Old Bienville Parish Newspapers

This is a collection of miscellaneous records from old parish newspapers. If you have others, you are invited to submit them.


BIENVILLE MESSENGER, Vol.1, No.1, Oct 21 1865 through Vol. 1 No.52,Oct 13 1866 Published in Sparta La. with J.M.A. Scanland, editor.

Submitted by Lynelle Stevenson

"I came across these and since they are the only copies of the newspaper known to exist anywhere, I think they should be made available. The abstracts are in a file at Shreve Memorial Library, Shreveport La. in the genealogy department. I don't know who placed the abstracts in the file, but it says that bound copies are owned by Sherwood Loeand Gordon May, 1963."

OCTOBER 21 1865:

LUCY M. ANGLIN filed notice to be appointed administrator of succession of HENRY ANGLIN,dec.

H.L.PIERSON appointed administrator of succession of THOS. LUKE and SARAH S.LUKE, dec.

Succession sale at late residence of JOHN BABERS, dec'd, about 20 miles south of Sparta on Winnfield Road, by WILLIAM BABERS, adm.

Lost: a note payable to G.F.FULTON by GILBERT McCOY, by Jas.A.MAYS

Capt. J.M.G.JONES of Missouri and Miss NANNIE M.COLBERT of this parish were married by Rev. W.E.PAXTON on the 10th inst. at the residence of Capt. A.J.COLBERT in this parish.Also married at the same time and place by the same minister, JOHN A. COLBERT,Esq. and MATTIE A.GOODSON, both of this parish.


OCTOBER 28 1865, Vol.1 No.2

D.K.THOMAS files petition to be named adm of succession of MELDRICK M.HAND, dec.

A card: To Mr. JAS. UPSHAW, sheriff of this parish and Capt. GRAFF, provost marshall at this place, and also to Col CAMPBELL, I return my sincere thanks for their kind and generous treatment that I received at their hands, while imprisoned at this place. Signed:R.P.ALLEN, Sparta

D.K.THOMAS files petition to be appointed adm.of succession of JAMES B.THOMAS decd.

WILLIAM BABERS files petition to be appointed adm of succession of ELIZABETH BABERS, decd,late wife of JOHN W.SNELLING.

W.J.POLLARD, a native of Greene Co. Ga. recently started publishing a weekly Masonic paper in Mobile Ala.

NOV.4 1865, Vol.1 No.3

JAS. A. DANLEY appointed adm. of succession of ANDREW DANLY, decd.

TEMPA A. WHITLEY, administratrix, has filed account of her administration of succession of L.B.WHITLEY at Sparta.

C.Q.BUTLER adm. of succession of JOHN W.McCLOUD, decd., filed final account of his administration.

Nov. 18 1865, Vol.1 No.4

Sheriff's sale at Mrs. HENRY RABORN's gin.

Stolen: a bay mare from premises of DAVID L.FOSTER near Sparta.

THOMAS J.HIGHTOWER filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of JOHN BAILIFF decd.

Nov. 18 1865, Vol.1 No.5

JOHN L.WALKER, Winnfield, and ELIAS MURPHREY, Salt Springs, authorized agents to collect for The Messenger.

Business notices of JAMES WALDEN regarding lint cotton.

SARAH E.THOMAS filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of HENRY J.THOMAS.

JOHN WATERS filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of JAMES WATERS, decd.

ZACHEUS NICHOLS filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH MOSELEY, both decd.

D.K.THOMAS and ANGELINA HAND filed final account of their adm. of JAMES M.GARRETT and FLORINDA MONROE, both decd.

Succession sale at late residence of T.M.CARLILE, decd, by CYNTHIA CARLILE, adm.

NANCY J.MABRY and SETH MABRY filed final account of their adm. of succession of W.J.MABRY,decd.

Nov. 25 1865, Vol.1 No.6

Succession sale of GEORGE.W.ROGERS, decd, at his late residence in Mt. Lebanon.

Adm. sale at residence of JASPER CAMPBELL, decd. about 9 miles south of Sparta, by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, adm.

NANCY L.THEUS and G.W.MELVIN filed petition to be appointed adm of estate of JOHN C.THEUS,decd.

Lost: letter to JOHN C.THEUS from WILLIAM O'CONNELL of Fulton Ark.

Dec.2 1865, Vol.1 No.7

MARY GRICE filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of JOHN C.GRICE, decd.

MARY McBRIDE filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of WILLIAM C.MCBRIDE

H.L.PIERSON authorizes J.M.THOMAS to tend to his business in his absence.

