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Shackelford Family Bible Records

Contributed by  Pat Hobson


 Shackelford, Collins, Center, Flack, Rieke, Greene, Price, Lindon, Toof, Burnett, Boyd, Matchen, Fletcher 


 This Bible is in fair condition. The front portion of the Bible is detached at Genesis chapter 32, but matches easily with the remaining part of the Bible, which is the following edition: Self- Pronouncing Edition, The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, etc. Conformable to the edition of 1611, commonly known as the authorized or King James Version. Published by National Bible Press, Philadelphia, PA. The presentation page has printed in typeset: " Presented to" and then in handwriting "Mrs. Matilda Shackelford" Then, in typeset print: "by" and in handwriting, "Willard Shackelford Christmas 1922" Another page lists in typeset "Family Register Parents Names" Husband is typeset, followed by handwritten "Sanford Sherman Shackelford" typset "born" followed by handwritten "Oct 19 1864" On that same page, typset "Wife" followed by handwritten "Matilda Ann Shackelford" (sic), and then typeset "Born" followed by handwritten "March. 3. 1863" On that same page, typset "Married," followed by handwritten "Feb 11 1886"


The following page is typeset "Children's Names" The rest of the page is entirely handwritten, mostly in black ink, with a few entries in blue ink or pencil. The following is handwritten: Flossie Shackelford Born Dec 8- 1886 Edna " May 22- 1888 Samuel " June 18- 1891 Mabel " Mch. 18- 1893 Fred " Mch. 28- 1896 Benham " Oct 2- 1898 Willard " Mch. 30- 1901 Underneath that list is handwritten "Grandchildren" with the following entries: Lawrence Shackelford- July 15, 1915 Virginia " Dec. 19- 1917 Vernon B. " Aug 27- 1921 James Sanford " Nov- 20- 1927 Marylin Ann " Aug- 9- 1928 Geo. Sanford " Oct- 27- 1930 =================================================== 

The following page is typeset "Marriages" with the remainder handwritten: Edna Shackelford and Frank A. Collins Oct. 19th 1913 at Paducah, Ky. Samuel Shackelford and Viola Center July 8th- 1914- at Stillwater, KY. Benham Shackelford and Iva Flack Dec. 4th- 1920 at Middletown, Ohio Flossie Shackelford and Frank H. Rieke Sept- 15- 1925 at Smithland, Ky. Fred Shackelford and Fae Greene Jan 8- 1927 Edna Shackelford Collins & Henry Price Nov- 15- 1930 Willard Shackelford & Corbett Lindon Oct 6 1931 at Gosneyville, Ky


The reverse page is typeset "Deaths" with the following handwritten notations, in different handwritten styles and various black ink, blue ink, and pencil: Mabel Shackelford Feb. 16- 1902 Frank A. Collins June 11- 1924 Matilda Ann Shackelford July 30, 1933 ** transcription note: the last digit is smeared: it could be 0, 3, or 8: other sources give 1933 as the date of her death. Frank H. Rieke March 4th- 1937 Corbett Thomas Lindon Died Feb. 27- 1951 Sherman Shackelford May 17, 1960 Samuel E. Shackelford Sept. 12- 1961 Benham Butler Shackelford 8-6-65 ====================================================== 

Folded in the pages of the Book of Revelation, at Chapters 17-19 are the newspaper obituary of Frank H. Rieke. Other surnames listed in the obituary are: Toof, Burnett, Boyd, Matchen and Fletcher. ==============================================================

 I believe this Bible was primarily used and kept by Willard Shackelford, also known as "Sally Willard" and "Bodie" who later married Corbett Lindon. It was among her books when she died at the home of her nephew, Vernon, in West Middletown, Ohio, in 1989. It is currently in the possession of Patricia Shackelford Hobson of Cincinnati, Ohio.


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