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The Simpson County Courthouse burned in May 1882 and all wills prior to that time were destroyed.

p. 1-2  Heffington, James,  23 May 1874; probate 16 June 1879; re-recorded 20 June 1882                           Heirs - William R. Heffington, nephew; Eliza Heffington and Margaret Ellen Allen ("two negro women who have been kind to me and my deceased wife"); Letha Ann Crumpton ("a woman of color who once belonged to me and now living in Warren Co"); William M. Allen, husband of Margaret Ellen Allen; Sarah Massey; Jane Hunt, wife of Wesley Hunt; Martha Hunt, wife of Archibald Hunt. Executors- Wm. R. Heffington, Archibald Hunt; Witnesses - C. J. A. Childress, John A. Finn.

p. 3-4  Clarke, Charles L.  no date given; probate 29 Sept 1870; re-recorded 23 June 1882                                   Heirs -  William B. Clark, brother; Bettie Hatfield, niece (married to Jack Hatfield); Thomas H. Clark, nephew; Sarah E. Clark, wife.   Executor - James B. Lewis, Sarah E. Clark; Witnesses - J. B. Lewis, W. R. Bryant.

p. 4-5  Clark, Sarah E.   8 June 1877; probate 15 April 1878; re-recorded 23 June 1882.                                  Heirs - Georgia Porter ("a little girl who has been living with me"); Catholic church in Franklin; Vincent Lewis; Cyntha Johnson, niece; Charley Clark Hatfield; Eliza Caldwell; Dr. Jones; Emma Kelly's (former Ball) little son, Charlie; children of Bettie Hatfield.  Executor - Vincent L. Lewis    Witnesses - Mary E. Lewis, J. C. Bryant.

p.  6-9  McGoodwin, W. H.    5 Sept 1881; probate 16 Jan 1882                                                                    Heirs - Mary Jane, wife; James L. McGoodwin, son; Eliza Jane Brevard, daughter (wife of William Brevard); Ellen Walker, daughter (wife of D. C. Walker); J. V. McGoodwin, son; J. V. McGoodwin's two sons, William E. and (can't make out name); Martha, servant.  Executor - James L. and J. V. McGoodwin. Witnesses - C. F. Potter, Geo.W.Dickey.

p. 10-11  Harris, Nancy    1 Feb 1882; probate 17 April 1882.                                                                         Heirs - Sarah Ann Jackson (niece of her deceased husband, James Harris); James Harris (son of Jefferson Harris and nephew of deceased husband, James Harris); Sarah Beard, known as Babe Baird; Minerva Baird; Sarah Ann Beard (late Harris, daughter of Jack Harris, deceased); Teresa Stringer (late Bowling, wife of T. W. Stringer); Mary Vallandigham, sister.  Executor - D. W. Saunders; Witnesses - C. W. Milliken, Belle West.

p. 11-12   Goodnight, Amanda R.   14 April 1882; probate 21 Aug 1882.                                                        Heirs - Thomas Penick of Bowling Green, brother, and Susan Penick, his wife, in trust for Amanda's daughter, Delia until she turned 21.  Witnesses - Geo. C. Harris, Edward Bland.

p. 13-14   Cherry, William  18 Aug 1881; probate 17 Oct 1881; re-recorded 22 Aug 1882                            Heirs - wife (not named); John Robert, Nancy, Edgar (three youngest children); Rebecca Ann, daughter (wife of James Mayes); Biddy, daughter (wife of Nelson Cardwell); Arlina, Mary, Jonitha, daughters; Martha Frances Featherston's  three children (deceased daughter); Jeff and William, sons.  Executors - sons, Jeff and William Cherry; witnesses - G. W. Duncan, E. M. Cockrell.

p. 15-16  Kirby, Martha E.   no date on will; probate 15 Nov 1880; re-recorded 20 Aug 1882.                       Heirs - children, Henry Duffy, Benjamin Kirby, Bailey Kirby, Wesley Kirby, Martha Kirby, Charles Kirby.  J. M. Leake appointed guardian of children, Martha and Charles.  Executor - James M. Leake; witnesses - James Sadler, F. M. Butler.

p. 17-18   Neely, John   1 Oct 1877; no probate date given; re-recorded 31 Aug 1882.                                  Heirs - sons, Robert H. Neely (to remain on farm and take care of mother); Sandford D. Neely; Charles Neely; daughter, Elizabeth Milliken. Witnesses - S. A. Thornhill, A. C.? Jones.

