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            The following biographies were transcribed from manuscripts in the Simpson County Archives, Franklin, Kentucky.  These manuscripts were written by Eugene Scott Brown and possibly his wife, Lucy Mulligan Brown of Scottsville, Allen County in the years 1897 and 1898. These biographies are of Allen County men, either relatives of the Browns or prominent men of the county.  Much more than biographical information can be found in these pages.  One can get a feel for life as it was lived in the early days of the county.  There are stories about school life, militia drills, civil war adventures and information about location of schools, churches, names of teachers and more.


            I tried to transcribe the pages exactly as written, except I generally spelled out abbreviations and sometimes added words in parenthesis in order to make the sentence clearer.  If I could not make out a word or words, I typed a series of periods. If I guessed at a word, then I followed it with a question mark.  Brown many times did not fill in dates and these I typed as blanks.  (Gayla McClary Coates, transcriber)






            Amzi C. Alexander, son of Andrew Alexander, had brothers as follows, by Andrew’s wife, Margaret;

 Matthew Alexander, born in North Carolina on __ day of ___ 17___ and he married Phebe Cole (daughter of _____ Cole) in Allen County ___ day of ___ 18___ and they had children to wit:

  1. Louisa Washington Alexander born _________________ and she married Hiram Bailey, second, Isaac Shelby.
  2. Mary Cole Alexander born_______ and she married William Dinwiddie and he died in Montgomery County, Tennessee.
  3. Hettie Garrison Alexander born ___ day of ___ 18__ and she married Daniel Othara? A down easter and they lived and died in Montgomery County, Tennessee
  4. Freelove Henderson Alexander born ___ day of ___ 18___ and she married James Lynch in Montgomery and he died in Texas.
  5. Andrew Monroe Alexander born ___ day of ___ 18__- and he married Miss Mary Claiburn of Macon County, Tennessee, moved to Texas and died from a fall from a ladder after raising a family.
  6. Zacheus Cole Alexander born ___ day of ___ 18___ and he married Phebe Cole (his first cousin) and by her had William M. and Hester. First wife died and he married his second wife, Matilda Simmons and by her had Dr. B. D., Dorinda, James, Reason?,  William and Rosa.
  7. Peggy Alexander born __ day of ___ 18__ and she married Henry Cole (her second cousin) and they moved to Missouri.
  8. Lizzie Neely Alexander born ___ day of ___ 18___ and she married Amos Cole.
  9. Hugh W. Alexander born ____ day of ___ 18___ and he married Miss Claiburn of Macon County, Tennessee, a sister to said Monroe’s wife and she died after having children to wit: John Meador, Alexander, and he married second wife, Polly Dennis – no children.
  10. John James Alexander born ____ and he went to Texas
  11. Mahala Alexander born ____ and she married Robert Harris of Montgomery County, Tennessee.


Mayben Alexander born in North Carolina and he was Andrew’s first child born to him after his return from the Revolutionary War and so was named for his father Andrew’s Colonel Mayben. He married Margaret Wygal of Allen County, Kentucky, originally Virginians and they had children to wit:

1.      Mary Angeline Alexander born ______ and she married Amos Harris; no children except one (Alexander) and he died in infancy.

2.      Matthew Nelson Alexander born _______ and he married Miss Minerva Pickett of Wilson County, Tennessee and they had children to wit: Margaret, Bettie, Agnes, Dr. Matthew N. Alexander.

3.      Paterfield Graham Alexander born _____ and died when 22 years of age on 14 July 1843; is buried at Pleasant Hill. A bright young man.

4.      Sarah Ann Harrison Alexander born _____ and died while teaching school in Scottsville; single, 29 years of age. Taught with Prof. Andrew Waters.

5.      Permelia Huston Alexander born _____ and she married Capt. James H. Carson, Capt. Company ______ and died without any children having had and lost infant.

6.      Martin Luther Alexander born 18 January 1832 (see his sketch)

7.      Jane Virginia Alexander born _____ and she married Esq. John H. Ligon of Dixon Springs, Tennessee and he died in 1894 and she still lives and has children to wit:  (nothing follows)


James Madison Alexander born ________1791 and he married Prudence Henderson Cole (daughter of Rebecca Henderson and Jos.? Cole, brother of Aunt Phebe Cole Alexander above named) and they had children to wit:

1.      Rebecca Minerva Alexander born ________ and she married John J. Teel. And they had children to wit: Charles

2.      Andrew M. Alexander born (see his sketch)

3.      Hiram Winburn Alexander

4.      Sarah Elizabeth Alexander born ____ and she married Josephus Cole

5.      William Evans Alexander born ____ and died in Denton County, Texas 1895

6.      Mayben Henderson Alexander born ____ died in Texas 1894.


Said Andrew’s children by his second wife (Mrs. Mary Heron nee Wallace) were as follows: Margaret (Peggy) born_______ and she married Rev. Jesse Graham in Allen County, Kentucky and they had children to wit:

1.      James Axley born in Allen County, Kentucky

2.      William McKendre


Amzi C. Alexander was born in Cabarras County, formerly part of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, near Charlotte, Nov. 10, 1795, died April 15, 1863. Married to Elizabeth Watkins Holliday, Dec 9, 1819.



August 1898



Andrew Madison Alexander was born in Allen County, Kentucky on 6th August 1829 about 5 miles southeast of Scottsville near the Cane Spring. His father was James Madison Alexander who was a Regular in U.S. Army some five years. Was fife major in said service and for many years was fifer for the militia drills in Allen County while Dr. Robert R. Durham was drummer. Was a sleymaker (someone who made the pegs for a loom). Died in September 1852. Was buried on Willis Center’s old homestead about five miles southeast from Scottsville.


His mother, Prudence, died 16th May 1840 and is buried by her husband. Subject had brothers and sisters as follows to wit: Rebecca M. now Teel; Andrew M. (subject); Hiram Winburn; William E.; Sarah E. (now Cole);  Mayben H.

Subject married March 6th 1856 to Miss Permelia Wilson of Fayette County, Kentucky; married by Dr. William M. Pratt, son-in-law of Rev. R. T. Dillard of Fayette County, Kentucky. To them were born the following children:

    1. Spencer C. Alexander born 12 Dec 1856
    2. Mary Nelson Alexander born ___ day of ___ 1858
    3. Nannie W. Alexander born ____ day of ____ 18
    4. Prudence M. Alexander born ___ day of ____ 18
    5. Robert Winburn Alexander born ___ day of ____ 18

Two married – Spencer and Prudence.


Subject was educated in the Academy at Scottsville, Kentucky conducted by Andrew Waters and wife (from Massachusetts) and in the Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky 1851 and 1852. Was apprentice to Eli S. Garrison, cabinet workman for 9 years, principal occupation, house builder.


            Subject of this sketch joined the Methodist Church in 1842 or 1843 and the Missionary Baptist Church in 1846 and has been honored by being an officer of the latter church for 30 years.


            Is a nine degree Mason and was made a member in Good Samaritan Lodge 174, Lexington, Kentucky.


            In 1851 and 52 was necessary to telegraph two weeks ahead to get passage on the stage coach to Louisville.


            (He) came within one vote of being the nominee of Democratic Party for jailor of Fayette County, Kentucky in 1870 or 1871.


            Lived in Fayette County, ten miles east of Lexington, Kentucky from 1852 to 1876, January 1, where in 1885 he lost his wife whose remains rest in the beautiful Lexington Cemetery.



Taken in 1897



            Beverley Waugh Alexander was born about three miles east of Scottsville in Allen County, Kentucky on 6th day of October 1836. His father was Amzi Chaffin Alexander who was born in Cabarrus County, once part of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, in 1795. Said Amzi Chafin’s father’s name was Andrew and he was born in said county in ___ and died on what is now County House farm  here in Allen County, Kentucky in 18___ and was buried about 1 mile southeast of Scottsville on land now owned by Esquire Benjamin Taylor near and west of Jack’s Hollow. Said land where he was buried belonged to Samuel Garrison and then to A. Drane and then ______. Said Andrew’s 1st wife was Margaret Alexander and was his cousin and he married her in North Carolina and by her he had children, to wit: Matthew and Mayben and James M. Said Andrew’s second wife was Mrs. ____ Heron, widow of Heron whom she married probably in North Carolina. Said Mrs. Heron’s maiden name was Wallace and she was born in ____ probably North Carolina and by her were born to him Amzi C.; Washington; Andrew and Nelson G.


            Said Beverly Waugh Alexander received a common school education in Allen County, Kentucky and engaged in agricultural pursuits from his youth except some five or six years assisted in running the T. J. Settle Woolen Mills at Scottsville.


            In 1867, he was elected County School superintendent of his county which office he held for two years, 1867 and 1868, and then resigned to go into the Woolen Mills. For sketch of his mother, Elizabeth W. Alexander (nee Holliday) see her sketch.


            He was married 28 April 1863 to Miss Louisa H. Settle, daughter of Thomas J. Settle Sr. of Scottsville. To them were born Janie E. born 10 May 1864; Arthur C. born 15 March 1866; Ida M. born 2 May 1868.  Said Janie E. married 10 February 1885, Ira Bowman Dorsey of Oak Ridge, Marebonce? Parish, Louisiana. Said Ida M. married 14 Oct 1886 Dr. Andrew W. Myers, now of Russellville, Kentucky.


            He (Beverley) is a Mason, member of Methodist Episcopal Church South and politically is a Democrat.


            (The following written in different handwriting) B. F. Alexander, son of Amzi c. and Elizabeth Watkins Alexander, born in Allen County, Kentucky, April 12, 1829. Married to Miss Frances L Bowman, at Mansfield, Louisiana, November 10, 1867. His wife died in 1882.



Taken in 1897



            Dr. Hiram Winburn Alexander was born six miles southeast of Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky on what is now called the Henry J. Brown place, on the 8th day of November 1830. His father was James Madison Alexander who was a native of Cabarrus County or Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, born ___ day of ____ 1791 and died in Allen County, Kentucky on said farm (where Hiram was born) in  September, 1852 and was buried in the old Willis Center burying ground. Came to this state in _____. Said Hiram’s mother was Prudence Cole, a daughter of _____ Cole and who was born in Allen County, Kentucky.

            Said Prudence Cole died ____ day of ____ 1836 when said Hiram was six years old. Said James M. remarried to Patsy Simmons, a widow whose maiden name was Dalton. Said James M. Alexander was a soldier, fife major in United States service, War of 1812 and was in the service for five years. And was fifer while Robert Durham was drummer afterwards here in the militia musters. Not a member of any church, was a Methodist in his views. The said mother, Prudence, was a member of the Methodist Church. Said James M.’s father was Andrew  Alexander who was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina in 17___ and who died in Allen County, Kentucky in 18__ on what is now the County House Farm three miles southeast of Scottsville and was buried near and southeast of Scottsville near Jack’s Hollow. Said James M.’s mother was Margaret Alexander, being first cousin to her husband, the said Andrew. By her said Andrew had sons viz; Matthew, Mayben and the said James M. Said Andrew married a second time and to Mrs. ____ Heron of _____ county and who was a widow of _____Heron, her maiden name being Wallace. And from this union sprang Amzi C., Washington, Andrew, and Nelson G. and Margaret (Peggy).


            Said Hiram had brothers and sisters viz; Rebecca Minerva Alexander, wife of J. J. Teel and 72 years old; Andrew M. Alexander now of Lexington, Kentucky and about 68 years; Sarah Elizabeth now wife of Jo. Cole and about 65 years; William Evans Alexander died in Texas, Denton County, 1895; Mayben Henderson Alexander, died in Texas 1894.


            Said Hiram attended the private schools of his vicinity and worked on the farm and at 17 years of age was set free by his father who signed and acknowledged in County Clerk’s office or writing to  ….. effect before Lemuel Swearingin, County Clerk. He then worked on the farm and attended schools alternately. Went to school to Prof. Waters at the Scottsville (Academy) in the Presbyterian Church. Obtained a certificate to teach school anywhere in Kentucky and taught and read medicine till winter of 1855 and 1856 attended medical lectures at Medical University of Louisville, Kentucky. Read medicine in summer of 1856. Attended Medical College University of Nashville, Tennessee the winter of 1856 and graduated in spring of 1857 with 117? others. Dr. Paul Eve was professor of surgery. Then practiced medicine in Barren County at Old Rocky Hill, Kentucky for four years to 1861 and then went to Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky (on) horseback and then practiced medicine for 25 years up to 1886. On 19th October 1870, he was married to Miss Mary E. Bowles, daughter of Socrates Bowles, who was born and raised in Bourbon County, where she was also born and brought up.


            To them were born:

1.      John Madison Alexander born 26 July 1871

2.      Nannie Winburn Alexander born 8 November 1875

3.      Thomas H. Alexander born 23 May 1880

4.      Elizabeth Buckner Alexander born 23 May 1880

5.      Socrates Alexander born 1883

6.      Mary Prescot Alexander born 1883 (twins, both dead)



Said John M. is studying for the ministry in University of Lexington, Kentucky Bible College and Christian Church. Said Nannie Winburn’s a graduate of Hamilton College, Lexington, Kentucky. Said Lizzie B.’s attending Hamilton College.


In 1886, said Hiram and family moved into Fayette County on Mayesville Pike six miles north of Lexington where they have resided ever since, he doing some practice at intervals and in daytime. Owns and lives on a farm of 125 acres for which he paid $112 per acre in 1884 on North Elk Horn Creek.


            Said Hiram and wife belong to the Reformed Christian Church at Antioch. Politically he is a Democrat and is for Free Silver.






            Marcus Adolphus Alexander was born in Allen County, Kentucky on 11th day of March 1853, four miles southeast of Scottsville. His father, Nelson G. Alexander, was born in Allen County, Kentucky about 3 miles east of Scottsville on what is now the County House Farm on ____ day of ___ 18___ and died in Scottsville, Kentucky on 21st October 1887 and is buried in Scottsville Cemetery. He was a farmer and Justice of the Peace, a Democrat and a member of Methodist Episcopal Church, South and a Mason. Member of Graham Lodge Number 208. He was a son of Amzi C. Alexander and Elizabeth W. Alexander whose maiden name was Holliday.


            Said Marcus A. Alexander was educated in the Public Schools of his vicinity and at Everet? Academy at Epperson Springs in Sumner County, Tennessee, 1872 and 1873 and at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee 1876 and 1877. Took law license …………………

Taught Public Schools in 1870, first one at Mt. Union Church in South Allen and at various places in Allen County and taught three schools in Warren County in Smith neighborhood near and west of Greenwood. Studied law with Hon John J. Gatewood at Scottsville 1870 and after. Obtained license to practice law 10 January 1871. Was examined by Hon. John E. Halsell and David C. Walker and license approved by Hon. James Garrett, Circuit Judge. Went to Minnesota 5 March 1879, returning 22 December 1879. While there practiced law with Harrison J. Peck at Shackopee, Scott County, Minnesota. Practiced law at Scottsville ever since. Was partner in all Allen Circuit Court cases with Leslie and Botts till Gov. Leslie was elected circuit judge succeeding Jo. H. Lewis and then with Maj. Botts till he died in May 1893. Then practice with Porter and Mc…… and afterwards with Hon. W. L. Porter. Was deputy sheriff under Jackson Richey 18___. Was elected school commissioner for Allen County, Kentucky, August 1872 and held said position for four years.


            On 19th day of March 1885, said Marcus A. Alexander was married at Lafayette, Macon County, Tennessee to Miss Mary Amanda Marshall, daughter of James C. and Sallie Marshall. Said James C. was son of John Marshall, formerly merchant of Scottsville moving to Lafayette in 1832. Said James C.’s mother was Miss Amanda Mansfield, daughter of George Washington Mansfield who lived and died in Allen County at Scottsville. Was a member of Kentucky Constitutional Convention in 1851 and who was father of Mrs. H.C. Caruth, mother of Asher G. Caruth. Said John Marshall was second cousin to Chief Justice John Marshall of United States Supreme Court. Said Mary’s mother was a Chamberland, daughter of Carroll Chamberland, whose wife was a Hunter and came from Virginia.


