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Churches of Catahoula Parish

Does anyone have histories, pictures or early members of any of these churches?
Or churches that are no longer in existence?
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Ackland Creek Baptist Church
801 Division St, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-9615

Assembly Of God Trinity
506 Airport Rd Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-7980

Black River Church (Baptist) - Organized Aug 9, 1845

Breadcrumb Baptist Ministry
200 1st St  Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-8713

Evangeline Baptist Church
14521 Highway 84 W Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-9540

Fellowship Church
Hudson Ln, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-4153

First Baptist Church
103 Pond St., Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-9062

First Baptist Church
600 Bushley Street, Harrisonburg, LA 
(318) 744-5295

First Baptist Church
PO Box 57, Sicily Island, LA 
(318) 389-5733

First Pentecostal Church
601 1st St, Jonesville, LA
(318) 339-7389 - Founded in 1939, Rev Lenard Loftin was first pastor.....some charter members were Perry Loftin,
Govey Bass, Mr & Mrs Roy King, Mr & Mrs Jewel King, Mr & Mrs Clarence Strange, Mrs Marie King Boothe,
Mr Charlie King, Mrs Mattie Strange, Mrs Emma Strange Edwards, C B Wiley, Jr, Mrs Lucille York, Mayo York,
Mr & Mrs Clarence Wiley, Mr & Mrs Johnnie Geter, Mr & Mrs Bob Manuel, Bill McClain, Eliza Harris, Mrs Maude
Parker, and Mrs Julia Miller.

First United Methodist Church
111 2nd St, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-9044

First United Methodist Church
Sicily Island, LA
(318) 389-5762

Foules Church Of God
Cash Bayou Rd, Sicily Island, LA
(318) 389-5360

Good Road Pentecostal Church
Good Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-7343

Grace Baptist Church
2900 4th St, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-8429

 Greater St Mary Baptist Church
1209 Little, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-7212

Harrisonburg Christian Assembly
300 Monroe Street
Harrisonburg, LA 
318-744-1524 PASTOR: Lynell Hatten

Harrisonburg United Methodist Church - Harrisonburg

Jehovah's Witnesses
607 Dorothy Dr, Jonesville
(318) 339-6168

Jonesville Church Of God
Front, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-7807

Kidron Baptist Church
Jug Bend Road, Harrisonburg, LA 
(318) 744-5522

Lake Lilly Baptist Church
Lake Lilly Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-8959

Little River Church (Baptist) - Organized Aug 4, 1845

Meyers Bend Pentecostal Church
Meyers Bend Road, Harrisonburg, La 

Methodist Episcopal Church of Jonesville - In 1911, the minister was Rev. Henry T Young.  Some Sunday School teachers were Mrs Olivia Marvin, Miss Levia Yancey, Mrs Cora Yancey, Miss Grace Denham and Mrs C F Farrar.  Later Rev Sam S Holladay, was first assigned on a full time basis.  Caretaker was Ishmael Horace.

Moss Grove Baptist Church
Whitehead Bend Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-8627 - est ca. 1850

Mt Sinai Baptist Church - Jonesville - established 1881, first pastor was Rev. Henry Jackson......early members were,
George Branch, Charlie Branch, Mr Sandy Hunter, Vinner Sayser, Corlaine Brint and Rondle Bager. By June of 1884,
Pastors were, Rev. Sam Branch, Rev, Richard White, Milton Fields, and A C Whitley.  Other members were Jack Branch,
Martha Branch, Rosie Harris and Ms Pinky Davis.

New Hope Pentecostal Church
Highway 8, Sicily Island, LA
(318) 389-4259

New Life Pentecostal Church
Louisiana 126, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-7395

New Ouachita Baptist Church
226 New Ouachita Road, Harrisonburg, LA 
(318) 744-5962

Oak Grove Free Methodist Church
New Deal Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-8333

Old Catahoula Baptist        Marker     Pictures thanks to James & Barbara   Founded in 1825 by Henry Humble, first Pastor

Old Daughters Baptist
171 Mill Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-4900

Patton Baptist Church
Patton Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-4976

Pine Hill Baptist Church
Norris Springs Rd, Sicily Island, LA 
(318) 389-4392

Pisgah Baptist Church
Highway 8 Jonesville, LA
(318) 339-6218

Pleasant Grove Church
Sandy Lake Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-8347

Prosperity Baptist Church
Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-8367

Pure Light Baptist Church - Trinity

Rosin Creek Pentecostal Church
Enterprise Road, Harrisonburg LA
(318) 744-5287

Sandy Lake United Pentecostal Church
Sandy Lake Rd, Hwy 126, Jonesville, LA
(318) 339-8159

Spring Ridge Church   - homecoming May 5, 2003   -HISTORY     Historical Marker    Interior   Another VIEW
thanks to Briscoe Price  & Joe Doughty for these items.

St Gerard Catholic Church - Jonesville - est 1948

Saint Marks Baptist Church
Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-9036 - stemmed from Pure Light Baptist Church.  Early pastors were Rev. Green Thomas, and Rev R S
White.  Officers under Rev. White's pastorage were:  Deacons:  Mitchel Smith, Wash Jennings, Mann Hays, Jessie
Griffin, Billy Sylvester, John Allen, and Nathan Nesby.  Deaconesses:  Martha  Smith, Sarah Johnson, Cora Banister,
Mary Hays, Charlotte Griffin, Jane Murphy, Charity Sylvester, and Creasy Turner.  Joseph Clark was Clerk, and
Harburnia Fields was Treasurer.

Saint Mary Baptist Church - Established 1893 south of Jonesville.  First pastor was Rev. Martin Brackins, he was
followed by Rev. John Collins who died in 1920, Rev. G L Washington became pastor at that time.

St Paul Baptist Church INC
Highway 8, Sicily Island, LA 
(318) 389-5878

St Peter's Baptist Church
Peachland Rd, Jonesville, LA
(318) 339-6339 - Established in 1900

Snaggy Lake Church - was located on the Elmly Plantation very early on.

Trinity Presbyterian Church
401 3rd St, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-7119 - Organized April 1856.

United Pentecostal Church
741 Bushley Street, Harrisonburg, LA 
(318) 744-5687

United Pentecostal Church  
Airport Rd, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-7390

Utility Baptist Church
Highway 84, Jonesville, LA
(318) 339-8734 - Established early 1916. Rev Johnie Boyd was first minister.  Charter members were:  Mr & Mrs
Johnie Boyd and son Clifford, Mr & Mrs Butler Ford, Mr Frank McClure, Charles McClure, Harvie McClure,
Mrs J B McClure, and Mr Ray Dowdy.

Wallace Ridge Baptist Church
Wallace Ridge, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-9946

Wallace Ridge Pentecostal Church
Highway 124, Jonesville, LA 
(318) 339-9440

Zion Baptist Church
500 Elam Turner Rd, Sicily Island, LA 
(318) 389-3398