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Coleman, Compton, King, McCulley, Sigler, Sisk

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William Thomas King
Arthur Lee Sisk
Georgia Sigler Sisk

Georgia White Sigler's line - Dawn's grandmother
Gabriel Walter Sigler – Born January 6, 1873, IL. Died February 06, 1959, Dixon KY;    buried Slover Cemetery near Dixon. married February 14, 1894 Lula Ann Elizabeth King – Born January 1, 1877, Wilson County TN.    Died November 27, 1948, Dixon KY; buried Slover Cemetery near Dixon KY. They had 8 children: Wesley Irving Sigler – Born Nov 27, 1894, Webster Co KY Georgia White Sigler – Born October 3, 1896, Webster Co KY; died Dec 1988/1990    She married Arthur Lee Sisk May 11, 1921 in Hopkins Co KY Laura Mae Sigler – Born Sept 10, 1898, Webster Co KY Ellis Raymond Sigler – Born Dec 9, 1900, Webster Co KY.    He married Addie Lou Monroe, September 9, 1924, Webster Co, KY. Vergie Lee Sigler – Born March 4, 1903 Webster Co KY.    She married Chesley Page February 28, 1923. Della Myrtle Sigler – Born November 8, 1905, Webster Co KY.    She married Ronald Denton, May 17, 1930. Bessie Opal Sigler – Born June 10, 1909, Webster Co KY.    She married 1) Norman Page, September 18, 1929 in Detroit MI    and 2) Bill Jerome Cummings. Nellie Pearl Sigler – Born Aug 14, 1915, Webster Co KY.    She married James B. Springer,    May 28, 1934. Sigler Death Records: Wesley Irving Sigler – died February 17, 1895 in his sleep.    Burial in Old Chalybeate cemetery near Clay, KY. Laura Mae Sigler – died September 7, 1923 of flu and TB.    Burial in Richland Cemetery.
Arthur Sisk's line - Dawn's grandfather
Walter Eldridge Sisk – born April 15, 1860, Hopkins Co KY; died April 3, 1912. married May 27, 1885, Hopkins Co KY Mary Elizabeth Clark – born Nortonville, KY; died April 11, 1949. Their children: Maud Jane Sisk - Born 1886 Claud Fistal Sisk – Born 1888 and died Nov 15, 1958; he is buried at    Grapevine cemetery. Floyd Sisk – Born November 10, 1890; died in infancy Coyle Monroe Sisk – Born May 2, 1893 Lloyd Oscar Sisk – Born June 29, 1896; died March 17, 1930. He was gassed in the service. Buried at Grapevine cemetery, near Madisonville, KY. Authea Narcissis Obedieus "Kathryn" Born Feb 18, 1899. Katherine Sisk Rogers    died October 13, 1954 Detroit MI; buried at Grandlawn Cemetery in Detroit. Arthur Lee Sisk – Born August 29, 1901; died July 14, 1962 of lung cancer. Ethel Eldred Sisk – Born August 13, 1903. Marion Richard Sisk – Born December 12, 1905; died 1925? Sisk Death Records: Ethel (Sisk) Moore died in 1970. Maud (Sisk) (Smith) Carle – died Dec 5, 1964.    Burial in White Chapel cemetery. Floyd Sisk – died in infancy. Flora Mae (Sisk) Rogers - age 59 – died July 10, 1957; buried at Grapevine Cemetery. Ustis Fletcher Hancock (Ethel’s husband), died July 14, 1962. buried at    Mount Hope Cemetery Mildred Sisk (Marion’s wife), died February 16, 1964; buried in TX. Claud Rogers, a nephew died Oct 2, 1964; buried at Milford MI. Marriages (Sisk and Sigler Record): Walter Eldridge Sisk and Mary Elizabeth Clark – May 27, 1885. Arthur Lee Sisk, age 19, who served in WW I, and    Georgia White Sigler, age 24, married May 11, 1921 in court house at    Madisonville, KY at 6 pm by Judge W.W. Crick. Ellis Raymond Sigler and Addie Lou Monroe – Sept 9, 1924 in Providence, KY. Della Myrtle Sigler and Ronald Denton – May 17, 1930. Bessie Opal Sigler marr 1) Norman Page – Sept 18, 1928 in Detroit;    2) Bill Jerome Cummings. Nellie Pearl Sigler and James B Springer – May 28, 1934. Maud Sisk and Lee Smith June 5, 1901. Authie Narcissis Obedius Sisk "Katherine" married Sam Rogers December 25, 1912;    Sam died November 25, 1918 in flu epidemic. Lloyd Oscar Sisk married Ethel Moorem September 28, 1918. Coyle Sisk married ? August 1, 1920 Ethel Sisk married Utis Hancock marr July 11, 1921. Utis died January 13, 1958. Claud Sisk married Flora May Rogers, November 3, 1921. Marion Sisk married Rosie Moore, September 1925. Arthur Sisk's Parents and Grandparents: Father: Walter Eldridge Sisk, born at Nortonville, KY, Hopkins Co, April 15, 1861. married May 27, 1885, Hopkins Co, KY at Morton’s Gap. Mary Elizabeth Clark Sisk, born at Nortonville, KY, October 4, 1865 Walter Sisk's Father and Mother: Robert Barney Sisk, born December 12, 1821 at Madisonville, KY, Hopkins Co. 1821;     died July 01, 1887/1888. married abt 1842 in Hopkins Co, KY. Pollie McCulley