glomawr		46	Aug.23,1943	Apr.02		Coal Miner	Perry		Glomawr		no doctor	Alex Olinger-VA		Sarah Pendleton-VA	Brownsfork	Crushed 10am		Mellie    56
Ralph Eugene Spencer	Allock		 7	Aug.23,1943	Mar.31,1936	not listed	Perry		Allock		Akers		Hanes Spencer-Whitley	Ada Hammock-TN		Spencer-BeattyviHeart disease  7am  7yr 4mo 23da	
James White		Wolfcoal	1mo	Aug.24,1943	Jul.10,1943	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Ossie White-Perry	Olive Boner-Corn?	Wolfcoal	Dysenteary	
Jonah Asher		Hyden		22	Aug.26,1943	Feb.09,1922	Miner		Leslie		Wooten		not listed	Chester Asher-Leslie	unknown			Asher Branch	Crushed 12:50pm	Marie 19
Mitchell Marshall	Talcum			Aug.30,1943	Jun.23,1922	Soldier		Breathitt	CampMcCain, MS	not  listed	Alfred Marshall-KY	Hattie Clemons-KY	Talcum		Auto Accident	
Flora Mae Ritchie	Fisty		64	Sep.01,1943	Jul.20,1879	not listed	Perry		Hurst-Snyder	Snyder		Wade Combs-Perry	Manervia Williams-Perry	Fisty		Heart trouble 11:45am	A.B. Ritchie  63
Benjamin F. Burton	Combs		52	Sep.02,1943	Aug.15		Lumberman	not listed	Combs		Jackson		Frank Burton-KY		not listed		Riverside	not listed	Stella  48
Willie Rice Jr.		Glomwr		3mo	Sep.03,1943	May 24,1943	not listed	Perry		Hurst-Snyder	Snyder		Willie Rice-KY		Willie Mae Wright-Lee Co.Englewood	Dysenteary   2:30am	
Nellie Mae Spencer	Blue Diamond		Sep.02,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Blue Diamond	Knox		Walter Spencer-Perry	Bitha Fugate-Perry	Grapevine	Spinal Meningitis 11:30	
Max Hicks		Pioneer		42	Sep.04,1943	not listed	Coal Miner	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Elijah Hix-KY		Elitha Spencer		Bowling Town	not listed 2:30	Rebecca 35
Rosa Day Hensley	not listed	1yr	Sep.06,1943	Mar.15,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Elisha Hensley-Clay	Minnie McIntosh-Jackson	Carrs Fork	not listed 9pm 1yr 5mo	
Hallie B. Garrett(colored)Hazard	27	Sep.04,1943	Aug.17,1915	not listed	not listed	not listed	C.B.Combs	Jack Combs-KY		Bell Francis-Perry	Brownsfork	Dropsy 9pm	Akers Garrett
Combs			not listed		Sep.12,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Home- Fisty	not listed	Woodroe Combs-Knott	Mollie McGullet-Johnson	Fisty		not listed 4am	
Millard Dunnigan	Tribbey			Sep.14,1943	Mar.20,1943	not listed	Perry		Dinnagh?	Jackson		James Riley Bailey-KY	Toni Couch-KY		Tribbey		not listed 8 am	
Verdie Baker		Darfork		22	Sep.14,1943	Jun.19,1921	not listed	Perry		Darfork		Potter		Ance Baker-Breathitt	Opha Grigsby-KY		Lotts Creek	not listed 12:15 pm	
Stillborn Ruth Turner 	Combs			Sep.16,1943	Sep.16,1943	not listed	Combs		Combs		B.B. Baker	George Turner-Owsley	Sarah Eversole-Owsley	Breathitt	Stillborn unknown 2:30am	
Shelby Clay(colored)	Kodak		44	Sep.14,1943	Oct.22,1897	Coal Miner	KY		Kodak		no doctor	Henry Clay-KY		Mattie Gibbs-KY		Forrest Hill	Broken Neck 9:30am	
Dora D. Strong		Hazard		46	Sep.16,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		John A. Duff		Mahalia White		Chavies		Heart Ailment 6:40pm	R.B. Strong  60
Mattie Eversole		Kodak		48	Sep.17,1943	1895		not listed	Perry		Kodak		H.P. Duff	Jack Cornett-KY		Unknown			Avawam		Heart Ailment 11:30pm	John Eversole 46
Caudill			Scuddy		2mo	Sep.18,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home-Scuddy	J.O. Salyers	Sam Caudill-KY		Flora Godsey-KY		Defiance	not listed 4:45	
Marybell Frisby		Big Creek	31	Sep.19,1943	not listed	not listed	Big Creek	Big Creek	J.O. Salyers	Arie Kilburn-Big Creek	Viva Young-Big Creek	not listed	not listed order by Marion Frisby	
Minford Stacy		Decoy		 3	Sep.19,1943	Nov.27,1940	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Harlan Stacy-Breathitt	Ruth Mullins-KY		Decoy		Meningitis  10:30pm	
Stillborn Joe Luster SimsBlue Grass		Sep.20,1943	Sep.20,1943	not listed	Blue Grass	Home Blue Grass	Potter		Chas Sims-TN		Margaret Brewer-KY	not listed	Stillborn 1pm	
Mollie Chapman		Walkertown	60	Sep.20,1943	Mar.06		not listed	Wolfe		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Ballard Harvey-Wolfe	Elizabeth Osborn-Wolfe	Combs		Heart Ailment    8:40pm	Geo Chapman 65
Mae Walker		Walkertown		Sep.22,1943	not listed	not listed	KY		Perry		Jackson		unknown-KY		Cassey-KY		Walker Branch	Heart Trouble  4	Adam Walker  30
James Garfield Napier	Chavies		33	Sep.21,1943	Dec.09,1909	Book keeper	Perry		Ashville,NC	not listed	W.B. Napier-Perry	Myrtle Eversole-Leslie	Napier-Chavies	Pluseary? 3:20      33yr 9mo 21da	Jackie Napier 27
Grace Jennings Mullins	Hazard		49	Sep.22,1943	Apr.24,1894	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Coolie Combs	R.L. Jennings-KY	Sarah Morgan-KY		not listed	High Blood  12am	Hugh Mullins 53
Boone Smith		Ritchie		45	Sep.22,1943	1898		not listed	Ritchie		Ritchie		Ritchie		Sam Smith-Ary		Nancy Singleton-Ritchie	Cornett Hill	not listed	
Stillborn Thornton	not listed		Sep.25,1943	Sep.25,1943	not listed	Perry		Home Perry	Knoch		L.E.Thornton-TN		Virgie White-Perry	Blue Diamond	Stillborn 	
Fannie Crawford		Bonneyman	56	Sep.25,1943	Sep.13,1887	not listed	Perry		Home		B.B.Baker	Silas Crawford-KY	Sela Walker-KY		Bonneyman	High Blood 1am	
Emery Tackett		Christopher	41	Sep.24,1943	Dec.09,1901	Coal Miner	Breathitt	Christopher	A.W.Adkins	George Tackett-KY	May Lawson		Lothair		Slate Fall-Broken Neck 11am	Ella   37
Janet Sue Fugate	Combs			Sep.25,1943	Sep.25,1943	not listed	Combs		Combs		Cunhanan	not listed		not listed		not listed	Stillborn order by Elbert Fugate	
Hiram G. Begley		Bowlingtown	5	Sep.27,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hurst-Snyder	Snyder		Justice Begley-KY	Lavena Mories-KY	Bowlington	not listed 1:15 am	
Liman?  Ray Sellers	Combs			Sep.27,1943	Apr.25,1943	not listed	Perry		Combs		Cunningham	Sherman Sellers-McQuary	Esihell Akerman-Brethit Combs		Dirhrah?  6:10	
Callaway Combs Jr.	Brownsfork	3da	Sep.27,1943	Sep.25,1943	not listed	Perry		Brownsfork	Brit Combs	Callaway Combs-Perry	Eliee Thompson		Brownsfork	not listed 11am	
Leslie Oliver		Knott			Sep.28,1943	not listed	not listed	not listed	Detroit MI	not listed	not listed		not listed		Cornett		not listed order by Mrs.Leslie Oliver	
Harrlis Tackett Jr.	Christopher	23 da	Oct.01,1943	Sep.08,1943	not listed	Perry		Perry		Jackson		not listed		Ema Tackett		Black Gold	not listed	
John Hoskins		Asher			Oct.03,1943	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Asher		not listed	John Hoskins-Leslie	Casie Mosley-Leslie	Bones Creek	Heart Attack    10pm 	Ella
Nell Marie Easterling	Hardburly	12	Oct.05,1943	Nov.30,1931	not listed	Morgan		Perry		Jingles		Mart Easterling-Morgan	Ada Gilleppie		Dr.Whituger 	Measle1:30 not filed Dr wont sign permit	
Cleveland H. Bower	Kodak		57	Oct.05,1943	May 31,1886	Coal Operator	Floyd VA	Lexington	Massie		Robert Bower-VA		S. Duncan-VA		Woodlawn WVA	not listed 4:45		Georgia 51
Mrs. C.O. Ihrig		Covington	64	Oct.06,1943	May 19,1879	not listed	Delaware	not listed	C.J. Farrell	not listed		not listed		Englewood	Carsomma  64yr 4mo 6da	
Jannie Gill Mitchell	Hazard		 1	Oct.07,1943	Oct.31,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Eugene Mitchell-Clark	Nell Gill-TN		Englewood	Pneumonia 8:30 1yr 11mo 7da	
Elizabeth Hoskins	Busy		80	Oct.07,1943	Feb.25,1863	not listed	Perry		Perry		Leo Morgan	Alex Duff-KY		Campbell		Busy		old age 7	
Baby Richie		Hardburly		Oct.09,1943	Oct.08,1943	not listed	Perry		Perry		Gingles		Ezekiel Richie-Knott	Josephine Strong-Brethitnot listed	not listed 8:15	
Jacobs			not listed		Oct.08,1943	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed orderd by Walter Jacobs	
Sallie Pratt		Daisy		74	Oct.10,1943	Dec.26,1869	not listed	Perry		Sassafrass	Akers		Hiram Cornett-KY	Polly Griffitt		Spencer		not listed	
T. Sgt. Kelly Fields	Busy		30	Oct.03,1943	Feb.16,1913	Soldier		Perry		Fla		not listed	John Fields-KY		Dicie Hoskins-KY	Englewood	Airplane Crash	
Dave Hoskins		Jason			Oct.12,1943	not listed	not listed	Perry		not listed	Brit Combs	James Hoskins-KY	Rachel Roberts-KY	Leslie		Dropsy 3 am	
Zack Hughes		Bulan		50	Oct.12,1943	Sep.25,1893	Vet WW 1	Perry		Bulan		B.B.Baker	Mack Hughes-Perry	Miny Campbell-Perry	not listed	T.B. 6:15   50yr 17 da	Martha    38
Mrs. Julia Lykins	Hazard		25	Oct.14,1943	Jul.04,1918	not listed	Breathitt	Home Hazard	Snyder		Gray Haddix-KY		Ella Prater-KY		Quicksand	T. B.	Green Lykins  34? 54
Tilda Napier		Hardburly	34	Oct.14,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Home Hardburly	Gingles		George Terry-Knott	Octave Stacy-Knott	Tiney		T. B. 1:30	Irvin Napier  35
Stillborn   Stull	Lothair			Oct.15,1943	Oct.15,1943	not listed	Perry		Home Lothair	Gutchie		Kenneth Stull-VA	Rebecca Stidham-VA	Englewood	Stillborn  1pm	
Arron Farler		Farler		10	Oct.16,1943	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Sam Farler-Farler	Odra Shepherd-Leslie	Farler		Burns  11:45pm	
Sally Grigsby		Christopher	 1	Oct.19,1943	Sep.30,1942	not listed	Perry		Home,ChristopherJackson		Shelby Grigsby-KY	Grace Chaney-Breathitt	Haddix		Dysentary   11am	
Lenord Anderson Engle	Dwarf			Oct.19,1943	Dec.18,1919	not listed	Perry		not listed	not listed	A.J. Engle-Perry	Lillie Hayes-Perry	Hayes		not listed	
Sally Grigsby		Butterfly	67	Oct.19,1943	Sep.16,1875	not listed	Perry		Home Butterfly	Knoch		Jim Eversole-Perry	Polly Combs-KY		Clemons		Heart Failure 8:15am	
Rose Lee Combs		Combs		 2	Oct.20,1943	Aug.4,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Chester Combs-Breathitt	Bessie Deaton- Perry	Combs		Kidney Trouble-10:30 am	
Stanley Hoskins		Hyden		26	Oct.16,1943	Jan.23		not listed	Leslie		not listed	not listed	Billie Hoskins-Clay	Frankie Jones-Leslie	Hyden		Drowned	Gladys   22
Sherman Combs		Diablock	 6	Oct.22,1943	Jul.17,1937	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Jesse Combs-Perry	Polly Bailey-Leslie	Englewood	not listed	
Mrs. Johnsie Sanders	Harveyton	30	Oct.24,1943	May 28,1913	not listed	NC		Home Harveyton	Palmer		C. O. Williams-NC	Virgie Joy-NC		Diablock	T.B. 12:15am	P.M. Sanders 37
Mary Allen		Hazard		34	Oct.24,1943	Apr.09,1912	not listed	Breathitt	Home Hazard	Coldiron	Thomas Allen-Breathitt	Elizabeth Thorp-BrethitHaddix		Pneumonia  4:50pm	
Ray Thompson		Yerkes		11mo	Oct.27,1943	Nov.14,1942	not listed	Perry		Home Yerkes	Jackson		Jace Thompson-Breathitt	Ida Adams-Breathitt	Yerkes		Diptheria 2:30pm	
Arnold D. Miller	Bulan		3mo	Oct.31,1943	Jul.31,1943	not listed	Perry		Home Bulan	Richie		Dave Miller-Breathitt	Harriet Godsey-Perry	Engle		not listed 6:15pm	
Charles L. Cornett	Hazard		17	Oct.30,1943	Nov.26,1925?	Sailor WW2	Jefferson	Boston Mass	not listed	Charles Cornett-Letcher	Verdie B. Smith-Knott	Englewood	Perodiuis? 4:20 written 17da 11mo	
Lucinda Sturgill	Red Fox		65	Nov.02,1943	Oct.05		not listed	Letcher		Red Fox		Coldiron	Elihue Fergent-VA	Delila Maggard-KY	Flat Gap VA	Liver trouble	
Stillborn Fields				Nov.04,1943	Nov.03,1943	not listed	Knott 		Home Knott	Akers		John Fields-Knott	Dot Combs-Perry		Amburgey	Stillborn 4 am	
PFC John E. Lewis	Hyden			Nov.04,1943	not listed	Soldier		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Hyden		not listed Charged to USA no info.	
Shelby Jean Sexton	Anco		 1	Nov.08,1943	Sep.26,1942	not listed	W VA		Anco		Akers		Angelo Sexton-W VA	Metla Combs-Perry	Second Creek	not listed 1yr 1mo	
Bertha Everage		Sassafrass	44	Nov.11,1943	Oct.24		not listed	Knott		Home Sassafrass	Akers		E.M. Smith-KY		Cynthia Combs-Knott	Cornett Hill	Childbirth   1:30am		Geo. Everage   50
James B. Whitaker	Kryton		19	Oct.10,1943	Jun.14,1924	not listed	Perry		Home Krypton	Jackson		Alex Whitaker-KY	Jane Baker-KY		Krypton		Pneumonia	
Warren Burnett		Blue Diamond	56	Oct.12,1943	Jun.11,1887	not listed	Lee		Home 		Cash		O.J. Burnett-Lee	Helen Bays-Lee		Beattyville	Heart Trouble 1:15 am	Bernice   30
Elmer E. Gabbard	Buckhorn	27	Nov.18,1943	Aug.17,1916	not listed	Perry		Home Buckhorn	C.Combs		Elmer Gabbard-Rice Town	Myrtle Ward-Perry	Berea		not listed  8pm	
Peggie Couch		Hazard		70	Nov.19,1943	not listed	not listed	Letcher		Hazard		C.B. Combs	William ? -VA		Manarvia Fields-KY	Blue Grass	Stroke  2:40	Noah Couch  73
Rose Costa		Lothair		38	Nov.24,1943	Feb.11		not listed	Clay		Home Lothair	Jackson		James Stidham-Clay	Pace Byrd-Clay		Brewer		Cancer 1:05am	Henry Costa 50
Bradley Neace		Manuel		40	Nov.27,1943	Mar.27,1903	not listed	Breathitt	Blue Diamond	H.K. Knoch	Sam Neace-KY		Louisa Arrowood-KY	Manuel		not listed	Grace 25
Virginia Sandler	Chavies		27	Nov.28,1943	Apr.12,1916	not listed	Perry		Home Chavies	R.L. Collins	Steve Sandlin-Owsley	Emma McKnight-Perry	Buckhorn	T.B.  12:20am	
Green Fugate		Ary		25	not listed	not listed	not listed	Perry		Perry		Corner		Shade Fugate-Knott	Rebecca Mulmne?-Knott	Knott		Hanged self funeral Nov.29,1943	
William H. Burke Sr.	Hazard			Nov.30,1943	June 9		not listed	VA		Home Hazard	Snyder		James Burke-VA		Martha Scaggs-VA	Jellico, TN	not listed 6 am	Mary  62
Russell Noplis		Hazard		2da	Nov.30,1943	Nov.29,1943	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Babe Noplis-Hazard	Nell Stamper-Breathitt	Blue Grass	not listed 8pm  2 days old	
William J. Miller	Vicco		32	Nov.30,1943	Nov.11,1911	not listed	Estill		Home Vicco	not listed	John Miller-KY		Mary Parson-KY		Irving		Ceberible? Hemmorage 7:15	Loretta   21
Fred Collins		Harveyton	31	Dec.06,1943	Aug.		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Lee Collins-KY		Melda Eversole-KY	Butterfly	Menengitis  1am	Adell   27
James Fugate		Tribbey		45	Dec.07,1943	July 18		Coal Miner	Perry		Tribbey		not listed	Andy Fugate-Perry	Martha Colwell-Perry	Yerkes		Slate Fall Broken Neck 9am	Prudie 35
Martha Cornett		Hindman			Dec.07,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Home Hindman	not listed	Joe Cornett-Knott	Susania Caudill-Knott	Hindman		Dropsy 7 am	
Opal Miller		Clemons		15	Dec.07,1943	May 9,1926	not listed	Perry		Clemons home	Ivey		Cecil Miller-Breathitt	Lillie Miller-Breathitt	2nd Creek	not listed 4:30	
Ernest Earl Creech	Allock		4mo	Dec.14,1943	Aug.01,1943	not listed	Perry		Home Allock	Chandler	Earnest Creech-KY	Llna? Mae Trent	Iman?	Score? 		Flu  4:30 4mo 15 da	
Ida Perkins		Blue Diamond	41	Dec.15,1943	Apr.05,1902	not listed	KY		Home		Jackson		Wood Keeton-KY		Parrott Back-KY		Dale		Cancer  3:30am		Raney Perkins  42
Ann Gullett		Harveyton	 1	Dec.16,1943	July		not listed	Perry		Perry		Palmer		Kelly Gullett-KY	Goldie Patrick-KY	Bonneyman	Pneumonia Cold 2:10	
Sarah Stacy		Lothair		80	Dec.16,1943	Mar.1863	not listed	VA		Home Lothair	Salyers		George Man?		Unknown			Cornett Hill	Old age  9am	
Baby Estepp					Dec.16,1943	Dec.16,1943	not listed	Knott		Home		Akers		Abe Estepp-Clay		Rettie Collins-Clay	Sassafrass	Premature  2pm	
Joyce Ann Berger	Allais		 1	Dec.16,1943	Jun.23,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Oakley Berger-Clay	Ina Collins-Letcher	Riverside	Heart Trouble  6:10  1yr 7 mo	
Estell Donnie Godsey	Darfork		4da	Dec.18,1943	Dec.14,1943	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Drew Godsey-Perry	Elizabeth Walters-KY	Darfork		not listed 2:30am	
Elige Gibson		Hazard		51	Dec.17,1943	not listed	not listed	VA		Home		C.B.Combs	unknown			unknown			Blue Grass	Asthma 10:30pm	
Pollie Ann Brewer	Whitesburg	36	Dec.19,1943	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		not listed		Sallie Bowling-KY	Riverside	not listed11am orderby Shade Brewer	    Shade Brewer?
