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Surname Roll Call

January 15 - 26, 2003

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I have a brick wall by the name of Henry (Harrison in 1860) WEBB who cannot be 

located prior to the 1860 Census.  He and his wife, Mary UNKNOWN, are enumerated in Swiftsville, Owsley County in 1860 and Hazel Green, Wolfe County in 1870 and 1880. 

His family is listed below.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 


Sue Sulllivan in Oklahoma City  


1870 CENSUS: Wolfe County, KENTUCKY, P. O. Hazel Green, 6 August 1870, 

page 32, #211, #211.


WEBB, Henry__32__KENTUCKY__Real estate/None__

Personal property value__$200 


John W.__15__KENTUCKY 



Sarah E.__9__KENTUCKY 


Araminda (Susan Arminta)__3__KENTUCKY 

Reuben E.__3/12__KENTUCKY 


1880 CENSUS: Wolfe County, KENTUCKY, 

P. O. Hazel Green, 16 June 1880, 

page 22, #182, #182. 


WEBB, Henry__44__KENTUCKY 



Sarah E.__18__KENTUCKY 


Araminda (Susan Arminta)__13__KENTUCKY 

Reuben E.__7__KENTUCKY 

Samuel H.__6__KENTUCKY 


Rosa B.__1/12__KENTUCKY 

Axey__4/12__KENTUCKY (granddaughter)

Sue Sulllivan

Hello everyone, I think that this is enough information to say 

most of us are kin folks. There are more that likely some mistakes

in my info. Martha was my mother. 


 First Generation 

1 Martha Ellen Taulbee. Born August 26, 1920 in Wolfe Co., Ky. 

Died December 19, 1992 in Jackson Hospital, Breathitt Co., Ky. 

Buried in Roberts Cem. on Combs rd. off Sandy Ridge Rd. Wolfe Co., Ky. 


Second Generation 

2 Robinson Crusoe Taulbee. Born May 18, 1893. Died August 8, 1962. 

Buried in White Allen Cem. Campton, Ky. Occupation 

preacher--carpenter -factory worker. 

3 Jenette (Nettie) Hollon. Born November 14, 1888. 

Died November 29, 1953. Buried in White Allen Cem. 

Wolfe Co. /Bearpen/Wolfe co., Ky. Occupation Midwife 

Home maker- quilter. 


Third Generation 

4 Martin Van Burn Taulbee. 

5 Arzella Taulbee( Maiden name). 

6 Hiram Hollon. Born 1862 in Devils Creek Wolfe Co. 

7 Charlotte Sparks. Born 1866 in Wolfe Co. Died November 5, 1931. 

Buried in With Hiram on Bearpen. 


Fourth Generation

12 Andrew Jackson Hollon. Born April 14, 1817 in Holly Creek Ky.Died 1877. 

13 Sarah "Sally" Wright. Born 1824 in or about that date. Died 1877. 

14 John J. Sparks. Born in born in Virginia. 15 Tamer Jane Tolson. 

Born 1837 in Born in Virginia. Buried in Buried at Tar Ridge, 

Ky---Campton--Wolfe Co. Religion Warren is her twin. 


Fifth Generation

24 John D Hollon. Born April 24, 1777 in Virginia. 

Died November 25, 1854 in Holly Creek, Ky. 

Education Marriage date is correct , 8 of the 

children were born out. Religion of Wedlock. 


25 Charity Brewer. Born September 24, 1777 in 

North Carolina. Died 1874 in Holly Creek, Ky. 

28 James Sparks. 29 Temperance Spencer. 

30 Peter Tolson. Born 1793. Died 1870 in Wolfe Co. 

31 Mary 'Polly "Ann Taulbee. Born 1798. Died 1880 in Wolfe Co.

Brenda Combs Miller

Me: Ted Douglas Center b. 1947

Father: Rondal Center b. 1922

Grandfather: Asa McClelland Center, Sr. b. 1892

GGrandfather: William Thomas Center b. 1870

GGGrandfather: William Center b. 1840

GGGGrandfather:  Soloman Center(s), Sr.b.1790 (my brick wall) GGGGGrandfather: Stephen Center? b?

GGGGrandmother: Nancy Bell b. 1796

GGGrandmother: Louisa Kelly b. 1842

GGrandmother: Nancy Sample b. 1870

GGGrandfather: Henry Sample b. 1845

GGGGrandfather: James Sample b. 1801

GGGGGrandfather: William Sample b. ?

GGGGGrandmother: Nancy Wilson b. abt. 1777

GGGGGGrandfather: Harris Wilson b. ?