Sisk, born June 25, 1824 at Providence, KY, Webster Co.;    died January 23, 1863. Mary Clark's Father and Mother: Charlie Wesley Clark, born January 1828 in TN; died October 20, 1902. married Narsissis Obeadons Butler, born September 5, 1831 in TN; died July 15, 1917;     buried at Bevier, KY. (The B in Bevier may be an S.) Georgia Sigler's Parents: Gabriel Walter Sigler, born January 06, 1873 in IL was the son of    Cornelius Sigler, born abt. 1840 in Union Co, KY; died 1880 and Mary Elizabeth Jones, born abt. 1841; died September 1880. Cornealius Sigler’s known children were:    Gabriel Walter Sigler, born January 06, 1873    Samuel Sigler, born 1862 Lula Ann Elizabeth King's parents were William Thomas King, b 1844 in VA.    Her mother was Mary Elizabeth Coleman born 1843 in Wilson Co TN.    Lula King and Gabriel Sigler were married February 14, 1894 Webster Co KY. Lula’s brothers were: George H King, born 1866 Thomas L. King, born 1870 John W King, born 1876 Georgia Sigler’s Grandmother and Grandfather: William Thomas King was the son of William King and Susan Ann Compton. Mary Elizabeth Coleman was the daughter of Bolden/Bolling Coleman, born abt 1800    Buckingham Co VA, d abt 1843 Wilson Co TN, and Elizabeth Hass/Haas,    born abt 1815 in Wilson Co. TN, died abt. 1853 in Wilson Co. TN.    Bolden/Bolling Coleman and Elizabeth Hass/Haas were married    October 06, 1863 in Tennessee. _______________________________________________________________________ Arthur Sisk's Parents – from Ethel Hancock list: Walter Eldridge Sisk, born April 15, 1860 in Madisonville, KY; died 4-3-1912. Mary Elizabeth Clark, born at Nortonville, KY; died April 11, 1949. They were married at Madisonville in Hopkins Co KY, at Morton’s Gap on May 27 1885. They had 9 children: Maud Jane Sisk, born 1886 Claud Fistal Sisk, born 1888 Floyd Sisk, born November 10 1890; died June 20 1984 Coyle Monroe Sisk, born May 2, 1893 Lloyd Oscar Sisk, born June 29, 1896; died March 17, 1930; buried at    Grapevine Cemetery, KY Authea Narcissis Obedieus "Katherine" Sisk, born February 18 1899; died    October 13, 1954 in    Detroit. Buried at Grandlawn cemetery. Arthur Lee Sisk, born August 29, 1901; died July 14, 1962; buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery    in Detroit area. Ethel Eldred Sisk, born August 13, 1903. Marion Richard Sisk, born December 12, 1905. Marriages: 1. Maud Sisk and Lee Smith, June 5 190? 2. Authie Narcissis Obedience "Kathrine" and Sam Rogers, December 25, 1912. Sam     died November 25, 1918 in flu epidemic. 3. Floyd Oscar Sisk and Ethel Monroe, September 28, 1918. 4. Coyle Sisk and ?, August 1, 1920 5. Arthur Lee Sisk and Georgia Sigler, May 11, 1921. 6. Ethel Sisk (Moore) and Ustis Fletcher Hancock - 7-11-1921. Utis died Jan 13, 1958    and he is buried at Madisonville cemetery. Ethel died in 1970. 7. Claud Sisk and Flora May Rogers, November 3, 1921. Flora died June 10, 1957 and she    is buried at Grapevine cemetery in KY. Claud died February 16, 1964    and is buried in Milford, MI. 8. Marion Sisk and Rosie Moore, September 1925. (Dawn's records list his wife as Mildred     who died February 16, 1964 in TX. Georgia and Arthur's Children: 1. Arthur Cletis Sisk - He changed his last name to Holiday. He died abt 1994. 3. Darrell Lee Sisk, born March 17, 1925, Madisonville, KY. He died as an infant    and is buried in Grapevine Cemetery in Madisonville. 6. Flossie Hilda Sisk, born March 17, 1931 in Detroit and died at birth. She is    buried at Parkview Memorial Cemetery Grave # 107 - Block 2-1,    Sec 4sm, Livonia Mich. 7. Edsel Earl Sisk, born January 3, 1934 in Detroit. He died abt 1998. Mary Elizabeth Clark’s mother and father were: Charley Clark, born January 18, 1928 TN; died October 20, 1902 Providence, KY and Narcissis Obedience Butler, born September 5, 1831 TN and died July 15, 1917/1921.     