M.F. Moore		Ohio		86	Dec.22,1943	not listed	not listed	TN		Cin. Ohio	not listed	not listed		not listed		Hilton		Pneumonia 2:30	
Henry Sturgill		Hindman		61	Dec.24,1943	Jan.19,1882	not listed	Letcher		Home Hindman	Duke		W.M. Sturgill-Letcher	Roseann Blair-Letcher	Hindman		Stroke  5:30am	Susan 45
Dock Campbell		Dunraven	64	Dec.24,1943	Jul.13,1879	not listed	Perry		Home Dunraven	not listed	James Campbell-Perry	Rebecca Morgan-KY	Dunraven	Stroke  2pm	Gemima   50
Rader Caywood Jr.(colored)Hazard		Dec.25,1943	Dec.25,1943	not listed	Perry		Home Hazard	Gutchie		Rader Caywood-Jackson	Anetia Wheeler-Jackson	Jackson		Premature 7 pm	
Stilborn Singleton	Anco			Dec.27,1943	Dec.27,1943	not listed	Knott		not listed	Akers		Simon Singleton-Knott	Sadie Dobinson-Knott	Ritchie		Stillborn  10am	
Nancy Noble		Noble		68	Dec.27,1943	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Home Noble	Wright		John Napier-Breathitt	Fanny Fugate-KY		Noble		Stroke  11:30pm	Alex Noble 60
Polly Jane Joseph	Cut Shin	84	Dec.28,1943	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Home Cut shin	John Baker	Billie Pendleton-Leslie	Nancy Thomas-Letcher	Cut Shin	Stroke   9:30pm	Sam Joseph  74
Grace Caudill		Bulan		22	Dec.29,1943	Nov.06,1920	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Bill Caudill-Bulan	Nerva Williams-Perry	Ary		not listed  3:45am	
Granville Herrald	Combs		48	Dec.29,1943	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Home Combs	Cunningham	David Herrald-KY	not listed		Combs		Asthma  7 am	Charity 42
Orville Murry		Hazard		41	Dec.27,1943	Dec.06,1902	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Leo Murry-KY		Laura Grim-KY		Lowmanville	not listed	Gladys  39
Philas B. Smith		Anco		47	Dec.30,1943	not listed	not listed	Knott		Anco		not listed	Randolph Smith-Knott	Susan Amburgey-Knott	Brinkley	not listed 5:27pm	Icie 39
Emily Combs		Kodak	 	 2	Dec.31,1943	Dec.31,1941	not listed	Perry		Home Kodak	Duff		James Combs-Perry	Juda Combs-KY		Kodak		Burns 7am	
Willie Bowling		Doorway		18	Dec.31,1943	Oct.11,1925	not listed	Perry		Doorway		C.B. Combs	Elisha Bowling-Owsley	Dosha Smith-Knott	Doorway		Crushed  4 pm	
Maurice Napier		Doorway		10	Dec.31,1943	May 14,1933	not listed	Leslie		Perry		C.B. Combs	Floyd Napier-KY		Grace Bowling-Perry	Doorway		Crushed by slate fall  4 pm	
Callie Couch		Anco		16	Jan.01,1944	Dec.16		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Delanea Couch-BowlingtonElizabeth Barger-Clay	Saul		not listed 3:30	
Hazel Sample		Hazard			Jan.02,1944	Mar.07,1908	not listed	Corbin		Home Hazard	C.B. Combs	Joe Sample-Clay		Elva Taylor-Corbin	North Hazard	not listed	
Delcenie Combs		Hazard		52	Jan.02,1944	Jan.21,1890	not listed	Perry		home Hazard	Coolie Combs	Matt Cornett-Perry	Bettie Combs-Perry	Englewood	Stroke  1am 52yr 11mo 19da	
Roy Dean		Carrie		46	Jan.03,1944	not listed	not listed	Wolfe		Home Carrie	Kelley		Walter Dean-Wolfe	Lennie Phelfry-BreathittCarrie		Pneumonia 6pm	Pearl 45
Francis Pigman		Hindman		86	Jan.03,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Home		Pigman		Johnathan Jones		Elizabeth Draughn	Hindman		old age  11pm	Joe Pigman  85
Nancy Napier Begley	Hazard		50	Jan.05,1944	Oct.15,1893	Teacher		Perry		Home		Snyder		Gabe Napier-KY		Mary Napier-KY		Chavies		Cancer 3am	
Gerial Ratliff		Combs		85	Jan.05,1944	June 04		not listed	Morgan		Home		Adkins		Saul Ratliff-KY		Haney-KY		Stacy Fork	old age 5pm	
Sally Ann Eversole	Typo		70	Jan.06,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		Knoch		Tilton Combs-KY		Polly A. Combs		Typo		Asthma  8pm	John Eversole 73
Stillbirth Hurts	Glomar			Jan.08,1944	Jan.08,1944	not listed	Perry		Perry		Richie		Elisha Hurts-Perry	Lula Harvey-Breathitt	Hurts?		stillborn	
Chas Ray Cottongame	Darfork		17da	Jan.08,1944	Dec.21,1943	not listed	Perry		Home		not listed	Chas Cottongame-KY	Anna Lampkins-KY	Brewer		unknown 9:30pm	
Barbara Holland		Hazard			Jan.09,1944	Jul.02,1943	not listed	Inden Head	Perry		Brit Combs	Sam Holland-Breathitt	Mere Baker-Perry	Turner		Pneumonia	
Bessie Brashear		Fusonia		46	Jan.09,1944	Jan.22		not listed	Knott		Home		not listed	George Pridemore-KY	Cindy Ashley-KY		New Family	Gall Stones	
Jane Lyghtenof		Youngstown, OH	27	Jan.09,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		VJ Vick			Jane Williams-Perry	Youngstown,OH	not listed	
Thom Jones		Blue Diamond	56	Jan.10,1944	not listed	not listed	Georgia		Home		Knoch		Jim Jones-GA		Charity Jones-GA	Blue ridge GA	Heart trouble 8:30	Inez   43
New Fields		Viper		76	Jan.11,1944	1876		not listed	KY		Home		Salyers		Davis Fields-KY		Unknown			Ben Cornett	Dropsy   1pm	Beckie   55
Martha Jane Ritchie	Richie		51	Jan.11,1944	May 8		not listed	Knott		Home		Hobbs		Brack Napier-Perry	Ellen McDaniel-Knott	Ritchie		Asthma	James 48
Stillborn Turner	Walkertown		Jan.11,1944	Jan.11,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Brown		no Father		Della Turner-KY		Riverside	stillborn 11:30	
John Roberts		Wooten		45	Jan.11,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		not listed	Pearson Roberts-KY	Vinia Sizemore-KY	Wooton		Pneumonia  7 am	
Waldo Ralph Combs	Hazard		31	Jan.13,1944	May 05,1913	Factory worker	Perry		Home		Coolie Combs	Alvis Combs-Perry	Drenia? Cornett-Perry	Englewood	Heart Trouble  2 pm	
Dr. Albert Mcreel	Bulan		78	Jan.15,1944	April 26	Doctor		Alabama		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		not listed		not listed		Central City	not listed 3:30 Anderson funeral home	  Mary 75
Mandy Sue Benton				Jan.16,1944	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed chg to Dorset Benton	
Dicie Couch		Typo		30	Jan.16,1944	April 16	not listed	Perry		Home		Knoch		Jim Fields-Perry	Eliza Eversole-Perry	Typo		Childbirth 1:30pm	Robert Couch  29
Harrison Miller		Bulan		54	Jan.17,1944	not listed	not listed	Clayhole	Hardburly	Jackson		Reuben Miller-KY	Nancy Roberts-KY	Flint Ridge	Stroke 9:30pm	
Geo. W. Alder		Walkertown	54	Jan.19,1944	Feb.22,1889	R.R.Conductor	Whitley		Home		Jackson		Anderson Alder-KY	Betty Goins-KY		Williamsburg	T.B. 6:30am	Mae
Emma Durbin		Hazard		80	Jan.19,1944	June 12		not listed	Estill		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Joe Sey Webb-KY		Martha Abner-KY		Kavenna		Stroke 11am A.M. Durbin	
Everette Pelfrey	Bulan		22	Jan.20,1944	not listed	Coal Miner	KY		Harveyton	not listed	Geo. Pelfrey		Ambrosia Fuller		Bulan		Crushed skull	
Luther Ray Taulbee Jr.	Harveyton		Jan.20,1944	Dec.10,1943	not listed	Perry		Home		Palmer		Luther Ray Taulbee-KY	Enda M. Gullett-KY	Bonneyman	Blood Clot on brain 8am 1mo 10da	
Wm Carroll		Dwarf		57	Jan.21,1944	not listed	not listed	Campbell Co.TN	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Jim Carroll-TN		Morean Brannon-TN	Dwarf		Pneumonia  12:10am	Lillie  46
Katherine Couch		Kodak		 1	Jan.22,1944	Feb.16,1942	not listed	Perry		not listed	not listed	Woodard Couch		Ellen Hollon-Perry	Memhivs?	Pneumonia 7:30 1yr 11mo	
Gertrude Richie		Hazard		30	Jan.24,1944	Mar.12,1914	not listed	KY		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Joe Fields-KY		Callie Walker-KY	Riverside	Childbirth 1:30am	Elmer Richie  30
John Williams		Hazard		44	Jan.27,1944	Jan.08,1900	not listed	TN		Home		Brit Combs	Unknown			Unknown			Rose Hill	Dropsy 1:30pm 44yrs 19da	
Amis R. Salyers		Allais		65	Jan.30,1944	July 30		not listed	KY		Home		C. B. Combs	William Salyers-KY	Saneah Williams		Englewood	Stroke 2:30	Rachel
Chas Duke		Dwarf		63	Jan.31,1944	May 19,1880	not listed	Alabama		not listed	Jackson		Chas Thomas Duke-Ala	Ambergery		not listed	Heart Dropsy 7:10pm	
Sherilda Gayheart	Bulan		76	Jan.31,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		Goochie		John Grigsby-KY		not listed 		Bulan		Stroke 6 pm	
George Baker		Alturas		60	Feb.1944	not listed	logger		Perry		not listed	not listed	Julius Baker-KY		Marandia Gay-KY		Englewood	not listed Feb.1944	
Rose Davis		Hilton		53	Feb.02,1944	not listed	not listed	Elliott		Home		not listed	Henry Fraley-KY		Martha Nichols-KY	Hilton		High Blood	Henry Davis  54
Wilburn Miller		Anco		18da	Feb.04,1944	Jan.15,1944	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Newt Miller-Breathitt	Ava Owens-Knott		Mouth of Trace	Stillborn? at 18 das.	
Carolyn Owins		Hazard		30	Feb.03,1944	Jul.27,1913	Wave US Navy	KY		Point Maryland	not listed	Harvey Owins-KY		Mahala Engle-KY		Englewood	T.B.	
S.P. Napier		Chavies		78	Feb.05,1944	1865		not listed	KY		Home		Duff		Ed Napier-KY		Polly Campbell-KY	Chavies		Old age  5:30am	Louella  55
Mrs.Ida Sullivan	Hindman		79	Feb.07,1944	Jan.27,1865	not listed	MI		Home		Kelly		Marvin Benchley		Nancy Jane Binsey	Camp Nathanial	Carsoma 4:30pm 79yrs 21 da	William Sullivan  75
James  Brashear		Viper		85	Feb.09,1944	Feb.15,1858	not listed	Perry		Home		S.M. Richie	Eli Brashear-Perry	Salley A. Campbell-PerryViper		Dropsy 9:15 am	
Janetta Alane Davidson	Drift		1mo	Feb.10,1944	Jan.01,1944	not listed	Floyd		Chavis		not listed	Alex Davidson-Perry	Pauline Napier-Perry	Red Hill	Unknown 1am 1 mo 10da	
Jimmie Eldridge		Yerkes		 3	Feb.10,1944	Jun.28,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Henry Eldridge-KY	Mae Wooten-Leslie	Yerkes 		Burns 11am	
Beatrice Spencer	Combs		 9	Feb.13,1944	Dec.24		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Chester Spencer-BreathitFanny Herrald-Breathitt	Combs		Burns caught from open grate 6:25pm	
Ellis Beverley Jr.	Hardburly	6mo	Feb.15,1944	Aug.14,1943	not listed	Perry		Home		not listed	Ellis Beverley-Knott	Clova Fugate-Knott	Talcum		not listed 12:40	
Polly Campbell		Clemons		67	Feb.14,1944	Aug.14		not listed	Ky		Home		Knoch		Jesse Holcomb-KY	Amanda Scott-KY		Napfor		not listed 6 pm	
Mrs Spencer		not listed		Feb.14,1944	not listed	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	Childbirth chg to Blue Diamond Store	
John C. Clemons		Ary		56	Feb.14,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Home		not listed	Andy Clemons-KY		Unknown			Ary		Heart Trouble 4:30pm	Bertha  42
Hugh David Simmons	Harveyton	41	Feb.16,1944	Nov.17,1902	not listed	KY		Hazard		Jackson		William Simmons-VA	Malta Teasley-KY	Combs		Gall stones 3 am	
Dora Cornett		Cornettsville	70	Feb.16,1944	Dec.25		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Henry Singleton-KY	Susie Dobson-KY		Daisy		Heart trouble 12:45pm	E.C. Cornett  77
Marie West		Big Creek	1mo	Feb.18,1944	Jan.16,1944	not listed	Clay		Darfork		Potter		Floyd West-Perry	Ola Young-Clay		Big Creek	Menigetis 2:30pm	
Dewey Francis		Combs		45	Feb.20,1944	not listed	not listed	Combs		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		J.M. Francis-KY		Bell Standfor-KY	Combs		High blood 3:30pm	America  36
Harm Hensley		Pinyear		2mo	Feb.22,1944	Dec.27,1943	not listed	Pinyear		Home		Palmer		Elisha Hensley-KY	not listed		Bulan		not listed	
Stillborn Couch		Hazard			Jan.23,1944	Jan.23,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Coolie Combs	Sam Couch-Perry		Flordia Elam-KY		Riverside	stillborn  3am	
Kenneth W. Richie	Bonneyman	13da	Feb.23,1944	Feb.10,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Knoch		Sidney Ritchie-Knott	BerthaConley-Perry	Fisty		not listed 4 am	
Maggie Johnson(colored)	Hazard			Feb.24,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		Ritchie		Bill Begley-Leslie	Nancy Stacy-KY		Brownsfork	not listed7:30pm	
Dan Campbell		Avawam		72	Feb.26,1944	May 9		not listed	Perry		Home		Ritchie		Bill Campbell-KY	Sally Campbell-KY	Avawam		Pneumonia 8 am	
Leo Graef		Hazard		50	Feb.26,1944	Aug.26,1893	Salesman	TN		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Joseph Graef-Ohio	Mary Hamilestine-Ohio	Jellico TN	not listed 8:20am	Louis 43
Dana M. Gayheart	Hindman		 9	Feb.27,1944	Aug.22		not listed	Knott		Home		Kelly		Millard Gayheart-Floyd	Mary Fugate-Perry	Dwarf		not listed 1pm	
Chas Napier		Darfork		43	Feb.27,1944	Aug.20,1900	not listed	Perry		Home		C.B. Combs	Shade Napier-KY		Adeleia Hurt-Perry	Riverside	not listed 4:45pm	
Mary Morton		Hardburly	68	Feb.28,1944	Nov.06		not listed	TN		Home		Jingle		Jim Trent-TN		Jane Seals? TN		Carr Creek	Heart Trouble 2:40	
Roscoe Singleton	Anco			Feb.28,1944	not listed	not listed	Knott		Wescole		not listed	Clay Singleton-Knott	Mae Ritchie-KY		Ritchie		not listed 2:30pm	
Mrs.C.C. Hylton		Cody		91	Feb.29,1944	Dec.17,1855	not listed	Knott		Home		Akers		Wash Johnson-KY		Salley Frances-KY	Cody		Old age 3pm	
Lowell T. Simmons	Cin. OH		 9	Mar.01,1944	not listed	Student		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Englewood	not listed 4am	
Sarah Fields		Fusonia			Mar.01,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Knoch		Brock			not listed		Fields		Cancer 5pm 	
Sallie Hurt		Clemons		88	Mar.03,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		Knoch		Jack Hensley-KY		Little-KY		Clemons		Old age 1pm	
Millford Hoover		Sassafrass	20da	Mar.05,1944	Feb.16,1944	not listed	Knott		Home		Duff		Elbert Hoover-VA	Martha Sergant-KY	Lee Co. VA	Pneumonia 8pm	
Evelice McIntosh	Blue Diamond		Mar.06,1944	Jun.25,1875	not listed	Breathitt	Home		Knoch		Ira McIntosh-KY		Nancy Russell-KY	Stevenson	High Blood 4am	
Joe Sutton		Vest		12	Mar.06,1944	not listed	not listed	Knott		Knott		no doctor	Tom D. Sutton-Knott	Luzlla? Combs-KY	Vest		Crushed Chest 8am	
Cornelius Stacy		Busy		34	Mar.06,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Combs		Adkins		Granville Stacy-KY	Elizabeth Feltner-KY	Busy		Crushed Chest 9:30am	Susie 37
Luveana Hobbs		Diablock		Mar.06,1944	Feb.15,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Salyers		Frank Hobbs-W VA	Margie Henderson-TN	Englewood	not listed 4:30am	
Carolyn Mosley		Hyden		10	Mar.06,1944	Apr.16,1943	not listed	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Marcus Mosley-Leslie	Beatrice Morgan-Leslie	Hyden		not listed 7pm	
Rowland Robertson	Combs		30	Mar.07,1944	Feb.05		not listed	Breathitt	Home		not listed	Harrison Robertson-KY	Paulina Honshell-KY	Combs		Gunshot 1am	Bessie 28
Mary M. Mills		Glowmar		 3	Mar.07,1944	Sept.09		not listed	Perry		Home		Goochie		Paul Mills-KY		Dora Sheets-W VA	Englewood	Pneumonia  9am	
Humphery Reynolds	Mallie		23	Mar.09,1944	Jul.17,1920	not listed	Knott		Home		Kelly		Ira Reynolds-KY		Ora Boatright-KY	Mallie		T.B. 9:30am	Verda  20
Stillborn Mosley	Hazard			Mar.08,1944	Mar.08,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Cordill Mosley-Knott	Fern Vetatice?-Perry 	Knott		Stillborn  10pm	
Callie Adams		Lothair		43	Mar.08,1944	Jul.21,1900	not listed	Leslie		E.State Lex.	not listed	Scy Davidson-KY		Rebecca Bledsloe-KY	Englewood	not listed 10:15pm	Boone Adams 42
Gus W. Johnson		Hardburley	49	Mar.10,1944	not listed	not listed	VA		Home		not listed	Dick Johnson		not listed		Dwarf		Stroke 5am	Effie   36
Ralph Edward Neace	Allais		 2	Mar.10,1944	Aug.25		not listed	Perry		Home		Adkins		Peter Neace-Perry	Pruddie Gay-Perry	Riverside	Pneumonia  1pm	
