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Barney & Ruth Austin Moses Album
4 generations

Submitted by Michele Derrough Smith

My Great-Grandparents were Barney & Ruth Austin Moses of DeRidder. Barney was the town vet for years & ask any old-timer & they will remember him with no problem. Believe me, when we have come to visit, all we have to do is say his name & they always have a story to tell about him. I have some pics of him & his family that I would like to share with your website.

I too am related to just about everyone in the parish. Like I mentioned, one set of Great-Great Grandparents were James Harry Moses & Octavia Simmons, another set was John Isaish Austin & Martha Shirley, another set was Benjamin K Stracener & Martha Wellman, plus I have Whitmans & Cooleys all throughout my lines!!

This is a photo of my Grandmother, JoAnn Moses Derrough, at the time of her high school graduation from DeRidder High School. She does not remember the year, but it is most likely the mid-1940's as she wed Freddie Derrough Sr in 1947. She is here with her 2 best friends on Graduation day. Left to right = JoAnn Moses, Gladys Corsey & Gladys Peters.

Great Grandparents

Barney Harry Moses, the son of James Harry Moses & Octavia Simmons. Born in 1890 & died in 1981. He married Ruth Austin in 1911. They had 11 children = Orville, John, Bill, Ralph, Dude, DeVaughn, Marie, Gladys, Ethel, Edith & JoAnn (my grandmother). He was DeRidder's vet for years, starting in the 1920's.




Ruthie Austin Moses with one of her many grandchildren. Although this is an undated photo, the child she is holding is June Evelyn Moses, the daughter of her son DeVaughn Moses. June was born in 1942 but died in 1944.

This was the home of Barney & Ruth Austin Moses for many years.
Date of photo is unknown. Address is 309 Rouss Street - DeRidder

Barney Harry Moses with his brother, date unknown. Barney is on the right, atop the horse with the blaze face. We are not sure which brother this is but hopefully when someone sees this they may be able to identify him.

Olinie Barney Moses, who was called "Dude" all his life, was the son of Barney Harry Moses & Ruthie Austin. In this photo, he is with his first wife, Agnes Ledola Lindsey. They had 3 children: Ochel, Hershel & Lavonne Ruth. Agnes died at 33 & pictures of her are very rare. Dude died in 1986 & is buried in Whitaker Cemetery.

Great Great GrandParents
James & Octavia Simmons Moses

Great Great Grandparents
(Mother and Father of Barney Harry)

James Harry Moses with his wife Octavia Simmons. The boy in the middle is believed to be one of his younger sons but no one seems to know for a fact which one. Date is pre-January 1924, when Octavia died. (Mother and Father of Barney Harry.



Octavia Simmons Moses was the daughter of Jacob Simmons & Louisa Young. She was born in 1844 & died in 1924. She married James Harry Moses in 1865. Their children were = Annie, Sidonia, Fannie, James Monroe, Della, Theodosia "Dink", Martha Louisa "Pet", Cyrus Eugene "Gene", Barney Harry, Lula, Rutherford "Rufus" & Pete. She is buried in Hopewell Cemetery.

Jacob Simmons was the son of "Black Dave" Simmons & Mary Cole. He was born in 1809 & died in 1883.He married Louisa Young in 1844. Known children = Octavia, Cordelia, Benton, Sarah Louisa, Jefferson, Monroe, Lorena Prena, Dillard, Theodosia, Theodore & Bateman. He is buried in Hopewell Cemetery.

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