Providence, Webster Co Ky
Tornado -- 28 Apr 2002

At 3:00AM this morning, April 28, we received 2 phone calls from our grandsons, 5 minutes apart, 1 who is in Owensboro [Daviess Co] and the other who is in Madisonville [Hopkins Co]. Both told us that tornados were on the ground, headed our way, and to take cover immediately. As my daughter spoke with her step-son in Owensboro, the sirens could be heard screaming in the background. As we listened to the TV and the radio, we knew we would be lucky if we were spared this time... they were just too close. The wind was blowing... all of the chimes on my deck were playing loudly... and we watched the sky lighting up brightly about 15 miles to our north in the Providence area, then watched as it moved quickly to the east. Was there a tornado there we wondered? Was our grandson who lives in Providence OK? We heard that the storm had killed 2 -- one in Providence where a tornado did indeed set down -- and one in another town -- maybe Sturgis [I still haven't heard for sure about this]. A call to our grandsons girlfriend assured us that both her family and he were ok.

Early this afternoon I headed for Providence to see what it looked like. The devestation reminds me of the tornado in the 70s in Christian Co... trees are down everywhere, as are the power lines, roofs are gone or at least damaged, windows are gone, in some cases entire buildings flattened. I spoke with one man who was helping with the cleanup who told me that there was a trailer park 'up on the hill' with about 20 mobile homes and they were all flattened. True? I don't know... I couldn't find the place. Many of the roads in Providence are narrow anyway, but with the cleanup vehicles on the side of the roads, the trash, the trees, and the other idiots like me who were just out sightseeing, either in their vehicles or walking, it was definately not easy to get around. I finally decided that at least 1 idiot was getting out of peoples way and I came home.

What follows are the photos that I managed to take. These folks will be cleaning up for some time to come. Oh, BTW... I didn't see any significant damage in the historic downtown area.

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