Sarah Richie		Dwarf		43	Mar.10,1944	Aug.06,1900	not listed	Perry		Home		Richie		Jerry Combs-Knott	Rose Ann Engle-Perry	Dwarf		Childbirth 9:30pm	Roscoe Richie 49
Dora Baker		Wooton		66	Mar.13,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Home		No doctor	Alex Vanover-KY		Martha Dixon-KY		Wooten		Heart attack 10:30	
Troy Collins		Tina		29	Mar.14,1944	Dec.24.1915	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Willison E.Collins-KnottMary Creech-Knott	Tina		Kidney Trouble	
Bertha Boggs		Cutshin		51?	Mar.15,1944	Sep.22,1893	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Robert Boggs-Leslie	Mary Lewis-Leslie	Family		Burns 9:00	
Pete Bonini		Allais		61	Mar.15,1944	1882		not listed	not listed	Home		Jackson		not listed		Not listed		Riverside	Cancer 8pm	Alice 38
Samuel Singleton	Ritchie		76	Mar.14,1944	not listed	not listed	Knott		Home		Richie		Andrew Singleton-KY	Elizabeth Hall-KY	Ritchie		Stroke 4:40pm	
Gora Clark		Hazard		49	Mar.16,1944	Feb.17,1896	not listed	W VA		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Robert E. Clark-W VA	Meranda Meade-W VA	Madison W VA	not listed 2:30pm	
Pearl Marie Turner	Allais		3wk	Mar.18,1944	Mar.01,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Brit Combs	Sammie Turner-Breathitt	Delle Rollike-Breathitt	Breathitt	Pneumonia 1pm	
Stillborn Spurgeon(colored)Blue Diamond		Mar.22,1944	Mar.22,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		John Spurgeon ?		not listed		Englewood	Stillborn record date 3-22-44	
James Henry Holland	Combs			Mar.22,1944	Dec.4,1943	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Clarence Holland-Perry	Vernia Daeton-Perry	Combs		Pneumonia	
Joe Hamblin		Krypton		79	Mar.26,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Home		not listed	Isaac Hamblin-KY	not listed		Krypton		Stroke 5 pm	Mary  50
Sylvia Ann Baker	Allais		 1	Mar.27,1944	Aug.27,1943	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Charlie Baker-KY	Opsie Baker-KY		Butterfly	not listed 9:30am	
Luthar Bishop		Helton		80	Mar.28,1944	not listed	not listed	Clay		Home		Salyers		not listed		not listed		Combs		Stroke  4:30	Pearl 36
Dr.Lewis Charles ColemanHazard		41	Mar.29,1944	Oct.03,1903	Doctor		KY		Hazard Hosp	Collins		Clell Coleman-KY	Lula Walter-KY		Howardsburg	Gunshot 11:15 am	Edith 41
John Wesley Combs	Diablock	53	Mar.31,1944	Aug.26,1893	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Collins		Jerry Combs-Knott	Rachel White-KY		Englewood	Fractured Skull 10:30pm	Nettie  44
Amy C. Williams		Parrant City AL	 1	Mar.31,1944	May 30,1842	not listed	Louisville	Hazard Hosp	Collins		Oscar Williams-BreathittEmma Hayes-Jackson	Quicksand	not listed 11:25pm 1yr 10mo	
Fred Combs		Clemons		52	Apr.07,1944	May 30,1891	not listed	Perry		Home		Richie		Elijah Combs-KY		Sarah Spencer-KY	Bonneyman	Stroke 2:20 52yr 1mo 27da	Mallie 51
William P. Cody		Happy		40	Apr.10,1944	Sep.16,1903	Coal Miner	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Collins		Granville Cody-Leslie	Ruth Williams-KY	Cody		Crushed Back 10pm 	Alta 38
Balis Ritchie Jr.	Glowmar		18	Apr.13,1944	May 03		Coalminer	Perry		Glowmar		Snyder		Balis Ritchie Sr.-Perry	Mary Brewer-Perry	2nd Creek	Broken Neck 10:45am	Nola 16
Rebecca Ison		Diablock	30	Apr.15,1944	Jan.26,1914	not listed	Leslie		Home		C. Combs	Carter Browning-Leslie	Jane Begley-Leslie	Wooten 		T. B. 7:30am	Ozree 37
Buck Combs		Allais		 1	Apr.14,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		C.B. Combs	John Combs-Perry	Dot Combs-Perry		2nd Creek	Pneumonia 4pm 1yr 2 mo	
Millie Deaton		Crocketsville	65	Apr.15,1944	Apr.08		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	not listed 3am	
Skiel? Farmer		Stennit		32	Apr.15,1944	Mar.23,1912	not listed	Leslie		Dry Hill	Fasure?		W.A. Farmer-Clay	Nancy Morgan-Clay	Hoskinston	Auto Accident	 Rose 26
Erma Dean Limpkins	Blue Diamond	53	Apr.15,1944	Aug.11		not listed	Perry		Home		Wagers		Lloyd Wagers-Morgan	Pernie Carroll-TN	Morgan		Pneumonia  4am	
Jonney Fay Baird	Kodak		3mo	Apr.16,1944	Feb.03,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	C. Combs	John Baird-TN		Geneva Francis-KY	Kodak		Pneumonia 10 am	
Stillborn Sellers	Combs			Apr.17,1944	Apr.17,1944	not listed	Home		Home		Cunningham	Leslie Sellers-Leslie	Lucy Eversole-Leslie	Combs		Still born  9:18	
Thomas M. Smith		Hyden		62	Apr.15,1944	June 03		not listed	Ga		Home		Frazier		Chas Smith-Georgia	not listed		Hyden		not listed 9pm	Ciddie 61
Tommy Noble 		Ary		1mo	Apr.17,1944	Mar.16,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Richie		C.J. Noble-Perry	Vertna MeLemore-KY	Ary		not listed 10:30pm	
Samuel J. Combs		Vicco			not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	Shipped from Fl. ord by Brack Combs 	
Kelly Lawson		Combs		53	Apr.20,1944	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Home		not listed	James Lawson-KY		Sarah Vancline-BreathittCombs		Stroke 5 am	Rosa  46
Hazel Wooten		Busy			Apr.21,1944	Mar.18,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Jackson		Chas Wooten-KY		Laura Morgan-KY		Busy		not listed 10am (has 3 mo as age)	
Harold Combs		Ary		14	Apr.23,1944	Jan.20,1930	not listed	Ary		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Braxton Combs-perry	Ulanda Fugate-Perry	Ary		Burns 4pm	
Steve Stidham		Yerkes		63	Apr.24,1944	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Home		Frazier		Sam Stidham-KY		Elmie Campbell-KY	Yerkes		Heart 1:30	Lucy
Basil Cadaen Messer	Hazard		46	Apr.22,1944	Oct.14,1896	Salesman	Knott		Home		Ivey		Flem D. Messer-W VA	Cynthia Ritchie-Knott	Riverside	Heart Trouble	
Florence Johnson	Hyden		15	Apr.26,1944	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Hyden		not listed	Theo Johnson-Leslie	Jane Couch-Leslie	Hyden		Drowned 3pm	
James Worley Johnson	Hyden		13	Apr.26,1944	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Hyden		not listed	Theo Johnson-Leslie	Jane Couch-Leslie	Hyden		Drowned 3pm	
James W. Johnson	Hardburly	14	Apr.26,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hyden		not listed	Glen Johnson-TN		Dasiy Johnson-Leslie	Englewood	Drowned 3pm	
Johnie Collinsworth	Blue Diamond	63	May 01,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		B.D. Home	Wagers		Sam Collinsworth-KY	Roda Hoskins-KY		Seitz		Stroke 8:30pm	
David C. Lawson Jr.	Christopher	62	May 02,1944	Feb.14,1882	not listed	Breathitt	Home		Adkins		Dave Lawson-KY		Malissa Lawson-KY	Copeland	not listed 2:20pm	Seney   58
2 Stillborn Allen	not listed		May 02,1944	May 02,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		General Allen-Bell	Orpha Wooton-Leslie	Leslie		stillborn twins 8:30pm	
Elbert Combs		Blue Diamond	30	May 03,1944	Mar.18		not listed	Perry		Home		Wagers		Cale Combs-KY		Adlia Collins-KY	Butterfly	Pneumonia  7:30am	Ruby 26
Ernest Handy(colored)	Hazard		27	May 03,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Victor Handy-KY		Sarah Combs-KY		Brownsfork	Gunshot  10am	
Stillborn Combs		Vicco			May 03,1944	May 03,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Brack Combs-KY		Stella Dixon-KY		Cornett Hill	premature 8:30pm	
Stillborn Tuggle	Glowmar			May 09,1944	May 09,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Potter		Evert Tuggle-W VA	Dovie Deaton-KY		Englewood	premature 1:25	
Harrison Feltner	Hyden		73	May 10,1944	not listed	not listed	Clay		Home		Akers		Bill Feltner-Perry	Silvenea Feltner-KY	Hyden		Heart Trouble 5 am	
Sol Campbell		Dunraven		May 10,1944	Mar.09,1913	not listed	Perry		Home		Richie		Mack Campbell-Perry	Sussie Campbell-Perry	Dunraven	T.B. 8:15pm	Adis 30
Ed Strong		Tolbert		67	May 10,1944	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		W.H. Strong-Breathitt	Elizabeth Allen-Brethit Little		Stroke 11:20 (in hosp 12 days)	Minnie 50
William Lewis		Hyden			blank		Mar.09,1869	not listed	Leslie		Leslie		Collins		Thad Lewis-KY		Pendleton		Lewis 		Gallstone record date May 11,1944	Sallie  74
Sharion Lee Brewer	Pioneer		2mo	May 12,1944	Mar.03,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Martin Palmer	Elijah Brewer-Breathitt	Gertrude Williams-Perry Boat		Unknown 3pm	
Chester Begley		Wooten		26	May 16,1944	Sept.30		Coal miner	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Hargis Begley-Leslie	Ellie Dean-Leslie	Wooton		Crushed hips,8pm	Carrie 20
Stillborn Moore		Lothair			May 12,1944	May 12,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Lee Moore-Owsley	Maganola Flenery-KY	Lothair		stillborn 3:30pm	
Willis J. Combs(colored)Combs			May 16,1944	May 01,1944	not listed	Combs		Home		Cunningham	Johnnie Combs-Combs	Louvine Gilam?		Combs		not listed	
A.B. Walters		Lothair		54	May 18,1944	Apr.07,1890	Contractor	Pa		Yerkes		no doctor	William J. Walters-PA	Sarah VanKirk-Pa	Englewood	Crushed Hips 11am	Nellie  52
Betty Ann Sharkey(colored)Hazard	 2	May 18,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Blue Diamond	Jackson		Alfonso Sharkey-TN	Anna Terrell-KY		Blue Diamond	Pneumonia 11pm	
T.W. Couch		Yerkes		77	May 25,1944	June 13		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Collins		Samuel Couch-Perry	Emma Wooten-KY		Yerkes		Pneumonia 8:35	Bella 60
Roy Asher		Wooten		22	May 25,1944	1922		Trucker		Leslie		Wooten		Cunningham	Henry Asher-Leslie	Ida Bailey-KY		Asher or Feltner Burns  7 am	
Marten Howard Hall	New Jersey	 6	not listed	not listed	not listed	Perry		not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Englewood	recdate May25,1944 ord by James Hall 	
Wiley Couch		Typo		70	May 26,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Elihue Couch-KY		Martha Hoskins-KY	Typo		not listed 4am	Mary 74
Adam Sumner		Allais		49	May 26,1944	Jul.18,1895	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Knoch		William Sumner-KY	Martha Woodard-KY	Riverside	Cancer of stomach 9:30	Amanda  43
Ralph LaMonce Jr.	Blue Diamond	 2	May 26,1944	Sep.22,1941	not listed	Perry		Home		Wagers		Ralph LaMasters-TN	Cleda Bays-KY		Riverside	Crushed 11:50am 2yrs 8mo	
Susan Melton		Wooten			May 26,1944	Apr.03,1865	not listed	Perry		Wooten		Cunningham	Jesse Messer-W VA	Martha Combs-KY		Melton		Heart Attack 7pm	
Alex Baker		Chavies		66	Jun.02,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Ike Bake-KY		Martha Deaton-KY	Chavies		Stroke	Bell  60 or 69?
Pvt.Dewey Combs		Talcum		23	Jun.03,1944	Apr.20		Soldier		Knott		Hazard Hosp	Collins		Lee Combs-Knott		Margaret Combs-KY	Talcum		Gunshot 1am	
Prudia Neace		Allais		28	Jun.03,1944	Dec.17		not listed	Perry		Home		Adkins		Geo Gay-KY		Nell Neace-KY		Riverside	T.B. 11:30pm	Peter Neace 52
Ernest Amburgey		Sassafrass	14	Jun.04,1944	Aug.28		not listed	Perry		Sassafrass	not listed	Harlan Amburgey-SassafrsRose Hall- Floyd	Litt Carr	not listed 4pm	
Mitchell Barnett	Cin. OH			not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Diablock	Funeral Jun.06,1944 2pm shipped in	
Sussie Campbell		Dice		34	Jun.10,1944	June 1909	not listed	KY		Home		Perry Health D.	Austin Combs-KY		Martha Neace-KY		Dice		T. B.10:25	Manuell 63
Stillborn Stacy		Hardburly		Jun.10,1944	Jun.10,1944	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	not listed	Riley Stacy-Perry	Katie Grigsby-Knott	Napier		Stillborn	
Nancy Young		Elic		78	Jun.14,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Home		no doctor	Robert Cornett-KY	Adlenee Cornett-KY	Elic		Crushed Skull 1:30am	
Stillborn Campbell	Ary			Jun.14,1944	Jun.14,1944	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Sherman Campbell-Perry	Elsie Fugate		Ary		Premature 9:30am	
Stillborn Peckett	Kodak			Jun.14,1944	Jun.14,1944	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		R.C. Peckett-KY		not listed		Englewood	Premature 12noon	
John M. Pratt		Jeff		58	Jun.15,1944	Feb.12		Coalminer	Perry		Defiance	Salyers		William Pratt-Perry	Melda McIntire-Letcher	Cornettsville	Electrocution	Ollie  49
Billy Combs(colored)	Hazard			Jun.15,1944	June 1886	City Workman	Perry		Perry		Ivy		Unknown			Unknown			Forrest Hill	Heart Failure 6am	
Elizabeth Jett Patton	Combs		51	Jun.16,1944	Apr.01,1893	not listed	Madison		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Hiram Jett-Breathitt	Sarah Jane Sewell-BrethitEnglewood	not listed 1:25 pm	Roy Patton  52
McKinley Smith		Lotts Creek	48	Jun.18,1944	not listed	Timber worker	Knott		Cordia		not listed	Alex Smith		Stacy-Knott		Smith Family	Heart Attack 11am	Carrie 42
Joe B. Feltner		Darfork		85	Jun.23,1944	Dec.15,1858	not listed	Perry		Home		Potter		Jake Feltner-KY		Nancy Grigsby-KY	Feltner		Kidney Trouble 3:40am	Elizabeth 82
Peggie J. Hoskins	Tribby		11da	Jun.23,1944	Jun.12,1944	not listed	Home		Home		Boggs		Hobert Hoskins-Perry	Agnes Campbell-Perry	Busy		not listed 3:30am	
Robert Couch		Tribby		11	Jun.24,1944	June 14		not listed	Perry		Home		Boggs		Eli Couch-Perry		Mary Rose Hoskins-Perry	Busy		Unknown 2 am	
Shirley Hall		Happy		3mo	Jun.24,1944	Apr.1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Coolie Combs	Ashell Hall-Perry	Hazel Caudill-Breathitt	Viper		Dysenteary 5 am	
Bill Muncy		Hyden		31	Jun.23,1944	Mar. 13		not listed	Leslie		Hyden		not listed	Allen Muncy-Clay	Polly Wooten-Clay	Hyden		Gun shot 12 nooon	Selena  22
French Thompson		Diablock	2mo	Jun.25,1944	Apr.03,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		Jackson		Dewey Thompson-Lee	Willia M. Hogsdon-BrethitEngle Branch	Dysenteary  11am 2mo 22da	
Charline Cornette	Diablock	10mo	Jun.24,1944	Sep.27,1944	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		James Cornette-Perry	Rhoda Sizemore-Leslie	Englewood	not listed 9pm	
Marie White(colored)	Hazard		21	Jun.28,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		B.B. Baker	Jim Hogg-Knott		America Walker-Perry	Forrest Hill	T. B. 2:35 am	Jesse 26
Hubert Stacy		Allais		40	Jun.28,1944	Jul.09,1903	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		John D. Stacy-KY	Martha Collins-Perry	Cornette	not listed 10pm	Beatrice
Lula Ann Fields		Jeff		1mo	Jun.30,1944	May 22,1944	not listed	Perry		Jeff		Coolie Combs	Shelby Fields-Letcher	Okra Almond-Letcher	Combs		not listed 7:30	
Isaac B. Ritchie	Sassafrass	40	Jun.30,1944	Mar.18,1904	not listed	Knott		Hazard		Morgan		Andy Ritchie-Knott	Surena Sloan-Knott	2nd Creek	not listed 10:00	Martha   31
Sarelda McKengia	Hazard		78	Jun.30,1944	Jan.17,1866	not listed	Morgan		E.L.Benton Home	R.L. Collins	John Kilgore-KY		Almeda Haney-KY		Malone		Heart Trouble   10am	
Florence Thompson	Diablock	2mo	Jul.03,1944	Apr.03,1944	not listed	Perry		Home		C.B. Combs	Dewey Thompson-Lee	Willia M. Hogsdon-KY	Diablock	Dysenteary	
Flora N. Blair		Carbin Glow	31	Jul.02,1944	Nov.03,1912	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		J.E.Thomas-NC		Emma Candler? NC	Carbin Glow	Childbirth  11:06pm	
Roscoe Deaton		Harvey		11	Jul.04,1944	Apr.27,1933	not listed	Breathitt	Perry		Ed Ivy		Dewey Deaton-Perry	Ann Bush-Barwick	White-Barwick	Drowned  2pm 11yrs 2mo 7da	
Freddie D. Everage	Vicco		7mo	Jul.06,1944	Nov.11,1943	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Geo.W. Everage-Knott	Bertha Everage-Knott	Sassafrass	Dysenteary  7:30	