            To said March A. and May A. Alexander were born the following children;

1.      Eric Marshall Alexander born 15 Aug 1886

2.      Lee Alexander born 26 February 1888 and died 29 December 1888

3.      Eva Alexander born 26 April 1890

4.      Sallie Alexander born 27 May 1893






            Martin Luther Alexander was born 3 miles east of Scottsville in Allen County, Kentucky on 18th day of January 1832. His father was Mayben Alexander who was born in 1788 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina on Sugar Creek near Charlotte, North Caroline where 1000 other Alexanders were born. Said Mayben’s father was named Andrew Alexander and was born at or near same place in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, date not known, probably about 1755, don’t know, date of death unknown, occupation probably farmer. Said Andrew’s wife, don’t know, but he had seven sons, to wit: Mathew and said Mayben and James M. by his 1st wife and Amzi Chaffin, Washington, Andrew, and Nelson Graham Alexander and daughter, Margaret (Peggy) by his second wife.


            Said Martin Luther Alexander’s mother was Margaret (Peggy) Wygal, daughter of Adam Wygal. She and her said father were both born in Virginia  near   _______                  , Montgomery County, Virginia. She was born in 1788. Said Wygals are of German origin. Said Adam Wygal married Mary Loman? of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. She had and read a German Bible and she died in Allen County, Kentucky (see Alf Follis)


            Said Martin Luther Alexander was educated in common schools of Allen County, Kentucky, brought up on a farm till about 25 years of age. His father died 1849 and his mother died in 1855. Both buried at Pleasant Hill Church. Said Martin Luther began teaching schools bout 1849 near Long Creek and taught Nira C. and O. Doris Pitchford, Wiley Holland, Fanny Carver (late Brown) and the other Hollands and Hatters etc. Taught two other schools in said county. Learned John W. Stark and others their letters. Was book agent for Leary and Getz of Philadelphia about 1 year in 1852. Then was P.M. and druggist in Burksville, Kentucky 1854 to 1857 and married on 22 February 1855 to Miss Lucinda Virginia Dodd of Glasgow, Kentucky. In 1857 moved to Nashville, Tennessee and engaged in clerkship in wholesale shoe house of R. S. Hollins and Co. and then with A. J. Duncan and Co. to the War in 1861. Then engaged in Auction and Commission business to 1865 and then sold out and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, carrying with him $4200 his wife having died 38 April 1863 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery near Nashville, Tennessee. In Cincinnati, was salesman for Acton, Clark and Co. on Pearle Street at $3000 for about 1 year, 1865. Then lost all in gold speculations at New York 1866. Then was salesman for Lufts, Tillney and Co., whole sale notions on Broadway, New York City about 1 year when they collapsed owing him $1800 not yet paid. Then returned to Nashville, Tennessee and sold clothing for Bolin H. Cook and Co. on public square for about a year. Then was drummer for Monroe Smaltz Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, successors to Haddock, Read and Co., the oldest shoe firm in the country for about one year when they collapsed. Then returned to Nashville, Tennessee and then clerked for M. Parson’s? till about 1876 and then returned to Allen County, Kentucky, where he has taught school ever since 1879 with intervals of teaching in Barren County, Kentucky and Ellis County, Texas.


            Was only once married and had four children viz; Johnetta now wife of William J. Meador of Milford, Ellis County, Texas and Horace who only lived six months and Neill, now a teacher of Ellis County, Texas. The first child was born dead.


            Was P.M. at Burkesville, Kentucky and Railroad tax collector in Allen County, Kentucky on the T. W. Thompson……Never in any military service. Was a union man and voted against secession. Politically was a whig, then a no nothing and then a Democrat. Member of I.O.U.U.R.A.R. Society at Scottsville, Kentucky. Belonged to Methodist Episcopal Church South. Was twice defeated for nomination for Representative in Allen County, Kentucky.


            Had brothers as follows to wit;

1.Sebastian Wygal Alexander who died when a child at two years old.

2. William H. H. Alexander who died at one month;

3. Mathew Nelson Alexander, now living at Lafayette, Tennessee.

4. Porterfield Graham Alexander who died at 22 years old 14 February 1843. His grave is the first at Pleasant Hill Church.



5. Mary Angeline Alexander who married Amos Harris, Esquire and died in 1873, had child Alex, both buried at Pleasant Hill.

6. Sarah Ann Harrison Alexander died single at 29 years of age. Was assistant teacher for Prof Andrew Waters when she died of fever in 1852.

7. Permelia Houston Alexander who married Capt. James H. Carson of Sumner County, Tennessee, Capt of _______. She died 18___, buried on Capt Carson’s place.

8. Jane Virginia Alexander married Esquire John H. Ligon of Dixon Springs, Tennessee. He died 1894, she still lives near Hartsville, Tennessee.


Said Martin Luther Alexander is six feet two inches high; complexion fair; hair black; eyes hazel. Features prominent; visual weight 200 pounds.


Visited City of Mexico in April 1892, remained 11 days. Saw President Diaz who gave him the freedom of the city of Mexico, went up on Popocotopel.




Mathew Nelson Alexander was born in Allen County, Kentucky on April 11, 1819 near east prong of Bay’s Fork, 3 miles southeast of Scottsville, nearly east.


His father was Mayben Alexander, son of Andrew Alexander who served in American Army in the Revolutionary War and was captured by the British in siege of Charleston and his colonel being Col. Mayben. These Alexanders came from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, were Scotch Presbyterian, but there being no Presbyterian Church here they joined the Methodist. Said Andrew Alexander is buried about one mile southeast of Scottsville near the Lafayette Road in an old Grave Yard about 150 yards west of said Road (see sketch of Alexanders furnished by the subject of this sketch)


His mother was Margaret Wygal, a daughter of Adam and Mary Wygal of Allen County, Adam a native of Germany, Mary of German descent. Her name was Loman. She was from near Philadelphia when it was a small town.


The Alexanders are Scotch …….. His mother’s mother was called Granny Wygal and died at  George Wygal’s, her son in Simpson County, Kentucky sometime about the 40s.


He had brothers and sisters as follows:

1.      Mary Alexander born in 1817

2.      Subject the next born in 1819

3.      Porterfield Alexander born in 1821 and died 14 February 1843

4.      Sarah Ann Alexander born 18___

5.      Permelia Alexander, she married Capt James S. Carson and he and his wife now dead

6.      Martin L. Alexander

7.      Jane Virginia Alexander


His education was obtained from the common schools of his vicinity in Kentucky and Tennessee some in Wilson County. Last in Wilson County, Tennessee. Went to school to Nelson G. Alexander near Watertown, Tennessee. Taught school at Lafayette and in the county round about eight sessions. Studied law while teaching school and before and after obtained license in or about 1850 at Scottsville – Graham Judge at Scottsville and Judge Tompkins at Tompkinsville. Began practice at Scottsville though resident of Tennessee.


His first marriage was to Miss Minerva C. Pickett of Wilson County, Tennessee near Statesville, Tennessee, daughter of the Rev. H. W. Pickett, a Baptist minister. Her mother was Lurany Luper, raised in Overton County, Tennessee, a daughter of Joseph Luper of Overton County, Tennessee.  (They were) married by a justice of the peace name Hardy Syfrat?, married on ___ day of ____ 1842. By her he raised five children; Margarette; Elizabeth – by her his one grandchild by Gillenwater; Agnes; Dr. Mathew Nelson Jr. – Pleasant Shade, Smith County, Tennessee and by him has six grand children.

All dead but Mathew Nelson.


            First wife died in 1880 at Lafayette. He married second wife 30 May 1882, Miss Sarah Graham, daughter of Dr. David Graham, a native of Ireland.  She was born at Sandusky, Ohio, but for many years was resident of Overton County, Tennessee. Her mother was a native of Penn.?


            He lived here in Allen County till near 21 years of age. Citizen of Tennessee ever since 1840. Practiced law and owned and cultivated several farms in Macon County, Tennessee and has been a large dealer in real estate.


            Was for four years County Superintendent of schools of Macon County, Tennessee about 1870 to 1874. Was for four years Circuit Court Clerk of Macon County directly after the war, about 1866.  Took United States census for two districts, 1870. Was … with …….Circuit Court Judge and Chancery Judge. Was specially? Commissioned by Gov. Hawkins to hold eight days Chancery Court at Smithville, De Kalb County, Tennessee, the regular Judge Crowley being incompetent for a number of cases by reason of previous employment.


            Was baptized into the Baptist Church near Statesville, Wilson County, Tennessee 1844. Afterwards removed to Lafayette and there changed his religious views to the  Church of Christ. Edited the “Star Spangled Banner” at Lafayette, Tennessee for a time. Is an elder of the church. Politically, he has been a whig before the war. With the South during the War. After the war, changed his views and has voted Republican. Voted for Breckinridge.






            William Fletcher Alexander was born in Allen County, Kentucky about three miles east of Scottsville on 21st day of November 1833. His father, Amzi Chaffins Alexander, was born in Cabarrus County, North Carolina on 10 November 1795. Cabarrus County was formerly part of Mecklenburg County.  Said Amzi C.’s father was Andrew Alexander born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and died in Allen County, Kentucky in what is now the County House Farm and was buried in a Presbyterian Grave yard near and southeast of Scottsville. Said Andrew was a Presbyterian, but after moving here from North Carolina joined the Methodist Church there being no Presbyterian Church here. Said Amzi C. was a Methodist Class leader for many years at the church at Pleasant Hill and was justice of the peace when the new Kentucky constitution was adopted and opposed it. Was on the bench on a number of the county courts with Amos Harris, Thomas Caruth, J. Warren Heeter and Johnson Cockrill.


            Said William Fletcher’s mother was Elizabeth Watkins Holliday (see her sketch) He attended the common schools of Allen County, viz; schools taught by Elizabeth Brown, Andrew Alexander, Burton Brown, Mary Alexander, Marcus L. Alexander, his brother, all private schools before the public schools were established. Public Schools viz: John H. Collins, Rev. Robert Y. McReynolds, Albert A. Lewis, Hugh R. Brown and high school with Prof. Andrew Waters. Then began to teach in the Public Schools in 1852. Taught first at a school house near Woodford May – was on Trammel Creek on ridge between Big and Little Trammel, in Allen County, Kentucky, being employed by Iredell Foster, trustee. Then taught at Hickory Grove school house near Barren River, Allen County, Kentucky, at Friendship Church, Warren County, Kentucky, 1854. Attended A. Y. Corning’s? select school at Scottsville about 1853 in the old Brick School House in the southeast part of Scottsville. In 1855 he began the collegiate course at Delaware, Ohio in The Ohio Wesleyan University and graduated there in the Classical Course and received the degree of A.B. in 1859 and in 1862 received the degree of A.M. from the said institution.  Edward Thompson, D.D. afterwards Bishop Thompson was president of said college. Bishop C. C. McCabe, H. A. M. Henderson were among his fellow students in said college. Cherished in memory as his teachers are Prof. William G. Williams and Prof Lorenzo D. McCabe still living. Said university was at that time the largest institution of the kind west of the Alleghenies and was in some sense a successor of Augusta College, Kentucky.


            In Autumn of 1859 he went to Louisiana and in December same year joined the Louisiana Conference. Preached at Ho….., Claiborne Parish in 1860 and at Caddo Circuit, Caddo Parish in 1861. Moved to Bayou Tensas Parish in 1862. Rode through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee to Scottsville, Kentucky by horseback 25 days. Found Confederate soldiers at Vicksburg, Mississippi, and at Shelbyville, Tennessee and Murfreesboro, Tennessee and passed and stopped with his uncle Nelson G. Alexander near Cherry Valley, Wilson County, Tennessee arriving home about 25 October 1862.


            Visited Delaware, Ohio in 1863. Then returned to Munfordville, Kentucky and taught school in 1863 and 1864. Taught there in Kentucky at Flat Woods School House, Allen County in 1864 and 1865. In 1866 at Flippin on Fork’s of Perdian? Creek. In 1867 at Flat Woods again (for) 10 months at $70, his room and board. In 1868 at Freedom in Barren County, Kentucky. These were Select Schools. Taught Greek and Latin and other higher branches. In 1868, starting June, he made a journey for his health in rockaway drawn by two mules to Hastings, Minnesota arriving 8 August 1868 and called on Rev. Peter Cartwright. Taught school in Scott County near Lydia Post Office in 1868 and 1869, returning to Kentucky in summer of 1869. In Fall of 1869 went through the country from Scottsville, Kentucky to Rev. B. F. Alexander’s plantation on Tensas River in Tensas Parish accompanied by Irey W. Whitney. Spent 1870 in said Parish, Louisiana, suffering with granuated? sore eyes. Returned home in Kentucky and thence went to Cincinnati, Ohio, fall of 1870, returning to Louisiana by steamer. Stopped at Memphis and called on Jefferson Davis, ex-president of the Confederacy and had a pleasant interview. Then taught a six month school in Ouachita River, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana in 1871. In Fall of 1871 made a trip to Minnesota, Hasting, St. Paul and state camp meeting near St. Paul.  Returning to Louisiana, fall of 1871, taught a short time at same place Ouachita and in January, 1872 visited with the Louisiana Conference at Monroe in said Parish and was appointed to Lake Providence and Ilawarra? in Carroll Parish and there spent 1872. On 17th April 1873 he was married to Miss Emma Jane Jeffries of Carroll Parish and in said Parish. A lady 22 years of age, a person gentle in manners, pretty and of much popularity. Preached at Columbia, Tensas Parish in 1873. By said wife was born to him on 30 December 1873, Marcus Mosely Alexander who is still living and now connected in business with Eddy and Eddy of St. Louis, Missouri and training in the South. In 1874, he and family went to Collin County, Texas and Dallas County, Texas. He taught school in Dallas County in summer of 1874. On 26 Sept 1874, his wife died in Dallas County, Texas and was buried near Frankfort, Collin County, Texas Masonic Burying Ground. Died of Louisiana fever. In early part of 1875, returned with his son to Louisiana and taught school at Midway in West Carroll Parish. Returned with his son to Kentucky in Fall of 1875 on visit. Returning to Louisiana same Fall and in 1876, early summer returned to South Kentucky. In 1876 remained in Kentucky and taught school that winter at White Oak School House near Carrol Hancock’s returning to Louisiana, winter of 1876 with the children, two boys of Mrs. Ellen Deanson? sister of his wife. Returning in Spring of 1877 taught school near Walker D. Holland’s and William Pope’s near Butlersville spring and in …. 1877. In winter of 1877 and 78 taught at Rich Pond, Warren County, Kentucky, taught school near William J. McElroy’s in winter of 1877 and 1878. In Fall of 1878 taught school at Gainesville, four or more months, which was his last school. Remained in Kentucky till March 1879 when he was appointed by Rev. George R. Browder, Presiding Elder to supply the pastorate of the Rev. Mr. Price who resigned. Was in charge of this work till Oct 1879 and at Madisonville conference in October 1879 was re-admitted to Louisville Annual Conference and appointed to Carrsville, Kentucky on Ohio River for 1879 and 1880. And then 1881 2-3 months sent to Columbia, Kentucky as circuit rider in latter part of 1883 and in 1884 preached at Princeton, Kentucky. Latter part of 1884 was transferred to Florida and took charge of Madison Circuit, Madison Florida for … of 1884. From Gainesville, Florida Conference in January 1885 he received from his personal friend, Bishop Linus Parker appointment to Fort Dade now Dade City, Hernando County, Florida  Station. Two appointments and then preached 1885, 1886 and 1887 – delightful period. In 1888 sent by conference to Enterprise, Volusia County, Florida and there preached one year. In 1889 and 1890 preached at Maittand, Florida, Orange County. In 1891 and 1892 at Floral City and Inverness in Hernando and Citrus Counties. In 1893 was  stationed at White Springs on Suwannie River, Florida. In 1894 at Cl…. And Yalaha Lake County, Florida. In 1895, 1896, 1897 at Waldo, Alachua County, Flordia. Visited New York City and Boston in 1895. In 1896 was a state delegate from Florida to the National Prohibition Convention at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and was there made a member of the National Committee from Florida. Has given a great deal of attention to classical literature. Is familiar with Greek and the Greek Testament. Knows and reads Hebrew. Always a great student.

            (Following written in different handwriting)  Married second time to Miss Mary Bruce, of Vanceburg, Kentucky about 1906. He died suddenly June 17 or 19, 1908 at St. Petersburg, Florida.






