Hints on Posting a Query on your family.

To get the best results from your query you should always be as specific as possible. Never head your query "Jones Family", or "My grandpa Jones" for example. Chances are it will get only a cursory glance from your reader. Include as much information as possible. A much better query heading would be "James R. Jones / GA /1830s" . Capitalizing any surnames in your query will attract attention to it. Nothing catches your eye faster than a one of your family names. Including the names of the children, if known, is also a good idea. Be concise, but don't abbreviate etc. to the point that your query is not clear.

Those of us who have paid by the word for queries to be published are in the habit of condensing the information as much as possible. Thankfully, we don't have that limitation on the net! Do not capitalize the whole query, because that makes it harder to read, and in computer language it is shouting. Don't crowd your query with too many surnames. It's much better to have several separate queries than one which contains ten or twelve different names. Readers have a tendency to skip queries that are too long and wordy.

A good query can be one of the most productive means of locating the information you need.
Use it often and answer promptly!

Good Luck!

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