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Girlinghouse Cemetery

This small family cemetery is located off the east side of La. Hwy.8, on the southwest side of the  town of Manifest in Catahoula Parish. 

A Big thank you to Roland Heddins for the great pictures and additional information.  If you have questions or are kin, contact
Roland ---- roland ("at")

Memorial erected in 2008 near the entrance to the Girlinghouse cemetery to honor our immigrant ancestors.

Banks, James M   May 2, 1873   Dec 23, 1956

Girlinghouse, C H (Christian Henry)   Jun 16, 1840    Jul 23, 1864    It has been proven that both the birthdates (dates & years) on this tombstone are very inaccurate. It is also a fact that Christian Henry's year of death was not 1864 because two of his four sons were born AFTER 1864. It is likely that if any of the dates are accurate it would be Joanna's date of death.  BIO   (RH)

Girlinghouse, Henry N(Newman)    Jun 8, 1893    Jan 4, 1913   Henry Newman Girlinghouse's tombstone at the Girlinghouse Family Cemetery in Manifest, Louisiana. Henry was Newman & Lettie's oldest child who died of Typhoid Fever at the age of 19.

Girlinghouse, Joanna (Croom)   Jun 23, 1843   Jun 16, 1912   Wife of C H Girlinghouse Sr   BIO

Girlinghouse, M J   Jan 22, 1862   Feb 13, 1913

Girlinghouse, M J Jr    Nov 30, 1898    Sept 30, 1918

Girlinghouse, Mrs M J   Jan 14, 1866   Jan 22, 1933 (Amret Bass Girlinghouse)  Amret married Matthew Joshua Girlinghouse in Manifest, Louisiana on 7 Feb 1884

Girlinghouse, M Lettie Banks    Aug 5, 1875    Dec 30, 1934

Girlinghouse, Newman J     Jan 28, 1865    Apr 12, 1933  

Girlinghouse, Wm C    Aug 24, 1864    Feb 14, 1910     Close Up

Girlinghouse, William E   d. Nov 1, 1935   LA Mech 5 Inf  2 Div     William Ezekiel ("Zeke") Girlinghouse was the seventh child born to Matthew Joshua ("Matt") and Amret ("Ammie") (Bass) Girlinghouse. On 13 March 1920 Zeke married his older brother's widow, Glennie "Naomi" (Kees) Girlinghouse (formerly Mrs. Matthew "Mattie" J. Girlinghouse, Jr.). Naomi had lost her husband in World War I.  Zeke and Naomi Girlinghouse had nine children together and raised them in La Salle Parish, Louisiana.  At the age of forty, Zeke Girlinghouse was shot to death by Poly Jones, a neighbor, over a dispute about hogs.

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