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                          Historical Markers


Does anyone have pictures or histories of these locations or the markers? Let Jerry know.

These are all listed on the National Historical Landmark Registry or Louisiana Landmark.
(Also see Plantation's of Catahoula Parish)

Battleground Plantation aka Battleground
Historic Building - built by Dr Henry J Peck abt 1850
Location - 4 miles N of Sicily Island

Catahoula Parish Courthouse
Historic Building
Built 1925
Location - Hwy 124, Harrisonburg

Ferry Place - connected to W S Peck, Jr    History
Sicily Island

Green - Lovelace House
Historic Building
Location - N of Sicily Island off LA 15

Hardin House aka Hart's Crossing
built ca 1875
Location - LA 913 N of Junction LA 8
The c.1885 date is based upon the architectural evidence and a threefold increase in the selling price between 1884 and 1886. Oliver Goldsmith Ballard purchased the property in 1884 for $200 and sold it to John C. Hardin for $600 in 1886. The Hardin family owned the house until 1983.  LA Hwy 913 Sicily Island

Kirby House
built ca 1850
Location - Spencer and Pearl Sts. Trinity

Marengo Plantation House
built ca 1850 - by Isaac Hudson Boatner
Location - US 84, 6 miles W of Jonesville

Sargent House    more pics   #2     #3 (says Hotel)    #4   Thanks to James & Barbara for pictures
built ca 1875
Location - Catahoula St, Harrisonburg

built ca 1875
Location - off LA 15,. Sicily Island

Spring Ridge Baptist Church     Marker  See Church History under Churches
built ca 1875
Location - Sherwood Rd, near Junction of LA 559 and LA 124, Enterprise

The Following are notated as historical places or buildingson the GNIS.......does anyone have information or pictures?

Argo Post Office - Acme
Bannerman Post Office - Walters
Book Post Office - Acme
Chantilly Post Office - Dunbarton
Duty Post Office - Enterprise
Dyson's Lake - Manifest
Elmy Plantation - Jonesville (South)
Enterprise Post Office
Thanks to James & Barbara for pictures
Fords Creek Post Office - Aimwell
Foules Post Office - Foules
Gaulden Post Office - Wisner
Glade Plantation - Jonesville (South)
Glade Plantation - Jonesville (South)
Hoehn Post Office - Foules
Kirks Ferry Post Office - Foules
Lavacca Post Office - Walters
Lee Bayou Post Office - Foules
Leland Post Office - Sicily Island
Manifest Post Office - Manifest
Mayna Post Office - Mayna
Moss Grove Plantation - Jonesville (South)
Natchez Fort - Wisner
Pisgah Post Office - Manifest
Pritchard Post Office - Aimwell
Prohibition Post Office - Aimwell
Quaid Post Office - Jonesville (South)
Rick Post Office - Wisner
Rosefield Post Office - Enterprise
Security Plantation - Jonesville (South)
Security Post Office - Jonesville (South)
Serena Post Office - Mayna
Sherwood Post Office - Aimwell
Spring Ridge Baptist Church - Enterprise
Stafford Post Office - Harrisonburg ----Per James and Barbara, they talked to Mr & Mrs James H Terry
and this was actually a store where mail was delivered
and apparently picked up.
Tooleys Post Office - Mayna
Trinity Post Office - Jonesville (North)
Utility Post Office - Walters
Wallace Ridge Post Office - Jonesville (North)
Walters Post Office - Walters
Webb Post Office - Manifest
Wildwood Post Office - Foules


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