            Herschel B. Austin was borned in Allen County, Kentucky, September 22 1869 The year the sun was in eclipse. His parents are the Rev. Jno. B. Austin and Mary E. Austin, nee Ferguson, who now reside at Austin in Barren County, Kentucky and is a grandson of Willis Austin, one of the early settlers of Allen County; of English descent and Virginia by birth. His parents moved to Barren County when he was but a child where they have since made their home. He received a common school education in schools of the last name of county of …..which he matriculated in the Glasgow Normal School at Glasgow, Kentucky where he was in attendance about three years during which time he completed the Business and Scientific course as prescribed in said school being granted diplomas in each receiving the degree of bachelor of Science (BS). He was then employed in teaching for about two years in the Allen Seminary of Scottsville, Kentucky and other like institutions.


            He then completed a course in law in the Northern Indiana Law School at Valparaiso, Indiana and received the degree of Bachelor of Law under the tutorage of the Hon. Mark L. DeMott, Judge Jno. Gillett and others of equal abilities. He there after being admitted to practice in the supreme court of Indiana. He then for two terms was principal and had charge of the Horse Cave Normal School at Horse Cave, Kentucky where he achieve great success and by his fruitful and efficient work he rendered himself very popular as an educator. In January, 1895 resigned his position and located at Scottsville, Kentucky and began the profession of law in which he is now employed (of course his success is indble) He obtained license to practice law in 1893 and were so granted by reason of his examinations by the above law faculty and …. recommendations.  He was admitted to the Bar in Kentucky 1894 at Munfordville in Hart County, Kentucky, but was never actively employed in practice until July 1895. He was engaged in farming and lumber business until the age of 17, his father owning considerable lands and conducting an extensive lumber business during his son’s early years.


            He has had the honor of being city attorney in Scottsville, Kentucky and in 1897 was the nominee of his party for county attorney – Democrat. Is a member of the Missionary Baptist church.  See further as to Grandmother Austins



30 Oct 1897



            Buford Warrick Bradburn was born in Simpson County, Kentucky on 16 Arpil 1855 near Palmyra. His father was George Washington Bradburn and was born in Simpson County, Kentucky 30th Oct 1829. Was a farmer and moved to Allen County, Kentucky when a youth. A Democrat in politics and in 1870 was elected assessor of Allen County. Second four years and was re-elected in 1874 being the only Democratic nominee then elected. He died 16 August 1889 in Scottsville and was buried in Scottsville Cemetery.


            Said Buford Warrick’s mother was Isabella A. Allen, a native of Christian County, Kentucky, born 2 February 1828 and still lives – resides in Fort Worth, Texas.


            There were ten children of said family, five living and five dead. Those living are Thomas N., Buford W., the subject of this sketch, Florence Ella (now Mrs. Clem Howard), Minnie B. (now wife of E. B. Lewis of Fort Worth, Texas) Mattie B. (wife of E. L . Sturdivant) now in New Mexico.


            Said Buford Warrick obtained his education in the Public Schools of his vicinity and in Scottsville High School or Scottsville Academy 15 months taught by Dr. J. R. Temple now  of Breaksville?, Florida, in 1874 or 1875. Taught school in 1875 and 1876. Taught at Rough and Ready in 1875 and at Red Hill in 1876. While teaching this school at Red Hill he became engaged to be married and in 1877 on 10 January 1877 he was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth Barton, daughter of James Sr. and Sarah J. Barton (nee Howard).


            In 1876, he commenced reading law with Gilbert M. Mulligan at Scottsville and read law with him until his death in 1877. Was admitted to the bar on 14 July 1878 being examined by Maj. W. H. Botts of Glasgow, Kentucky and Col. Henry T. Clark of Bowling Green, Kentucky and license approved by Hon James Garrett, circuit judge of this district. Then commenced the practice of law at Scottsville. In February 1882 was appointed by Judge N. C. Pitchford to fill out the unexpired term of H. P. Bailey. In August 1882 was elected county attorney over M. A. Alexander and served as such for four years. Continued the practice of law up to 1890 when he moved to Vi…. Texas and then was attorney for the Fort Worth and Denver Railroad for three years, practicing with John M. Basham and M. E. Smith, style of firm Bradburn, Smith and Basham. Practiced in court of appeals and Supreme Court of Texas. In September 1893 moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky where has resided ever since and formed a partnership with Hon. John M. Wilkins doing a large practice in Warren and adjacent counties.


            Was in 1897 nominated by Democratic party as a candidate for Representative in ………, House of General Assembly ……. opposition. Is a Democrat, Methodist and a member of the Masonic Fraternity and Knight of Pythias.



16 August 1898



            Stephen Sherman Binnion was born in Macon County, Tennessee December 7, 1866. Lived there with his parents three years, thence moved to Simpson County, Kentucky and resided there one year and from there moved to Barren County six years thence to Allen County residing there ever since. Was educated in the common schools and the Academy at Mt. Zion and Ogden College at Bowling Green. His father was Rev. Robert A. Binnion, now residing in Allen County, Kentucky in Puncheon District. His father was a Private of Co. I, 9th Kentucky Infantry Volunteers in the War of 1861.


            His mother was Nancy C. Roach of Simpson County, Kentucky. Subject had five sisters and six brothers. His father and mother are both living. His father is a minister of the General Baptist Church.


            Subject of this sketch obtained license to practice law in the Allen Circuit Court in 1893, having previously taught school about six years in Macon County, Tennessee and Allen County, Kentucky. Was nominated and elected Clerk of the Allen Circuit Court on the Republican ticket in the fall of 1897 for six years.


            He has three brothers in the United States Service to wit: Boson U. Binnion, Co. B, United State Engineer Corps.; Thomas G. Binnion, Co. B, United States Engineer Corps; John M. Binnion, Co. C, United States Corps. His oldest brother James W. is a practicing physician in Macon County, Tennessee.





            Oliver Brown was born in Allen County, Kentucky on 19 June 1821 on Long Creek some eight or 9 miles southeast of Scottsville. His father was Henry Brown who was born in Wake County, North Carolina, October               17___. Said Henry’s father was Wyley Brown who was born and raised in North Carolina and moved to this Allen County, Kentucky bringing his boy Henry with him in 18___. Also there came with him his brother, Willis Brown, Sallie Brown , who married James McReynolds (brother of Anderson McReynolds), Dillie, who married Henry Johnson (brother of old Matthew), and Drury Brown and William Brown, another brother moved from North Carolina to near Pikeville, Tennessee.


            Said Oliver’s mother was Miss Aley Austin, a daughter of William Austin from ________ and she was a sister of Willis Austin and Wilson and Williamson Austin (the latter now living in Grayson County, Texas). Willis (John B.’s father) died in Allen County, 18___.


            Said Oliver had brothers and sisters as follows:

1.Harrison, born 11 day of October 1819

2. Robertson was born_____ 18;

3. Adaline was born 4 July 1836

4. William Henry was born 1838.


            Said Oliver attended only the schools of his neighborhood and very little at that. Education limited.


            He was married to Miss Elizabeth Brown who was born in Virginia and of no kin to Oliver. Her father was Skelton Brown, born in Virginia, who died near Fountain Head, Sumner County, Tennessee. Her mother was Polly Napier from Virginia and of kin to the Napiers of Casey County, Kentucky.


            To them were born the following children:

1.      Helen Brown now Pitchford, born 15 August 1843;

2.      Henry Woodson Brown born 1 January, 1845;

3.      William Austin Brown born 1848;

4.      Mary Alice Brown born 18___;

5.      Samuel Oliver Brown born 18___;

6.      Minnie Brown (now Pursley? of Tennessee) born 18___;

7.      Missie Brown (married Buck Taylor of Tennessee and died ) 18___; 

(five died young and not given above)


            Said Oliver and Elizabeth were married by Dr. A. S. Walker at Denton Brown’s on 2 August 1842 in Allen County, Kentucky. Was a farmer and lived and raised his family on Long Creek in Allen County, Kentucky. Gave all his children a good education.





Nov 1897



William Allen Brown was born in Allen Co., Kentucky on 22d day of April 1820 at the old orchard on part of a 400 acre survey owned at one time by                 on head waters of Dry Creek about 5 miles south east of Scottsville near the old Willis Center Place – afterwards owned by said William A. Brown and the house where he was born he afterward moved about  mile southeast to where and in which his son the writer of this sketch was born. In a log house, brick chimney, shingle roof – the roof was nailed on with shop nails made at a black smith’s shop and costs about 25 cents a pound. The spring where water was obtained for the family was about 150 yards southeast of the house and still furnishes plenty of water. Dr. Robert Paris of Scottsville was the family physician. Said William A.’s father was Allsey Brown who was born in          Co , North Carolina on____    day of  ___   179__ and died on east fork of Bay’s Fork in Allen Co., Ky. on ____ day of Oct. 1864. Was a youth, say about 16 years of age, when he moved from N.C. to Ky. with his father Drury Brown who settled near and on adjoining farm to where William A. was born.  Said Drury Brown was born in N.C. and died on the said farm where he settled in Allen Co, aged about 70 years – died about 1832 and was buried under a walnut tree on said farm. Was a man of rather small stature – black eyes and black hair and was a constable and school teacher and a good mathematician.

Said Drury’s wife, Allcey’s mother, was Lizzie Jent and was a sister to Margaret (Peggy) Jent Brown, wife of Wiley Brown who was a brother to said Drury and was sister to Winnie (Jent) Cook, wife of Syon Cook, father of Calvin Cook and Amos Cook and Syon Cook. Said Drury’s father never came to the state, Ky., and Wm. A. does not know his name. Does not know the extraction or nationality of said Drury’s ancestors. Said Drury had brothers as follows – Wiley, Ruben and Charles. Wiley lived on Long Creek in Allen Co., Ky. where Oliver Brown, his grandson, afterwards lived. Wiley had children to wit: Willis Brown, who lived north east of said Oliver Brown, who moved to Missouri at, say 50 or 60 years of age, and died there (He was a very nervous, fidgety man). His, Willis’ wife, was Jincy Kelsey and sister to Burton Brown’s wife. And Henry who lived and died on Long Creek in Allen County, Ky – was a soldier in War of 1812. He married Ailcey Austin, sister of Willis and Wilson and Williamson Austin. His children were Harrison, Oliver, Robertson, Adaline and William H.


Said Drury’s brother, Ruben, moved from North Carolina to Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee between Cumberland Hill? and Walden’s Ridge in Bledsoe County – Pikeville the county seat – while a youth. Said Ruben married Miss Sallie Worthington and had children to wit: Jesse, James and two daughters, Minerva and _________. Said Ruben owned a large tract of very rich land on Bledsoe Creek in Bledsoe Co., Tennessee – owned 30 black slaves – and was wealthy. Lived in a brick house. Said William A. made a visit to his said great uncle Ruben Brown in the fall of 1842 or about said year and remained 10 days and was cordially received and entertained. Said Ruben was a man of good size – broad shouldered, weight about 175 lbs. Got his start by herding cattle in the mountains in East Tenn. Jesse and James lived on land given them by their father, Ruben and had families.


Said Ruben’s brother Charles moved westward to the “Yellow Banks” at or near Owensboro, Ky. Had a family, but never returned or visited his relations here and William A. knows nothing further of his history.


Said Allsey Brown, father of the subject of this sketch, was married on _____ day of _____ 18___ to Miss Nancy Terrell Childress who was born in South Carolina on the ____ day of ____ 17___ and who was living with Old Harry Colliers (Collins?) in Allen Co., KY., then Warren Co., Ky., till near the time when she and Allsey married. She was a sister to Willis Center’s wife, Elizabeth, and came to Ky. on foot, leading a horse which carried such goods as they brought. She had a brother, Bartholomew Childress who lived in Mobile, Ala. and was at one time Sheriff of his county. Said Nancy came from Georgia here.


Said Allsey Brown was a large land owner owning 800 acres or more which he for the most part divided among his children before he died. Said Allsey Brown owned six Negro slaves, to wit: Dinah, Jo, and Kit and her 3 children – Bruce, George and Bob. He was a great deer hunter and killed more venison and wild turkey than the family could use. Had a deer park or field and a number of tamed deer to which the wild deer made visits and thus often came in range of Allsey’s rifle.

He was married only the one time and had children to wit:

1. Henry Jackson Brown

2. John Harrison Brown

3. William Allen Brown

4. Celia Garner Brown

5. Drury Burton Brown

6. Thomas Jent Brown Brown

7. Willis Denton Brown who died an infant

8. Samuel Bartholomew Brown

9. Sarah Elizabeth Brown

10.Gillah Ann Malinda Brown


Said William A. was married on 26th day of February 1846 to Miss Sarah Holliday Alexander daughter of Amzi Chapens Alexander at said Amzi’s by Rev. Hartwell Burge a Methodist minister then in charge of the circuit where they lived.

The mother of said Sarah H. was Elizabeth Watkins Holliday, daughter of Rev. Charles Holliday and his wife, Sarah Holliday (see sketch of said Elizabeth W.)

To said Wm. A. and Sarah H. were born the following children viz:

1. Eugene Scott Brown born 3 Dec. 1846 (inserted – died Oct 21, 1898)

2. Elizabeth Luella Brown born 13 Oct 1848, died 26 Nov 1869

3. George Lee Brown born 26 April 1851, died 27 May 1885

4. Infant unnamed born 4 June 1853 and died same day

5. Nannie Celia Brown born 11 June 1854 and died 15 Dec 1858

6. Sarah Allie Brown born 6 April 1857 and died 26 Jan 1890

7. Ann Rebecca Brown born 11 July 1859


Said William A. attended the schools of his vicinity beginning at about 7 years of age – first went to school to his grandfather, the said Drury, who taught in a small pole cabin school house on Dry Creek in the woods near Lafayette, Tennessee road – Eliza Alexander, afterwards Bailey and afterwards Shelby was attended at said school. Then at “Old Liberty” to Urial Grace from Sumner Co. Tenn., then to his Uncle Burton Brown, a number of schools at Old Liberty. Then at said place to James H. Long – 2 schools – was about 14 years old when at these schools. Then William A. moved with his parents to the farm on east fork of Bay’s Fork, head waters thereof, where his said parents died as stated above. Then again attended said Jams H. Long’s school near said place in his Uncle Allen Brown’s old house then the property of his Uncle Denton Brown. Then at Pleasant Hill to his said Uncle Burton Brown which ended his educational course. Said Burton Brown greatly enjoyed giving his scholars at treat at Christmas after a great romp of being turned out of the school house by his pupils or rather being barred out till he would agree to treat and give 2 weeks holiday. Once he got in by disguising himself as a Negro woman after decoying the larger pupils away by the stratagem having another man to ride up near the school house in his clothes so that the larger pupils pursued the wrong man while the smaller pupils let the Negro woman in to warm. But on the return of these larger pupils he was caught and barred and carried toward a pond, but the imminent danger of a dunking brought him to terms and a very liberal treat and two weeks holiday were given. But at the regular hours and days for study he was rather a strict teacher and highly respected and much loved by his pupils. He, William. A., studied Noah Webster’s American Standard Spelling Book, penmanship, Pike’s Arithmetic, etc.


Said William A.’s wife attended the same schools with him, except to Drury Brown’s and she in addition went to school to James Hunt who taught on Bays Fork about 1 mile below her father’s place and she afterwards and in 1838 went to school to her uncle Prof. Nelson G. Alexander in Wilson Co., Tennessee near Cherry Valley post office. Studied Arithmetic (Pike’s), Geography (Olvey’s) Grammar (Murray’s). At about 14 she went to school to Jared P. Willis near Esq. John Whitney’s farm and boarded at James Cowden Sr.’s on Barren River. She afterwards read a great deal of history and general literature and devoted much time to classical literature. Read Shakspeare, Byron, Burns, Campbell, Cowper, Thompson, etc. etc.


