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Suggett - Bradley Family Bible

Scott County, Kentucky

Record was copied by my niece, Katherine S. Bradley, from the old Bible now (1932)  in my possession
Signed A. M. Bradley, Jr., Georgetown, Kentucky


John Suggett and Milley Davis were married July 15th 1772; he was 21 years of age an she 14.


John Suggett was born June 1751
Milley Suggett, wife of John Suggett was born 1758
James Suggett, son of John and Milley Suggett, was born May 2and 1775
William Suggett was born April 13, 1778

Elizabeth Suggett was born June 14, 1782
John Suggett was born January 25, 1785
Catherine Suggett was born April 20th 1787
Sallie Suggett was born November 26th 1789
Edgecomb P. Suggett was born  April 20th 1795
Polly Suggett was born April 2and 1798
Milton T. Suggett was born May 24th 1802


John W. Bradley was born Jany 22and 1786
Sally Bradley, wife of John W. Bradley, was born 26th of Nov. 1789
Amanda Malvina Bradley, daughter of John W. Bradley and his wife Salley was born May 9th 1808
Thomson Suggett Bradley was born December 25th 1809
Eliza Ann Bradley was born October 9th 1813
John Wickliff Bradley was born 17th Feby 1817
Alfred Marion Bradley was born Dec'r 5th 1818
Anderville Suggett Bradley was born July 16th 1821
Benjamin Franklin Bradley was born Octr. 5th 1825

James Suggett Bradley was born Feby 6th 1828
Leland Suggett Bradley was born July 14, 1830


John W. Bradley and Sallie Suggett were married the 4th day of April 1808
Mordecai B. Offutt and Amanda M. Bradley were married the 14th of Oct. 1820
Jordan I. Peak and Eliza Ann Bradley were married the 29th day of Sept. 1831
John W. Bradley, Jr. and Judith Ann Suggett were married April 28th 1842
Alfred M. Bradley and Catherine E. Long were married May 12th 1842
Benjamin F. Bradley and Emily M. Stuart were married the 14th of Oct. 1851


Milley Suggett, the wife of John Suggett, departed this life 11th of July 1834 in the 77th year of her age.
John Suggett departed this life 12th of December 1834 aged 83 years and 6 months.
Sally Bradley departed this life 27th Aug. 1857 aged 67 years 9 months and one day
John W. Bradley, Sr. departed this life the 11th day of July 1867 aged 81 yrs. 5 mo. 19 days


Thomson S. Bradley departed this life the 19th day of June 1816 aged 6 yrs. 6 months and twenty-five days
Mordicai B. Offutt departed this life the 7th day of Nov. 1843
Judith A. Bradley departed this life the 15th day of July 1852
James S. Bradley departed this life the 6th of April 1855 aged 2 years 2 months and one day.
Leland S. Bradley departed this life the 30th day of Dec. 1862 aged 32 yrs, 5 mo. and 16 days.
Benj. F. Bradley died Jan. 21, 1897
Anderville S. Bradley died Mar. 10, 1897
John Wickliffe Bradley, Jr. died  ____
Alfred Marion Bradley died Nov. ____ 1913 aged ninety-four years, eleven months and ___ days

This paper in possession of Mrs. Anne Payne Coffman in Georgetown, Kentucky.  It belonged to her father, Judge George Viley Payne, and was dictated by John Wickliffe Bradley and written by my father, J. N. Bradley in 1898.
(Signed Katherine S. Bradley, Georgetown, Kentucky - copied 1932)

This information is from J. Wick Bradley 80 years of age this 24th ____, 1898. (signed Geo. V. Payne)

John Suggett and his wife Mildred (Davis) lived in Scott County, KY., at what is now known as the John F. Payne place.

Their children were:
James Suggett (a noted Baptist Preacher)  who married ___ Cason and lived at what is now known as the John Duncan place on Cane Run in Scott County, KY.
William Suggett, Sr., who lived on the hill in the old brick house, now standing on the office road on Can Run.  His children were Lewis C. Suggett, David Suggett, Wm. Suggett, Jr., George Suggett (who died in Ark. in the regular army - a Lieutenant), Dr. James Suggett, Jemima, who married Andrew Johnson, Ann Eliza who married Jeptha Bradley, Polly who married W. C. Craig, Lutitia who married ___ Glenn.

Betsy Suggett who married David Thomson who lived at what is now known as the Dick West place on Can Run Road in Scott County, KY.  Her children were Manlius Thomson, Mentor Thomson, Milton Thomson, Monroe Thomson, Morton Thomson, Elvira Thomson married ____Major, Malceny Thomas ____ ___ Melita Thomson.

Katie Suggett who married John I. Johnson (son of Cave Johnson of Boone Co., KY) lived at what is known as the Cave place on Cane Run in Scott Co., KY. Her children were Harriett who married Jack Craig of Woodford Co., Polly Ann Johnson who married Wm. McCl--ney, Juliette Johnson who married Richard Branham and Kittie Johnson who died unmarried.

Polly Suggett who married Samuel Viley and lived at what is now known the Milton Viley place in Scott Co., KY.  Her children were Geo. W. Viley, who married Willina Green, Albina Viley married Wm. Payne and Milton Viley who married Susan Long.

Sallie Suggett who married J. W. Bradley, Sr. and lived on Cane Run in Scott Co., KY. at what is known as the Bradley place.  Her children were Amanda who married Mordica Offutt, Eliza Ann who married Jordan Peak, J. W. Bradley, Jr. (who is now giving this genealogy), Alfred M. Bradley, Anderville S. Bradley, Benj. F. Bradley, James S. Bradley and Leo S. Bradley (both of whom died young man).

John (Jack) Suggett who married Capt. Newt. Craig's sister and lived adjoining him in Scott Co., KY and moved to MO at an early day.

Edgecomb Suggett who lived at the old home place Scott Co., KY and was married twice, first Miss Nash and second Miss Sweatman.  His children were Lutitia by his first wife who married Geo. Peak son of Jordan Peak - and Cynthia by second wife who married John Duncan.

Milton Suggett who lived at the Crossing of the Ironworks road and Georgetown and Payne depot roads (the old house still standing) - he married Miss Anna Craig of Boone Co, KY. His children were Manlius and Marcellus (twins), Vienna who married __ and went to Ark. and Bettie who died unmarried.  Manlius married Sallie Peak and Marcellus is a bachelor.

Information submitted by:  
Anne Baker


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