The Crabtree Collection

Photo index

The Nance family

Rosey Prather 1805 - 1884

Steam Shovel

Well drilling rig

Sims Brothers steam locomotive

Gentry home

Christopher Columbus Crabtree, William Crabtree, and Ell Tippett Brown

Mable Cobb and her daughters

Vandersburg I.O.O.F. Members

Hanson & Oakland Sunday School Picnic

Frank Coffon Home

L. Bruce Link

John Thomas Cobb

John Thomas Cobb and Reva Jewell Cobb

John Thomas Cobb and Verline Cobb

Four generations of the John Thomas Cobb Family

Aileen and Winnie Mae Crabtree

Arthur Cobb and his wife Goldie King

The Arthur Cobb family

Bee Link Dennis

William Crabtree 1811-1904

Deep Cut Work

Railroad workers

Hanson School

Logging crew

More Deep Cut Work

William Cobb

John Barton Link & Celestia

Dabney and Elizabeth Strum Trice

Papa's Aunt Della

Belle Townsend Crabtree

Will Gentry

John Louis Townsend

John Thomas Cobb Family

Links Grove School - 1920

L. Bruce Link Family

Sidney Link

Our thanks to Chris Crabtree for making these
wonderful photographs available.
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