Still Birth Blythe	Clemons			Jul.07,1944	Jul.07,1944	not listed	Home 		Home		Wagers		Arlie Blythe-KY		Ida Whitaker-KY		Allais		Stillborn 4 pm	
John E. Sloan		Harveyton	46	Jul.07,1944	not listed	Coal Miner	Coal Creek-TN	Harveyton	Martin Palmer	Washington Sloan-TN	Bettie Hatmaker-TN	Chavies		Crushed   7 pm	Manirva    33
Still Birth Hughs	Hardburly		Jul.08,1944	Jul.08,1944	not listed	KY		not listed	Jingles		Rufus Hughs-KY		Sarah Pelfrey-KY	Hardburly	Stilborn 	
Still Birth Messer	Wisco			Jul.10,1944	Jul.10,1944	not listed	Knott		Home		Akers		Davis Messer-Knott	Thelma Fugate-Knott	Vest		Stillborn  5am	
Susan Hoskins		Blue Diamond	75	Jul.11,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		James Campbell-KY	not listed		Busy		7:15am ord. by Hobert Hoskins	
Still Birth		Blue Diamond		Jul.14,1944	Jul.14,1944	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Alen Turner-Perry	Matilda Thomas-Lee	Dwarf		Stillborn 1am	
Sarah Threets(colored)	Vicco			Jul.14,1944	not listed	not listed	Georgia		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Unknown			Unknown			Forrest Hill	not listed 6:15	
Lonnie Williams		Clemons		4mo	Jul.16,1944	Mar.14,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Corbin Williams-Perry	Della Rose-Perry	Clemons		not listed  11:45pm	
Ora Smith		Ary		21	Jul.17,1944	Mar.08,1923	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Collins/Jackson	Nickie Smith-Knott	Nancy Miller-Breathitt	Clay Hole	not listed  4:25 pm	
Bettie Smith		Haddix		7mo	Jul.18,1944	Dec.03,1943	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Woodrow Smith-Breathitt	Omeda A, Thomas-Perry	Cragon		Dysenteary 10pm	
John R. Duncan		Allais		60	Jul.15,1944	Sep.10,1883	not listed	KY		Hazard		Ed Ivy		Wiley Duncan		Nancy Jane Duncan	Hazard		Acute Indigestion	
Janice Settle		Hazard		 1	Jul.19,1944	not listed	not listed	Hazard		Hazard		Britt Combs	Luther Settle-TN	Myrtle Bowling-Breathittnot listed	not listed 8 pm	
Chas Cornett		Slemp			Jul.21,1944	not listed	construction	Letcher		Slemp		not listed	Elijah Cornett-KY	Eliza Callahan-KY	Slemp		Crushed Skull	Peggie   41
Floyd Boggs		Causey		58	Jul.21,1944	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Home		Clark Bailey	Elisha Boggs-Leslie	Elizabeth Causey-KY	Causey		High Blood 10am	Mary  43
David P. Maggard	Krypton		11mo	Jul.22,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		Collins		Wallace Maggard-KY	Lydia Campbell-KY	Krypton		Dysenteary 12:30 am	
Still Born Whitley	Hazard			Jul.22,1944	Jul.22,1944	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Charles Whitley-Perry	Ruth Towns-Perry	Englewood	Stillborn	
Deranda Rogers		Harveyton	40	Jul.23,1944	not listed	not listed	Wolfe		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Geo Rogers-Wolfe	Rosa Horton-KY		Campton		not listed 6:30pm	
Hattie Draughn		Hazard		71	Jul.23,1944	Nov.03		not listed	Perry		Home		Collins		W.W. Baker-KY		Josephine Martin-KY	Englewood	not listed  11:30pm	
Pete Fornney		Avawam		1mo	Jul.23,1944	Jun.26,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Joe Fornney-New York	Delia Whitaker-Perry	Whitaker	Pneumonia  11pm 1mo 17 da	
Lyman McIntosh		Lothair		40	Jul.24,1944	Aug.27		not listed	KY		Home		B.B. Baker	William Riley-KY	Rachel Turner-KY	Lothair		Dropsey 11:45pm	Clay McIntosh    50
George Neace		Allais			Jul.25,1944	Jan.05,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Adkins		Peter Neace-Breathitt	Prudie Gay-Perry	Riverside	not listed 1:30	
Charles Wayne Combs	Jeff		5da	Jul.26,1944	Jul.21,1944	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	CoolieCombs	Baldon Combs-Perry	Ona Asher-Perry		Combs/Jeff	not listed 5:30	
Bevmess? Hall		Clemon		39	Jul.26,1944	not listed	Coal Miner	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Floyd Hall-KY		Cora Hall		Jeff		Mine accident   9:35pm	Ollie 29
Abraham L. DeHart	Farler		73	Jul.26,1944	Sept.02		not listed	Perry		Farler		Britt Combs	Jake DeHart-France	Mary Day-Wise VA	Turner		not listed 9:30	Anner 47
Ambros Whitaker		Manuel		46	Jul.27,1944	Jun.05		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Mark Whitaker-Perry	Pattie Miller-Perry	Manuel		not listed 8 pm	Artea 45
Gwendolyn Cornett(colored)Hazard	7mo	Jul.28,1944	not listed	not listed	Perry		Home		C.B. Combs	Lucan Cornett-Perry	Agnis Coleman-TN	Forrest HIll	Dysenteary  9am	
Ruth Letteral		Hardburly	13	Jul.28,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Louisville Hosp	not listed	not listed		not listed		White Oak	not listed 5am	
Roy Holcomb		Slemp		17	Jul.29,1944	Feb.		not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Harrison Holcomb-KY	Ada McDaniel-KY		Slemp		Crushed  9am	
Mary Ann Neace		Chavies		38	Jul.29,1944	not listed	not listed	KY		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Hijah Collins-KY	Lizzie Neace-KY		Chavies		not listed 3 pm	
Roda Ross Wendser	PA			Jul.20,1944	not listed	not listed	not listed	PA		not listed	not listed		not listed		Allais		ord by Sis Duff funeral Jul. 30,1944	Nick   50
Ben C. Woods		Viper		60	Jul.18,1946	Mar.31,1880	not listed	Perry		Viper		not listed	Theo Woods-Perry	Julia Cornett-Perry	Viper		Auto Accident  6 pm	
Sarah Jane Moore	Chavies		65	Jul.04,1941	Sept.29		not listed	Perry		Chavies		J.C. Coldiron	Joseph Gamble-Perry	Emily Little-Breathitt	Chavies		Heart    8 am	
Chas Smith		Anco		21	Jul.20,1941	Nov.26,1919	Coal Miner	Perry		Anco		Jackson		Jeff Smith-TN		Polly Baker-Perry	Englewood	Car wreck 12 noon	Helen   15
Lula Combs		Hindman		50	Jul.23,1941	Dec.02,1889	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Adkins			not listed		Hindman		Operation  9:30pm	Monroe Combs  62
Willie Dobinson		Hindman		50	Jul.25,1941	Mar.08		not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		James Dobinson-Knott	Sarah Hicks-Knott	Vest		not listed 2:15pm	Fleetie  49
Rachel Gayheart		Fisty		61	Jul.25,1941	Apr.10		not listed	Perry		Fisty		Richie		Sam Combs-Perry		Sarah Allen-Perry	Fisty		T.B. 5 pm	
Eva Radford		Allock		38	Jul.25,1941	1903		not listed	Paintsville	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		John Blanton-Johnson	Rachel Blanton-Johnson	Englewood	not listed 7:30pm	Henry Radford 40
Sallie Bowling		Hector		32	Jul.26,1941	not listed	not listed	not listed	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Robert Spurlock-Leslie	Nancy Ross-Clay		Hector		Ruptured Appendix 9 am	Logan Bowling?
Still Birth Girl	Anco			Jul.25,1941	Jul.25,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	J.E. Hagan	Everett Davidson-Perry	Ida Bell Carroll-Perry	Blue Grass	Stillborn	
Julia Spurlock		Clemons		68	Jul.27,1941	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Clemons		Payne		Bill Spicer-Breathitt	Emily Haddix-Breathitt 	Haddix		High Blood  8:30	George Spurlock    73
Kenny Stacy		not listed	65	Jul.27,1941	not listed	Farmer		Ary		Ary		Ritchie		Levi Stacy-Ary		Cindy Combs-Ary		Ary		Heart Dropsy  8:00	Nancy Ann 64
Katie Manning(colored)	Harvey		47	Jul.27,1941	Jan.14,1894	not listed	KY		Harvey		Palmer		Thomas Blanton-SC	Mary Whitecollon-TN	not listed	not listed 9:20am	Butler Manning 58
Robert Roscoe Bobbitt	Hazard		50	Jul.30,1941	not listed	Merchant	W VA		Hazard		Hagan		Robert W. Bobbitt-W VA	Harriett Duncan-VA	Union W VA	Gun shot 1pm	Pearl
Still Birth		Busy			Aug.01,1941	Aug.01,1941	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		John D. Stacy-Perry 	Norma Fields-Perry	Busy		Stillborn  11:30 am	
Emily Scott		Lothair		72	Aug.02,1941	not listed	not listed	TN		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Bill Quarsells-TN	not listed		Black Gold	not listed	Joe 85
Alberta Day		Kodak		19da	Aug.02,1941	Jul.15,1941	not listed	Kodak		Kodak		Kash		Willie Day-Morgan	Sally Day-Perry		Kodak		Dysenteary 10pm	
Kathleen Campbell	Viper		17	Aug.06,1941	Aug.20,1923	not listed	Perry		Stennett	Kooser		Roy Campbell-Perry	Carrie Manenard-Perry	Viper		Drowned 17yrs.11mo 17da	
Carrie Combs		Ball Rock	30	Aug.07,1941	Jun.21,1911	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Taylor Watts-Breathitt	Cora Noble-Breathitt	Vicco		Heart Dropsy 4:30pm	Enox Combs  30
Edna Stacy 		Hardburly	25	Aug.08,1941	May 02,1916	not listed	Lewis		Hardburly	H.W.Jingles	Rufus White		Dora Fugate-KY		Englewood	T.B. 5:30pm	Newford Stacy  28
Vestia Robertson	Jackson		43	Aug.08,1941	not listed	not listed	KY		Harveyton	Hensley		Bill Adkins-KY		Molly Adkins-KY		OK Jct.		T.B. 6:45pm	Mike Robertson  52
George Watts		Diablock 	 1	Aug.09,1941	Jan.06,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Flint Watts-Breathitt	Malta Woods-Leslie	Engle Branch	Bowels 10am 1yr 7mo 3da	
Susie Combs		Emmalena	5mo	Aug.09,1941	Feb.21,1941	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Herbert Combs-Knott	Ursula Combs-Knott	Emmalena	Dysenteary  12 noon	
Florene Murriel		Scuddy		 2	Aug.09,1941	May 16,1939	not listed	Perry		Scuddy		BB Baker	Fred Nurrell-Lee	Mary Blevins-Lee	Scuddy		Dysenteary 1 pm	
Lida Witt		Smithboro	38	Aug.09,1941	not listed	not listed	Letcher		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Jim Caudill-Letcher	Polly Caudill-Letcher	Letcher Co	Childbirth  8:30pm	J.W. Witt 39
Dora Grisgby		Darfork		36	Aug.12,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Lige Jent-Perry		Susie Young-Knott	Lotts Creek	Heart  11pm	Carlise Grigsby
Nannie B. Fullwood(colored)Blue Diamond	48	Aug.13,1941	Jun.06,1892	not listed	Brehard, NC	Liberty St.	Hagan		Adam Hutchinson  NC	Elvira-Poke Co. NC	Englewood	Cancer  1:30	Walter Fullwood   48
Billy Lee Parris	Vicco			Aug.18,1941	May 18		Coal Miner	Logan Co. WVA	Green Ridge	Kash		James Parris-TN		Semouta Ray-Knox	Riverside	Electricution 2:50pm	
Paul C. Connley		Hardburly	27	Aug.16,1941	Aug.13		not listed	Johnson		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Frank Connley-Morgan	Virgie DeLong-Morgan	not listed	not listed 1:30pm	Ruth 25
Nora Lee Collins	Anco		1mo	Aug.17,1941	Jul.01,1941	not listed	Knott		Anco		James Gilbert	Boyd Collins-Breathitt	Ethel Taylor-Bell	Cornett Hill	Borned deformed and fits 3:50	
Andy Cole		Anco		60	Aug.17,1941	Mar.		Coal MIner	VA		Wesco		not listed	Abe Cole-Harlan		Bessie Harris-VA	Forrest Hill	Skull Fractured 8 pm	
Donald Ray Everidge	Hindman		6mo	Aug.18,1941	Feb.02,1941	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Edwin Everidge-Indiana	Edna Amburgey-Knott	Hindman		Dysenteary   2:30 pm	
Hobert Hicks		Anco			Aug.19,1941	Jul.31,1939	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Mack Hicks-Perry	Rebecca Bowling-Perry	Bowlingtown	Dysenteary 6:30pm	
Robert McIntyre		Vicco		49	Aug.20,1941	July 4		Taxi Driver	Perry		Cornettsville	S.P. Combs	Richmond McIntyre-Perry	Margariett Brashear-PerryFusonia	Fractured of the  Skull	Dana  46
Wilma Eversole		Avawam		3mo	Aug.22,1941	May 08,1941	not listed	Perry		Avawam		J.M. Ray	Robert Eversole-Avawam	Doris Fields-Perry	Avawam		not listed	
Delores Wood		Glomawr			Aug.23,1941	Sep.02,1940	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Richard Wood-TN		Chloe Pickett-VA 	Englewood	Dysenteary  5 pm	
Allie F. Francis	Dwarf			Aug.28,1941	Dec.25,1905	not listed	Perry		Knott		Richie		Irvin Richie-Perry	Eliza Richie-Perry	Talcum		Cancer 5:30pm	Edgar Francis   28
State Thompson		Walkertown	73	Aug.29,1941	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Combs		Cunningham	not listed		not listed		Combs		Stroke  3:15	Daw Thompson
Harrold Barker		Lothair		21	Aug.29,1941	July 12		Coal Miner	Morgan		Lothair		not listed	Johnny Barker-Morgan	Maggie Whitt-Morgan	not listed	Crushed Chest 9:30 am	Rose 18
Robert H. Amburgey	Hyden		75	Aug.29,1941	June 15		Merchant	Knott		Hindman		Duke		Wiley Amburgey-VA	Lucinda Adams-Knott	Hindman		Heart Failure 1:30am	Lucinda  69
Donald Lee Simpson	Tribby		 1	Aug.30,1941	July		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Thos Simpson-TN		Anna M. King-TN		Tribby		Dysenteary  2 am	
W.H.Nelson		Hazard		76	Aug.31,1941	not listed	R.R. Switchman	not listed	Eastern State 	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	Pneumonia	
Curt Campbell		Diablock	31	Sep.03,1941	Oct.31,1909	Coal Miner	Perry		Diablock	not listed	Jim Campbell-Perry	Lucia Duff-Perry	Dunraven	Crushed Chest 8:30 am	Martha 28
Ernest Nevitt		Blue Diamond	39	Sep.04,1941	March		Coal Miner	not listed	Blue Diamond	Payne		Jacob Nevitt		Sarah			Blue Diamond	not listed 6:30am	Rebecca Terrels
Mary Deaton		Combs		4mo	Sep.07,1941	May 7		not listed	Hazard		Home		Boggs		Willie Deaton-Combs	Arminta Cornett-Letcher	Domino		not listed 3am	
Charles Brown Hughes	Combs		4mo	Oct.06,1941	Jun.05,1941	not listed	Letcher		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Elisha HughesWolfCrk/BrethitNancy A. Noble-Brth	Cass Creek	Thrash 12:25 pm 4 mo 1da	
James Feltner		Glomawr		 1	Oct.07,1941	Mar.20,1940	not listed	Perry		Glomawr		Snyder		Jas Feltner-Glomawr	Hazael Roberts-Glomawr	not listed	Calstis?  3pm 1yr 6mo 18da	
Jack Hurt		Hardburly		Oct.09,1941	not listed	Student		Perry		Allen		Hagan		Jack Hurt-Perry		Mary Green-TN		not listed	Shot	
Jacob Bedwell		Wendoner	45	Oct.10,1941	Jul.07,1896	not listed	Letcher		Hyden Hosp	Kooser		not listed		Sarah Griffey-Leslie	Heri? 		Heart and Liver 8pm 45yr 2mo 29da	Rachel 20
William Neace		Blue Diamond	54	Oct.12,1941	Feb.11,1887	Coal Miner	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Tom Neace-Perry		not listed		Sixteen		not listed 6:30am 54yr 8mo 1da	
Susan Smith		Ary			Oct.11,1947	not listed	not listed	not listed	Duane?		Hobbs		Wiley Roberts		Matilda Smith		Holiday		Heart 7:30pm	
Still Born		Scuddy			Oct.12,1941	Oct.12,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Roy Feltner-Glomawr	Agnes Jones-Hazard	not listed	Stillborn	
Ina Jean Gayheart	Ajax		1da	Oct.13,1941	Oct.12,1941	not listed	Tribby		Ajax		Dickenson	Charles Gayheart-Knott	Leana Hall-Knott	Clear Creek	Diarreah	
Soloman Caudill		Kodak		40	Oct.13,1941	Mar.01,1900	Coal Miner	Letcher		Kodak		Kash		Henry Caudill-Letcher	Ellen Caudill-Letcher	Smithboro	Cancer 40yr 7mo 12da	Cinda
Agnes Feltner		Scuddy		22	Oct.14,1941	Mar.21,1919	not listed	Hazard		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Edward Jones-KY		Lula Short-Owsley	Scuddy		Appendicitis 7:30pm	Roy Feltner
Elta Mary Taylor	Kodak		57	Oct.16,1941	Sep.11,1884	not listed	NC		Kodak		Kash		Puss Gardner-NC		Hanner Ray-NC		Johnson City TN	High Blood  10:30pm	Clarence Taylor   50
Pete Hamblin		Yerkes		83	Oct.17,1941	May 07,1856	Farmer		Perry		Yerkes		Morgan		Lee Hamblin-KY		Susie Whitaker-KY	Clay Co.	Heart Trouble 12:00 	Elizabeth Gay
Still Birth Hall	Clemons			Oct.19,1941	Oct.19,1941	not listed	Perry		Clemons		Payne		Burness Hall-Perry	Ollie Shipley-TN	Jeff		Premature	
John S. Gaddis Jr.	Blue Diamond	61	Oct.21,1941	Apr.09,1880	Coal Miner	Georgia		Home		Payne		John Gaddis-Georgia	Florence Redman-Georgia	Riverside	High Blood 10pm	Incene? Collins
