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 William Squyres (Squires) Estate Inventory

Submitted by Sharon Pierce

Judge Samuel Lightner of Catahoula on the fifth of February 1821, and two appraisers produced a declaration and inventory of the vacant (?) estate of William Squyres.
"Be it known to all whom it may concern know ye that I, Samuel Lightner, Judge of the Parish of Catahoula and executing and performing the duties of the judge of probate within the same did on the fifth of February Eighteen Hundred and twenty one (went) to the late residence of William Squires, deceased--when and where I took inventory of and caused to be appraised the property of the said deceased, and follow to wit:

640 acres of land lying on the Bushley appraised to six hundred dollars $ 600.00
Yoke of oxen, yoke and log chain seventy five dollars 75.00
Cows and calves thirty seven dollars and fifty cents 37.50
Dry cows twenty dollars 20.00
2 old heifers six dollars 6.00
3 year old bull five dollars 5.00
1 year old steer four dollars 4.00
horse and colt fifty dollars 50.00
set of blacksmith tools one hundred & twenty dollars 120.00
cross cut saw sixteen dollars 16.00
note of J H Lines for twenty dollars 20.00

Sum due said Squyres dec. by the Parish of Catahoula 345.75
(conjecture as to what this was for) _________


We the undersigned being duly appointed and sworn to appraise the property specified the foregoing
inventory also certify that we have appraised the same as states in the proceedings verbal of said
inventory in writing and in figures in column of figures amounting in the whole to the sum of twelve
hundred ninety eight dollars and seventy five cents.

Jacob Heiberling
Jacob Humphries

April 1821

Be it known to all whom it may concern: Know ye that I Samuel Lightner, Judge of Probate with the law did on the second day of April Eighteen Hundred and twenty-one repair to Harrisonburg in the Parish aforesaid, where and when I made sale of the property of William Squires, dec. agreeable to advertisement upon the following conditions, to wit: All sums under ten dollars will be cash and all sums over ten dollars incurred it will be given until the first of March Eighteen Hundred and twenty two. Except such articles as will sale for cash only given by bonds and security. The land will be sold at  annuity two years.

William Squires bot 11 head of cattle at $6.00 each $ 66.00
1 colt 16.00

Wilson Squyres bot 1 yoke of oxen, yoke of ring staple and log chain 100.00

James Stokes bot set of blacksmith tools 160.50

Robert Colwell bot one cross cut saw, sold for cash 9.37 1/2

John Hill bot 640 acres of land 705.00

$1,056.87 1/2

Claim on the Parish 226.00

Jno. H Sims bot one half of Bond 20.00
$1,302.87 1/2

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