WILLIAM MOBLEY filed final account of tutorship of minor, LOUISIANA BURK.

Sale of property of SARAH MOBLEY, decd.

Dec. 9 1865, Vol.1 No.8

Agents for The Bienville Messenger: A.L.HAY, general traveling agent; E.D.CAMPBELL,Sparta; JOHN L.WALKER, Winnfield; ELIAS MURPHY, Salt Springs.

JOHN S.VERNON filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of JOHN M. and MARY VERNON, decd.

LUCINDA B.ROGERS, tutrix, Adm. succession of GEO.W.ROGERS, decd., filed tableaux of debts of succession.

Succession sale at late residence of JOHN C. THEUS, decd, on Lake Bistineau.

W.F.WYNN filed petition to be appointed tutor to minor MARTHA LUKE.

Dec. 16 1865, Vol.1 No.9

SARAH MARTIN and A.J.EVANS filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of JOHNN.MARTIN, decd.

D.H.SHEPPARD filed petition to be appointed curator of succession of F.E.LEWIS, decd.

Horse found by W.W.WORDLAW.

Military notice signed by Col. WM.L.CANDLER of Infantry for Bienville Parish, also signed by PATRICK H.CANDLER, adjutant; STEPHEN COCKERHAM, Lt.Col.; ISAAC MELTON,major; J.C.EGAN,surgeon; A.L.ARDIS, quartermaster; and THOS.E.PAXTON, commissary.

SARAH J.LASSITER files petition to be appointed adm. of succession of WESLEY B.LASSITER,decd.

Lost: pocketbook and papers of E.J.KENNON.

Sale at late residence of J.J.HUCKABAY, decd.

Dec. 23 1865, Vol.1 No.10

Mr. J.F.COLLINSWORTH and Miss ELIZABETH THOMAS, both of this parish, married 21st inst. at residence of D.K.THOMAS by Rev. Z.THOMAS.

JOHN WILLIAMS filed petition to be appointed adm. of succession of NANCY ANDERS, decd.

E.P.HARRIS advertises sale of food and animals at his residence one and one-half miles south of Mt.Lebanon.

Resolution by Bienville Parish physicians convention signed by Dr.F.Courtney, president;Dr.I.B.WEBB, secretary; and a committee of B.H.MATTHEWS, J.C.Egan, and F.C.GRAY>

Sale at place of J.O.LONG, 7 miles east of Sparta.

Sale at late residence of JOHN N.MARTIN, decd.

Jan.6 1866, Vol.1 No.12

Methodist appointments made at conference meeting in Mansfield with Bishop ANDREW presiding (some churches were not filled):
New Orleans District--J.C.KEENER; Carondelet Street--JOSEPH B.WALKER; Felicity Street--LINUS PARKER; Moreau Street--ROBT.J.HARP; Lafayette German Church--JOHN A.PAULY; Jefferson City and Louisiana Avenue--CHARLESF.EVANS; New Orleans Circuit--MATTHEW D.THOMASSON; Baton Rouge--W.E.LINFIELD; Centenary College--ALMARIN G.MILLER; Opelousas District--A.E.GOODWIN; Opelousas--JAMES E.BRADLY; Washington and Bayou Boeff--F.T.RAWSON; Lafayette circuit--J.H.MIMS; New Iberia--JOSEPHD.ADAMS; Franklin--A.E.GOODWIN; Pattersonville--HENRY B.FRAZEE; Thibadeaux and Houma--ROBT.HARDIE JR.; Plaquemin Brule--JOHN S.DAVIS; Opelousas Male and Female School--B.F.WHITE; Alexandria District--PHILO M.GOOWYN; Alexandria--P.M.GOODWYN; Rapides Circuit--to be sup. by W.J.ATWOOD; Grand Cheneire--SEABORN J.GRAVES; Centreville--ALANSONW.MOORE; Columbia Circuit--EDWIN W.YANCY; Evergreen and Big Cane--HENRY O.WHITE; Marksville Circuit--ROBERT PARVIN; Winnfield Circuit--JOHN A.BOULT; Atlanta--JOHN F.Winn; Chicot--FRED WHITE; Homer District--REYNOLDS S.TRIPLETT; Homer Circuit--NEHEMIAHA.CRAVENS; Vernon--WHITMAL P.KIMBALL; Louisville Circuit--ROBERT T.PARISH; Ouachita Circuit--CHARLES W.HODGE; Downsville--WILLIAM D.STAYTON; Monroe--REYNOLDS S.TRIPPETT; Minden District--JOHN A.MILLER; Haynesville Circuit--JOHN F.TRUSLOW; Mt.Lebanon--ROBERTA.NEW; Sparta--THOMAS J.UPTON; Bienville--RICHARD M.CROWSON; South Bossier Circuit--W.D.SHEA, SAM'L B.SURATT; Shreveport District--B.F.ALEXANDER; Shreveport--THOS.B.WHITE; North Bossier--NATHANIEL M. TALBOT; Greenwood Circuit--SAM'L J.HAWKINS; Caddo--to be sup. by L.M.LEWIS; Mansfield--JOHN PIPES and JAS. L.CHAPMAN; Pleasant Hill Circuit--W.H.MOSS; Red River--JOHN C. REID and R.R.ALEXANDER; Bayou La Chute Circuit--BAXTON CLEGG; Campti--JESSE FULTON; Bastrop and Wright's Chapel--CHAS.W.CARTER and JOSEPH H> STONE; Jefferson Circuit--JAS.L.WRIGHT; Deseird--WM.C.HAISLIP; Tensas District--W.G.McGAUGHEY; Lake Providence Circuit--ANTHONY CANON; Wesley and Jordan's Chapel--P.H.DIEFFEINWORTH; Tensas and Waterproof--to be supplied by JOHN LITTLE; Bayou Macon--HENRY D> GREEN; Winnsboro Circuit--THOS.H.McCLENDON; Delhi--THOMAS J.LACY; Carroll Circuit--to be supplied by T.RENEAU; Deer Creek and Sicily Island--LEWIS A.REED; Concordia--FIELDING BELL; Ion--JOSHUA F.SCURLOCK; Superanuates--THOS. SANFORD, DAVID KINNEAR, HENRY C.THWEATT, JOEL SANDERS, SAM'L ARMSTRONG, and CHAS.I.HALLBURG.

