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Wolfe County Births

Wolfe County, KY., Births – © Transcribed from the vital statistic film.  

Roll number S000130.  Transcribed by Wilma Johnson and Pat Horne.  

Indexed by Mary Walker.  


(Orders may be sent to:  

Helen P. Horne, 148 Chester Street, Hazard, KY.  41701)

It's from the book "Wolfe County Births" that was transcribed by 

Mrs. Wilma Johnson, Mary Walker, and Helen P. Horne. 


I only typed up all the ROSE, INGRAM, and NICKELL surnames I found 

in the book. There are a couple of other surnames included, but these 

were my main focus on this research trip. I hope you can use it, too! 

Gail (Rose) Berish

1861 1874





1903 1907 1907-1908 1909 1908-1909 1909-1910




Date Child’s Name   Father/Birthplace  Mother/Birthplace

3 Dec

Robert Gibson

Hezekiah Gibson, Va 

Nancy Nickells,Va

9 May

unnamed male

James N. Rose, Morgan

Fanny Swango, Morgan

14 Sept.

Nancy E.S. Ingram

John Ingram,  Bath

Matilda Crane,  Va

25 June

Sophrona Little

James Little,  Morgan

Jane Nickell,  Morgan 

13 June

 John M. Little

Greenville C. Little,  Morgan

Elizabeth Nickell, Morgan

26 Aug

P. A. Nickell

Miles Nickell,    Morgan 

Rosella Little,  Morgan

12 Sept

Wm. J. Rose

Elijah C. Rose,    Morgan

Nancy C. Taulbee,


22 Jan 

Rebecca Jane Rose

Robert J. Rose,   Morgan 

Francis N. Nickell,  Morgan




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

16 Dec.            unnamed male             Joe Wilson, Va                                 Elizabeth Nickell, Morgan

15 Mar.            unnamed female           Geo. F. Byrd, Morgan                   Anjaline Nickell,   Morgan

8 Aug.              Birdell E. Rose            Jeff Rose,  Morgan                          Susan Samples,  Monroe Co.VA

22 May            Louallis Nickell            Henry Nickell, Morg                      Orena J. Wilson,  Morgan

21 May            Robert V. Nickell          Andrew L. Nickell, Mor                China P. Wallen,  VA

20 Jan.             Abram Hollon             Preston Hollon,  Estil                       Martha Ingram,   Morgan

20 Jan.             Andrew Hollon            Preston Hollon,  Estil                      Martha Ingram,   Morgan

1 Apr.              Logan Nickell               Francis M. Nickell, Mor                  Isabell Little,   Morgan

28 June            Newton Little             Chas. H. Little, Morg                          Louisa Stacy,  Pike

15 Feb.            Norma G. Nickell          N. B. Nickell, Morgan                     Jossee Nickell, Morgan

5 Mar.             Edger Richardson       Volantine Richardson, Morgan           Lizzie Ingram,  Morgan

21 Dec.            Robt. C. Nickell            Andrew Nickell ,Ky                           Mary C. Culnell, VA

3 Apr.              Shilo Swango                Nere Swango, Ky                                 Rhoda Ingran, Ky

16 Dec.            J. C. Wilson                D. W. Wilson, Va                                   Mary E. Nickell, Ky

6 May              John B. May                 John A. May, Ky                                   Sarah J. Ingram, Ky

10 Feb.            Stephen E. Rose            Joseph Rose, Ky                                  Nancy J. Cecil, Ky

15 Apr.            Melvina Little             Green T. Little, Ky                             Eliza Nickel,  Ky.




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace               Mother/Birthplace

3 May            Bettie J. Rose                       Wm. Rose,Ky                              Rinda Pieratt,  Ky

3 Feb             Nancy V. Brown                    James M. Brown,Va                 Mary Rose, Ky

20 Dec           Sarah F. Lawson                 Lewis Lawson,KY                       Lucinda Rose, Ky

2 Aug             Dora Crain                         William Crain,Ky                       Elvira Ingram,  Ky

15 Sept.         Ida B. Rose                        Joseph Rose,Ky                            Nancy Cecil, Ky

1 Oct             J. G. Nickell                     Andy Nickell,Ky                           Mary Colwell, Va 

1 Oct            Eva G. May                         John A. May,Ky                            Sarah J. Ingram, Ky

10 July          Sarah B. Rose                  Powell Rose,Ky                           M. A. Cundiff, Ky

1 June           John N. Shackelford       Abner L. Shackelford, Ky            Nancy J. Nickell ,Ky

1 Dec.           Chas. M. Little                   Jas. M. Little,Ky                        Jesse Nickell, Ky




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

3 Dec.              R. B. Rose                                 Isaac N. Rose,   Ky                           Celia Gumm,   Ky

