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Louisiana Map ---- this map has all the parishes, you can click on each parish name and it will take you to that LAGenWeb site.

Catahoula Parish 1835    

Catahoula Parish   1864  - Sketch of Gen Liddell's plan January 1864 --- May be slow to load !!!!

Catahoula Parish 1895

Catahoula Parish today

US GNIS ----- This is a feature map site. Will show you maps of towns, schools, rivers, streams, post offices, cemeteries etc.

Harrisonburg --- map to help you get there. !Slow to Load

Jonesville ----- to help you get there. !Slow To Load.

Land Patents & Land Descriptions

If you have a record of a land purchase and wish to locate it within the State of Louisiana, we have an excellent resource in the OFFICE OF THE STATE LANDS. Here you can enter the Township, Range, and Lot and get an "Old Plat" of the property, or search the thousands of maps and documents they have in their data base.

Here is an example of the type of map that can be obtained. This one shows the original claims of some of the Lovelace settlers of Catahoula Parish. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

An example of a land patent is that of Thomas Heard of Catahoula Parish in June of 1837. The information you need from a patent like this is a description of the land; "the Southeast 1/4 of Section 19 in Township 11, Range 8 East". The Section, Township, and Range will let you search for your ancestor's land on the State Lands website.

There are also records of Military Warrants, warrants for service in the military, on this website. To see an example, Look Here.

Current United States Geological Survey Maps can be downloaded from Here.