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Letters written by Alice Rhinehart Yancey to Rebecca "Betty" Ezell

Submitted by: Pat Ezell, San Antonio, Texas

Alice Rhinehart was a cousin and a close friend to Rebecca "Bettie Ezell,
daughter of Jefferson Ezell of Catahoula (now La Salle) Parish, La. Among
the many letters and Ezell family papers found in the Ezell home in Jena, La.
were several letters from Alice to Bettie. These letters, transcribed below,
are now in the possession of Pat Ezell of San Antonio, Tx. The words are
transcribed as written with no changes in the spelling of words, punctuation,
or capitalization.

Rhinehart, La.
Aug 8 1888
Miss Bettie Ezell
My Dear Cousin
Your letter came in due time, and I am the one this time that must offer the apology. Now in the first place, I have been very busy putting up fruit and preserves, second, I thought you had gone across the lakeand did not know your address as you did not give it to me. I asked the Dr. as he came home and he and Cousin Antony told me to address as same as before that you would get it, so if you get this dont forget to write me next time.
We were all very proud to see Antony; his visit was very unexpected to us. I wish you were here as we intend to have a big fish fry next week.
Was very glad of the piece for my patch work as I have not finished it yet;and will be _________ and put them in. And Bettie while I think of it if you have an opportunity take a sesson in Arrasene embroidery for me; perhaps Miss Jennie understands it. Miss Lizzie and Mamie Heard spent the day with me last week, do you ever see them?
Dr. tells me Aurelia is getting well, but don't want to come home. I wish you would as I would like so much to see you both. Im afraid you have been in the City so long you will not be satisfied any more out here.
Well there is no news I know except what Cousin has told you while there.
Will try and do better next time. Write me long letters and please be more prompt than I have been, and if you ever should think hard of me for not writting sooner first think of the work I have to do and I know I will be excused.
With much love for yourself and Aurelia.
I remain yours
Alice Yancy
Write soon and excuse paper as this is the best I could do.

Rhinehart, La Sept 10 1890
Miss Bettie Ezell
Bettie my Dear Cousin
Your note came in due time, and intending answering sooner, but first one thing and another prevented my doing so, until I expect you think it is rather late in the day. The reason why Pa did not come by eas, his mule left him, and Ike had to bring him home. He intended coming for you last week but was taken sick and was not able.
Bettie if I dont get to send for you this week, I will be out there next week on my way to Centerville, and you must be ready to come home with me as I will either go or come by your home.
I was all ready to send for you sometime since and Miss Bardee told me you were at the Springs. hope you enjoyed your trip. Tell Aurelia she must come so she can critasize our work.
Lovingly your cousin
Alice Yancy

Re: The letter dated August 8, 1888: the paper on which the letter is written is lined and appears to be ledger paper from a tablet. References to the "Dr." are referring to Dr. Jefferson Ezell, the father of Bettie Ezell. "Antony" refers to Anthony Ezell, brother to Bettie. "Aurelia" refers toAurelia Ezell, sister to Bettie and Anthony. Aurelia was in poor health mostof her life and regularly went to the hot springs across from New Orleans for
treatment. Aurelia lived to the age of 101! "Miss Jennie" refers to Virginia Johnson, a friend in New Orleans whom Bettie and Aurelia frequently visited.

Alice Jane Rhinehart -
born: 22 January 1856, Jena, Catahoula Parish, LA
married: James Henry Langston Yancey 20 January 1886, Troyville (now
Jonesville), Catahoula Parish, LA.
died: 1 July 1941, Jonesville, Catahoula Parish, LA., buried: Forsythe, Jena,
LaSalle Parish, LA

Thomas J. Rhinehart,
born: 1831, LA - died: 1907, LA
Emily Baker, Born: 26 May 1824, probably Claiborne Parish, LA.
Died: 8 March 1862, LA
Thomas J. Rhinehart & Emily Baker married on 2 Dec. 1852, Catahoula Parish, LA

James Henry Langston Yancey -
born: 30 Oct 1860, LA
died: 5 April 1910, Catahoula Parish, LA.
buried: Forsythe Cemetery, Jena, LaSalle Parish, LA

1 Edwin Rhinehart Yancey - born: 1887
Married: Olivia _____
Child: Cyril Yancey

2. William Langston Yancey - born: 1890. Married: Grace Dennam

3. Rebecca Ethel Yancey - born: 16 May 1892;
Married: Hollis Martin Venable - born: 13 Feb. 1884 - died: 8 March 1957,
Rayville, LA
Hollis Martin Venable was the son of George Watterson Venable and Louisa
Elizabeth/Ellen Roberts.

The obituary for Alice Rhinehart Yancey is found at:
or through a search of the US GenWeb Archives at:

Further information is found on members of the Rhinehart and Baker families in
the writeup of
The Forsythe Cemetery located at:

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