23 Dec.            John D. Nickell                     Miles Nickell, Ky                          Rosala Little,   Ky

 25 Aug.            James M. Rose                  Jeff Rose, Ky                                   Susan Samples ,Va

5 May              Mercy E. Nickell             George Nickell, Ky                      Elizabeth Lawson, Ky

4 May              Lilly Rose                          Silas H. Rose, Ky                           Laomas Goodin,   Va

4 May              Lula Rose                           Silas H. Rose, Ky                           Laomas Goodin, Va

30 June            J. P. Catron                     Joseph Catron, Va                        Suticia Ingrim,  Ky

2 Dec.              Francis E. Nickell            Henry Co. Nickell, Ky             Orlena Wilson,   Ky

26 July             Samuel J.L. Gibbs            Jas. H. Gibbs, Ky                      Martha Nickell,   Ky

5 May              unnamed female               A. J. Nickell, Ky                          China P. Wallen,  Ky

3 June              Howard Nickell              F. M. Nickell, Ky                        Hannah E. Little,  Ky

9 Apr.              unnamed female                Robt. Rose, Ky                                Cyntha Moore,   Ky

15 Nov.            Surrilda A. Byrd               Geo. F. Byrd, Tn.                         Ange Nickell,   Ky

2 Mar.             Sarah A. Rose                       R. J. Rose, Ky                            Dulcina A. Combs,   Ky

3 July               unnamed female            Anderson Nickell, Ky                     Sarah Taylor,   Ky





Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

4 Mar.             Mary E. Shackelford              S. G. Shackelford,   Wolf           Francis Nickell,   Wolfe

8 May              Loualice Chambers               J.C.B.Chambers,   Morg           Francis E. Rose,   Wolfe

20 June            Lula Nickell                           F. M. Nickell,  Morgan                Hanah O. Little,    Morgan

14 June            Kelsie P. Nickell                 S. B. Nickell,   In                           K. P. Nickell,    Morgan

1 Jan.               Prysa Rose                             Allison Rose,  Owsl                   Amandy Cecil,   Lee Co., VA