GGGGrandmother: Elizabeth Fuller b. 1801

GGGrandmother: Mary Clark b. abt. 1840

Grandmother: Lydia Tolson b. 1895

GGrandfather: Franklin Marion Tolson b. 1855

GGGrandfather: Thomas Tolson b. 1825

GGGGrandfather: Peter Tolson b. 1793

GGGGGrandfather: Thomas Tolson b. abt. 1760

GGGGGrandmother: Sarah Marchant b. ?

GGGGrandmother: Mary Ann Taulbee b. 1798

GGGGGrandfather: William Hitchcock Taulbee b. <1750 GGGGGGrandfather: Samuel Taulbee?

GGGGGrandmother: Margaret Kennedy (Canady)b. ?

GGGrandmother: Rebecca Caudill b. 1829

GGGGrandfather: James Caudill, III b. 1784

GGGGGrandfather: James Caudill, Jr. b. 1753

GGGGGGrandfather: James Caudill, Sr. b.1753

GGGGGGGrandfather: Stephen Caudill b1720

GGGGGGGrandmother: Mary Fields b abt1723

GGGGGGrandmother: Mary Yarborough b.1750

GGGGGrandmother: Mary Adams b. 1750

GGGGGGrandfather: Benjamin Adams b1786

GGGGGGGrandfather: John Adams b?

GGGGGGGrandmother: Ann b?

GGGGGGrandmother: Henrietta Caudill b1753

GGGGrandmother: Sarah Caudill b. abt. 1790

GGrandmother: Nancy Alice Trent b. 1862

GGGrandfather: Stokeley Trent b. 1847

GGGrandfather: Henry Trent b 1808

GGGGrandfather: William Trent b 1770-78

GGGGGrandfather: Henry Trent b 1724-30

GGGGGGrandfather: William Trent b abt1685

GGGGGGrandmother: Ursula Wilson b abt1680

GGGGGrandmother: Cherokee Indian b?

GGGGrandmother: Charity Burton Osborne b.1770

GGGrandmother: Charity Stockley b abt 1812

GGGrandmother: Lydia Rose b. abt 1847

GGGGrandfather: Anderson Rose b abt 1818

GGGGGrandfather: Samuel Rose b. 1799

GGGGGrandmother: Jane Wasson b. <1790

GGGGrandmother: Mary Murphy b 1822

GGGGGrandfather: John Murphy b?

GGGGGrandmother: Nancy Ransom b?

Ted Douglas Center
I am researching the above families. 
Valentine Brown's daughter, 
Mahala Brown married James Harry Halsey. 
My g-grandmother was Elizabeth Caroline Halsey, 
daughter of James and Mahala. Lizzy first married 
James Bouregard Ingram, after his death then married 
Dr. Stephen S. Swango. I would like to find 
information on other children of James and Mahala Halsey. 
One, I believe married a Rose. 
Carolyn Lamb
Oklahoma City, Ok

I'm researching ancestors and descendents

of the following people, all of whom have ties

to Wolfe County


John M. NOBLE 1800-1880+ Married

to Sarah TALBY, father of Sam Henry, Ira and Isom Noble


Henry James BURCHAM 1824-1903?

Married to Mary Banks and then Levisa Fletcher


Reuben FLETCHER 1823-1900+ Married to Martha Puckett


Morgan PUCKETT 1801-1890 Married to Susan Whitaker

Michael Burcham

I'm not sure all of these people were in Wolfe County, but if not

they were in neighboring counties - so thought someone might

recognize the family.


Hubert Sparks, James Sparks, Harvey Sparks, Mary Ann Sparks,

Ephraim Sparks - I have this family back to 1610 in England.


Hubert married Bessie Mays, James Mays m Nancy M. Stamper,

John Mays married Mary Catron. Have this family back to 1829.


Nancy M. Stamper, John Wilson Stamper married Ann Elizabeth Neeley, William Stamper m Nancy Wilson, Joel Stamper m Nancy Cannaday.

Have this family back to 1590.


Nan Ashley m Ike Mullins, Jesse Smyth Ashley m Frances Campbell, William Ashley m. Christina Perry, Jordan Ashley m Barbara Francis. This family back to 1800.


Ike Mullins, Benjamin Mullins m Louisa Denton, Joseph Mullins m.

Susanna Hammond, John Mullins m Nancy Gentry. Have this family

back to late 1600s.


Frances Campbell, Zachariah Campbell m Rebecca Howard,

Caleb Campbell and farther. I don't have this data in front of me

and I can't remember the lineage. If anyone has any data on any

of these families, would appreciate exchanging information.



Adelene Mullins

Me: Marilyn Allen-Wible d/o Harry Walker Allen

(md. Georgia Pauline Streets, b. Ohio)

s/o Freeland Taylor Allen and Mattie Lou Taulbee Freeland

 s/o Caleb Allen and Rhoda Elam Mattie

d/o Green Berry Taulbee and Caroline Shockey


I have followed these four surnames, especially the three

that have on-line information and web pages; however, I

have not been actively pursuing this side of my family recently.