James O. Vires		Diablock	17da	Oct.25,1941	Sep.08,1941	not listed	Perry		Diablock	Flynn		Ottis Vires-Lee		Bertha Napier-Perry	Manuel		Bowels  10am	
Hiram Salyers		Lothair		59	Oct.25,1941	not listed	Farmer		KY		Lothair		Richie		William Salyers-KY	not listed		Taulbert/Brethitnot listed 10:30am	
Billy Ray Fields	Avawam		 3	Oct.29,1941	Aug.07		not listed	Avawam		Avawam		Hurtfield	Lane Fields-Avawam	Lucy Hamilton-Leslie	Avawam		Stomach  9:30 pm	
Patsy Marlowe		Lothair		 2	Oct.30,1941	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	Snyder		Pete Marlowe-Harlan	Edith Chapman-Perry	not listed	Pneumonia  3:30 pm	
William Centers		Cody		31	Oct.31,1941	June 03		Coal Miner	Powell		Cody		Akers		Manuel Centers-Powell	Georgia Ann Knox-Powell	Carr Creek	Heart Trouble  8 am	Burnette   26
Molly Ray Couch		Combs		 1	Nov.01,1941	Feb.10,1940	not listed	Combs		Hazard Hosp	Wright		Zora Couch-Butterfly	Ethel Sizemore-Hyden	Combs		Dysenteary 1yr 2mo 4da	
Dudley M. Plummer	Diablock	70	Nov.03,1941	Jun.03,1871	Salesman	Fleming		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Jerry Plummer-Fleming	Mary Martin		Paris		Pneumonia  12 noon	Elnor 60
Bettie Davis		Lothair			Nov.04,1941	Jul.04,1871	not listed	TN		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Gran Chitwood-TN	Polly Baker-TN		Englewood	Kidney Operation  5 pm	Clarence Davis
Isabelle Hensley	Hardburly	42	Nov.06,1941	Mar.18,1898	not listed	Lee Co. VA	Hardburly	Jingles		James B. Standafer-PerryMalana Oxford-VA	not listed  	Childbirth 12:15pm	Levi Hensley  42
Ora Emmaline Combs	Glomawr		1mo	Nov.07,1941	Oct.11,1941	not listed	Glomawr		not listed	Faulkner	Ova Combs-Lee		Lula Mae Nickles-LetcherAdams		Stomach Trouble 3 pm	
Fred Hensley		Hardburly	4da	Nov.08,1941	Nov.04,1941	not listed	Hardburly	not listed	Jackson		Levi Hensley-Leslie	Isabelle Standafer-Lee	Willard		Cerebral Hemmorage 11pm	
John M. Shepherd	Daisy			Nov.10,1941	Feb. 1894	Farmer		Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Silas Shepherd-Perry	Bythie Willson-Leslie	Daisy		not listed 9:30 am	Martha  38
William H. Hilliman	Vicco		81	Nov.10,1941	May 25,1860	Farmer		Louisville	Vicco		Pigman		Frank Nickles-Ireland	Lucy-Ireland		Cornett Hill	Pneumonia  11am	
Girlie Doyle(colored)	Hazard		43	Nov.13,1941	not listed	not listed	Georgia		Hazard		Coldiron	not listed		not listed		Etouch, TN	T.B. 4:55am	John D. Doyle  58
Nancy Campbell		Ary		21	Nov.18,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Billie Campbell-Perry	Allie Campbell-Perry	Ary		not listed 11:30	Cleveland Campbell  33
Cassie Stacy		Carr Creek	76	Nov.17,1941	not listed	not listed	Knott		Carr Creek	J.W.Duke	Samuel Francis-Knott	Lettie Mullins-Knott	Carr Creek	Heart 6:45pm	S.M. Stacy  75
Willie Pigman		Bath		55	Nov.19,1941	Aug.25		Farmer		Knott		Bath		C. Pigman	W.M. Pigman-Knott	Nancy Adams-Knott	Bath		Cancer 11:20pm	
Lillie Mae Rudd		Allock		47	Nov.21,1941	Nov.17		not listed	not listed	Allock		Jackson		Hayden Brewer-Breathitt	Elizabeth Clemons	Cornett Hill	not listed  4:30pm	Carl Rudd 52
Claude Kelley Richie	Fisty		25da	Nov.23,1941	Oct.28,1941	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Kelley Richie-Knott	Melissa Richie-Knott	Fisty		Dysenteary-4:30pm	
John E. Lowry		Combs		58	Nov.24,1941	Aug.18,1883	Pensioner	High Bridge	Home		Cunningham	John B. Lowry-High BridgeNancy Allcorn-Lexngtn  Combs		Dropsy	
Gleen Napier		Darfork		3da	Nov.24,1941	Nov.21,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Arthur Napier-Perry	Margie Manes-Perry	Grigsby		not listed 3pm	
Dun Ray Napier		Happy		14da	Nov.29,1941	Nov.12,1941	not listed	Happy		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Irvin Napier-Daisy	Della Cole- Cornettesvl Macys Creek	not listed 1 am	
Still Birth Hall	Clemons			Nov.28,1941	Nov.28,1941	not listed	Emmalena	Emmalena	Payne		Ira Hall-Knott		Rosie Combs-Perry	Combs		Stillborn	
Linzy Dyer		Leburn		75	Nov.28,1941	May		not listed	Magoffin	Leburn		Duke		Mack Dyer		not listed		Leburn		Heart attack  10:15	
Cassie Campbell		Yerkes		19	Nov.30,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Yerkes		Jackson		E.C. Campbell-Perry	Polly Campbell-Perry	Yerkes		Cancer 12:30am	
Polk South		Bulan		43	Nov.30,1943	May 21,1898	Coal Miner	Breathitt	Bulan		Richie		Green South-Breathitt	Sarah Marse-Breathitt	Jackson		High Blood 4 am	
Will Johnson(colored)	Allock		49	Nov.30,1941	Aug.10,1892	Coal Miner	Alabama		Hazard Hosp	not listed	not listed		not listed		Taswell, TN	Slate Fall 11pm	
Wendell Combs		Vicco		23	Dec.03,1941	Aug.07		Filling Station	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Brack Combs-Letcher	Diana Combs-Perry	Hindman		Gunshot  11:45	Opal 21
Adrian Lee		Glomawr		31	Dec.05,1941	May 12, 1910	not listed	KY		Diablock	not listed	Chas Lee-KY		Edna Barlow-TN		Englewood	not listed 5:30am	Delcenia Combs 18
Still Birth Juanita Eversole Scuddy		Dec.08,1941	Dec.08,1941	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Willie Eversole-Perry	Louanna Lewis-Leslie	not listed 	stillborn 9am	
Lonney Carroll Blythe	Blue Diamond	 1	Dec.12,1941	not listed	not listed	Whitley		KY		Payne		Will Blythe-Texas	Myrtle Adkins-Whiltley	Emlyn		Pneumonia 5 am 1yr 5mo	
Ragila Feltner		Cordia		60	Dec.13,1941	Dec.10		Housekeeper	Dwarf		Cordia		not listed	Sam Combs-Dwarf		Malitdice Young-Knott	Feltner		Epilepsy 6 am    60yrs 3 da	Adam Feltner
Florence Trent		Glomawr		51	Dec.13,1941	Aug.5		not listed	Wayne Co. WVA	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Sam Pionson-Lawrence	Mallessie Laney-KY	Englewood	Car Accident   4:30pm	E.W. Trent  50
Riley Combs		Happy		67	Dec.14,1941	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Happy		Collins		Remine Combs-Perry	Mary Combs		Acup		High Blood   7pm	
Morgan Cornett		Christopher		Dec.16,1941	Jul.03,1875	Farmer		not listed	Diablock	not listed	John Cornett-Perry	Catherine Combs-Perry	Cornett Hill	Gun Shot  10am	Judea   64
Ples Thomas		Allais			Dec.17,1941	not listed	not listed	not listed	Allais		Ray		not listed		not listed		not listed	T.B. 12 noon	
Woodroe Fugate		Ary		20	Dec.19,1941	July 1		not listed	Ary		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Emanuel Fugate-BreathittPolly Richie-Knott	not listed	Car Wreck 11pm	
Jas S. Layne		Sassafrass		Dec.10,1941	May 01,1889	not listed	Knott		Sassafrass	Baker/Akers	Jas Layne-Floyd		Jennie Bradley		Cornett/SassafrasParalysis   8 pm	
Katie Noble		Bulan		85	Dec.22,1941	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	not listed	Edward Collinsworth-KY	Fannie Sellers-Brethit  Chestnut Gap	Car Wreck& Pneumonia 5:30pm	
George Bruce Taylor	Cody		74	Dec.23,1941	not listed	not listed	Glennsfork	Cody		Collier		George Taylor		Mary Lou Taylor-Adair	not listed	Heart Dropsy	
Owen Barnes		Hardburly	26	Dec.24,1941	Mar.01		not listed	Mt. Vernon	Hardburly	Jingles		Geo.W. Barnes-Mt Vernon	Lula Stokes-Mt Vernon	not listed	T.B. 11pm	
Denver Amburgey		Hindman		42	Dec.26,1941	1899		not listed	Knott		Hindman		Duke		K.H. Amburgey		Lucinda Adams-Knott	Amburgey	High Blood 8 am	Madge 35
D.S. Slusher		Hoskingston	68	Dec.26,1941	not listed	not listed	Bell		Hoskingston	Kooser		Fugate Slusher-KY	Linda Howard-KY		Roark		Pneumonia  7 pm	Mary Roark  50
Jessee Delph		Hazard		22	Dec.26,1941	not listed	not listed	Harlan		Louisville	not listed	Dan Delph-Clay		Ciller Fugate-Perry	Turner/Hazard	T.B.	
Billy Ray Carter	Clemons		10mo	Dec.31,9141	Feb.26,1941	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Wilburn Carter-Perry	Ella Campbell-Perry	Busy		Pneumonia  7:30pm	
William Thomas Amburgey	Hindman		11	Jan.03,1942	Sep.30,1930	not listed	Knott		Hindman		Duke		Marcus Amburgey-Knott	Cassie Campbell-Knott	Amburgey	not listed 11yr 3mo 3da  5am	
Martha Creech Day	not listed		not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		Englewood	not listed rec. Jan.05,1942	
Winford Sharp		Ary		 4	Jan.05,1942	Sep.25,1937	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Chas Sharp-TN		Maggie Campbell-Perry	Ary		Burned 3:30pm	
Millie Smith		Sassafrass	34	Jan.05,1942	Dec.02,1907	not listed	Emanuel		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Henry Allen-Emanuel	Betty White-Emanuel	not listed	Diabetes 6 pm	Wm. P. Smith
Maynard Parker		Bonnyman		Jan.07,1942	1909		Coal Miner	TN		Bonnyman	Payne		Fred Parker-TN		Pearl Henry-TN		not listed	Motor Accident	Sallie Campbell
Matt Cornett		Hazard		73	Jan.07,1942	Nov.05		Farmer		Perry		Hazard		Botkins		E.C. Cornett-Perry	Cynthia Grigsby-Perry	Davis/Cornett HillStroke  5 am	
Mrs. Martha Morgan	Hyden		65	Jan.07,1942	July 01		not listed	Hyden		not listed	Crusey?		John Milton-Leslie	Nancy Maggard-Leslie	Short Creek	Heart Sudden	G.M. Morgan
Albert Jenkins		Kodak			Jan.10,1942	Jun.19,1939	not listed	Kodak		Kodak		Kash		Albert Jenkins-Lewis	Winnie Little-Knott	not listed	Kidney Trouble 	
Miles Martin		Wesco		35	Jan.14,1942	Oct.23		Coal Miner	Alabama		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Newton Martin		Florence Weems-Ala	not listed	Mining Accident  1pm	Bulah   33
Dan Riley		Anco		26	Jan.15,1942	Nov.5		Coal Miner	Owsley		Hazard		Hagan		Geo. Riley-Breathitt	Catherine Fugate-BrethitCombs		not listed 7:15pm	Sarah 25
Allen Deaton		Hazard		72	Jan.19,1942	Feb.20,1869	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard		not listed	Jack Deaton-Breathitt	Sally Baker-Perry	Englewood	Gun Shot 9am	Sally 72
John E. Riley		Buckhorn	18	Jan.20,1942	Aug.31		not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	not listed	Elden Riley-Breathitt	Jeanette Deaton-Brethit not listed 	not listed 4:15pm	
Garrett May Noble	Dwarf		41	Jan.22,1942	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Dwarf		Jingles		Dave Noble-Breathitt	Sarah Jane Feltner-PerryEngle		Cancer on neck 4 am	
Charles Howard		Cinda		17	Jan.22,1942	not listed	not listed	Wooten		Hyden		not listed	Elisha Howard-Leslie	Maud Howard-Leslie	Hensley		Struck by falling tree	
Bill Criss		Hazard		44	Jan.25,1942	Jan.01 		not listed	Greece		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Geo. Criss-Greece	Callopia-Greece		Riverside	Pneumonia	Tissha  40
Scott Hughes		Christopher	36	Jan.26,1942	Feb.09		Coal Miner	KY		Christopher	Ray		Samuel Hughes-Greenwood	Vernie Keeth-Greenwood	Breathitt	Crushed Chest  9am	Cora 38
Helen Fugate		Hardburly		Jan.26,1942	Feb.04,1941	not listed	Knott		Hardburly	not listed	Merchant Fugate W VA	Delcie Napier-Knott	Francis on Ball	Worms1:30 pm	
Elizabeth Couch		Brownsfork	84	Jan.27,1942	Mar.07		not listed	Perry		not listed	Cunningham	Isaac Hurt-Perry	Allie Lyttle-KY		Brownsfork	Pneumonia  4pm	Alford Couch
Arbert Langdon		Mosley Bend	29	Jan.29,1942	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Mosley Bend	Coldiron	Sam Langdon-Leslie	Emma Campbell-Leslie	Mosley Bend	not listed 4 am	Nell
Celia Newland Green	Hazard		84	Jan.30,1942	May 29,1857	not listed	Garrard		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Jake Newland-KY		Julie Comm-KY		Stanford	not listed 4am	
Robert Estill Reeves	Barridge	33	Jan.30,1942	June 1908	Coal Miner	KY		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Beth Reeves-KY		Oma Speaks-KY		Quicksand	Crushed skull  3 am	Edna   29
Docia Edwards		Ary		69	Jan.29,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Ary		Payne		Combs			not listed		Sixteen Mile Creek T. B.  11pm	W.H. Edwards
Elisa Neace		Harveyton	51	Jan.29,1942	Apr. 19		Housekeeper	Perry		Harveyton	not listed	Andy Sampshell-Perry	Rachel Grigsby-Perry	Sixteen		T.B. 6 pm	Hirman ? Neace
Fred Russell Dryer	Kodak			Jan.20,1942	not listed	Book Keeper	W VA		Kodak		Kash		not listed		not listed		not listed	Gunshot 10:05am (Trip to Bluefield)	
Ira Mitchell		Happy		50	Feb.01,1942	May 4		House Keeper	Happy		Happy		Baker		Green Wagers-KY		Mahalia Couch-Leslie	Happy		Cancer	Billie Mitchell 45
Newalee Pratt		Fusonia		9mo	Feb.02,1942	Apr.08,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Curtis Pratt-Perry	Elizabeth Brown-LoganWVAFusonia		Dysenteary 6pm	
Melvin Cinders		Anco		84	Feb.10,1942	Nov.29		not listed	not listed	Anco		Akers		not listed		not listed		Big Branch	Stroke 1pm	
Bobby Powers		Lothair		 1	Feb.03,1942	Feb.06,1940	not listed	Lothair		Lothair		Snyder		E.F. Powers-Carter	Elizabeth Holland-KY	Englewood	Pneumonia/Measles 4am	
Laura Fields		Avawam			Feb.07,1942	Sep.08,1904	not listed	Avawam		Hazard Hosp	Collins		Dock Whitaker-Avawam	Martha Gross-Cutshin	Home		Childbirth 11am	Walter Fields   39
Jeanette Faye Burton	Walkertown		Feb.07,1942	Nov.13,1941	not listed	Viper		Walkertown	not listed	Frank Burton-Silver Gap	Frankie Holliday-Perry	Jeff		not listed  3am	
Blain Begley		Diablock		Feb.08,1942	Jan.21,1942	not listed	Perry		Fourseam	Flynn		Blain Begley-Perry	Mildred Ratcliff-MiddletwnOHEnglewood	not listed 7 am	
Martha Glover		Lothair		82	Feb.09,1942	not listed	not listed	TN		Lothair		Flynn		Enoch Eden-TN		Brichie Eden-TN		Black Gold	Old age 12 noon	
I.D. Caudill		Blackey		69	Feb.09,1942	May 16,1872	not listed	Letcher		Blackey		not listed	W.J. Caudill		Martha Whitaker		Blackey		Heart Trouble 8:15am		Manerva  64
Robert Rolland Stacy	Hardburly	1mo	Feb.10,1942	Jan.09,1942	not listed	Perry		Hardburly	Jingles		William Stacy-Breathitt	Gertrude Conley-Floyd	Englewood	Pneumonia 11:30am	
Kathleen Mae Rayaden	Blue Diamond	16da	Feb.13,1942	Jan.28,1942	not listed	Blue Diamond	Blue Diamond	Payne		Eli Rayaden-TN		Bertha Maye-TN		Bryanville,TN	Suffocation 1am	
Cal Oakes		Heiner		29	Feb.15,1942	not listed	Coal Miner	Breathitt	Bulan		Ed Ivey		Jerry Oakes-Breathitt	Amanda Drake-Wolfe	Jackson		Car Wreck 4:30pm	Hazel 25
Mary Ritchie		Anco			Feb.21,1942	Feb.2,1942	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		I.B. Ritchie-Fisty	Martha Ritchie-Knott	2nd Creek	not listed 6pm	
Eunice Wooton		Hazard		24	Feb.19,1942	Jan.24		not listed	Leslie		Hazard		not listed	Elige Wooton-Leslie	Cora Begley-Leslie	Dry Hill	Pneumonia  6am	
Still Birth Combs	Allock			Feb.23,1942	Feb.22,1942	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Chester Combs-Jeff	May Davidson-Breathitt	Jeff		Stillborn   6pm	
Still Born Huff		Lothair			Feb.24,1942	Feb.24,1942	not listed	not listed	not listed	Faulkner	Thomas Huff-Georgia	Virginia Allen-Johnson	Englewood	Stillborn	
Wanda Parks		Amburgey		Feb.28,1942	not listed	not listed	Knott		Amburgey	Pigman		W.M.Parks		Juelenna Cornett-Knott	Knott 		not listed 8pm	
Balis W. Combs		Carr Creek	86	Mar.02,1942	Jun.09,1856	Merchant	Knott		Carr Creek	Akers		Levi Combs		not listed		Lotts Creek	Old age 10am		Belle 70
Sam Smith		Cin. Ohio		Mar.10,1942	not listed	Salesman	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed		not listed		not listed	Remains sent back to Cin.OH 10:35	
John Campbell		Allock		38	Mar.10,1942	Jul.01,1903	Coal Miner	not listed	not listed	Jackson		J.M. Campbell-TN	Loria Burton-TN		Englewood	not listed 8:20pm	