She and said William A. lived on adjoining farms from his 14th year till they married. William A. was elected Justice of the Peace for Scottsville District in 186___, at about close of the war. Was appointed County School Commissioner then elected Justice of the Peace of his magisterial District (Scottsville), but resigned as Justice of the Peace after a year or so because an Act of Legislature made the offices of School Commissioner and Justice of the Peace incompatible. Was elected school commissioner by the magistrates of the county and held this office till 186___. Was Deputy Sheriff under J. H. Gillian in 187__ Made two races for Representative – one against Jno. J. Gatewood, Democrat, but was defeated 45 votes in 1865. Then against Thos. J. Morehead, Democrat, 1873, but was defeated  ____ votes. Took census as U. S. enumerator for Scottsville in 1890 and Raleigh in 1880. Was land processioner for Allen Co., Ky. for 15 years, 1882 to 1897, being still in said position. Personal description – Height 6 feet; complexion medium; Hair black; Eye dark blue; born in Allen Co., Ky.; occupation farmer; member of M.E. Church and of Graham Masonic Lodge No. 208 and of the Republican party. Was a decided Republican from the organization of the party. Was a Whig and a No Nothing. His father was a Whig. His wife’s father was a Whig and a No Nothing. His grandfather, Drury was a Whig.


Said Allsey Brown’s brothers and sisters were as follows:

1. Allen Brown born in N.C.  17___Married Peggy Miller in Allen Co. and they had children to wit: Wm.; Mary Ann; Martha Ann; Dow; Hecter; Newton; Bradford; and Rebecca

2. Burton Brown born____Married Annie Kellsey on ____ and they had children to wit; Sam H.; Hugh K.; Hester; Ginnetta; Robert L.; Virgil; Rinnie (De Funiak Springs, Florida) married L. I. Smith.

3. Drury Denton Brown born ______ Married Sarah Brown (sister to Oliver Brown’s wife) and they had children to wit: Skelton; John E.: Mary Elizabeth; Wm. C.; Mattie

4. Tibitha – born____  and died without marrying

5. Gillah – born _____  Married Thomas Jent and they had children, viz: Hiram

6. Polly born ____ Married Jesse Jent and they had children, to wit; Allsey

7. Betsey  - born _____

And Married Eli Pitchford and they had children to wit;

8. Margaret (Peggy) and married Levi Center and they had children viz; Mandy, Cornelius Denton; then Levi died and she married John Russell and they had children to wit; Wm.


Wiley Brown and Drury Brown married Peggy Jent and Elizabeth Jent in North Carolina perhaps in Wake Co.

Wyley and Peggy had children to wit:

Henry Brown, Willis Brown, Sallie Brown and Gillie Brown and Lottie Brown.

Said Sallie Brown married Jim McReynolds of near Pinch Gut Creek; Gillie married Henry Johnson; Lottie married Robin Howell.


Drury Brown and Lizzie had children to wit;

Allsey Brown; Allen Brown; Denton Brown; Burton Brown; Polly who married Jesse Jent; Gillie who married Tom Jent, a brother of Jesse; Elizabeth who married a Pitchford; Peggy who married Moses Center.


 (This sketch was written by Eugene Scott Brown)




            William Charles Brown was born in Allen County, Kentucky, 4 miles southeast of Scottsville                                                                    His parents were Drury Denton Brown and Sarah P. Brown, her maiden name being Brown but no kin to each other.


            Said Drury Denton Brown was born in Allen County, Kentucky on  14? October 18__  and died 20 December, 1880. Was a farmer and lived and died on the farm where said William Charles Brown was born and where he has lived ever since.                                 Said Denton Brown’s father was Drury Brown who was born in North Carolina and moved to this county in 179? . Was a farmer and owned the arm belonging to James G. Whitney at      and died and was buried on said farm near and about 100 yards north of the old orchard and about mile northwest of where the writer of this sketch was born. Owned about 600 acres of land and was the greatest deer and wolf hunter of this vicinity. He built pens like a partridge trap sloping upward and toward the middle but open at the top and put sheep in them so that the wolves would climb in there but could not climb out and would thus be caught. Said Drury’s wife was named Elizabeth, his first wife; his second wife was named Susan, she being the widow Susan McIntyre, but said Drury had no children by her. She was a good housekeeper and a good cook.


            Said William C.’s mother was Sarah Parson Brown, daughter of Skelton Brown and Mary Brown his wife who was Miss Mary Napier of            county, Virginia. And she, Mrs. Drury Denton Brown, was born (in Tennessee inserted) in Virginia on ____ day of ____ 1815 and moved to this section _____ day of _____ 18___. She completed her education in Franklin, Kentucky in 1833 at Franklin Academy (see paper or diploma at John E. Brown’s)


            Said William C. was educated in the Public Schools of his vicinity and went to school to Miss Caroline Ray (now Mrs. John W. Hamm) in or about 1851, then to Henry J. Brown; Sarah B. brown; Ellen Brown; Bailey P. Meador; John E. Brown and Frank Neeley’s. Since completing his education has been a farmer on his father’s old farm. Was constable for seven years from 18___ to 18___. Held no other offices.  Was clerk for S. B. Brown and B. C. House in 1866 and sold general merchandise and sold clocks on his own account. One 5th day of November 1870 he was married to Miss Ann Virginia Hughes, daughter of John P. Hughes and Pheriba Hughes. Said John Pendleton Hughes was brother of  ______ , son (of) R. Hughes and died ___ day of ____ 1866 at Lafayette, Tennessee, his residence then being Dyersburg, Tennessee where Forkadeer? River empties into Mississippi River. Said Pheriba Hughes was a Marion and sister to Thompson Marion and she still lives and is about  75 years old.


            To said William C. and Ann V. Brown were born:

1. Herschel Elmor Brown born 7 day of January 1872

2. William Penn Brown born 21 day of March 1874

3. Elvis Denton Brown born 6 day of August 1876

4. Fred E. Brown born 15 day of January 1879

5. Sarah Ada Brown born 31 day of May 1882

6. Hubert Brown born 27 day of April 1887

All living except Herschel E. who died 16 June 1894 from a knife wound inflicted by _________ Nash.


            Said William C. and wife are members of Methodist Episcopal Church South at Pleasant Hill and are Free Silver Democrats. They are excellent citizens.






            William Newell Cook was born in Allen County, Kentucky on 13th June 1866 on Snake Creek near what is now called Forrest Spring. His father was Hezekiah Cook, son of Calvin Cook and his wife _____________ Blankinship. His mother was Miss Matilda Margaret Huntsman, a daughter of Peter Huntsman  whose wife was Malinda Trammel.


            He obtained his education in the common schools of Allen County and the academies of Scottsville under Prof. Jo. S. Chandler and afterwards Prof. R. M. Shipp. He taught schools in Allen County and sessions beginning in 1886 of public schools. Taught Ed Keen and William W. Whitlow, etc.


            He was married January 24th 1889 to Miss Ollie Burge Dalton, a daughter of John A. Dalton and to them have been born three children, to wit:

1.      Edna Cook a daughter born 30 Nov. 1890

2.      Lester Cook a son born 6 August, 1894

3.      Alina? Cook a girl born 11 February 1897

The two last named are dead.


Resided on farm in sixth district till April 1897 and then removed to Scottsville

where he has resided since. Was Deputy County Assessor under William C. Foster in 1889. Was Railroad Tax Collector for District No. 6, appointed in 1892 for 1893. Ran for County Clerk before Republican County Convention in January 1894, but was defeated by R. B. Justice and in November 1894 was elected Justice of the Peace for 6 District and served until April 1897 when he resigned to accept the position of County Treasurer which he has held ever since. Has also been Deputy postmaster under Hon. John H. Gilliam since 1 August 1897.


Is a member of Methodist Episcopal Church since 1887. Is a Mason, member of Graham Lodge No. 608, Scottsville and at present is Secretary of the lodge. Has filled each position entrusted to him with accuracy and general satisfaction. Politically he is a Republican.






            Young J. Davis was born in Sumner County, Tennessee near Epperson springs on the 30 March 1831. Left there when about four years of age and moved to Butlersville in Allen County, Kentucky where he has resided ever since. His parents were Jonathan Davis and Catherine Davis, the latter’s maiden name was Hunt, a daughter of James Hunt who lived to be over 100, of Sumner County, Tennessee. Jonathan Davis was the son of ______ Davis of North Carolina.


            That the subject was married in Allen County Kentucky on first day of July 18___ by Rev. Benjamin P. Wilson to Martha J. Pope, daughter of Judge Nathan K. Pope, once judge of the Allen County Court.  That ten children were born to this pair, all of whom are dead but three. His daughter Amanda Bell Thomas, left one child at her death, Willie Thomas.


            The living children of Young J. Davis are John Wesley Davis, who married Miss Fanny McElroy, daughter of Hon. W. J. McElroy and _____ Dodson; Marlette Davis, who married John Newman, son of Doc Newman; William E. Davis who married Miss Rosa E. Rush, daughter of Samuel H. Rush.


            Said John W. has a son named Clarence Davis and Marlettie a son name Eugene Thomas and William E. a son named Anton Davis. The subject of this sketch was educated in the subscription schools of his vicinity, is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. That he was a magistrate for about 12 years ending January 1895 and prior to that time was constable for Allen County for many years.


Subject’s father was of militia here and a colonel in the Florida war and in Florida war was lieutenant under Capt. Jack Henry and comrade of James Gilliam, father of J.D. Gilliam. And after that represented the county of Allen in the Kentucky Legislature in the year 18--- to 18--. That said Jonathan Davis was married twice, the last time to the widow Landers whose maiden name was Samantha Venable. 


Subject’s brothers are Wiley W., Samuel J. and Jonathan V. Davis. His sisters were Mrs. Malinda Caldwell, Mrs. Eliza Gilliam, decd (mother of Rev. J. D. Gilliam), Mrs. Lucinda Jackson, decd. There were three others who died many years ago.


That subject is mostly of Irish extraction, his mother being of Tuckahoe descent. Subject was a corporal of Co. B., 52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry Volunteers.





            Mitchell Billingsly Dixon was born in Allen County, Kentucky 27 January 1861 near Middle Fork Creek. His father was Franklin Dixon who was also born in Allen County in 1825. His grandfather, the father of said Franklin was William Dixon who was from Virginia.


            His mother was Elizabeth Lightfoot of Simpson County and daughter of Henry Lightfoot and his wife.


            He had brother and sisters as follows, to wit:

1.      Mary (now Taylor)

2.      William H.

3.      John E.

4.      Sarah (now Bryant)

5.      James L. (Buck)

6.      Lovena (afterwards Mrs. A. A. Harris)

7.      Himself

8.      James A.

9.      Franklin E.

10.  Emma K (now Oliver)


Said Mitchell B. was married on the 11th day of February 1880 in Sumner

County, Tennessee by Burt Deering? Esq to Ollie H. Jackson. They have one son, Herbert E., born 1 March 1881.


            Was educated in the common schools of his county and the Allen Academy under Prof. Uphorn. Afterwards taught in Public Schools of Allen County two terms 1879 and 1880.


            Worked on farm for himself from 1880 to 1888. Then went into goods business for one year near Tennessee line on Rough Creek. Then moved to Scottsville and clerked for O. S. Bryant for two years and for Brown and Collins two years. And was then elected town marshal of Scottsville for two years, but served two and half years. Then kept Scottsville Hotel two years. Was then Deputy Sheriff under J. L. Dixon for three years and to 1898 and since Deputy Circuit Court Clerk. Baptist in sentiment and is a Republican.



August 1898



            Thurman B. Dixon was born in Allen County, Kentucky on 26th day of March 1876 near Butlersville. His father was James L. Dixon of Allen County, a son of Frank Dixon of Allen County, a son of William Dixon. His mother is Mattie Wallace, a daughter of William Wallace of Overton County, Tennessee.


            He obtained his education in the common schools of Allen County up to 15 years of age and then attended Scottsville Seminary taught by Prof. Lyon and the other Academies at Scottsville and completed his educational course at Bethel College at Russellville, Kentucky in 1894. Was then Deputy Sheriff under his father for three years during which time he began to study law and in January 1897 he went into office of Drake and Goad at Scottsville and continued this study and was granted license to practice law at January term 1898, Allen Circuit Court, W. E. Settle being judge and his examiners being John M. Wilkins and E. B. Drake.


            His maiden speech was in defense of John Watson charged with malicious cutting with intent to kill Dr. T. J. Hunt. Defendant’s punishment was fixed by the jury at a few days in jail.



Aug 17, 1898



            James H. Garmon was born in Barren County, Kentucky on the 18 April 1836 near Jim Town. Parents Adam Garmon and Betsey Garmon who were born on Marrowbone Creek in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Subject has no education from schools. Was married first to Malinda Cook, daughter of Calvin Cook by Calvin’s second wife who was a Thornton and whose mother was a Jent. And by this wife had one daughter Dicy Garmon now Huntsman born 29 September 1859. Wife of George Huntsman.  Second he married Mary Holland, daughter of Asa and Mary Holland. Mary was a Simmons, a daughter of Tommy? Simmons. By this second wife has four children living viz;

            l. Harlan Sherman Garmon born 2 Nov 1861

            2. Roscoe Garmon age 27

            3. Mary Etta Garmon age 22

            4. Arthur Garfield Garmon born 22 June 1879.


            Is a farmer, lives seven miles southeast of Scottsville, owns 140 acres of land. Was in War of 1861 and Private in Co. C 9th Kentucky Infantry Volunteers from September 15, 1861 to 15 December 1864. Received gun shot wound in left hand, loosing ring finger and injuring hand 2 Sept 1864.





            John H. Gilliam was born in Allen County, Kentucky in the year 1861 near Trammel  Post Office (September 21, 1861). His parents were Rev. John D. Gilliam and Eliza A. Gilliam, her maiden name being Eliza A. Russell. Said John D. Gilliam’s father was James Gilliam from_________, originally from Virginia.


            The subject of this sketch was educated in the common schools of Allen County and J. H. Hinton’s academy in Simpson County, after which he taught school for eight years in Allen County, Kentucky and began the study (of) the law in 1892 and obtained license to practice the same at the February term of the Allen Circuit (court in) 1893, Hon. W. E. Settle being circuit judge and Hon. Lewis McQuown and Hon. D. W. Wright his examiners. Since that time he has resided in Scottsville, Kentucky. He was married on the 31st day of July 1879 to Miss Ella Oliver. To this pair was born :

1.      Pearl M. Gilliam (born) June 18, 1880

2.      Will D. Gilliam born Oct 1881

3.      Lesba L. Gilliam was born on the ____ day of ___ 188_

4.      Flora Belle Gilliam was born on the ___day of ___ 188__


In the fall of 1893 he made the race in this county for Representative as a Republican candidate against George W. Follis, Democratic candidate, the result being a tie vote and upon a contest for the seat it was given to Follis and again in the year, 1895, he sought and received the Republican nomination for said office against J. H. Hancock, nominee of the Democratic party and at the November election of that same year was elected by about 200 majority and during this term was the memorable contest between Hunter and Blackburn for United States Senator and on the 15th day of July 1897 was appointed Post Master at Scottsville, Kentucky under president McKinley Administration which position he holds at the present time.






Rev. John Davis Gilliam was born in Allen County, Kentucky on the third day of August 1842 near Butlersville, now Trammel Post Office. His father was James Gilliam who was born in Virginia and moved thence to Sumner County, Tennessee at about 12 years of age and lived near Pleasant Grove Church till about a year before John Davis’ birth and thence removed to near Butlersville, Allen County, Kentucky where he spent remainder of his life. He was a farmer and stock trader. Was a Democrat. Said James Gilliam’s father was John Gilliam and lived and died there in Sumner County near present Cyrus Simmons? Place after moving to said place from Virginia (probably Greenbrier County)


His mother was Eliza Gilliam, maiden name Davis and daughter of Johnathan and Katy Davis (see their history in Young Davis’ sketch) Said Johnathon Davis was born in North Carolina (and ) moved thence to Sumner County, Tennessee and thence to Allen County, Kentucky, where he died in 1862. He began a very poor man, sat on stools he made himself, and a box for a table, slept on a scaffold, but gradually worked his way up till at his death he had about 30 valuable slaves, 2000 acres of excellent land, two farms being in Simpson County and at his sale the personal property? amounted to about $12000.


He (James Gilliam?) was Justice of the peace in Sumner County, Tennessee for many years and married a great many refugees from Kentucky who paid him in ge…. Stores? Stone?  He represented Allen County, Kentucky in lower House of Legislature 18___ and 18___ and was exceedingly popular and successful though could speak but little publicly. Lived on Trammel about 1 mile below Butlersville.


Subject’s mother was all her life a devout Christian, a Methodist. The father was a moral man though never a member of any church – professed religion before he died.