p. 18-19   McElwain, Alexander B.  24 Aug 1868; no probate date given; re-recorded 22 Nov 1882.             Heirs - Robert A. McElwain, son; P. F. McElwain, wife.  Witnesses - R. H. Collier, W. M. Creekmore

p. 19-21  Caldwell, Elizabeth   4 May 1875; probate 18 June 1881; re-recorded 20 Nov 1882.                        Heirs - two stepchildren, John Caldwell and Jane Ditmore.  Executor - G. W. Duncan; witnesses - J. H. Pare, J. S. Pare.

p. 21   Smith, Hannah  25 Sept 1865; no probate date given; re-recorded 21 Nov 1882.                                                                                              Heirs - Sarah Roberts, sister; Z. P. Smith, nephew; Sarah E. Smith, niece.  If land sold, half acre including family burying ground reserved. Witnesses - E. R. Harris, M. M. Sloss.

p. 22-25  Cushenberry, William D.  19 Oct 1878; probate 15 Sept 1879; re-recorded 6 Jan 1883.                                                                             Heirs - James S. Cushenberry, son; Eli V. Cushenberry, son; William P. Cushenberry, son; Robert K. Cushenberry, son; Daniel B. Cushenberry, son; Mary M. Clark, daughter (wife of James A. Clark); Nancy M. Finch, daughter (wife of John Finch); Elijah Cushenberry, son; Thomas Q.? Cushenberry, son.  Executor - James S., William P., and Eli V. Cushenberry; witnesses - W. L. Elliott, W. Briant.

p. 26-27  Bland, A. C.    21 Dec 1882; probate 19 Feb 1883.                  Heirs - S. E. Arnold, daughter; J. M. Bland, son; Lucinda Harris, daughter. Witnesses - M. S. Harris, R. M. Haynes.

p. 28-29  Cushenberry, Daniel R.  3 April 1877; probate 17 Sept 1877; re-recorded 22 Feb 1883.                                                                       Heirs - Matilda Devasier, Malinda Crewdson, Nancy Holcomb, Jane Cavitt, sisters; Thomas R. Cushenberry, brother. Executor - Thomas R. Cushenberry; witnesses - M. M. Dawson, Jr., J. J. Chapman, M. M. Dawson, Sr.

p. 29-32 Detherage, Betsy        7 Nov 1877; probate 15 March 1880   Heirs - William H. Procter, George T. Procter ("said George and William have taken care of me"); Tobe Detherage; niece and nephews - Porterfield Detherage, Louisa Detherage, Isabel Detherage, John Detherage, Harrison Detherage, Joseph Detherage, Nance Saraman? Elizabeth Saraman?, James Detherage, and "one of the daughters of my brother, James, whose name is Sarah and who first married Newton Buckley".  Executor - neighbor, W. E. Nicoll; witnesses - W. E. Nicoll, W. H. Stahl, S. K. Bland.

p. 32-33    Herrington, James W.   16 February 1881; probate - 19 March 1883.                                                                                                      Heirs - my wife (not named); after her death my legal heirs.  Son, B. J. Herrington to take care of my wife.  Executors - sons, J. H. and W. C. Herrington; witnesses - H. J. Pearson and W. H. Lane.

p. 33-34    Morris, Daniel  11 September 1880; probate - 26 March 1883.  Heirs - Mary J. Morris, wife; children, James Morris, Sarah Bean, Maryan Downey, Priscilla Downey, D. L. Morris, Josner? Morris, John Morris; grandchildren, Clarence Neely and Cally Neely (children of daughter Angeline Rice), and Jane, John and Della Morris (children of deceased son William Morris).  Witnesses - William B. Wright, S. D. Stanley.

p. 34-35    Bunch, Simeon      4 January 1883; probate - 16 April 1883.  Heirs - daughter, Louisa M. Bunch; F. H. Bunch, A. M. Stagner, S. C. Pistole, S. M. Bunch and Mrs. ? Bunch, Robert E. Bunch, Ida I. Torrence, Simeon W. Bunch.  Executor - William N. Pistole.  Witnesses - J. M. Briggs, C. S. Huffhines.

p. 36-37     Gossett, John        1875; re-recorded - 2 August 1882.      Heirs - wife, Eliza Gossett; sons, James Robert Gossett, Charles E. Gossett, J. W. Gossett, Frank Gossett; daughter, Mattie Adams; children of Jane Ellis; Nettie Borthick.  Executor - J. Wes McClanahan and Frank Gossett. Witnesses - D. W. Saunders, Geo. C. Harris.