He had 12 children: Children: 1. John Clark 2. Logan Clark 3. Everett Clark 4. Ben Clark 5. Haddock Clark 6. Benjamin Clark 7. William Henry Clark 8. Lucy Clark 9. Dellie Clark 10. Charley Clark 11. Sally Clark 12. Mary Elizabeth Clark (Arthur’s mother), born October 04, 1865,    Nortonville, KY From the Hancock record: McCulley/Sisk Isaac McCulley, born May 1, 1801; died March 13, 1864. Buried in Buelah Cemetery,    Hopkins Co, KY Rebecca Scott, b April 20, 1802. They were united in marriage November 11-16-1819. Born to this union 11 children: Children: 1. Elizabeth McCulley, November 2, 1820 2. Sara Jane McCulley, January 19, 1822 3. Mary Pollie McCulley, June 25, 1824; d January 23, 1863 4. Isabelle McCulley, September 26, 1827 5. Joseph Scott McCulley, October 17, 1827 6. Amanda McCulley, February 18, 1832 7. Reese Allen McCulley, December 12, 1834 8. Perry McCulley, December 17, 1835 9. Orleane McCulley, December 6, 1837 10. Virginia McCulley, February 23, 1841 11. William Scott McCulley, March 11, 1846 Robert Barney (Barnabus) Sisk, born December 12, 1832 Madisonville KY;    died July 1, 1887. Mary Pollie McCulley married Richard Carlton Grandmother’s first marriage was to William Green Carlton; she was half sister to    Walter Eldridge Sisk (Arthur’s father). Her mother was Rebecca Scott,    born April 20, 1802 in Botetourt Co, VA. Her father was    Isaac McCulley, born May 1, 1801 in Fincastle Co VA;    he died March 13, 1864 and is buried in Beulah Cemetery Hopkins Co, KY.    Rebecca and Isaac were married November 11/16 1819, in    Richmond, Botetourt Co, VA.    Robert Barney (Barnabus) Sisk and Mary Pollie McCulley Carlton/Colton were    united in marriage and born to this union 10 children. Children: 1. Sara Isabell Sisk, born 1844, Hopkins Co, KY. 2. Rebecca (Becky) Ann Elizabeth Sisk, born abt. 1846, Hopkins Co, KY 3. Amanda (Mandy) Jane Sisk, born August 2, 1850, Hopkins Co, KY 4. Lou Ann sisk, born abt. 1852, Hopkins Co, KY 5. Missaniah (Missie) Nire Sisk, born 1854, Hopkins Co, KY 6. Isaac B. Sisk, born 1847, Hopkins Co, KY 7. Virginia Willis Sisk, abt. 1859, Hopkins Co, KY 8. Meredith Thurman Sisk, abt. 1848, Hopkins Co, KY 9. Walter Eldred (Eldrige) Sisk, born April 15, 1860, Nortonville, KY 10. Nancy Catherine Sisk From Madisonville. KY paper; Written by Miss Harriet Bass Jenner - February 14, 1947
Fifty-Three years ago today Walter Sigler of near Dixon received a real, live Valentine, which he has kept and cherished through the years. This Valentine Day wedding ceremony in 1894 was at the Court House in Dixon. The Sigler’s have lived around Dixon most of the time since. Today they are celebrating their anniversary with a family day in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Chesley Page, near Providence. THEY MOVED there last week from Dixon and plan to stay until next fall. Their children are Mrs. A. L. Sisk of Detroit, Ray Sigler and Mrs. Ray Sigler and Mrs. Ronald Denton of Providence, and Mrs. Opal Page and Mrs. James Springer who live near Providence. All of the children planned to be with them during the day. And also some of their 15 grandchildren. Fifty-three years ago Mr. Sigler started calling his wife "Kid" and "Kid" is what he still calls her today. He is "Walt" to her. THE SIGLERS have often celebrated their birthdays the same day. He was 74 last Jan 6, and she was 70 last New Year day. When they have a combined birthday celebration they have usually picked some day between the anniversaries. Mr. Sigler has been a farmer and carpenter most of his life. He plans to put out a crop on the Page place this year. He has made numerous pieces of furniture for the family. "For awhile most of the rocking chairs the family had were ones Dade made," says Mrs. Springer. "He made all kinds of rockers, some with arms, and some sewing rockers without arms." "Most of the grandchildren have had little rocking chairs their grandfather made them." MRS. SIGLER'S main hobby is hand work. She had made each of them at least one quilt. "Mother plans to have a garden and raise chickens as usual this summer," Mrs. Springer reported. "Dad and Mother are the kind of people who won't let themselves get old. We've tried to get Father to retire and to get Mother to let down. They say they wouldn't know what to do if they did. "The ground was covered with snow the day they were married. They drove to the Court House in a horse and buggy. Each year they hope for snow on their anniversary. MR. SIGLER was born in Illinois and his wife in Tennessee. Their families moved to KY when they were children. About 10 years ago the Sigler’s and all of their children lived in Detroit. The Sigler’s and all of their children returned to KY after a short stay. Gradually all of their children have followed except for Mrs. Sisk (Georgia). Before the war the Siglers lived near Waverly on property owned by the Springers. When this was taken over for Camp Breckinridge they bought their present place near Dixon.
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