Said John D. Gilliam had three full sisters all older than himself and three half sisters younger, all of whom are dead. All died of lung disease and so did his father and mother. His father’s second wife was Jane Watkins of Allen County.


He was educated in the common schools of Allen County. Professed religion in his 14th year, 1856, and was licensed by the Methodist Episcopal Church South to preach in January 1870. Preached about nine years as a local preacher and then joined the Louisville Annual Conference and was ordained as a local elder at Glasgow, Kentucky, when and where he joined the confirmed in 1880. Traveled as pastor of circuits for three years and then was presiding elder for six years, Columbia District four years and Gosport? Ind. District two years, since which he has been in the regular pastorate.


Was elected sheriff in 1870 and was elected sheriff for two terms but resigned in 1874 before second term expired and was elected county judge which office he held for four years at expiration of which term he went into the regular ministry.


He was married 16 February 1858  to Miss Eliza Ann Russell, daughter of William and Nancy Russell. Said William was son of Seth Russell, said Nancy was an Allen and cousin to Lee Allen. Was married by Rev. Ben P. Wilson at bride’s father’s.


            To them were born the following children, viz;

1.      Julia F. Gilliam born 13 November 1860

2.      John Hawkins Gilliam (born) 21 September 1861


Soon after the birth of said son he left his wife and two children and joined Capt. A. C. Truyman’s? C. Kentucky Scouts soon after (it) consolidated with 3rd Kentucky Cavalry, Co G under Col. Eli H. Murray. Served in the front of said company till 16th October 1863 when he was transferred to Co. B 52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry Volunteers and served till 17 January 1865. While in the Third Kentucky he was in Battle of Stones River, Tennessee and his company in and around Nashville while Bragg was in Kentucky. Was in the celebrated raid after General Morgan through Ohio and into ……. in Spring of 1863. In January, 1864 he and his Co. B, 52nd Kentucky had a fight with Hughes and Hamilton’s forces being barricaded in Court House. Said southern forces consisting of about 500 or 600 men in and around the town. They fought mostly from Gatewood’s brick house and from the Presbyterian Church, most of the firing from G’s Hotel. Fighting continued about of an hour when Gilliam’s ammunition gave out and F. Gatewood approached with a flag of truce and proposed a surrender which was at first refused, but afterwards coming second time with a flag of truce and Gilliam’s ammunition being exhausted and the town having been set on fire by the southern forces and at the earnest solicitation of the citizens – be upon the condition that the enemy? cease firing the town and not ….private property and parole Gilliam’s forces and himself, he surrendered. The remainder of his services were in the mountains of Kentucky and West Virginia, including Scottsville, Virginia.

Gilliam lost none and none wounded at Scottsville, Kentucky. Southern forces lost one killed and several wounded.





            William Cyrus Goad was born in Macon County, Tennessee on 22nd April 1868 on Peyton’s Creek. His father was John Overton Goad, born and raised in same place and was a farmer and is still living. His mother was Florinda F. Roark, daughter of William Roark and was born in Macon County, Tennessee. Her father was a farmer on Goose Creek near Hillsdale and she was a sister to Hon. Idell Linville Roark, lawyer and now of Lafayette, Tennessee. She is still living, both 73 years of age.


            His education was obtained in the public schools of the county and in Floral Mount Academy at Lafayette and Hartsville Masonic Institute at Hartsville, Tennessee. And after this and while attending school, he learned the printer’s trade and at 18 years of age be became publisher of the Hartsville Sentinel. Worked at printer’s trade for about three years – at Garden City, Kansa and other places west and was at one time foreman of the Russellville, (Ky.) Herald Enterprise.


            Then at about 19 began studying of law with his uncle Idell Roark at Lafayette, Tennessee and obtained license to practice the same in July 1889 and practiced law at Lafayette, Tennessee about three years and till September 1892. At that time came to Scottsville, Kentucky where he conducted the Allen Democrat as editor for about one year but continued his principal business the practice of law to the present time with much success.


            When quite young he married Miss Bell Wright of Union City, Tennessee and from this union sprang the following children, viz;

            1. Emma Goad born         1888

            2. Francis Roark Goad born Nov 8, 1891

            3. May Bell Goad born March 27, 1895

            4. William C. Goad Jr. born April 7, 1897


            Has for five years been chairman of the Democratic County Committee.

Is a Mason, member of Graham Lodge No. 208 and of Scottsville Chapter Royal Arch Masons.







Theodore Wilson Goring was born in Augusta County, Virginia in Greenville near Staunton on 12th September, 1844. His father was William H. Goring of August County, Virginia, son of ______ Goring of Augusta County. His mother was Miss Mary Kiger, daughter of ______ Kiger of ______ County, Virginia. Said William H. Goring died in Green Brier County, West Virginia at White Sulphur, West Virginia on Oct 1896 at age of …. Said Mother was born in 1812 and is still living. He had brothers and sisters as follows: John F. Goring; Josephine Goring who married S. H. Welch; Susan C Goring who married C. P. Shirley; Agnes who died young; Mary V. who married S. H. Welch; Alice who died in infancy; and William.


Obtained his education in the select schools of his vicinity here and in Virginia. Two of the teachers were Willis (Bob) and _____ Bell at Scottsville. Came to Scottsville, Kentucky in December 1856. Returned to Virginia in March 1860 and went into mercantile business with his brother John F. till spring of 1861 when he entered the Confederate service as private, Co E, 27 Virginia Volunteer Infantry (and) in 1863 was made Ordinance Sgt. For 60th Virginia Regiment and served as such to close of war at Appomattox, Virginia.


Was in Battle of Manassas, several fights in Valley of Virginia under Stonewall Jackson all through; in seven days fight around Richmond; in fight with Pope at Culpepper Court House, Virginia; Two battles of Manassas; Antitem and the other battles of the Maryland Campaign and with General Lee in all his battles after that including Spotsylvania Court House, Battles of the wilderness, Fredericksburg, ……., and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Petersburg, Virginia and surrendered at Appomattox. Returned to White Sulphur Springs, Virginia; made a crop in 1865. Merchandised with John Witherow? In 1865 and 1866. Then returned to White Sulphur and stayed with his brother Jno. in Sta….and had charge of Post Office there up to 1867. Was in the West then up to Spring 1870. Was Deputy Sheriff under J. D. Gilliam for a time. Was Deputy Circuit Court Clerk under G. G. Walker for two terms. Was elected Police Judge of Town of Scottsville in 187___ and continued to hold said office till 1897 about 12 years. Was Deputy Circuit Court Clerk under E. Scott Brown 1880 to 1886, September. Has been in insurance business  since 1889. Fire and Life at Scottsville. Re-elected Police Judge of Scottsville in November 1897 defeating S. C. Motley. Was married by Rev. W. C. Slate 2 Dec 1880 to Miss Mattie c. Edwards, daughter of James and Telitha Edwards of Scottsville. To them were born two children, Theodore W. and Clifford. One lived eight months and 20 days and other four months (inserted in different handwriting “should be six months) His wife died on 4 July 1886 (different handwriting “correct date 1884”)


Was a member of the State Board of Equalization in 1886, 1887 and 1888. Appointed first time by Gov. Knott and elected for the other two terms. The District consisted of third Congressional District. Was county chairman of Democratic County Committee for five to eight years.





Rev. William H. Goring was born in ______ County, Virginia on ____ day of ___ 18___ and died _____ day of ______ 18___ at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia. Was a tailor by trade working at Greenville, Virginia, Staunton, Virginia and Lexington, Virginia and at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia and came to Scottsville, Kentucky with his family in December 1856. Was tailor with C. C. Kiger. Stayed at Springfield, Illinois during the War or part of it. Afterwards worked at his trade at Scottsville till 18___. He was made Grand Worthy Counselor? of the Pe…….dent? Order of Good Templers for State of Kentucky. Was Post Master at Scottsville 1857 till beginning of the war. Was a local minister of Methodist Episcopal Church South. Education limited. Went to school only three months. Was a fluent speaker and much sought after as a Templer and Lecturer locally and in the state.




Statement of Wash Guy made Aug. 1898


William Guy was born in South Carolina on the ___day of ___1799 and moved to Allen County, Kentucky with his father, William Guy at eight years of age and settled on Trammel Creek on about one mile of said creek and adjoining farm to Posey W. Justice where he remained till he died in or about 1885. Was a farmer and stock raiser and owned about 300 acres of land, some bottom on Trammel or on a creek running into Trammel.


His wife was Phebe Hinton, daughter of Jerry Hinton from Virginia who lived on and cleared nearly all the land from the Tom J. Settle place to the widow Ha….ck? Lyles place on Franklin Road and died on Buck Creek near Buck Creek Church many years ago – 50 or more.


Said William Guy had sons and daughters as follows:

1.      Ervin Lee Washington Guy born 5 March 1820 and still living

2.      Eliza  Guy born 1822 married William Guy, son of Richard Guy and lives in Perry County, Illinois, had 11 sons and daughters.

3.      Benjamin Walker Guy died some 15 to 20 years ago in Allen County and was twice married.

4.      William Shelby Guy died at 14

5.      Larkin Jasper Guy born 18___

6.      Martha Guy married a Harris and died in about 5 years

7.      Pheby Adaline Guy married a Walthall and died in Texas

8.      Jerry Newton Guy born 18___ and died at Guy’s Store, Texas

9.      Nancy Guy married Jacob Goodnight, son of old Isaac

10.  Hise Guy died at about 12 years of age


Said William Guy was constable of Allen County one term or about that. Never joined any church. Never expressed any preference between Methodist and Baptist and joined none. His father was a Methodist and his mother a Baptist. Used to ask a blessing at table and regarded himself committed. Was strong friend of David Walker and Tom C. Mulligan who used to visit him often.






Alonzo Pitts Hinton was born in Allen County, Kentucky on the 12th July 1859

on Buck Creek in southwest Allen. His father was Wesley Walker Hinton, a son of Walker Hinton whose wife, said Walker’s wife was Mary Lyles, called Polly, now 94 years old.  She was a sister of Rev. Thomas H. Lyles. Said Walker Hinton was a son of Jerry Hinton and died on his farm near Buck creek Church and was buried on his farm. He was from Virginia and of Irish descent and fond of corn whisky. His descendants were very sober, orderly people and Methodists.


            Said Mary Lyles’ father was _____ Lyles and she was born on the Abner Foster place near Tennessee state line. Her father was _______  They were of _____ descent.


            They followed agricultural pursuits on the paternal and maternal sides.


            Said Alonzo Pitts Hinton’s mother was Margarette Malinda Tiffany, daughter of Walter Tiffany, son of ______ Tiffany, a soldier of the Revolutionary War discharged in Georgia. He enlisted from some of the eastern states, spent remainder of his life after his discharge in the south.


            He (Alonzo) obtained his education in the common Fall schools of his vicinity in Allen County, Kentucky. Taught in log houses with a log on each side cut out for windows and split poplar logs for seats, the logs being split in the middle and legs in the bark side. He studied Webster Blue back spelling book, Rays Arithmetic, Butler’s grammar and Geography. Worked on farm, later kept store and was postmaster at Adolphus post office, Allen County, Kentucky 1887 to 1889. Kept boarding house and ……shop at Alexander, Allen County, Kentucky till fall of 1892 when he moved to Scottsville and opened grocery store on East Main Street opposite Wade and Company.


            Was elected jailor of Allen County in November 1894 and again in November 1897 and holds said office at this time. First defeated Vestus Moore, second William Dixon. Was married 18 December 1881 to Miss Josephine Myres, daughter of H. W. Myres, late jailor of Allen County. From this union sprang two children:

1.      Oscar Myres Hinton born 29 October 1883

2.      Ethel May Hinton born 10 September 1885. She died 31 day of July 1891.





William Perry Hinton was born 1st February 1824 in Allen County, Kentucky on Bay’s Fork. His father was Walker Hinton, also born in Kentucky and his father was Jerry Hinton, brother-in-law of William Key. Said Jerry’s wife was Elizabeth Key and she was the mother of Walker. The Hintons came from near Lexington, Kentucky of Irish extraction.


His mother was Mary Lyles, a daughter of Manassa Lyles and Sarah Lyles, he from Virginia, she from Maryland. She was a Chaney and a cousin to Dr. Washington Chaney. She, said Mary (called Polly) Lyles, mother of subject was sister to Sylvester H. Welch’s mother, Sarah (Sallie) Lyles.


He had brothers and sisters as follows (12 in number, but two died in infancy) living to be grown are:

1.      Himself

2.      John Blackburn Hinton born 1825 and died at about 22 years

3.      Sarah Elizabeth Hinton born about 1827 and married W. J. Crow

4.      Wesley Walker Hinton

5.      James Fletcher Hinton

6.      Louisa Helen Hinton married William Harris and died, mother of J. B. Harris)

7.      Emery Pitts Hinton – the 9th Kentucky Infantry, Co. C and died at Perryville

8.      Mary Rebecca Hinton – old maid

9.      Alfred Taylor Hinton – bachelor

10.  Malinda Jane Hinton married Young Dodson and died


Went to school in log school house near his house, log benches, there the pupils spelled out. English reader, Life of Marion? Etc. as readers. Education limited. Ciphered and studied German through the parts of speech.


He was married ___ day of 18___ to Miss Jane Gatewood, daughter of Fletcher and Mary Gatewood and sister of Hon. John J. Gatewood.


Had children to wit:

1.      Mary Cornelia Hinton born

2.      Drucilla Jane Hinton

Jo. McReynolds married Mary Cornelia and she died.  John Wygal married Drucilla Jane and still lives.


Married second time ____ day of ____ 18 ___ to Mrs. Bettie McDaniel, widow of _____McDaniel. Her maiden name was Berry and daughter of Milton Berry of Allen County, now of Barren County. Had one child by her to wit: M. P. Hinton born on 1 February 1882. Held no offices but school trustee and road overseer.






John Brelsford House M.D. was born in Allen County, Kentucky on the 5th August 1863 about 5 miles southeast of Scottsville. His father was Brelsford Chenault House, a native of Sumner County, Tennessee whose father was William House, a native of North Carolina and was United States soldier in War of 1812 under General Jackson and received a pension before he died (see B. C. House for these) was in Battles of _____


Said Dr. John Brelsford’s mother was Mary Elizabeth Brown, a daughter of Drury

Denton Brown, both natives of Allen County, Kentucky. Said Denton was a son of Drury Brown.


            Was educated principally in the academies at Scottsville completing his education course at Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky in Fall of 1889.


            Began teaching school in 1883 in public schools of Sumner county, Tennessee, taught there three years and then taught in Allen from 1886 to 1893.  Was examiner of teachers under Prof. J. F. Pitchford co. com. from about 1888 to 1892.


            Attended medical lectures at University of Nashville and Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, beginning in 1892, graduating 26 March 1894 receiving the degree of M.D.  Has been practicing medicine ever since.


            On the 12th day of September 1893 he was married to Miss Hallie T. Read, daughter of Emery H. Read, by Rev. John Spilman at said Read’s in Allen County, Kentucky.


            To them were born the following children, viz;

1.      Mary Lillian House born 9 day of June 1894

2.      Myra House born 13 day of February 1898


Embarked in the drug business with Mr. Lorenzo D. Williams 1 September 1897

Is a member of Graham Lodge No. 208 and of Methodist Episcopal Church South.






            Bradford Howell was born in Allen County, Kentucky on the 15th day of February 1836 on Long Creek at the Tennessee State Line, ninth child; Sallie, William, Polly, Jesse, Martha (married Isham Bradley), James, Raleigh, Henderson, Frank and Wilson (Edward Wilson). His parents were James Howell and Betsey Howell (maiden name Perdue, sister of Jesse and Hale). Said James Howell was born in one of the Carolinas and said Betsey Perdue was born in Virginia. Said James Howell was born ___ day of _____18__ and died___. Said mother born day of ___18 and died __day of ___188, the day before.  Said family are all dead but Wilson and the subject of this sketch.  He went to school to Monroe Alexander and to E. G. Walker at Mt. Union. Went with the Napiers, Huntsmans, Bohelers, and Coopers and Polley and Mat Bailey? and Stampes? Alexander.


            Was private in Co. C 9 Kentucky Infantry Volunteers. Enrolled __day of Oct 1861. Discharged 15 December 1864. Shot through the right thigh 31 December 1862 at Stones River. Received a pension of $16 per month.


