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Wolfe County Marriages


Wolfe County, KY., Marriages Transcribed from the vital statistic film. 

Roll number S000130.  Transcribed by Mrs. Wilma Johnson, Mary Walker,

and Helen P. Horne.  

(Orders may be sent to Helen P. Horne, 

148 Chester Street, Hazard, KY  41701-1947)

I only typed up all the ROSE, INGRAM, and NICKELL surnames I 

found in the book. There are a couple of other surnames included, but 

these were my main focus on this research trip.  Gail (Rose) Berish


1861 1874


1877 1878 1907 1909



Date                 Groom                         Age                     Bride                           Age

Nov. 8             Young Brown              32                           Eveline Tutt               23

                        2nd. Mar.                                                    bp:  Morgan

                        bp: N.C.                                                     fa/bp: Ky.

                        Fa/bp: Montgomery                                  mo/bp: Va.

                        Mo/bp: Montgomery


July 25             Jackson J. Tutt                  22               Katharine King            27

                        Bp: Morgan                                            bp: Va.

                        Fa/bp: Tn.                                               Fa/bp: Va

                        Mo/bp: Ky.                                              Mo/bp: Va.



Date                Groom                                    Age            Bride                    Age

Feb. 3              William T. Nickell              19              Francis Tolson             19


Nov. 5               James B. Nickell                       19                Eliza J. King                        19


Feb. 5              Samuel Nickell                 22             Nancy A. Cox                 19

                        Res: Morgan


Jan. 11             Albert Shackleford              16            Jane Nickell                        22



Date                Groom                             Age               Bride                      Age

Sept. 11            Robert Rose                20               Susan V. Haulsey            16

                                                                                      Bp: Smyth



Date                 Groom                         Age            Bride                           Age


Mar. 23               D. B. Rose                20            Nancy Chambers            18


Mar. 15            G. W. Ingraim              29            Josephine B. Tutt            16

                            2nd mar.                                     mo/bp: Va.

June 20               John Chambers          20            F. E. Rose                    14


Date                 Groom                         Age            Bride                           Age


May 11            M. M. Wright             41              Eliza J. Nickell            16

                        2nd mar.                                       res:   Morgan


June? 18            Wm. Van cleave         23            Malvina Rose             15

                        Fa/bp: Tn.                                     Res: Breathitt


Dec. 28            W. E. Birch               48            Sarah M. Nickell            49

                        2nd mar.                                           2nd. Mar.

                        res:   Menifee                               bp: Va.


Feb. 25            Stanly Shackelford            20            Francis Nickell            21


Sept. 26            Stephen S. Rose            21            Serilda Cecil               20

                                                                                   Bp: Va.


                                                                                   Mo/bp: Va.



Date                 Groom                         Age            Bride                                Age


June 10            James N. Rose             48             Margarett Piratt              46

                        2nd mar.                                              2nd mar.



Jan. 3               Wm. Y. Rose                21             Margarett Brashears      21

                                                                                     Res: Perry

                                                                                   Fa/bp:E. Tn.



Date                 Groom                         Age               Bride                           Age


Dec. 24            James B. Rose               21            Emma Pence                 22


Apr. 2              S. C. Rose                   20               Pollie Brewer                15

                        2nd mar.


July 4               Volney Brewer            19              Ada Rose                        14


Aug. 20            Jas. Rose                   22            Linda Maddix                        17

                        Res: Lee City                               res: Lee City

                        Place of mar: Lee City


Dec. 5              Jas. Spencer                       58              Nanny Rose                32

                        2nd mar.                                                     2nd mar.

                        res:  Malaga                                                res:  Jackson

                        place of mar:  Jackson                              fa/bp:Va




Date                 Groom                         Age            Bride                           Age

Mar. 2             Jeff M. Rose                46              Bessie E. Rose                22

                        2nd mar.                                         res:  Morgan

                        place of mar:  Morgan                  bp:  Va.

                                                                               Fa/bp:   Va

                                                                              Mo/bp:   Va


Feb. 10            Crockett Rose             20            Maud Hurst                   16


Apr. 6              David Wells                 24              Letha Rose                15

                        Fa/bp:   Morgan                                    mo/bp:   Va.



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