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Petition of Abigail Mock Hathorn
submitted by Annie White


To the Honable Sam L lightner Judge of the Parish of Catahoula, State of Louisiana.

The petition of Abigail Hathorn of the said parish respectfully represents that she is the daughter and one of the heirs at Law of Joseph Mock dec of said parish, that the said Joseph died possessed of a large property both personal and real to wit to the amount of which your petition is entitled to one third there of and that she wishes a partition of the same. Wherefore your petitioner prays that John Harrison and his wife Luceratia Harrison and Rachel Mock the other heirs to said estate may be cited to appear before your Honor and that your Honor will order and direct a partition of this said estate, and that she may receive her part and portion thereof. and as in duty bound of.
Abigail Hathorn
By her atty. At Law
Char. T. Scott

The following document was located in the original unrecorded papers in the Catahoula courthouse.

Be it known That I Samuel Lighter Judge of the Catahoula and ex-official
Judge of Probate did transport myself to the house of Joseph Mock deceased and when and where I made sale of the property of the said deceased as a division of the property could not be to the satisfaction of heirs, agreeably to the advertisement of said sale on the following conditions on the 21st day of February 1818- On the same day came John Harrison, Abigail Hathorn and Rachel Guthrie, Legatees of said estate and made a division of said property in the following manner, to wit, the said Rachel Guthrie agrees to take for her part all the House hold furniture, all the stock in her mark, the horses Starling, Streek and Ratler and the said Abigail Hathorn agrees to take one hundred and seventy five dollars from John Harrison for her part of the estate of Joseph Mock dec’d, and Henry Guthrie agrees to deliver up the place or improvement against January 1819- upon the following conditions, to wit, the said John Harrisonburg grees on his part to give all the hoggs and the cattle in the mark of Rachel Guthrie, all the farming utensils, the cash and the gun, except one cow and yearling named Red Head and her yearling and all the accounts against the estate are relinquished by said Henry Guthrie.

In witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands this 21st day of Feb. 1818. Abigail x Hathorn, Rachel x Guthrie, John x Harrison, Henry x Guthrie.
G.W. Lovelace, Sam’l Lightner, Judge of the Parish of Catahoula

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