I still enjoy keeping up, especially Carole's obits and News articles,

and have found information on my grandfather's (Freeland)

brothers, and military news items on my dad and his brother

from WWII when they met up in Paris.

Marilyn Allen-Wible

Hello Everyone!    I had the best Christmas ever.... 

I didn't get any material presents but I was "Blessed"

with Family Info "Verification".  Now, I have the family

of my Great grandfather William C Barker and  Great

grandmother Caldone Reliford. 

Enough babbling but I am still sooo...... excited! 

Here is my list of names: Barker, Stamper, Larison, Shepherd.  

I have lots more names but these are the main lines.  

Some others are Rogers, Rose, Booth, Brandenburg,

Tipton, ect....... 

Sharon "Barker" McGlone




Rita Fay Tolson Patents: Rainey Lee Tolson & Beatrice D. Lester


 Grandparents: George W. Tolson & Mollie Hollon


Great Grandparents: James M. Tolson & Margaret Gullett Elisha Hollon & Sarah Bryant


G. G. Grandparents: Thomas Tolson & Rebecca Caudill Andrew Jackson Hollon & Sarah Wright William Evan Bryant & Elizabeth King Andrew Gullett & Anna Elizabeth Gose


G.G.G. Grandparents: Peter Tolson & Mary "Polly" Taubee Elisha Wright & Ann Unk. John Hollon Sr.& Charity (Mains) Brewer Moses King & Mary Alice Pugh Hiram Bryant & Sarah Evans


G.G.G.G Grandparents: Thomas Tolson & Unk. William Hitchcock Taulbee & Margaret Canady William Bryant & Rachael Wilcoxon


G.G.G.G.G. Grandparents: John Wilcockson & Sarah Boone

Thank you,

 Jim & Rita Tolson Roenick

I am researching -




VIRE - Celia Vire b KY m Andrew Jackson Mays b KY; d/o Randolph D. Vire b KY m Celia Roberts; s/o David Vire(s) b VA m Nancy King.


FISH - Emma Louise Fish b TN m George Washington Sturgeon; d/o James "Jim" Fish b Hillsbrough Morgan Co TN m ? Pace.


At a deadend on this one - any help on the Fish or Sturgeon families would be so appreciated!!!


SEAY - Elizabeth Ellen Ware m Jessie Monroe Brand;

d/o Rutha Elizabeth Seay b AR m Allen G. Ware; d/o John Cunningham


Seay b MS m Hutchins; s/o James Madison Seay b MS m Ruthie R. Cunningham.


MAYS - Monroe Mays b AR m Minnie Jane Sturgeon; s/o Andrew Jackson Mays b KY m Celia Vire; s/o Thomas Mays b NC m Nancy Becknell; s/o David Mays.


Need info on the Mays, Becknell, Sturgeon, and Vire families also.


BRAND - Jessie Monroe Brand b AR m Elizabeth Ellen Ware; s/o Benjamin Franklin Brand b GA m Ida Pearl Gardner; s/o Zachariah David Brand b GA m Mary Jane Harbin; s/o Jonas Thomas Brand b NC m Sally Goodman; s/o William Warren Brand b NC m Sarah Bryant 

These are the names are the ones I am looking for in Wolfe County..


Lacy, Jeptha Stewart (died around 1891)

m. Aminta Ratliff (died in 1925 in Wayne Co Ohio


Mort Lacy (born 1880)m. Ida Mae Fulks (born 1881)


Ida Mae Fulks' parents were James Fulks and Julia Ann Brown Fulks I would like any help thanks in advance... Nancy


My direct line is:


1. William Leander Clair (1850 - 1923)

+ first wife Sarah E. Campbell (1852 - 1880)


2 William T. Clair (1871 - 1911) + Joanna Stidham (1878 - 1900),

daughter of Edmond Stidham (1840 - 1927) and Sarah Stamper

(1845 - 1906)


3 My grandparents, James Asbury Clair (1895 - 1977)

 + Lida Crisp (1898 - 1978), daughter of William Morgan Crisp

(1859 - 1941) and Siller Adkins (1868 - 1959)


* Martha Stidham (1871 - 1959) was the second wife of

William Leander Clair)

William Morgan Crisp was the son of Sylvester D. Crisp +

Lovica "Queen" Whitt.


There is a possibility that the CLAIR line is related to the

CREECH family, although they are more likely to be related

to the ASBURY and BROOKS families.

My grandparents and great-grandparents lived in Wolfe County,

with connections to Breathitt, Morgan, and Elliott counties. I am particularly interested in family stories and old photographs.


 Thanks, Darlene




Darlene Mihaloew