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Death Certificates

Name Date Contributor
Forest Bailey September 7, 1937 Mark Bailey
Myrvle Eugene Bailey March 10, 1920 Mark Bailey
Greene Brewer October 6, 1938 Lynda Combs Gipson
Green Kelly Brewer January 3, 1942 Lynda Combs Gipson
Melvin R. Brewer June 25, 1963 Tabitha Strahin
Sarah Profitt Brewer, d/o G.W. Profitt & Nancy Jane Faulkner April 4, 1953 Tabitha Strahin
Mary N Combs, d/o J.C. Gilley & Susan Bush March 13, 1926 Mary Hatton
Judge Day, s/o Marvin Day & Serena Nealy February 27, 1952 Wayne Pounds
John Frazier December 23, 1962 Tabitha Strahin
Arabella "Belle" Robinson Gilley, d/o William Robinson & Marita Hall October 12, 1932 Wayne Pounds
Ben Hatton October 25, 1934 Mary Hatton
Caroline Hatton August 3, 1941 Mary Hatton
Corbet Ray Hatton January 25, 1951 Mary Hatton
Bessie Brewer Profitt February 15, 1946 Tabitha Strahin
Lillie Belle Frazier Profitt March 9, 1953 Tabitha Strahin
Sam Profitt, s/o G.W. Profitt & Nancy Jane Faulkner January 18, 1944 Tabitha Strahin
Willie Lee Profitt November 29, 1943 Tabitha Strahin
William Levi Robinson, s/o William Robinson October 20, 1952 Wayne Pounds
Elijah Stidham, s/o William Preston Stidham May 12, 1918 Wayne Pounds
Granvil Pearl Stidham, s/o William Preston Stidham June 1, 1942 Wayne Pounds
William Floyd Stidham, s/o William Preston Stidham December 22, 1954 Wayne Pounds


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