Name: Selden S. Armour
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Mobile, AL
Comments:Have visited more site than I can count for genealogy. With a doubt your is the best. Will be visiting Bienville Parish in mid September and this site has been a great help.
Friday June 15th 2001 09:59:32 AM

E-mail address: MWBOWLER@AOL.COM
Where are you from?: SPARTANBURG, SC
Friday June 15th 2001 08:47:16 AM
Name: Diane Gunter
E-mail address:
Wednesday June 13th 2001 02:37:46 PM
Name: Diane Gunter
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Natchitoches, La.
Comments:Searching cemetery listing in Bienville Parish, La. Interested in the names Maricelli, Beal, Wells, Brown.
Wednesday June 13th 2001 02:36:52 PM
Name: Lou Tinsley Hermes
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Where are you from?: Austin, TX
Tuesday June 12th 2001 04:39:28 PM
Name: Larry A. Miller, Jr.
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: originally Magnolia, AR
Comments:Now retired in Homosassa, FL. I am searching for information on Henry Payne, born around 1858 in Gibsland. Thanks for all of your efforts, which helps us all as we plod the genealogy trail.
Saturday June 2nd 2001 11:11:58 AM
Name: Deborah Hardesty
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Richland, WA
Comments:Love your site! I am researching the Enloe's of Saline,
Louisiana and related surnames such as Fair and Scott.
Thank you for your site.
Tuesday May 22nd 2001 12:37:21 PM
Name: belinda paul smith
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: gibsland louisiana
Comments:i am glad to know that our little parish has been so
popular, i am 30 years old and have lived here in gibsland
28 years, i love it and it will always be home to me....
Sunday May 20th 2001 08:02:15 PM
Name: tammytodd
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: hemphill texas
Comments:Just came up on the site, iused to live in Martin
i know every one there
Thursday May 3rd 2001 05:31:23 PM
Name: Andre' K. Leamons
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Sacramento, Ca.
Comments:Looking for information on Henry King Leamons and Alma
(Dukes) Leamons and back. Abbreviated entry in old bible
found at my Uncles house for H.K.s father was Jack, but
upon further research I think it may be Andrew Jackson
Leamons, married to Catherine or Katherine Stennet. Can
anybody help me?
Thursday May 3rd 2001 03:48:57 PM
Name: Harold J. McCarthy
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Castor, Louisiana
Comments:Enjoy your page
Monday April 30th 2001 03:13:19 PM
Name: Carl N. Blake
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:  
Where are you from?: Sulphur, La 70665
Comments:My family "Spinks and Blakes" are all from
Lawhorn and Jametown.

Saturday April 21st 2001 07:05:45 AM
Name: Paul Chandler
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Bienville/ Claiborne
Comments:Just ran across this site. Born & raised in LA. Now living in Northwest Arkansas.
Friday April 20th 2001 09:54:19 PM
Name: Ginny Brewton
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Jersey City, NJ
Comments:I am researching my husband's family. His grandfather was
John Timothy Brewton of Winn Parish. His grandmother was
Elizabeth Reid of Castor. Does anyone have any info on this
family? Please help! I'm stuck in New Jersey!
Thursday April 19th 2001 09:42:13 AM
Name: Emily (QT)
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Georgia (lived in Castor! 45 minutes from Shreveport)
Comments:CASTOR HIGH SKOOL ROCKS! i wanna say hi to all the class of
Friday April 13th 2001 08:31:08 PM
Name: miss B (B Timmons)
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Ky.
Thursday April 12th 2001 11:32:58 AM
Name: patrici h,smith
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: new braunfels tx,
Comments:i am searching for one and all woolems recently when i put
a query out i received them usual ones woolms james and
mary ann living w/ a drin 1850,
plus the marriages of danby-woolens,
wrong it is danley-woolems
marriage of charles morgan woolems to elizabeth smith
but i also received one from 1850 census,____ woolems male
living w/ a farmer,i lost this almost as soon as i received
please if the person who sent this to me will please send
since the first query i have made contact with charles
morgan woolems(brother to mary ann woolems danley venable)
ggrandson jerald smith of conroe tx,
also james emery danley(dick) norman okla ,grandson son of
elijah danley,mary ann woolems danley venable, child by
first marriage andorium j, danley, mr danley died in 1870,
i don't know whether bienville la or tx. can
anyone,anywhere help w/woolems or danley
Sunday April 8th 2001 05:14:06 AM
Name: Bernard Le Moine
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: New Orleans
Thursday March 29th 2001 09:02:33 AM
Name: Marian Price Thomas
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Bossier City, La.
Comments:Enjoyed viewing other families being researched. I am
researching these lines that are found in this parish.
Price, Williams, Mabry, Mixon, Rushing. anyone having any
info on these, I would be interested in hearing from.
Tuesday March 6th 2001 10:07:03 AM
Name: Edwina Price Snyder
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Baton Rouge, La.
Comments:Beautiful work! I think we have corresponded in the past! I
have a sister (and your Owens cousin living in Arcadia - she
is Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert L.) Peyton!! Let me hear from you
so I may give you e-mail addresses of other relatives! I
can't access your e-mail address, because the old ISP keeps
cutting in and throwing me off! Be glad to hear from you.
My Edwards book should be in the Arcadia, La. library! Look
for it. It is "Edwards Families from South Carolina to the
Mississippi Territory in 1810"
Friday March 2nd 2001 02:46:39 PM
Name: Betty Crain
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Red River Parish, La.
Comments:I was born about 10 miles from Coushatta and about 3 miles
from Hall Summitt. I am enjoying reading all that you have
here. Thanks for all your work. Betty Crain
Sunday February 25th 2001 05:03:34 PM
Name: Helen Currie Davis
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Millington, TN
Comments:Great web page. I'm looking for my CURRIE ancestors. My
father was born in Arcadia, Bienville, LA. My great
granduncle, Johnson Edward CURRIE was the sheriff in
Bienville Parish back during the early 1900's. His
brother, Wayne Huff Currie lived in Arcadia also. They
were from Amite County, MS. Their parents were Dr. Malcolm
M. Currie and Frances Day Henderson Currie who were living
in Concordia Parish, LA. Malcolm died in Tilden,
Avoyelles, LA in 1890 and Fannie died in 1905 I assume in
Concordia Parish.