            Always resided in Allen County, Kentucky and near Butlersville since 1865. Married ___ day of March 1859 to Minerva Jane Lyles who lived about 1 southeast of Scottsville, Kentucky by Rev. T. H. Lyles. She was a daughter of Sandy Lyles and Peggy Lyles and died soon after the war. The had children to wit:

1.      Robert Harrison Howell born 16 day of Jan 18__ and died

2.      William Burton Howell born

3.      Etta Pearl Howell

4.      Lola D Howell born

5.      Elbert Lucian Howell

All dead but Etta. Etta P. married John Moye on ___day of ___ 18__ and has since resided in California, Crow’s Landing, California. The family visited these children both once and their father …..once.











Thompson Richardson Hughes was born in ____ County, Kentucky on the 20th January 1820. His father was Richard Pearson Hughes of County (where Henry Clay Hughes now lives) who was born ___ day of ____ 17___ in Virginia, Halifax Court House. Said Richardson P. was a son of Absalom Pearson Hughes who moved here at an early day and bought and lived at Hughes Cross Roads in Barren County, Kentucky near the corner of Barren, Allen and Monroe. His mother was Elizabeth Hardridge. from Halifax Court House, Virginia where she was born ___ day of ___ 17. (see Old Bible at Esq Hughes Old Place). His father was only married once.



Subject had brothers and sisters as follows:

1.      Lucy Hughes who married Josiah Bush in Barren County, Kentucky and died leaving two children; Josiah P. and William T. now of Barren County.

2.      Martha H. Hughes who married Samuel Parker of Barren County and she died leaving five children; Ann, Pendleton, Sam, Kittie, William.

3.      Pendleton Hughes who married Phereby Swan?

4.      Absalom Pendleton Hughes commonly called Manny


Said Thomas Richard Hughes was married to Elizabeth Johnson in Allen County,

Kentucky at Mathew Johnson’s on 6 April 1839 by Rev. Levi Roark.


            To them were born the following children, to wit:

1.      Belvadera Hughes now Franklin (wife of John H. Franklin)

2.      Elizabeth Hughes (now Denton, widow of William P. Denton)

3.      William P. Hughes

4.      Jeremiah Morgan Hughes

5.      Henry Clay Hughes

6.      Martha Ann Hughes (now Thomas wife of Henry Thomas of New Middleton, Tennessee)


Second marriage to Nancy Johnson 9 May 1856 by Rev. William K. Morgan at house of said Thompson R. Hughes. There were no children by this marriage.


He is of Scotch and English extraction. His mother’s people being Scotch and his father’s English.


Was Sgt of Militia at their drills at the Regimental and other musters. James M. Alexander played the fife and Robert R. Durham beat the drum. Daniel Dalton was Colonel and James S. Siddens was major.


In 1850 he was elected Justice of the Peace and was re-elected so that he held this office for about 20 years and declined to run anymore.





Bishop S. Huntsman was born in Allen County, Kentucky, March 6, 1869. Son of John W. and Ann Elizabeth Huntsman, paternal grandfather, Peter Huntsman and maternal grandfather, Wesley Anderson. On the father’s side were of German extraction. Obtained his education in the common school and Allen Academy of Allen County. He was assistant postmaster under his father during President Harrison’s administration and for a time held a clerkship in the Treasury Department and Pension Office in Washington D.C. Politically he is a Republican and was an alternate delegate from the third Kentucky District to the St. Louis convention that nominated William McKinley for president. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and has been a steward in same for several years.


Studied law under Wright and McElroy in Bowling Green, Kentucky and on the 22nd of February 1894 was admitted to the bar in Scottsville, Kentucky upon the recommendation of Hon. W. L. Porter of Glasgow and Hon. Jno. J. Gatewood, Bowling Green, his examiners, and has been actively engaged in the practice ever since.

In 1894 he was married to Miss Bessie Welch, daughter of S. H. Welch of Scottsville, and they have had born to them one daughter, Mary Clyde.





Joseph Wilson Huntsman was born in Allen County, Kentucky on Snake Creek about 1 mile southeast of Scottsville on the 14th February 1852. His father was Peter Huntsman Esq.  His mother was Melinda (maiden name) Trammel, both born and raised in Allen County, Kentucky. His mother died February 1st 1867. His father died 15 September 1894. His father married second wife  ____July 1868. and by her had five children, four now living and 1 dead, a girl died in 1869 viz:

1.      Rupert Huntsman born 6 day of Jan. 1870

2.      Herschell Huntsman born 1871

3.      Nellie Huntsman born 1873

4.      Waldo Huntsman born 1876

All living and single


Said second wife was Susan F. Crow and is still living, but is helpless with rheumatism.


By said Peter Huntsman’s first wife he had seven children, the eldest dead.

1.      William Huntsman

2.      Daniel Huntsman

3.      John Wesley Huntsman

4.      Matilda M. Huntsman (now Cook)

5.      Nancy Elizabeth Huntsman who died __day of __18___wife of H. T. Tracy

6.      George T. Huntsman

7.      Joseph Wilson Huntsman


Peter Huntsman was born in 1816 in Allen County and died 15th September 1894. His father was Henry Huntsman born in Virginia. (see sketch of Henry Huntsman).


Said J. Wilson Huntsman was educated in the common schools of Allen County, Kentucky, attended the schools of Jo. Wilson, John E. Brown, M. L. Hooten, Ella Brown, W. P. Jones, Daniel Hill, etc.


He was married January 18, 1872 to Miss Georgetta E. Anderson, daughter of Wesley Anderson and Mahaley Anderson nee Bennett, daughter of Jo. and Elizabeth Bennett.  Said Wesley was a son of _______Guy, said to be, and was raised by his mother, Catherine Anderson in Allen County, Kentucky.


Took census for District no. 1 in Allen County in 1890 with William A. Brown. Was elected Justice of Peace for District no. 1 in said county in 1894….as such in 1895 defeating Esq. M. Tracy in 1894 and was re-elected in November 1897 for four more years. Held examining trial of Lee P. Foster charged with murder of James M. Fikes in 1895. Also examining trial of Mrs. Mary Bradley charged with the murder to Taylor Minix.


Was appointed by Judge Nathan Skaggs as Probate Administrator and Public Guardian for Allen County, Kentucky in January 1897.


He has children as follows:

1.      Ida M. Huntsman born 19 Nov. 1872, now wife of John W. Duke

2.      Maud Huntsman born 8 August 1874 now wife of George William Hinton and has one child

3.      Mary T. Huntsman born 19th April 1878 now wife of Hubert Kirby and has one child

4.      Lena Huntsman

5.      Rena  Huntsman (twins born Nov 21, 1881


His grandfather Henry Huntsman was born in Virginia, moved to Snake Creek, the place he settled and where Bud Huntsman now lives and there married Nancy Mitchell (sister of Rev. George Mitchell of 52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry.) Said grandfather was in _____ Co. and ___Regt. Revolutionary War. Ask Bud and Jno. Huntsman as to said Revolutionary services and eating the hawk while lost in a dense forest and finding way out by the north star.









John Clements Johnson was born in the state of Copenhagen on 26th December 1842 in the town of Orsted near Roeskilde, Denmark. His father’s name is John Hansen and his mother’s name Ane Jorgensen. His father is still living. His mother is dead.


He had five brothers and four sisters besides himself being ten in all. His father and mother were Danes and can trace back the family name for several hundred years. Not related to any of the royal family.


His father was a gardener and followed landscape gardening being a civil engineer. He owned a town lot of about to 1 acre in town. The subject of this sketch is also a gardener by trade.


He obtained his education first from private instruction, then in the Public schools of his vicinity and then in the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen and afterwards took two years course in an Agricultural College in the country and afterwards paid his way teaching penmanship, arithmetic and higher mathematics. Was then about 19 years of age. Then worked as draining engineer and landscape gardening for about two years.


Then at about 22 years of age he under the law which is compulsory entered the Danish Artillery, 1 Regt. 1 Battery about 1864 in summer and served till about 1866, 2 May when he left in a sailing vessel for West Indies and arrived at Santa Croix about 18 June 1866.There he served in the Army, was Public Gardener , till there came an earthquake and destroyed the gardens. After that he clerked in the government office, attended to correspondence, made records and was for a while in the Custom House Office.


Then about 1869 went to the island of St. Thomas and there served in Quarantine Service, Signal Service, Gardening Service. Was still a soldier but something like State Guards here. Remained in St. Thomas till about say 6 July 1871. During the time visited nearly all the West Indies Islands except Cuba. Then had accumulated several thousand dollars (about $4000) and placed a substitute for nearly a year which ended his term of service and went to Venezuela and succeeded without difficulty in getting robbed of all his money. He then borrowed money and returned to St. Thomas and then again borrowed money and went to Santiago, San Domingo and there remained about eleven months and made nearly $100 per month clear, but was chloroformed and again robbed. Then left the West Indies, the Spanish, and came to New York in June 1872. Did gardening till 28 July 1872 when enlisted in Regular United States Army in Co. C, 1 Regt Artillery and served to 10 June 1877 when was honorably discharged.


Then stayed in Winneshiek County, Iowa for about two years, gardening. And was then married 23rd November 1877 to Miss Lena Olson from Uddevalla, Sweden where she was born and raised.


Then went to Hannibal, Missouri and worked on a farm till April 1880. Then about 1 May 1880 came to Louisville and there worked with Fourth Avenue Highland Park and elsewhere till 1886 and then on 4 September 1886 came to Forrest Springs, Allen County, Kentucky. Remained at Spring about four years. Bought a small farm at Mt. Union where he and wife have resided ever since. He has no children. Politically he is a Republican. Joined the Lutheran Church on 19th April 1857. In 1878 he joined the Methodist Church and now he belongs to Methodist Episcopal Church South at Mt. Union. His wife belongs to same church. She was also raised a Lutheran.


He has studied some nine or ten languages and could speak several of them fluently – Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German and Spanish. Could read Latin, French, Portuguese and Italian and Dutch (Holland).


Was in the Battle of Oversal and Dypple? in 1864 of Danes vs. Germany and Austria. In the latter his battery began the battle with 300 and ended at evening with six. Another fared still worse.





Dr. James David Kelley was born in Simpson County, Kentucky on the 24 July 1839 near Shady Grove Church. His father was William Kelley, one of the justice of the Peace of Simpson County, Kentucky for sixteen years and who died 17 May 1865 the day before the big May flood.  Said William’s father was Rev. John Kelley Sr. and said Rev. John Kelley’s father was John Kelley Sr. who came from Scotland though of Irish descent. And with said John Kelley Sr. came from Scotland, David Kelley and James Kelley and all three settled in North Carolina on Yadkin River. Thence said John Sr. moved to Simpson County and David to Wilson County, Tennessee and to near Lexington, Kentucky.


His mother was Martha Covington, a daughter of Benjamin Covington from Virginia, and who moved to near Bowling Green and thence to Simpson County where his father married her. He was a relative to General Covington who did the surveying around Bowling Green.  Benjamin’s father was a brother of the General.


Said subject of this sketch says further that his father William’s mother was a Bond and a daughter of ______ Bond of North Carolina. First settler Simpson County. She, Dr. C’s grandmother was a sister of  W. C. Bond’s father.


He had brothers and sisters as follows – besides four that died in infancy or childhood.

1.      Himself

2.      Elizabeth Matilda Kelley born about September 1841

3.      John W. Kelley born about 1847

4.      Thomas Henry Kelley born about 1851

Said Elizabeth Matilda married F. J. Pearson of Warren County and now lives six miles east of Franklin.


(Dr. Kelley) was educated in the schools of his vicinity, usually about three months in the year and then taught school three terms, common schools, during the war and being an excellent scribe, after that, taught writing school. Then after the war read medicine with H. D. Thompson, M. D. of Simpson County and then attended course of medical lectures in 1869 and 1870 (at) University Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. W.O. Roberts and Dr.  H. A. Cottell were classmates. Then practice and read medicine under Dr. F. H. Kelley of Orange County, Indiana. In 1871 returned to Simpson County to his mother whose health had failed. In September 1871 came to Allen County, Kentucky, and located about three miles southeast Scottsville and there practiced till January 1873. Then practiced at Fountain Head, Tennessee till October 1873. Then again attended University of Louisville, Kentucky and took second course lectures and graduated 1 March 1874. Then went to and located at New Roe, Kentucky and practiced till 1884 and then came to Scottsville where he has practiced ever since with much success.


At New Roe in Allen County, Kentucky he was married on the 6 September 1877 to Mrs. Euphilia Elizabeth Caldwell, daughter of  Rev. James N. Bradshaw and Annie J. Bradshaw, (who was) sister of Gov. Neil S. Brown and General John C. Brown.





William Jasper McElroy was born in Allen County, Kentucky July 10th 1825 near Trammel Creek and where Parnel Hunt now (1897) lives. His father, James McElroy was born in Allen County, Kentucky (where said William J. now lives) in 1799. Said James McElroy’s father was also named James and was born in South Carolina and was a soldier under Gen. Francis Marion in Revolutionary War. Was in Colonial Military Services for five years and before his death received a pension of $8 per month. This James McElroy had seven sisters, but no brothers. The father of this James McElroy was named John and was raised in Campbell County, Virginia and probably born there. Said John McElroy’s father was named James and he came to this country with his wife from North Ireland in 1730 and settled in Pennsylvania but the French and Indian brails caused him to move and he went to Campbell County, Virginia.


Hon. C. N. McElroy is of same stock and so is Mrs. J. Proctor Knott.  Said Knott married his cousin his mother being a McElroy.

The mother of the subject of this sketch was Miss Alice Ham (sister to Rev. Mordecai Ham and Rev. James Ham) Her father was William Ham a Justice of the Peace of Allen County, Kentucky for many years and her mother was Jennette Williams, a sister of Ralph Williams and Langston Williams.  Thinks these Hams came from North Carolina. Descent, don’t know.


Said William J. married Miss Mahala Dodson, daughter of Joseph L Dodson of Allen County on 30th day of August 1849 in Allen County. To them were born 10 children, the second of whom, a girl, died in infancy. The remaining 9 were born as follows:  (nothing follows)


William J. was educated in private schools of Allen County, Kentucky and before Public Schools were established. Was elected captain of a militia company in 1847 or 1848 in A Co. and served as captain for about three years, Lieutenant Colonel of the Allen Co. Regt. (only one Regt in the Company) in 1851 and served as such till the militia were no longer required to muster, say about three years. Said Regiment consisted of about 800 to 1000 men between ages of 18 and 40 years. They had a Colonel, Lt. Colonel and Major and an Adjutant Major and two surgeons and had ____ companies. There were two Battalions in each Regiment and about 8 companies to the Battalion and they had a drummer and fife major. They were required to muster or drill the company once a year and the battalions each once a year and the Regiment once a year. This was compulsory. The Regimental musters were held at Scottsville. The Battalion musters at Scottsville and at the Willis Mitchell Old Place on Bowling Green road.


William J. was Deputy Surveyor for seven years under John H. Murray and then was elected surveyor in 18__ and served 9 years and to 1871. In 1869 was elected Representative for Allen County in Kentucky Legislature, re-elected in 1871 and a third time in 1877. In 1874 ran for County Judge and was defeated by J. D. Gilliam. In August 1890 he was elected a member of the constitutional Convention and served during the convention.


Mr. McElroy is a farmer owning 350 acres of land in Allen County.




August 25, 1898

            Robert Wesley Mayhew was born October 27, 1849 in Allen County, Kentucky near New Roe. His father was Reason A. Mayhew and Jane Aspley Mayhew. Reason A. was a son of Alexander Mayhew. He being one of four brothers – Moses, Luke and James Mayhew who came to this Allen County from Virginia and were among the early settlers of this county. And each of whom raised families in this county. Said James married at sixty years of age, a girl sixteen years of age and to them were born eleven children, the last of which was named “Eleven”.


            Jane Aspley, subject’s mother was a daughter of John Aspley and was born in Sumner County, Tennessee. Said John Aspley was born in England and came to this country at the age of seventeen years and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The Mayhews are of Irish descent. Subject’s brothers and sisters are as follows:

1.      Samuel T. Mayhew

2.      Henry E. Mayhew (Of Co. A) deceased

3.      Joseph I Mayhew

4.      Fletcher A. Mayhew

5.      Rebecca Mayhew now Dowell

6.      Mary E. Mayhew now Cook

7.      Frances P. Mayhew, now Graves


Subject was married in Allen County, Kentucky on the ___day of____18___ to Miss Mary F. Mayhew, daughter of John H. Mayhew and Paulina Bennett Mayhew.

