Webster County Census of 1900

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Transcription of the 1900 Webster County census was a two-year project. It almost became an unfinished project when I came to a huge section of the microfilm about page 135-b that was close to unreadable. I put the project aside at that time and just re-started work on it in the summer of 2003, when I found a slightly better copy of the film.

This transcription has not been proofed by anyone other than myself, so obviously you will find errors. As in any record transcription, you will need to check the original record yourself if you have doubts or questions. Many middle initials were unreadable, and they have been omitted when that was the case. You will find many question marks in this census; unfortunately a few surnames were also unreadable. A question mark means I could not decipher the writing.

This census was transcribed in Microsoft Works database; the file extension is .wdb. MS Works is an extremely easy program to use; if you have it on your computer, you will be able to use this file. The database is searchable by surname, given name, or any of the fields in the database. Some of you have expertise that will allow you to import this transcription into a different database and if you are able to do that, feel free to do so. With your permission, we can make those files available for download also, allowing more researchers to enjoy the information. The 1900 Webster County census is now also available in Excel format, both zipped and unzipped, thanks to Sam Cannon.

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If you are still unable to use the 1900 Webster County census file, you can consult one of our many lookup volunteers.

The 1900 U.S. census population was 76,212,168; the 1900 Kentucky population was 2,147,174; the 1900 population of Webster County was 20,097. Source for these figures is the U.S. Census Bureau's County Population Census Counts 1900-1990

Best of luck in your research,
Carole Jones Palmer
11 December 2003

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