Herron Heritage - Barons, Patriots & Pioneers

by Trudy Herron Moneyhan

Trudy Moneyhan is generously sharing the exciting story of her Herron ancestors who found their way to western Kentucky before 1820 where they joined numerous other Herron/Herrin families who had been in the area since before 1800. "By 1860, over two hundred Herrin family members were living in Henderson, Hopkins, Union and Webster County, with Webster as the hub of the settlement."
Quoting from Trudy's eighth chapter "Hopkins County, Kentucky - Herrin Territory":
No matter what the reason for the western Kentucky settlement, one pertinent fact is quite evident - all of the Herrins who settled or came through the area knew each other and/or were aware of the others.
I know you will enjoy reading and looking through Trudy's well-researched and lavishly-illustrated material, even if you do not have Herrins in your ancestry. A big thanks to Trudy for sharing.
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File herron-1-3.pdf roughly covers the following chapters:
- From the Author
- Where It All Began: Ford Castle
- The HERRON Name in the New World
- Migration to Virginia
- William S. Herring (Sr.) - the first to be born in the "Wilds of Virginia"
- Bathsheba Herring, sister of our William, Sr.
- The Migration West to Kentucky
- Those Who Stayed in the Valley
- Hopkins County, Kentucky - Herrin Territory
- William Herrin, Jr. of Rockingham Co., VA - A New Life in Kentucky

File herron-2-3.pdf roughly covers the following chapters
- Neighbors, Relatives and Civil War in Webster Co., KY
- Our Contemporary "Herron" Family
- Thomas David (Dave) Herron and Minnie Lee Prow
- Raymond Murray Herron - The Eldest Son

File herron-3-3.pdf roughly covers the following last three chapters
- A Tribute to Our Past and The House on the Hill
- Items of Interest
- Frontier Justice, the Story of the Harp Brothers

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