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Cemeteries of Catahoula Parish

Indicates pictures in cemetery

 Denotes Civil War Veteran

Do you have someone in your family line that was a military veteran
that does not have a headstone or marker?
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Pictures used for these cemeteries are posted here with permission of the
persons who photographed these cemeteries.  

LaSalle Parish was formed in 1910 from Catahoula Parish......check out cemeteries there
if you can't find your people in Catahoula Parish.

Additions, corrections, and headstone pictures are welcome!!!!!

Aimwell -

Ackland Creek Baptist Church -
Tal Gibson St., Jonesville 

Ackland Creek - 609 State St., Jonesville

Alexander -

Ford's Creek, Manifest       

Barber -
Jonesville south

Black Gum Springs    Hwy 8, 10 mi. W of Harrisonburg    

Blythe -
   northeast of Duty

Boone Family -
1709 Coldiron Rd., Jonesville

Boothe -
Harrisonburg (See Old & New Boothe Cems below)

Bouie -
Hwy 8 E, Rhinehart

Brittain -     
     Now located in LaSalle Parish - older burials

Calhoun     map -

Catahoula Baptist Church
-  Enterprise

Cotton Family -

Cypress Grove
- Dunbarton

Ditto -
On the bluff about 5 miles above Sicily Island  
Elmy Plantation -
Black River Rd., Jonesville

Eva Dale -

Fisher -

First United Methodist Church - Jonesville

Ford -

Forsythe - now in LaSalle Parish  "Partial"

Frazier - now in LaSalle Parish

Gillespie -

Gillis -
Sicily Island   

Girlinghouse -

Glade -
Jonesville south

Glade Plantation -
graves moved to Jena Cemetery.

Greenville -

Hamilton - Hamilton Cemetery Rd., Aimwell

Harrisonburg -
202 Sicily St., Harrisonburg  

Heard -   
3973 Hwy 126, Manifest     

Highland Park - Hwy 8, Sicily Island    Updated and new pictures

Hope Well -
Bend Rd., Sicily Island

Huffman   -

Lawrence  -

Liddell Family  

Lismore -
3633 Hwy 129, Jonesville

Live Oak -
Live Oak Plantation, Jonesville

Locust Grove

Mason -
Sicily Island

McClendon -

McDonald  -  Harrisonburg

 - Jonesville north

McFarley Curie Memorial   

Moss Grove -
Jonesville south

Moss Grove Plantation -
Jonesville south

New Boothe (Joe Boothe) 

New Light - Foules

New Pine Hill -
Sicily Island

New Salem -
Sicily Island

New Zion -

New Zion Baptist Church - Ditto Rd., Sicily Island

- Larto lake south

Norris -
Sicily Island - on the hill directly west of Norris Springs

Oak Grove -

Old Boothe (El & Jincy)

Old Jordan -
Aimwell    Actually in LaSalle Parish, now known as Mt Zion

Old Mount Olive -

Old Pine Hill -
Sicily Island       New

Old Salem -
Sicily Island

Old Spring Ridge -

Old Stafford Point Cemetery 

Our Lady of the Lake 

Pala Alto -
(also known as Palo Alto)La Hwy 125 So.,   Mayna

Parhams -

Pease - Hwy 124, Jonesville (Larto)    

Peck -

Peniston -
Sicily Island

Pilgrim Hill Baptist -
Hwy 15, Sicily Island
Pine Grove -
located in LaSalle Parish

- Pritchard            Update

- 417 Hwy 3264, Jonesville
Rosefield -
Hwy 124 & 126, Grayson               

St Mark
- US Hwy 84, Jonesville

St Mark Baptist -
900 E H Johnson St., Jonesville

Saint Mary's -
Pollard & Gibson Sts., Jonesville south

Security Plantation
- Jonesville south

Sicily Island -
Sicily Island

Siloam -

Smith -

Spring Ridge  -

Squyres -
located in LaSalle Parish, but most of these were Catahoula Parish residents early on. Sharon Pierce

Taunton-Coleman -

Thompson Family -
Thompson Rd, Jonesville

Tiffee Hill        
Designated as Harris Cemetery, but commonly called Tiffee Hill

Tiffee -

Trinity -
Jonesville north

Trinity Community - Jonesville north

Trisler -

White -
Jonesville south

White Ridge - 11 miles s of Jonesville, Glade Community

Wurster Family Graveyard - located in yard of O R Wurster in Jonesville 

Young Family -

Zion - 344 Elam Turner Rd., Foules

Zion Hill - Harrisonburg

Find A Grave -
a great site to find or post your families graves --- be sure and double check LaSalle Parish also.

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