Oralee Guinn		Ary		 1	Mar.12,1942	Dec.21,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Cleveland Guinn-Perry	Lottie Campbell-Perry	Ary		Large Liver 5:30 1yr2mo21da	
Fayette Smith		Hazard		6mo	Mar.12,1942	Aug.20,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Robert Lee Smith-VA	Opal Everidge-Knott	Jim Pete	Pneumonia 12:30 6mo 22da	
Luke Rollins		Scuddy		56	Mar.14,1942	Sep.25,1885	Coal Miner	TN		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Jim Rollins-TN		not listed		Defiance	Heart 4am 56y 6mo 19da	Nora 62
Ames Combs(colored)	Hazard		29	Mar.15,1942	Apr.1913	not listed	Perry		Hazard		J.C. Coldiron	Alex Combs-Knott	Elizabeth Christen-LetchrTown Mt./Hazard not listed  1:30am	Trixie  24
Tensley G. Knight	Diablock	 3	Mar.16,1942	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		A.J. Knight-VA		Moneth Mead-VA		Diablock	Crushed Skull	
Irma Turner		not listed	4mo	Apr.26,1940	Dec.07,1939	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		J.C.Turner-Breathitt	Bonnie Fostic-VA	Turner/Hazard	not listed	
Alex Cornett(colored)	Hazard		71	Apr.26,1940	Feb.11,1869	Minister	Perry		Perry		C.B. Combs	Granson Cornett-Perry	Mary White-Perry	Forrest Hill	Heart Dropsy 8:30pm	Sadie  59
Della Miller		Tribby			Apr.28,1940	Apr.27,1940	not listed	Perry		Perry		Boggs		Wilber Miller-Dwarf	Nela Mae Smith-Whitley	Tribby		Premature	
Monroe Garrison Sr.(colored)Hazard	86	Apr.30,1940	not listed	not listed	NC		Hazard		Snyder		Curry Garrison		Anna Garrison-NC	Happy		Dropsey	Minnie 61
Silda Smith		Anco		29	Apr.30,1940	Nov.23,1911	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Thos. Beverly-Knott	Eliza J. Hamilton	Yellow Creek	not listed	Andrew Smith  30
Shirley Baker		Avawam		17da	Apr.30,1940	Apr.13,1940	not listed	Perry		Avawam		Coldiron	Henry Baker-Perry	Emma Williams-Perry	Avawam		premature 1:30am	
Pearl Parke		Bonnyman	52	Apr.30,1940	Mar.06		not listed	TN		Bonnyman	Payne		N.L. Henry-TN		not listed		not listed	High Blood 1:30pm	Fred Parke-54
James A. Mathews	Blue Diamond	65	May 01,1940	not listed	Coal Miner	Sterns		Blue Diamond	not listed	not listed		not listed		Blue Diamond	Cancer 2:30	
Frank Cummings		Hazard		43	Apr.28,1940	Mar.12,1897	not listed	TN		Hazard		not listed	John Cummings-TN	Mary-TN	Forrest Hill	not listed	Pearl   37
Mahala Gordon		Combs		65	May 02,1940	Jun.08,1875	not listed	Perry		Combs		Boggs		James Grigsby-Perry	Nancy Davidson-Perry	2nd Creek	not listed 3am	E.C. Gordon  59
Ance Baker		Darfork			May 02,1940	not listed	not listed	Clay		Darfork		Ritchie		Bill Baker-Clay		not listed		Lotts Creek	T.B. 11:30am	
Lethan Hurt		Hardburly	72	May 03,1940	Sep.09,1868	not listed	Perry		Hardburly	not listed	Gay Ritchie-Perry	not listed		Lotts Creek	Brain 5:49am  72yrs 7mo 24da	
Wiley Easterling	Hazard		72	May 03,1940	not listed	Coal miner	Morgan		Hazard		Richie		Henry Easterling-Morgan	Emily Cofee-Magoffin	Combs		not listed	
Lillie Lane		Allais		52	May 06,1940	May 16,1856	not listed	NC		Allais		Coldiron	Bud Evans-NC		Mary Burnette-NC	Allais		Cancer 6:15am	
James Eversole		Kodak		71	May 06,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Kodak		Combs		Tom Eversole		not listed		Avawam		Heart	Martha 65
Thysa Smith		Sassafrass	80	May 06,1940	Oct.22,1857	not listed	not listed	Sassafrass	Pinkly		Andy Combs-KY		Feltner-Perry		Corda		Heart Dropsy 8pm	M. Smith
Julia Cornett		Sassafrass	84	May 07,1940	Mar.25,1856	not listed	Perry		Sassafrass	C. Combs	John Godsey-Perry	not listed		Cornett Hill	Heart and Age	
Odea Holland		Combs		31	May 08,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Combs		Turner		Jerry McIntosh-Brethit  Laura			Napfor		Lung Trouble  2am	Sam Holland  34
Green Stacy		Ary			May 11,1940	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Bulan		not listed	Joe Stacy-Ary		Nancy Jones-Breathitt	Ary		Gunshot 1:30	
Stillborn Johnson	Hazard			May 14,1940	May 14,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard		Botkins		Orvill Johnson-McCreary	Molly Gilbert-Leslie	Englewood	Premature	
John Sherman Cody	Combs			May 14,1940	May 14,1940	not listed	Perry		Combs		Cunningham	Sherman Cody-KY		Gladys Liuridge?-KY	Combs		Stillborn	
Russell Oliver		Christopher	68	May 15,1940	not listed	Farmer		Morgan		Christopher	Ray		Tom Oliver-Morgan	Eliza May		Clay Co.	Old age 7pm	Daisy B. Oliver  51
Alta Campbell		Busy		18	May 17,1940	Dec.		Not listed	Leslie		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Jess Hall-Leslie	Bonnie Huff-Leslie	Busy		Acute lukemina	Everette  19
Sallie Hall		Lee Rose	49	May 18,1940	Mar.09		not listed	Owsley		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		John Noble-Breathitt	Judia Reynolds-Owsley	Owsley		Childbirth  4am	Andy Hall
Cumine Thacker		Leburn		60	May 19,1940	not listed	not listed	Knott		Leburn		Duke		Terry-Hindman		not listed		Leburn		Heart  3am	
Dr.Robert Short		Garver		84	May 19,1940	not listed	Doctor		VA		Garner		Duke		Jim Short-VA		not listed		Garner		Old Age 5:30pm	Linda 35
Rev.E. J. Smith		Combs		80	May 19,1940	May 14,1860	Minister	Bell		Combs		Coldiron	Andy Smith-Bell		Millie Jones-Bell 	Combs		Dropsy 7am	
Scott Stillborn Boy	Lothair			May 21,1940	May 21,1940	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Dave Scott-White Sides,TN Anna Edwards-FarrisCrkVA Ashless Hill	Stillborn	
Robert Caudill		Fren		66	May 24,1940	Jul.06,1874	Farmer		Perry		Fren		Salyers		Josh Caudill-Letcher	Roda Caudill-Letcher	Fren		High Blood 66yrs 10mo	Rebecca Caudill 52
Joe Smith Gayler	Blue Diamond	69	May 24,1940	not listed	Coal Miner	Alabama		Blue Diamond	Payne		Wm Gayler-Alabama	not listed		Blue Diamond	Asthma and Heart 4:40pm	
Dulcenia Crawford	Combs			May 26,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Combs		Coldiron	John Davidson-Perry	Sarrah Duff-Perry	Combs		Old Age 10:15pm	L.D. Crawford   74
Clara Ann Wooton	Scuddy		 2	May 27,1940	Oct.02,1937	not listed	Perry		Scuddy		Baker		Ernest Wooton-Leslie	Laura Short-Owsley	Leslie		Pneumonia	
?   Alexander(colored)	Lothair		5mo	May 27,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Lothair		Snyder		Willie Alexander-Ala	Nancy Trent-Lee		Forrest Hill	not listed  8am	
Bayless Gayheart	Fisty		61	May 27,1940	Jan.04,1879	Labor State Hwy	Perry		Knott		Edward Wells	Alexander Gayheart-PerryMelda Engle-Perry	Fisty		Hit by a truck,4pm 61yr 5mo 22da	Rachel 55
Robert F. Conley	Phel		55	May 29,1940	not listed	not listed	Phel		not listed	D.R. Bothen	not listed		not listed		Phel		Heart 12:05	
Earl Colwell		Busy		34	May 29,1940	Jan.08,1906	Farmer		Perry		Busy		Baker		James Colwell-Perry	Winnie Wooton-Perry	Busy		T.B. and Dropsy	Calla Colwell 28
Hiram Smith		Sassafrass	73	May 30,1940	not listed	Farmer		not listed	Sassafrass	Hagan		Sam Smith-Perry		Nancy Owens-Perry	not listed	High Blood	Nancy Smith
W.W. Oliver		Hazard		64	May 29,1940	Dec.03,1875	Insurance	Perry		Lexington	not listed	James Oliver-Perry	Polly White-Perry	not listed	not listed 64yr 5mo 26da	Opsie  48
Gene Lawson		Combs		 3	Jun.01,1940	Dec.18,1936	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Kelly Lawson-Breathitt	Rose Lee Adams-Menifee	Combs		Hit by Taxi  11am 3yr 5mo 1da	
Elcey Cole		Talbert		 1	Jun.01,1940	not listed	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Chester Cole-Breathitt	Rachel Herald-Breathitt	Talbert		not listed 1yr 8mo	
John Fletcher		Mary		76	Jun.02,1940	not listed	Farmer		not listed	Mary		Barnett		Reuben Fletcher-KY	Lucinda Puckett-KY	Lyttle		Paralysis  11am	
Anna Vires		Hazard		74	May 04,1940	Sep.19,1866	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard		Botkens		John Mullins-Breathitt	Baker-Breathitt		Englewood	High Blood  12:25	Arch Vires
John W. Walker		Hazard		73	Jun.04,1940	Mar.02,1866	Preacher	not listed	2nd Creek	Richie		Wayne Walker-Perry	Hattie Simpson-Harlan	Second Creek	not listed 74yr 3mo 2da	Polly Walker 65
F.B. Feltner		Hazard		81	Jun.07,1940	Jan.18,1859	not listed	Leslie		Hazard		Snyder		John Feltner-Leslie	Nancy Begley-Leslie	Cornett Hill	not listed 81yr 4mo 20 da	
Warnie Stacy		Bulan		50	Jun.06,1940	Feb.01,1890	Salesman	KY		Hazard		not listed	Geo. W. Stacy-KY	Virginia Smith-VA	Caney		Heart Failure remains to Candle City	Flora   35
Still Birth Combs(colored)Lothair		Jun.07,1940	Jun.07,1940	not listed	Perry		Lothair		Kash		Taylor Combs-Knott	Venevee Gilbert-Perry	Browns Fork	not listed	
Still Birth		Bulan			Jun.07,1940	Jun.07,1940	not listed	Perry		Bulan		Kash		Delbert Baker-Owsley	Dottie Smith-Perry	Dwarf		Premature	
Harriett Holliday	Bulan		87	Jun.08,1940	Nov.08,1852	not listed	Perry		Bulan		Lindon Combs	Elisha Holliday-Perry	Syntha Combs-Perry	Holliday	Old Age  8pm	
Arzonia Kelly		Anco		40	Jun.10,1940	Jan.21		not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		E.R. Messer-Round	Susie Fugate-Knott	Anco		Childbirth  10pm	A.J. Kelly 61
Mildred Ruffner		Hazard		14	Jun.12,1940	Jul.08,1925	not listed	Perry		Hazard		Kash		Jack Ruffner-CoalField,TNMay Beaven		Englewood	Dropsy 2:15	
William Dodge Banks	Hazard		56	Jun.13,1940	Nov.4		L&N Railroad	MS		Basten		Hagan		William Banks-VA	Evelyn Spencer-KY	Basten		not listed  2:3am	Ruth 36
Raymond Stacy		Cordia		18	Jun.17,1940	May 27		Farmer		Perry		not listed	not listed	Russie Stacy-Perry	Wayland Pelfrey-KY	not listed	Gunshot 9pm	Ruth Ritchie
Rollie Jennings		Hazard		 1	Jun.23,1940	Mar.18,1939	not listed	not listed	not listed	Botkins		Rollie Jennings-BreathitCatherine Clark-Brethit Riverside	Menigitis 10pm  1yr 3mo 5 da	
Cecil Wilcox		Lothair		34	Jun.25,1940	May 1906	Coal Miner	not listed	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		not listed		not listed		not listed	Slate Fall Algoma Block 4pm	Elizabeth  35
Nancy Cottengame	Avawam		60	Jun.26,1940	May 18,1880	not listed	Perry		Avawam		Baker		Wesley Fields-Perry	Susana Whitaker-Perry	Avawam		Dropsy 9:05	Joe Cottengame  62
Robert Walters		Hazard		76	Jun.28,1940	July 22		Farmer		not listed	Hazard		Botkins		Hiram Walters-KY	Rose Ann Hoskins-KY	Maggoffin/Dale	Heart Trouble	Martha  66
Virginia Smith		Anco		11	Jul.03,1940	Apr.29,1929	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Andrew Smith-Knott	Sylva Beverly-Knott	Anco		not listed  12:15pm	
Still Birth Creech	Allock			Jul.03,1940	Jul.03,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard		Akers		Ernest Creech-Breathitt	Unemae Trent-Breathitt	not listed	Premature 7:30	
Harve Owens		Dwarf		85	Jul.08,1940	Mar.31		Farmer		Knott		Dwarf/Home	not listed	Jas Owens-NC		Rachel Combs-Knott	Dwarf		Heart Failure  9:00pm	Mary Terry Hayes
Still Birth Begley	Hays Creek		Jul.08,1940	Jul.08,1940	not listed	Perry		Gays Creek	Abshear		Brown Begley-Perry	Jean R. Woods-Breathitt	Gays Creek	Premature  7pm	
Eldon Caudell		Fuson		 1	Jul.10,1940	Nov.25,1938	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hurstfield	Enoch Caudell-Perry	Hazel McIntire-Perry	Fuson		not listed 1yr 8mo  8:45	
Isabelle Cornett	Dwarf		64	Jul.14,1940	Nov.18,1877	not listed	Perry		Dwarf		Richie		Alex Richie-Perry	Mary Fugate-Perry	not listed	not listed 3:45	Geo Cornett   66
Walter H. Nunn		Walkertown	83	Jul.20,1940	Dec.14,1857	Coal Miner	England		Walkertown	Ray		William Nunn-England	Polly Fuller?-England	not listed	Heart Failure 8:15am	Emma  80
Laura Gibson		Mousie			Jul.24,1940	Dec.24,1870	not listed	Raven		Mousie		Pigman		John Huff-KY		Mary Turner-KY		not listed	Cerebal  7pm	
Edward Davidson		Boat		56	Jul.25,1940	Mar.14		Farmer		Perry		Boat		Hurstfield	John Davidson-Perry	Mary Ann Davidson-Perry	Boat		Pneumonia    2pm	
Coy Morton		Kodak		 4	Jul.26,1940	Dec.01,1935	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hurstfield	Ed Morton-Knott		Peggie Shephard-Perry	Big Leatherwood	not listed  2pm	
Infant Gains		Allais		1da	Jul.28,1940	Jul.27,1940	not listed	not listed	not listed	Ray		Paschal Gains-Packard	Flora Maloney-W.Liberty	not listed	Hemmorhage of Brain 9:15pm	
Agnes Kilburn		Avawam		 1	Jul.30,1940	1938		not listed	Perry		Avawam		Cunningham	Nat Kilburn-Perry	Perlina Eversole-Perry	Avawam		not listed 4:30	
Evalina Smith		Anco		3mo	Aug.04,1940	Apr.20,1940	not listed	Perry		Anco		Pinchley	Andrew Smith-Knott	Sileva Beverly-Knott	Anco		Pneumonia  6:15	
James Watts		Chavies		30	Aug.09,1940	May 27,1910	Farmer		not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Ambrose Watts-Breathitt	Lillian Mullins-Brethit	Chavies		T.B. 4 am	Eliza   30
Roy Decroft		Combs		7mo	Aug.10,1940	not listed	not listed	Knott		Combs		Cunningham	Harve Decroft-Wolfe	Callie Banks-Breathitt	Combs		Dysentary    2:30am	
Edna Barker		Fisty		31	Aug.10,1940	not listed	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		A B Ritchie-Knott	Flora Combs-Perry	Fisty		not listed 5:30am	Chalmers Barker   37
Fannie Grimes		Diablock	60	Aug.12,1940	not listed	not listed 	Letcher		Diablock	Coldiron	Anderson Cook-KY	Vicie Yancy-KY		not listed	not listed	Geo. Grimes  67
Shade Combs		Clayhole	41	Aug.12,1940	Sep.28,1899	Merchant	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Jordon Combs-Breathitt	Diana Miller-Breathitt	Clay Hole	Asthama  5:15pm	Ester  25
Fanny Pratt		Hardburly	59	Aug.12,1940	Oct.18,1880	not listed	Wolfe		Wayland		not listed	Daniel Burton-Morgan	Matilda Willson-Morgan	Willson		Cancer 7:50pm	Harlan Pratt   70
Johny Fay McGhee	Lothair		5mo	Aug.13,1940	Apr.16,1940	not listed	Lothair		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Harry McGhee-TN		Maude McDurmy? -TN	Englewood	not listed	
Still born Dunn		Viper			Aug.15,1940	Aug.15,1940	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Wade Dunn-Owsley	Dovia Sexton-VA		Viper		Premature  6pm	
Nora Ashley		Anco		39	Aug.16,1940	Jan.28		not listed	Knott		Anco		Pinkley		Solomon Adams-Knott	Celia Parks-VA		not listed	not listed 3:55	Bill Ashley
Ester Belle Hurt	Bulan		 4	Aug.16,1940	Apr.12		not listed	not listed	Hurst Snyder	not listed	Filas Hurt-Knott	Bessie Oliver-Leslie	2nd Creek/Combs	not listed 3pm   4yrs 4mo	
Barney Elmer Roll	Hazard		60	Aug.16,1940	Apr.17,1880	Coal Miner	Hazard		not listed	Richie		not listed		not listed		Rose		Parliziss? 11am  60yr 3mo 29da	Ella Mae  59
Fredia Sheens		Hazard	 	 1	Aug.18,1940	Feb.20,1939	not listed	Perry		Hazard		C.B. Combs	Burley Sheens-Leslie	Ida Mae Robbins-Wisc	Wolfe		Dysenteary 3:15	
William D. Couch	Saul			Aug.18,1940	May 19,1893	Coal Miner	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Wm Couch-Owsley		Polly Barger-Perry	Saul		Appendicists  3pm	Lizzie  42
Jonny Cornett		Sassafrass	 7	Aug.1940	Apr.28,1935	not listed	Knott		Sassafrass	Combs		John Cornett-Knott	Catherine Smith-Knott	not listed	Broncitis  age doesnt match b 	
R.L. Cornett		Scuddy		44	Aug.26,1940	not listed	Coal Miner	Lee		Scuddy		M.E. Combs	Creed Cornett-Lee	Elizabeth Cornett-Lee	Scuddy		not listed  8:30am	Lena  34
Beatrice Ritchie	Tribby		 2	Aug.27,1940	Aug.15,1938	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Madison Ritchie-Brethit Cathern Combs-Knott	not listed	Dysentary  11pm	
