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Registration Forms For WWI

thanks to Cindy Prince

Most of these have a front and back side.........may take a while to load, so be patient.  Great information on these.

Thomas I Austin    (back)

Alfred H Bailey    (back)

Allen Bailey       (back)

Asa Bailey    (back)

Charles R Bailey   (back)

Clinton Bailey     (back)

Edgar Bailey     (back)

George Robert Bailey   (back)

Griffin Calvin Bailey   (back)

Hardy Bailey    (back)

Henry A Bailey    (back)

Irvin Leonard Bailey   (back)

Isaac E Bailey     (back)

Joseph R Austin    (back)

King Bailey    (back)

Landry A Bailey     (back)

Major J Bailey      (back)

Nathan Bailey   

Orian Bailey

Riley A Bailey

Silas E Bailey

Chester C Brister   (back)

Pat Brister     (back)

Tom Mitchell Woodard   (back)

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