Subject’s children are

1.      Lucien Mayhew

2.      Lina Mayhew

3.      Daisy Mayhew

4.      Addie Mayhew

5.      Bessie Mayhew


He resides on his farm on Middle Fork Creek about 12 miles from Scottsville at

Alonzo. He was elected Justice of the Peace for New Roe District on the ____day of ___ 18___, which office he held for two years. He was Railroad tax collector for Districts no. 1, 2, and 6 for 1897 and 1898.





            Haden Curd Mitchell was born in Allen County, Kentucky on 14th December 1825 1/1/2 miles east of Scottsville. His father was Willis Mitchell who was born in Culpepper County, Virginia on ___day of___ 17___, died 1 miles east of Scottsville on ___day of ___18___.  His mother was Philadelphia Piper born in North Carolina on the ___day of__17__. Her father was Asa Piper also of North Carolina.


            He had brothers and sisters as follows: three half sisters and one half brother by said Willis Mitchell and first wife who was _______ Long married in this vicinity all four now dead.


            By his second and last wife he had:

1.      Mary Mitchell who died single

2.      Thomas P. Mitchell

3.      Himself born 14 Dec 1825

4.      Angeline Mitchell born 14 December 1828

5.      David Walker Mitchell of Chicago

6.      Asa Piper Mitchell died Jan 1897

7.      Wyatt Mitchell


Said Haden Curd Mitchell was married on 8 December 1853 to Miss Nancy P. Shirley of Glasgow, Kentucky. She was a daughter of William Shirley and _____Logan whose father was William Logan of _____.


To them were born:

1.      William E. Mitchell born October 1854

2.      Eugene Mitchell died at two years old

3.      Hattie E. Mitchell

4.      Emma Mitchell

5.      James W. Mitchell


Said Haden Curd attended a few subscription schools about Scottsville and Washington School house. Teachers were Andy Hammett and Isham Thomas at Washington and to Rier? Hillman Baptist. His wife a Christian Church woman. Not a member of any secret organization. Was a Whig and afterwards a Know Nothing. Was Assistant postmaster during the war 1861 to 1865. And during the time Dumont’s Army was encamped here he had an Army postmaster with him and received a great deal of mail matter direct. And in sending mail away sent it all through the regular post office and had to send by B…..Glasgow so as to get it in the bags and away? will had to accompany all letter and he copied and sent to post office department every three months – sent of mail every other day.


            In this post office occurred the fight between Jo. Frances and Jack White in which White shot Frances and before he died he stabbed White and both died immediately.




Taken Aug 1898

            Toliver Moore was born in Allen County, Kentucky on 28th September, 1832 in eastern part of the county on Walnut Creek. His father was Thomas Moore, a brick layer. His mother was Amelia Gibson (sister of James H. Gibson).

Said Thomas Moore’s father was John Moore from Virginia, distant relation to Paul Jones, United States Naval Officer.  Thomas was born in Warren County on Barren River. Toliver Moore always resided in Allen County, Kentucky.  Was educated in the Common schools of Allen County. Collected tax for Iredell Foster before he was of age.


            Was a member of 9Regt. Kentucky Infantry Volunteers from 15th September 1861 to 15 December 1864. First a private then 1st lieutenant of Co. C and then transferred to Co. E and promoted to Captain and served as such till discharge. Was in Battles as follows: Chickamauga (September 19 and 20, 1863), Missionary Ridge Commanded the left wing of the skirmishes and there received shell wound of his chest and sternum in what was termed Sherman’s 100 days Battle, the siege and capture of Atlanta beginning 4 May 1864 – this included the Battles of Dallas, Georgia or New Hope Church, Kennesaw Mountain and Peachtree Creek, etc.


            Was Captain Co  ___ Middle Green River Battalion to close of War. Was United States Assessor for Allen and Simpson and also Deputy Collector four years next after discharge. Then was Deputy Sheriff under J. D. Calvert for four years. Then Sheriff from 1888 to 1890.


            Politically he is a Republican. He married on __day of September 1870 to Mrs. Lucinda H. Wheeler, nee Devasher, daughter of John H. Devasher and widow of James Wheeler and by her he had children as follows, to wit:

1.      Bettie C. Moore born 19 July 1871, died March 4, 1891

2.      John W. Moore born February 1873

3.      Fannie C. Moore

4.      Thomas R. Moore


His wife died 20 August 1897. By Wheeler said wife had Mollie Shepard? Wheeler now the wife of Jesse T. Hurt.


The Moores are of Scotch Irish descent.





William Thomas Morgan was born in Allen County, Kentucky near Scottsville 22 January 1842. His father was Jesse W. Morgan, a son of William K. Morgan and that said Jesse W. was a brother to the Rev. William K. Morgan.  Subject’s mother was Nancy Baily, daughter of Rev. Ben B. Baily, of Barren County, Kentucky. Subject’s paternal grandmother Rilla Phipps of North Carolina. Subject’s maternal grandmother was Katie Weatherhead who was a Virginia.  Said Nancy Bailey was a half-sister of Mrs. Cary Ann Richey, wife of A. J.Richey, deceased. Descent not known.


The subject was brought up in Allen County and obtained his education in the common schools of the county. He was married the 22 May 1867 to Miss Elizabeth G. Clark, daughter of Elliot Clark by the Rev. Mordecia Ham in said county and settled four mile east of Scottsville. To them were born the following children:

1.      Robert B. Morgan born 18 May 1868

2.      Walter M. Morgan  born 13 November 1870, now deceased

3.      James K. Morgan born 17 July 1872

4.      Artimissie Morgan born 13 March 1874, now deceased

5.      Lucy M. Morgan born 13 July 1877

6.      Lucinda A. Morgan born 28 February 1881

7.      Mary B. Morgan born 10 January 1883, now deceased

Three of said children are married to wit:

Robert B. to Miss Sallie E. Zane? Daughter of James Zane. They have one daughter named Ethel.

James K. to Miss Ollie Huntsman, daughter of George T. Huntsman. They have one son Ancel Andrew.

Lucy M. to W. Whitlow, son of  …. Whitlow


            During the war of 1861 he was a private of Co. C. 9th Kentucky infantry Volunteers. Enrolled 15 September 1861 and discharged 15 December 1864.

Received gun shot wound in Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee in the chest, neck and shoulder. And afterwards in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1863 in the left hand taking out the two middle fingers and dislocating the joints of the other fingers of the hand. 


            He is a member of Mt. Gilead Church Missionary Baptist and is a Republican in politics.



            James C. Mulligan was born in the townland of Ballievey, Parish of Seapatrick near Banbridge, County Down, Ireland. Was born 12th May 1795. Resided there until about 21 years of age. After a short residence in Belfast he sailed for the United States in the ship commanded by Captain Scott of Newry, Ireland. He for several months was clerk in the office of Matthew H. Clair?, clerk and eminent lawyer in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. He then moved to Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky where he was married to Miss Mary Fisher Neale, daughter of ______  ..C. H. Culpepper County, Virginia. Gilbert Marshall Mulligan, oldest son, was born near Bowling Green June 1821.


He then moved to Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky where he spent the remainder of his life

1. James Weir Mulligan was born_____ and died____

2. Jane Ellen Mulligan was born _____ and died 5 April 1877. Was married to Reuben Hammond, Scottsville, Kentucky first after his death was married to James B. Rutland, Nashville, Tennessee

3. Sarah L. Mulligan was born 14 August 1827, died 23 July 1893

4. Mary Anne Mulligan was born _____ married W. R. Shepard M.D.He died 21 July 1886, she died 23 November 1891. They left surviving them; J. R. Shepard, M. D.

5. James R. Mulligan

6. Harriet Adelaide

7. Thomas C.

8. Malissa Adelia?


He was appointed by Asher W. Graham, judge A.C.C. and occupied the position of clerk for about twenty years and previously had been constable for several years. He filled each position with marked ability and correctness.


James C. Mulligan had brothers and one sister; John was born about 1793; George was born about 1797; Margarette was born 15 May 1800.


James C. Mulligan’s father was Gilbert Mulligan and was a large man weighed 24 stones (looks like 330 lbs)

John married to Miss Marianne Mulligan of Derry Lough near Banbridge.

Said Gilbert’s wife was Jane Weir.

George married Miss Anne Marie Nicholson of Donaghlong near Banbridge.

Margarette married George Ruddell Mulligan of Tallyconnaught near Banbridge








17 August 1898



Andrew Johnson Oliver was born in Allen County, Kentucky on the 3rd day of April 1867 near Woodburn, Warren County, Kentucky , but only lived there three years returning with his parents to Allen County, where he has resided ever since. His father is James M. Oliver, son of Price Oliver Sr. (The latter was killed by a tree a number of years ago) His mother was Elizabeth Dixon, a daughter of John Dixon Esquire and Elizabeth Benbrooks Dixon. Said family is of English extraction. Said John Dixon was for many years justice of the peace of Allen County.

He was educated in the common schools and in Mt. Zion Academy in Allen County. He taught seven schools in Warren County, Kentucky and two schools in Allen County. He married one of his pupils, Miss Laura Ragland, daughter of Esquire James Ragland and his wife Martha Ragland of Woodburn, Kentucky on his birthday April 3rd 1890. To them was born a son, Blonville Oliver, on the 29th day of December 1892 at Scottsville, Kentucky.


He was State organizer for the Wheelers for the year 1889 and 1890. He moved to Bowling Green with his family in 1891 and read law under Wright and McElroy and obtained license to practice the same in April 1892 and in June 1892 moved to Scottsville, Kentucky where he has since resided and practiced law ever since. He was chosen by the Republican County Committee in the Fall of 1892 as County Secretary serving in that capacity for six years. He was nominated on the Republican ticket on the 13th day of January 1894 and in November was elected, defeating Robert N. Wilson, the Democratic nominee by a majority of 347. He was again nominated on the 20th day of February 1897 by his part and re-elected in November 1897, defeating Hon. H. B. Austin, the Democratic nominee by a majority of 127 which place he now holds.





Henry Clay Pulliam was born in Allen County, Kentucky 29th November 1830, two miles east of Scottsville on Bay’s Fork.


His father was Robert F. Pulliam, also a native of said county and a son of Joseph Pulliam of Culpepper County, Virginia and who moved to Allen County, Kentucky in 18___. Having resided for some time in Hart County, Kentucky on Green River near the Railroad bridge some two miles up the River from the bridge.


Said Joseph’s father was Benjamin Pulliam of Culpepper County, Virginia, but who moved to and died in Hart County, Kentucky. The Pulliams were of English descent.


His mother was Evelyn Ellis, a daughter of Johnson Ellis of Fayette county, Lexington, Kentucky. Her mother was Biddy Cushionberry and her father was ____Cushionberry, both from Fayette County, Kentucky, perhaps Lexington, Kentucky.


Said Johnson Ellis lived on the farm now owned by Albert Sears’ sons in Allen County, Kentucky, but returned to Lexington and died there. And his widow Biddie Ellis married General Cockrell (Johnson Cockrell ___ day of ____ 18___ in Allen County, Kentucky.


He (Henry Clay Pulliam) had brothers and sisters as follows:

1.William Ellis; 2. Himself; 3. Ellen , nee Caruth;4. Elizabeth Crittenden, nee Nrole?; 5. Adalade, nee Johnson; 6. Laura, nee Brown; 7. Joseph; 8. Robert F.; 9. Evelyn Ellis, nee Page


Attended the schools at Washington School House and Scottsville Seminary. Taught by Anderson Hammet and Uriah Hillman at Washington. and by James Anderson Smith and wife, Waters and wife, completing his educational course under the latter about 1845 to 1847. Said Waters was a graduate of Amherst College, Massachusetts and a most excellent teacher. In 1847 was employed in mercantile business with Reuben W. Hammond and James C. Mulligan continued a year or longer. Then for some years and till about 1852 with his father, R. F. Pulliam and studied law. Read with Jerry Wilkins of Bowling Green, obtaining license in 1853. His license was granted by Judge John W. Graham and John Stiles. Judge Stiles was afterwards Judge of Court of Appeals and then for 20 years judge Court of Common Pleas of Louisville, Kentucky.


He then went to Jacksonport, Arkansas where he was offered and accepted employment in mercantile business from 1853 to 1863. Went to Louisville and engaged in the hat trade. Afterwards went into the tobacco ware house commission ………. In which he continued till 1886 when he returned to Allen County, Kentucky and has been engaged in farming ever since.


On 31 January, 1856, he was married to Miss Mary Page, daughter of John H. Page in Barren County, Kentucky by Rev. Read, a Presbyterian minister of Glasgow.


To them were born the following children to wit:

1.      Paul Pulliam born on 4 day October 1857

2.      Bettie Pulliam who died in infancy

3.      Mary Pulliam (nee Johnson, born __day of April, 1863_

4.      Evelyn Pulliam who died while very young

5.      Harry Pulliam born ___ day of February 18___

6.      Ellis Pulliam born 25 day of December

7.      Page Pulliam born 14 day of September 1874

8.      Gracie Pulliam born 1 April 1876


Paul is in United States Army Volunteers 3rd Kentucky, Company D. Mary married A. B. Johnson, resident of Louisville.







Dr. William Benjamin Ray was born in Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky 16 August 1860. His father was James M. Ray, a son of William Ray and Caroline Garrison Ray. His mother was Sarah E. Wren, a daughter of Joseph and Jane Evans Wren. His father is a farmer residing 2 miles east of Scottsville.


Dr. Ray was married in Allen County, Kentucky February, 1893 to Miss Sarah J. Pitchford by the Rev. J. P Durham. She was the daughter of Theo D. Pitchford and his wife, Sallie Foster Pitchford.


To them have been born two children to wit:

1.      James Theodore Ray born August 4, 1894

2.      Marven Kelley Ray born September 3, 1896; died July 20, 1897.


Subject of this sketch was educated in the common schools of Allen County and in the academies in Scottsville, Kentucky. Afterwards attended lectures of the Kentucky School of Medicine in Louisville. In the class of 1889 and 1890 and afterwards in 1891 and 1892 attended lectures at the Medical Department of the University of Tennessee where he received his diploma and has been practicing medicine since June 1892. He resides on his farm about 2 miles from Scottsville. He is of Scotch-Irish extraction.






            Riley Ashley Read was born in Allen County, Kentucky 1 December 1838  two and miles north of Scottsville on Bay’s Fork. His father was Dillard Read (George Dillard Read) a native of Culpepper County, Virginia, born 7 September 1808, moved to Allen County, Kentucky in 1810 and lived continuously in Allen County, Kentucky till his death October 1893. Was a farmer.


            He (Riley Ashley) had brothers and sisters, viz;

By said G. D. Read’s first wife, Miss Willis of Barren County.

1.      Charles W. Read (now of Warren County)

2.      Mary E. Read (Married Tom Long and died in Glasgow

By said G. D. Read’s second wife, Serena Duncan to wit:

3.      Lucinda M. Read(married J. P. Cussionberry)

4.      Subject of this sketch

5.      Emery H. Read

6.      Marcellus E. Read

7.      Eliza J. Read (married Franklin Riherd?)

8.      Francis E. Read (married John B. Morgan)

None died in infancy.


            Said George Dillard’s father was Theophilus Read of Culpepper County, Virginia, said to be Scotch Irish. Said George Dillard’s mother was Margaret Duncan of Culpepper County, Virginia and her father was Charles Duncan of same county.


            Riley Duncan, Emery Duncan, Alfred Duncan, Calvin Duncan and Robert Duncan were brothers of said Serena and Mariah, Evelina?, Mahala and Narcissus were sisters.


            John, Charles D., Samuel James, Edward D.F., (……died young) Travis Arthur were brothers and Elizabeth and Frances were sisters of said George Dillard Read.


            Said Riley A. attended the Public schools of his vicinity studying the ordinary branches of an English education, worked on farm. Sold goods for J. W. Heeter in his store in Scottsville during 1860. Went to school in spring of 1861 to John H. Collins at Bethlehem 2 miles northeast of Scottsville.

