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State Project 2000-2001

The Kentucky State C.A.R. Project for this year is to get computers for Duncan Tavern either by donations or by purchasing them.  If they can get the computers donated then they can use the funds raised to purchase software for inventory purposes.  Duncan Tavern has an enormous amount of antiques and other valuables, but no computer to help them with inventory.  If they can get this done and have anything left over they are going to try and do the John Fox, Jr. Library at Duncan Tavern in Paris, Ky.  John Fox has there own website at


State Project 1999-2000

The Kentucky State C.A.R. Project for this year was to raise funds in order to purchase the land to restore Logan's Fort in Stanford, (Lincoln County) Ky.  Logan's Fort was one of the early forts established in Kentucky after Fort Boonesborough and Fort Harrod.

If you would like to find out more about Logan's Fort then go to their website at  It also information on the site on how to donate to the reconstruction of the fort.

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