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William Newman Family Bible

Scott County, Kentucky

The William Newman Bible information as sent to Carl John Newnam by Mrs. Emmett McConnell.
The Bible was in possession of Mrs. A. P. Prather, 623 S. Broadway, Georgetown, Kentucky.

Complete in two volumes:  Vol 1, Printed and published by: Case, Tiffany & Burnham, Hartford, 1846

Page  1
John Newman was born March the 10th, 1762
Nathaniel Newman was born December 21st, 1803
Elizabeth & Sally Newman was born August the 18th, 1805
John Newman was born November the 1st 1806
Rebecca Newman was born June th 8th, 1808
Julia Newman was born September the 7th, 1809

Page 2
William Newman was born April the 11, 1811
Sara E. Dickinson was born February the 15th, 1838
Fannie Newman was born June the 16th, 1878
Cora Newman was born September the 25th, 1879

Page 3
William Newman was married to Sarah E. Dickinson March 15, 1877.
William Asa Richardson was married to Cora Lee Newman Dec. 5th 1906

Page 4
Betty Newman died December the 11th, 1837
William Newman died December the 6th, 1888
Sarah E. Newman died April the 17th, 1908

William Newman was born and died in the Stamping Ground area and is buried at the Stamping Ground Baptist Church Cemetery.

Submitted by: David Misenheimer


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