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Stories of a Great Lady


My Grandmother and Grandfather, Marie and Arnold Hall use to talk about her all the time.  

They said she was a great lady, and would sing gospel songs the whole time that Grandma was in labor.

Thank you, D. Hall for this contribution,

Joan & Diane




My name is Charles Crase Jr.  My father's name was Charlie Crase Sr.  My mother's name was Josephine.  We lived at Helechawa Ky.  I was delivered by Aunt Ellen Lewis March the 19th, 1943.  I have a twin sister Jeanette Crase Fiebke, also a brother Herbert Crase born March the 17th, 1941 also delivered by Aunt Ellen Lewis.  My uncles grew up with Aunt Ellen's children.  My oldest brother told me about going to get Aunt Ellen, they had to cross a footlog.  He said he hid the lantern behind him, and she said you do that again young man and I'll go back home.  My brother said my sister was born first and Aunt Ellen said I think there is another one.  My brother said dad jumped up and said that's hell on a poor man.  I was number 13.

                                                                       Thanks for this contribution, Charles,

                                                                                                               Joan & Diane