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Nancy Hawthorn Succession Sale

Submitted by Annie White

In obedience to an order and decree of the District Court of the Parish of Catahoula,

rendered on the 13th day of March, A D 1852, and to the undersigned sheriff

directed, I shall, on Monday, the 3rd day of May next, at the late residence of

Nancy Hawthorn, deceased, on Sicily Island, offer for sale at public auction,

the following described property, to wit:

One hundred and sixty acres of land, lying on Sicily Island, 5 miles from the town

of Harrisonburg, twenty-five head of cattle, more or less, one sorrel horse, one roan

mare, one grey horse, Crocket, one paint pony, one filly, one yoke of oxen, on ox, a

lot of chains, guns etc.

Terms of Sale-----Cash at it's appraised value; and if the land does not bring it's

appraised value, it will be offered on the same day on a credit of one, two and three

years, purchaser to execute Notes, stipulating interest at 8 per cent, per anoum from

maturity until paid, with good and solvent security, and a special mortgage retained on

said property as additional security, until final payment.

D M Prichard, Sheriff

April 1st 1852

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