            On 15 September 1861 he enlisted as Private in Company F 9th Regiment Kentucky Infantry Volunteers and served till discharge of the 15 December 1864. Was promoted to Sgt. Then 1st Lieutenant, then in June 1862 was promoted to Captain of his Company and served as such till discharge.


            Was in battle of Shiloh second day  7 April 1862 and at Stone’s River and Chickamauga, George 19 and 20 September, 1863 and Missionary Ridge and on Atlanta Campaign from about 7 ….to September 1864 from Tunnel Hill, Georgia to Love Joy Station, Georgia.


            In battle of Stones River 20 Jan 1863 he received gun shot in his right side.


            In 1865 sold goods in east Allen and at Lafayette, Tennessee. In 1866 was …… firm of Moore, Read and Company. In 1867 was agent for B. Green? Woolen Mills. In 1868 went to Missouri and Kansa returning in Winter. In 1869 returned to Nash and Co., Kansas and there remained till Spring of 1872 and then went to Texas. Thence to Arkansas and spent one season, 1873 near Jacksonport, Arkansas. Returned home 1873 and 1874. Returned to Kansas, afterwards employed at home  up to 1881. On 1 December 1881 he was married to Mrs. Emma Moore, nee  Hyatt of Lincoln County, Kentucky and by her had two sons, to wit:

1.      Hubert H. Read born 12 May 1883

2.      Robert L Read born 8 March 1885 and died 29 June 1886

And his said wife died 12 March 1886.


            Remarried 26 day of January 18___ to Miss Mary W. Botts of D____ County, Kentucky, daughter of Berry Botts. She died without issue 1 May 1897.


            Was appointed storekeeper …. In 1883 and afterwards appointed storekeeper in 1889 and served till Fall of 1890.


            Mr. Fields of Virginia and who was a general in Rebel Army and is or was judge in Virginia is cousin to said George Dillard Read, his mother being a daughter of Charles Duncan and sister to said Margaret Duncan (George Dillard’s mother). Was candidate for vice president in 1892 on Populist ticket.








Alfred Settle was born in Barren County, Kentucky on 23 day of October 1837 at Old Rocky Hill at Settle’s old mill place.


            His father was Isaac Settle also a native of Barren County, born at same place – farmer. The father of said Isaac was Dr. Simon Settle born in ____ Co., Virginia. Came to Barren County about beginning of the present century and lived and died and was buried at said mill place before Alfred was born.


            His mother was Miss Ann Powell, a native of Amherst County, Virginia, 12 miles from Lynchburg. Her father was named Thomas Powell, her mother was Esceneth? Tinsley.


            Said Isaac’s mother was Miss Sally Dodd probably from Virginia, married in Barren County, Kentucky.


            Said Alfred had brothers and sisters as follows:

1.      Thomas W. Settle now of Barren County, farmer

2.      Mary Hayden Settle now Landrum of Barren County

3.      Sallie Elizabeth Settle married N. P. Settle of Barren County

4.      Edna Jane? Settle married F. M. Furlong of Barren County

5.      Louisa Allen Settle married W. W. Smith of Barren County

Four died young.


            Educated in Barren County, Kentucky in the common schools. Learned German at Bowling Green, Kentucky under a German teacher, Mr. Brown. Learned music under w. R. McQuown? while in service.


            Was born on said mill farm and raised on the farm where his father now lives one mile north at 85 years of age.


            After working on farm to about 20 years old went to Old Rocky Hill and there sold goods for Jerry S. Jordan and Co. for several years from in 1858 to 1860, attending school at intervals. In 1860 opened a general store of his own at said place. About 1860 joined Kentucky State Guards, The Rocky Hill Rifles, the Company consisting of 48, D. P. Barclay captain.


            On 16 October 1861 at Bowling Green, Kentucky, he was mustered into the Confederate service under Col. Joseph H. Lewis (afterwards General) in Co. E 6th Regt. Kentucky Infantry and served till 25 September 1862 when he was honorably discharged for Ptithisis pulmonalis? which was evidently a mistake as he has no lung disease now and is in reasonably good health. Not in any engagement. Saw the bombardment at Vicksburg on ___ day of ___ 1862.


            Returned home and attended school in 1863 and 1864 and in 1864 and 1865 raised crops on the farm at the old house.


            In January 1866 opened a family grocery store in Bowling Green and sold out at end of six months and returned to Barren County.  In 1867, stayed with Jerry Jordan again. In February, 1868 went to work as a watchmaker and jeweler in Bowling Green with his cousin, S. W. Settle and continued till 10 August 1874 and on 18 August 1874 came to Scottsville, Kentucky where he opened up a watch repairing and jewelry establishment in which he has continued ever since.  Took R. S. Welch as partner in 18___ and during the last ten years has added books, pianos and other musical instruments. Conducted a very successful business.


            His father was a Baptist and his mother a Methodist. He himself a Baptist, having embraced religion at Hanging Fork Church, barren County, Kentucky on 17 December, 1867, being baptized in Barren River at Port Oliver next day with 45 others. Rev. W. W. Durham conducted the services.  Is a Mason and Knight of Pythias. Was made a Mason at Allen Lodge No. 24 at Glasgow, Kentucky in 1864 and was a charter member of Persian Lodge No 18 at Bowling Green, Kentucky of Knights of Pythias.


            Served as member of city council at Scottsville for 18 months, was secretary and treasurer. Politically he is a Democrat and takes a lively interest in politics, but always allows a large margin for individuality in others.






            James Martin Shive was born near Beaver’s Ford in Barren County, Kentucky on 3rd April 1839. His father was Joseph Shive who was born and raised in Cumberland County, Kentucky on Marrowbone Creek born on 21 February 1818.


            Said Joseph’s father, the grandfather of this subject was George M. Shive who came from Virginia to Kentucky. Was a practicing physician and of German descent, had read a German Bible. His wife was Nancy Garman, also German.


            Subject’s mother was Sallie Hunt, daughter of John Hunt of or from Virginia of Irish descent. Said Sallie was born in Barren County. She was born 20 February 1820. Said John Hunt died in 1855.


            Had brothers and sisters as follows:

1.      self

2.      John W. Shive

3.      Martha Ann Shive nee Dillingham

4.      Nancy C. Shive, nee Kimble

5.      George M. Shive

6.      Crisley Miller Shive

7.      Joseph Thomas Shive

8.      Charles Shive

9.      Robert Jackson Shive

10.  Nancy E. Shive, nee Jordan


Education was obtained in the common schools of his vicinity and he taught some three sessions, free and select, 1861, 1862, 1863. Then engaged in farming till December 1884, having been elected sheriff in August 1884. Served two terms being re-elected.


Engaged in merchandising in Scottsville up to 1898. Then in January, 1898 was appointed Deputy Sheriff by John E. Dalton which position he still holds.  On 5 August 1867, he was married to Miss Mollie D. Hollis of Allen County, at residence of Dr. W. L .Hollis in Allen County, Kentucky by Rev. T. D. Lewis.


This union was blessed with one daughter, to wit, Myrtie, born 22 March 1872 and who married Joseph H. Porter (Tobe) of Bowling Green where they reside.


While sheriff, Mr. Shive made over 105 arrests first year. Arrested the murderer of Berry Manion to wit, Manual Wilkerson, afterwards hung in March 1889.




6 September 1898





Michael Tracy was born in Allen County, Kentucky on the 4 day of March 1820 on his father’s farm near and beyond Long Creek, place now owned by Nehemiah Raney.


His father was James Tracy who was born in North Carolina in same vicinity from whence came the Jents, Meadors and Blankenships. Said James’ father (Mike’s grandfather) was Michael Tracy who was an English soldier captured at Bunker Hill and who never returned to his command or to England, but remained here in American and was married to a Miss Colson in North Carolina and thence moved to Allen, then Barren County.


His mother was Lidia Rondal, daughter of Joseph Rondal who also lived on a farm on Long Creek. Said Joseph was from North Carolina.  Mike had six brothers and three sisters to wit:   Isaiah and Isaac, Joseph, James, Asa, William, Jonathan, Rachel, Sarah and Lydia. Was educated in log cabins of his locality, subscription schools to read write and cipher. Went to same 6 or 8 teachers during his childhood and youth. Is of M. E. Church South. His parents were Hardside Baptists.


Said subject of this sketch was first married to Elizabeth Eplin? (Esslin?) of Allen County 15 May 1836 in Macon County, Tennessee. And born in Barren County and by her he had

1.      Anias Tracy

2.      Mary J. Tracy

3.      Cynthia Melinda Tracy

4.      Nepthli Tracy

5.      Almarinda Tracy

6.      Ellen Tracy

7.      Evaline Tracy

8.      Louisa Tracy

9.      _____ Tracy


Was then married to Sarah Weaver? (Wramer?) Daughter of ___________Weaver from North Carolina in December 1866. She was an orphan and lived with David Jent. She had no children. He married her in Allen County.


            Was then married to Easter C. Stinson, daughter of Daniel Stinson of Allen County on 16 Day of January, 1870 in Allen County and by her he had children viz:

1.      James W. Tracy

2.      William A. Tracy

3.      Jo. Bell Tracy

4.      Daniel J. Tracy

5.      John Sam Tracy

6.      Eugene Tracy

7.      Lydia Tracy

8.      Lutitia Tracy

9.      Sarah J. Tracy

10.  Herschell Tracy


Up to date has had 19 children, 68 grandchildren, 38 great grandchildren (five of his children are still single)


Was elected and served as constable of Puncheon District two terms, four eyars from August 1866 to August 1870 and was then elected justice of the peace two terms in succession – five years in all for Puncheon District.


Ran for Representative against J. J. Gatewood and William A. Brown in 1875. Was defeated by Gatewood.

     Moved to Scottsville District two miles east of  Scottsville in 1882 where he now (1898) lives. In 1890 he made the race for justice of the peace in Scottsville district against Peter Huntsman and was elected by 18 voles for four years.


On 15 October 1861 he enlisted a private in Co. I, 9 Kentucky Infantry. Was promoted to Sgt. And discharged 15th December 1864. He made a brave and faithful soldier and bears the marks of honorable wounds received in battle. Was in every battle and engagement or skirmish fought by his regiment except Shiloh at which time he was detailed as ward master by his regimental superior T. R. W. Jeffrey. Fought in Stones River, Tennessee, 31 December 1862 and 2 January 1863 and there incurred dislocation of right shoulder; in Chickamauga, Georgia, September 1863; in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee in 1863; in fights through to Atlanta, Georgia, four months; Love Joy Station 40 miles beyond Atlanta and then returned and mustered out at Louisville. Marched 6040 miles in line of march besides the drilling, foraging, etc. Received gun shot wound of left arm at Battle of Chattanooga on Lookout Mountain. Was Ward Master at Columbia and made an excellent nurse. His parents both buried in Clay county, Illinois during the war.






David E. Wagoner was born in Allen County, Kentucky, December 10, 1842 on Big Trammel at mouth of Snake Creek, son of Williamson Wagoner (a farmer) and David E. is a farmer. Mother’s name, Polly Dalton, called Pol,  sister of Daniel Dalton. William Dalton was their father.


Was married 18 March 1875 in Macon County, Tennessee by Esq. Davis. Eight children, the fruit of the marriage. (see list in pension paper)


Was a private Co. P  52 Kentucky Mounted Infantry Volunteers from 5 August 1863 to 5 March 1865. Receives a pension at $12 per month, new law.


Married Tabitha Canadata? Josephine Cooper, daughter of Frank Cooper, her mother being Tabitha Gibson.


Said Williamson was a son of Petter from Virginia. Petter Wagoner talked German.


Frank Cooper, father of Frank Cooper came from Virginia, lived with Alcey Cole, wife of Dr. William.





            John Hanley Walker was born 21 December 1842 at Scottsville. His father was A. S. Walker, a prominent physician of said town. Said doctor’s father’s name was William Walker from Virginia. Said William’s wife and grandmother of John was Miss Sarah Holcomb of Virginia, a prominent Virginia family. Said Dr. Walker was born in Nicholas County, Kentucky and came with his father here at about ___ years of age.


His mother was Miss Melvinia M. McReynolds, daughter of Robert McReynolds. She was born in Allen County, Kentucky about 1 miles south of Scottsville.


He had brothers and sisters viz:

1.      William R. Walker now of Louisville, Kentucky and has a large family

2.      Elbridge F. Walker

3.      Sarah H. Walker married Howell, now of Russellville

4.      David C. Walker died in Franklin January 1895

5.      Martha A. Walker wife of James A Fuqua of Russellville

6.      Robert Walker

7.      himself

8.      Jacob B. C. Walker now of Louisville

9.      Algernon S. (Spud) Walker of Franklin

10.  Mary George Walker

11.  Melvinia Jane Walker

12.  Orean?  Walker Who died at about two years of age


That he attended the common schools and academies at Scottsville up to the beginning of the civil war when in September 1861, he entered the Confederate service becoming a member of the Famous Orphan’s Brigade. Joined at Cave City, barren County, Kentucky, Co. C., Capt Bagley’s Co. 6th Regt commanded by Gen. Sept H. Lewis. Was in said service till 1 September 1864. At battle of Jonesboro, George, he together with about 200 comrades was taken prisoner and carried North through Atlanta and Chattanooga and when near Murfreesboro, at Wartrace just before day he made his escape and crossed the country afoot into Montgomery County, Tennessee and remained there and in Robertson County, Tennessee and Logan County, Kentucky under the assumed name of John McReynolds and what time he was not on the scout to prevent arrest or capture, he attended school at Volney, Kentucky, his brother-in-law James. H. Fuqua being principal of the school. This was during the Fall and Winter of 1864 1865. While in the service he was in battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Murfreesboro or Stone River, Jackson, Mississippi, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and in front of Sherman’s Raid to Atlanta, including the intermediate battles and was captured at Jonesboro, Georgia, 20 miles south of Atlanta.


After Lee’s surrender or the surrender of Lee and Johnson, he returned home for short time then went back to school to Browder? Institute preparing for college about two years. Then attended Bethel College for about two years and till June 1868 completed his educational course and again returned to Scottsville and immediately commenced the study of law, studied with his brother, David C. Walker who was a practicing attorney before the war and his comrade in the service. Obtaining license to practice law in 1869 from the two circuit judges, Judge L. T. Alexander and Judge George C. Rogers. And has practiced his profession ever since. During the time since 1869, has able filled the offices of County School Commissioner and County Attorney.


Some of the teachers of the schools at Scottsville above referred to were: Waters, Robert A. Y. Corning, Pomeroy. Robert Wiles and R. A. Bell.


Is a bachelor and unmarried with his father and mother till their death being the only one of the children who remained unmarried.


He is one of the leading Democrats of his county and has frequently stumped the county in his own and other political races.




































17 Aug 1898



     Wm. Chambers Carpenter was born near Butlersville in Allen Co., Ky. on 16 Feb 1827. His parents were Fredrick A. Carpenter and Lucinda (Chambers) Carpenter. Said Fredrick A. was a son of John Carpenter and his wife Rachel Carpenter whose maiden name was Brewer. They came from Va. Tom Chambers, father of Lucinda moved from N. C. and settled near and east of Butlersville at the place now occupied by Ed Kelsey. Said John Carpenter came from Va. and his father from Ireland.


Was married to Mary Jane Crow in Allen Co., Ky. n the 22 day of March 1848. She was a daughter of John W. Crow and his wife, Nancy Martin (sister of Jimmie? D. Martin) married by Rev. T. H. Lyles.


To them were born the following children to wit: 

John F. Carpenter    Feb 1849

Lon E.  now Spann

Joseph W. Carpenter

Thos. W. Carpenter

Mary Fletcher now Wheeler

Nannie B. now Drake


Mr. Carpenter is a brother of Fredrick Fisk Carpenter  1st Lt., Co F, 9th Regt. Ky. Inf. Vols. and fell at the battle of Stones River 2 Jan 1863 and was brought home and buried by W. C.  Fred was shot square in forehead bursting out back of his skull.


Occupation (of Wm. Chambers) has been farming but sold his farm (and where he was raised) to C. J. Guy when he moved to Scottsville in 18___. Is a member of Salem Lodge No. ____ of Simpson County, Ky. Masons and Southern Methodist. Educated in the subscription schools of this county. First teacher was Nathan Cosby and then Wiley Williams.