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Service people lost during War time who helped to keep our country FREE
Thanks to Judson Shook for these submission.

Names with *** have information but photographs are needed--contact Judson if you have photos.


Clarence Albert Bailey

R V Bailey

Irvin D Barrow*** Vietnam

Hulen D Buchanan

Earl Butts*** WW II

Leland Charles Butler

Albert F Calp*** Vietnam

William Marvin Caraway***WW II

Charles Chester Chelette

Murphy J Cole

Bill Coleman***WW II

Alvin Carl Deason***WW II

Robert Henry Dewey***WW II

Arley A Doyle***WW II

Lethan Franks***WW II

John Ohma Glass***WW II

James V Hamilton***Vietnam

Roger Haywood***Vietnam

Alvie Ray Jeans***WW II

Loyd Jefferson***Korea

James David Lee Keel

Clyde Liles

Quillard F Lyons

Johnnie L Marze

James W McCraw

John Paul McMillian, Jr

Loice James McPherson

William McPherson

Frank Miers***WW I

Glen Everett Morris

Edgar J Pruitt

Richard A Rathburn***Vietnam

Daniel Wesley Richey, Jr

Anson F Rideout

Mance DeCalvo Starks***WW II

Benjamin Irvin Warren

Luther West

William Durham West, Jr

Franklin A Willis***WW II

Jake Young

Donald V Zimmerman

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