Webster County Schools
1912-1913 Providence Seventh Grade

1912-1913 Providence Seventh Grade

The following in the front row left to right are identified: 1. John Casner; 2. Otto Elder; 3. Charley Luton; 4. William Nisbet; 5. Briscoe Langley; 6. Alan Price; 7. Reuben Corbett (lost eye, injury); 8. unknown; 9. Marion Simpson; 10. (His mother a teacher in center of picture); 11. Charley Barnhill?

It's a bit iffy whether the words about the "mother/teacher" refers to 9 or 10 but Sara is pretty sure it's #10 who isn't identified. Please let us know if you can identify others in this great photo.

Contributed by Sara Bradley Mason
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