1860 Webster County census

Post Office, Carlow, Ky. By P.D. Clayton, Ass't. Marshal
Page 55, 28 June, 1860

hold #
Surname Family
Occupation Real estate/
personal estate
Data from records of
Webster County researchers
380/376 Babb Sally 45 f domestic $2000
$  200
William B. 19 m farming
David 17 m farming
Benjamin 15 m farming
Joshua 12 m
John   8 m
Richard   6 m
Stone Elizabeth 21 f domestic
Alexander   5 m
381/377 Ligon Richard H. 35 m farming
$  300
KY Richard H. Ligon married 1) Sarah Elizabeth Griffin 19 Feb 1846 Henderson Co KY and they had two children: Sophronia F. Ligon, b 1847, Joseph A. Ligon, b 1848, and Frances B. Ligon, b 1855; 2) Nancy Sheffer 14 Aug 1857 Henderson Co KY and they had at least three children: Harmon S. Ligon, John Robert Ligon and Peyton Ligon, born from 1859-1861; 3) Sarah A. Crowley, dau of Benjamin Harrison Crowley and Henrietta McClendon, 29 Jun 1864 Webster Co and they had two children: Augustus Ligon, b 1866 and Henrietta Ligon, b 1868; 4) Belle Zora Marks 31 Mar 1870 Henderson Co KY and they had four children: James M. Ligon, b 1871, Minnie B. Ligon, b 1873, Samuel D. Ligon, b 1876, and Elizabeth Ligon, b 1878. This information was taken from Henderson and Webster County census and marriage records and is open to interpretation. Carole Palmer
Nancy 28 f domestic
Sophrona B. 14 f
KY Sophonia B. "Fannie" Ligon, married William Posey Crowley, the son of Benjamin Harrison Crowley and Henrietta C. McClendon at household 315/311 of this census, 24 May 1862 in Webster Co., KY. Their daughter, Elizabeth Crowley, born 09 Jan 1864, married George Henry Tapp on 22 Nov 1882. John Brown
Joseph A. 11 m
KY He may be the Joseph Ligon that married Antemisa Frasier 24 Oct 1868 Webster Co.
Frances B.   5 f
Harmon S.   1 m
John R. 4/12 m
382/378 Hill Eli 47 m farmer $1500
$ 500
NC Eli Hill married Elizabeth Shelton 20 Apr 1837 Henderson Co KY. Eli & Elizabeth had another daughter - Martha b. 1840 and listed in the 1850 Henderson Co. KY census with her parents. Martha married in 1864. Tina Hall
Elizabeth 47 f domestic
VA Elizabeth Shelton was the daughter of Josiah Shelton household 375/371of this census.
Wiley W. 18 m farming
William 15 m farming
James H. 12 m
KY His full name was James Harrison Hill. Tina Hall
George W.   7 m
383/379 Hill Sydney 36 m farming
$   40
NC Sidney Hill married Margaret Stone 13 May 1856 Henderson Co KY. Tina Hall
Mary 20 f domestic
Malisa   1 f
384/380 Yates Charles 35 m farming
Caroline 25 f domestic
Nancy 10 f
Priscilla   8 f
George W.   6 m
Elijah   3 m
Andrew J. 1/12 m
385/381 Snipes William 63 m farmer $1362
NC William L. Snipes, born 28 Dec 1797 in NC, married Mary Y. (Polly) Tapp, 06 Jun 1822 in Person Co NC. He died 13 Aug 1872.
Mary Y. 59 f domestic
NC Mary Y. (Polly) Tapp, born 26 Dec 1800, died 27 Apr, 1863. She was the daughter of Lewis Tapp and Jennie Yancey. Source: History of the Tapp Family by Liles, Fulcher, Tapp 1977.
386/382 Cavanah Aquilla 31 m farmer $  500
$  600
KY Nicholas Aquilla Cavanah, age 21, is listed in the 1850 Hopkins census in the household of David Kavenagh and his wife Nancy. This appears to be the same family listed in this census at household #387/383 (next door). Nicholas A. Cavanah married Sarah A. Clark 10 Nov 1853 Hopkins Co KY and they became the parents of six children before his death 23 Feb 1875. He is buried in Cavanah Cemetery in Webster Co.
Sarah A. 26 f domestic
KY Sarah Clark, 16, is listed in the 1850 Hopkins census in the household of Aquilla Clark, and is living next door to the family of her future husband, Nicholas Cavanah. When the 1900 Webster census was taken, Sarah Cavanah, age 66, born Jan 1834 in KY, is living with her youngest child, Nicholas A. Cavanah, b Sep 1871 and his family. She is a widow and has had six children, five of whom were living in 1900.
Paralee   5 f
KY Paralee Cavanah married J.W. Wright 2 Dec 1874, Webster Co KY.
Leander   4 m
Missani   2 f
Nancy E. 6/12 f
KY Nancy Ellen Cavanah married John W. Melton, son of Elisha Melton and Minerva Shelton at household #305/301 of this census, 16 Oct 1876 Webster Co KY. Nancy and John Melton became the parents of seven children. She died 26 Jul 1931 and is buried at Shady Grove Cemetery in Poole. Her obituary is online

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