25 Nov.            Sibbey Nickell                        Miles Nickell,  Morg               Rosalie Little,   Morgan

19 Dec.            Dosa B. Rose                       B. D. Rose,  Morgan                   Nancy J. Chambey,   Morgan

13 June            G. W. Ingram                    G. W. Ingram,  Morgan                 Josie Titt,   Morgan

29 Mar             Maryann Rose                    James B. Rose,   Morga                      Jane Shell,  Morgan

13 Oct.             unnamed male-dead            Wm L. Rose ,Morgan            Margarett Brashear, Perry

5 June              unnamed female              Jefferson M. Rose, Morg        Susan S. Sample, Taswell Co.VA           

9 Feb.              Rosa B. Rose                       ?Alnas Rose,  Owsley                Lizzie Wells,Morgan

8 Mar.             unnamed female            John S. Nickell  Morg                    Loucinda J. Nickell,   Morgan

9 Dec.              unnamed male             Anderson Nickell,  Morg                   Mary S. Spencer,   Owsley

20 July         Callie E. Vancleave            Wm. B. Van cleave,  Breatt          Melissa Rose, Breath




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

8 Dec.              Minnie Lou Ingram                Joseph Ingram,   Morg            Mollie Cox, Wolfe

1 Aug.              Juttle Rowland                     H. D. Rowland,    Owsl              Emma Lacy,   Wolfe

13 June            Viola Hollon                        J. R. Hollon,    Wolfe                   Josie Rose,   Wolfe

19 Sept.            Clyde Rose                          Calvin Rose,   Wolfe                   Laura DeBush,   Morgan

3 June              Mable Barker                    J. C. Barker,  Morgan                Arzella Rose,   Wolfe

6 Oct.              Flosa Spencer                    Howard Spencer,  Wolf              Sophrona Rose   ,Wolfe

29 Mar.            Fannie Rose                       Wm. B. Rose,  Wolfe                  Rosa Belle Rutherford,  Wolfe

7 Sept.             Stella Wilson                     Frank Pence Wilson,  Wol            Nancy A. Nickle,    Morgan

23 July             Myrtle Rose                        Paris Rose,  Wolfe                Mary Taulbee,   Morgan

15 May            Wilson Nickle                   G. N. Nickle,    Wolfe            Polly Wilson,  Wolfe

24 Mar.            Mollie Rowland                Jno. B. Rowland,   Owsl       Calla Evans,  Owsley

23 Apr.            unnamed male                    W. M. Tutt,    Wolfe              Fannie Rose,  Wolfe

30 Aug.            Barsha Taylor                    M. C. Taylor,   Tn                   Mary Nickle,  Wolfe

15 Sept.            unnamed male                   L. L. Rose,    Wolfe                  Rosa Little,  Wolfe

19 Nov.            Isaac C. Rose                       Jeff M. Rose,  Wolfe               Mary E. Miller,  Wolfe

15 Feb.            Sterling Nickells                J. E. Nickells,  Morgan           Mary B. Sebastian,  Breathitt

17 July             Susie Gwen Stamper            F. J. Stamper,  Wolfe              Berilla E. Rose,  Wolfe

3 Sept.             Charlie Rose                        James W. Rose,  Wolf                Rachel A. Brown, Wolfe




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

27 Nov.            Angeline Rose                         S. S. Rose,  Wolfe                   Rosa B. Little,   Wolfe

27 Sept.            Kearn? B. Nickell                W. N. Nickell,  Wolfe            Rebecca Campbell,   Wolfe

25 Dec.            Wm. F. Stamper                 J. W. Stamper,  Wolfe                Laura Rouse,   Wolfe

21 Apr.            Rachel E. Rose                  David Rose,  Wolfe                   Dulcena Chamber,   Wolfe  

11 Oct.             Parthenia Long              T. M. Long,  Morgan                 Ella J. Rose,   Wolfe

3 Aug.              Bernie Elkins                  Richmond Elkisn,  Wolf            Dora Rose,  Wolfe

9 Mar.             Ella J. Cresman                Isaac B. Cresman,  Wolf          Elizabeth Rose,  Wolfe

9 Jan.               Chas. F. Steadham            Granville P. Steadham             Laura A. Rose

21 Aug.            Edgar Wilson                     Stephen Wilson,  Wolfe           Laura Rose,  Wolfe

15 May            Beech Rose                        Saml. R. Rose,   Wolfe                Lula Collins,  Wolfe

16 Mar.            Walter E. Rose                 J. M. Rose,   Wolfe                       Lou E. Rose,  Wolfe

22 Dec.            Jesse Taulbee                       H. L. Taulbee,  Breath               Francis Rose,  Wolfe

20 Sept.            unnamed female                Harry k. Fallen,  Wolfe              Martha Rose,  Wolfe

26 Feb.            Eunice Tutt,Breath            William M. Tutt,  Wolf               Fannie Rose,   Wolfe    

18 Sept.            James W. Rowland            W. S. Rowland,Owsl                  Lula Price Roberts,  Wolfe

15 Sept.            Ruth Tutt                             W. L. Tutt,   Wolfe                          Cora E. Rose,  Wolfe

15 Aug.            Bertha Nickell                        Harlan Nickell,Wolfe                 Alice Carson,  Wolfe

1 June              John Rose                             Arkill Rose,  Wolfe                        Clara Elkins,  Wolfe




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

26 Sept.            Lula M. Brown            W. G. Brown, Wolfe            Nannie Rose, Wolfe




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

28 May                 Finley Rose,Lee Cty               Clay Rose, Lee Cty                   _____Walters,   Belknap

15 Oct.             Dorsey Chaney,Lee                 Ct Henry Chaney, Lee Ct            ____Nickels,   Lee City

18 July             unnamed male                         Green Puckett,  Ky                         ____Nickell,  Ky    

22 Dec.            _______                                       Jno Nickell,  Ky                            ____Sebaston,   KY

24 Nov.            Moody Stamper                      Ben Stamper,  Ky                                ____Nickell,    KY





Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

7 May              Edna Rose                                S. G. Rose,  Ky                          Rosa B. Little,  Ky

8 June              Ollie Rose                            Jeff D. Rose,  Wolfe                  Francis Taulbee,  Wolfe

Dec.                 unnamed male                       G. W. Brown,  Wolfe               Nancy Rose,   Wolfe




Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

30 Mar.            A. P. Wilson                            F. P. Wilson, Ky                 N. A. Nickell, Ky

1 Sept.             Clarence Chaney                 Henry C. Chanie, Ky             Minnie Nickell, Ky

31 Dec.            A. M. Fallen                        H. K. Fallen, Ky                      Martha Rose, Ky

28 Aug.            C. C. Smith                       J. E. Smith, VA                        Lillie Rose, Wolfe

1 Aug.              Maurice W. Rose            C. O. Rose, Wolfe                   Lizabeth Sample, Breathitt

14 Oct.             Clay Rose                        Taylor Rose, Ky                         Jane Banks,  Ky

27 Oct.             Ora Rose                         Robert Rose, Ky                         Deulia Sherfield,  Ky

1 Aug.              James D. Smith            Courtney Smith, Ky                      Grace Nickell,  Ky



Date                 Child’s Name               Father/Birthplace            Mother/Birthplace

3 Dec.              Tammy Steele                       W. W. Steele, Wolfe                  ____Rose, Wolfe

21 Feb.            Hermin McGuire               A. H. McGuire ,Morgan          ____Rose,  Wolfe