p. 37-39     Bryan, W. R.    23 April 1881; probate - 3 May 1883.        Heirs - wife, Lou Bryan. Executors - J. S. Stanford and G. W. Roark.  Witnesses - Shelby Harwell, R. T. Bryan.

p. 39-40    Morgan, J. R.      21 May 1883; probate - 18 June 1883.    Heirs - wife, Martha Morgan; daughters, Harriet E. Whited and James A. Borthick (J. Alice Morgan Borthick).  Executor - O. M. Whited and D. B. Borthick. Witnesses - W. P. Phelps, J. M. Rutherford.

p. 40-43     Herndon, James        17 May 1849; probate - 1852.          Heirs - wife, Mary Herndon; sons, James Wm. Herndon, George T. Herndon; daughters, Isabella Boyd, Nancy J. Burr and Lucy A. M. Herndon.  Executors - James Wm. Herndon and George T. Herndon.  Witnesses - O. H. Morrow, John W. Burr, Mary J. Peters.

p. 44-47     Carter, Caswell         26 January 1878; probate 16 July 1883.  Heirs - wife, Levinia Carter; children, J. A. Carter, Jas. G. Carter, Mary A. Stanley, Nancy Wickware, Fannie Crow, J. C. Carter and B. F. Carter; grandsons, S. H. Jackson, John D. Jackson.  Executors - sons John A. and Jas. G. Carter.  Witnesses -W. H. Crowdus and P. B. Dunn. 

p. 47-49      McGoodwin, James L.           14 June 1883; probate 20 August 1883.                                                                                           Heirs - wife, Delia P. McGoodwin; children, Grace Eva Walker, wife of A. S. Walker Jr., James Albert McGoodwin, William Herbert McGoodwin, Hattie McGoodwin, Fannie McGoodwin, Hirell McGoodwin.  Executors - Delia P. McGoodwin and James Albert McGoodwin. Witnesses - M. B. Ford, N. A. Crow.

p. 50      Wooten, Silvanius B.       2 January 1872; probate 5 March 1872.  Heirs - wife, Harriet N. Wooten; children, Junius Wooten, Mary Wooten, Hodgen Wooten, Thomas Wooten, Hattie Wooten.  Witnesses - G. W. Hoy. P. H. Gooch.

p. 52     Jones, Mahala              Probate - 20 December 1883.              Heirs - brother, R. B. Madole and his children. Witnesses - C. W. Neely, J. M. Goin.

p. 53-54      Smart, L. B.        19 April 1875 in Sumner Co., TN; probate - 22 December 1883 in Sumner; recorded in Simpson County 24 December 1883.  Heirs - sister, Mary S. Wims and her husband, H. C. Wims; brother, Joe E. Smart. Executor - J. W. Smart, brother. Witnesses - Thomas Perdue, O.H.P. Duval.

p. 55-56    Hoy, John M.     7 July 1875; probate - 18 February 1884.  Heirs - brother, George W. Hoy and his children who were Mary Widener, Bell Hoy, Johy Hoy; sister, Sarah Boaz's 5 children; sister, Susan Roney and at her death land to be divided between two children of brother Licurgus Hoy and two children of sister, Martha McCutchen; niece, Ella Hoy.  Executor - George W. Hoy. Witnesses - A. P. Hammonds, R. B. Dunn.

p. 61-65  Meguiar, William  8 July 1879; probate - 19 July 1879, Robertson County, Tennessee; recorded in Simpson County Will Book 1, pages 61-65                                                                                                 Heirs - estate equally divided between three children, A. F. Meguiar, W. F. Meguiar and C. W. Mcguiar; W. F. Meguiar to receive 150 acres and house where he lives; A. F. Meguiar was already paid $4000, amount to be deducted; C. W. Meguiar, a minor to receive $3000 for education, A. F. Meguiar to be guardian until C. W. is 21.  "A. F. and my brother Prestly Meguiar to be appointed trustees for W. F. Meguiar".  Executor - A. F. Meguiar; witnesses - T. O. Waldron, J. E. Moore

p. 66-67  Meguiar, Thomas    29 April 1884; probate - 19 June 1884 Heirs- wife Mary C. Meguiar - furniture, stock, farm tools; daughter, Lucy A. Meguiar - personal property at wife's death; real estate to be divided and 1/3 shall be laid for for wife so as to include homestead.  Rest of real estate sold and after paying debts, the rest to children except Lucy A. who is to have $500 more than others.  Executor - son, Thos. A. Meguiar and friend, Thos. P. Waldron. Witnesses - A. F. Bradley and W. M. Jones.

