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By Chris K. Wells

I am a descendant of Jacob Dilbeck (1775-1840), his son Jackson (1817-1875?), Josiah S. Sr., (1849-1889), and Josiah Dillbeck Jr. (1882-1960). Josiah Jr. was my grandfather on my mother's side. Jacob is the son of John Dilbeck (b. abt. 1760.) John may be descended from Isaac Dilbeck of Pa. (1655-1736), but I am not sure, as I have not heard of any substantial proof as yet.

I don't know much about Josiah Dilbeck Sr., because he died when Josiah Jr. was seven. Josiah Sr.'s father was Jackson Dilbeck. Spelled "Dilback" in the census (See Jackson Dilback's 1860 Webster Co KY census listing at household 809/804.)

Josiah (Joe) Dillbeck Jr., born in 1882, was known by the family as "Daddy Joe"; he was an underground coal miner, as were his brother and sons, and he worked at different mines around Webster and Hopkins Co. as well as in Illinois and Hartshorne, Oklahoma. He married Mary Jane Spence, who was born in Crittenden Co. KY on 9 Nov 1889. Mary was the daughter of George D. Spence and Susan E. Easley. They were married on Dec. 25, 1912.

There is an excellent photograph of Joe Jr. that was taken in 1911 in Hartshorne, Okla. while he was working there. There is also a photo of America at home with her granddaughter "Allie" taken in 1911. America Monroe was Josiah Srs. wife.

I have letters and postcards from Josiah, Jr. to his mother, America A. (Monroe) Dilbeck from various locations between 1910 and 1911. I also have his time books from work from around that time to after 1937.

Our family has always spelled the name "Dillbeck" although Joe Sr. spelled it "Dilback". Joe Jr. is the first in our branch that I know of to spell the name with two L's. I now believe that the original spelling was Dilbeck.

Josiah Sr. and America A. Dillbeck's children
Josiah Jr. and Mary Jane Dillbeck's children
Josiah Dillbeck, Jr.
Mary Jane Spence Dillbeck
America Monroe Dillbeck and Allie Dillbeck

Submitted by: Chris Wells
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