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Deputy Sheriff

From the James Albert Johnson collection
submitted by BevAnnie

Taken in Fields, LA

From Kenneth W Ford --- received this email.........

I am quite sure that the photo of the Deputy Sheriff is Louis A Ford. He is my Great Grandfather, and served with honor as a Corporal in the 28th Louisiana Infantry, Thomas Brigade during the War Between The States (The Recent Unpleasantness). He fought at Chickasau Bluffs, Mississippi where they drove off and defeated the forces of General Sherman; and then survived the siege of Vicksburg which was surrendered to General Grant's yankee Army on July 4, 1863. He was paroled and returned to Louisiana to continue the fight until he was paroled in June of 1865. He then became a Deputy Sheriff of Imperial Calcasieu Parish and passed away in 1908. A great Southerner and a fine gentleman of whom I am justly proud!

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