p. 68-70   Bell, Margery   5 April 1876; probate - 20 June 1884          Heirs - sister, Polly Wilson's children, including Martha Reeder, wife of King Reeder, Jason Wilson, John Wilson, Frank Wilson; Winnie Pistol's two children; Larkin Wilson's two sons; Louisa Aspley, late Wilson; Rebecca Wainscott, late Wilson, wife of John Wainscott; Mary Jasper, late Wilson; nephew, Richard Peters.  Ellen J. Dowell for her kindness in waiting on my sister, Pollie Wilson in her last illness; Cornelius Saunders, son of D. W. Saunders; (all of these received monetary amounts); Blackjack Union Church - $500 "to be placed in hands of Geo. W. Atkinson as a trustee for use and sole benefit of said church to be used only when any repairs or improvements are necessary to be done on said church or its grounds. I make this bequest because the neighborhood is poor and because I used to go to church there and because I desire and expect to be buried in the burying ground near by said church." Mary E. Saunders - "one sideboard, carpet and chairs in the room now occupied by me to be hers forever."; D. W. Saunders - "my friend who has been doing all my business for the last 10 or 12 years....all the rest of property both real and personal including 14 town lots in what is known as Margery Bell's addition to town and Franklin and 10 acres of land lying on Russellville Road and near town of Franklin."  Executor - P. B. Dunn; Witnesses - Joseph W. Crow, F. P. Hargiss.

p. 70-72   Morton, Winefred P.    27 June 1884; probate - 21 July 1884  Heirs - Lillie Childers, only daughter and heir of deceased son George A. Morton; Mary F. McCutchen, daughter; Charles J. Morton, son; children of deceased son, Thos. W. Morton; Ann E. Morton; children of son, John P. Morton.  "household effect to be distributed by my daughters, Ann E. Morton and Mary F. McCutchen as they may deem proper among heirs of my estate."  Witnesses - Joel J. Holland and Lou D. Hanes.

p.72-73   Williams, Richard E.   9 May 1867; probate - Dec1867; re-recorded 24 July 1882.                                                                       Heirs - wife, Rachael Agnes Williams; at her death property to be sold and proceeds divided between Josiah B. Williams Jr., heir of sister Patsy V. Bayless and heirs of brother, John N. Williams and brother, L. L. Williams.  Executor - wife, Rachael Williams and John B. Moore; witnesses - G. A. Herndon and J. E. Neely

p. 73-74   Milliken, George    5 July 1883; probate - 18 August 1884      Heirs - wife, Senora T. Milliken and her children. Executor - Thomas Jenkens of Lebanon, Tennessee; witnesses - D. W. Saunders and Jno. A. Wilson

p. 74-75   Borthick, Samuel   15 April 1880; probate - 15 September 1884   Heirs - wife, Susan A. Borthic. At her death to children, Lucretia McElwain; John Borthic; Daniel M. Borthic; grandchildren, Daniel Gossett and Samuel O. Gossett, sons of deceaed daughter, Mary Jane Gossett.

p. 76   Alexander, John   23 Sept 1855; probate - 19 November 1884   Heirs - wife Rosetta Jane Alexander, all of lot no. 98 in Franklin with house and buildings, monies, etc.  witnesses - L. M. Dishman, A. B. Cooksey.

p. 77-78    Witt, R. T. (Richmond T.)  25 Aug 1884; probate - 16  Feb 1885          Heirs - "to friend W. S. McClanahan in trust for son Charles N. Witt - the land on which Charles now lives and same conveyed to me by R. E. Hall and wife (50 acres)"  "On Friday, 22nd instant made provision for support and maintenance of wife Charlotte B. Witt, in deed of that date to W. S. McClanahan and also my five daughters, America Bradshaw, wife of C. B. Bradshaw, George Ann Dinning, wife of A. M. Dinning, Sarah Pearson, wife of L. A. Pearson, Susan Moore, wife of R. G. Moore and Ellen McClanahan, wife of W. S. McClanahan."  Previously made provision for son, V. K. Witt.  Executor - W. S. McClanahan; witnesses - C. M. Milliken, V. K. Witt.

p. 78-82   Hatfield, Samuel    3 July 1875; probate - 18 Feb 1885            Heirs - son, John B. Hatfield as trustee and in trust for his children, Beverly L., John H., Charles C. and Mary Hatfield - "tract of 120 acres in Simpson County east of Drakes Creek being western portion of my house tract of land."  Daughter, Sarah Bradshaw, wife of James Bradshaw; son, S. H. Hatfield; daughter, Rebecca F. Gaines; daughter, Burnett Hatfield.  Executor - J. B. Hatfield, Dr. Geo. W. Gaines; witnesses - W. W. Bush, I. H. Goodnight.

