Shady Grove Cemetery
Poole, Kentucky

Contributed by Carole Palmer

Partial listing

    Martha H. Jewell
1807 - 1868

Martha "Patsy" Briscoe, b 1807 Virginia, was the daughter of John M. Briscoe of Nelson County KY.

She married 1) Fielding Bridwell, son of Presley Bridwell and Susana Wells, 9 Sep 1824 in Spencer County KY and they became the parents of seven children. Patsy Briscoe Bridwell was the matriarch of many Henderson/Webster County families and the 3great-grandmother of Carole Palmer.

After Fielding Bridwell died in Bullitt County KY in 1847, Patsy married 2) Presley Jewell, a widower with nine children, 1 Oct 1850 Bullitt County. They moved their merged families to Henderson County about that time. Many of the Bridwell/Jewell children are also buried in this cemetery.

     Henderson County Deed Book P, p 66: John Wagner of Henderson County, sells to Patsy H. Jewell of Bullitt County for the sum of $500 78.50 acres on the waters of Highland Creek in Henderson County. Patsy H. Jewell is noted twice in this document as holding this property during "her natural life and then to her children by Fielding Bridwell, deceased." Wagner to hold possession of the premises until 15 November. This indenture is marked as "Examined and delivered to James E. Bridwell for Patsey H. Jewell" 8 Sep 1853.
     See the 1860 Webster County census listing of Patsy and Presley Jewell
     Patsy's oldest son, John Presley Bridwell, married Mary Jane Rawley/Raleigh 20 Sep 1853 Henderson County. He died 11 Jun 1882 in Hamilton County Illinois.
     Patsy's second son, James E. Bridwell, married 1) his stepsister, Emily Jewell 29 Jan 1852 in Bullitt County. Emily died in October 1853 and she is buried in this cemetery. James E. Bridwell married 2) Ann Eliza Thornberry 18 Jun 1854 Henderson County and they became the parents of fifteen children.
     Patsy's third son William H.H. Bridwell married Sarah E. Thornberry, the sister of Ann Eliza, 21 Oct 1860, in one of the first marriages listed in the new county of Webster. They are both buried at this cemetery also.
     Susan Bridwell, Patsy's oldest daughter, married Barnett Jewell, the brother of Presley Jewell, 21 Nov 1850 Bullitt County. Susan and Barnett are buried in this cemetery as well.
     Patsy's second daughter, Margaret Ann Bridwell, married James Huston Poole 23 Aug 1853 Bullitt County and they became the parents of eight children, many of whom are buried here. Their daughter Annis Poole married William H. Bridwell 18 Oct 1887 Henderson County and they are both buried here.
     Patsy's third daughter, Mary Jane Bridwell, married Samuel Jefferson Melton 8 Mar 1855 Henderson County and they are both buried here.
     Patsy's youngest son, Samuel Philip Bridwell, married Emily Melissa Sugg, 18 Jul 1865, Henderson County and he is buried here.

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