Helen Currie Davis
Thursday February 22nd 2001 06:02:16 AM
Name: Dava Stephens
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Texas
Comments:My ancestors were in Bienville Parish in the 1840s-60s and
possibly longer. The names are Benjamin Elliott Davis and
Lucinda Brooks. Their son John Chapel Davis is my
ggrandfather. You have a good site and I will visit
often. Thanks for all your work.
Thursday February 8th 2001 06:18:08 PM
Name: Debbie
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Baton Rouge
Comments:Looking for info on the Clark Family. His name: Tom, Hers:
Elizabeth (I think). Early 1900's, around Arcadia. Great
Monday February 5th 2001 01:50:40 PM
Name: Anna
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Vancouver,WA
Comments:I am trying to find information on the Bullock family and
the Horace Brown families from Bienville Parish area.
Saturday February 3rd 2001 02:18:16 PM
Name: Vivian Richardson Williams
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Mt. Lebanon, LA
Tuesday January 30th 2001 10:00:11 AM
Name: Bill Robbins
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Manteca, Calif
Comments:just trying to find who and where my family was from.
Sunday January 28th 2001 11:14:04 PM
E-mail address: OLDBUD3@AOL.COM
Where are you from?: ILLINOIS
Sunday January 21st 2001 08:32:07 AM
Name: Sandy Chanler Cash
E-mail address: Schanlercash
Where are you from?: tx
Comments:Looking for any info. about the Chanler and the Chandler.
Ggrandfather was david chanler looking to find out who
his parents are.

ggrandfather is Frank and his daughter married henry
david Chanler any info. would be nice.

Thank u
Sandy Chanler Cash
Sunday December 31st 2000 01:30:08 PM
Name: Pat Barringer
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Covington, La.
Comments:I was born in Saline,moved to Bienville when I was in the
3rd grade. My mother was Ned (Caskey) Wise and my father
was William Velton Harper. My grandparents were Doss Elmer
Caskey & Minnie Lou Toms (mothers side) dads side was
Aurilla Kelly and Thomas Harper. My brother and a lot of my
family still live there. I still visit from time to time.
Was interesting visiting this site. Thanks
Saturday December 30th 2000 04:21:02 PM
Name: Richard W. Chandler
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Retired in Florida
Comments:Researching Littleberry Whitley who lived in LA.
Thursday December 14th 2000 03:56:57 PM
Name: Wayne McComic
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Shreveport, La.
Comments:My Grand-mother's name was Ruby EVANS Cobb. According to my
Mom, her grandfather's name was William R. Evans and his
dad's name was Barzilla Harrison Evans. All from around the
Jamestown area. This is a very knowledgable web-site and I
hope to find more information here.
Monday December 11th 2000 08:07:54 PM
Name: Debra Vannucci
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Louisiana
Comments:I have a lot of relatives in Bienville parish. My
grandmother was born in Junction City daughter of James
Malcolm and Jerusha Martindale Smith. I have never seen
another area with as much rich history as Bienville has to
Friday December 8th 2000 07:04:16 PM
Name: Bobby E. Vail
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Lufkin,Texas
Comments:I would like to contact relatives of my grandmother Eugenia
Coleman Vail. She was part native American. Did her
siblings have the background??

