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Elais Stone Emancipation


Submitted by: Pat Ezell, San Antonio, TX. (Used with Permission)

12 March 1858
Petition recorded June, 1858
To the Honorable Oren Mayo, Judge of the Eleventh District Court of the State of Louisiana holding session in and for the Parish of Catahoula.
The Petition of Elias C. Stone, minor child of Samuel P. Stone, deceased, and a resident of the Parish of Catahoula with due respect represents that he has attained to the age of nineteen years and that in being of the fact of his having for a number of years been engaged in business of various kinds, and as he thinks proved himself competent to the transaction thereof, he believes he is now capable of managing and controlling his own property as advantageously as he could when he arrives at the age of majority. He voices that it is for his best interest to be emancipated and dispensed from the attainment of
majority, and that his affairs can best be managed by himself. Petitioner therefore prays that Elias Carter his natural uncle and Tutor be cited to show cause why a Judgement of Emancipation of Petitioner and his dispensation from
the attainment of majority Shall not be rendered. That after hearing the parties your Honorable Court render a Judgment decreeing that Petitioner be fully emancipated and relieved from all the disabilities attending the minority with full power to do and perform all accounts as fully as if he had arrived at the age of twenty one years. Petitioner prays and for general
Smith & Spencer, attys

I acknowledge Service of the foregoing petition and waive Service of Citation, and for answer to the prayer of Petitioner and say that I have no objection to the granting thereof, being fully convinced that the minor Elias Stone is fully capable of managing his own affairs and believe that it would be for his best Interest to be dispensed from the attainment of the age of majority.
E. Carter, Tutor

By Reason of the law and the Evidence and by further reason of the written appeal of Elias Carter, Tutor, a hearing having been head, It is ordered and judged and decreed by the Court that Elias Stone minor child of Samuel P. Stone, dec'd be and he is hereby fully emancipated and relieved from all andsingular the disabilities of minority and fully authorized and empowered to do and perform all acts as fully as if he had attained to and arrived at the ageof twenty one years.
Done, Read and Signed at chambers on this 12th day of March 1858
O. May, Judge 11th District
Transcribed from Catahoula Parish Succession Book and submitted by Pat Ezell

Additional notes:
Elias Stone, age 12 and his sister, Sarah Stone, age 10, were living in the household headed by Elias Carter, age 26
and wife, Sarah, age 20, in the 1850 Catahoula Parish Census, Order of Visitation #499, Family #510, p.163. Also in
the same household was Lucy Carter, age 1, and Barton Carter, age 20.

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