Gab Fugate		Krypton		48	Sep.01,1940	Dec.17,1892	Farmer		Perry		Clemons		Hagan		Cager Fugate-Perry	Hannor? Napier-Perry	2nd Creek	Horse Kicked  7 am	Mary Jane  38
Gordon Combs		Diablock	 1	Sep.02,1940	Jan.28,1939	not listed	not listed	Diablock	M.E. Combs	James Combs-Krypton	Mittie Mctosh-Perry	Krypton		Diarrhrea   1yr 6mo	
Eva Mullins		Hindman		33	Sep.03,1940	Jun.26,1907	not listed	Knott		Hindman		M.F.Kelly	Maston Nickles-NC	Eliza Brewer-Knott	not listed	Childbirth  7am	
Arnold Williams		Blue Diamond	20	Sep.03,1940	Jun.05,1920	Coal Miner	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Walter Williams-Perry	Mary Couch-Perry	2nd Creek	Motor  1pm	
Samuell Morton Drake	Hazard		32	Sep.03,1940	Dec.23,1907	Utility Worker	Wolfe		Green Ridge	C. Combs	John Drake-Wolfe	Dora Pence-Wolfe	Jackson		Electric Shock  32 yrs 9mo 5pm	Arla  24
Stillbirth Owens	Lothair			Sep.06,1940	Sep.06,1940	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		L.H. Owens-Perry	Susie Hurt-Knott	not listed	Premature  12:30pm	
Willie Smith		Hardburly		Sep.06,1940	Sep.06,1940	not listed	Perry		Hardburly	Gingles		James Smith-Knott	Reda Fugate-Perry	Talcum		Had to be taken  11pm	
Kate Dehart 		Baker		68	Sep.09,1940	Sep.04,1872	not listed	Hazard		Hazard		K.N. Salyers	Jacob Dehart-France	Mary Day-VA		not listed	not listed	
Nelson Collins		Hazard		71	Sep.10,1940	not listed	Farmer		Clay		Hazard		Combs		John Couch		not listed		not listed	not listed  9am	Rachel 61
Price Collins		Bulan		 1	Sep.13,1940	Jan.28,1939	not listed	Harlan		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Sam Collins-Clay	Marie Gayheart-Perry	Lotts Creek	Dysenteary  11pm	
Felix Wooton		Wooton		59	Sep.13,1940	Mar.18		Farmer		Wooton		not listed	Combs		Hugh Wooton-Leslie	Polly-Leslie		Wooton		not listed 2:45pm	Nancy   56
Robert C. Evans		Scuddy		4mo	Sep.13,1940	April 20,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Bacel C. Evans-Scuddy	Norma Smith-Knott	Scuddy		not listed     8:38pm	
Lottie Evans(colored)	Combs			Sep.14,1940	not listed	not listed	Alabama		Combs		Wright		Henry Thomas-Alabama	Francis-Alabama		Forrest Hill	High Blood  10:30pm	B. Evans
Juanita Centers		Bulan		19	Sep.17,1940	Mar.06,1921	Student		Perry		Bulan		Turner		Estill Center-KY	Anna Noble-Knott	Hardburly	T.B. 19yr 6mo 11da    5pm	
Larcenie Moore		Sassafrass	33	Sep.22,1940	not listed	not listed	Knott		Sassafrass	Pinkley		William Ritchie-Knott	Cordelia Smith-Knott	Cornett Hill	not listed	Lawrence Moore   34
Marel King		Tribby		19	Sep.26,1940	May 05,1921	not listed	Georgia		Tribby		Boggs		John Pitterd-Georgia	Alma Stewart-Georgia	not listed	T.B. 11am	
Lola Ann Grimes		Lothair		3mo	Sep.29,1940	Jul.11,1940	not listed	Diablock	Lothair		Snyder		Eddie Grimes-Letcher	Dorothy Tallent-HardburlyDiablock	not listed 3:15	
Myron Wkleson		Hazard		23	Sep.23,1940	Aug.31,1917	not listed	Cin,OH		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Dave Wkleson-Russia	Bessie Keeti-Russia	Cin, Ohio	not listed  3pm	
Dorsie Hicks Moore	Engle		29	Oct.07,1940	April 4		not listed	Lotts Creek	Hazard Hosp	Jackson		WM Hicks-Knott		Liza Napier-Perry	Engle		Cardicodner?	Joe Moore
May Belle Tackett	Scuddy		11mo	Oct.07,1940	not listed	not listed	Scuddy		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Lonzo Tackett-TN	Ruth Evans-Scuddy	Scuddy		not listed	
Paul Russell Engle	Viper		 1	Oct.12,1940	Oct.11,1939	not listed	Perry		not listed	Hagan		Howard Kelly-Knott	Lucinda Engle-Perry	Viper		Dysenteary 8:30pm	
Eliza Smith		Ary		75	Oct.13,1940	Jun.12,1865	not listed	Perry		Ary		Collins		Kendrick Combs-Perry	Betsy Jones-Perry	Holiday 	Heart 1:45pm  75yr 4mo 12 da	
Elvin Jones		Ary		18	Oct.13,1940	not listed	Farmer		not listed	Ary		no doc		Floyd Jones-Ary		Elizabeth Miller-Dwarf	not listed	Shot by Herman Stacy 4pm	
Edd Smith		Combs		66	Oct.16,1940	May 25		Coal MIner	Estill		Revenna		not listed	Tabias Smith-Estill	Delila Shoemaker-Estill	Combs		Heart 2:30pm	
Walter Clell Scott	Glomawr		3mo	Oct.18,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Sephe Scott-TN		Iva Strong-Jackson	Glomawr		not listed 1am	
Zack A. Allen		Boat		53	Oct.19,1940	Mar.22,1886	Farmer		Breathitt	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Tom Neace-Perry		Nancy Allen-Perry	Boat		Tree Fall  5:30pm  53yr 10mo 29 da	Polly J. Allen   48
Bertha Hoskins		Leslie		36	Oct.20,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Jason		Coldiron	Dave Grigsby-Perry	Sennia Noble-Breathitt	Lotts Creek	T. B. 1pm	Levi Hoskins   36
Leann Slone Reynolds	Pigpass		70	Oct.22,1940	Mar.05,1870	not listed	Knott		Pigpass		Kelly		John Thornsberry-VA	Jennie Webb-Letcher	Pigpass		Stroke  6 pm	
Pearl C. Parker		not listed	21	Oct.1940	Feb.08,1919	Coal Miner	Perry		cant read	not listed	Frank Parker		Lizzie McIntosh-Perry	not listed	not listed recorded Oct.24,1940	
Wallace Colwell		not listed	 1	Oct.29,1940	Sep.29,1939	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Sam Colwell-Perry	Shirley Campbell-Perry	Butterfly	Dysentary  12:30pm	
Mart Combs		Bulan		70	Oct.29,1940	1870		Farmer		not listed	Grigsby		Gross		Sim Combs-Perry		Polly Gayheart		Grigsby		Dysentary  10pm	Franey Combs   57
Dr. D.C. Combs		Hazard		53	Oct.31,1940	not listed	doctor		Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		not listed		not listed		not listed	Stroke  1am	Callie 49
Hommer Lemuel Rorex(colored)		51	Oct.31,1940	Jul.17,1889	Coal Miner	TN		Hazard		not listed	H.B. Rorex-TN		not listed		Forrest Hill	Stroke  7:20	Nellie  43
Dosia Taylor		Blue Diamond	71	Oct.31,1940	Nov.14,1869	not listed	Dallas Co. AL	East St. Hosp	Foley		Guss Tarrant-Alabama	Sarah McMillis-Alabama	Forrest Hill	not listed 11:45 am 71yr 11mo 17da	
Joe Combs		Scuddy		53	Nov.07,1940	not listed	Coal MIner	Knott		Scuddy		Cooley Combs	John Combs-Knott	Dulcenia Smith-Knott	Amburgey	Heart Failure  2:30	Orlena  42
Dinaer Rex Lumpkins	Kodak		11mo	Oct.09,1940	Dec.17.1939	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Walter Lumpkins-Whitley	Ollie Sumner-Perry	Kodak		Dysentary 	
Roda Dison		Bulan		43	Nov.09,1940	Feb.21,1899	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		William Everage-Letcher	Roxie Ann Mullens-LetchrClearCrk 	not listed 2pm 43yr 8mo 19da	W.H. Dison  46
Nora Leonard(colored)	Blue Diamond		Nov.10,1940	Jan.25,1892	not listed	NC		Blue Diamond	Payne		Semeon Bryson-NC	Elizabeth-NC		Forrest Hill	not listed	Jerry Leonard  48
M.A. Petrey		Hazard		60	Nov.12,1940	Mar.24,1880	Minister	Whitley		Hazard Hosp	Collins		Adam Petrey-Whitley	Synthia Monroe-Whitley	Saxton		Cancer 9 am 60yr 8mo 8da	
Alfred D. Spencer	Chavies		73	Oct.16,1940	May 13		Farmer		Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		John C. Spencer-Perry	Levesa Duff-Perry	Chavies		Kidney Trouble	Mary  75
Alice Adkins		Hazard		40	Nov.16,1940	Feb.04,1900	not listed	Laurel		Hazard		Collins		Wm C. Adkins-Laurel	Alenea Scott-Laurel	Pine Hill/CorbinCancer 8:30pm	Robert Stansburg   42
Margaret Wooton		Wooton		64	Nov.17,1940	Apr.15,1876	not listed	Leslie		Wooton		Botkins		Rubin Maggard-Leslie	Manervia Hamilton-LeslieWooton		Heart 4:15am  64yr7mo2da	Wm Wooton  63
Drew Combs		Harveyton	78	Nov.18,1940	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Harveyton	Martin/Hagan	Elhannon Combs-Perry	not listed		Avawam		Heart 3am	Elma  65
Nancy Hurt		Bulan		86	Nov.20,1940	Apr.01,1854	not listed	not listed	Bulan		Coldiron	Lesix Combs-Knott	Sylvania Grigsby	Main Lotts Creek Old age  2pm	James Hurt  82
Susie Hoskins        	Busy		46	Nov.20,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Jack Stidham-Perry	not listed 		Busy		not listed 5:45pm	Jeff Hoskins   64
Russell Watts		Darfork		 1	Nov.25,1940	Apr.13,1939	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		John Watts-Dayton,OH	Kizzie Engle-Perry	Engle/Dwarf	not listed 1yr8mo  11:05	
Pearl Russell		Combs		48	Nov.25,1940	not listed	Coal Miner	Breathitt	Combs		Wright		Dave Russell-Breathitt	not listed		not listed	Slate Fall  11am 	Rosy
Dorothy Cornett		Sassafrass		Nov.29,1940	not listed	not listed	Knott		not listed	Hagan		Richard Jent-Knott	Ida Cornett-Letcher	not listed	Miss ceruze?	N. Cornett  48
Geraldine Baker		Blue Diamond	 8	Nov.30,1940	not listed	Student		Perry		Blue Diamond	Payne		Ancy Baker-Leslie	Maggie Kismemon-TN	Riverside	Min	
Robert Albert Linkous	Hazard		 1	Nov.30,1940	Feb.06,1939	not listed	not listed	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		C.E. Linkous-Pulaski	Lou E. Amis-Eagon, TN	Dublin VA	Pneumonia 1yr 9mo 24 da	
W.M. C. Hazlett		Hazard		78	Nov.30,1940	not listed	Coal Miner	Ohio		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		not listed		not listed		Englewood	not listed	
Homer Campbell		Krypton		13	Dec.01,1940	Dec.13,1927	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Steve Campbell-Perry	Lula Napier-Perry	Krypton		appendix  11:30pm	
Andrew Jackson Garrison	Harveyton	37	Dec.02,1940	not listed	Coal Miner	VA		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		General Garrison-Va	Rebecca Reese-VA	not listed	Fractured Skull  3am	Dorothy  35
Isaac Richie		Talcum		68	Dec.02,1940	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Talcum		Baker		Gabe Richie-KY		Parrett Fugate-KY	not listed	Heart Leakage 9pm	Rosa Ann Johnson
J.A. Millard		Daisy		15	Dec.06,1940	not listed	Student		Vicco		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Add Millard		Virgie Cornett-Perry	Daisy		not listed 5 am	
Jane Clemons		Bulan		 2	Dec.07,1940	Oct.06,1938	not listed	Breathitt	Hurst Snyder	Kash		Jason Clemons-Breathitt	Opal Campbell-Breathitt	Breathitt Co.	Pneumonia	
Feltner Stillbirth	Scuddy			Dec.09,1940	Dec.09,1940	not listed	Scuddy		not listed	C.L. Combs	Robert Feltner-Glomawr	Callie Jent-Vicco	Scuddy		Stillborn	
W.R. Maggard		Wooton		72	Dec.09,1940	Oct.24,1868	Farmer		Wooton		Wooton		Collins		Rubin Maggard-KY	Manerva Hamilton-KY	Cutshin		Heart 7 am	Eliza Vanover
William McSanders	Clemons		34	Dec.12,1940	1907		Coal Miner	Lee Co. VA	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		John R. Sanders-Russell Co. VA	Nannie Bays-Lee Co. VA	Krypton	Typhoid	Lillie  32
Stillbirth Hurt 	Block Coal		Dec.12,1940	Dec.12,1940	not listed	Perry		Blue Diamond	Payne		Odis Hurt-Perry		Nellie Spencer-Perry	2nd Creek	Premature	
Laura Williams		Scuddy		52	Dec.13,1940	Nov.22		not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Jack Cornett-Perry	Mary Singleton-Perry	Scuddy		Stroke 7pm	Adams Williams  57
Still born Combs	Diablock		Dec.14,1940	Dec.14,1940	not listed	Diablock	Diablock	Kash		Tom Combs-Perry		Wila Mae Fugate-Brethit	Jeff		Premature	
Vernon Sherlock		Dwarf		22	Dec.14,1940	not listed	Farmer		Knott		Duane		not listed	Sherman Sherlock-Powell Co.Nancy Holiday-Perry	Holiday		Gun shot,3am	Octa, age22
J.B. Francis		Lothair		 1	Dec.16,1940	May 22,1939	not listed	Perry		not listed	Hagan		Sam Francis-Perry	Ethel Adkins-KY		Black Gold	Dysentary  1yr 7 mo	
Alice Hager		Walkertown	42	Dec.17,1940	Sep.18,1898	not listed	Breathitt	Walkertown	J. M. Ray	Dan Lench-VA		Susan Keeth-Breathitt	Riverside	Stroke  10:30	A.B. Hager  52
Nancy Fields		Krypton		77	Dec.19,1940	Nov.20,1865	not listed	Busy		Krypton		Ray		Mose Feltner-Perry	Lizzie Fields-Perry	Krypton		Pelagra?  1am	Pide Fields  Dead
Robert Boggs		Hazard		 2	Dec.20,1940	Sep.13,1938	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Matt Boggs-Leslie	Jane Burton-Letcher	Blue Grass	not listed	
Margorie H. Dooley	Clemons		 1	Dec.19,1940	Jan.18,1939	not listed	Perry		Clemons		not listed	W.G. Dooley-Perry	Tressie Combs-Perry	Brewer-Combs	Dysentary 1yr 7mo 2da	
Holbert Chas Cole	Jackson		33	Dec.20,1940	Aug.09,1907	not listed	Jackson		Jackson		M.E. Hoge	Walker Cole-Owsley	Elizabeth Cardwell-BrethitJackson	Cancer	
Mary Jane Combs		Lothair		100	Dec.23,1940	not listed	not listed	Perry		Lothair		Snyder		Calvin Stacy-Perry	not listed		Lothair-Combs	Flu 1pm	
Francis M. Cornett	Jeff			Dec.26,1940	Dec.26,1940	not listed	Jeff		Jeff		Combs		Cecil Cornett-Jeff	Eula Lecis-Lee 		Jeff		Stillborn  7:30am	
Bill Jones		Viper		72	Dec.27,1940	not listed	Barber		TN		Viper		Turner		not listed		not listed		Macys Creek ViperT. B.  8 am	
Adeline Fugate		Tribby		66	Dec.27,1940	Jun.14,1874	not listed	Knott		Blue Diamond	Payne		Pat Tignor-Knott	Margaret Newland-Knott	not listed	Heart and Kidney  66yr 11mo 16da	Dave Fugate
Evert Lawson		Hardburly	22	Dec.29,1940	not listed	not listed	not listed	Hardburly	Jingles		W.G. Lawson-Wolfe	Rosebell Stacy-Perry	Hardburly	not listed	
David Y. Combs		Hazard		31	Dec.29,1940	not listed	Agent Oil Co	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Richmond Combs-Perry	Soffie Cornett-Perry	Combs		not listed 9pm	Ollie  28
Alice Wooton Colwell	Combs		34	Dec.31,1940	May 25		not listed	Leslie		Combs		Payne		Adam Wooten-Leslie	Amanda Colwell-Leslie	Hill		Cancer  1pm	Andrew Wooten
Annie Morgan		Hyden		62	Jan.02,1941	Sep.14,1879	not listed	Clay		Hyden		Kross?		Thomas J. Brown-Clay	Allies House-Clay	Hyden		High Blood 3:30am 62yr3mo16da	
M.E. Combs		Hazard		63	Jan.02,1941	Jan.08		Doctor		Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		W.M. Combs-Hazard	Elizabeth Johnson-BrethitEnglewood	Heart and Intestinal Flu  1am	Ola Cook
Elvira Maning		Vicco		24	Jan.01,1941	April 24	not listed	Breathitt	Lexington	not listed	Harrison Watts-Vicco	Katie Combs-Breathitt	Cornett		 Rabies	Cecil Maning
Donald J. Collins	Hazard	 	 2	Jan.04,1941	Nov.23,1938	not listed	Perry		Hazard		Boggs		Farris Collins-Clay	Victoria Salyers-Perry	Blue Grass	not listed 2:30am 2yr 2mo	
Albert Wilson		Hazard		60	Jan.06,1941	not listed	not listed	not listed	116 High St.	Turner		not listed		not listed		Forrest Hill	T.B. 2:53am	
Chas Burnitt Strong	Combs		1mo	Jan.07,1941	Nov.25,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		James Strong-Breathitt	Pauline Bryant-Perry	Combs		Pneumonia  1:30 1mo 12 da	
Stillborn Chaffins	not listed		Jan.07,1941	Jan.07,1941	not listed	Knott		Richie		Dempsey		Ishmael Chapins-Knott	Effie Combs		Garrett		Stillborn	
Howard Brewer		Hardburly	 2	Jan.08,1941	Dec.07,1938	not listed	Perry		Hardburly	Gingles		John Brewer-Wolfe	Alma Chester-Powell	Hardburly	Pneumonia 	
Sallie Cornett		Viper		84	Jan.10,1941	May 14		not listed	Letcher		Maces Creek	Coldiron	Ezekiel Brashear-Perry	Nancy Brashear-Perry	Viper		Flu	Randolph Cornett
James Lloyd Chapman	Hazard		2mo	Jan.10,1941	Nov.17,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard		Kash		Willie Chapman-Wolfe	Hazel Hudson-Breathitt	Ball Fork	Pneumonia	
Rhoda Feltner		not listed	52	Jan.12,1941	Nov.19,1889	not listed	Knott		not listed	Akers		Ben Stacy-Perry		Marie Combs-Knott	cant read	Heart Failure 12:30pm	Mart Feltner  63
Mary Cody		Combs		 3	Jan.13,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Earl Cody-Perry		Flossie Smith-Perry	Combs		not listed 12:15am	