Bobby E. Vail
Tuesday December 5th 2000 05:00:36 PM
Name: George Leamons
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Ark. @ Texas
Comments:My great Grandfather came from Brushey Valley and moved to
Clark Co. Ark. I was born in Ark., but grew up in Texas
Thursday November 23rd 2000 01:01:42 PM
Name: George Leamons
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Ark. @ Texas
Thursday November 23rd 2000 12:57:16 PM
Name: Eva Hamilton
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Pollock Pines,Ca.
Comments:Family legend has it that my grandfathers ancestors founded
the town of Lucky in Bienvelle Parish.I would love to find
some history of the town.
Tuesday October 31st 2000 12:50:30 PM
Name: Season Thrasher Keiffer
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Saline,LA
Comments:I found this site by accident, but it is a great site. I
have lived in Saline/Bienville Parish for my whole life so
I found the info very interesting.
Sunday October 29th 2000 09:07:00 PM
Name: Terry Ward Hettervik
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Memphis, Tn.
Comments:Boy! Have you been busy! How am I going to find the LDS
Hi, I am originally from Red River Parish, the Martin/Holley
Springs area. Most of my People are from Bienville and
Natchitoches Parishes. Ayres, Wards, Thomas(s), Freemans,
Griffiths, Fosters, just about everybody there! I hope to
upload my information as soon as it is complete. I have a
great deal of info on the people that I do have; over 521
people that eventually wound up there and in Red River from
1800 to present. See you again tomorrow! Terry
Sunday October 29th 2000 08:47:04 PM
Name: Sunny Rogerson
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Where are you from?: Tyler, Texas
Comments:Hi! Was looking for a rare surname and your site came up.
Will join later. Great to find you have some info on the
name. Later, Sunny Rogerson
Tuesday October 24th 2000 09:22:28 PM
Name: Ron White
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Ruston, La
Comments:By chance I entered the name of my mother, Ellen White, in
the Social Security search engine and was surprised to find

She was living in an apartment at the Baptist Retirement
Center in Arcadia at the time of her death so the listing
showed Bienville Parish as her last known residence and it
had a link to your wonderful web site.

I sincerely appreciate the extensive work you have done to
prepare and maintain this site on Bienville Parish.

Ron White
Thursday September 28th 2000 04:14:22 AM
Name: Dawn Belt Wise
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Where are you from?: Waskom,Tx
Comments:My husband grandma is Ealia Efy Toms Wise. She was married
to John Wess Wise.
Wednesday September 20th 2000 08:29:40 PM
Name: Fran Blake
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: West Monroe, La.
Comments:You have done a marvelous job on this web. I am in search
of Bullocks & Pinions. My Grandfather Bullock was born in
Bienville Parish as was several others in my family. Would
appreciate any info on these. I have just started my family
Monday September 18th 2000 09:12:16 PM
Name: melissa day samaniego
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: bienville
Comments:I was born in Minden. Raised in Bienville/Saline, and I
have lived in Anchorage, Alaska for the last 11 years.
My g-ma's are Murtle Irene Smith and Helen Fay Day.
Tuesday August 29th 2000 08:42:03 PM
Name: Dianne Sellin
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: California
Comments:I am looking for my grandmother's family by the name of
Turnage from Bienville Parish or thereabouts. Any info
would certainly be appreciated! Thank you.
Saturday August 26th 2000 07:47:49 PM
Name: Tammy Collinsworth Watts
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Saline, LA
Comments:Just stumbled upon this site. I have a minor in History
from LA Tech so this is very interesting to me. I was born
and raised in Bienville Parish and I love any tidbit of
information about local areas and about Louisiana in
general. Thanks for all the hard work you all put into this
site. It is beautiful and very informative and helpful.
Tuesday August 22nd 2000 04:17:02 PM
Name: Grace Hopson Fischer
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Gibsland, La
Sunday August 20th 2000 05:58:33 PM
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Liberty, Texas
Thursday August 17th 2000 01:16:25 PM
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Liberty, Texas
Thursday August 17th 2000 01:16:23 PM
Name: Debra Powell Phillips
E-mail address:
Where are you from?: Vidor, Texas
Comments:Even though I didn't find my "missing kin" I enjoyed the
wonderful web site! Thanks! Debra Powell Phillips
Saturday August 12th 2000 05:25:42 PM

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