R.L.JACKSON filed petition to be appointed administrator of succession of HARDY JACKSON, decd.

TALITHA C.TARKINGTON filed fianal account as adm of succession of JOSHUA TARKINGTON, decd.

Sale of property od succession of HENRY S.THOMAS, decd, at residence of HENRY LOONEY.

WILLIAM RUSHTON - notice of no credit to estranged wife MARY ANN RUSHTON.

CHARLES P.HEFLIN filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of ELIZABETH LAIRD, decd.

SIMON DAY filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of LAVINA BODIE, decd.

R.W.CAMPBELL filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of R.C.WHITTED, decd.

PRESTON J.KEY filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of W.G.KEY, decd.

W.A.WHITLEY filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of G.W.WHITLEY and J.P.WHITLEY, dec'd.

Jan 20 1866, Vol.1 No.14

Lt.Gen.JOHN B.HOOD, late of the C.S.A., was recently married to Miss PRESTON, daughter of Gen. JOHN S. PRESTON, Columbia S.C.

Broke jail: J.P.HODGES and J.J.CALCOTE

ANDREW J.BODIE filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of JAMES A.MOSELEY,decd.

CHAS.B.WIMBERLY filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of HUGH WIMBERLY,decd.

Jan. 27 1866, Vol.1 No.15

E.LEONARD, A.LEONARD, Mrs. LEONARD and Mrs. PARSONS shot upon by marauders at their home five miles from Shreveport.

Feb.3 1866, Vol.1 No.16

W.H.DINKGRAVE, Monroe, added to list of agents for The Messenger.

Sheriff's sale in case of JOHN W.BROWN vs THOMAS LITTLETON, et al.

Administrator's sale by C.B.Heflin at residence of THOMAS REEVES near road leading from Minden to Natchitoches, all property of ELIZABETH LAIRD, decd.

Sale at late residence of GREENE M. GOFF (or GOSS), 9 miles southeast of Arcadia, by JOHN Q. GOSS (or GOFF), adm.

Feb 24 1866, Vol.1 No.19

Married on Feb. 22, 1866, at the residence of Capt. T.E.Paxton by the Rev.W.E.PAXTON, Mr.J.MONROE THOMAS to Miss EMMA J.HAILE, all of this parish.

GILBERT McCOY, adm of succession of WILLIAM and SARAH PALMORE, decd, has filed final account of administration.

MARY ANN WILLIAMS filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of DAVID WILLIAMS, decd.

B.S.ALLUMS, adm of succession of B.H.TOMLINSON, filed final account.

March 10 1866, Vol.1 No.21

Succession sale at late residence of H.COLE, decd.

March 17 1866, Vol.1 No.22

On the 8th ult.Gen. JOS.E. WHEELER, late C.S.A., was married in Lawrence Co. Ala, to Miss ELLEN JONES, daughter of Col. RICHARD JONES of that county.

