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NAME:  SLOAN                          SERIAL NO.  318                     DATE:  9-17-1977
LOCATION:  1.2 mi. S/W of  Betsey on S side of Rock Hill - Sloan Road.
Mill Springs                   LATITUDE:  36'53'25"N                LONGITUDE:  84'45'42"W
IDENTIFIED GRAVES:  33                                             UNIDENTIFIED GRAVES:  39     Still Receiving Burials:  YES

*Notes by Imogene Koger Raggio by way of Wanda Foster Gregory
Note by Joyce Munsey
Note by Don Tedrow







Meadors Lee Roy




  Son of R.J. & M.E.    


Slone (Sloan) J.O.P. (Oliver Perry) 1-4-1832 10-3-1916

Son of Emily Daugherty & Harvey Sloan
Husband of Nancy Jane Meadors

Sloan Nancy Jane Meadors 2-19-1850 3-7-1912

 Daughter of Cyntha Creekmore & Joseph Meadors
Wife of Oliver Perry Sloan
Correction of DOD per death certificate

  Wife of J.O.P.      
Joseph 4-19-1820 11-24-1880

 Son of Jane Campbell & Reuben Meadors
Husband of Cyntha Creekmore

Meadors Cyntha 11-16-1823 10-4-1916

 Daughter of Mary Walden & Ballentine R. Creekmore
Wife of Joseph Meadors
Married 7-26-1840 Campbell Co. KY

Meadows Bill 18 Yrs
Tate W.F. (Wm. Fountain) 4-5-1854 11-29-1922

 Son of Mahala Sloan & Robert M. Tate

Tate Cerene L. 2-28-1845 10-17-1919

  Daughter of Mahala Sloan & Robert M. Tate

Tate James R. 2-9-1852 10-21-1877

  Son of Mahala Sloan & Robert M. Tate

Tate Robert M. 11-26-1810 1-21-1891  Husband of Mahala Sloan
Tate Mahala 1-13-1813 10-13-1877  nee Sloan
Wife of Robert M, Tate
  Wife of Robert M.      
Tate Boing W. 7-25-1839 8-18-1840

 Son of Mahala Sloan & Robert M. Tate

Tate Samuel 3-6-1843 3-28-1862

  Son of Mahala Sloan & Robert M. Tate

Sloan Harvey 12-15-1805 11-12-1886  Son of Jane ?? & James Sloan
Husband of Emily M. Daugherty
Sloan Emily M. 5-10-1812 2-7-1876 Daughter of Andrew Daugherty
Wife of Harvey Sloan
  Wife of Harvey      
Sloan George W. 4-9-1851 9-16-1852  Son of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan
  Son of H. & E.      
Sloan Mandy M. 1-15-1852 12-21-1862

 Daughter of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan

  Daughter of H. & E.      
Sloan Manervia O. 8-20-1846 8-22-1886

  Daughter of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan

Clark Lydia D. 1-9-1833 5-18-1861

  Daughter of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan
Wife of Samuel L. Clark

  Wife of Samuel L.    

 Son of Mariah Clark

Sloan Emily T. 5-9-1844 1-14-1891

  Daughter of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan

Garth Julia A. 2-11-1855 1-7-1891

  Daughter of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan
Wife of John Garth

  Wife of John    

 Son of Minerva Phillips & John J. Garth, Sr.

Phillips Mary E. 1-3-1840 4-21-1917   Daughter of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan
Wife of George B. Phillips
  Wife of G.B.      Son of Hiram Phillips
Lovell Edna J. 1895 1950  nee Garth
Wife of Charles H. Lovell
Lovell Charles H. 1896 1948  Son of Mattie East & Robert Lovell
Husband of Edna J. Garth
Slone (Sloan) Susan Ann 6-16-1854 4-29-1920  Daughter of Catherine Hutchison & Eli d. Kelley
Wife of William H. Sloan
Sloan William H. 2-14-1849 9-21-1901

  Son of Emily M. Daugherty & Harvey Sloan
Husband of Susan Ann

Sloan Charles Alen 10-10-1879 12-22-1886

 Son of Susan Ann Kelley & William H. Sloan

  Son of W.H. & S.      
Sloan James 2-19-1769 1-15-1853

 Husband of 1st) Jane ?? & 2nd) Frances Rousseau

Sloan Jane 4-14-1769 10-19-1831

 1st wife of James Sloan

  Wife of James      
Bates Sam F. 7-25-1872 8-30-1900

 Son of Patsy Lavina ?? & William Bates

Hayden Gorden C. 3-11-1860 1-2-1886

 Son of Isaac Hayden

Correll Marion 8-26-1835 5-8-1909

 Son of Elizabeth Schelenberger & James Correll
Husband of Sallie Davis

Correll Sallie Davis 7-24-1840 12-13-1918

nee Davis 
Wife of Marion Correll


Original Wayne County, Kentucky Cemeteries  Book  copyrighted  by:  B. B. Coffey, Sr.
Notes and additions are  copyrighted by Marilyn Fisher and Eileen Mullins
No part may be copied or  published  without permission of the authors.


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