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Surnames of
Ascension Parish

The following surnames being researched are known to have been located in Ascension Parish at some time or another. Many of these surnames were posted to the query page and more detail can be found there. The researcher's e-mail address is included, if known, and was current at the time of posting. Please do not e-mail me to ask if I have a better e-mail address if your message to them does not go through. I do not have any way to keep up with these person's current e-mail addresses. Good Luck!

Name Being Researched E-mail Address
Marchand, Jacques, Berteau Jennifer DUHON
LeBlanc, Berteaut?> Judy LeBlanc
Maxmillan J. Acosta and Bernadette Bernard DAVID BALDWIN
Aucoin, LeBlanc Cindy Aucoin
Hohensee Rosalie Hohensee Stewart
Melancon Caroline Ogle
Miller Evans Brian Deaver
Fucich/Martinez Don Fucich
Richard/Richards Angela Kanaski
Smith, Stevens, Josephine Melancon Kailey Wong
Raoul J. Bourge & Lillian Cone Rita Pfister
Gonzales, Casso, Ledet Audrey Ledet Casso
Gregoire, Lanoux Pam Martin
Harry Cahn, Louvinia Von Loten Elizabeth Boykin
Colwart, Colwarte, Charles, Lee, Leblance,Adams Alicia Colwarte Davis
Vedros or Petros Ronnie Pertuit
Ruiz, Randazzo, Fernandez Mary Lydia Ruiz
Sanchez, Oncale (Juncal), Alvarez, Alleman, Guilfou, Placencia, Hernandez, guedry, Rameris (ez), Hidalgo, Lusana, Lufan, Morales, Mendes jo rhea pevey
Engler Don Engler
Esneault Gwen
Perique Sanchez Edgar Sanchez Jr.
Marias Jimmie Williams
Dowden Jeffrey Dowden
Eva (Eve) & Louis Price Nicole Price
DeMesme DeMesme
Miguel Benjamin Acosta Rita Acosta
Gregoire, Militello dana gregoire
Oncale, Juncal(e), Naquin, Dugas(t Celese Boudreaux
Delaune Ada D. Birdwell
King & Henderson KAREN DIANE KING
Frilot Patti Mostoller

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