April 7 1866, Vol.1 No.25

Died in Ringgold on the 11th inst., EDDIE, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. BAILEY, aged 5 months and a few days.

April 14th 1866, Vol.1 No.26

Sheriff's sale in case of J.J.HARRIS vs ADELINE LARSH, Mt. Lebanon.

April 21 1866, Vol.1 No.27

Married at the residence of the bride's mother, on the 19th inst., by the Rev.R.M.CROWSON, Mr. E.D.CAMPBELL to Miss MARY RABUN, all of Bienville Parish.

Married at the residence of W.D.Holmes, Esq., on April 8 1866, by Rev. L.P. LOWERY, Rev. W.E.Paxton to Mrs. EUGENIA FULLER.

Died in Monroe on the 26th of March, of pnuemonia, J.H.COOPER, son of P.A. and J.M.COOPER, aged 17 years, 2 months and 9 days.

Horses found by BENJ. McCOY and J.E.STEWART.

May 5 1866, Vol.1 No.29

Notice by JOHN C.MADDEN regarding note held by JAMES H.ALLEN

May 12 1866, Vol.1 No.30

Rev. JAS.M.PICKENS conducting services at Baptist Church, Sparta. Capt. J.J.COMPERE, commanding new steamer "Frolic", from New Orleans to Minden, with C.T.REEDER,clerk.

Married at New Orleans on the evening of the 5th instant, Mr. T.B.Neal of Minden La, to Miss MOLLIE CASH of Caddo Parish.

Administrators sale of succession of SOLOMON PROTHRO, decd, by T.L.PROTHRO.

J.B.BOOTHE named agent for MARY A.WILLIAMS, RINGGOLD, in her absence.

May 26 1866, Vol.1 No.32

Married at the residence of the bride's father on the evening of the 23rd inst by the Rev. W.P.KIMBALL, Mr.THOMAS C. COKER of Jackson Parish to Miss GEORGIANA A.GAHAGAN of Bienville Parish.

June 9 1866, Vol.1 No.34

Among attorneys in Bienville's district court (in addition to local bar) were: Gen.HENRY GRAY, Hon.W.B.EGAN, Col.JOHN S.YOUNG, Capt. L.B.WATKINS, Hon.WILBUR F.BLACKMAN.

JOHN McDANIEL, charged with killing J.A.TOMLINSON, was acquitted before Judge WATKINS.

Notice regarding succession of JOHN DENNARD by W.W.COLBERT, executor

June 16 1866, Vol.1 No.35

GILMER S.McBRIDE filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of JAMES W.ANDERSON,decd.

June 23 1866, Vol.1 No.36

Miss SALLIE H.POLK, daughter of the late Right Reverend LEONIDAS POLK (General C.S.A.)was married on the 1st ult. to Capt. F.D.BLAKE

June 30 1866, Vol.1 No. 37

Succession sales of JOHN HARRELL, JACOB MADDEN, J.L.LEWIS and JAMES LEWIS, all decd.

Sheriff's sale in case of A.M.LISSO vs M.RAIUS, and in case of A.H. ARTHUR and Co. vs D.H.Sheperd.

Martha L. WIMBERLY FILED TO BE APPOINTED adm of succession of E.A.WIMBERLY, decd.

July 14 1866, Vol.1 No.39

SETH MABRY filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of CURTIS A.CHESTNUT, decd.

LUVENIA E.PROTHRO and W.B.PROTHRO filed final account of tutorship of minor children of E.D.PROTHRO, decd.

NANCY B.LOONEY and WILLIAM E.ALLEN filed petition to be appointed co-adm of succession of J.M.LOONEY, decd.

July 28 1866, Vol.1 No.41

Sheriff's sales in cases of BUCKNER LEVERETT vs MADISON RAINS, of W.A.J. LITTLETON, "use of J.J.LONG", vs H.S.LONG, C.T.COHMAN vs W.B.FRY.

SAMPSON RABUN, tutor for minor children of DAVID and MARTHA MALONE, decd, filed forfinal tutorship.

JAMES UPSHAW filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of JAMES C.BABERS, decd.

JAS.C.TOMLINSON filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of A.J.TOMLINSON,decd.