p. 82   Bogan, J. B.    19 September 1884; probate - 16 February 1885  Heirs - wife, Mary Jane Bogan. Witnesses - I. J. Bogan, B. W. Hail, Eli Blewitt.

p. 83   Temple, John   17 December 1884; probate - 16 March 1885      Heirs - wife, Martha E. Temple - lands and after her death divided between my heirs. (none named).  Witnesses - Jacob Spears, James C. Pistole.

p. 84   Hanes, Angie E.   1 December 1882; probate -16 March 1885  Heirs - husband, A. C. Hanes. At his death if anything remains will to Sallie N. Mayes, wife of C. A. Mayes, $10; Christiana Hunt, wife of G. C. Hunt, $10; oldest son, Lonnie D. Hanes $500; second son, Abie L. Hanes $500. "Any remaining after division is to be equally divided among my three children and Sallie N. Mayes, my stepdaughter."  witnesses - A. F. Bradley, J. S. Chaney

p. 84-85   King, Mary A.   13 February 1885; probate - 16 March 1885    Heirs - two sisters, Louisa H. King and Sarah F. King.  Witnesses - R. F. Moore, David C. Walker, S. D. Neely.

p. 86-87   Bogan, Robert   4 March 1884; probate - 20 April 1885      Heirs - wife, Nancy H. Bogan - creek tract of land on Drakes Creek being part of land bought of Jason Neely, also 10 acres on Drakes Creek, cash, notes, furniture, etc.  Daughter, T. A. Bogan - present house and property in Franklin between Main and College and between property of F. B. McKenzie and junction of Main and College. After wife's death all property equally divided between children, D. S. Bogan; Sarah B. Stanford; J. P. Bogan; J. C. Bogan; F. A. Bogan; and children of daughter, Ophelia Eubank, deceased and son W. H. Bogan.

p. 87  Bunton, George Ann   31 March 1885; probate - 20 April 1885    Heirs - sister, Malinda Milliken - house and lot being same on which I reside, etc; Wm. Skeen $30 for attention to me during my sickness; Tom Bunton - all wearing apparel of my deceased husband and my hog.  Residue of estate equally divided among heirs including Malinda Milliken.  Executor - James M. McElwain; witnesses - F. D. Wade, F. E. McElwain.

p. 88-89   Dodson, W. C. (William Carroll)  6 June 1885; probate - 15 June 1885       Heirs - wife, Emaline Matilda; son Leslie; daughter Lula.  Executor - Armistead Dodson; witnesses - John W. Dixon, Joseph W. Dodson.

p. 89-91   Billingsley, Ally M.   24 January 1885 (Franklin County, Illinois)  probate - 26 March 1885; recorded in Simpson County 15 June 1885.    Heirs - Mary E. Billingsley and Arethusa J. Billingsley - "60 acres of land by me heired of my father Josias Lambert Sr.'s estate in Simpson County, Kentucky."  Witnesses - C. O. Kelley and R. R. Link of Ewing, Franklin County, Illinois.

p. 92-93   Morgan, John M.  2 May 1883; probate - 20 July 1885        Heirs - wife, Mary E. Morgan; children - Annie L Morgan; Willie T. Morgan; Bobie Martin Morgan; Johnnie Mary Morgan.  Executor - Mary E. Morgan; witnesses - J. J. Chapman, Jas. S. Plummer, W. P. Hammond.

p. 93-95   Finn, John A.   11 December 1878; probate - 17 August 1885  Heirs - two daughters, Mary and Ella have received more than enough in costs of raising and educating; son, John - $1000 to be put into hands of James N. LaRue in trust; four children by present wife - James; Gerald; Lawrence; Clarence who are quite small and are yet to be raised and educated. It is my will my wife M. G.? Finn have all balance and remainder of estate. Executor - my wife with Geo. C. Harris; witnesses - C. F. Potter, F. D. Wade, J. West McClanahan, Geo. B. Knapp, Jas. N. LaRue.

p. 95-96   McElwain, Middleton   14 May 1885; probate - 17 Aug 1885  Heirs - my wife (no name given), have all land for her use and benefit in raising our children.  Son, William - filly; daughters, Nancy J. and Amelia - bald faced mare. Witnesses - Wm. M. Kington, J. H. Perkin.