Junior Davidson		Stormking	 1	Jan.12,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Dennie Davidson-Knott	Lizzie Lucas-Perry	Stormking	Pneumonia   10:30pm 1yr 6mo	
John M. Patterson	Hazard		68	Jan.12,1941	Sep.18,1972	not listed	Franklin  VA	Hazard		Collins		John Patterson-VA	Eliza-VA		Englewood	not listed  8:40am	Anna  65
Ralph M. Grigsby	Bulan		5da	Jan.14,1941	Jan.10,1941	not listed	Perry		Bulan		Faulkner	Herbert Grigsby-Perry	Carrie Fugate-Breathitt	Grigsby		Dysentary  6 am	
William Isreal Jr.	Blue Diamond	38	Jan.13,1941	Apr.30,1903	Coal Miner	Arlington, GA	Blue Diamond	Payne		William Isreal Sr.-Arlington GA	Rosetta Gaine-SCBlue Diamond	Pneumonia	Gertrude   38
John Walter Bellamy	Helton		14	Jan.15,1941	May 11,1927	not listed	Ajax		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Oscar Bellamy-Wolfe	Minnie Hoskins-Leslie	Riverside	Typhoid 3:45am 14yr 8mo3da	
Sally Couch		Hazard		72	Jan.15,1941	Dec.02,1869	not listed	Perry		Liberty St.	Kash		Zeke Couch-Owsley	not listed		Browns Fork	Pneumonia 72yr 1mo 14da  10pm	
Henry S. Hamons		Hardburly	62	Jan.16,1941	Aug.02,1878	Coal Miner	Magoffin 	Hardburly	Jingles		George Hamons-Magoffin	Louise Williams-Magoffn Riverside	Pneumonia 1pm 62yr5mo15da	Belle   62
Roberta Bush		Bulan		29	Jan.16,1941	May 30		not listed	Floyd		Bulan		Kash		Ed Patton-Floyd		Flora Frazier-Floyd	Floyd		T.B.	Judge Bush   46
Sally Feltner		Busy		71	Jan.17,1941	Feb.15		not listed	Leslie		not listed	Coldiron	Adam Wooton-Leslie	Winnie Wooton-Leslie	Busy		Dropsy  1pm	John Feltner  72
James S. Kearney	Hazard		97	Jan.19,1941	Oct.10,1854	not listed	Georgia		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Benjamin Kearney-GA	Buckhanan		Jellico		not listed 1:45am	
James Fields		Anco		 2	Jan.21,1941	not listed	not listed	Knott		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Davis Fields-Knott	Nancy Jent-Knott	Irishman	Pneumonia  2:20am	
Noah Cornett		Slemp		16	Jan.22,1941	Mar.02,1924	Student		Perry		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Cash Cornett-Letcher	Peggie Holbrook-Perry	Slemp		Car Wreck  3am	
Betty J. Alcorn		Hazard		18	Jan.23,1944	May 24,1922	not listed	Lee		Hurst Snyder	Snyder		M.H. Alcorn-Estill	Nannie Pendleton-Owsley	Englewood	not listed 1:45pm	
Jackson Hurt		Hardburly	55	Jan.24,1941	Jan.02,1886	Coal Miner	Perry		Hardburly	Jingles		Joseph Hurt-Perry	Polly Feltner-Perry	Hardburly	Slate Fall  3am	Mary 37
A.D. York		Buckhorn	68	Jan.21,1941	Feb.17		not listed	Perry		Leslie		not listed	John York-Owsley	Lucinda Gross-Perry	Buckhorn	Gunshot  11:30am	Laura  63
Christine Deaton	Combs			Jan.22,1941	Nov.21,1936	not listed	Breathitt	Combs		Cunningham	Henry Deaton-Breathitt	Georgia Raleigh-Brethit Combs		Burned  7am	
James Eversole		Butterfly	88	Jan.22,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Perry		Coldiron	Irvin Eversole-Perry	Eliza Stacy		not listed	Pneumonia  11:25	Nancy Ann 67
Catherine Smith		not listed		Jan.28,1941	Sep.1854	not listed	Perry		Ary		Collins		Andrew Conway-Perry	not listed		Ary		Pneumonia	
Polly Ann Sumner	Vicco		73	Jan.28,1941	June 13		not listed	Perry		Vicco		not listed	Wash Combs-Knott	Susan Kinser-Perry	Georges Branch	Dropsy and Flu  6 am	Jas Sumner
Jack Combs		Hazard		98	Jan.30,1941	June 01		not listed	not listed	Hazard		C B Combs	not listed		Harriet			Licks Branch	Asthma  7 am	Jennie Godsey
Still Born Girl Francis	Blue Diamond		Feb.01,1941	Feb.01,1941	not listed	not listed	not listed	Jackson		G.C. Francis-Pineville	Mary Ross-Barbourville	not listed	Premature  3pm	
Victor Martin (colored)	Hazard		43	Feb.02,1941	Mar.03		Coal Miner	NC		Hazard		Kash		Will Martin-NC		Cynthia Martin-NC	Forrest Hill	Heart 8:30pm	Mary 42
Bert Baker		Hazard			Feb.03,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard		Hagan		Robin Baker-Perry	Margarete Baker-Perry	Riverside	T.B. Funeral Feb.04,1941	Naoma   42
Brack Combs		Glomawr		62	Feb.03,1941	not listed	Coal Miner	Second Creek	Home		Kash		Allen Combs-Second Crk  Priscilla Dodson-BrethitSecond Creek	T.B. 4 pm	Mary Dodson
Margaret Caudill	Kodak			Feb.03,1941	Jan.12,1941	not listed	Kodak		Kodak		Combs		James Caudill-Owsley	N.S.? Wooton-Leslie	Wooton		Pneumonia  11:40pm	
Baby Gean Profitt-Girl	Glomawr		1mo	Feb.04,1941	Dec.31,1940	not listed	Glomawr		Glomawr		Kash		Robert Profitt-Wolfe	Anna Feltner-Glomawr	Glomawr		Flu  8 am	
John Mullins		Sassafrass	64	Feb.05,1941	Dec.30,1876	Carpenter	Knott		Sassafrass	Pinkley		J.E. Mullins-Knott	Tilda Everage-knott	Cornett Hill	Heart Failure 12:30pm 64yr1mo6da	Adaline  64
Elijah Sanders(colored)	Hazard		18	Feb.12,1941	Jul.31,1922	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Will Sanders-GA		not listed		Lick Branch	Gunshot  8:30am	
Lenzia Joe Blair	Allock		27da	Feb.13,1941	Jan.17,1941	not listed	Perry		Allock		Akers		L. B. Blair-Letcher	Shirley Adams-Letcher	Jeremiah	not listed 5:30am	
Chas Cuddy		Lothair		24	Feb.14,1941	Aug.05		Coal Miner	not listed	Lothair		Hagan		Dudley Cuddy-Wolfe	Ellen Meadows-Estill	Cornett		Slate Fall  9pm	Goldie  23
Clifford Hall		Block		1mo	Feb.15,1941	Jan.15,1941	not listed	Block		Block		Payne		Burness Hall-Second Crk	Ollie Shiply-TN		Jeff		Heartattack 6:30remains sent toJeff	
Rubby Wooton		Dry Hill	67	Feb.17,1941	not listed	not listed	Letcher		Dry Hill	Payne		Dallas Collins-Leslie	Sally Begley-Leslie	Dry Hill	Heart	J.M. Wooton  66
Clarence H. Angle	Happy		10da	Feb.18,1941	Feb.08,1941	not listed	Perry		Defiance	Combs		Jesse Angle-Lee		Eilee Hayes-Breathitt	Engles Branch	Pneumonia  7 am	
Irvine Eversole		Typo		45	Feb.18,1941	not listed	Coal Miner	Perry		Typo		Coldiron	John Eversole-Perry	Sallyann Combs-Perry	Typo		not listed 6:30	Belle 47
W.M. Combs(colored)	Blue Grass	79	Feb.19,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Hazard		Kash		Ison Combs-Perry	not listed		Lick Branch	Pneumonia  11pm	Lizzie
Rob Williams		Ary		74	Feb.21,1941	not listed	Farmer		not listed	Ary		Coldiron	John Williams-Perry	not listed		Ary		Cancer  2am	Ruth  59
Harrold Leslie Gilmer	Defiance	20	Feb.22,1941	Apr.16,1920	not listed	Russell Co VA	Jeff		Hagan		Thomas Gilmer-VA	Josphen Smith-Pineville	Defiance	Crushed Skull  3:45	
Paul Haney		Allais		15	Feb.23,1941	Jan.2,1926	not listed	Perry		Allais		Hagan		W.P. Haney-Morgan	Mary Morris-Morgan	Morgan Co	not listed  2:15 pm	
Estill Walters		Duane		27	Feb.26,1941	Nov.02,1913	Truck Driver	Knott		Hazard Hosp	not listed	Jim Walters-Breathitt	Margaret Smith-Knott	Bulan		Operation-Appendixs  2am	
John A. Combs		Manuel		64	Feb.26,1941	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		David Combs-Breathitt	Polly Davidson-BreathittManuel		Cancer  11:25pm	Patty 65
Betha Turner		Oak Dale	32	Feb.28,1941	Aug.12,1909	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Bill Caine-Breathitt	Lulla Combs-Breathitt	Oak Dale	Sugar Diabetes 6pm 32yr6mo16da	Beckham Turner  39
Charlie Huston(colored)	Blue Diamond	54	Feb.28,1941	not listed	Coal Miner	not listed	not listed	Payne		not listed		not listed		Blue Diamond	Asthma and Dropsy 10pm	
Opal Rhodes		Busy		41	Mar.02,1941	May 04,1900	not listed	not listed	Busy		Ray		Elija Feltner-Leslie	Della Wooton-Leslie	Busy		T.B. 	Frank Rhodes   44
Johnie W. Phillips	Blue Daimond	8mo	Mar.03,1941	Jun.22,1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		R.B. Phillips-NC	Nancy Farley-Breathitt	Englewood	Pneumonia	
W.M. Billie Combs	Hazard		71	Mar.01,1941	not listed	not listed	Wolfe		Hazard		not listed	Nick Combs-Wolfe	Eliza Williams-Wolfe	not listed	not listed  11:15pm	Evelyn  65
Martin W. Davidson	Laurel St.	74	Mar.04,1941	Mar.07,1867	Singer salesman	Jackson		Hazard		Snyder		Jeremiah Davidson-JacksnMary Moore-Jackson	Henry Duff/Chavies not listed  74yr11mo4da	Molly
Chas Paul Eastridge	Blue Diamond	 1	Mar.06,1941	Feb.18.1940	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Lemmie Eastridge-Coal Field TN Febbie Campbell-Brethit	Haddix	Pneumonia  4:30am 1yr 8 da	
Mary Armstrong		Gage		78	Mar.06,1941	not listed	not listed	not listed	not listed	Conley		Tom Hogston-VA		Polly Ann Collins-KY	Gage		Flu   6 am	Ruphur Armstrong
John J. Sumner		Vicco			Mar.07,1941	not listed	Farmer		Letcher		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		not listed		not listed		Georges Branch	Menigitis  10:50pm	Betty Jane   64
L.D. Griffey		Allais		44	Mar.08,1941	Aug.24,1897	Coal Miner	Pomerburg?	not listed	not listed	John Griffey-Pomersburg	Nancy Abram-KY		not listed	Slate Fall  11am	
Mary Ann Hall		Blue Diamond	75	Mar.09,1941	not listed	not listed	Wales 		Blue Diamond	Payne		Edward Goins-Wales	Ann			Soddy TN	not listed 1:20pm	
Sherman Patrick		Hardburly	8mo	Mar.10,1941	not listed	not listed	Hardburly	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Green Patrick-Knott	Ada Napier-Knott	Talcum on Ball	Pneumonia 8mo 4 da	
Roy Lee Osborne		Allais			Mar.10,1941	Mar.10,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Claud Osborne-RussellCoVA.Laura Thompson-Laurel	England		Stillborn	
Sam Kaylor		Hazard		28	Mar.12,1941	Nov.24,1912	not listed	Madison		Hazard Hosp	not listed	James Kaylor-Madison	Mary W. Hunt-Madison	Madison		not listed  2:55am	
Lou V. Bowman		Hazard		81	Mar.15,1941	Dec.14,1859	not listed	Lee		Hazard		Botkins		Moses Robert-Lee	Mary Burns-Lee		Turner		not listed 3am  81yr3mo1da	Steve Bowman
Elizabeth Johnson	Hardburly	70	Mar.16,1941	Dec.28,1870	not listed	Rockwood, TN	Hardburly	Jingles		Thomas Taylor-Rockwood, TN.Pamelia Dickey-TN	Hardburly	not listed 4:30am	Joseph Johnson
Emily Maggard		Wooton		79	Mar.20,1941	May 06		not listed	Leslie		not listed	Collins		Jim Brewer-VA		Jane Milton-Indiana	Brewer		Stroke  12noon	Rubin Maggard
Stanley Dykes		Sassafrass	7	Mar.21,1941	not listed	not listed	Perry		Knott		Combs		Sam Dykes-Missouri	Martha Casket-Morgan	Lotts Creek	not listed 12:15	
Noah H. Sellers		Hardburly	72	Mar.21,1941	Dec.08		Coal MIner	not listed	Hardburly	Jingles		John Sellers-KY		not listed		Riverside	Scelories  8:05am	Maggie  68
Stillbirth Combs	Kodak			Mar.22,1941	Mar.22,1941	not listed	Perry		Kodak		Combs		Denver Combs-Leslie	Martha Feltner-Perry	Kodak		Pneumonia 	
Donald R. Howard	Combs		3da	Mar.23,1941	Mar.20,1941	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Austin Howard-NC	Elva Lowridge-KY	Combs		not listed	
Mary Jane Bowling	Hyden		79	Mar.23,1941	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Hyden		Kooser		Samuel Morgan-Leslie	Sally Asher-Leslie	Hyden		Stroke 12:20am	
James H. Engle		Bulan			Mar.24,1942	not listed	Coal Miner	Perry		not listed	Collins		Sampson Engle-Perry	Kissie Combs-Perry	Engle		Tumor of Bowels,9am	Ella
Dorothy Jane Chapman	Hazard		11	Mar.24,1941	Sep.10,1929	Student		Harlan		not listed	Snyder		Melvin Chapman-Wolfe	Nannie Bryant-Wolfe	Rogers		not listed 5:25pm 11yr6mo4da	
Isabel Richie		Dwarf		62	Mar.24,1941	not listed	not listed	not listed	Lexington	Grimes		William Cornett-Perry	Martha Combs-Perry	Engles		Cancer 9:30pm	
Alice Hurt		Scuddy		50	Mar.25,1941	Feb.28,1891	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Elhanon Combs-Perry	Elizabeth Guinn-Perry	Combs		Heart 6:30    50yrs25da	
Thoplis Adams		Meems-Hoskins	32	Mar.26.1941	Apr.27,1909	Farmer		Leslie		Meems-Hoskins	Combs		Henry Adams-Perry	Nan Cornett-Perry	Viper		T.B.	
Minnie Jent		Vicco		42	Mar.28,1941	not listed	not listed	Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Will Martin-Knott	Rachel Young-Knott	Martin		Locked Bowels,3:30am	Robert Jent  49
Bertha Eldridge		Yerkes		44	Mar.26,1941	not listed	not listed	Leslie		Busy		not listed	John M. Huff-Leslie	Aline Wooton-Leslie	Confluence	Heart 5:30pm	Crit Eldridge
Alberta Taylor		Anco		3mo	Mar.28,1941	Jan.19,1941	not listed	Knott		Anco		Pinkley		Chester Taylor-VA	Georgia Stone-VA	Cornett Hill	not listed 7:30pm	
Sylvester Jent		Lothair		29	Apr.02,1941	Jul.26,1911	Filling Sta att	Knott		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Thomas Jent-Knott	Dicie Everage-Knott	not listed	Heart 11:30      29yr 8mo 7da	
Bob B. Bowling		Bowlington	36	Apr.03,1941	Mar.16,1905	not listed	Perry		Bowlington	Abshear		Milton Bowling-Perry	Lillie Begley-Perry	Bowlington	T. B. 12:15am	Ellen Oliver
Eliza Green		Vicco		60	Apr.03,1941	not listed	not listed	Wolfe		Vicco		Combs		Lenzia Taylor		not listed		Second Creek	T.B. 2:30pm	
Harold Gene Grigsby	Hardburly	9da	Apr.05,1941	Mar.28,1941	not listed	Perry		Hardburly	Jingles		Ellis Grigsby-Knott	Mahala Begley-Perry	Grigsby			not listed 9am	
William Sizemore	Hazard			Apr.06,1941	Oct.29,1860	Vet-Spanish	Clay		Hazard		Coldiron	Blevins Sizemore-Clay	Rebecca Jones-Clay	Manchester	not listed 6:30pm	Ellen  73
Laura Campbell Scalf	Viper		34	Apr.09,1941	Aug.16,1906	not listed	Viper		Viper		Collins		Urban Campbell-Perry	Mary Ann Ison-Perry	Leatherwood	Cancer	William B. Scalf
Elisa Napier		Hiltonman?	81	Apr.10,1941	May 17,1859	not listed	Duane		Hiltonman	Collins		Robert Godsey-VA	Scynthia Combs-Perry	Hiltonman	Heart    81yr10mo23da	Samuel Napier
Virginia Lockwood	Allock			Apr.10,1941	Apr.10,1941	not listed	Perry		CarrsFork	Akers		Fred Lockwood-TN	Mary J. Brown-TN	Jeff		Stillborn 10:50pm	
Edward Mills Goldsmith	Hazard		41	Apr.13,1941	Oct.24		Bookeeper	Alabama		Hazard		Coldiron	M.B. Goldsmith-Alabama	Mary Talmadge-SC	Englewood	Heart Failure,11am	
B. G. Fugate		Blue Diamond	 3	Apr.13,1941	Oct.08,1937	not listed	Perry		Hazard Hosp	Hagan		John Fugate-Perry	Martha Combs-Perry	Blue Diamond	Burns	
Thelma Smith		Glomawr		23	Apr.14,1941	Apr.08,1918	not listed	Letcher		Glomawr		Snyder		John W. Smith-TN	Sally Maggard-Letcher	Englewood	Burns	
Chas Salyer		Lothair		 2	Apr.14,1941	Apr.05,1939	not listed	not listed	Hurst Snyder	Snyder		Kelly Salyer-Breathitt	Alice Turner-Breathitt	Black Gold Hill	Pneumonia 9:30pm	
Austin Godsey		Bulan		48	Apr.16,1941	Nov.20		Coal Miner	not listed	Bulan		Hagan		Jim Godsey-Perry	Juda Combs-Perry	Bulan		Heart Failure 5:00pm	Elizabeth 44
Robert Butler		Oakdale		26	Apr.21,1941	1914		Farmer		Breathitt	Hazard Hosp	Hagan		Goodloe Butler-BreathittAlice Wilson-Lee	Chenowee	R.Road Accident	
Bonnie Carroll		Dwarf		52	Apr.21,1941	not listed	not listed	TN		Dwarf		Ritchie		Joe Stanfill-TN		Mary Hicks-TN		Engle		High Blood	W.M. Carroll 55
John Hall		Emmalena		Apr.23,1941	May 25,1887	Carpenter	Perry		Hardburly	Jingles		Richard Hall-Perry	Sarah Hughs-Perry	Back?/Emmalena	Swines Paralys 6am	Leana Roberts
Stillbirth Baker	Typo			Apr.23,1941	Apr.23,1941	not listed	not listed	Typo		Payne		Crusoe Baker-Perry	Ella Fugate-Perry	Typo		Premature,11pm	
Francis Gilbert(colored)Hazard		23	Apr.24,1941	July 19		not listed	Perry		Hazard		not listed	Clyde Stout-Hardin	Nora Walker-Leslie	Messers Branch	not listed,11pm	
Andy Campbell		Manuel		48	Apr.26,1941	not listed	Farmer		Perry		Hazard Hosp	Jackson		Joe Campbell-Perry	Elvira Campbell-Perry	Manuel		Gunshot,2pm	Rachel,age51

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