Aug 4 1866, Vol.1 No.42

Names mentioned in minutes of police jury meeting: JAMES JONES, Miss HENRY, Mr. SHAW, Miss MADDEN, Dr. GLOVER, W.H.PIERSON, SARAH STEPHENS and 10 children, ELIZABETH THOMPSON and 3 children, CATHERINE CHITWOOD and 3 children, MARGRET NELSON and 4 children, NANCY J.FOSTER and 5 children, MARY McDANIEL and 2 children, CELENA SMITH and 6 children, REBECCA THOMAS and 5 children, ANNA TURNELLY and 2 children, JANE LOONEY and 3 children, THOMAS L.PROTHRO, W.H. McGUIRE, "old lady PEARCE", ELIZABETH MILES and 2 children, Mrs.WILDER and 5 children, JOHN TEDDER and wife and 1 child, HENRY HARDY, wife and daughter, JOHN McDANIEL, A.TUCKER and SIMEON GRAY, SARAH C.MOFFUTT and 4 children, MARY WALKER and 2 children, E.J.FARTHERN and 4 children, SARAH MITCHELL and 2 children, MARY BRANTLEY and daughter, W.H.HUDSON's wife and children (says W.H.HUDSON is 67 years old), M.ELLIOTREBECCA SMITH, SUSAN BROWN and children, Mrs. MARGARET HOLLAND and eight children, SARAHANN McCULLOUGH and 5 children living at JESSEE GREEN's, Mrs.ELIZA BARRON and 2 children, Mrs. FRANCES GIDDENS and 3 children, A.BRADLY, JOHN A. HARTLYE, D.C.DAVIS, MOSES HEARN, B.F.THOMAS, G.W.KEMP.

Died on Aug.1, 1866, after a short but severe illness, Mrs.WALBURGIS CAROLINE BECKLER (born Aug.6 1836, Linden, Bavaria, married April 6 1856 in New Orleans) consort of AUGUSTUS STALL.

Sheriff's sale in cases of I.A.CALDWELL vs J.W.WALKER and D.K.THOMAS; JOSHUA KEY vs N.W.LONG.

August 11 1866, Vol.1 No.43

Died on the 10th inst., Thomas, infant son of T.J. and HARRIET M. FOUTS, aged 4 years.

HULDA HOLLAND filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of JOHN HOLLAND, decd.

August 18 1866, Vol.1 No.44

Dr.A.P.DOSTIE and Rev. Dr. HORTON died on the 5th instant, from effects of wounds received at the battle of Mechanics Institute at New Orleans on the 30th ult.

Died in Bienville Parish on the 15th of July 1866, JOSEPH M. LOONEY, Esq. The deceased was an old and respected citizen, was born in Hawkins Co. Tenn. Oct. 25th 1810. He leaves a widow and several children.

Sept 8 1866, Vol.1 No.47

Attorneys in district court, Bienville, in addition to local bar: Col. JOHN YOUNG, Capt. LYNN B. WATKINS, Hon. WM. B. EGAN, A.G. GEORGE, Esq., Judge H.A. DREW, NAT.REEVES,Esq., and Gen. HENRY GRAY.

SARAH WILLIAMS filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of RICHARD WILLIAMS, decd.

SAM'L C. HEAD of Shreveport, notice regarding note of JOHN DENNARD.

Sept.15 1866, Vol.1 No.48

Departed this life in Fort Adams, Miss., on Saturday July 14 1866, of congestive chill, Mrs. ANN ELIZA BABERS, consort of JAMES PINKNEY BABERS of this county, and daughter of the late Major FRANCIS S. MAYES.

Sept. 22 1866, Vol.1 No.49

Married on the morning of the 16th inst. at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev.J.A. Harrel, Mr. John H. Burk to Miss Tabitha J. Upshaw of this place.

Case of Martha E. Persons vs H.N. Dubose, decision

Sept. 29 1866, Vol.1 No.50

Geen Taylor filed petition to be appointed adm of succession of John R. McCurley, decd.

Oct 6 1866, Vol.1 No.51

Minutes of police jury meeting mention G.W.Wilkinson, W.C. Mays, H.J. Ratcliff, W.H.Pierson, S.B. Dubose, and E.N. Warren.

Married on the evening of the 2nd inst. at the reidence of W.J. Pickens by the Rev. H.N. Kirtley, Mr. W.H. Treadwell of Bossier Parish to Miss Josephine A. Pickens of this place.

Died on the 29th of Sept. 1866 of congestive fever, Elizabeth Evaline (aged 6 yrs and 28 days) daughter of Rev. J.A. and Mrs. Eliza Harrell.

Oct 13 1866, Vol 1 No.52

Departed this life on the 7th day of Oct. 1866 at the residence of Mr. M.D. Burnett,Miss E.C. Morgan (Miss Carrie).

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