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Scott County, Kentucky

Early Residents Testified

The following list of people was constructed from Supreme Court case 33 US 75; 8L, Ed 871.  These persons were witnesses who were interviewed for their knowledge of the area of North Fork of the Elkhorn, especially LeCompte Run.  And, on the west side of Stamping Ground and from there along the river to Bryant's Station.  Several others are mentioned, but may have been absentee land owners.  Names are listed in the same order as in the original document.

An example of the testimonial is one given by Patrick Jordan, who stated that "in 1775 he passed up Elkhorn near where Bryant's Station was afterwards built, however, was never at the station until August 1780, when he acted as a guard.  He recollects of hearing James Forbes, or someone of the men belonging to the station ask if they had been as low down as the seventh big fork or the seventh ford.  In the year 1779 he knew the creek by that name (LeCompt's Run).  He had assisted Charles LeCompt in building his cabin near the creek in 1775, but had not heard it called by that name until 1779"

Order of names in document:

Samuel Ayres - (mentioned only as offering reward)
James Bell - 1789
John Burns - ca. 1797 - 1800
James Connelly - 1794
Ash Emerson - 1780

John Ferguson (mentioned only as land owner)
John Ficklin - 1781
James Forbes - After August 1780
John Garrett - 1785, 1792 - 1804
Reuben Garnett - (mentioned only as land owner)
Henry Herndon - 1781
Robert Hortness - 1784
Colonel Johnson (mentioned only as land owner)
James Jones - 1789
Patrick Jordan - 1775, 1779, August 1780
Charles LeCompt - 1775
Joseph R. Lee - ca. 1800 - 1832
Anthony Lindsay - 1791
James McConnell - 1775
John Miller - 1776, Spring
William Mosby - ca. 1790 - 1840
Joseph S. Norris - 1804
John Payne - 1788 (1793 appointed surveyor of Scott County)
John Perkins - 1793
William Poindexter - (witness, but no date)
Peter Samuel - (mentioned only as making land claim)
Jacob Stucker - 1780
Hugh Shannon - 1775, 1776, 1779
John Smith - 1773
Lewis Valandingham - 1782 (perhaps also 1780)
John Williams - 1775, 1776

Submitted by: Fred Wescott


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