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Rock Stile Church in Webster County KY     Rock Stile
Methodist Church

Judy Tolbert sent this photo she took of Rock Stile Church June 25, 2000.

"As you look at the photo the openings below the steeple (evidently where the bell was) is the front of the church. The church faces east and we were standing on the south side taking the picture. The windows are broken but the pews and piano are still in the church."

Judy adds, "Rock Stile Cemetery is to the left (behind) the church as you look at the picture. The roof is bad but it looks like it has been replaced. We could not find any recent graves."

Rock Stile Church is located off Highway 983 on Little Zion-Tilden Road in Webster County KY. It was erected in 1889. According to "Webster County Church Histories" published in 1991 by the Webster County H&G Society, "The Glazebrook, Overfield, Rideout, Branson, Allen, Stone, and Grayson families, among others, were instrumental in establishing the church."

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Submitted by Judy Tolbert
Judy via e-mail for further information.

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