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Early Doctors

This was extracted from DeBow's Review

Dr. David Phelps was the first physician, and amongstthe earliest settlers, coming here in May, 1807, from Kentucky. He practised medicine forty-one years, and died in Harrisonburg 10th August, 1829, in the 63d year of his age.

Dr. Dodridge
practised here as early as 1815.

Dr. - Ingersoll
practised here about the same time, and was drowned in 1817, in attempting to swim across Turkey Creek, when it was very high and dangerous, owing to heavy rains.

Dr. Trahern, 1818

Dr. Bojohn, a German, 1820

Dr. Mongin, 1820

Dr. Foster, 1818

Dr. James McBride Thompson, 1819. Dr. Thompson was a successful practitioner, comining from the
State of Georgia. He died at Columbia, on the Ouachitta, in 1842-3.

Dr. Sorden, 1823, from Delaware.

Dr. Nuttall, from Kentucky, 1825

Dr. H. J. Peck, from Kentucky, 1828.

Dr. Clarendon Peck, firom Kentucky, 1835, died on the Island, August, 1837, much regretted. Dr. P. was an enthusiastic botanist, and devoted much of his time and labor to the investigation of the indigenous botany of this country.

Dr. James Holliday, who now practises his profession in Harrisonburg, is worthy of mention in this place. He was born in Virginia, in 1786, where he was reared and educated, completing his medical education in the University of Pennsylvania. He has been practising medicine for forty years, the last sixteen of them in Mississippi and this state.
He settled here in 1839, and for the space of ten years has devoted a large share of his time to the study and investigation of' thle geology and mineralogy of the parish.

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